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Recent innovations in the world of haptic feedback have drawn much attention in the world of gaming thanks to the announcement of the Nintendo Switch. However, huge innovations have been happening in haptics for quite some time, so I’ll also be covering the Steam Controller and other implementations of haptic feedback in wider technology.

Let’s discuss how these technologies are changing gaming and what effects they’re going to have on the wider tech world.

What Are HD Rumble and Haptic Feedback?

“HD rumble” is really just Nintendo’s term for the form of haptic feedback they’re using in their latest JoyCon controllers for the Nintendo Switch. Industry-wide, this term is called “haptic feedback,” and haptics have been a part of technology for time immemorial. Haptic feedback is basically using force and vibration to simulate a sense of touch or add extra interactivity with a device or application.

The Game-Changing Controllers

Full disclosure, I’ve used the Steam Controller on a number of occasions thanks to my roommate owning one. However, the Nintendo Switch has yet to be released at the time of writing, and I haven’t gone to any events to use one. However, the reports from people who have seem positive.

What Are Their Current Applications?

Well, you’ve already encountered haptics quite a bit in your regular life. Those vibrations that your phone does whenever you tap a letter on the touchscreen keyboard, for instance, count as a form of haptic feedback. In fact, most touches on smart devices come with haptic feedback to make the device more usable.

What Could They Do in the Future?

Advancements in haptic feedback technologies are looking to push both gaming and tech at large into new, interesting territories in terms of interactive experiences.

Personally, I can’t wait.

Christopher Harper

I’m a longtime gamer, computer nerd, and general tech enthusiast.

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How Spy Apps Are Changing The Security Dilemma In A Mobile Phone

Spy apps for mobile phones have revolutionized the way we think about security. With the availability of these applications, users can learn how to track someone’s phone or monitor and control activities on their devices. This has drastically changed how employers, parents, and concerned parties can keep track of their loved ones or employees.

The apps allow users to access any device’s photos, videos, messaging logs, and browser data. This means that even if a user deletes a given file or message, the spy app can still retrieve it. This information can then be used to determine whether the target has been engaging in suspicious activities or behavior.

Spy apps also come with additional features, such as GPS tracking and the ability to control the device remotely. With this, employers can gain insight into their employees’ whereabouts, or parents can keep track of where their children are going. These applications can effectively stop certain activities from occurring while alerting the user to potentially dangerous situations.

Advantages of Spy Apps

1. Increased Security – Spy apps can help to protect data and personal information from unauthorized access. They also help monitor employee activity, reducing the risk of fraud and other malicious activities.

2. Parental Control – With spy apps, parents can track their children’s activities on their devices, ensuring they are not engaging in activities that could put them at risk. You can easily track their whereabouts and the websites they are visiting.

3. Enhanced Productivity – Companies can use spy apps to track employee productivity and help identify areas of inefficiency. By monitoring mobile activities, employers can ensure that their employees are not wasting time on non-work-related tasks.

4. Improved Transparency – Employers can access messages and other data from any device with spy apps. This helps to ensure that employees are not engaging in activities that could harm the company’s reputation.

5. Employee Monitoring – Employers can also use spy apps to monitor their employees’ activities, ensuring they are productive and not wasting time on personal tasks while at work. However, when doing that, employers must ensure that they have the right policies to protect their employees’ privacy.

6. Improved Efficiency – By having access to data and activity logs, employers can gain insight into their employees’ productivity and identify areas for improvement. This allows them to tailor their strategies accordingly, leading to improved efficiency.

7. GPS Tracking – Spy apps allow users to track a device’s location, giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. With the GPS, they can also be notified when the device goes outside a predetermined area.

1. Invasion of Privacy – The use of spy apps can be seen as an invasion of privacy and could even be illegal in certain countries or jurisdictions. So, you must know the local laws and regulations before using a spy app.

2. Social Implications – The implications of using spy apps could have serious social consequences, especially if the target finds out about it. Ensure that a spy app is justified and doesn’t harm anyone’s privacy or reputation.

3. Security Issues – Spy apps can also leave devices vulnerable to threats like malware and hacking. For example, an attacker could gain access to the device’s data and use it for malicious purposes.

4. Legal Implications – Depending on the jurisdiction, using a spy app without permission could lead to legal action being taken against a user. As aforementioned, it’s essential to ensure you know local laws and regulations before using a spy app.

