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Are you wondering if Snapchat will notify someone when you look at their snap location?

Maybe you accidentally tapped on someone’s snap location and you’re wondering whether they’ll be notified.

Or maybe you’ve been looking at someone’s location often and you want to know whether the person is aware of it.

Either way, if someone happens to know that you’re looking at their location, they might think that you’re stalking them.

In this article, you’ll learn whether someone knows if you look at their snap location, and other frequently asked questions.

By the end of the article, you should have a better understanding on how Snapchat locations work.

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Does Snapchat Notify When You Look at Someone’s Location?

Does Snapchat Notify When You Look at Someone’s Location?

No, Snapchat does not notify when you look at someone’s location as they have removed the status page in mid-2024 in an update.

No, Snapchat does not notify the person if you looked at their snap location.

In the past version of Snapchat (early 2023), you used to be able to check if someone has looked at your location by opening the “eye” icon on your status page. However, you have to be traveling or have set a status in order to see who viewed your location.

As of mid-2024, Snapchat has removed the status feature and you can no longer check if someone has viewed your location.

In the past version of Snapchat (early 2023), if you were to look at someone’s location while they’re traveling or if they set a status, they will be aware of it if they opened the “eye” icon on the status page.

But if you just had your standard location on Snapchat, you will not be able to know if someone has viewed your location.

However, as of mid-2024, Snapchat removed the status feature and you can no longer access it.

If you were to open the Snap Map now, you’ll no longer see the status icon at the bottom of the page.

This means that there is no way that someone will be notified if you looked at their snap location in the present.

That being said, the removal of the status feature means that you can view anyone’s location without them knowing.

However, you can no longer know if someone is stalking you based on your location on Snapchat.

How long does your location stay on Snapchat?

How long does your location stay on Snapchat?

Your location will stay on Snapchat for about 8 hours, and then it’ll disappear on the map.

Your location will stay on Snapchat for about 8 hours.

After 8 hours, your location will disappear on the Snap Map.

Unless you turned on Ghost Mode, your location will be visible to the people you’ve set in your privacy settings.

For example, if you were to set your location settings to “My Friends”, only your friends will be able to see your location.

Secondly, if you set your location to “My Friends, Except …”, all your friends will be able to see your location except for selected ones.

Lastly, if you set your location to “Only These Friends …”, only selected friends will be able to see your location on the map.

Does ghost mode show your last location?

Does ghost mode show your last location?

No, enabling on Ghost Mode will not show your last location to anyone.

When you enable Ghost Mode, no one will be able to see your last or current location for a chosen duration.

By enabling Ghost Mode, your friends will not be able to see your location.

When enabling Ghost Mode, you can set 3 different timers for it—3 hours, 24 hours, and Until turned off.

If you chose “Until turned off” as the duration of the Ghost Mode, your location will not be visible to anyone until you turn it off.

You can enable Ghost Mode if you don’t want people snooping on your location.

Can you tell the last time someone was on Snapchat?

Can you tell the last time someone was on Snapchat?

To view their story, go to the “Discover” page on Snapchat, and tap on their story.

For example, if the duration under their name shows, “19h ago from camera roll”, then they might have been on Snapchat 19 hours ago.

If you want to know the exact last time someone was on Snapchat, you can check their location on the Snap Map.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to check the last time someone was on Snapchat by checking their location:

Tap on the “Circle” icon on Snapchat and swipe down to view the Snap Map.

Then, tap on the “Friends” icon at the bottom-right of the Snap Map.

Search for the name of your friend.

Tap on your friend’s Bitmoji to check the last time that they are on Snapchat.

Checking someone’s location is the best way to find out the last time someone was on Snapchat.

However, if they haven’t been on Snapchat for more than 8 hours, their location will disappear from the Snap Map.


In this article, you’ve learned whether Snapchat notifies someone when you look at their location on the Snap Map, and other frequently asked questions.

To summarize, Snapchat does not notify someone when you look at their location.

This is after the update in mid-2024 where Snapchat removed the status feature.

