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In a recent survey where we were to be limited to just one mobile app, the Internet browsers won first preference over others. These humble software applications are usually taken for granted despite their immense contribution in making the Internet come alive.

Considering that they provide a free service, how do these browsers even make money? Typically, we assume ”ad money,” but that is just one part of the overall revenue mix. Here we examine a few popular browsers and their unique approaches to revenue.

1. Mozilla Firefox

It will not surprise anyone that Mozilla Foundation does not operate as a non-profit anymore. According to its latest financial statement, the company earned $562 million in 2023. Out of this, 96 percent. or $539 million, came through search engine royalties.

Once again, Mozilla signed up with Google as its default search engine in Firefox Quantum. Although they will not disclose the exact revenue share, it is safe to assume that this deal is very important to them. One might think Google practically owns Mozilla Firefox amid a possibility that it may not renew the deal in November 2023. But with Firefox users searching the web more than 100 billion times a year, it is unlikely that Google will pull the rug out from under them.

However, that doesn’t stop Google from harassing Firefox users, seeing that both browsers are still competing in the same market. In one of the examples, as this tweet shows, a user noted that Google Flights was blocked on the Firefox Android app.

2. Safari

Similar to the Firefox revenue model, Safari earns royalties from search engines, especially Google. Except, in Safari’s case, they have a greater leverage than Firefox considering that Google recently paid them $12 billion to keep using it as a default search engine. Thanks to the hundreds of millions of iPhone and Mac users, Apple can continue to make a good deal with Google year after year, which makes Safari the richest browser after Chrome.

3. Microsoft Edge

Similar to Google Adwords, Microsoft Edge’s primary revenue comes from the Bing search engine. However, at a 4 percent market share, which is not likely to increase anytime soon, it is having a harder time catching up with Chrome. Moreover, Bing ad revenue fell 7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2023, which means the era of stagnation is far from over. Even as Microsoft finds it impossible to beat Google at its own game, its only hope is to continue to reward users with gifts and coupons for using Bing and Edge.

4. Opera

One of the more modest browsers in terms of reach, Opera seems to have perfected the knowledge of how to leverage a browser profitably. With 182 million active users globally, Opera is witnessing year-on-year revenue growths of 28 to 34 percent. While it does share Firefox’s revenue model of partnering with search engines (Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China, Google everywhere else), there are other techniques that deserve a mention.

For one, Opera has licensing deals with many websites such as chúng tôi and Ebay. It also has device-level agreements with smartphone companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi, in which Opera is the main browser in the dock. It is also venturing into artificial intelligence-driven content discovery technologies.

5. Brave

The Brave browser prides itself as private, secure and fast. With ad blockers and zero log policies, it is a wonderful browser to use. However, they have to earn money, too. For this, they use cryptocurrency, which they call Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Just like Microsoft Rewards, a user gets paid BAT units for using the service. They also have tie-ups with HTC Exodus, the first blockchain phone. Brave works with verified publishers on YouTube and Twitch as a secondary revenue source.

In Summary

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Why Do You Need A Fast Internet Connection?

Some statistics have shown that at the start of 2023 there were 4.33 billion active internet users worldwide. With the evolution of technology, this number is just growing. Today more and more jobs and free time activities require a good internet connection. To prove that, here is our top list of the activities that request a fast internet connection:

Back in the days, all the movies were on CDs and video cassettes. I hope there are some of you that still remember those things. And all you had to do was to put them into a player and to have electricity in your home.

You weren’t influenced by any signal. But now the movie-watching process has become a little more complicated. I won’t go into the details, but if you want to watch a movie first you have to access a media-services provider, like Netflix.

From then on your movie-watching experience is really affected by the bandwidth of your internet. So if you don’t want an unstable connection you will have to make sure all of your internet hardware is up to date.

One of the main benefits of the internet is that it can bring us together via different apps and sites that can create a virtual connection between two or more people.

It’s something magical how technology is able to bring us together no matter where we are. We can be hundreds of kilometers apart, or we can be in the next room (yes, some people are still calling you even if you’re in the next room).

But if you don’t want to spend the first 30 minutes of your conversation shouting “do you hear me?” waiting for an answer you will have to make sure you have a stable internet connection. Rev broadband is one such Provider.

The next cause is also linked to the unstoppable growth of the tech industry in our day to day life. The technical devices in our house that require an internet connection are just increasing.

We live in an era where even our grandparents want to have something to spend their time on. And what could be a better thing for that then a tablet or smartphone? Not to talk about the fact that some of your family members have two phones or laptops and each one of these devices basically consumes the internet speed that could be yours.

Now you may understand why you need a good quality router, with a high bandwidth not just the most simple one

Nothing is worse than staying in front of your opponent and seeing that your screen is frozen. In the next second all you see that your screen is just black and white, which means that you’re out.

