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Google says there’s no need to worry about JavaScript when it comes to search, as there’s nothing fundamentally different about it compared to static content.

This is discussed in the latest episode of the Search Off the Record podcast, which features Google’s Martin Splitt, John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Daniel Waisberg.

For simplicity Hugo uses the Markdown language to generate pages, but that comes with the limitation of not being able to use HTML for things like nofollow tags and redirects.

Mueller is building a personal site that requires redirects, and the only way he can implement them in Hugo is with JavaScript.

He then asks Splitt, Google’s resident JavaScript expert, whether there’s any reason to be worried about using JS.

There’s no reason to be worried, Splitt says, and he explains why:

“No, you don’t have to be worried about that…

A question that I often also get with JavaScript is if we treat JavaScript content differently. We do have annotations for content– what we think is the centerpiece of an article or what we think is content on the side and stuff.

But as far as I know, and as far as I can see, we crawl a page and then put the content into the document in our index, and then we render the page, and then we complete the content from the DOM.

That’s it. There’s nothing that is fundamentally different between JavaScript generated content and static content, except for when there’s edge cases, and we can’t see content that is generated by JavaScript.”

Splitt references “edge cases” without going into detail about what those are. Though Google has discussed in the past how sites can run into SEO problems when using JavaScript.

The main thing to avoid is using JavaScript in a way that forces users to interact with an element on the page in order to display content.

That’s a problem, as far as SEO is concerned, because Googlebot doesn’t interact with anything when it crawls webpages.

Site owners who intend to use JavaScript in this way as a design choice should make sure the hidden content isn’t crucial to understanding what the page is about.

If you’re not sure whether JavaScript is preventing Google from seeing content on your pages there’s an easy way to find out.

Use the Fetch as Google tool in Search Console to get an idea of what Googlebot is able to see when it crawls your site.

If the Fetch as Google tool is able to render all critical content, then you’re in the clear. No need to worry, as Splitt says.

This is just one of the many topics discussed in the podcast. Listen to the full episode below.

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All You Need To Know About Google Assistant!

All You Need to Know About Google Assistant!

It is a voice command service from Google which quickly and easily makes your life better. It’s your designated personal Assistant which smartly works on your voice control for a wide range of commands. It can recognize the voice commands from different people and has the ability to give relevant results.

Google Assistant helps you with a number of tasks such as:

Sending messages

Making phone calls

Setting reminders

Finding recipes

Searching you a restaurant

Showing calendar

Playing the news

Reading your notifications

Making appointments

Opening apps on your phone

Finding you the lyrics of a song

Booking Movie tickets

Accessing information from your data

Controlling music


How Does It Work On Your Phone?

All the voice-activated device controls are to be managed by Google assistant. You can text or use voice commands to further communicate with it once launched.

With the latest update, you can change your google assistant’s voice into a bunch of people’s simulated voices, one of them is John Legend. Yes, it is possible and now you can have your weather forecast in the singer’s voice although it’s computerized (Available only in the US).

Services such as making a phone call or reading your notifications or setting a reminder can be accessed while the phone is locked.

However, acts like accessing payment pages, photo library and third-party apps need your phone to be unlocked for your safety.

More Features-

Set your voice in the phone and it can recognize up to 6 people and they all can get their own personalized assistance like music, reminders.

It comes in 20 languages including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and several others. So, you can make changes in the language settings bar to choose the preferred one.

One can use the interpreter to translate the languages for you. It has proven to be a great help bridging the language barriers to tourists on foreign land. It keeps you updated with the weather forecast. Moreover, you can schedule it to show the weather forecast at a certain time daily on your device.

If you want to talk to Google Assistant without any interruption in between, then you can also customize that as well. To do so, follow these steps:

Activate Google Assistant. Go to Profile Icon.

Head to Settings.

For uninterrupted conversation, turn on the Continued Conversation tab

For the supported speakers, these companies are making it integrated to work with Google Assistant- JBL, Zolo, Sony, Panasonic, Insignia and many more.

Now you play your favorite shows on Netflix by giving a voice command to Google Assistant if you have the latest smart TVs with Android inbuilt.

Safety Concerns?

When it comes to safety, Google has made it sure to provide you with relevant options. We are given the freedom to choose the information we share. You can set your assistant to take commands only from you when it comes to accessing personal details.

One can manage conversation as well as delete the past conversations so that’s not saved on any of the related searched platforms.

All in all, they require information such as the Chrome search history to sort our preferences. The content we search for sets our criteria for Google to be a better virtual assistant for us.

