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Being able to communicate effectively at networking events is key. It is important to have opening lines. This is just one way to strike up a conversation with someone new. This is how to make a business connection.

Why Conversation Starters are so Important

A conversation starter is a way to establish common ground with another person. This small talk can help you to get more B2B networking. A conversation can spark genuine interest in your product if it’s done well.

Sales techniques are the best conversation starters.

Tips to Start a Conversation at Networking Events

You need to be able to strike up a conversation at these events. Here are seven things that will make a great first impression.

A Conversation Starts with the Right Body Language

Engaging conversations are made possible by non-verbal cues. Research shows that stance is crucial. Don’t be timid. You will appear tentative. Your body language complements your conversation.

Good conversations require closeness. It is important to be close enough for you to have a conversation but not too close.

Finding Common Ground

Talking to someone is a great way to get over the awkward silence. To get the conversation started, talk to the other person.

Keep your eyes open for great conversations

Engaging in conversations are only possible if you keep your eyes open. It shows genuine interest if you keep your eyes open. This is a great way for you to get started in a conversation.

Asking Follow Up Questions

Use great conversation starters to build meaningful connections. Next, ask follow-up questions. Ask the other person about his or her experience and their background.

A great conversation starts with mutual interest.

Avoid Conversations on Conversational Topics

Avoid being a bad conversation starter. These topics can help you avoid social anxiety.

Current events.


complaints about work

Don’t discuss things that you don’t like. This is a bad way to start a conversation. Do not jump into deep topics immediately. You should leave the peer-reviewed studies alone.

Face to Face Networking Events: How to start a conversation

Instead of focusing on the best conversation starters, it makes more sense. Here are 8 tips to spark a conversation with someone you meet face-to-face.

1 Introduce Yourself

This is a great way to start a conversation. A quick description is the best way to get someone talks. This is the beginning of a normal conversation.

2. Go For A Walk

Walking together can lead to deep conversations. This is especially important when you are on your way to the next panel discussion.

3. Mention A Favourite Food

One thing you will have in common with everyone at an event is the food. It’s the food. It can be a great place to have a good conversation.

4. Share a Light Headline

Here are some tips to help you use this one. It’s possible to share news about a team. Conversation starters that aren’t political can be great. Another great way to start a conversation is by mentioning a positive event.

5. Compliment the Other Person

These are great conversation starters. If it is specific, a sincere compliment can work.

6. Mention a Detail 7. Keep You Right-hand Free

Every conversation should include a handshake. When you meet a new conversation partner, keep your right hand at the ready. Most people will admit that they were interested in hearing someone start conversations like this.

8. Begin With the Weather

Pay attention to the outside world. You can start a conversation by looking at real life situations, such as the weather. It is possible to refer back to a previous conversation.

How to start a conversation during Online Networking Events

Conversation flow naturally occurs when two people meet face-to-face with someone who can help them. More people are looking for conversation starters, small talk, and business tips to facilitate online meetings. These are eight ways to get started at an online meeting. These are small talk tips that can be used to engage your conversation partner.

9. Do Some Research 10. Make Sure To Engage

Online events can include discussions or even quizzes. Open ended questions such as. It is possible to start a conversation by asking about what the attendees do with their spare time. Don’t get them to talk about controversial topics. Talk about your hobbies with the other person.

11. Ask A Day to Day Life Question

Before a meeting begins, there’s still time to talk and have a conversation with someone. To start a conversation about personal information, ask a question. Conversation starters that work are people’s families. People love to talk about their closest friends.

12. Ask About Social Events

You can have a good conversation about a favourite movie. You can also get people talking about music. Conversation starters are great with the arts. Particularly if the person owns a business that is focused in this area.

13. Ask Them To Describe Their Mood

Later in the event, you can tap into their expertise. It’s a great way to make new friends and share your mood. Talking about their social lives is a conversation starter. You can also share your own writings about how you feel on a Zoom board. It’s not a conversation, but a great way to break the ice.