So if you’ve accidentally looked at someone’s location or have been constantly doing so, you don’t have to worry about them knowing.

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Author: Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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A Quick Look At Siri Shortcuts

In iOS 12, Apple introduces Siri Shortcuts, which lets you pair your daily routines with third-party apps. Better still, Siri learns your habits and make suggestions based on that knowledge.

Though still in beta along with the rest of iOS 12, the Siri Shortcuts feature is already robust enough to get an idea what to expect when it’s released this Fall. Here’s a look at how to use Siri Shortcuts on your iOS device in iOS 12.

From Workflow to Siri Shortcuts

Unlike the Workflow automation app Apple purchased in 2023 (and is probably replacing), Siri Shortcuts isn’t an app at all. Instead, it’s a selection in the Settings app in iOS under Siri & Search.

Relegating Siri Shortcuts to this location was an odd choice given the popularity of Workflow. Luckily, its unusual placement doesn’t take away from the tool’s usefulness, even as a first release.

The Siri & Search page on iOS includes three main sections: Shortcuts, Ask Siri, and Siri Suggestions. These are followed by a listing of every app installed on your iPhone or iPad.


As Apple explains, you “add Shortcuts for things you frequently do so you can get them done just by asking Siri.” On this screen, you’ll find links called My Shortcuts and More Shortcuts. Between these are links showing at least three recommended actions based on your most recent routines.

In the example above, you see the Shortcuts, “View photos,” “Send a message to Samantha,” “Start a video chat with Samantha,” and “Check Apple stock price.”

Therefore, in this example, all you have to say is “Check Apple stock price,” and Siri will open the Stocks app and take you to the Apple listing.

3) To change the Shortcut, select Edit and then use your voice to change the command. Hit Done at the top right when you’re done.

In the following example, instead of saying “Check Apple stock price,” the Shortcut has been changed to “Check the stock price for Apple.”

More Shortcuts

Under More Shortcuts, you’ll a running list of recommended Siri Shortcuts.

1) To get started, tap More Shortcuts.

Note: The three recommended actions mentioned above are also found under More Shortcuts.

2) On this screen, you’ll see various actions, sorted by the iOS app. These change often, depending on your routine.

4) Record your voice as you did before and then tap Done.

In the example above, I selected the recommended action, Show weather in my current location, and recorded my voice.  Now, every time I say, “Show weather in my location,” Siri will get to work and alert me to the current weather conditions.

Ask Siri and Siri Suggestions

The Ask Siri and Siri Suggestions sections on the Siri & Search page in iOS 12 is similar to the one in iOS 11. Using toggles, you can change how Siri reacts.  Some of the choices under Ask Siri include “Listen for “Hey Siri,” “Press Side Button for Siri,” and “Allow Siri When Locked.”

Choices under Siri Suggestions are “Suggestions in Search,” “Suggestions in Lock Up,” and “Suggestions on Lock Screen.”

Changes by app

The final section on the Siri & Search page is a listing of all the apps installed on your iOS device, sorted in alphabetical order.

1) Tapping on any of these brings up a page including whether the app should use “Search,  Suggestions . & Shortcuts,” and “Allow on Lock Screen.”

As Apple explains, “Allow information from (app name) to appear in Search, Look Up, Keyboard, and Lock Screen. Siri may learn from and make suggestions based on how you use the app.”

2) Toggle to make a change.

In the example above, I chose the Adidas app and changed its “Allow on Lock Screen” setting.

Learning Curve

Overall, I’ve been impressed with the Siri Shortcuts tool in iOS 12. Nevertheless, I hope Apple makes some design improvements on the Siri & Search page before iOS 12 is released to the public. Its current layout is a little bit messy. In particular, I don’t like seeing the three recommended actions sandwiched between the My Shortcuts and More Shortcuts links. This sloppy setup could prove confusing to many.

Changes made to Siri Shortcuts during the iOS 12 beta process will be reflected here.

Apple will release iOS 12 this Fall.