A virtual assistant that uses natural voice integration for getting commands needs permission for audio input. You can simply go to the Settings and turn it on or off at any given time.

New launches include the smart displays from Lenovo which supports the Google Duo video calls, YouTube and Google Calendar.

Also Read: How to Lock Down Privacy on Amazon Echo and Google Home

Google Assistant app for iOS users is also a big hit. With the gradual changes, Google aims to attain the position of most liked virtual assistant for all phone and tablet users overall.

So, if you can’t find Google Assistant in your phone you can say ‘Ok Google’ and it will prompt you to configure it in your phone or you can get it in Play Store.

With the constant upgradation and its ability to change the punctuation in Android and iPhones as it can now read your texts and send replies as well. You can easily check the latest flights to commute and book it with the help of your digital assistant. It can always open up the photos folder for you and then allows you to edit it by just giving verbal commands. So, you can make it as useful as you want it to be, with constant changes, it is becoming more helpful in your home or while in your car.

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Galaxy S7 Recall: Not A Note Thing To Worry About

Galaxy S7 recall: not a Note thing to worry about

It’s come to our attention that thousands of Samsung Galaxy S7 users have begun searching for details on their own device’s recall. In reality, Samsung has issued no such recall for the Galaxy S7. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that’s been recalled, while the Galaxy S7 (a completely different device) has had no issues as such. The trending of this topic is just the latest in a series of unfortunate events that’ve created what’s essentially a perfect storm of negative publicity for the brand.

Most anyone reading this article already knew good and well that the Galaxy Note 7 was being recalled (and that the Galaxy S7 wasn’t) before they began reading it. It is, however, very easy to see how the two might be mistaken. Especially when airline attendants are deciding to ban ALL Samsung phones because they cannot tell which is the one they’re meant to look for.

Damage control for Samsung needed: the flight attendant just announced that no Samsung phones are allowed on this flight! (He meant Note 7).

— chúng tôi (@ronnierocket) September 21, 2023

One of the most unfortunate parts of this situation for Samsung was that it happened this year. This year, that is, being the first in which Samsung went so far as to skip a number in Galaxy Note brand naming line so as to match with the Galaxy S. If the company had stuck to their naming structure as it was since the first Note, this year would have had them release a “Galaxy Note 6.”

If they’d released a Galaxy Note 6, chances would be lower that everyday users would connect the Galaxy Note 7 recall to the Galaxy S7 by name.

It’s only natural to assume that a company that makes one device will make their next device (with a very similar name) in the same place they’d made the first. A recall of one might seem obvious when the other has already been recalled.

Galaxy Note 7: Total Recall

In reality, it’s clear that whatever bad batch of batteries delivered to the Galaxy Note 7’s first wave release has not affected their Galaxy S7 line whatsoever.

Another rather unfortunate piece of this puzzle is the fact that many reviews – including our own Galaxy Note 7 Review – have named this device one of if not THE best Android smartphone in the world. Those that feel confident enough in Samsung to get another Note 7 (or just a new Note 7) will have to live with the possibility that they’ll have to deal with the following in-flight inconvenience through the foreseeable future:

In-flight announcement: Samsung galaxy note 7 phones should not be turned on during flight. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt, Samsung #applycoldwater

— Kavya Sukumar (@kavyaSukumar) September 16, 2023

There’s an actual flight announcement now about not using or charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the flight. What a time to be alive!

— Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) September 18, 2023

Flight attendant said “if you have a galaxy note 7 specifically then your phone gotta be off for entire duration of the flight sorry” 😂

— FAST CAR (@VinnyVirgo420) September 21, 2023

Flight attendant roept om: wie een Samsung Galaxy Note 7 heeft, mag die vooral niet aanzetten tijdens vlucht

— Roel Verrycken (@RoelVerrycken) September 21, 2023

— Piet Brauer (@pietbrauer) September 21, 2023

— M Syazani 🌐 (@mmsyaz) September 21, 2023

More Galaxy Note 7 warnings on this flight. “It could explode in your face.” WELL THEN.

— Robert DCD Workman (@TheDCD) September 20, 2023

Have a peek at our timeline of Galaxy Note 7-related events below, and let us know if you’ve gone through the process of returning and/or exchanging your Galaxy Note 7 as well.

How To Set Javascript Cookie With No Expiration Date?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn to set a JavaScript cookie with no expiration date. Web servers deliver cookies, which are tiny files with frequently unique identifiers, to browsers. Each time your browser requests a new page, the server will receive these cookies. It allows a website to keep track of your preferences and online behavior.

