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Now, imagine you are in a room where you can’t play the game aloud. What would you do? You would instantly pop in a pair of headphones into the console and begin playing. But, wouldn’t this hook you to a specific position and you probably won’t even get the desired audio. Also, amidst all that excitement, you need some space to relax, chill and maybe jump a bit!

Here’s solution, grab a good pair of bluetooth headphones for PS4.

But, Sadly! Not All Bluetooth Headphones Are PS4 Compatible

You would need to purchase headphones that are compatible with PS4.. You can check from the list of you have PS4 supported bluetooth headphones.

Some of the bluetooth headphones come with a dongle which you can plug to the controller and then use the headphone on your PS4. 

Before letting you in on how to connect wireless headphones to PS4, here’s a small tip –

We know how much you love playing PS4 games. And, if you are an avid gamer, you would want to keep everything in place. For instance,  keep your PC optimized and drivers updated.  You needn’t make any tweaks to your PC all by yourself especially when there are tools to help you do just that.

Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak Software for instance has a dedicated game optimizer which turns your system into a gaming machine. It blocks any interruptions that might mar your game experience and makes game controls more responsive. Coming from the same house is  Advanced Driver Updater which’ll keep all your drivers up to date, so you don’t have to hound for drivers elsewhere.

Download Advanced Driver Updater

How To Connect PS4 Supported Bluetooth Headphones To PS4

Step 1:

Step 2:

On your PS4 follow the path mentioned below –

 Step 3:

Now, you will see your device on PS4

Step 4:

Select your bluetooth device and you are good to go!

That’s how simple it is !

1. PS4 Remote Play App

Using this app you can play PS4 games on Android (5.0 and above) and iOS (this app would only work on iOS 13). The app is available on both Google Play Store and App store. This app will work only of your PS4 and your smartphone are there on the same Wi-Fi network.

Make sure that the Remote Play feature is activated on your PS4 system. Here’s how you can do that –

Also, you will be required to register your device to your PSN Account to connect bluetooth headphones to PS4. For this open the Remote Play App on your smartphone and enter your PSN account credentials.

That’s it your device will now be connected to PS4 and you can plug in your bluetooth headphones. For instance you can pair your Airpods to your phone using this method and subsequently, connect Airpods to PS4.

2. Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS4 Using Audio Cable

If you are figuring out so as to how to connect wireless headphones to PS4 if its not compatible, then here’s a fix. You would need  bluetooth headphones with a built-in microphone. And, most bluetooth headphones these days come with an audio cable and a built-in microphone.

Now, once you have this arrangement follow the steps mentioned below –

(i) First connect your cable to your headphone and PS4 and then go to

Select the name of your device in the list.

(iv) Select Output to Headphones and instead of choosing Chat Audio

You would simply need a USB adapter to Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS4 via USB adapter. After you have arranged for a USB adapter and have connected it to your PS4, here are the steps you need to follow –

(i) First, insert the USB adapter is the USB slot

(ii) Switch your bluetooth headphones on

(iii) Now, head to PS4

(v) Select Output to Headphones and select All Audio

Let Your Gaming Experience Go Full Throttle Quick Reaction:

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How To Leave The Sand Behind On Your Next Beach Trip

When you leave the beach, you bring sand with you. These tiny particles are part of the fun at the shore, but they get very annoying very quickly when you track them into your car or house. If you’re tired of sand clinging stubbornly to your skin and getting wedged in your rugs, we have a few tricks to keep the grains at the beach where they belong.

Why sand sticks

One of the oddities of sand as a material is how it changes when you add water. Sand is highly hydrophilic; H2O molecules can stick directly to it, and then more water molecules glom on to the ones attached to the silica. So anything wet—towels, toes, chairs, shoes, pets—will collect sand.

Once the water evaporates, which happens quickly in a car that’s been baking in a shadeless parking lot the sand may get caught in clothing, stick to the crevasses of our skin, and otherwise hang on where it’s not wanted. Or it’ll fall off, waiting for your foot to grind it into carpets or your skin to pick it back up.

This means that managing moisture is the key to keeping sand off your body and clothes, and ultimately out of your house.

Keep grit off your gear…

Unless you only head to the beach for long thoughtful walks, you’re going to get wet on your trip. However, you can take steps to limit your moisture, and thus the sand you pick up.

Start with the materials your beach gear is made out of. Wear open-toed shoes that you can easily kick the sand out of, and as much as possible, carry bags, chairs, and other potentially-sandy items made out of open materials like mesh. Gravity easily gets rid of dry sand, so if these items remain dry, all you’ll need to empty them out is a good hard shake.

For items that can’t be made out of mesh, look for materials that are easy to de-sand. Metal beach chairs, for example, will certainly attract these particles, but you can easily brush them off or rinse them in a little water.