Stiff Neck: A Look At Possible Causes

A stiff neck could result from several reasons. Maybe you didn’t sleep right a few days back and you got a kink in your neck. Or maybe you’ve been working on the computer too long for a few months now.

In this article, we will explore the different causes behind a stiff neck both short-term and long-term.

Sprains, Strains, and Minor Injuries

The muscles in your neck could be stretched or there may be muscle tears – these are called strains. The levator scapulae muscle i.e., the muscle at the back of your neck (the transverse process C1-C4) connects with the superior scapula or shoulder blade and is very commonly injured in daily activities.

These include sudden impacts that twist your head/neck such as sports injuries, sleeping in uncomfortable or awkward positions, poor posture, or slouching while using the computer, phone, or books i.e., “text neck”. Stress can also cause your neck muscles to stiffen.

Alternatively, ligaments or tendons (soft tissue) that connect bones or muscles to bone respectively, could be sprained.

These ligaments and tendons could get twisted, torn, or stretched and cause stiffness alongside other symptoms like pain, swelling, and tenderness. This can happen during an accident that makes your head jerk back and forth, during contact injuries in sports, or if have a fall.

You may also have muscle spasms in which your muscles contract involuntarily causing pain. It usually occurs due to low electrolyte levels like potassium or magnesium, or too much muscular exertion such as when moving furniture or lifting weights.

Major Accidents

Major accidents can cause major trauma to the ligaments, muscles, and tendons through whiplash.

This is when your head jerks back and forth violently during a collision and results in dizziness, headaches, burning or pickling on the neck, pain in your back or shoulder, and difficulty concentrating or memory loss. This is more severe and may affect the nerves in the neck as well.


Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, can also damage the neck joints due to inflammation as can osteoarthritis which usually occurs with old age and is a consequence of wear and tear. It can also occur as post-traumatic arthritis, more common in younger people after an injury or accident where the bones have been broken, fractured, or dislocated.

Spinal Stenosis

This is a condition that causes a narrowing of the spinal canal which also places immense pressure on the spinal cord and the spinal cord nerves.

It usually occurs together with other degenerative conditions like cervical osteoarthritis in which the cervical spine becomes worn out, dehydrates, breaks down, and stiffens – usually with age.

Degenerative Disorders

Other than cervical osteoarthritis, other degenerative diseases like cervical degenerative disc disease can also contribute to stiffness in the neck. Cervical degenerative disc disease occurs when the discs in between the vertebrae of your spine begin to lose hydration and height, and their viscoelasticity which allows them to provide a cushioning effect deteriorates.


These bone spurs usually do not cause any trouble. But if these extra lumps of bone that protrude from the spine or joints begin to impinge on the nerves or tendons, place pressure on ligaments, or rub against bones it can cause pain and stiffness. This may also occur if the bone spurs break away and get stuck in the joint linings.

Osteophytes occur post damage to the bones/joints after injuries, degenerative joint disease, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis. In such conditions, the body tries to affix more bone to the injured area to fix the injury, causing excess bony growths i.e., osteophytes.

Osteophytes can occur due to aging, overuse of joints such as through lifelong dancing or running, genetic or congenital bone problems, obesity, or spinal stenosis.


This disorder is chronic and can affect any part of your body, although stiffness in the neck and neck pain are the most common symptoms. The causes of fibromyalgia remain multiple- there is no one specific cause for its development.

But fibromyalgia is a widespread pain that is also accompanied by symptoms like anxiety, depression, and heightened stress levels which can also contribute to a stiff neck.

Cervical Herniated Disc

Cervical discs are the elastic cushioning discs placed between the spinal bones. Sometimes the soft inner core of the disc breaks through the protective exterior layer and leaks out, compressing nerves and soft tissues and causing inflammation, numbness, and pain.


This is a potentially life-threatening infection (viral/bacterial/fungal) of the brain and spinal cord which can either resolve on its own or requires emergency treatment.

This causes the three membranes i.e., the meninges that shield the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed and also cause muscular rigidity leading to stiffness and restrained mobility in the neck.

