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EverythingApplePro got his hands on one of the ‘working’ clones which have surfaced online in the last couple of weeks, and it really doesn’t take much to notice how bad they really are. Video of the device in action after the jump …

It’s worth pointing out upfront that these working clones are not a very good indicator of what the final device will look like at all.

Although they have the rear vertical camera arrangement and approximate proportions, the details are far from accurate (especially the front of the device, no bezel-less screen to be seen here).

For reliable leaks regarding what the iPhone 8 is going to look like, refer to these earlier dummy units. These are based off schematics which show the full-screen front, stainless steel and glass chassis and minimal bezels (with a cutout for the camera and earpiece) we expect Apple to actually announce.

The clones in the EverythingApplePro video are funny in that they are actually working hardware, they (poorly) run a version of Android which is themed to look like the iOS 10 interface. The likeness is only skin deep of course as performance is mediocre and many of the features just aren’t implemented. The camera quality also leaves much to be desired.

The front of the phone makes no attempt to recreate the rumored bezel-less appearance of the iPhone 8. The top and bottom chins are very much present and the screen appears to be the usual 4.7-inch display dimensions.

Weirdly, it does lack the virtual home button … instead adding an invisible capacitive button where the bottom chin resides. Again, the real iPhone 8 will not look this as the screen will stretch to the edges of the chassis with 4mm bezels on the left, bottom and right sides.

The clone’s packaging is a decent attempt at an Apple box with San Francisco fonts and a picture of what the back of the iPhone 8 could look like featuring the vertical dual camera system. Of course, we expect the real iPhone 7s and 8 models to feature glass backs which means there is no need for the antenna bands.

Overall, the clone looks mostly like an iPhone 7 with a fake dual camera rather than an attempt at the expected iPhone 8 design. Perhaps most notably this clone replicates a (PRODUCT)Red iPhone 7 exterior. In fact, variants of these Chinese clones are appearing in a handful of color SKUs …

However, we do not expect the iPhone 8 to actually be offered in these colors. Reliable analyst KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo previously reported that the iPhone 8 will be available in fewer color options than iPhone 7, to maintain its ’boutique branding’. In fact, it’s not ridiculous to think that the OLED iPhone may only come in a single color at launch — black.

Some sites have been reporting photos of these clones as the ‘real deal’ — indicators of what Apple has in store for the 2023 phones — but it’s plainly clear that is not the case, so don’t be fooled by them.

We are expecting Apple to officially announce the OLED iPhone 8 and two iPhone 7s devices at a media event in September (final marketing names unknown of course). Recent reports indicate that the iPhone 8 may not be available to customers until October due to production delays.

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Location Tracking Software: Will The Revolution Be Killed By Fear?

Something horrible could happen, but nobody knows what.

At least that seems to be the consensus among Location-Based Services (LBS) experts. The conventional wisdom here at the Geo-Loco conference in San Francisco is that at some point in the future — it could be next year, or it could be tomorrow — some creepy weirdo or enterprising sociopath will use location services like Foursquare, Google Buzz for Mobile, Google Latitude, Twitter, Facebook or any number of location-oriented startups to commit a lurid crime.

It could be a stalker, kidnapping, terrorist act — who knows?

They know this because historically, whenever old crimes use new technology — for example, when a con man finds and contacts victims through the Internet — the technology is blamed. In fact, it’s the novelty of the technology to the public that makes the story newsworthy. There may be a hundred stalking cases a day, but the one that involves Facebook will always lead the news on CNN.

The doom and gloom about the coming “event” is the only thing bridling otherwise unbridled enthusiasm for services that use knowledge about where you are to make the world a better and more profitable place.

And the possibilities truly are amazing.

With names like Loopt, Gowalla, Whrrl, MyTown, Yelp, Brightkite and Rummble, the services based on location sound harmless enough. They promise a new world of fun, convenience and a universe of social, economic and personal benefits.

Cell phones usually know where they are, either through GPS electronics, through knowledge about which local cell towers they’re using, or via some other means. With the right software, you can be alerted if your friend is three blocks away. Starbucks can offer a free coffee as you walk past a store. You can make your cell phone tell you where the closest high-quality pizza joint is located. The entire world can be transformed into a competitive game, where checking into this bar or that restaurant enables you to earn “badges” and become “mayor.”

