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Understand God’s holy nature. Many people do not understand the concept of the Holy Trinity, and some explain it the wrong way. Early Christians’ beliefs about the nature of God say: “God is one while being in a Trinity”. The explanation of this is that The Father, The Son (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit are all one: The three of them refer to one and only one God, not by person, but by power, will and love. The Son has the same power and will as The Father and The Holy Spirit: That is why they are one God, and the three of them cannot be apart in anyway, they complete each other in everything. This does not mean if you pray to Jesus you are only praying to Him, this way, you are praying to God at once (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit). The Father and the Holy Spirit sent The Son to pay the price of our sins, by acceptance of the Son, because again, God is one by will, by power and by love. So when we say that God sent Jesus to Earth, we do not mean that God and Jesus are not the same. In the Trinity, they are different, but are one at the same time.

Romans 5:12: “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned”

Romans 5:14: “Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of Him that was to come.”


Profess Jesus as your savior. Romans 10:13, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Say, “Father in Heaven, I believe that Jesus died for my sins.” And God will impart eternal life to your spirit.

(John13:20) That is the Holy Spirit [2] (John15:26)

Repentance is the decision to turn away from sin and to turn to God and obey Him. Once you have done this, every other step will fall into place. If you still have a hard time with this concept, trust Jesus as Lord over you as well as Savior.

Talk to God in your own words. There is no protocol to follow in order to talk to God. God listens to your prayers even if you do not say them. But this does not mean He does not like to hear you seek His help and His forgiveness. God does not judge you violently, because He just is not a human being like us! He is your Father; He is your Brother and your personal protector and mediator, and He wants to become you very BFF (best friend forever)! God wants you to confess your sins to Him, because He wants to forgive you, and He wants you to tell Him your secrets, even though He knows everything about you. This is a promise: Matthew 7:7-9 “7 Ask and it will be given to you [worshippers]; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. 9 [For] Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?”


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How To Understand Homestuck Quadrants: 11 Steps (With Pictures)

Know the basics. The Homestuck term “Quadrants” refers to the type of romance experienced by the web comic’s main non-human species, the trolls. This is because, unlike us humans, they have four different types of romantic experiences. Their romance can be viewed as one giant square that’s divided in half vertically, and then in half again, horizontally.

Examine the Horizontal Division: Redrom And Blackrom. The first and most important division between the quadrants is between what is known as Redrom and Blackrom. Redrom, or Red Romance, is feelings based off primarily positive emotions, similar to the human concept of love and friendship. Blackrom, or Black Romance, is the opposite, and based off primarily negative emotions, such as rivalry and competition.


Examine the Vertical Division: Concupiscent and Conciliatory. The second division is between the concupiscent and conciliatory quadrants. Concupiscent quadrants are the ones that are viewed as more romantic and play a leading role in reproduction, whereas conciliatory quadrants focus on more platonic relationships that have other roles that you’ll see later.

Understand the Flushed Quadrant: Matespritship. The first quadrant and is the redrom concupiscent romance known as Matespritship, denoted by the symbol of the heart, <3. This quadrant is the most similar to normal human romance, as it is based off positive emotions and plays a role in reproduction. However, human love and a trollian flushed relationship still have their differences. While the romantic feelings of humans tend to be based around adoration, sometimes idolising the person of their affection, matesprits usually pity their partner instead. Matesprits feel sorry for each other and want to be of help.

Understand the Caliginous Quadrant: Kismesistude. The third quadrant is the blackrom concupiscent romance known as kismesistude, denoted  by the symbol of the spade, <3<. A very common misconception of caliginous relationships is that they hate each other and are in a constant state of trying to kill their kismesis. This is not true. The caliginous feelings that serve as the base for a kismesistude are more similar to a rivary, trying to outdo and one up their partner. However, leaving it at that is a major simplification, as many other factors and emotions play into the nature of a kismesistude. Some of these are respect and admiration. A troll will dislike their kismesis, and want to prove that they’re better, but why? They see that the receiver of their caliginous feelings could potentially be better than them, and they feel the urge to disprove that, to their kismesis, to everyone, but most importantly, to themselves. Without that sense of competition, a kismesistude would fall apart quickly, leaving bitter disappointment in its wake.

Understand the Ashen Quadrant: Auspisticism. The foruth and final quadrant is the blackrom conciliatory romance known as auspisticism, denoted by the sumbol of the club, c8<. This quadrant is probably the hardest for humans to grasp, as it is the only form of romance not subject to universal rules of infidelity, meaning any given person could be involved in any number of ashen relationships, and it is the only form of romance involving three parties. As was previously mentioned, trolls are a violent race by nature, resulting in many bickerments and quarrels, some of which result in blooming caliginous feelings. However, if a caliginous relationship was born from every argument, it would present widespread blackrom fidelity. This is where auspistices come in. When two trolls begin to show feelings marking the start of a kismesitude, and auspistice can step in and separate, or auspistise, the two. They may do this for a number of reasons. Maybe one or both of them already have a kismesis. Maybe that particular pairing would be disastrous for everyone around them. Maybe the auspistice has a caliginous crush on one of them. For our current intents and purposes, their reason doesn’t matter. Think of it as two school children arguing over something, like a toy or a pencil. When a teacher, parent, or peer steps in to break them up, trolls would say that they are acting auspistice.


