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For some reason Guide took too long to start. (0x8027025a)

What does the Xbox code 0x8027025a mean?

The Xbox error code 0x8027025a or 8027025a may mean one of the following:

There’s a temporary problem with the Xbox service.

The application did not load in the time expected.

There’s a sign-in issue with your profile.

Guide took too long to start (0x8027025a) on Xbox

If the Guide took too long to start error code 0x8027025a has occurred on your Xbox console, you can try our recommended solutions in the order presented below to resolve the issue on your gaming device.

Power cycle your Xbox console

Hard Reset your Xbox console

Factory Reset your Xbox console

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Power cycle your Xbox console

Your first line of action to troubleshoot and fix the Guide took too long to start error code 0x8027025a that occurred on your Xbox console, is to power cycle your Xbox console.

To manually power cycle your Xbox console, do the following:

Press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for approximately 10 seconds to turn off your console.

Unplug your Xbox from the mains.

Wait at least 30-60 seconds.

Once the time elapses, plug your Xbox back into the power outlet.

Now, press the Xbox button on the console or the Xbox button on your controller to turn your console back on.

In the case you don’t see the green boot-up animation when the console restarts, you can repeat these steps and make sure that you hold the power button until the console completely shuts down.

2] Hard Reset your Xbox console

This solution requires you to hard reset the console. Do the following:

Hold the system power button down for 10 seconds until the console fully powers down.

Once the Xbox console has turned off completely, press and release the power button to turn the console back on.

Once the Xbox finishes rebooting, the Guide function should be accessible and work as intended.

3] Factory Reset your Xbox console

You can factory reset your Xbox console and see if the issue in hand will be resolved. When you perform the factory reset operation, make sure to select the Reset and keep my games & apps option. Once users log back into their Xbox account following the factory reset, the Guide should work as intended.

Hope this helps!

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How do you fix a game that’s taking too long to start?

To Fix Xbox Games taking too long to start on your gaming device, try the following suggestions:

Delete saved data and restart the app.

Restart console.

Change the region settings.

Reinstall problematic games.

Remove and re-add Xbox Profile.

Clear Persistent Storage.

Switch between Energy Save and Instant On.

Adjust Network settings.

Why is FIFA 21 taking too long to start?

The FIFA 2023 not loading or working on PC or is taking too long to start error can occur due to problems with the cache on your gaming device. Windows PC or Xbox console stores all sorts of temporary files in your cache, and those files should help you start your apps faster, but sometimes certain files in your cache can get corrupted and cause this and many other errors to appear.

What is Black Screen of Death Xbox One?

The Xbox One Black Screen of Death error is usually the result of a glitch in the console dashboard. This could happen if the system doesn’t manage to load the dashboard correctly after starting up from rest mode.

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How To Fix Couldn’t Start Error On Hogwarts Legacy

Many gamers have recently complained about the ‘Couldn’t Start’ error on Hogwarts Legacy. Having the game not launch is a problem no one likes dealing with.

This prevents the game from launching, and thus, they cannot play the game.

If you are getting the same error, then here is a complete guide for you.

Follow the solutions provided in this article to solve the issue and enjoy the game again.

We have shown a VIDEO walk through at the end of the post for easy solution. 

When you cannot start Hogwarts Legacy, try running the game with administrative privileges.

Some components of the game may need administrative permission to run.

Running the game as an administrator can fix the problem. Follow the steps below to do so:

Select the Properties option.

Now try to open Hogwarts Legacy. If you still cannot open it, verify the integrity of the game files.

If the game files are missing or corrupted, then the game will not run.

So, verify the game files, and this will repair the corrupted game files and download the missing game files.

Open Steam and head to Library.

Wait for Steam to finish verifying the game files.

Open Epic Games Launcher and select Library.

After verifying the game files, try to launch the game. If it still shows couldn’t start error, update the graphics drivers.

Outdated graphics drivers can also be the reason why you cannot launch Hogwarts Legacy.

You should always keep your graphics drivers updated to enhance your gaming experience and avoid such kinds of errors. Keeping the graphics drivers up to date also helps in getting better FPS and fixes stuttering issues.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, then use GeForce Experience to update the graphics drivers.

If you haven’t yet installed it, then download & install it from Nvidia’s website.

Then run GeForce Experience.

For AMD graphics card users, you will have to use the Radeon software instead of GeForce Experience. The rest of the process is quite similar.

Next, run the app & check for any available drivers. Download & install the drivers. Once done, restart your PC.

Reinstalling the game on another drive has solved this problem for many gamers.

So, try reinstalling the game on a different drive following the steps given below:

Now, press the Windows + R keys to open Run.

Type chúng tôi and press Enter.

Once the uninstallation finishes, install the game and, this time, install it in the new Library on the other drive.