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. While each of the companies peddling these services will convincingly list the safeguards put in place to assure privacy, the collective use of location data is poorly controlled.

Location privacy experts both inside and outside the industry tend to say the right thing, which is that the key to privacy is putting the user in control of what is shared, and with whom. That’s a good story for now, before the “event” has occurred and hysterical public scrutiny has yet to descend on the industry.

Users are already unwillingly, unknowingly and certainly unwisely sharing their location data. Services like Foursquare use a “user-action model,” meaning location isn’t shared until the user “checks in” or takes some other conscious action.

Other services, such as Google Latitude, can be placed in automatic mode, broadcasting location all the time. Still others, such as Loopt, use a “hybrid” model where you can pick and choose how location is shared.

All of this focuses on the user-facing “social” uses of location. But there’s another, hidden use.

Cell phone carriers know where your phone is every time you use it. All that data from all users is constantly being harvested and stored in databases, and possibly sold to various companies for marketing purposes.

All this is going on without user awareness.

Advocates will tell you that the data is “anonymized,” meaning that the data is aggregated into faceless clusters that enable trends and targeting without compromising the privacy of individuals.

Unfortunately, “there really is no such thing as anonymized location data,” according to the nerdy genius CEO and co-founder of Loopt, Sam Altman. His implication is that everyone who uses a cell phone — regardless of whether or not they opt into location services like Foursquare — leaves behind a trail, a “Life Graph” of everywhere you go.

To Altman, this is a good thing. If people would only embrace it, the world would be a much better place. Good luck convincing the world of that, Sam — especially after the coming “event.”

The truth is that location data can be used to increase personal safety. Parents can keep tabs on kids, or track teens to keep them out of danger. Police can use location data to hunt down criminals and terrorists. People can call for help and get it, even if they don’t know where they are.

Location services are loaded with promise, but also peril. Our day-to-day lives may one day be profoundly transformed for the better by ubiquitous location services.

But first we’ve got to figure out the privacy issues — and somehow make it through the coming horrible crime that everyone in the location-based services business just knows is going to happen.

And when the “event” happens, and the media hype and hysteria begins, where will you be on the issue of location services?

Galaxy Note 8 Specs Tip The Big War With Iphone 8

Galaxy Note 8 specs tip the big war with iPhone 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released later this year and now, more than ever, its hardware aims to fight the next iPhone. The iPhone 8 – or iPhone Edition, or iPhone Pro as it might instead be called – has been tipped to skip a step in the world of yearly iPhone upgrades. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s specifications can be found within a range of specs already released – starting with the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Earlier this year we found a set of images which were suggested to depict a Galaxy S8 with two cameras. This device was later tipped to be a template – of sorts – for the next Galaxy Note. If that tip remains true, we’re looking at a Galaxy Note 8 that’s set to go head to head with the next big iPhone – which will undoubtedly have a dual-lens back-facing camera like the iPhone 7 Plus – but a bit better, of course.

The following specifications are entirely hypothetical. They are based on leaked images and benchmarks that’ve appeared over the past several weeks. In no way should these specs be read as final or official – we’ll see when we see.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specifications (Hypothetical)• Display: 6.2-inch Super AMOLED Quad HD+ display (2960×1440, 529ppi)• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 PRO processor (if they make one)• RAM: 6GB• Internal Storage: 64GB, 128GB• Camera: 12 MP, f/1.7, 26mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash, 8MP secondary• Front-Camera: 8 MP, f/1.7, autofocus, 1440p@30fps, dual video call, Auto HDR• Battery: 4000mAh• Connectivity: USB-C, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 3G, nanoSIM, NFC• Additional: Hidden Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Scanner, IP68 water/dust resistance, Wireless Charging

The iPhone OLED model will likely hedge most of its bets on several bits of technology that have not yet been used in an iPhone. The first and most obvious of these is the OLED technology in the display. That’ll make the display brighter and more intense than its been on any previous iPhone, but not necessarily any brighter or more intense than that of the Galaxy Note 8.

The iPhone would also have a Touch ID sensor embedded within its OLED display – somewhat of a sandwich situation, as it were. Images of the iPhone 8 (OLED) based on early models leaked to case-makers suggest that this model is much the same shape as its predecessor. Without a home button, the front looks a bit different, while the back has a pill-shaped camera array that’s turned vertical rather than horizontal.

