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WhatsApp is the worlds leading messaging service, what differentiates it from other messaging apps is all of the features it is packed with. One of these handy features is being able to archive messages, this allows you to organize your chat list to only show WhatsApp chats in your inbox from key contacts that you want to message. This is handy as you don’t have to delete the chat and lose the chat history.

Archiving a chat will allow you to keep chats and group chats separate in an archived chat folder. This keeps them off of your main chat list to aid with organization. additionally, you won’t receive notifications from these chats so you won’t be disturbed. It’s also handy because when you archive a chat the chat history won’t be deleted, meaning that it can easily be restored when unarchived. This guide will show you how to archive and unarchive in WhatsApp so keep reading below.

How to archive a single chat in WhatsApp

If you want to archive a chat on your iOS or Android device then this can easily be done by completing the steps below.


Archive a chat

Launch WhatsApp

On the main screen select the chat you wish to archive.

At the top of the screen, an archive icon will appear.

Simply press the button to archive the chat.

How to archive multiple chats in WhatsApp

You can also select multiple chats to archive at once, this differs slightly for Android users and iPhone users.


Archive multiple chats on Android

When on the main chat list screen hold down on the chats and group chats you want to archive.

Press the archive button to archive the WhatsApp messages.


Archive multiple chats on iPhone

When on the main chat list screen select edit in the top left-hand corner., this will make check boxes appear.

Toggle the chats you wish to archive.

Tap archive at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, you can go to settings, then chats, and archive all chats.

How to unarchive a chat in WhatsApp.

You may have archived a chat in WhatsApp by accident or you are just ready to start receiving notifications from it again. Whatever the reason, below we will go over the ways to unarchive an archived chat for iPhone and Android.


Unarchiving a chat

Open WhatsApp

At the top of the chats tab, there is the archived chats section, open it

When on the archived chats screen tap on the chat you wish to unarchive.

You can then unarchive the message by either sending a new message to the contact or by pressing the unarchive icon at the top of the chat.

Final thoughts

Archived messages are a handy way to organize your chats and remove less important ones from your main screen and prevent them from giving you notifications. Likewise, WhatsApp lets you unarchive a chat too, so once you’re ready to continue the conversation this can easily be done. With the steps outlined in this guide hopefully, you’ve learned how to archive and unarchive in WhatsApp. If you have completed these steps and are still cant archive and unarchive in WhatsApp then we suggest you contact WhatsApp support for further help.

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Dual Whatsapp: How To Use Two Whatsapp In One Phone

Dual WhatsApp: How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone Let’s Use Dual WhatsApp in Android as well as iOS

So, in order to save you time, we have enlisted below the most reliable ways you can opt to use dual WhatsApp account on your phone:

1. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in Android Phone

1. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in Android Phone A. Setup of Guest Users

One of the simplest ways to access two WhatsApp in one mobile phone is to use an android phone that lets you set up a guest user account just like your PC. With the help of this feature, you can log in from a different account and download another copy of WhatsApp on your phone. Let’s go through the method as given below:

Please note: We consider that the WhatsApp is already installed in your phone so skipping this step.

b. Log in to the mobile with the second user profile with another Gmail address (If not, create one)

c. Access the Play Store and download the WhatsApp app.

d. Follow the same process of setting up WhatsApp on your Android phone. As simple as that. Hope this method works for you.

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B. Use GbWhatsApp

In order to use two WhatsApp in one phone, another workaround is to use GbWhatsApp. This application is like a mirror of the WhatsApp app but with more cool and customized features.

Below are the steps to follow to use GbWhatsApp

a. Download the GbWhatsApp apk file from here.

b. Install the apk file on your Android device.

c. Open the app and register via your sim card number

d. Start using two WhatsApp in one mobile phone.

C. Use WhatsApp Business

A lot of us are familiar with this app “WhatsApp Business” which has already been used by many small or medium businessmen. They manage their business world on this app and the app is working flawlessly.