Beach towels and blankets are harder to clean on-site, so we recommend you stick with a chair alone. However, if you must bring one of these cloths, wash it beforehand with fabric softener, which is hydrophobic and will repel some moisture. Then try to use it for lounging only, rather than drying off with it and making the material damp.

For shoes and flip-flops, apply a hydrophobic spray, such as Rust-Oleum NeverWet ($15 on Amazon), to the soles and sides before you head to the beach. You can also use this treatment to coat the bottoms of chairs, coolers, and other potential moisture sources. Just check to ensure the spray you buy is non-toxic, and remember that these are temporary coatings, so you’ll eventually need to reapply them.

With drinks and other cold items, you’ll also face also the issue of condensation. There’s a surprising amount of water in the air at any given time (even the Sahara has an average of about 25 percent humidity). When you pull a soda out of the cooler, the air around the can rapidly hits the dew point, the temperature where water is cool enough to form droplets on a surface. This happens particularly frequently when the surface is a good conductor like aluminum, which removes the heat those liquid droplets need to evaporate.

Although no surface will stop condensation entirely, plastic and glass containers gather less, and double-walled bottles are ideal—they have an inner layer that insulates the drink, preventing the outer surface from reaching the dew point. If you do have to set condensation-collecting containers on sand, put them on a dry towel or other surface. For aluminum cans, use a foam koozie, which will also insulate your soda.

…And your skin

If you go swimming in the ocean, make sure to come out of the water when the tide is coming in. When the tide pulls out, it draws loose particles of sand with it, which could stick to you.

Even with the best precautions, you might get sand on your wet feet or hands. There’s an easy trick to solve this problem: Bring some talc or baby powder. This chalky material is even more hydrophilic than sand, so when you sprinkle it on hands or feet, it will slurp up the moisture that makes sand sticky. After that, the grains should easily loosen and fall away.


If you’re not careful, you’ll find this silica sitting around your house for weeks after your beach trip.

Leaving the beach

You’re unlikely to keep entirely sand-free at the beach, but you can take steps to clean up after you leave. Again, getting rid of these particles is a matter of fighting moisture.

If a beach shower is available, everyone should use it to wash off any errant grains sticking to their skin. “Everyone” includes pets, as undiscovered sand can irritate their skins.

As for your shoes, before you leave, take them off, remove the soles (if possible), and give them a good hard shake. Also bring a hard, bristly welcome mat, and have anyone getting into your car thoroughly wipe off their shoes before boarding. If all else fails, wear shoes that can survive a heavy hose-down or a cycle in the washing machine.

Before you toss your sandy stuff into the car, line its trunk with old blankets or towels, ideally material that you’ve pre-washed with a dose of fabric softener. If you have to ride with wet and potentially sandy suits, take the same precaution with car seats. For the floors, use rubber mats instead of carpeted ones.

Put anything wet in a mesh bag before stashing it in the car, so as it dries and the sand falls off, the debris will filter out of the carrier and onto the liner blanket. When you get home, shake the blanket off outside your house.

Hang up any wet items outside your home and let them dry completely. Then give them a good shake before you take them inside. If you’re in a hotel or can’t hang your suit up, try the following process instead.

Soak the item in cold water for ten minutes, which will pull sand out of fabric where it’s become embedded. Then, lay it out on a clean, dry towel. Either let the suit air-dry or blow-dry it with a hair dryer on the cool setting. Now a brisk shake (outside, of course) should remove the sand.

When all else fails

Even with all this preparation, a few grains of grit might sneak their way into the house. To get them out, use dry cleaning methods like running a vacuum cleaner over the stubborn mess.

For smaller rugs, if you can remove them, then hang them up and beat them out. Fallen sand can drop between the fibers and hang on with some tenacity, so beating the rug forces them to the surface.

If you can’t beat the rug, simply remember that wet cleaning methods don’t remove sand. To pull these particles out of a material, they generally need to be floating in water—and you don’t want to flood your house. So grab a vacuum with a deep brush and run it aggressively over the carpet, going over the problem area at least three times. It’ll be hard on your rug, but no harder than sand.

Unless you plan to avoid the beach entirely, a grain or two will likely slip through, no matter how thorough you are. But a little moisture control can go a long way—and a little common sense even further—toward keeping sand on the beach where it belongs.

Fix: Lg Soundbar Bluetooth Not Pairing / Working

FIX: LG Soundbar Bluetooth not pairing / working




LG Soundbar Bluetooth problems are frequent and can have many causes.

If your Bluetooth speaker isn’t pairing, troubleshoot the problem using one of the solutions below.

If you’re looking for some cool speakers, check out our Expert Guides.

Keep an eye on our Peripherals section to be prepared for any errors that you might encounter.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Bluetooth speakers are great since they allow you to get enhanced sound quality from your laptop.

One of the more popular Bluetooth speakers is the LG Soundbar. Despite the great features that this gadget has to offer, it can encounter various issues on Windows 10.