Apple iPhone 8 (OLED MODEL) (Hypothetical)• Display: 5.8-inch OLED display• Processor: Apple A11 chip• RAM: 4GB• Internal Storage: 64GB, 128GB• Camera: Dual 12 MP, (28mm, f/1.8, OIS & 56mm, f/2.8), phase detection autofocus, 2x optical zoom, quad-LED (dual tone) flash• Front-Camera: 7 MP, f/2.2, 32mm, 1080p@30fps, 720p@240fps, face detection, HDR, panorama• Battery: 3000 mAh• Connectivity: Lightning Connector, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, 3G, nanoSIM, NFC• Additional: Hidden Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Scanner, IP68 water/dust resistance, Wireless Charging

Specifications above are based on rumors and leaked images, not unlike those of the Galaxy Note 8. This device has not yet been confirmed by Apple, nor will it be confirmed before whatever special event they hold for it in the coming months.

Both of these devices will be announced well ahead of release. Expect both to come closer to the end of Summer than the beginning – and expect a real face-to-face war when the time comes. Tap in to our timeline below to see other recent revelations.

Windows 8, 10 App Check: Comics By Comixology

Windows 8, 10 App Check: Comics by ComiXology






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readers this month.

From all the available comics apps in the Windows 8 Store, ComiXology stands out as the best, having plenty of features and useful options for aficionados. As a matter of fact, there has been recent talks of ComiXology going into the stock market, which shows just big it is. Its presence is especially strong in the iOS ecosystem, where it has registered an impressive 6 billion+ pages download.

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ComiXology is the best comics app for Windows 8

Comics by comiXology offers over 30,000 comics and graphic novels from over 75 of today’s top publishers, including Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite, and BOOM! Studios. Get access to the greatest library of new releases, best sellers, and noteworthy backlist issues of series like The Walking Dead, Batman, The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers all on the same app! New to comiXology? Try it FREE with hundreds of free comics to choose from!

By using Comixology on your Windows 8 tablet, laptop or any other device, you will be able to enjoy a ton of popular comics, no matter whether you’re a kid, teenager or a grown-up. Here are some of the most popular comics to be enjoyed

Marvel Comics: The Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Daredevil, Captain America, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Wolverine

DC Comics: Batman, Justice League, Superman, Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Smallville, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Sandman

Image Comics: The Walking Dead, Saga, The Adventures of Spawn

IDW: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, G.I. Joe, Angel, Transformers, Bloom County, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Disney: Mickey Mouse, Cars, Toy Story, Donald Duck, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Monsters, Inc., Tron, Epic Mickey

The app will let you read comics panel-by-panel with cinematic Guided View technology or in the classic full-page view. There’s also the option of syncing your comiXology account across multiple devices. There’s also a section with free comics, so you can try it out to see how they look on your Windows 8 tablet. The app has recently been updated, as well, and it is now faster and more stable than it was when it first launched. Go ahead and get it by following the link from below.

Download Comixology app for Windows 8

What to do if ComiXology does not in Windows?

Well, in this case, you have few solutions. One of the would be a clean reinstall of the app. In case there’s an error that occurred because of your system, a clean reinstall should solve it. If this doesn’t work, don’t worry, there are plenty of other great readers that can do the same thing, even better. Icecream Epub Reader is one of the best at the moment, so be sure to check it in this list and download it for free.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Iphone 8: What’S The Difference?



Our Verdict

There’s no obvious choice between these four phones as it largely depends whether you want iOS or Android – and how much money you want to spend. Software aside, the Galaxy S8 is the superior phone here thanks it’s combination of sleek design, impressive Infinity Display and excellent cameras – all for a lot less money.

Apple’s new set of iPhones are now on sale but how do they compare with two of the best phones we’ve ever seen? Here we take a look at the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 including the larger plus models.

We haven’t seen the iPhone 8 models in the flesh yet so bear that in mind. We’re comparing these phone on paper.


Starting with the price, you’ll need a healthy bank account balance to afford one of these phones outright.

Comparing the RRPs (see the table below) shows that the Galaxy S8 is marginally cheaper than the equivalent iPhone. However, since the Galaxy S8 has been around for a while you can now get it cheaper.