This app lets you set up dual WhatsApp account in the same phone via the below steps:

a. Download “WhatsApp Business” from Google Play Store

b. Install the App

c. Set Up another account using the second number and start using multiple WhatsApp accounts

D. Use MultiWhatsapp

Just like GbWhatsApp, this is also an app that helps you to have WhatsApp accounts on one android phone. The only difference is that with this app, you can create as many WhatsApp accounts as you want.

Let’s follow the below process and have multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android phone:

a. Visit the official website and download the app

c. After this, the app will ask you to install and duplicate your WhatsApp.

d. Now you can create and activate an account.

2. Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in iPhone A. Use WhatsApp 2

In order to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on an iPhone, this is one of the simplest ways. How these methods work by creating an exact copy of your WhatsApp. However, it saves your iPhone under a different name to allow 2 instances of the same app. Please follow this process for getting two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone:

Note: We consider that you already have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone.

a. Launch the Safari app and visit “ or”

b. Tap on “WhatsApp 2” and download it.

d. Now you set the WhatsApp2 accordingly to your convenience and you are good to go.

B. Use WhatsApp Business

Just like in Android phones, WhatsApp Business app is compatible with iOS as well. You can go ahead and download the app from the App Store.

You can follow the same process that we use to install any other app so now formula is required for that.

For more reference, you can check the “Use WhatsApp Business” for Android phones if it helps you.

Wrapping Up

Be it iOS or Android, using two WhatsApp accounts is possible with the above most used and trusted ways.

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How To Use Whatsapp Web On Desktop And Chrome

If you have particularly chatty people on your WhatsApp list, you’ll know how annoying it can be to converse with them using a mobile keyboard. You can’t really get the gossip grapevine (or more important messages) going at a measly 20 words per minute. Thankfully, there is a way to use WhatsApp on your PC so that you can type with your hardware keyboard and really express yourself.

The app used to require your phone to be switched on and connected to the Internet, but as of an update in late 2023, this is no longer a requirement, and you can connect to WhatsApp Web on up to five devices without having to have your phone on (though you’ll need your phone to make that initial connection).

Before We Start

It’s worth noting that you can’t use WhatsApp on your PC without first setting it up on your mobile phone. As you’ll soon see, it’s impossible to use WhatsApp on a desktop PC without having the mobile app on your phone.

As such, if you don’t have a phone with WhatsApp installed, you’ll find it difficult to follow these steps. If you do, be sure to have it on hand before you get started.

How to Set Up WhatsApp on Your Desktop

If you want WhatsApp as a desktop app, you can download it from the download page. At the time of writing, you can download it for both Mac and Windows.

Once you download and install WhatsApp, boot it up. You’ll be greeted with the following screen.

This screen tells you everything you need to know to get started, but in case you need a little help finding all the settings, continue with this guide.

Go to your phone and open WhatsApp. Tap the three dots at the top right, then “Linked devices.”

Once your phone scans the code, your computer will automatically sign you in and show your contacts.

How to Set Up WhatsApp in Chrome

If you can’t download WhatsApp on your PC, you can access WhatsApp on the Web. This works identically to the PC version, except it’s a website instead of a downloadable app.

Setting up WhatsApp in Chrome is even easier than on desktop. Visit WhatsApp Web, then follow the steps as directed. These steps are identical to the desktop version, so refer to the information above for the full guide and screenshots.

What WhatsApp Web Can and Can’t Do

Unfortunately, this Web version of WhatsApp doesn’t contain all the features of the mobile app. For instance, you can’t make audio or video calls via the web app. You can’t export your Whatsapp chat history either.

However, other features, such as changing profile pictures, setting a status image, and attaching images, are still there. They may be in different locations than on the mobile app, but they’re there.

Learning What’s Up with WhatsApp

If you like talking to people on WhatsApp but are not a big fan of mobile keyboards, you don’t have to be stuck on your phone all the time. Now you know how to put WhatsApp on your PC, whether it’s via the official desktop app or the Web.

Want to have some fun with WhatsApp? Check out our WhatsApp sticker guide. We can also help you out if WhatsApp isn’t working for you.