The expiration option in a JavaScript cookie is optional. The “expires” attribute is optional. If you provide this attribute with a valid date or time, then the cookie will expire on a given date or time, and thereafter, the cookies’ value will not be accessible.


Now let’s move to see the syntax to set a JavaScript cookie with no expiration date −

var allcookies = document.cookie; document.write ("All Cookies : " + allcookies );

In the syntax, by using the ‘document.cookie’ method we can get all the cookies of the document and store them in a variable. As we have above seen the expire attribute is an option and if the user does not define the time or date for expiring for them, then it will always be called.


We have seen the syntax above to set a JavaScript cookie with no expiration date, now we are going to see the complete approach step by step −

First, we will create a form in the body of the code to define some input fields in the body.

In the script, we will define the function in which first by using the ‘document.write’ method we will get all the cookies of the page in a variable and later print them.

By using the split() method, we call store all the cookies in the separate indexes of an array.

We will traverse the array and for each index, we can get the name and value of the current cookie and can print it separately.

We have seen the syntax and algorithm to set a JavaScript cookie with no expiration date, now let’s take an example to implement the above-discussed steps.


In this example, we will get all the cookies of the document and print them all together first then we will print all of them separately.

















“All Cookies : “

































































“Key is : “




” and Value is : “







In the script, we have defined the ‘ReadCookie’ function in which we have defined a variable allcookies which will contain all the cookies of the document and that will get using the document.cookie() method.

Further, we have contained all the cookies separated in an array using the split function and later printed each of them differently. For printing them separately we traversed over the array and at each iteration printed the value and the name.

Note − Cookies have a shelf life. When the browser is closed, a cookie that has no defined expiration date will also be deleted. Because they are deleted after the browser session is over, they are sometimes referred to as session cookies (when the browser is closed). The browser will delete cookies having an expired date in the past. Setting an expiration date and storing it in the cookie will extend its lifespan past the current browser session. You may achieve this by entering a date and time in the “expires” property.


In this tutorial, we learned to set a JavaScript cookie with no expiration date. Web servers deliver cookies, which are tiny files with frequently unique identifiers, to browsers. Each time your browser requests a new page, the server will receive these cookies. The expiration option in a JavaScript cookie is optional. The “expires” attribute is optional. If you provide this attribute with a valid date or time, then the cookie will expire on a given date or time, and thereafter, the cookies’ value will not be accessible.

Everything You Need To Know About Jiomoney

JioMoney – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to register for JioMoney?

Question: Who is eligible for a Jio’s digital wallet account?

Answer: Any user who is above 10 years of age can use JioMoney and operate.

Answer: The app store sensitive information of a user on its secured servers, which is backed by world-class security procedures and cutting-edge technology. The credentials used by consumers are kept intact with the company and not shared with anyone when a user pays with the wallet. Further, a user should not share its sensitive information like mPIN and password details with anyone.

Question: What if I lose my phone, is my JioMoney amount safe?

Answer: If a user lost its phone then also the money is 100% safe in the wallet. As the wallet is operated through mPIN and password, nobody can access the information on your JioMoney. Further, if you suspect any unauthorized activity on your wallet, then you can suspend your account and block payment by calling the customer service number 1800-891-999 or can write to [email protected]

Answer: A user who has a Registered mobile number with any telecom operator can sign-up with JioMoney.

Question: What are the different types of accounts offered by JioMoney?

Answer: Jio’s wallet offers two types of accounts:

Basic Account: A basic account user can make transaction up to Rs. 10,000 per calendar month. No documents are required for ‘Basic Account’.

Advanced Account: A premium account user can store Rs. 1,00,000 stored in the JioMoney account for any calendar month, and make unlimited transactions.

Answer: No, there are no charges for using JioMoney

Question: Does JioMoney has any expiry policy?

Answer: No, your account is valid till the time you registered mobile number is in use.

Answer: Only one account.

Question: How can a user load money on its account?

Answer: A user can load money through Net Banking, credit/debit card.

Question: What will happen if a user fails to load his account?

Answer: If a user is unable to make the payment due to failure, the deducted amount will be refunded to the account or card.

Answer: No.

Question: Who all can a user pay using Jio wallet?

Answer: For all the Jio services, e-commerce websites, utility bills, electricity bills, gas, landline, insurance premiums, prepaid mobile recharges, and DTH connections. You can also do charity at National Association of Blind, Siddivinayak Trust, CRY etc. Apart from this, you can make payments to other JioMoney users.