Here are some commonly asked questions by the users who got the same couldn’t start error on Hogwarts Legacy.

Why won’t Hogwarts Legacy work?

Hogwart Legacy won’t work if the graphics drivers are outdated or the game files are corrupted.

Is Hogwarts Legacy offline?

After installing the patch,  you can choose to go offline anytime you want in the game.

You will not be kicked out of the game even if your internet gets cut out.

Is Hogwarts Legacy free?

Hogwart Legacy will be available to purchase on all platforms like Xbox series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Let us know if the above methods could solve the Couldn’t Start error on Hogwart Legacy.

How To Fix Thunderbird Too Many Recipients Error In 2023

Are you getting too many recipients error on Thunderbird? Know how to fix Thunderbird “too many recipients” error.

Thunderbird is a free email client that you can use for personal and business communications. You can add any email account to Thunderbird and start using that service from this desktop-based client.

If you use Thunderbird for business purposes, you might need to send emails to different teams or employees involved in a project. Those who tend to broadcast news or notification to all company employees through email will also need to send one email to a large number of people.

While sending emails from your Thunderbird account, you could be unlucky enough to encounter the “too many recipients” error. In fact, you may only be sending emails to five recipients and still getting this error. Moreover, getting the same error again and again could be frustrating and put you in a helpless situation.

If you’re facing this error and are unable to end emails to your recipients, you need to know how to fix Thunderbird “too many recipients” error. Join me as I’ll discuss the reasons behind this problem and how you can get rid of it.

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Why Do Users Get Thunderbird “Too Many Recipients” Error?

The error message is quite easy to decode — you’re sending an email to the number of recipients that the mail server thinks is “too many”. For every mail server, there is a limit on the recipients, including To, CC, and BCC. There are two reasons behind this limit.

The first one is to prevent abuse of the mail server. Without any such limits, bots and malicious scripts will spam thousands of people through one sent email. Thus, it’ll become highly challenging to detect spam emails and mitigate them. For this reason, hosting providers have a limit on how many recipients can be added to one email.

Another reason to have a recipient limit is to keep memory usage in control. Especially for email services that store the data locally, the allocated memory is limited. Hence, these tend to control the usage with such restrictions.

Though this is the main reason for this error, it’s not the only one. You might be getting this error due to the VPN or antivirus software you’re running on your computer. Sometimes, certain internet service providers might also stop you from sending bulk emails to stop spamming.

Moreover, email service providers like Gmail impose a threshold for the number of emails you can send in 24 hours. If you cross that, you may end up getting this error message as Gmail prohibits you from sending bulk emails.

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How to Fix Thunderbird “Too Many Recipients” Error

1. Create a Mailing List

In case you aren’t familiar with the mailing list, it means creating a group consisting of multiple email addresses. For example, you can create a mailing list or distribution list for the development team and include all members of that team in it.

To avoid this error, you can create such lists in your Thunderbird account. Now, instead of adding all the email addresses one after another in your To, CC, and BCC fields, you can add the mailing list name as the recipient. It’ll be considered as one recipient, and you won’t get the error.

2. Increase the Max Recipient limit

Certain email applications come with a limit for the maximum number of recipients. You need to find out the limit for your email service provider and make sure your recipient count is below their limit. If your email service provider allows, you can even increase the maximum recipient limit.

3. Disable Antivirus and Firewalls

While antivirus applications protect your computer from viruses and malware, they are famous for causing hindrance to different regular activities you perform. It could even stop you from sending emails to a large number of recipients. Try turning off the firewall settings and antivirus application and then send the email. If the problem is resolved, you’ve found the culprit.

4. Turn Off VPN Software

For many Thunderbird users, VPNs are the reason behind the “too many recipients” error. If you try to send bulk emails with your VPN turned on, you might get this error message. So to stay safe, make sure your VPN is turned off and try sending the email again.

5. Try After Rolling 24 Hours for Gmail

If you’re using a free Gmail account on Thunderbird, you need to be familiar with its rules regarding the maximum number of emails that can be sent by one user. When you use Gmail through mail clients like Thunderbird, your limit is 100 messages every rolling 24 hours, that too if your account is old and has been established as a trusted one.

Remember that Gmail might have imposed a lesser limit on your email account, especially if the account is new and has yet to establish its reputation. Gmail even counts all the recipients you add as CC and BCC as separate emails. However, Google Workspace users may have a higher limit.

Since Gmail is not a platform for bulk emailing, it often blocks emails with multiple To, CC, or BCC addresses. When you suddenly start sending bulk messages, Google might lock your account for 24 hours from that incident, thinking that you’re sending spam or your account has been hacked.