This conversation is a great way to get to know someone. This conversation encourages the other person talk about their own lives.

14. Register on the Community Board

Before the event begins, find a conversational partner. You can have a text conversation with someone by joining a community board. The boards are a great place to “talk” via messaging.

15. Post on Your Website Pre Event

Post a notice that you have registered for the event, and are looking to connect with others. You can also search for people to connect with on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

16. Take Advantage of Real Time Messaging

To get more information from another person, use real-time messaging to present topics. This is a way to build trust and start a conversation. It shows the other person that you value their opinion. It’s a great way to start a conversation.

These Conversation Starters will help you have a great networking event

This gives you an idea of how to begin a conversation. It can be a great idea to talk with someone at an online or brick-and-mortar event. Perhaps you are looking for a job. You can also talk to someone about their needs in order to make a sale.

Whatever your goal, a conversation can help you achieve it. Your business will benefit more if you have more people talking at events. If you are having trouble doing this, consider networking for introverts.

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How To Build Business While Speaking At Conferences

Any conference or trade show that’s worth its weight will restrict speakers from promoting their business or product. They also don’t have quotas or speaker requirements, besides being the best and brightest in your niche/field or industry. That’s why Affiliate Summit, Pubcon, and others do so well.

You get lots of content from people who actually do the work, and not a lot of self promotion. So, if speakers at these shows cannot self promote on stage, how do they build business with their presentations?

If you are considering becoming a regular speaker at events in your industry, there are a lot of factors you need to consider, including which shows to speak at, what you are an expert in, what is promotional versus non promotional, and what to do if you are on a panel or giving a solo presentation.

Below are some tips I’ve learned over the years to first determine if the conference or event is a good fit for you, and then build business from your presentation.

What You Need to Know to Build Business With Public Speaking

Below is a list of what you should consider before you speak. It will help you to avoid certain issues, know what goals to set up for yourself from the session, and help you put together your presentation.

Evaluating a Show

When looking at trade shows accepting speaker proposals, think about who the attendees are and what your goals by reaching out to them. If you are speaking to a panel of peers, chances are you won’t get clients, but you can still grow your company through backlinks.

To set up goals for the presentation, ask questions like:

Do you want backlinks and a PR list?

Do you want clients and new business?

Do you want new partners and followers to build your personal or company’s reputation?

Other times, attendees may quote you or share slides on social media, which can help build your following. Look through the attendees and try to figure out if your session can attract the right people to help boost your business, even if the boost comes at a later date.

Are You an Expert or Equal to Your Panelists?

This shouldn’t terrify you. If it does, don’t speak. People pay a ton of money to go to high-quality conferences. That is why someone in the audience will likely call you out if you end up not being an expert. The people on who give solid and actionable items are going to stand out and build business once a session is over, because they have proven they know their stuff.

The people who give fluff, repeat what other panelists say, or don’t know any of the subject matter will stand out – and not in a good way. The trick is to not speak unless it is a topic you are an expert.

There are always people in an audience who will disagree with you. Some will challenge you and some will remain quiet, but may give feedback to the show owners. If people decide to challenge what you’re saying, get ready because even though they may be hecklers, their goal is to call you out for not knowing the subject matter – and your job is to prove you are.

Being on a stage for the first time can turn a normally confident person into a nervous one. Everyone gets stage fright and messes up, just focus on making sure you know your stuff before you get on a stage. Research public speaking skills and practice your speech several times before you actually give it at the event.

What is Promotional Versus Non-Promotional?

Sometimes there is a fine line promotional and non-promotional. You don’t want to pitch your company because you end up sounding like a salesman and turn off an audience. At the same time, you do want to be able to provide your information and show you and your company/services can benefit the audience. That’s where you have to figure out what is promotional and what is spammy.

Your Introduction

When you introduce yourself, or the moderator does, include your name, city, and your company. It’s ok to say what your company’s core focuses are, but don’t go into detail. If you do SEO, say you do SEO and maybe something more specific, such as “We do SEO from a link building and content strategy standpoint for small- to mid-size companies.” It lets the audience know what your core competency is and who your target is, but it doesn’t pitch them.