Of course, there are more types of games. Some of them are offline and don’t require any internet because all the data that is needed is already on your computer.

The other category is the online games that you can access from a browser or from an app on your phone. These kinds of games still require some internet but they are not that affected by your internet speed. These online games can be anything from a simple multiplayer game to a casino game like Sizzling Hot Deluxe.

Not to talk about streaming, which is very popular nowadays. It doesn’t matter how much people are watching your stream, you will still need decent hardware in your PC and a good internet connection of course.

How Targeted Do You Need To Make Your Ppc Landing Pages?

When is the time and effort of creating dozens — or even hundreds — of ultra-targeted landing pages worth the trouble and expense?

Admittedly, the answer will differ for every AdWords campaign.

But recently, we walked this path with a client in a big way, and we discovered that sometimes the trouble and expense of creating ultra-targeted landing pages is more than justified.

In this article, I’m going to present our findings to you as a mini-case study. And our experience may encourage you to create landing pages that are much more targeted than ever before.

Building Geo-Specific Landing Pages

This case study is for a client who came to us in 2010. The client’s business is organizing and facilitating special corporate events.

At the time, they were providing services to about 10 metropolitan areas. So we set up geo-specific landing pages, with one landing page per city.

Over the next while, we stayed laser-focused on these city-specific landing pages, using tight keyword terms that helped us boost the client’s quality scores as they had been extremely low at the start of our engagement.

In 2011, our client suggested adding videos to these landing pages, and we agreed to test them. We discovered that the landing pages with videos declined in performance, so we removed the videos from them.

As performance remained strong, the client wanted to develop the account to target many more cities, to eventually triple — and even quadruple — the number we had started with.

Moving From Geo-Specific to Service-Specific Landing Pages

With the prospect of the number of landing pages increasing significantly, creating so many city-specific landing pages — and managing them — seemed daunting. So, we switched from city-specific landing pages to landing pages that focused on service offerings.

We felt confident in doing so because quality score was no longer an issue and performance remained strong. It was also standard industry practice at the time.

Our confidence was justified as performance remained strong after the switch.

Here’s an excerpt from one of these landing pages:

We were now using one national page that covered the events offered.

We stayed with this strategy for the next four years, testing little adjustments along the way. Results remained solid.

Moving From Service-Specific Back to Geo-Specific!

But in 2023, we disrupted this approach again!

We decided once again to test city-specific landing pages and give videos another try.

So we created a few city-focused landing pages, including city-focused videos.

To our amazement, we saw a 60 percent lift in the cities tested!

The improvement was too large to ignore. So, with our client’s agreement, we created city-specific landing pages — with city-specific videos — for every metro area the client served. That’s 50 landing pages!

In this excerpt from the landing page for Boston, for example, we’ve used city-specific imagery and copy — using “Boston” as a modifier throughout:

Creating these videos was a big task for the client, as they had to make about 50 of them.

It was a lot of work. It took the client and my team a year to complete everything and get the landing pages live.

The Results

We were very pleased with the results. Overall, the client’s performance is up significantly YOY, and the new landing pages are a big contributor.

But we didn’t stop at landing pages. In addition to testing campaigns for the new landing pages in isolation, we also tested other changes and updates in isolation.

Once we saw the positive results of our tests, we eventually rolled out these changes to all campaigns. And the account’s performance skyrocketed as a result.

The Lessons

So what lessons can PPC pros draw from this case study? Quite a few:

1. Landing Pages Are Important 2. Keep on Testing

The world of paid search is rarely static. And of course, technology changes and businesses evolve at the same time.

As a result, things you’ve tested previously — and that didn’t perform well — shouldn’t be written off forever.

When you hear someone say, “We tried that before and it didn’t work,” ask exactly what was tested and when. Because it never hurts to test again. And you may find you get very different results.

This was certainly the case in this example. When we tested landing pages with videos before, they performed worse than pages without videos. But when we tested them again, several years later, the reverse was true.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of ‘PPC 101’

One of the most encouraging things about this case study is that it’s not fancy. We weren’t using revolutionary PPC strategies to get these results.

Rather, we were using PPC basics. There’s nothing in this strategy that couldn’t be replicated by any PPC pro with the necessary resources.

4. B2B PPC Can Be Exciting

Sometimes, there’s a general feeling in paid search that B2B PPC is boring as compared to B2C PPC. But that’s not true! And this case study proves it.

How Targeted Should Your Landing Pages Be?

So how targeted should you make your landing pages? Based on this case study, I think the answer can only be this: As targeted as you need them to be.

