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Fix: Sorry, Your Browser Does Not Support Inline SVG Error Most of today’s browsers support SVG but there are some that don’t




The sorry your browser does not support inline SVG issue can be due to incorrect SVG coding for webpages, insufficient browser support, or how the DOM is updated.

You can easily fix the inline SVG support error by modifying functions in the Rendering/BrowserRenderer.ts file if you know how to do it.

Fixing SVG page code can resolve the sorry your browser does not support inline SVG error for Firefox, Chrome, and other supported browsers.

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When that issue arises, webpages display a Sorry your browser does not support inline SVG message instead of rendering SVG graphics.

What does it mean your browser does not support inline SVG?

The browser does not support inline SVG issue that appears because developers are trying to embed SVG elements on web pages that are not fully compatible.

A similar issue appears when browsers don’t support inline PDFs and have a similar cause, but it is mostly related to browser compatibility issues.

It can be due to DOM SVG interface issues, or simply because some older browsers don’t fully support SVG. Some developers might also need to correct their SVG code.

Furthermore, allow us to shed some more light on browser SVG support, and if all Internet browsers are compatible with this feature.

Do SVG files work with all browsers?

You might want to know that SVG is officially supported by all main web browsers out there, including the recently defunct Internet Explorer.

In recent tests made on this matter, support for the SVG format across modern web rendering engines proved that, as we stated above, almost all of them are compatible.

Tests were made using four main rendering engines and 15 different browsers including all the popular ones you already know about, including Opera One, Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, UC, and others.

What can I do if the browser does not support inline SVG? 1. Try opening SVG pages with alternative browsers

You might find alternative web browsers display pages with SVG graphics fine. Most major Chromium browsers, such as Opera One, support SVG page elements.

Opera One is one of the foremost browsers with a Blink engine that will usually render SVG images without issues.

Opera One has many unique and original browsing features. Its start page incorporates novel Speed Dial thumbnail shortcuts for pages. Users can merge those Speed Dials into folders to organize them better.

Opera One’s sidebar also includes an integrated YouTube player and built-in messengers for users.

Other useful Opera One features

Opera One

Ensure you’ll never encounter SVG support errors with this amazingly versatile and fast browser.

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Google Chrome Firefox Microsoft Edge 3. Check your SVG code

Make sure you’ve entered the inline SVG code correctly. Check the code for any typos or syntax errors. This is an example of inline SVG code to check your code by:

<svg version=”1.1″ width=”150″ <rect width=”90″ height=”90″ x=”30″ y=”30″

The above inline SVG code example utilizes XHTML syntax, which most major browsers support. However, it will also work for HTML 5.

You can also find further examples of inline SVG code at chúng tôi Check that your SVG code matches up with examples for correct implementation.

4. Check out the SVG Web JavaScript plugin

Website developers seeking to implement inline SVG for older browsers that don’t support it should check out SVG Web.

5. Modify the insertComponent function

Some developers have confirmed they’ve fixed the your browser does not support inline SVG issue by modifying the insertComponent function within Rendering/BrowserRenderer.ts with browser dev tools.

Try modifying the insertComponent so that it utilizes a g tag as shown directly below:

The above fixes might resolve the browser does not support inline SVG issue for some web developers.

Now you know what to do when coming across messages like Your browser does not support SVG., or situations such as inline SVG not displaying, or SVG works in Chrome but not Firefox.

Refer to the guide above for error messages such as Your browser does not support SVG in Chrome, or Your browser does not support SVG in Edge.

Bear in mind that there are also various ways to include SVG graphics on website pages. So, it’s worth trying alternative methods for adding SVG graphics to your website.

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Sorry, Onedrive Can’t Add Your Folder Right Now Error

This post features solutions to fix Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now. OneDrive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft that offers seamless synchronization of files and folders. However, it can face issues that may disrupt its standard functionality. The following error message appears when syncing a OneDrive or SharePoint team site:

Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now.

Fortunately, you can follow these suggestions to fix the error.

Why is my OneDrive documents folder not syncing?

The OneDrive documents folder may not sync due to an unreliable internet connection or if there isn’t enough storage available. However, other reasons may cause this error. Some of them are:

issues

File or folder name issues

Large file size

Antivirus or firewall interference

Fix Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now error

To fix the OneDrive can’t add your folder error, restart the OneDrive app and your computer. Other than that, follow these suggestions:

Check Network Connection

Check if you’re signed into OneDrive

Remove Required Columns

Modify Versioning Settings

Check OneDrive Account Storage

Rename the Folder

Repair OneDrive

Let’s now see these in detail.

1] Check Network Connection

Before you start with different troubleshooting methods, check if you’re connected to a stable internet connection. It’s possible that your internet connection is causing the error. Performing a speed test will check if your internet connection is working fine. Also, try connecting to a different network and see if the folder gets added to OneDrive.