Conclusion – Prevention and Treatment

Take good care of your neck by avoiding lugging heavy weights, and wear the appropriate protective gear while playing sports or driving vehicles.

The different causes of a stiff neck can be resolved using anything from physiotherapy, applying hot or cold compresses, taking stretch breaks between work, and using ergonomic chairs and pillows for your office and bedroom.

Undertake stress relief activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, massages, or relaxing baths. You may also need medication such as antibiotics to counter the infection, IV fluids for rehydration, and corticosteroids or NSAIDs for pain and inflammation.

You must rest your neck and refrain from heavy-duty activities that strain it further, for which purpose a cervical collar will keep your neck still.

Should You Get Your Kid A Phone? Here’S A Look At Your Options

If your children are anything like mine, they probably started asking for a phone shortly after they started talking. Before we talk about the best phone for kids, the real question is whether they’re ready for a phone. The answer is complicated.

According to Statista, as of 2023, 31% of 8-year-olds already have a smartphone in the USA. That number goes up to 42% by age 12, and 69% by age 12. There’s even a whole campaign devoted to waiting until your kids are a bit older, dubbed Wait until 8th (as in 8th grade). With so many conflicting opinions, it’s hard to know when kids should get a phone. Let’s dive into the subject a bit, and then we’ll discuss the options.

Just want to know what some of the best phones for kids are? Scroll down to the bottom.

At what age should kids get a phone?

The truth is there’s no right age to give your kid a phone. Social pressure and the need to fit in with the crowd will have your kids asking from a pretty early age. That said, the most straightforward answer for a long time was to wait until your kid becomes a teenager. At least that is what tech mogul Bill Gates does, arguably one of the biggest supporters of tech.

So, when should you get kids their first phone?

Google Family Link

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

There are several ways to monitor your child’s activity, including Google’s Family Link system. We have a great guide on setting it up and using it, but what is it exactly? In short, the free service lets you set up restrictions, including control over messages, time limits for usage, control over apps, and even a basic content filter. It also has a way to track your kid’s phone, which is super helpful.

Okay, now we are finally ready for the central question: what are the best phones for kids? The answer to this depends, once again.

Unless you have a very young child, getting a specialty phone designed for kids is probably unnecessary. This is good because most of these options require a traditional plan, are overpriced, or will be something your kids grow out of fast.

Before we move on to the actual best list, it’s worth repeating: your kid will probably break or lose whatever phone you give them eventually. If you have a teen willing to save up and buy the device themselves, it’s up to them if they want one of the best Android phones or even an iPhone. We recommend a cheap phone for everyone else, such as one of the options you’ll find below.

Apple iPhone SE (2024)

Apple iPhone SE (2024)

Guaranteed long-term software updates • Improved battery life • Powerful A15 Bionic chipset

MSRP: $429.00

One of the most affordable iPhones you can get

The latest iPhone SE has the same body as its predecessor but sports a faster chipset, more RAM, and a bigger battery.

See price at Amazon


This depends on your needs, but most people tend to agree that kids should have a phone after entering their teen years. This is when they start going out of the house more, or participating in activities. More communication with your kids is paramount after these factors come into consideration.

It’s not necessarily bad, but it does open the doors to negative situations. A smartphone can create distractions, affect social behavior, and possibly expose your kid to the world of bad things the internet can store. That said, you can always monitor your kid’s usage responsibly and make sure they use their smartphones according to your standards.

Children tend to be a bit more careless with gadgets, which is why most people prefer to buy them affordable smartphones. Either that or a rugged handset. It’s not really a good idea to get kids a high-end device, unless they are responsible enough to handle one. That said, we would say anything between $150 and about $400 is a good investment for a kid’s smartphone.

There are many apps and services for monitoring your kid, but the most common for Android users is Family Link. If you want to have more access to what your kids do, you can also check out some of the best spy apps here.

If anyone needs smartphone insurance, it’s kids. We all know what the little ones can do to anything they touch. Sadly, the chances of your kid damaging a device are pretty high. Here’s a list of the best phone insurance options you can get.