How To Heal Your Soul: 7 Steps (With Pictures)

Understand the true nature of your Soul. The Soul is feminine by nature and your Spirit is masculine. The union of Soul and Spirit gives birth to wholeness. Because we live in a world of chauvinism we deny Soul (feminine) consciousness and elevate the masculine, thus creating an imbalance in our lives. Realize that your Soul is feminine by nature and due to the repression of feminine energy, your Soul suffers.

Your feminine energy is your 1) Imagination 2) Passion and Desires 3) Emotions and 4) Creativity. Likewise, your masculine energy is comprised of 1) Will Power 2) Action and Motivation 3) Intellect 4) Productivity. If you will value and support your feminine energy you also feed and heal your Soul. Explore the components of your feminine energy, learn and discover the powers of imagination, creativity, passion and emotions. When you spend time developing these qualities you also feed and strengthen your Soul.


Deepen your connection with the Divine. Redefine your spirituality and bring it into whatever religion you practice. Spirituality is your personal and private relationship with God. Everyone has a relationship with God, even an atheist. It is a dysfunctional relationship, but a relationship none-the-less. It is similar to the mind. Every human being has a relationship with their mind, it may be well developed or severely lacking, but the relationship still exists. Everyone is spiritual, and through their Soul they can connect with the Divine. Deepen your connection to the Divine by whatever name you call it,it can help heal your Soul.

Explore passion and true pleasure. We have learned to replace our passions with duties and obligations. Most people have decided they don’t have time to explore their heart’s pleasures and passions and starve their Souls. Make time each day to do something you are passionate about or that brings you genuine pleasure. If you don’t know what your passions are then start exploring the possibilities and make a list of the top 5 ways you can have more true pleasure in your life.

Turn inward and explore relaxation meditation. When you relax you can quiet your mind and listen to the voice of intuition. If you are new to meditation it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to learn. The easiest way is to be guided into meditation with a CD. Google ‘relaxation meditations’ to find a good CD that can help you not only relax but heal your connection with your Soul. When you relax and turn inward, you can encounter the loving compassion of your Soul. Tip: Find a teacher whose voice is comfortable and soothing.

Dive deep into your feelings. Your emotions connect you to your Soul. Let yourself journal and express the repressed emotions that have been bottled up inside you. What lies beneath your repressed feelings is your creativity, passions, intuition and imagination. It is like finding buried treasure. The price you have to pay is your willingness to feel, accept, own and express those uncomfortable emotions of anger, hurt, disappointment and fear. When you do, you’ll create a more harmonious space for your Soul to dwell.

Ask yourself every morning; “What can I do today to help someone?” “How can I serve?” “Who could I call to lift their spirits?” When you give out of service and unconditional love you feed and heal your Soul. Being kind, loving and supportive of others is its own reward.


How To Get Shampoo Out Of Your Eyes: 14 Steps (With Pictures)

Keep your eyes closed when shampooing. Try to shampoo quickly and efficiently with your eyes closed. Doing so is not as difficult as you might think. If you are familiar with the space of your own bathtub or shower, you’ll know where to step and where not to. Squeeze a small amount of shampoo into your hand, then close your eyes and apply it as needed. Keep your eyes closed when you step beneath the shower head to rinse, and only open your eyes after you’ve rinsed completely.

Directions for use are printed on the back of your shampoo bottle. They will provide instructions as to how to best apply the shampoo. Some shampoos have specific directions as to how you can avoid getting shampoo in your eyes. Heed these guidelines when utilizing your shampoo.

Don’t rub your hands or fingers in your eyes immediately after shampooing. When you apply shampoo to your hair, you probably use one or both hands to do so. After applying the shampoo, your hands might have shampoo suds or residue on them. If you place your hands or fingers in your eyes while the residue or suds are still on them, you will get the shampoo in your eyes.

Wash your hands after shampooing your hair. If you want to place your fingers or hands on or around your eyes after shampooing, rinse your hands vigorously with water before doing so. You can use soap, but don’t have to. Ensure you rinse the shampoo (and soap, if using) from the palms and backs of your hands, as well as between your fingers. Only then can you safely touch or rub your eye.

Wear goggles in the shower if getting shampoo in your eyes causes a particularly acute irritation. You can purchase goggles intended for aquatic environments from your local sporting goods store. Wear them while shampooing, but remove them after you’ve finished rinsing the shampoo out so as to ensure your face gets washed properly.

Try a tears-free shampoo. Several shampoo brands have a neutral acidity, meaning their pH value is 7. When using a neutral shampoo, chances are that you will not notice or feel discomfort when some gets in your eyes. As their name suggests, these shampoos are perfect for babies or young children who cannot yet wash their own hair properly and are sensitive to the slight acidity of normal shampoos. These tears-free shampoos will cause less pain than a normal shampoo will if you get any in your eyes.