2] Check if you’re signed into OneDrive

Ensure you are signed in to your OneDrive account before creating a folder there. If you have signed out and try to create a folder, it will create a problem as the folder is locked to OneDrive.

3] Remove Required Columns

Removing the required columns will relax restrictions on the specific columns, making them optional for syncing the folder. Here’s how you can do it:

Go to Library Settings.

Check each column for a check mark under Required and change the Require this column to contain information value to No.

4] Modify Versioning Settings

Next, modify the Versioning Settings. Doing so can help fix the OneDrive sync error “Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now”. Here’s how:

Select the Library tab, navigate to Library Settings, and select Versioning Settings.

Here, change Require Check Out to No.

Also, set Draft Item Security to Any user who can read items.

Try adding your folder once done and see if the error’s fixed.

5] Check OneDrive Account Storage

The OneDrive sync error “Sorry, OneDrive can’t add your folder right now” can also occur if your account doesn’t have enough storage space. If so, delete unnecessary files or upgrade your OneDrive plan to accommodate additional data.

6] Rename the Folder

Try renaming the folder if the error occurs while adding a specific folder. This can occur if the file name is long enough, has special characters, or its file type is unsupported. Once done, try to add the folder once again and see if the error gets fixed.

7] Repair/Reset OneDrive

If none of these helped you, consider repairing and resetting OneDrive. It has been known to help most users get over this error. Here’s how to do it:

Press Windows Key + I to open Settings.

Read: OneDrive files missing from folder; How to recover?

We hope these suggestions have helped you.

How do I fix OneDrive synchronization error?

To fix the OneDrive synchronization error, update OneDrive and check if enough storage space is available. However, if that doesn’t help, modify versioning settings and repair OneDrive.

How do I force OneDrive to sync a folder?

4 Ways To Fix Gameloop’s Browser When It’s Not Opening

4 Ways to Fix Gameloop’s Browser When it’s Not Opening Explore expert-created solutions for browser issues in Gameloop








Gameloop is one Android emulator whose popularity rose fast. But Gameloop browser not working issues pile up as well.

If Gameloop is not working, you won’t be able to run Android games on your PC. It kind of defeats the purpose of the app, right?

So, here’s what to do if you’re dealing with a Gameloop website not opening scenario. Run the app as admin in compatibility mode.

Looking for a more easy way out? Then, ditch the Gameloop browser altogether and try a better alternative.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, Gameloop is a popular Android emulator specifically developed to allow users to play mobile games on their PCs. But the entire experience can be tainted by the Gameloop browser not working or the Gameloop website not opening.

The emulator has a built-in web browser, which is both lightweight and easy to install. However, the Gameloop browser sometimes may not work due to software glitches or other issues.

As the Gameloop not opening error appears in Windows 11 and other OSs, we can safely assume that these elements are not connected.

What’s more, the very same glitch can be responsible for the Gameloop site not working or the Gameloop website not opening at all. So how to open the browser in Gameloop?

How do I access the browser on Gameloop?

To access the browser on Gameloop, you will need to follow the steps described below:

As you can see, it is straightforward to activate both the Settings and Browser apps inside Gameloop.

Why is Gameloop’s browser not working?

All the answers you seek are waiting for you in the guide below. But, first, find out how to deal with instances where Gameloop is not working, be it the Gameloop browser or other parts.

How do I fix Gameloop’s browsers if it’s not opening?

1. Gameloop browser not working: Try a different browser

A dedicated gaming browser is the best option if you want a good performance. And fortunately enough, Opera GX was designed for the sole purpose of creating a great user experience.

You can forget all about Gameloop browser not working issues, as Opera offers exceptional gameplay features.

You can pick various themes, wallpapers, and highlight colors from the browser. Twitch integration is also available to watch your favorite streamers closely.

You no longer have to worry about RAM and CPU consumption because you can not track them inside the Opera GX browser. Additionally, you get fewer to zero errors when playing games compared to other browsers that don’t have gaming features.

Opera GX also has an incorporated adblocker that is helpful if you play games in your browser. As far as privacy is concerned, a free built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth is available.

Opera GX

No more errors! Boost up your gameplay with this highly customizable gaming browser.

Download Visit website

2. Run Gameloop/Tencent Gaming Buddy in Compatibility mode

Running the emulator in compatibility mode can help with Gameloop browser not working issues, so make sure to try it out.

3. Run as Administrator 4. Check your Antivirus / Windows Defender

With these tweaks, you should be able to solve the Gameloop browser, not working issues in no time at all.

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3 Ways To Fix Opera Browser When It’s Open But Not Visible

3 Ways to Fix Opera Browser When it’s Open But Not Visible Your graphics card might not support the browser




Being a popular browser, when any issues occurs in Opera, it affects millions across the globe.