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Heardle Archive: How To Play Old Heardle Games

The universe of Wordle is ever-expanding to welcome new variants. Heardle is one among the relatively newer additions to the Wordle world, but do not underestimate the impact it has created over the short period since its launching. So, what is it all about? Let’s find out!

Where to play Heardle?

Like Wordle, Heardle is also completely web-based. It can be played online for free on the host page chúng tôi where every challenger gets to take on a new, universal challenge each day.

How to play older Heardle games

The one trick that doesn’t seem to fail you when you are looking for ways to play older Wordle or its variant games has been “turning back time by changing system time”. Before all kinds of archives showed up serving the Wordle game addicts with the drop of saving water, system time has been there for players to try their hands at older games.

For most of its variants, too, the method works, and thankfully Heardle falls under this group. To play Heardles past, all you need to do is change the system time on your PC or mobile phone and go to the browser to load the game page. Let’s see how it is done.

Method 1: How to play old Heardle by changing system time on Windows PC

Under Current date and time, toggle off Set time automatically.

Under Set the date and time manually hit Change.

Change the Month and date using the designated drop boxes. Changing the year to one in the past might mess up the plan, so it is recommended to set a date logically agreeable with the launching period of the game.

Hit Change on the bottom right corner of the window to the left of Cancel.

Now, open your browser. We used Chrome to test out the process, hence we recommend that you go with Chrome. Go to the Heardle game page at

That’s it, you can play any older Heardle game just like that.

Toggle on Set time automatically.

Under Synchronize your clock, tap Sync now.

Now, repeat the steps starting at the beginning of the guide by toggling off Set time automatically and changing the date manually to play another Heardle game from the past.

This method may get a  bit tedious if you wish to play multiple games in a row, but, if you are a fan of the game like us, this ain’t no pain, right?

Method 2: How to play old Heardle by changing system time on Mac

Step 2: Hit System Preferences.

Step 4: Uncheck Set date and time automatically.

Step 5: Set the calendar to the preferred date in the past.

Step 6: Go to Safari, Chrome, or any browser of choice and enter chúng tôi to go to the game page and start playing.

Method 3: How to play old Heardle by changing system time on Android phone

Sometimes, Android phones show signs of hiccups or irregularities when you try changing the system time. If you encounter such difficulties, try rebooting the device and try again. Here goes how.

Open the Settings app on your Android phone or tab.

Select Additional Settings from the options.

On the next page, tap Date and time.

Under Date and time settings, toggle off Set automatically.

Tap Date to view the calendar settings.

Set the date to a preferred period. Changing the year to one in the past might mess up the plan, so it is recommended to set a date logically agreeable with the launching period of Heardle.

Now, launch your browser of choice. We tested on Google Chrome and succeeded, so we recommend Chrome. Now, at this point, if you see any error messages, reboot your device and repeat the steps above to change the date to one in the past. When you go to chúng tôi you should be able to play without any hitch.

To play an older Heardle game from a different date, go back to Settings, tap Date and time, and toggle on Set automatically.

Following this, repeat the steps at the beginning of the guide under the section to turn off Set automatically settings to set the date to a different one.

Method 4: How to play old Heardle by changing system time on iPhone

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Under Settings, tap General.

From the options, select Date and Time.

Under Date and Time settings, toggle off Set Automatically.

Tap on the “current” date.

Set the date to one in the past that is acceptable in the game system.

Now, launch Safari, Chrome, or any browser of choice and go to chúng tôi to start playing the game.

Repeat the steps in the guide for the section to set a different date to play that day’s Heardle game.

What is Heardle and how to play it?

Heardle is a musical variant of Wordle in which you get 6 chances to guess the song of the day. It is truly an addictive exploit as it has nailed down two of the most intriguing elements of entertainment — music and guessing games. But, as a game, it can be considered as a standalone as it is unique enough in spite of taking a large amount of inspiration from the word game sensation — Wordle.