Once the audience knows what you are an expert on, they can figure out what the right questions to ask you are. This is key to building business from a session. Look at the topic and make sure it matches your own skill set, while also opening up space for the audience to be able to ask the right questions so you can help them.

Case Studies

Using a case study to show how your products or services helped companies is almost always beneficial. The trick is to remember to talk about how the client or company was able to grow due to your help. Also, be sure to tell the audience how they can mimic the strategies you used to grow their own company, which is why they are there to begin with.

Another important part of a successful case study is using screenshots and slides with the real life examples and actual data. This is where you can show off the benefits of your service with actual results.


Your slides are almost as important as what you say. Many shows will upload them to SlideShare, where they can be indexed in Google. Audience members may take screenshots and share them on social media or include them in blog posts – and they are what people use to take notes during your presentation.

Double-check the following things before you submit your presentation.

Use the conference template: This is important if the event requires it. Although it’s fun to stand out with a cool design, you don’t want to agitate your fellow speakers or anger the conference owners. If they require you use their template, do not modify it, but you can be creative with the layouts of the content and images within the space to help yourself stand out.

Your contact information on the opening and closing slides: Don’t forget to include an email address or contact information on the opening and closing slides. If you did a good job and delivered great content, having a way to reach you through your email or a contact form at the end is a great way for shy listeners to find you. Many will take pictures so they have your contact info, especially if they are too shy to approach you when you finish.

Add your Twitter handle to your slides, especially ones with great content: Because slides can be shared and stored, make sure you have your twitter handle on each one. As people share your slides, they may call you out by using the handle helping you to track who was there and can help you know who to thank. As the audience shares while you’re speaking, having your handle available will help them to know who to call out as well. This will help people reach you with more questions, giving you a chance to close a new deal or find a new client.

Mentioning Competitors

Although your boss or CEO may not like it, don’t be company-centric. It’s okay to mention competing products and tools. This shows you aren’t biased and are willing to be open and honest. I mention competitors’ firms and tips I’ve learned from them all the time when I speak. It helps to build trust and credibility with the attendees.


When you first start speaking, you need to know how to pick a show that can build business and how to properly present yourself. Think about the attendees and how they can benefit you and your company. Then, evaluate how to tie in your own skill sets with the topic of the presentation so the audience knows what questions to ask based on your expertise. Last, remember to include ways to contact you so new clients and potential backlinks can find you.

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What Are Bing’s Conversation Styles And How Do They Work

What to know

Bing AI chat has introduced three conversation styles: Creative, Precise, and Balanced.

The Creative mode generates longer, more imaginative answers, while the Precise mode focuses on shorter, factual answers. The Balanced mode aims to provide a balance between the two styles.

Choose the style that best fits their query and phrase questions accordingly.

Bing AI’s chat was among the first platforms to integrate the latest GPT-4 technology. But things haven’t panned out the way Microsoft planned. Early access to Bing AI had users complaining of a variety of problems with Bing’s responses that forced Microsoft to reduce users’ daily interaction and keep Bing’s hallucinations at a minimum.  

Lately, Microsoft has introduced three different conversation styles in the Bing chat to allow users to interact with it in a variety of ways. What are these conversation styles, what’s their purpose, and are they really all that different? Let’s investigate.

What are Bing’s conversation styles

Currently available as a preview feature, Bing AI’s conversation styles lets you choose what you want Bing’s responses and chat behaviors to be like. These conversation modes are as follows:

1. Creative mode

The creative conversation style is touted as being quirky and imaginative, providing longer and more detailed ‘creative’ answers to your queries. If you’re dealing with conversation topics that require Bing AI to loosen up a bit and generate entertaining responses, then the Creative mode is the one to choose. When you choose the creative mode, the color of the UI will also change to purple.  