Use an eye shield. An eye shield is a cap with a small brimmed cap which resemble a golf visor. Place the eye shield on your head and ensure the brim is snugly against your forehead. By wearing the eye shield in the shower, suds from the shampoo will trail off the the sides of your temples or over the brim of the hat. Eye shields are especially useful for preventing shampoo from getting in the eyes of young children.


How To Date A Stripper: 9 Steps (With Pictures)

Offer the benefit of the doubt. Before you even step into a club, make a conscious effort to be open-minded. Don’t assume that because they are strippers, they must be promiscuous and unable to make money in any other way. Some dancers are very intelligent and might be doing what they do to pay their own way through college or nursing school. Other dancers might have had very unfortunate circumstances that you couldn’t even imagine, and might be working at a club to feed their family or send their child to a good school. It’s very easy to judge a book by its cover, but you’ll never get very far with a stripper worth dating if you go that route.

Know what you’re getting into. Strippers get lots of attention, in the club and oftentimes out of it. If you can’t handle your partner receiving plenty of admiration, dating a stripper is probably not for you. Don’t go into a relationship with a stripper thinking you can ‘change’ her or expect her to get another job. Either accept that she strips or find someone who doesn’t.

Find a club where you feel comfortable. Usually the type of club you go to will determine the type of women that work there. Some clubs are characterized by very young inexperienced girls, jaded veterans, gold diggers or all of the above. It’s a good idea to avoid women who are usually attracted by the gangster type male who can give them some sense of protection and follow their party life rhythm–you might get lucky with them but they’re not good dating material. Go for the gentlemen club type places where you can usually find more educated dancers, sometimes college students or even college graduates. These girls are usually far more interesting and open to socializing within the confines of their workplace.

Show up early. Go to the club right after they open, usually in the first hour or hour and a half after they open, the place is dead and the strippers are just chilling, hanging around, practicing pole-tricks and talking to each other. This is the best moment to try to approach them without feeling under pressure because they are still not in their crazy money-making mode.

Tip her on stage, but don’t get a lap dance from anyone. If you pay for a lap dance from her, she will consider you a “regular” but do pay her for her time if your talking her up for awhile(she is at work after all).She will never date you once that business relationship with her is established. And if you’re not getting lap dances from her, it’s definitely NOT a good idea to get dances from any of the other women. When you’re tipping on stage, however, you should tip all the dancers, just tip her a little extra. If you only tip her, that could foster a bit of additional jealousy and strife among the dancers that will make her association with you a little more difficult.

Leave when the club gets too busy and all the girls start giving lap dances to their customers. Let her know that you don’t want to interfere in her money making, wish her good luck and tell her you’ll come to see her some other day. With several visits, she’ll hopefully smile when you visit and make a beeline towards you as soon as she gets the chance. If she doesn’t, it may be that she strictly doesn’t date any customers of the club, or she may be dating someone already.

How To Play American Football: 10 Steps (With Pictures)

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American football is a popular game played between two chúng tôi team has 11 players on the field at a time. In professional games, players will specialize in one position on either offense, defense, or special teams. The goal of the game is to score more points than the other team after 4 quarters of play. Before the game starts, each team is assigned a scoring area, called an endzone. The game begins with a kickoff where the defending team kicks the ball as far as they can towards their endzone. To understand the rules of the game, first you must learn how the down system works. Whenever the offensive team takes the ball, they have 4 turns, called “downs,” to move the ball at least 10 yards by passing or running the ball. So, a play on “second and 6” means that it’s the offensive team’s second turn with the ball, and they have 6 yards to go until they get 10 yards and earn a “first down.” If a team does get a first down, they get a new 10-yard target and a fresh set of downs. If a team makes 4 attempts and does not get 10 yards, the opposing team’s offense takes the ball and starts over on 1st down going the opposite direction from wherever the last play ended. Many teams will choose to punt on fourth down rather than run a standard play if they aren’t close to the first down marker. A punt is where the offense voluntarily gives up possession of the ball by kicking it towards their endzone. A punt is often preferable to “going for it” on a fourth down because it will take the other team longer to get to their side of the field and potentially score. There are three main ways that a team can score in American football, with the highest number of points awarded when a player takes the ball into their endzone for a touchdown. When a player scores a touchdown, their team is awarded 6 points. The offense can then either kick the ball through the uprights for an additional 1 point (called an extra point), or run a normal play and attempt to score again for an additional 2 points (called a two-point conversion). At any time, the offense may also try to kick a field goal by kicking the ball through the uprights. This is common on 4th down when the offensive team is close enough to the uprights to kick it, but too far away from the first down line to risk going for it. If the kicker successfully kicks the ball through the uprights, their team is awarded 3 points. If they miss, the opposing team takes control of the ball wherever the last down took place. Whenever a team scores, the scoring team kicks the ball off from a predetermined point on the field and the team that was on defense takes the field on offense. After 4 quarters of play, the team with the most points is declared the winner. For tips on how to create a great plays, read on!

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