So how does it work? In theory, Heardle is a simple game, that could even be described as an easy one. You are given 6 chances to guess a song and for clues, you get a tiny snippet of the song in increments depending on the number of guesses you make. 

The real challenge involved is how stocked up is your mental library of music. Any popular song released over the past decade could be the answer of the day, so as long as you are someone who tunes in radio often, it could be a simple game for you.

But, the game cannot be so easy, right? Of course, it has its own little twists and layered challenges involved. Apart from the randomness of the song, you also do not get any colored clues to indicate how close or further you are from the answer. So, forget about guessing your way through the game using the green, gray, or yellow hints because these colors hold no significance in the world of Heardle.

To play the game, you need to be well versed with popular songs over the decade and also be quick-witted to gather information from the hints given in the input box. For instance, if you input a guess in the input box but it is not among the options prompted by the system, it is better to abandon it and make another guess if you have one lined up. Read the article linked below to get a deeper understanding of Heardle game rules.

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When you play Heardle, it isn’t necessary to make a guess all the time but skip a guess to expose more musical-snippet for clues. Even though the challenge is to solve within 6 guesses, the main objective before the player is to guess the song within the least amount of time. Squandering away time with guesses when you are not familiar with the song is the definition of a bad move in the Heardle universe. To learn more about Heardle gameplay, refer to the article linked below.

Why can’t you play Heardle?

A lot of players have mourned that the soundtrack is often not audible for them hence they are unable to partake in the excitement of the game with the rest of the world. If you are among the mass who play Heardle, it is important to understand that it happens because of region-based music licensing and related restrictions.

The Heardle game system uses the SoundCloud player as the embedded music player. SoundCloud however doesn’t have the license to play all the music in its library in all the countries in the world. So, some days might be your lucky day when the game uses music with a regional license while other days may turn out to be one of those bummer days with no sounds.

Related: How to unlock past games and region-locked sounds on Heardle

How to unblock Heardle in your region?

To override region-locking issues that block certain tracks on SoundCloud from playing in your region, your only solution is to use a VPN. Using VPN, you can hide your real location and pretend to be playing from somewhere the song is permitted to play on SoundCloud. 

Interested in learning more about it? We have got you covered. Read more about unblocking Heardle in your region in our in-depth guide on the topic linked below.

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Whatsapp: How To Change Your Phone Number

Changing your phone number on WhatsApp is nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe you want to start fresh and make sure that only certain people have your phone number. Whatever the reason is, the good news is that the steps to add a new number to WhatsApp is easy.

WhatsApp: What Happens When You Change Your Number

It’s always a good idea to know what happens when you change your number on WhatsApp to see if it’s worth it after all. In regards to your profile information and your settings, that won’t go anywhere. You won’t be removed from any groups you’re in, and you’ll still be able to recover your chats on your new account. What will disappear will be your old account.

How to Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

When you change your phone number, you’ll change it on the same phone or a new one.  Let’s take a look at the process if you’re only going to make the change on the same phone.

Using Another Phone Number for WhatsApp on the Same Phone

To change your number, open WhatsApp and tap on the dots at the top right. Go to Settings, followed by Account.

Look for and tap on the Change Number option and make sure to read what you see on your display; if you’re ok with what you’ve read, tap on the Next button.

You should see the areas where you’ll need to enter your old and new phone numbers.

Make sure you’ve enabled the option to let your contacts know you have a new number. You’ll also see an option to choose who you want to notify. This is a great option just in case there’s someone you wish never got their hand son your number. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, don’t forget to tap on the Done button at the bottom.

New phone numbers are hard to remember at first. So, if you need to see what your new number is, go to Settings, followed by Profile. You’ll see your new number at the bottom.

How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number on a New Phone

Note: To use WhatsApp with your new phone number and not lose any information in the process, you’ll need to make an iCloud or a Google Drive backup on your previous phone. Also, make sure that your new phone is active and can receive calls and text messages.

How to Backup Your WhatsApp Chats to Google Drive

If you want to know how to create a backup before you continue, these are the steps to follow. Make sure you have added a Google account to your phone and that you’ve already installed Google Play services.