Opera users have been complaining about an issue for quite sometime, where even though Opera is opened, it is not visible.

Thankfully, this guide lists down 3 effective solutions that has helped users fix the problem.

Having problems with your current version of Opera One? Make sure your browser is up-to-date.

Although many possible reasons lead to issues with your Opera One Browser, one of the fastest solutions is reinstalling your browser first

(make sure you download the version from only verified sources).

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than other browsers

Enhanced privacy: integrated and unlimited VPN

Gaming pleasant: Opera GX is the first browser created specifically for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

If you are facing issues where the Opera browser is open but not visible, and you are looking for solutions, then you have landed in the right place.

Just like you, there are several other users that have reported the same Opera browser open but not visible issue on the official Opera forums and Reddit.

Opera is a great browser and it comes with features that most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, do not offer.

For instance, you get an in-built VPN, a sidebar to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., an adblocker, various customization options, and much more.

All these features make Opera a great package. However, being software, there are several issues that Opera users come across from time to time.

Thankfully, this guide lists down some of the effective solutions that will help you resolve the Opera browser open but not visible issue. Let us check them out.

Why can’t I see my Opera browser?

You will come across multiple issues with your web browser without any reason. They could be triggered either because of a glitch or an existing issue in the version of the browser.

There are chances that because of your input, the browser is throwing errors. We’ve compiled a list of possible causes for the Opera browser to open but not display after conducting research and reviewing user feedback:

You have moved the Opera browser off the screen

Your graphics card isn’t supporting the browser

Because of problematic installation

Presence of problematic plugins

Outdated version of Opera

How do I know if Opera is running?

Expert tip:

To open Task Manager, you need to press the Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons together and select Task Manager from the list of options that appear.

Quick Tip:

Always make sure you get your software from an official source. If Opera is giving you a hard time, it’s possible you installed an older version or got it from a suspicious website.

The browser gets frequent updates and is optimized for performance, so if you get it from an official source, you’ll experience fewer problems.


Get the best browsing experience with customized workspaces, social media integrations, and more!

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What can I do if my Opera browser is open but not visible? 1. Use Windows shortcuts

Close Opera browser.

Re-open Opera and make sure nothing else is open.

Press Alt + Space buttons.

Select Full screen or Maximize, from the menu that appears floating somewhere on your screen.

You can also try pressing Win + D buttons multiple times to get to the Windows you are looking for to reappear. Sometimes, some instances get stuck, and pressing the mentioned keyboard shortcut has helped several users fix the problem.

2. Install the latest version 3. Re-enable graphic drivers Why is my Opera browser not opening?

Multiple reasons could be behind the Opera browser not opening. We have created a list that contains some of the most common reasons for this issue.

Your browser is not up to date

Your antivirus software is conflicting with Opera

There is a virus or malware

You are running an incompatible version of the Opera browser

Extensions are causing issues

Some system settings have been mis-tweaked

Corrupted Opera browser installation

There you have it. We hope that the above solutions helped you fix the Opera browser open but not visible issue on your PC.

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What Does Javascript:void(0) Mean How To Fix Javascript:void(0) Error?

A lot of users when trying to access some websites are seeing Javascript:void(0) error and they to know what is this error about. In this article, we are going to see what does Javascript:void(0) mean & how to fix Javascript:void(0) error?

What does Javascript:void(0) mean?

JavaScript is you may already know is a programming language, often used to create websites. They are usually used alongside HTML and CSS for frontend programming. HTML is used to structure a website, CSS is used to decorate, and Javascript to add logic. So, more often than not, if you are on a website, it’s probably made with these three languages. There are millions of websites that use this language to work. If you are seeing a website working on logic, then probably, it’s made with JavaScript

Read: What is Angular JavaScript Framework in simple terms? 

Why am I getting a JavaScript void error?

A lot of users are getting the error message in question when trying to access a specific website. According to them, the website goes blank and all they see is a pop-up that says “Javascript:void(0)”. The following are the causes for the JavaScript:void(0) error.

You are using anti-pop up software. Although most of us tend to configure the pop-up setting to not show any of it, there are some who download an anti-pop-up app that can interfere with your browser and cause the issue.

The issue can also occur if the JavaScript is disabled on your browser.

If the browser that you are using is outdated, then also, you can see the error in question.

It can also happen due to a corrupted cache or cookies.

We are going to talk about all of this in detail later in the article.

Fix Javascript:void(0) error

If you want to fix Javascript:void(0) error, then use the solutions mentioned here.

