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Introduction to Test Coverage

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What is Test Coverage?

It may be defined as the methodology applied in the software testing to measure the part of the covered testing. As the name states, it shows the percentage of the test that has been covered by means of manual or automated testing. The reason behind the introduction of this methodology is to improve the way testing has to be done. For the application with lots of things to be tested, this approach makes sure that all the application areas have been tested successfully. It is mainly concerned with only the testing phase of the software development life cycle.

It may also be defined as the percentage of the amount of test that has been covered and the part that is yet to be covered. It makes the pending and completed work represented in the form of digits so that the development and the testing team should be clear about the work that has to be done before the deadline. In order to calculate the percentage of test coverage, there is a particular formula that we will cover in the later section. Overall it is the way that enhances the efficiency of testing work and makes it easy for the entire team to monitor the progress in the testing phase.

How is Test Coverage Performed?

In order to calculate the test coverage or the percent of the amount of testing that has been covered, we are supposed to have the basic data or the details depending on which we will be getting the accurate test coverage. The first thing is that you should understand the complete amount of code of code that you are supposed to check, and the second thing is that you should have the number of lines of code that have been tested so far. The calculation has to be performed using both the information to calculate the test coverage.

Below is the formula to calculate test coverage:

Suppose the total number of lines of code that has to be tested is 1000 while the number of lines tested as far is 150. So the test coverage could be calculated by using those values in the above-mentioned formula.

In the above-given case, the test coverage is 15% which means that 15% of testing has been done, and the rest 85% of testing is yet to be completed.

How Test Coverage Makes Working so Easy?

The testers consider the value of the test coverage to check if they are on their way to finishing the testing task before hitting the deadline. They can adjust their pace accordingly in order to get the testing done at the expected time. It gives the tester an edge to keep track of their work. Also, sharing the progress in testing work with the other teams or the leadership becomes very easy by the use of this methodology. Rather than explaining all kinds of testing and its progress to any party, it is way too easy to update them using numerical data, and it is the main reason behind the evolution of this methodology. It makes the testing phase of the software development life cycle very convenient. It makes it very clear to every member how much testing has to be done in specific intervals to achieve the testing goals.


The test coverage methodology has made it very convenient to perform testing due to the several features that the testers like.

1. Monitoring Progress

It can be used to keep track of the progress made by the testing team to complete the tasks assigned to them before the specified timeline. In addition, it keeps on the testers updated about the pace they are heading towards their goals.

2. Meeting Deadline 3. Sharing Work Status

Throughout the development cycle, it is required to keep on sharing the work status report with the concerned stakeholders. One can deliver concise information using the percentage outcome after test coverage calculation by bringing it into use.

4. Improve Testing Approach Conclusion

It has been considered the best way to calculate the amount of testing work that has been completed or yet to be completed. It makes work a bit easy for the testers by keeping them aware of how things are flowing. The testers may also use it to make themselves planned for delivering the task assigned to them at a given time. It is one of the modern approaches that has been introduced into the contemporary way of developing software.

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Linux Mint 17.1 Finally Makes Mate’s Fancy Compiz Graphics Easy To Use

Linux Mint isn’t chasing touch interfaces, rethinking the way we use the desktop, or enacting any other grand experiment. It’s just a polished, modern Linux desktop system—and that’s why people love it. Linux Mint 17.1 (codenamed “Rebecca”) is on the brink of being released, and it continues the Linux Mint mission of refining the interface we use every day.

Got it? Good. Let’s dig in!

Easy Compiz effects in MATE, finally!

MATE is a fork of the GNOME 2 desktop environment once used on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions by default. It’s still popular among many people who don’t see why we need new desktops like Ubuntu’s Unity or GNOME 3.

Selecting Compiz options in Linux Mint 17.1.

Back in the day, Compiz provided fancy graphical effects for GNOME 2 desktops. It can still do so for MATE, although many people had difficulties setting this up on Linux Mint. That’s why Linux Mint 17.1 includes easy Compiz setup.

The Windows pane in the Desktop Settings window provides a box allowing you to choose between the stable-but-potentially-boring “Marco” window manager and the fancy-but-potentially-unstable Compiz window manager. Desktop cubes, wobbly windows, and more—it’s all back.

Compiz cubes!

Cinnamon 2.4 brings polish and memory improvements

The Cinnamon desktop was bumped to version 2.4. Unlike MATE, which is based on GNOME 2, Cinnamon is based on more modern GNOME 3 code, but it takes that modern code and forms it into a more traditional Linux desktop interface.

Linux Mint 17.1’s Cinnamon desktop.