What To Look For When Buying An E

Starting up in the e-commerce sector is a challenge because of market saturation, which is why many savvy business people opt to buy an already established e-commerce store

The exponential growth of the e-commerce sector cannot be argued with. The Office of National Statistics reported that the proportion of adults aged 65 and over who shop online trebled since 2023, rising 48% in 2023, a 32% increase on 2008. While the percentage among all adults who have bought goods or services online was 78% in 2023, and this is a figure set to grow further.

In less than a decade some of the largest e-commerce brands such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba have grown to a colossal size and there is always scope for new brands to make their mark. Retail has changed for good due to the truly global nature of e-commerce. There are zero barriers or borders which gives e-commerce businesses plenty of opportunities, but also huge competition.

Starting up in the e-commerce sector is a challenge because of market saturation, which is why many savvy business people opt to buy an already established e-commerce store. Just make sure you are fully up to speed on all relevant e-commerce trends for this year, and beyond before taking this route.

Of course, there is a risk, as with all businesses, so you need to be 100% focused during the buying process and make the right decision when choosing your future business. There are many things you can do to improve sales to grow your e-commerce business but, first, here are five steps to buying the e-commerce store you want while mitigating risk and maximizing the chance of good returns.

1. Due diligence

Do your homework. Is there market demand for the business you’re looking at? Is there space for it to grow and your store to flourish? Competition is so high in this industry that you cannot afford to get it wrong so you need to do some in-depth analysis of competitors as well as your potential purchase.

Look at e-commerce businesses that have found their own niche market or niche product – this is where success is found as demand will be steady and competition much lower.  In addition, there are likely to be plenty of new innovations.

Check out potential investments technically. Look at the site from a completely unbiased and analytical viewpoint. How does the site rank? Check out its statistics using Alexa and SimilarWeb, but also go more in-depth and look at their Google Analytics as closely as possible.

Examine their traffic to see if there are any patterns and trends. This will allow you to assess whether there is scope for you to improve and build on their current position. Where there’s scope for growth, it is worth looking further into the business.

Do not forget to look closely for any supply chain issues, as this is key to the success of any e-commerce business. Look into existing business relationships, costs and lengths of contracts already in place. Anything that doesn’t seem legitimate or quite add up should be analyzed in closer detail.

Be sure to look under the hood of the website to see what is powering it, whether Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Weebly or one of the many others. There are also various e-commerce guides to help you get your head around the confusing ins and outs of e-commerce stores, such as this review of the ever-popular Shopify that includes pros and cons.

2. Post-purchase costs

The costs of your new e-commerce business do not stop with the sale price and you need to seriously consider the post-purchase cost of your new investment. The overall value of the transaction incorporates many other factors including branding, website maintenance, digital asset costs, supply chain, marketing investment and more.

Dependent on the current setup of your potential investment, you may only need to make small tweaks. But in other instances, you may want to fully overhaul the look and feel of the business, so this is something you have to factor in.

3. Digital intelligence

Is your potential new business a success online? Again, you must research the current outlook for your investment in terms of digital presence, as this will have a big impact.

How successful is their content strategy? Are they active across social media? What networks currently seem to work for them and where are they missing out? Again, you should be looking for successes but also places where you can grow and develop the business. Don’t forget to also examine at their conversion rates – are they converting traffic on their site into customers?

Most marketplaces where you can buy e-commerce stores provide verified traffic data and even revenues, giving you a clear picture of the store’s current position. Dig into their SEO and website analytics as you may be pleasantly surprised. If their SEO is poor then you have a big opportunity to improve things; if their SEO is working well then you’ll have more time to focus on growing the business in other ways.

You should also make sure to test the customer service of the store in its current state. Ring them, email them and use any additional messenger services and social media channels they may use for customer service. Customer service is a big indication of how well a business treats its customers and how well (or not) it trains and helps its staff. It’s also a big part when it comes to building customer trust.