Final Thoughts on Spy Mobile Apps

The introduction of spy apps for mobile phones has completely changed the security dynamics. They allow users to track and monitor activities taking place on their devices and those of others, allowing them to respond to any suspicious behavior quickly. The ability to know more spy on the phone without access to the target phone makes it a great invention. With these powerful tools, users can better protect themselves from potential harm and dangerous situations. Thanks to this technology, we can now all make sure we are staying safe and secure.

The Sneaky Way Manufacturers Are Trying To Get You To Buy More Tech

Does it seem like you need to buy a new smartphone or computer more frequently these days? If so, it’s not your imagination. You’re experiencing a sales approach called “planned obsolescence.” Planned obsolescence is a strategy of deliberately ensuring that current versions of products become out-of-date or useless within a specific time period, guaranteeing that consumers must buy replacements. This approach affects both your pocket, as you keep replacing your tech devices, and the environment, as the old tech gets sent to landfills. But, if you learn how planned obsolescence works, you can take smart steps to reduce its impact. Tech companies can also buck this trend and improve product quality and longevity with the help of QA companies (see


Planned obsolescence started in 1929 when General Motors (GM) executives realized that the U.S. car market was approaching saturation. They needed to find a way to get people who already had cars to buy more cars. Charles Kettering, head of research, proposed driving up sales by offering new and “improved” models to create consumer dissatisfaction with older cars. GM started updating the look of its cars every year, with new exterior designs and interior features. It was such a successful strategy that,  


 There are different types of planned obsolescence, all designed to ensure demand and generate higher sales: Obsolescence of Function. “New and improved” versions, with changes to design and features, make older models appear obsolete, even though the function may only be marginally better. Obsolescence of Quality. Companies intentionally design products to break quickly or stop functioning within a shorter time by using lower quality parts or materials. Prevention of Repair. Manufacturers design products you need to replace when just one component breaks or wears out because either replacement parts are not available or products can’t be opened to access parts. Perceived Obsolescence. Businesses launched a trendier version that makes your current model look old and outdated, even if it still works just fine. Systemic Obsolescence. New systems or functions, like updated software or operating systems, don’t work with older models. Programmed Obsolescence. Manufacturers program products to stop working after a set number of uses. Obsolescence by Depletion. Products can no longer use the newer versions of consumable supplies because of changes in design.  


The tech industry includes numerous examples of planned obsolescence for products like smartphones and computers. In fact, their current replacement cycle has shortened to 2-3 years. Components, particularly batteries, tend to wear out before the device would otherwise stop working. When they do, you often can’t replace them and instead have to throw out the device and buy a new one. Even when parts are available, some phones and computers require such highly specialized tools to open, that you can’t do it yourself. Phone and computer storage space gets filled up by newer, larger apps and operating systems, causing slower speeds or total lack of function. Newer software generations are commonly incompatible with older device models, such as Apple’s latest Catalina OS which doesn’t run on Macs made prior to 2012. Tech companies often stop supporting or updating security features for older models, making your phone or computer more vulnerable to cyberattacks. For example, Microsoft no longer provides security patches for Windows 10 version 1703. Since you might not be able to upgrade older devices, replacing them becomes the only option to stay protected.  


Planned obsolescence isn’t entirely negative. A company’s desire to sell new tech products can spur industry-wide innovation and result in real improvements in product safety, function, and efficiency. It can promote competition, driving technological progress and leading to truly better products, like smartphones, lightweight laptops, and faster microprocessors, for everyone.  

Ways to Resist

You may be vulnerable to the planned obsolescence of tech products, but you’re not helpless. There are concrete steps you can take to minimize negative effects. When new versions come out soon after older models, look closely at changes to see whether they improve performance or quality in any significant way. Resist your first gut reaction to buy something; instead, think through your decision carefully to determine whether you need something new or whether what you have is fine. Take care of your tech devices and stay current with ongoing maintenance to make them last as long as possible. Repair tech products when you can and learn about the “repair culture” that may be available to you, through online tutorials or in-person workshops. Additionally, consider these buying tips: • Research tech products before buying through reviews and ratings of reliability and performance. • Get recommendations from repair shops about which brands last longer. • Seek out and support companies that design products to last and to be easily repairable. • Buy second-hand or refurbished devices. • When you do buy new, buy better quality, as low-end products tend to wear out even more quickly.  