The Theme settings were completely redesigned, and you can now use a slideshow as your desktop background. The Nemo file manager gains a button to quickly open a terminal window (hidden by default) and support for “emblems” that can be added to folders to make them more visually distinct.

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Real improvements for everyone

But perhaps the biggest change is in the Update Manager application. It no longer shows individual package updates, but groups updates by “source package.” This means that—for example—when an update for LibreOffice is available, you won’t simply see a list of 22 packages. Instead, by default, you’ll see a single “LibreOffice” update in the list, although you’re free to drill down if you choose. According to Linux Mint’s developers, installing some individual package updates but not others —for packages like Mesa 3D graphics library, for example—can sometimes break people’s systems, however.

The refined Update Manager in Linux Mint 17.1’s Cinnamon desktop.

For a more in-depth look at the changes, check out the official lists ofnew features in Linux Mint 17.1 MATE or new features in Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon.

Overall, this is exactly the kind of release I—and many other Linux users—like to see. While Ubuntu 14.10 just shipped with no visible changes besides version bumps in a number of packages, Linux Mint has made the choice to stick with Ubuntu 14.04 under-the-hood and modify the stuff on top. Linux Mint 17.1 provides a great Linux desktop system, especially if you long for the days of more traditional Linux desktop interfaces.

Fancy Crypto Mining: Generating Swift Passive Income Has Never Been So Easy?

Cryptocurrency cloud mining is now considered a critical part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. FancyCrypto allows any individual with a small investment to earn passive income through a small investment. This platform aims to alter the way users access cloud mining without any regard for expensive hardware or technical expertise.

As a revolutionary cloud mining company, Fancy Crypto has earned the reputation of a trustworthy hash rate provider for more than 360,000 users across the world. Fancy Crypto has aimed to become the leading cloud mining platform by distributing 2 to 10 percent of the total global cloud mining hash rate. Over time, the mining technique has turned into a highly challenging and difficult ordeal for numerous reasons. Here are the facets that have made the process taxing for the users:

The fee of mining rigs and related tools is very high, implying that many people won’t be able to afford the scheme. It is an expensive process as it calls for substantial energy.

The procedure involved is quite complicated owing to the Proof of Work strategy.

It is daunting for seasoned miners to finish transactions owing to the rising numbers of mining farms and pools, making crypto mining highly competitive.

How Cloud Mining Offers a Favourable Fortune in Crypto Mining

Experts in the field show that those who never considered cloud mining are now able to make surprising progress in the field. As cloud mining was first brought up, people could well comprehend its potential. But at present, some aspects of crypto mining altered entirely. Here are a few reasons stating why crypto mining is gaining popularity:

For engaging in cloud mining, an individual doesn’t need to be a brainiac in the mining sector. This implies that anybody can sign up and start earning while learning the nuances of crypto mining.

You can access hassle-free solutions in crypto mining by offering complex platforms that can take care of all your mining requirements. As a result, everything is taken care of as an individual signs up using a registered platform like Fancy Crypto and figures out what they want to mine.

With cloud mining, one can rule out the hurdles of keeping up connectivity as well as uptime. Therefore, they can devote more time to involve in other critical tasks.

When someone engages in cloud mining, it saves them from expenses like electricity invoices and pricey equipment associated with traditional crypto mining. This is possible since a reputed and registered firm assists in managing all aspects of mining so that you receive your share of profits.

Fancy Crypto mining has witnessed rapid growth in popularity with more people trying to access various passive income opportunities. The current market shows that even those who never considered crypto mining before are aiming to access the features of Fancy Crypto that can accommodate everybody.

Mining is always a promising alternative for all who are not sure of the risks and hurdles related to crypto trading. The days of scouring the internet for landing a reliable cloud mining service are gone. The cutting-edge technology capacitates all the premium industrial data centers from all devices across the globe, making cloud mining extremely accessible.

How is Fancy Cloud Crypto Mining Different from the Other Platforms?

Fancy Crypto is a pioneer in the world of cloud mining since it has emerged as a leading hash rate provider across the world. The user-friendly services proffered by the platform cater to both seasoned and novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Here are a few reasons why you should consider shifting to this platform:

You can expect a hash rate between 2 to 10 percent which is quite higher compared to the other contenders across the globe. This suggests users can easily procure more earnings.

Fancy Crypto is authorized to handle all the cloud-mining requirements depending on its extensive technological expertise. As a result, users can access a hassle-free and flawless mining experience.

There are no hidden costs or complicated contracts in Fancy Crypto as you see in other platforms. The platform furnishes risk-free and effortless cloud mining contracts implying that the users can concentrate on procuring profits.