For example, Amazon is selling the phone for £529 so that’s a decent saving compared to the iPhone 8 which won’t drop in price any time soon. The new iPhone 8 models are available from Apple, or on contract from Carphone Warehouse. You can take a look at our round-up of iPhone 8 contract deals here.

 Galaxy S8Galaxy S8+iPhone 8iPhone 8 Plus64GB£689£779£699£799256GB––£849£949


This is an important category here, especially as core specs are similar and you can expect top performance from any of these phones.

Apple has returned to using a glass rear cover for the iPhone 8 which makes it more similar to the Galaxy S8. The main reason is so that the device supports wireless charging, something Samsung has offered since the S6.

The iPhone 8 is still an attractive smartphone but the large bezels look very dated compared to the Galaxy S8 with its impressive Infinity Screen.

It does mean the Touch ID fingerprint scanner is on the front, where Samsung has moved it awkwardly next to the camera on the back. The phones do have a pressure sensitive home button built into the screen, though.

Once again, the iPhone 8 models are waterproof with a rating of IP67 – meaning up to one meter of water. The Galaxy S8 has a higher rating of IP68 so you can go over 1.5 meters.

Screen Size & Resolution 

As alluded to, it’s the Galaxy S8’s stunning Infinity Display that makes it stand out in the smartphone market. It’s got curved edges, eye popping SuperAMOLED tech and a Quad HD+ resolution (1440×2960).

Fitting a 5.8in screen into a phone only a little bit bigger than the iPhone is impressive. The Galaxy S8+ has a 6.2in screen if you want something even bigger.

It’s especially true here as the iPhone 8 sticks to the same 4.7in Retina display using a (750×1334) and LCD technology. The iPhone 8 Plus is a bit more impressive at 5.5in with a Full HD resolution.

Apple has upgraded the screen compared to the iPhone 7 so it supports TrueTone for a wider colour gamut and automatic adjustments based on ambient lighting conditions.

It’s really the iPhone X that can compete with the Galaxy S8 in this area with it’s all-new Super Retina Display which is bezel-free.

Core specs

This isn’t an area which should have a big impact on your buying decision but we’ll run through it briefly. 

Apple has upgraded the internals for the iPhone 8 so both have its new A11 Bionic processor which is six-core and also has a new three-core GPU. The firm does state it but the iPhone 8 is supposed to have 2GB of RAM while the iPhone 8 Plus has 3GB.

Inside the Galaxy S8 phones is an octa-core Exynos 8895 (in Europe anyway) and 4GB of RAM. There’s only 64GB of storage where Apple also offers 256GB, but Samsung provides expandable storage thanks to a microSD card slot so you can easily add more. 


The cameras are quite similar here as both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have a Dual Pixel 12Mp rear camera with OIS and an f/1.7 aperture. 

Apple has a 12Mp camera with OIS on the iPhone 8 albeit with a slightly less impressive f/1.8 aperture. However, if you get the larger iPhone 8 Plus you’ll get dual rear cameras giving you an additional telephoto lens for x2 optical zoom.

For dual cameras on a Samsung, you’ll need to get the Galaxy Note 8.

At the front, things are similar but the Galaxy S8 comes out slightly on top thanks to its 8Mp camera with the same f/1.7 aperture as the main camera. It can also record video at 1440p.

Meanwhile Apple offers a 7Mp with an f/2.2 aperture that’s limited to 1080p video.


As with any comparison of an iPhone vs a non-Apple rival, software is a huge difference. Do you want iOS or Android? And that’s not a simple question to answer, since it’s a very personal thing.

At this stage in the game it’s likely that you’re committed to one side of the fence and it’s easier to stay there. Not only are you used to the way the operating system works, you’ve likely also spend a fair bit of money on apps which you’ll need to buy again should you switch. 

Content like your contacts list and the like can be transferred without too much hassle. 