In Summary

How Machine Learning Is Changing Search

Ryan Jones is a well-known SEO and Manager of Search Strategy & Analytics at SapientNitro. (He’s also the brilliant mind behind WTFSEO, which I highly recommend.) Ryan Jones is a veteran of SEJ Summit Chicago, having spoken there last year. This year, I’m so excited for Ryan’s presentation on machine learning and how it affects search, which is a topic I’m sure most of you want to learn more about.

Want to see Ryan and other speakers from The Home Depot, Grainger, Google, and more? Chicago Early Bird tickets are on sale now! 1. Your presentation at SEJ Summit Chicago is titled The Future is Today: How Machine Learning is Changing Search, which seems particularly timely with Google recently stating that RankBrain is one of the top three ranking factors. How do you think machines, and possibly even artificial intelligence, is going to change how SEOs do SEO?

I hate to spoil the presentation here, but the short answer is: if you’ve been doing SEO properly RankBrain doesn’t change anything.

In fact, since it deals with understanding query terms and relevance, it may actually help some websites who haven’t done the best keyword research. And that’s the goal, right? To surface the most relevant result to the searcher—even if the copywriter didn’t use the right variation of the keyword phrase, and put it in an H1 tag that matches the title tag, and have the proper keyword density by including it once in the first paragraph and once in bold and once near the end. SEO hasn’t been about that for a long time now, and this is just one more iteration of that paradigm shift.

2. There are always going to be shifts in SEO, and I think that is part of what keeps it interesting. What do you think brands can do today to prepare for changes in the future (which we often can’t predict).

We’ll never be able to fully predict the future of search engines or algorithms or even devices. If you told me 5 years ago that my fridge would be capable of doing a search, I’d have laughed at you. Now, I’m looking forward to when my fridge can realize I’m out breakfast shakes, find me the lowest price on them, and has them shipped to my house before I even close the door after drinking the last one.

The words we type into search engines are going to change. The devices we type (or talk) those words into will definitely change, the algorithms that rank the results will continue to change, and the search engines themselves might even change—but the one constant here is the user.

What we search for is evolving, but why we search will always be the same. We search because we want a solution. More so, we search because we want to accomplish something. Search is about verbs. In the 90’s and early 2000’s search was about words on the page. That hasn’t been true for a long time now. The goal of search now is to accomplish a task. It’s to win an argument, to finish a research paper, to book a flight, to buy something, to figure out who Taylor Swift is mad at now, or sometimes to just waste time watching funny videos. Users don’t want words on pages—they want solutions. That’s what we as marketers need to focus on.

Instead of asking “How do I rank for this term?” we need to ask “What are people searching for this term trying to do?” and then build something that helps them do that. The beauty of search is that the user is literally telling us what they want. It’s our job to listen, and then give it to them.

3. You have been involved in SEO for a long time—since 2005 at least. What mistake do you see brands even some SEOs still making after all these years?

One of the biggest mistakes is at the strategic level. When brands say “This isn’t an SEO initiative.” at the start of a project. Sure, SEO might not be its main goal—but it’s still a page on the web, why wouldn’t you try to get SEO value out of it too?

4. Once upon a time, you were one of Google’s human Quality Raters. How do you think the year you spent as a Quality Rater there has affected the way you view the SEO landscape?

This was back in the days before the quality rater guidelines were leaked to the public and before Google said screw it, here it is.

If you haven’t read that document yet I suggest you study it. It’s the best guide to SEO there is. Having access to that document early taught me to think like Google. It taught me to understand quality in the same way they do, so when I do SEO for clients I try to help them achieve what Google says they’re looking for in those documents.

It’s funny. Many people thought human quality raters were negatively impacting sites. Having a computer science background my immediate impression of the program was “Ooh, this feels like a training set.” My talk will go more into detail around that.

5. You seem to really be into futurism, at least in relation to the tech world. What is the most exciting ‘futuristic’ idea or invention you have seen lately?