Coming to generating profits, Fancy Crypto gives daily profits depending on the mining contract the user selects. This means you can keep track of your daily earnings.

What are the profit packages of Fancy Crypto?

A major feature that distinguishes Fancy Crypto from other services lies in the mining packages and profits. By offering state-of-the-art technology coupled with a user-friendly interface, this platform makes it easier for anybody to indulge in the lucrative world of cryptocurrency mining. The most outstanding part of Fancy Crypto is that it settles interest in less than 24 hours, producing one of the swiftest mining platforms. Some of the most significant packages include:

Free cloud mining – the contract is priced at $10 for a return of $0.10 within a day.

Experience project Cloud mining – the contract price is $100, valid for two days at $2.5 daily.

ETH Cloud Mining – this is a contract price of $300, valid for five days. You earn $4.8 every 24 hours – $24 at the end of the contract.

LTC Cloud mining – the contract price is $800 for 10 days. You earn $29.25 daily, so you get $438 as interested.

DogeCoin Cloud Mining – the contract is priced at $1,500 for 15 days. You get $1938 at the end of the contract.

ETC Cloud Mining – the contract is priced at $3,000 for 28 days. You earn $64.5 every 24 hours, so in the end, you get $1806 plus your initial investment.

BTC Cloud Mining – the contract price is $5,000 for 56 days. You earn a daily interest of $117, a total of $6,580.

Final words

How To Test For Leadership Ability

2. Provide opportunities in the workplace for leadership skills to emerge.

One of the most accurate ways to test a person’s leadership skills is to put them in a leadership role. This could include mentoring and coaching, or even allowing them to experience a higher position.

“Give high-potentials firsthand experience by rotating them through different roles and functions within the organization,” Schwantes said. “The point is to challenge, push and stretch their skill level.”

Having them try new experiences in different roles will allow you to gauge how they go about learning, if they have a growth mindset, and whether they do well under pressure and with additional responsibilities.

In his book Willpower Doesn’t Work (Hachette Books, 2023), Benjamin Hardy discusses what it means to have a growth mindset and how it affects the way people work.

“You approach challenges and failures as opportunities to grow,” he wrote. “You’re curious and seek to expand your knowledge and horizons. If you have a growth mindset … you believe you can actually get better at something, even though that growth is currently visible only in your mind.”


True leaders seek to improve themselves and their work ethics. They accept challenges as opportunities to grow, and they’re eager to learn new skills.

3. Ask around.

The people who have worked side by side with potential leaders will have great insights into their skills and their impact on the business. Interviewing co-workers will give you additional feedback on whether an employee has the personality and leadership style you’re looking for.

Interviewing previous managers or mentors of potential leaders would also help determine whether this person would be a good leader. They are in a unique position because not only do they have leadership experience, but they also have experience with the potential leader.

“Avoid asking leading questions like, ‘Do you think Dave in Sales makes a good leader?’” Schwantes said. “Ask people who they think would make a good future leader.”

4. Use predictive assessment tools and personality assessments.

Assessment tools vary in what they examine and the depth of the questions. There are personality, leadership skills and behavioral assessments. Before choosing a tool, you should make sure that it will test for the specific skills you want in a leader.

Here are a few assessment tools you can use:

The Predictive Index “predicts primary personality characteristics and cognitive ability so you can predict workplace behaviors and on-the-job performance.”

CPI 260 uses “a sophisticated technique to extract detailed insights about someone’s personality. It is able to summarize and explain how other people would see that person, and how others would judge their leadership style.”

NERIS Type Explorer determines personality type and shows optimal roles (careers and hobbies) and strategies (ways of achieving goals) for each.

CliftonStrengths Assessment allows you to “discover what you naturally do best and learn how to develop your greatest talents.”

5. Search for evidence of emotional intelligence.

According to Schwantes, emotional intelligence is an important quality for any potential leader. At its heart, it is the ability to authentically be themselves and put their character on full display. This helps them in addressing emotionally charged matters at work. While it might be easier to simply ignore the drama, doing so can lead to future problems. Make sure, when you are looking for a leader in your business, they exhibit these traits:

They communicate well and express their feelings clearly and directly.

Their thoughts aren’t dominated by negative emotions like fear, worry, hopelessness and victimization.

They have a high degree of self-awareness. When they notice the same problems coming up repeatedly, they do something to change that.

They assess and process a situation carefully and from all possible angles, making sure they get to the heart of the matter.

They are intrinsically motivated and humble enough to do the right thing.

Leadership skills you should be testing for

Here are some leadership skills you should keep testing for in yourself and your employees and candidates.