Look where there may have been problems in the past and see if any negative feedback has been handled well. You don’t want to invest in a business that is already viewed in an extremely negative light.

Similarly, look at what they do well, how is their content creation? Do they engage well with their audience? These are things you can pick up and continue with. But, lastly and perhaps most importantly, look at how their checkout performs – what percentage of checkout processes end with an abandoned cart?  Find out why.

4. The legal stuff

Legal compliance is not the most interesting element of any purchase, but it is completely essential. You need to make sure you have the full legal rights to run the new business and are in the position to do so.

This includes ensuring you obtain the intellectual property necessary to continue operating the business after purchase. It is very easy to fall foul of intellectual property law over issues you may not even have considered.

Does the individual you’re buying from own the copyright to all imagery on the site? What trademarks are in place and can you purchase them legally? Be sure to ask every question necessary to get the full legal picture before agreeing to any purchase.

5. The financials

You will also need to check through any existing contracts the store has with external agencies, such as marketing companies and SEO agencies, and see if you are obliged to keep them on or there are break-out clauses or other provisions you can make use of.

You need to do the same when it comes to the company revenue and ensure everything adds up properly and there is nothing untoward before you get involved with the business.

Summing up

Buying a successful e-commerce store isn’t always possible but you can buy one which is well-positioned to grow and develop. With global sales revenues estimated to have reached $2.8 trillion, according to Statista, there may never be a better time to get involved in e-commerce.

What To Look For When Getting A Powerbank

With the development of science and technology, our devices – phones, tablets, cameras etc. – become more and more an integral part of our life. They are not just part of a lifestyle; they have become markers in our personality.

Imagine being on the move, and your phone battery drains out. Anyone who has witnessed such knows how demoralizing it feels being separated from your device. This has made having a reserve source of power a necessity. But with the amount and variety of power banks in the market, to look for power banks that fit you is a massive undertaking.

Here are a few pointers before you acquire a power bank.

1. Physical size

I feel this is one of the first things to look out for. I once had a power bank that was three times the size of my phone (an iPhone 5) and weighed just as much as it looked. The obvious problem I had was how to fit it in my pocket. So many times I had to leave the phone in my pocket and carry my power bank in my hand. It did not feel like the ideal way to manage my device.

That said, if you often move around with a purse, the size may be less of a concern for you, but you should also know that the physical size in most cases may not have anything to do with the capacity or strength of a power bank.

2. Number of charging ports

Obviously, the number of ports determine how many devices can charge at the same time. Basically, the more ports there are, the more devices it can charge simultaneously. Interestingly, this factor sometimes has an effect on the size. So if you want a power bank that fits seamlessly in your pocket, you may be looking for one with only one or two ports.

3. Voltage

When looking for a power bank, consider the voltage of utmost importance because, unlike other factors, this might pose a safety risk. The rule is quite straightforward: don’t buy a power bank with a voltage higher than your battery. So, for instance, a 5.5 V power bank for a 3.7 V battery may not be the best choice.

This is because if you charge your battery with a power bank that has higher voltage, it begins to swell and may even explode. Also, if you charge your battery with a power bank of lower voltage, it may never charge.

4. Capacity

The capacity measured in milliamp-hour, or “mAh,” is a key factor to knowing how much power it will use to charge your device and how often you will need to charge it.

Common capacity ratings are 2,000mAh to 15,000mAh, and in some cases as high as 40,000mAh. The higher the power, the more the times it can charge your device. While you look for power bank, you should consider how many devices you have and invariably the amount of capacity that might be required to fully charge your devices.

5. Price

This is almost always the factor that determines which of the other factors will be accommodated. With prices from $4 all the way up to $100, you are likely to find something within your budget. I will usually recommend one towards the upper end of your budget because cheaper may not always be better, and often what you pay for is what you get.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list, but it is a very good starting point when looking for a power bank.

Afam Onyimadu

Afam is a writer with a passion for technology amongst many other fields. Aside from putting pen to paper, he is a passionate soccer lover, a dog breeder and enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

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