I’m going to mention this in my talk too, but right now I’m following a startup called Viv. It’s like SIRI on steroids. You can say stuff like “Viv, order me a large pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms—and some chicken wings too.” and it’ll just go do it and the pizza will show up at your door. When you break that down into steps for a machine, it’s basically still a search—but now there isn’t a human doing it. To me that’s interesting, and it will definitely have an impact on SEO. The Smart home is another area. I don’t think we’re too far away from technology like the Star Trek computer, or JARVIS, or the one in the movie HER. Those things are all technically search. If you want a good idea of where we’re heading, pick up the books Daemon and Ready Player One.

I LOVED Ready Player One! Can’t wait for the movie. See you in Chicago!

Don’t forget, you can buy your ticket for our SEJ Summit Chicago search conference, taking place June 23 at the Navy Pier. Or, come see us in NYC Nov. 2nd!

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The Best Free Pc Games You Can Play On Windows 10

Here Are The Best Free Games You Can Play on Windows 10 PC

Now that Windows 10 & games have been mentioned, everyone knows about the bundle of games you can get your hands on (Windows 10 Store). You name the category & it will be available in Windows 10 store with unlimited games (FREE as well as PREMIUM). Now that you have got access to these many Windows 10 games, you cannot just explore every one of those. That is why we will be talking about the top free PC games you can get your hands on in 2023.

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Check Out The Best Free PC Games in 2023

Please know that the list will include top FREE PC games so you won’t have to worry about buying the premium versions of those games.

1. Roblox

So, without further ado, tap on the link & download one of the best free PC games in 2023, Roblox on your Windows PC.

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2. DOTA 2

Another most popular Windows 10 game that’s making headlines because of it’s online multiplayer arena. With the concept of “One battlefield, infinite possibilities”, DOTA 2 has become one of the most played games on Steam. You can join in to the game at any given point in time & everytime, it will be a totally different experience. And please know that you have the liberty to choose from as many as hundreds of characters to go ahead in the game.

I don’t think it needs to be told that for every character & battle, you need to have a different tactic as well. Though DOTA 2 is an absolutely FREE game to be played in 2023, the developers don’t miss the continuous updates on the same. WIth those updates, they ensure a flawless, smooth, & powerful experience for players.

So download DOTA 2 & start playing this power-packed best FREE PC game on your WIndows 10 computer.

3. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

I don’t think car racing will ever become a topic of the past, especially when it comes to playing games on your PC. From Need For Speed to Asphalt, car racing has become a must if you are trying to list best games, irrespective of the platform. Same way, GT Racing 2 is another addition to the list of the best FREE PC games in 2023 that is all set to make you experience real time racing.

This goes without a doubt that GT Racing would be introducing the most prestigious cars in the world into the game. If you want to look at the statistics, there will be more than 65 licensed cars from over 30 manufacturers (including Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Ferrari, & Ford). And you will be the one who would be behind the wheel to race it the way you want to go through as many as 1400 racing events. Isn’t this amazing & exciting!!

Be ready to experience the speed & real car experience with one of the best Windows 10 games, GT Racing 2 on your PC.

4. FIFA 15: Ultimate Team

Football is undoubtedly the most played sport in the world & now imagine, you get to play this game on your Windows 10 PC. The latest update in FIFA 15 has taken things ahead where you will have the liberty to choose from almost 10000 players from approximately 500 licensed teams. & once you have narrowed down your favorite footballers or the dream squad you were planning to create, put them to the test.

Since the game’s tagline is called Ultimate team, FIFA 15 lets you use different tactics to earn & trade superstar players like Lionel Messi & have your fantasy team ready. As well as, you can put your management skills to the test with new simulations. And please know that while playing in quick simulation mode, your match results will totally depend on how effective are your management skills to keep player skills & chemistry balanced.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is one of the best FREE games in 2023 you can play on your Windows 10 PC so start downloading right away.

5. Dungeon Hunter 4

Demons, who have extinguished (this is what the world thought) a long time ago, have awakened up, stronger this time. And now you have been risen from the sleep to know that your kingdom has been decimated. Now you need to act like the last hope your people have as you have been gifted with powerful skills & magic to give those demons a fight they will always remember.

6. Pinball FX2

Another best FREE PC game in 2023 is all set to offer you brand new tables and a host of new features and improvements. Though you will be getting the default primary tables with the game, if you feel like getting new ones or just feel like spending money, spend it on Star Wars & Marvel tables. But hey, it’s an absolute FREE game for your Windows PC, so start playing, dance around, & explore another free game, Pinball FX2 to have an amazing experience.