Restart your computer

Remove Anti-pop-up programs

Enable JavaScript

Clear Cache and Browsing data

Update your Browser

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Restart your computer

Let us start with the most basic and obvious solutions of them all. The issue can be because of a glitch and restarting the system can easily fix it, also, you are restarting the browser as well, so, if there is a glitch in the browser, it will be resolved as well. Therefore, go ahead and restart your computer. Then open the Browser and see whether the issue is fixed or not.

2] Remove Anti-pop-up programs

If you have any anti-pop-up program then the first thing you need to do is either disable it or uninstall it. You can follow the given steps to uninstall any program in Windows 11/10.

Open Settings.

Look for the anti-pop-up program

After uninstalling, restart your computer and check if the issue persists.

3] Enable JavaScript

You will see the error code in question if JavaScript is disabled on your browser. We have covered most of the popular browsers, so, go through the guide to enable JavaScript of your browser.

Enable JavaScript for Edge

Open Edge.

Make sure that it is enabled.

Enable JavaScript for Chrome

Open Chrome

Go to its Settings.

Enable JavaScript for Firefox

To enable JavaScript in Firefox, you first need to type the following command in the address bar.


Enable JavaScript for Opera

Open Opera and go to the following location.


Hopefully, this will fix the issue for you.

4] Clear Cache and Browsing Data

Corrupted cache and browsing data are one of the biggest culprits of the issue. It has been causing issues to the users for a very long time and can also cause the JavaScript void error. So, clear cache in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Then check if the issue persists.

5] Update your browser

You can also try updating your Browser as there are some sites that an outdated browser won’t support. So, update your browser to the latest version and check if the issue persists.

6] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

The issue can also occur because of a third-party app conflicting with your browser. We have already talked about anti-pop-up software, but they are not the only apps that can interfere with your program. So, troubleshoot in Clean Boot to find out what’s causing the trouble. Then you can remove it and save the day.

That’s it!

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Fix: We’re Sorry The Page You Requested Cannot Be Found

FIX: We’re sorry the page you requested cannot be found






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

We provided a few workarounds to get your Windows 10 copy in no time. Make sure to check them out below.

Can’t download Windows 10 installation as the page cannot be found? Use these solutions 1: Make sure the website isn’t restricted

If you’ve tried purchasing Windows 10 from the web store and the error occurred, there are some things you can do. Firstly, make sure that you’re in a region which allows purchases. The second concern we need to eliminate is a possible restriction on the website. Make sure that your system isn’t blocking the download firstly.

Furthermore, we suggest disabling the online protection temporarily. Especially if the security tool comes with the firewall of its own. Disable browser extensions as well. You can enable them later on. After that, try accessing the link again. If the problem is persistent — don’t worry. There are alternative ways to get your hands on Windows 10 installation.

2: Use the Windows Upgrade Assistant

Let’s get to alternatives. The first Microsoft’s tool is fully automatized and it even allows you to install Windows 10 directly from your desktop. It’s a simple procedure and it even provides the compatibility check to determine your system (Windows 7 or 8) is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 10. The complete process is intuitive but can be lengthy.

Follow these steps to install Windows 10 with the Upgrade Assistant:

Run the tool as admin and follow the steps closely.

3: Use the Media Creation Tool to upgrade directly

Microsoft’s main tool for digital distribution of Windows 10 is the Media Creation Tool. This tool allows you to upgrade to Windows 10 directly from the UI or create an external bootable drive and install Windows 10 in a standard manner.

Either way, it’s the best and the easiest way (might be the only way) to get the installation files. The product registration comes in later, so you don’t need to worry about that. If you have the license, everything is smooth and fast.

Expert tip:

Follow these steps to install Windows 10 with just the Media Creation Tool:

Back up all your essential data to the non-system partition or an external drive.

Download the

Media Creation Tool,


Run the tool and accept the Terms.

The tool will firstly download the setup files (it can take some time) and the installation should commence afterward.

4: Create a bootable media drive with the Media Creation Tool

Finally, the safest and the best way to install Windows 10 is with a bootable media drive. Especially a clean installation which includes formatting your HDD completely.

Lots of issues we covered here in a last couple of years were there because users have chosen upgrade over a clean installation. On paper, both stand firm. But, in practice, the problems emerge. Especially with the third-party programs, driver, and after major updates.

READ ALSO: Download the Windows 10 April Update ISO files

For that reason, we suggest creating the installation media and installing Windows 10 cleanly. The license is directly connected to your Microsoft Account you made the purchase with. So, just a simple log-in will activate Windows 10 upon the installation is completed.

Follow these steps to create a bootable USB drive and install Windows 10 with it:

Plug in a USB flash drive with at least 6 GB of free storage space. Have in mind that the following procedure will format your drive, so backup your data.

Download the

Media Creation Tool,


Run the tool and accept the Terms.

Select the USB flash drive option.

Wait until the drive is created and you can safely boot from it and install Windows 10.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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