If you keep trying to send emails despite having this error during the rolling 24 hours, the restriction period will only get extended. So, it’s wise to wait and try after the cooling period. For urgent necessities, try using your Gmail account directly from the web interface of Gmail.

Some ISPs throttle the number of emails a particular user can send during a specific period. If you end up sending emails above the acceptable threshold, the emails won’t be sent. When the above methods won’t fix your problem, or you suspect that ISP is limiting your email recipient count, you should contact them and ask them to increase the threshold.


Like every other email client, Thunderbird also comes with some errors. One of the disappointing errors is getting the “too many recipients” error message while trying to send an email to multiple people.

If you want to know how to fix Thunderbird “too many recipients” error, this is the right place for you. Here, I’ve discussed the major reasons why you’re getting this error while sending emails from Mozilla Thunderbird. Also, I’ve shared the proven solutions to this issue.

How To Fix Microsoft Store Error “Application Made Too Many Requests” On Windows 11.

If you are trying to use the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 to download or update apps like the Xbox app so you can start using Game Pass but can’t because you keep getting “Application made too many requests” error messages. This article will show you how to quickly and easily troubleshoot the problem and get the Microsoft Store working again.

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The Microsoft Store is an integral part of the Windows 11 operating system that allows users to browse and download various applications, games, and other software. While most people still prefer to download their software the old-fashioned way, from just about anywhere else. There are a few instances where you don’t have a choice but to use the Microsoft Store. For example, if you have a Game Pass subscription you’ll need to use the Xbox app.

As is expected of any Microsoft software, the Microsoft Store will encounter errors that can and will prevent you from accessing or using the store. A classic example of this is the “Application made too many requests” error. This error typically occurs when the Microsoft Store server receives too many requests from your device, and it can be frustrating, especially when you need to download an essential application. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this error, and in this guide, we’ll go over all of them.

How do you fix “Application made too many requests” error in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11?

The first method you can try is running the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter.

To do this, press the Windows key + I to open Windows Settings.

Then, select the System section and scroll down until you see Troubleshoot.

Wait until the process is complete.

Another method to try is repairing corrupted system files.

Open Command Prompt as administrator and use the following command:

sfc /scannow

Once it has finished its checks. Restart your system.

If SFC returned an error, use the following command lines, pressing Enter after each:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

When these commands have finished, restart your computer and check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Disable VPN and Proxy Server.

You can also try disabling your VPN and proxy server. This is a quick and easy fix that should solve the problem pretty quickly.

Press the Windows key + I buttons on your keyboard to open the Settings page.

Select the Network & internet option from the left-side pane.

Toggle off the Use a proxy server option, hit the Save button, and exit.

Clear the SoftwareDistribution Folder.

Repair or Reset the Microsoft Store.

Lastly, you can try repairing or resetting the Microsoft Store.

Press the Windows key + I to open Windows Settings.

After the process completes, check to see if the problem is resolved.

5+ Easy Ways To Fix Xbox Purchase Error 807B01F7

5+ easy ways to fix Xbox purchase error 807b01f7




Error 807b01f7 won’t let you close the deal? Many users reported this error code prevents them from making a purchase on Xbox Live.

If this has also happened to you, make sure to go through the easy fixes listed below to get those online payments working again in no time.

Purchasing games might not be on your mind at all. If other errors are stoping you from enjoying quality time on your console, explore our Xbox error codes page and get all those pesky issues associated with your Xbox fixed.

Whenever you are ready, take it up a notch and dive into our extended Xbox troubleshooting hub to learn everything there is to know on the topic.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Xbox Live allows you to purchase all sorts of content such as games and DLCs, but sometimes certain errors can occur while making online payments.

Users reported error 807b01f7, and according to them, this error occurs whenever they try to make a purchase on Xbox Live. This can be a big problem, but there are a few solutions that you can try.

How can I fix Xbox error 807b01f7? 1. Check the status of Xbox Live services

Xbox Live relies on certain services in order to work properly, and if one of those services is down, you might experience error 807b01f7 while making an online purchase.

You can check the status of Xbox Live services simply by visiting the Xbox website, but if any of the services are down, you can only wait until Microsoft fixes the issue.

2. Test your Internet connection

According to users, you might be able to fix this issue simply by testing your network connection. This is a simple procedure, and you can perform it on Xbox One by following these steps:

Open Settings on your Xbox One.

Select Network.

Network Settings screen will now open. In the Troubleshooting section select Test network connection.

After the scan is completed, select Test multiplayer connection.

To test your connection on Xbox 360, do the following:

If there’s any problem with your network connection, you have to resolve it before you can make purchases on Xbox Live.

3. Remove your Xbox profile and download it again

This error can sometimes appear if your Xbox profile is corrupted, and one of the best ways to fix it is to remove your profile and download it again. To do that on Xbox One, you need to follow these steps:

Now you need to add your account again by following these steps:

Scroll left on the Home screen to open the Guide.