2. Precise mode

The polar opposite of the creative mode, the ‘Precise’ conversation setting focuses on shorter, to-the-point answers that you would generally expect from your traditional search results. The conversation tone as well as the content will lean more toward factual accuracy and consistency which is ideal for hunting down information in a direct question-answer scenario. When you choose the precise mode, the color of the UI will also change to green. 

3. Balanced mode

Balanced mode, as the name suggests, looks to provide a balance between the two extremes of the Creative and Precise conversation styles. It is Bing Chat’s default conversation style that claims to give you the best of both worlds – factual accuracy and engaging creative responses. The UI color is Blue for this mode.

The idea behind these conversation styles seems to be a step in the right direction. But are these modes of conversation really all that different? That is something that needs to be investigated further.

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The differences in Bing’s conversation styles

To get a better understanding of how the three conversation styles differ, it’s safe to say that one will have to try them out oneself. For our readers’ benefit, we asked Bing three different questions in its different conversation styles, and here’s what we found out:

Query 1: How can freshers crack job interviews?

As expected, the Creative mode (left in image) gives long-winded answers, the Precise mode (right in image) provides short summarized responses, and the Balanced mode (middle) tries to straddle both worlds. On the word-count front, the three styles are extremely differentiated. But the choice of words is tuned to match the style as well.

The longer ‘Creative’ responses are much more conversational, the ‘Balanced’ response provides the information in bullet points with little additional material, while the ‘Precise’ response simply gives you a small paragraph. And that’s it. 

It is also important to note that the nature of the query will also determine how precise or creative the responses can get. So, let’s try out another query. 

Query 2: Write me a poem on the state of the world in any poetic style.

The ‘Creative’ mode went straight for the English sonnet. Though it won’t find much readership, it’s a fairly good attempt for an AI that’s pushing its creative limits.

The ‘Balanced’ mode churned out something very similar in form. The content was slightly different, and the organization looked inspired. But a careful reading revealed that it’s basically following the same Sonnet structure, in terms of meter, rhyme scheme, volta, etc. We’d call it a botched attempt at best since it is basically reproducing the structure of the Sonnet with the semblance of a free verse.

As for the Precise mode, we expected it to produce a haiku or a single-verse poem. But it ditched the traditional structures entirely and went for free-style verse, which, in our opinion is much better than the ‘Balanced’ version. 

Query 3: How has the rupee fared against the dollar in the past two years?

Our final query solicited factual responses in the three conversation styles. As you can see, all three provided similar answers as there’s not really much room to go on a creative run.

Nevertheless, the ‘Creative’ mode did churn out a longer answer, explaining how exchange rates are influenced, and only gave links to follow the rate changes. The ‘Balanced’ mode highlighted in bold the exchange rates broadly in the last three years, while the ‘Precise’ mode gave the exact rates up to a couple of digits after the decimal.

One thing to note here is that the exchange rates were quite far off when you compare the responses in the Balanced and the Precise mode. So there’s definitely factual inconsistency between the conversation styles which we are inclined to chalk up to the sources where Bing is getting its information from.

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What are the benefits of Bing’s conversation styles

Given that there are definite pros and cons to each conversation style, you should choose a particular style over another based on the nature of your query. It is the only way you can make the most of these conversation styles and get the responses that you require. If you’re not sure, simply go with the default Balanced style.

But that is not to say that there aren’t stark deficiencies with Bing’s Chat. Bing AI is new and so, as Bing itself puts it, “surprises and mistakes are possible”. The conversational styles may also sometimes generate responses that are quite the opposite of what they are purported to be. So you may sometimes find the ‘Precise’ mode being more creative than the rest, and vice versa. 

In such cases, it is good to phrase your questions and prompts according to the conversation style that you have selected. If you are working on a creative essay, a creative or balanced tone should be preferred. Conversely, if you’re looking to get flight details or help with your math homework, the precise mode will be suitable. 

As the weeks and months progress, we may see further fine-tuning to these conversation styles and modes. Until then, you should not blindly trust Bing Chat’s responses and perhaps even be a little skeptical of them. 


Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked queries about Bing’ Chat’s conversation styles.

What is the new Bing response style?

The new Bing Chat’s response styles include three different options – Creative, Balanced, and Precise.

Are Bing’s conversation styles available on all devices?

Yes, Bing’s conversation styles can be accessed from your browser as well as the Bing app which is available on all major platforms. However, Bing’s conversation style is available only as a preview.

What is the daily chat limit for Bing AI?

The current daily chat limit for Bing AI is 15 chats per session and 150 chats per day. You can keep a track of the chats per session in Bing Chat itself. 

Bing’s conversation styles feature is a very recent addition to the Bing Chat so there are bound to be a few chinks and creases in its fold. We can expect these to be fine-tuned and ironed out as the feature develops and more people provide feedback. Still, these modes are quite fun to use as long as you don’t rely on them too much. Until next time!

Extreme Networks: Networking Portfolio Review

Extreme Networks works to provide products that give companies cloud-driven networking solutions. 

As companies produce and rely on more data, networking is the critical backbone for how computers are linked to share data. Extreme Networks is a leader in the sector that is using a range of technologies to design and support modern networks: machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and automation.

See below to learn all about Extreme Networks and where they stand in the networking space: 

The networking market has grown across many sub-sectors, including both software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud-driven networking.

The global SDN market is estimated to be $18.5 billion in 2023 and $36.2 billion by 2026, according to StrategyR.

The global cloud-driven networking market was valued at estimated $3.32 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach $14.61 billion in 2027, according to Fortune Business Insights. 

In fiscal year 2023, Extreme Networks’ net revenue was over $1 billion, up 6% year over year.

“We have seen enormous opportunity and growth within the cloud managed wired and wireless networking industry,” says Will Hopson, a senior territory manager, Extreme Networks.

In Extreme Networks’ 2023 annual report, the company highlights that through cloud-driven networking and automation, network administrators can scale how they provide “productivity, availability, accessibility, manageability, security, and speed, regardless of how distributed the network is.”

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One Network


Wired platforms

Universal Switches

ExtremeXOS Switches

VSP Switches

Wireless platforms 

Universal APs (WiFi 6/6E APs)

Indoor/outdoor APs

Wireless controllers



Extreme SD-WAN


Fabric services

Fabric Connect 

One Cloud


ExtremeCloud IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ-Site Engine

ExtremeCloud IQ-Controller

Business insights

Extreme Analytics

Extreme Location 

Extreme Guest 

One Extreme

Professional services

Maintenance services

Customer success

Reduced security risk: with hyper-segmentation of network 

Increased savings: Extreme Networks reports traditional network infrastructure, operational, and admin savings up to 10% 

Improved support and problem resolution: Extreme reports that 94% of Extreme customer help calls are resolved by the network specialist who answers the call and co-locates support with engineering

Enhanced network intelligence: through the ability to have a 360-degree view of the network, users, devices, and applications

Use latest software: Universal hardware platforms allow customers to evolve deployment models by changing the software while using existing hardware

Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel in Minnesota was in need of network management for their wireless networks and devices that are secure and compliant for gaming regulations. With the risk of outages and downtime, Jackpot Junction’s IT team needed to keep the casino up and running.

Nick Potter, director of IT, was aware the casino needed a new approach to their network management, including the need to automate processes and for visibility of their pain points to help the IT team handle the network demand and support guest services.

Potter decided that Extreme Networks could help with their problem. Adding the network management solution increases network uptime and enables the casino to keep up with the initiatives, including self-service guest kiosks. By future-proofing the latest gaming devices, the staff was also able to get easier access to tablets for the hotel and restaurant.

Jackpot Junction’s networking solution from Extreme included ExtremeSwitching, FabricConnect, and ExtremeCloud IQ. 

“It’s just kind of magic how you move a device and the Fabric recognizes it and routes it,” Potter says.