To create your backups:

Tap on the dots at the top right



Chat Backup

Backup to Google Drive

Choose the frequency of the backup.

Once you’ve completed the steps, you don’t have to worry about if you backed up your conversations or not. You can also manually back up your chats. Maybe the time for your next backup isn’t set up for any time soon, and you want to play it safe. To manually back up your WhatsApp conversations, you can go to:



Chat backup

Back up

Now that you’ve made your backup and want to continue with the process, these are the steps when moving to a new phone.

Tap on the dots at the top right

Go to Settings


Change number – Don’t forget to use this feature on your old device to transfer your account to the new one before you migrate.

Once you start using your new phone, install WhatsApp, and go through the necessary steps to verify your new phone number. You’ll be able to recover your chat history thanks to the backup you made. If the change your making is from an iPhone to an Android phone, there is no way you can save your chat history.

If there is important information in a chat, you can try taking screenshots o copying and pasting elsewhere. Don’t forget that if you change the Google account you send the backups to, you can’t access the chats you saved on that account.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new number can bring benefits such as not getting calls from people you would rather forget. But, you do have to deal with the whole moving your WhatsApp account ordeal. The good news is that you only have to do it once, and if you have a new phone, you won’t mind having to do this since it involves playing with your new toy.

2 Ways To Search A Business On Whatsapp, And Register In Directory

The most easiest way to search a business account on WhatsApp is via the WhatsApp Business directory. It sounds and works like the old telephone directory of your area, which we used to have a home. You can search the any business profile on WhatsApp as follows:

1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone.

3. Here you will see a new category, named “Find businesses”, under this category tap on More.

4. Now, in order to find businesses, you need to set the location:

You can either share your current location, either only while using the app or just once, or

You can choose the “Not Now” option, and manually select the region from the list.

5. After the location is set, tap on new chat again, and you can search for the business you are looking for. Alternatively, you can use the sub categories, to filter the search results.

7. Once you find the business you were looking for, tap on it to start the chat.

Note: As of now this feature is currently available only in São Paulo (Brazil), and will be rolled out globally soon.

Another way to search for the WhatsApp number of any business, is via the web search. You can easily find the WhatsApp number of most well known business, for example your nearby outlet of a coffee chain, hospital, multiplex, or even your bank. For example the screenshots attached. You can start chatting with the business profile, without even saving the number to phone, for this check out our guide to chat on WhatsApp without saving number.

Getting your business added to the business directory, increases the visibility of your business. The more information you list about your business, the easier it is for potential customers to find you and get in touch with you.

If you are wanting to get your business registered on WhatsApp Business Directory, then you need to make sure you fall in the eligibility criteria and follow these steps:

Requirement & Eligibility to Register Your Business on WhatsApp Business Directory

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Business on your phone (It is currently available only on the Android version of the Business App, iOS support will come soon)

Currently only Business from São Paulo (Brazil), can register (It will expand to more regions globally, in future).

1. Launch WhatsApp Business on your phone.

3. Now, you need to review and edit your business profile. You need to fill in your business details mentioned below. If you update any info about your business, then you need to resubmit the application.

 Name, Category,

Profile Picture,

Description about the business,


Business Hours

5. In case any further information is required then you’ll be notified, and once your application is approved it will be added to the directory.

If  you want to withdraw your application, from the WhatsApp Business directory, then it can be done as follows:

1. Launch WhatsApp Business on your phone.

3. Now, go to More Options, and select Remove from Directory.

So this is how you can search for any WhatsApp Business Profile, if you are located in São Paulo, or anywhere in the world. Any WhatsApp user can look for more similar business profiles, after opening more details about a business from the directory. We also discussed how you can get your business registered in the WhatsApp Business Directory, and withdraw your application if needed. Currently the directory is available only in São Paulo, but will be rolled out globally soon. I hope you found this article useful, if you did, make sure to like and share with who should know this. Check out more tips linked below, and stay tuned for more such tech tips and tricks.

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