Move all the way down on the Sign in tab and choose Add & manage.

Select Add new.

Enter your Microsoft account login information.

Read the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement and choose I Accept option.

Follow the instructions on the screen to configure Sign-In & Security preferences.

Expert tip:

Go to Settings and select System.

Select Storage.

If you have an external storage device connected to your Xbox, such as a USB flash drive or a portable hard drive, select All Devices. If you don’t have any external devices, select Hard Drive option.

Select Profiles and choose the profile that you want to delete.

Select Delete option.

Now choose Delete Profile Only. This option will delete your profile but it will keep your saved games and achievements intact.

After deleting the profile, you need to add it again by following these steps:

Press the Guide button on the controller.

Select Download Profile option. If this option isn’t available, you need to check if you are signed in to any Xbox profile. If you are, press X to sign out and then select Download Profile option.

Select the Download Profile button on the Download Profile screen.

Enter your login information.

Now select the storage location and wait until your profile is downloaded.

After removing and downloading your profile again, the issue should be resolved.

4. Clear the system cache

Xbox error 807b01f7 can appear due to a corrupted cache, and if you want to fix this error you need to clear your cache. This is a simple process and in order to do it on Xbox One you need to follow these steps:

Press and hold the power button on your console until it turns off.

Unplug the power cable from your console.

Now press the power button few times to completely drain the battery.

Connect the power cable to the console.

Wait until the light on power brick changes from white to orange.

Press the power button on your console to turn it on again.

To clear the cache on Xbox 360, you need to do the following:

After clearing the cache, check if the problem is resolved. Some users are suggesting clearing your cache after you delete your Xbox profile, so you might want to try that. To see how to delete and download your Xbox profile, be sure to check our previous solution.

5. Keep trying to make a purchase

According to users, you might be able to circumvent this error by trying to make the purchase again. Users reported that they were able to make their purchase after trying a few times. If that doesn’t work, you might want to wait for an hour or two and try again.

6. Start a game and log in to your Xbox Live account

Some users claim that they fixed this error simply by starting their game and logging in to Xbox Live from the game itself. This is a simple solution, therefore be sure to try it.

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How To Fix Pubg Bugs On Xbox One

How to fix PUBG bugs on Xbox One






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PlayerUnkown’s Battleground is the ultimate multiplayer online battle royale game. The title recently reached an impressive number of 4 million players on Xbox One.

While PUBG is indeed a very addictive and challenging game, it also tests players’ patience and troubleshooting skills. From time to time, players encounter various issues that limit their gaming experience.

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can fix common PlayerUnkown’s Battleground bugs on Xbox One and resume your gaming sessions as quickly as possible.

You can use the guide below to fix the following issues: FPS drops, lag, crashes, launch problems, stutter, memory issues, audio bugs, and more.

Fix common PUBG issues on Xbox One

First things first, try restarting your console. Press and hold the Xbox button on the console for about 10-15 seconds. The console should turn off. Now, press the same button to turn it on and check if the problem persists.

If this quick workaround didn’t help, continue the troubleshooting process using the solutions below.

At the same time, don’t forget to update your console as well. Press the Xbox button to launch the guide, navigate to Settings, go to All settings, select System and then select Updates. Now, select the option ‘Keep my console up to date’ to install the latest Xbox One updates.

2. Test network connection

A faulty or unstable network connection may also prevent your from enjoying a smooth PUBG gaming session on your Xbox One.

Expert tip:

Go to the Network settings screen and select Test network connection. If you get an error message after running this test, use the  Xbox One Network Connection Error Solution to troubleshoot it.

3. Refresh your profile

By that, we mean removing and adding your profile back. If the PUBG issue occur mainly on a particular user profile, the data and files associated with it may be corrupted.

Refresh your account data by downloading your profile again. Open the guide and select your gamerpic, scroll down and select Add new. Now enter the email address and password that you use for the account that you just removed. Be careful not to select the option ‘Get a new account’ otherwise your will create a brand-new account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account. Once you’re done, launch PUBG again and check if the issue persists.

4. Clear the local save

You can also delete the local save to fix corruption issues. Here are the steps to follow:

Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button, and go to My games & apps. Select PUBG and press the Menu button on the controller.

Select Manage game, go to Saved Data and select the saved data for your gamertag.

5. Reset Xbox One

If restarting and updating the console didn’t help, try resetting it. Here are the steps to follow:

Plug the power cord back in

Continue holding the BIND and EJECT buttons for about 15 seconds.

Don’t forget to select the option ‘Keep games and apps’

Wait until the reset process finishes.

We hope that these 5 solutions helped you fix the issues affecting PUBG so that you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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