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 Specs Comparison

SpecificationGalaxy S8Galaxy S8 +iPhone 8iPhone 8 PlusOperating systemAndroid 7.0 Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat

iOS 11iOS 11Available colours

Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue, Maple Gold

Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue, Maple Gold

Gold, Silver, Space Grey, RedGold, Silver, Space Grey, RedDisplay5.8 Infinity Display (

1440×2960, 570ppi) Super AMOLED

6.2 Infinity Display (

1440×2960, 529ppi) Super AMOLED

4.7in Retina HD (1334×750, 326ppi) IPS5.5in Retina HD (1920×1080, 401ppi) IPSProcessor

Exynos 8895 octa-core (EMEA)

Exynos 8895 octa-core (EMEA)

Apple A11 Bionic, M11 co-processorApple A11 Bionic, M11 co-processorStorage64GB


64GB/256GB64GB/256GBPrimary camera

12Mp, f/1.7, 26mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash

12Mp, f/1.7, 26mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash

12Mp, f/1.8, 5x digital zoom, quad-LED flash12Mp wide-angle, f/1.8, OIS + 12Mp telephoto, f/2.8, optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, Portrait Lighting, quad-LED flashFront camera

8Mp, f/1.7, autofocus, 1440p at 30fps

8Mp, f/1.7, autofocus, 1440p at30fps

7Mp FaceTime HD, f/2.2, 1080p video7Mp FaceTime HD, f/2.2, 1080p videoVideo recording

2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, HDR, dual-video rec

2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, HDR, dual-video rec

4K at 24/30/60fps, 1080p slo-mo at 240fps4K at 24/30/60fps, 1080p slo-mo at 240fpsFingerprint scannerYes, rearYes, rearTouchID built into Home buttonTouchID built into Home buttonWireless chargingYesYesYesYesWaterproofIP68IP68IP67IP67Dimensions

68.1×148.9 x8mm

73.4×159.5x 8.1mm 


Specs Apple iPhone 8: Specs

iOS 11

4.7in, 1334×750, 326ppi, IPS True Tone display

A11 Bionic six-core CPU

64/256GB storage

Main camera: 12Mp, f/1.8 with OIS

Selfie camera: 7Mp, f/2.2

Touch ID

3D Touch

802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi

Bluetooth 5.0




NFC (for Apple Pay)

Lightning port

Wireless charging (works with Qi chargers)



IP67 water resistance

Best Cases For Iphone 8

Picking the right suit becomes a lot easier when you have a variety of options. That’s why you want to explore some of the best iPhone 8 cases before zeroing in on one. Considering different needs, I have selected cases that ideally meet the particular task. Besides, I have also gone for the jack of all trades so that two birds can be killed with just one stone! All geared up to look at our list (based on current availability) of top cases for iPhone 8? Let’s swim across!

1. Luxury Pocket Book from Pad & Quill

Luxury Pocket Book looks really impressive and is primed to be a flagship wallet case. The full-grain American saddle leather and Baltic birch wood cradle reinforce the structure.

The case has multiple interior slots wherein you can store up to 5-7 cards. With the rich leather texture, the cover offers nice feel to your palm.

The Luxury Pocket Book also supports wireless charging. Thus, you can just drop your smartphone on the wireless chargers to start juicing up the device wirelessly. Moreover, it can also offer the needed protection to the iPhone 8 from shock.

2. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

Yet another case from Pad&Quill. “Bella Fino” trades pretty much in line with its sibling (Luxury Pocket Book). However, it’s carved out of full-grain American leather only. The high-grade leather coupled with the refined craftsmanship makes it a fine option for a professional choice.

The UV resistance never lets the wallet case get out of touch, whereas the rich patina ensures the cover continues to be adorable.

The option to carry 5-7 cards and some cash makes Bella Fino a complete package. Besides, this flagship wallet case comes in four colors including deep sea blue, whiskey, slate gray, and galloper black.

3. Speck CandyShell

There are very few cases in the market that can match Speck CandyShell in terms of providing the necessary shield to the smartphone without adding much weight the smartphone.

Due mainly to the durable construction, the case meets MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. Rubberized cover excels in resisting impact, while the soft acrylic liner helps it absorb shock. Bezel edge offers an additional defense to the touchscreen by not letting it touch the surface when positioned flat.

Raised rubber ridges prevent the smartphone from slipping out of your hands. CandyShell comes in three color combinations like beaming orchid/Mykonos blue, charcoal grey/dark poppy red and nickel grey/antifreeze yellow.