Answer: JioMoney is available as a payment method at more than 50,000 e-commerce websites. Apart from this, you can also make payment through mobile app options which are offered by a number of online merchants.

Question: How to make payment at a neighborhood store or a shopping mall?

Answer: By choosing ‘Pay at Shop’ in the app and proceeding the payment.

Question: How to determine the payment is successful?

Question: How to send/receive money on the wallet?

Question: How to unlock the account?

Answer: If your account is locked after 3 consecutive incorrect mPIN attempts then you can contact JioMoney customer care at 1800-891-9999 (toll-free) or write to [email protected]

Question: How to give feedback to JioMoney?

Question: How to check account balance?

Question: How to update JioMoney profile?

Everything You Need To Know About 4K

What is 4K?

4K is a standard for video content that outputs at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Essentially, each frame of 4K movie contains approximately four times the detail found in the FHD or HD version of that movie.


Importantly, you’ll need a 4K TV to watch 4K video content. You can’t just watch it on your old HD TV. You’ll need to upgrade.

Is 4K the same as HDR?

No. HDR is a separate standard that spins-off of 4K resolution that deals with how wide the colour-gamut of the display output is.

For more on this, read our feature on Everything You Need To Know About HDR TVs.

Can HD content be upscaled to 4K?


Yes. However, not without some loss in quality.

Most modern 4K TVs support native upscaling – automatically resizing HD and FHD quality content to suit the larger resolution. Non-4K content will generally look better on a 4K TV than a HD one – but not as good as properly mastered 4K content will.

It’s for this reason that most film distributors are currently re-releasing older films in 4K.

Where can I get 4K content?


There are two main ways to get 4K content. The first and easiest way is to buy physical 4K Blu-Rays via retail chains like JB Hi-Fi, EZYDVD, or online through channels like Amazon. While the initial crop of 4K Blu-Ray content was limited to one or two of the major studios, most major Hollywood releases nowadays tend to get a 4K release including films like Mortal Combat, Godzilla, Red Sparrow and Avengers: Infinity War.

You can also now buy classic films that have been remastered in 4K, including oldies like: Psycho and The Wizard of Oz and more recent films like, Gladiator, Back To The Future Trilogy and Inception.

Bear in mind that, if you’re looking to watch 4K Blu-Ray content, you’ll also need to invest in 4K Blu-Ray player and a 4K-ready HDMI 2.0 cable.

The other place you’ll be able to find 4K content is through digital distribution channels like iTunes and the Google Play Movies store. Unfortunately for Australian audiences, only select studios are currently offering 4K content through these channels at the time of writing.

Foxtel also has 4K channels, including a 4K Ultra HD movie channel and a 4K Ultra HD sports channel. To view the Foxtel 4K content, you’ll need a 4K TV, active Foxtel subscription and the company’s new iQ4 set top box.

Can I stream 4K content on a streaming service like Netflix?


That’s the other major source for 4K content at the moment. Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime all support 4K content for most of their original series and some licensed content.

Of course, in order for you to access any of that content, you’ll need adequate bandwidth. For Netflix users, this translates to the following:

0.5 Megabits per second – Required broadband connection speed

1.5 Megabits per second – Recommended broadband connection speed

3.0 Megabits per second – Recommended for SD quality

5.0 Megabits per second – Recommended for HD quality

25 Megabits per second – Recommended for Ultra HD quality

Select original streaming content on these platforms has also been graded to make use of HDR standards like HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Can I play video games in 4K?

4A Games

4K gaming is supported by Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox Series X consoles.

However, it’s worth noting that, only the standard PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox Series X support physical 4K Blu-ray discs.

Rumours are currently rife that we will soon see a Nintendo Switch 2 that supports 4K gameplay, yet nothing concrete has yet been confirmed.

As for PC, 4K gaming is taking off rapidly with 4K monitors now easy to find and also highly affordable. There are many games now available that support 4K, including titles like Metro Exodus, Metal Gear Solid V and Battlefield 1.

Once again, you will need the correct hardware. As well as a 4K monitor, you will need a graphics card that can support 4K gameplay. The newer and more powerful your graphics card, the better.

Optimally, you will want to have an Nvidia RTX 30 Series or AMD Radeon RX6000 Series graphics card installed, since these are the newest and most optimised graphics cards for 4K gaming. However, you could also get away with an older graphics card as long as it isn’t too underpowered. We wouldn’t recommend anything older or less powerful than Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or RTX 2070 Ti, or AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 XT.

You’ll also want nothing less powerful than an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor to make 4K gaming on your PC worthwhile.

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