Jackpot Junction’s networking implementation by Extreme Networks also allowed the casino to support the Lower Sioux Native American community nearby with networking, including high-speed, secure connectivity for their government buildings, community center and health care facility.

Dynamic role-based policies:

support scalable policy mechanism on wired and wireless devices for users, devices, and applications through the network

Application hosting:

run onboard applications alongside the switch operating system (OS), without impacting performance; provide network insight through on-board analytics applications; enable new network applications without the need for a separate hardware device

Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML)-driven insights:

ongoing integration with ExtremeCloud IQ, offers ability to fine-tune the network, before issues become impact service


new networking ideas coming out of the company, according to various customers

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Users give mostly positive reviews to several Extreme Networks products, which are partly driven by AI:

PeerSpot: 4.1 out of 5

PeerSpot: 4.3 out of 5

CRN 2023 “Networking Products of the Year”:

due to their “enhance insight, visibility, and control” in networking

Gartner 2023 “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure”:

for their operations in distributed environments and delivering in-demand resources and capabilities 

CRN 2023 “Top 10 Coolest New Networking Products”:

due to a subsection of their ExtremeCloud IQ platform called ExtremeCoPilot

CRN 2023 “Data Center 50”:

one of the key players in the data center market.

2023 “IT Champion, Networking” by Computerwoche:

for network infrastructure

Extreme Networks helps companies establish their networks at the software level as well as the hardware level with switches and routers. With reported benefits such as reduced security risk and network-based savings, Extreme Network is a leading player in the growing networking market. 

“Our world is more reliant on technology than ever before, and as a technology company it is our duty to ensure we are making a positive impact,” says Katy Motiey, chief admin and sustainability officer, Extreme Networks.

A company looking for networking solutions to build out or upgrade a network can consider Extreme Networks as a provider with focused options.

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Tips To Catch Your Partner While Cheating

If you’re a married guy, either newly married or not, you could be the victim of cheating spouse or a cheating partner. If you’re one of them, you can catch a cheater here.

14 Signs/symbols signify that our partner doing cheating or not

Do you’ve guts to believe your best half is cheating you? Do not jump at the conclusion. Start looking for all these red-flag signs first.

Here is the list of signs you must focus on this- Sign 1

Excess use of mobile phones

Nowadays, a big problem is your mobile phone. Unusual and excessive phone usage is the number one indicator your partner is cheating on you.

When he or she leaves a space whenever a phone rings and not willing to share with whom they are talking it may be a sign.

Pay extra attention should what they carry their device around all the time, as they may be ensuring that you don’t see anything you shouldn’t.

Sign 2

Hiding the things

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Sign 3

Extra take care

Your partner is extra possessive, It doesn’t mean you should be suspicious if your partner brings you flowers, or your girlfriend cooks yummy dinner. But if your best half behaves nicer than normal and it might also be an indication.

Sign 4

Sexual Demand

Its totally depends on your partner’s mood. In fact, cheating makes individuals feel more sexual generally so that they might want to have more but its not good relationship familiarity than usual. So, be careful and active.

Sign 5

Do planning

In case your partner blushes off while doing future plans as marriage, having kids or move to a different town, it may also be an indication he or she reconsidered the relationship. Take time and observe all the things.

Sign 6

Increase Irritation level

They get annoyed when you try to face the issue, because of their suspicious behaviour and do their best to reassure you. For cheaters, it is common to shift the duty and get irritated by your own questions.

Whenever you’re too controlling or conscious, they try to come close and blaming you for all.

Sign 7

Use extra money

They spend more money than usual, its a big symbol, It often includes dishes, beverages, gifts, hotels, and other cash expenditures.

If your best half do more than before, it might be a warning sign that money is going someplace.

Sign 8

They are more worried about their appearance.

When people are sure about their relationships, somehow they may put fewer efforts in their appearance.

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Sign 9

If they stay at work by late night

Working lots of overtime might also be an indication that your partner cheats on you. The best way to test it would be to provide to bring dinner with her or his office and see the response or arrive without any notice.