4. totallee

totallee is renowned for making ultra-svelte cases. And this one is no different. Having just 0.02-inch thickness, it’s the thinnest (most probably) iPhone 8 case in the market. It’s readied with the finest polypropylene material. The matte frosted finish assists the case in retaining its charm for long.

Another notable quality of this case is that it doesn’t fingerprint or grime to ruin its look. What’s more, this enviably slim case is available in eight colors and comes with 2-year warranty.

5. Speck Presidio

Speck Presidio is pretty much in line with CandyShell (above mentioned). It’s also a commendable mix of solidity and slimness. Empowered by two-layers of construction, it can endure drops of up to 10 feet.

The cover is fully rubberized to ensure the case can dissipate impact. Raised rubber ridges offer non-slippery gripping. It provides reliable screen protection with the front lip. Presidio grip series cases come in seven color combinations.


SYMMETRY SERIES cases from OtterBox feature compact design. Boasting of dual materials construction, they are protective enough to thwart the challenge of impact.

Smooth interior keeps off scrape, whereas the pocket-friendly design makes it easier to slip in or out of the pocket. Beveled edge offers the desired touchscreen protection. However, the notable highlight of this case is the availability of 27 vibrant color options. That means you have more freedom to choose a better match for your device. Besides, SYMMETRY SERIES cases come with limited lifetime warranty.

7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

What stands out for Spigen Ultra Hybrid is the crystal clear profile that goes along beautifully with the iPhone. Crafted with high-quality PC and TPU, it can endure falls. Cushioned corners further fortify the structure; making it very durable.

With the soft bumper, you have essential grip when holding the device in your hands. Covered buttons are very responsive and offer better feedback, while the precise cutouts for camera, speakers, and port give it a form-fitting look. That’s not all, Ultra Hybrid comes in five nice-looking colors to choose from.

8. Silk

Silk is readied for the folks who don’t like traditional looking wallet case. It features a slot on the back which allows you to store up to three cards. The textured sides offer secure grip; thereby letting you hold your device more comfortably.

Credit card kickstand offers optimal viewing angle to improve your hands-free experience. As for protection, you can trust this sleek wallet case to prevent scratch and also resist impact. This slim wallet case is available in four color options like black, brown, red and white.

9. Spigen Tough Armor

There are very few cases that can make a better combo of style and protection than “Spigen Tough Armor 2.” Having solid two-piece construction, it’s able to offer all-round protection to your smartphone. All the four corners of the case have been bolstered by the air-cushion technology.

Tough Armor features a built-in kickstand to bring life to your video time; enhancing your hands-free experience. It also features a logo cutout on the back to let the brand illuminate. Besides, this military-grade case comes in five fascinating color options.

10. JETech

JETech is a great value for your money. The first thing that caught my eyes when I had first interaction with it is the appreciable design. The top-of-the line PC and TPU material make it very durable.

Despite looking so slim, it doesn’t compromise on protection. Air cushion on all the four corners further fortifies the structure. The ring holder provides 360 viewing angle. You can pick this ring holder case in two colors: black and HD clear.

11. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series

Flaunting robust frame and clear back, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style signifies both grace and power. TPU and PC casing fits impeccably on the iPhone. The structure being impact resistant; your device has the trustworthy suit that becomes very handy in unfortunate situations like accidental drops.

Smooth edges feel comfy in the palm, while the buttons are quite sensitive to the press. For all being so protective, it doesn’t look bulky at all. This modish case is available in four colors: navy, black, pink and green.


Have a penchant for svelte design? Give a serious look at TORRAS case. But don’t go by its slim structure as it’s made of hard plastic and able to ward off scratch.

With the matte finish, it has a nice feel. This thin case keeps grime or smudge at a fair distance, thereby retaining its charm for long. Better still, you get to choose from eight captivating color options.

13. Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen Slim Armor CS can be a great pick for the folks who are looking for a slim wallet case. It is beautifully crafted with the top quality TPU and PC material.

The built-in card storage on the back lets you keep a couple of cards some cash. Sliding cover allows you to quickly access your valuables.

Soft interior enables this case to offer required defense against scrape. Anti-skid surface reduces the chance of any slip-up; thereby providing you the essential comfort while holding the device in your hands. Past the features, you can pick this minimalist wallet case in five charming colors.

Your Pick?

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