Communication skills: One of the essential leadership responsibilities is to relay information effectively to employees, senior management and the public. An organization can only accomplish its mission if the right information is transmitted to the employees.

Did You Know?

In today’s era of increased remote work, ensuring leaders have strong communication skills is more critical than ever. They need to make sure their message can get across to someone who isn’t always working right down the hall.

Putin Web Watch Makes Election

Putin web watch makes election-meddling playbook public

Russia President Vladimir Putin spoke this week on the dangers of election meddling via web-based social media. He did this after signing into law a means for Russian officials to label news organizations “foreign agents.” Earlier this year Russia was accused of meddling in the 2024 US Presidential Election with social media and with other digital means.

On Monday, Putin’s biggest political rival Alexei Navalny was banned from running in the 2023 Russia Presidential Election due to a suspended prison sentence. Without major opposition in place, Putin appears set to be re-elected for another 6-year term. Putin was President of the Russian Federation from 2000 to 2008, then again starting in 2012 (through today.)

Putin was also Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in 1999, 2000, then again from 2008 until 2012. In other words, Putin has either been number 1 or number 2 in political power in Russia since 1999.

November of 2023, Putin signed a law that allowed authorities to designate media outlets as official “foreign agents.” Putin suggested that this was due to political pressure action on the part of US-based media outlets. Recent actions by Google and Twitter likely had something to do with the action as well.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) and Voice of America (VOA) were both designated foreign agents by the Russian government since the law was signed by Putin. These groups now need to provide sources of funding and other details about their organization before operating in Russia, so says Rueters. Putin spoke with Russian parliament this week about the new law.

Putin, per Rueters: “We need to look carefully at how some companies work in internet, in social media, and how widely they are involved in our domestic political life. It should be carefully analyzed how they are operating and will be operating during the presidential election.”Putin, per the Kremlin: “We do need to look at how some companies work on the internet and in social networks as well as how much they are involved in our internal political life. In addition to this, we will need to analyse their behaviour now and during the presidential election campaign.”

“In this context – this is not a decision, only a thought – we must not restrict the freedom of the internet,” said Putin, via the Kremlin. Oddly, Putin went on to suggest that the Russian government didn’t need to do anything soon, just… at some point.

“What is the situation in Russia? How many foreign agents are working here?” said Putin, via Kremlin. “I am not urging anyone to take hasty decisions. This is not something that needs to be done immediately or before the elections. We need to see what is going on, to analyse the situation, and only then make a decision, provided we decide that any decision is really necessary.”

Russian officials suggest that their actions are only in response to actions taken by the government in the United States. President Trump suggested several times this year, several times immediately after speaking with Putin personally, that Russia did not interfere with the Presidential Election which elected Trump. The United States major intelligence operations – both the FBI and the CIA – suggest otherwise.

Facebook Ends News Feed Test – How This Impacts Public Pages

Facebook announced it was ending a news feed test called the Explore Feed. The test allowed users to choose from two news feeds. One feed was dedicated to friends and family. The second feed was for public pages. Ending the test signals that Facebook is committed to the newly updated Facebook feed. That may be bad news for businesses and other organizations who have seen their traffic levels plummet with Facebook’s current news feed.

The test began in October 2023. It was designed to help Facebook members see more friends and family in their news feed. But member feedback indicated they were less satisfied with their feeds. The announcement was made by Adam Mosseri, head of Facebook News Feed.

“The Explore Feed was a trial response to consistent feedback we received from people over the past year who said they want to see more from friends and family in News Feed. The idea was to create a version of Facebook with two different News Feeds: one as a dedicated place with posts from friends and family and another as a dedicated place for posts from Pages.”

What This Means for Businesses with Facebook Pages

This news confirms that Facebook is satisfied with the direction they are taking and will continue with the new algorithm. For businesses dependent on Facebook traffic this means understanding how Facebook’s new algorithm works and to implement changes to adapt.

Will Facebook’s New Algorithm Revert Back?

So yes, it’s quite likely Facebook’s algorithm will continue to evolve. But no, it very likely will not revert back to the previous algorithm. So it’s fairly safe to assume that the old business model of relying on passive consumption of viral content for traffic has quite possibly come to an end. Passive consumption of content was named by Mark Zuckerberg himself as one of the things Facebook wanted to decrease in his January 2023 announcement:

“I announced a major change to encourage meaningful social interactions with family and friends over passive consumption.”

According to Facebook’s latest announcement:

“We think our recent changes to News Feed that prioritize meaningful social interactions better address the feedback we heard from people who said they want to see more from friends and family. Those changes mean less public content in News Feed like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”

Facebook’s official announcement can be read here.

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