Sign 10

Or they depart early for work

If your partner is leaving early for work, it might be an indication that they have planned a meeting with their fan for breakfast or at the office.

Sign 11

They take business trips independently

If your very best half take business trips independently, it is also an indication that your partner has something to hide.

Sign 12

They’re picking fights

When people are cheating, it’s a common thing for them to become argumentative and critical.

Sign 13

Don’t be judgemental

And they say It is your creativity. The affair generally happens after six months or more from its beginning. That is when your spouse starts making mistakes and show numerous signs you want to be attentive to.

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Sign 14

They act too close to your best buddy.

As frequently occurs, people cheat with people they are closest to. Friends have a lot of things in common because they spend mos to the time together.

So, it is quite common to find out your spouse has an affair with your best buddy. Once your partner is meet to your buddy, everything starts with innocent flirting.

They have several things in common, and both think they’re great for each other. However, in fact, it will ruin a friendship along with two unions.

Final Thought

If it happens, it means that something in a relationship isn’t right. For many people, it’s common to look for a happier connection somewhere else rather than enhancing their own connection.

In relationships, you don’t need to be over-suspicious because it may harm your bonds. You know your partner better than anyone, so use sense that something is happening then give warning sign But make sure you are sure regarding of that.

Getting Errors While Updating Windows Phone 8? Here’s How To Fix Them

Getting errors while updating Windows Phone 8? Here’s how to fix them






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you are seeing a message like 801881cd, 80188265, or 801881d0 when you update your Windows Phone, the obviously you have a problem. It’s possible to solve it with some basic troubleshooting in order to get rid of these annoying updates. Microsoft has officially provided fixes and we’re going to put them all together so that you could get help for your problems.

Fix error code 801881cd

This error appears when you don’t have enough storage space on your phone to install the update. So here’s how to fix it:

Remove some media files (videos, music, and photos) or apps to make room for the update. You can connect to your computer and move your media files there, and you can always reinstall apps from the Store. Keep in mind that deleting an app, even temporarily, will erase app data, such as saved progress in a game.

Fix Error code 80004004

The uninstall option of this error is greyed out and that seems to be an annoying issue. What can you do in order to fix it?

Reinstall your apps in order to minimize the ‘losses’

Reset your phone – press Start Menu button on your phone and choose Settings; scroll down until you see the Reset option, and perform a hard reset

You can find more detailed information in our dedicated fix on error 80004004.

Fix error codes 80188264, 80188265

This issue arises when you haven’t agreed to download the update over a cellular connection. Here’s the solution:

The best thing to do is connect to Wi-Fi so you can download without having to worry about possible cellular data charges. If you can’t connect to Wi-Fi and want to update using cellular data, tap Download when prompted to download using cellular data.

Fix error code 801882cb

This particular error is caused by troubles connecting to a network. Here are some potential workarounds:

Make sure that your phone has a good connection to the Internet. The best thing to do is connect to Wi-Fi so you can download without having to worry about possible cellular data charges. If you can’t connect to Wi-Fi and want to update using cellular data, tap Download when prompted to download using cellular data.

80072efd, 80072f76, 80072efe

All these appear because there was a temporary issue with a server or your Internet connection during the update. Here is the solution:

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and try again. It’s best to connect to Wi-Fi so you can avoid possible cellular data charges.

Fix error codes 80188d1, 80188d2

There was an error installing the update and this caused the problem. Fix:

Restart your phone and try downloading the update again.

These are mostly common fixes, but these are official solutions provided by Microsoft. Also, the company suggests to pay attention to the following things, as well:

Power up – If your battery charge is low, you may have to plug in and wait before you can finish installing your update.

Wait a bit – Many errors are temporary. If you try again, there’s a good chance the error won’t repeat itself.

Restart your phone – If your phone freezes during an update, you can restart your phone to get your update back on track.

Make way – If your phone’s storage space is maxed out with apps and all of your media, remove some files that you can do without.

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