More Paid Search Resources:

Image Credits

How To Reopen Closed Tabs In Browsers? – Webnots

it is common to work on multiple tabs on a browser. Most of the hyperlinks on webpages will also open in a new tab page on a browser. So when moving the mouse around you may accidentally close the tab which you need it. Also instead of closing the intended tabs, you might wrongly closed other tabs. in any case, mistakenly closing a browser tab is normal. In this article, we will explain you how to reopen closed tabs in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Reopen Closed Tabs in Browsers

There are many ways to reopen closed tabs in browsers:

Using keyboard shortcut

Accessing through menu

Opening closed tabs from history

Reopening closed tabs on mobile browser versions.

We will explain all the above methods on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge on desktop and mobile version wherever applicable.

1. Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome

Press “Control + Shift + T” on Windows and “Command + Shift + T” on Mac using your keyboard to open the previously closed tab. You can press these shortcuts keys continuously to open the closed tabs in reverse chronological order.

On Chrome mobile browser, tap on the settings and then “Recent Tabs” to view the list of previously visited websites.

2. Reopen Closed Tabs in Firefox

Similar to Chrome, the process remains same in Firefox.

Press “Control+ Shift + T” in Windows and “Command + Shift + T” in Mac to open previously closed tabs.

On Firefox mobile, tap on the history icon shown when the browser is opened and then tap on the “Recently Closed” option.

3. Reopen Closed Tabs in Safari

Safari is only used on Apple devices in macOS and iOS. On Mac do the followings to reopen the closed tab:

Press “Command + Shift + T”.

On iOS devices like iPhone:

Open Safari and tap on the “Tabs” icon to open new tab.

Tap and hold on the “+” icon for long time.

You will see the “Recently Closed Tabs” with the list of previously opened sites.

4. Reopen Closed Tabs in Edge

Edge is used on Microsoft Windows and does not have any mobile version. On Windows, use the same “Control + Shift + T” shortcut to reopen closed tabs in Edge.

When You Can’t Reopen Closed Tabs?

Browsers will open the closed tabs from the recorded history. So, even you closed the browser, just reopen and follow one of the above explained methods to reopen the previously visited tabs. But you can’t recover the closed tabs in following cases:

You deleted the browser’s cache and browsing history. Since no history is available, reopen closed tab feature will not work.

You have instructed browser not to remember and delete all the history when closing. For example, Edge offers an option “Always clear this when i close the browser”. You can clear the browsing history, cookies, cache and tabs you have recently closed when closing the browser. Ensure to switch off this option to reopen the closed tabs, otherwise there will be no way to do that once you have closed the browser.

Logged in sites like banking sites record the session id for that particular tab session. Those sites will not allow you to reopen the closed tab for security reasons since the session will get closed when you close the tab. You will see session expired message and need to login again.

When you are filling a form and closed the tab then you may not be able to get the form back with filled details. On Chrome, you will see error like “err_cache_miss” indicating the form data is not cached and you need to refill the data again.

You Couldn’t Make It Up: The Dangers Of Misunderstanding The Power Of The Internet

I recently wrote a guest post on why Common Sense is so vital within any SEO campaign as, unfortunately, this is something that seems to be dwindling in recent generations. So following on from that slightly, I want to discuss how the power of the internet has greatly affected lives across the globe; simply by misusing what is the most powerful tool today.

Here are some funny, sad and downright stupid examples of why the Internet must be used wisely.

Facebook: The number one passion killer.

Since the arrival of Facebook and the word got around, it’s since overtaken Google as the most visited website in the world. For the most part, people use it for chatting, the occasional profile snoop and of course, organising intimate social events in the wide open space of the worldwide web.

Unfortunately, some people have decided that they’d rather use the website to pick up dates, which is fine; except when they are already ‘In a Relationship’.

Recent studies have shown that many marriages have ended in divorce due to Facebook infidelity. Whether it’s by finding previous love interests or simply striking up new ones by ‘Poking’ ‘Lol’ing or ‘Liking’, the truth is the number of people thinking they are being discreet (again by using the WORLD wide web) are rudely mistaken. Private messages and outright flirting via Facebook has decreased trust within relationships and increased the legal fees for divorce lawyers.

So, next time you wish to ‘Poke’ the boy from school who always had lovely blue eyes and borrowed a pencil from you in Maths, think of your partner on the sofa next to you, probably snoring, farting or both, and perhaps weigh up whether it’s really worth it?

The YouTube Success: “Leave the Camera Alone!!”

You may not know the names Chris Crocker, or the kid from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, or even Harry and Charlie. But I bet if I mentioned “Leave Britney Alone!”,  Star Wars Kid and “Charlie bit my finger!” you’d all know exactly what videos I was talking about.

As annoying it is to know who these people are, they prove outright what power the internet has over the destiny of some people in the world. Whether or not you yourself have seen these videos, you’ll most certainly have heard someone talking about them; most likely from watching Channel 4’s RudeTube.