7. Alien Swarm

Aliens have constantly been a part of our fantasy lives where we give them a shape of how we wish. Additionally, cinema has given us a base of imagination we can use to shape then the way we want. But now is the time that you need to start building your squad to give those aliens a fight that they will never forget. In an absolutely free Windows 10 game, you will be under an epic bug hunt that will feature a one-of-its-kind squad-level tactics & co-op play.

Under the Alien Swarm game, you will be forming a team of four different distinct IAF marine classes with your friends. Once formed successfully, you need to plan an attack with your team onto the wide variety of aliens. Your sole target will be to push those aliens from the icy planet surface to a lava flooded mining facility. You will have access to more than 40 weapons with countless loadout configurations that means you will have a lot on your plate you can’t complain about.

So get ready, download Alien Swarm & start pushing them towards the lava flooded mining facility.

8. Sniper Fury

Snipers have always played the most crucial & vital role whenever there is a fight you need to win. Irrespective of the weather, situation, distance, & other factors, Snipers have always fancied us. And that is why we have brought you the Sniper Fury game that collects the best snipers in the world to fight evil. An absolute FREE game for your Windows PC, Sniper Fury is all set to give you a lifetime experience.

Since you will be playing the Sniper Fury game so there won’t be any scope for remorse; shoot to kill directly. There will be more than 500 missions you will be exploring & your enemy line will include from an individual to the whole armored vehicles. Interesting!! As we mentioned above, weather wouldn’t matter for a Sniper so you will be facing atmospheric fluctuations to sharpen your skills.

Get ready to beat every one of those evil from the world with your rifle & hard-to-miss target range while playing the best FREE game in 2023, Sniper Fury.

9. Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

Zombies have always been one of the best genres of action-horror that is popular in cinema as well as games. Arising from the dead, the race always gives you chills & nightmares if you aren’t able to defeat them. Windows PC brought you one of the best FREE PC games where you can give those dead rivals a fight of lifetime. Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is a fast-paced action ride you will be riding on to fight for your survival.

In Dead Rivals, you will be exploring a vast open world & customizing your hero along with your battle arsenal. You will be visiting those wastelands to know the reason for this zombie outbreak & on the way, banding together with other players or make them rivals as well. You need to pick your class among those 3 uniquely skilled ones & customize your hero’s look.

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is an experience you will be getting on your Windows 10 PC absolutely free.

10. Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park

Since the game is called Disney Magic Kingdoms, you will see all those disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Rapunzel & so on. Additionally, you will have control over Star Wars as well as Pixar characters to build your own magic kingdom. If your kid is still engaged in other games, you can bring your inner child out & start building your own magical park with over 200 characters.

Download one of the most entertaining Windows 10 games, Disney Magic Kingdoms on your PC & give your kid a lifetime experience.

Wrapping Up

Start exploring the best FREE PC games & play everyone of those to have a lifetime experience.

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Ankit Agarwal

Are You Anemic? The Signs To Look For

In anemia, red blood cells are lacking and sufficient oxygen cannot reach the body tissues. Anemia indicates low hemoglobin in the blood, and the result is fatigue. Anemia falls under several types, and the symptoms can be different. Ulcers, cancers, and menstrual problems are some types, and the symptoms can be specifically distinct. In mild anemia, no symptoms may occur. Specific symptoms seem to be familiar to the different types of anemia −

Concentration is difficult

Headache and shortness of breath

Fast heartbeat

Loss of energy


Feeling dizzy

Cramps in the leg

Paleness of skin

Some Types of Anemia

Vitamin Deficiency Anemia

Aplastic Anemia

Iron Deficiency Anemia


Sickle Cell Anemia

Likely Causes of Anemia

Congenital anemia is a condition by birth inherited from parents. Acquired anemia is a condition that develops later. In both cases, the absence of adequate red blood cells ( or RBC) to carry oxygen around the body is a severe problem. However, the causes differ according to the anemia type. In pregnancy or menopause and after, anemia or iron shortage may result, usually due to bleeding during periods. It is better to be sure about the cause.

Peptic ulcers lead to blood loss according to the severity of the ulcer. Iron supplements are prescribed. Kidney disease could be the cause. It is the kidneys that help the bone marrow in making RBCs. Chronic ailments over the long term lead to anemia too. A diet lacking vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients would lead to anemic conditions. Energy is lacking, and the making of RBCs is weakened. Excessive alcohol intake often results in anemia too.

Anemia Caused by Iron Deficiency

What is the cause of iron deficiency? It is the most common type of anemia when the body lacks iron. The bone marrow manufactures hemoglobin, and much iron is required. If iron is short, It will hamper red blood cell production. Pregnant women often suffer anemia due to a lack of iron supplements.

Some other causes are blood loss, as happens from menstrual bleeding. Cancer of the large bowel and stomach or small bowel ulcers are other possible causes. Aspirin could inflame the stomach lining resulting in blood loss.

Vitamin Deficiency

Healthy blood cell production requires Vitamin B12 and folate in addition to iron. Red blood cells suffer if food and nutrition do not include these essentials. Even though Vitamin B12 is consumed, it may not be absorbed. The result is also called pernicious anemia.

Hemolytic Anemia

It develops when red blood cells ( RBCs) are destroyed faster than the bone marrow can produce them. As a result of some blood diseases, red blood cells are destroyed. Hemolytic anemia may be genetic or acquired later in life.

Sickle Cell Anemia

It could be a severe condition that is inherited by birth. This hemolytic anemia form results from defective hemoglobin. The red blood cells become abnormal in shape and resemble a sickle or crescent shape. Since these blood cells die early, there is a significant shortage of red blood cells.

Aplastic Anemia

This condition is rare but can be life-threatening. The cause is that the body does not make ample red blood cells. Several reasons could be responsible. Some of them are infections and toxic chemicals. Others could be autoimmune diseases and certain medicines.

Bone Marrow Disease

Several diseases could hamper red blood cell production in the bone marrow. Some of them are leukemia and myelofibrosis. According to the health condition, such ailments could be mild or endangering life. They are cancerous or cancer-like conditions.

Anemia resulting from inflammation

Several diseases get in the way of the average production of red blood cells. Cancer and HIV/AIDS are some of the severe conditions. Some others are rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, and Crohn’s disease.

Can Anemia be Prevented?

Certain types of anemia have no prevention. A diet that includes essential vitamins and minerals minimizes the chances of anemia. Make sure that the diet consists of ample iron, folate, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C. Multivitamin supplements often combine several kinds of vitamins. Iron comes from meats and beans, dry fruit, and green leafy vegetables. Folate and synthetic folic acid are derived from fruits and peanuts, grain products, green peas, and kidney beans. Vitamin B12 comes from meat, dairy, cereals, and soy products. Vitamin C is found in fruits and broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes.

Guard Against the Risk Factors

A diet lacking iron, Vitamin B12, copper, and folate increases the risk of anemia. Intestinal ailments prevent the assimilation of nutrients and the further risk increases. Crohn’s disease and celiac disease affect the stomach. Compared to men, women before menopause face more significant risks of anemia through blood loss. After menstruation, the risk is no longer there. Pregnant women need to take a multivitamin with iron and folic acid to counteract anemia. Cancer, kidney failure, and such chronic diseases lead to a shortage of RBCs. A family history of anemia could increase the risk. After the age of 65, greater chances of anemia are found.

Complications Resulting From Neglected Anemia

If neglected and left untreated, severe anemia can be disastrous. Take early action through a healthcare professional and the testing prescribed. Anemia can lead to heart problems like arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat. In anemia, the heart sends out more blood because of a lack of oxygen. That can lead to heart failure or an enlarged heart.  Life can be at risk from inherited anemia, especially among the elderly. The loss of blood in severe anemia can turn fatal.

Folate shortage in pregnant women can lead to the premature birth of the child.

Work and productive life may not be possible because of the extreme fatigue of severe anemia.

Iron deficiency is universally known to be the most common cause of anemia. The characteristics are evident too like tiredness. Ensure the essential vitamins and minerals are regularly included in the diet. An easy solution is the multivitamin supplements prescribed by doctors. Don’t forget to include fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. Regular health checkups make sure that problems are not gradually developing. Instead of getting lost in nightmares, minimize anemia risks through positive actions and some expense.

Update the detailed information about How Haptic Feedback Are Changing The Way You Play on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!