The sad thing is, they haven’t just had their 15 minutes of fame – they are online for life. So next time you think about uploading a video or your friend skateboarding with a firework in his back pocket, maybe just rethink about the consequences and keep in mind the mental affect this will have on your future children.

Call a Doctor: Or just get an online Medical diagnosis

Even i f you are normally a rational person in everyday life, finding something abnormal on your body may spur irrational panic. Unfortunately, this is where every computer should be buried and never dug back up.

Sadly more often than not the first thing people do is log on, type in the abnormality and self-diagnose their rash, lump or spot; often with frightening consequences.

Whether you know of a ‘reliable’ website or not, the internet is the worst place to turn when calmness is required; it’s likely to provoke the complete opposite. If you are ever in doubt in regards to your health, go old school and pick up the phone, make a doctor’s appointment or if in a real emergency, get down A&E rather than relying on Wikipedia.

Email: To, CC, BCC and downright foolishness.

We’ve all done it. Sent an email to the wrong person and then sent a follow up email explaining that we’ve sent it to the wrong person; just in case they didn’t know.

However, there has been recent news in the UK of two men being suspended from their place of work due to emails regarding one of their female flatmates.

Harry and Sebastian swapped emails discussing Jenni, the ex-girlfriend and current flatmate of Harry. Sebastian was interested in dating Jenni and was finding out if Harry would mind. Unfortunately Harry CC’d Jenni in on the emails in which he used offensive language to describe her and the fact they didn’t get on.

As with everything online, it didn’t take much for this to then go viral which then led to the suspension.

Lesson learnt; if you don’t want the whole world to know what you think of someone – don’t put it in black and white.

So, whether you want instant fame and to be mocked in a satirical episode of a new 20th Century Fox cartoon, or like to feel the fear of dying from what is actually prickly heat rash, then the internet is the perfect tool to carry on using without common sense. However for those of us that are mostly sane, we’ll keep using it for finding great holiday deals, arranging house viewings and researching the latest Jamie Oliver recipe.

I hope I’ve highlighted just some of the misuses of the internet and I promise you there will be more; just make sure it’s not you I’m reading about next, please.

How To Get A Business Startup Without Money?

Free money  to begin your company. Can anything be better? Though small business owners dream of getting grants to finance their own startup, these grants are neither abundant nor simple to get. Nevertheless, organizations or individuals that understand where to find them, and how to apply to them efficiently, are more likely to have success. Before you spend time and energy in locating and applying for a small business grant for your startup, it is important to understand exactly what standards exist for startup licenses, and also to choose whether your specific company or business participates.

What Is a Startup Small Business Grant?

Startup grants are merely a sum of money that teams offer to small businesses and nonprofits to assist them with their job. Grants are not like loans so that you don’t need to put up security or pay late penalties or interest. In reality, companies do not need to pay back licenses in any way. Basically, the money is totally free.

Most applicants for startup company grants seek capital for projects with particular parameters and quantifiable outcomes. Grant money generally includes limits on how it can be invested. By way of instance, if you submit an application for a grant to pay for the expenses of seeds and gear for an agricultural job and get the grant, however you utilize those funds to cover employees, you might need to pay back the funds.

Who Qualifies for a Startup Small Business Grant?

Generally government startup small business grants are not available for starting a company, paying off, or covering operational expenditures. And unless your company is a nonprofit or launch a job linked to areas like science, medical research or instruction, government grants can be quite tough to discover. That being said, you will find startup small business grants available for specific business owners and types, including:


Green businesses

Rural businesses

Women, veteran, or minority-owned businesses

Nonprofit organizations

Regrettably placing “startup small business grant” in your search engine will not automatically offer you an up-to-date or whole list of available licenses arranged by company type. Our guide to accessible small business grants is 1 area to begin your search. Some other areas to explore include:

Grants listed by the government

Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs

Small Business Development Centers by state

FedEx Small Business Grant

National Association for the Self-Employed

USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program

Related: – 5 Business Strategies to Rule the World — With Case studies

How to Apply for a Small Business Grant for Your Startup

Although startup small business grants are hard to acquire, there are items which you could do in order to raise your odds. Remember that grant-makers are searching for powerful software.

Condition your goals clearly, include a well-constructed small business program, and ensure that your budget is more realistic.

State quantifiable goals for the long and short term, in addition to your own methodology, benchmarks and timetables.

Some associations –such as many regional schools and universities–provide workshops for prospective grant applicants where you are able to find out more about what especially the funders are searching for and how to tailor your program to their requirements. Remember that candidates should adhere to strict rules. Do not offer the funder any more or any less than that which is asked. Ensure that your application is both accurate and complete. An incomplete application, or one which contains incorrect information, won’t be considered.

Update the detailed information about How Do Internet Browsers Make Money? on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!