Here are some problems that users reported:

LG Soundbar quit working – This can occur if your system is out of date.

LG Soundbar keeps going quiet – This problem can be related to your sound settings, so be sure that your Bluetooth speaker is selected as the default audio device.

LG Soundbar Bluetooth not pairing – Your drivers might be the problem. To fix the issue, reinstall and update Bluetooth drivers and check if that helps.

Keep reading below to find a more detailed list of solutions on these issues.

What can I do if the LG Soundbar Bluetooth isn’t working? 1. Try using a cable connection

If Bluetooth isn’t working while using the LG Sound Bar, using a cable connection could be a solid workaround.

It’s true that a cable connection defies the whole purpose of a Bluetooth speaker, but at least try using it until you manage to fix the problem.

2.  Update your drivers

As mentioned above, one of the common causes of LG Soundbar problems is an outdated Bluetooth driver.

Updating drivers imply that you visit your laptop manufacturer’s website and download the latest Bluetooth drivers for it.  This also applies if you’re using a Bluetooth adapter.

However, since downloading drivers manually can be a bit tedious, especially if you don’t know exactly what components you should get, use a dedicated tool like Outbyte Driver Updater to help you.

Besides, once you have Outbyte Driver Updater, you can scan your system every once in a while to inspect the status of all drivers and keep your device healthy.

Get rid of Bluetooth issues on your LG Soundbar for good by checking and updating all your drivers with this simple tool.

Free trial Visit website

3. Remove problematic updates

After removing the updates, check if the problem is still there.

Several users reported that removing recent updates fixed the problem for them, but bear in mind that Windows 10 has a tendency to install the missing updates automatically.

In order to prevent this issue from reappearing, you can block Windows 10 from installing updates automatically. If you want to go for this solution, don’t forget to manually check for updates all the time.

4. Update the speaker’s firmware

Bluetooth issues can also be related to the speakers’ firmware.

Sometimes updating the firmware will fix various problems with your speaker.

To see how to properly update your speaker firmware, be sure to check official instructions on the LG Music Flow app and follow them carefully.

Although the procedure is relatively simple, firmware updates can cause permanent damage to your PC, especially if you don’t perform it properly.

In order to avoid any potential problems, follow the instructions carefully, and use extra caution.

Once you update your speaker’s firmware, the Bluetooth problem should be gone.

5. Move your laptop closer to the speaker

Expert tip:

Alternatively, you can connect to your speaker from a greater distance as long as your lid isn’t completely open.

Keep the lid at less than a 40-degree angle and the problem with the connection should be resolved.

This is a peculiar solution, but it has worked for some users, so you might want to try it as a workaround.

6. Make sure that your speaker is set as the default output device

After making these changes, check if your speaker is working properly.

7. Check for the latest updates

Once the updates are downloaded, simply restart your PC in order to install them. After updating your system, check if the problem with the LG Sound Bar is still there.

8. Run the built-in troubleshooter

Once the process finishes, check if the issue is still there.

If so, try running both Hardware and Devices and Bluetooth troubleshooter and check if any of these troubleshooters fixes the problem.

Unfortunately, there are times when the Troubleshooter stops out of the blue. See this exhaustive article on getting this tool back on track.

9. Roll back or reinstall your Bluetooth drivers

If the Roll Back option isn’t available, you need to reinstall the driver. To do that, just do the following:

After the default driver is installed, check if the problem with your Bluetooth speaker is still there.

10. Restart the Bluetooth Support service

After doing that, check if the problem with Bluetooth service is still there. If you have multiple Bluetooth Support services, be sure to repeat the steps for all these services.

11. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled

If you’re using a laptop, you might have a keyboard shortcut that allows you to easily toggle Bluetooth on or off.

In addition, be sure that you’re properly pairing your speaker. Some Bluetooth devices require you to turn them on and then press the Pair button to pair them with your PC.

Lastly, be sure that Airplane mode feature is disabled.

To do that on your laptop, you can just use a dedicated keyboard shortcut.

12. Remove your Bluetooth device and try to pair it again

After removing the speaker, try to pair it again with your PC and check if that solves your problem.

13. Replace your Bluetooth adapter or try a different speaker

If you keep having issues with LG Sound Bar, perhaps the problem is related to your Bluetooth adapter. Not all adapters are compatible with Windows 10 and other speakers, and if you’re having issues connecting to LG Sound Bar, perhaps your adapter is the problem.

If your adapter is working with other Bluetooth devices, perhaps you might want to consider getting a different Bluetooth speaker.

Problems with Bluetooth and LG Sound Bar can be quite annoying, but we hope that you managed to fix most of these problems by using one of our solutions.

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Bluetooth Not Working In Windows 11? Here Are The 10 Best Fixes!

As users are upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11, all sorts of issues have started to crop up. From no sound issue in Windows 11 to high disk usage even on the latest build of Windows 11, the problems just don’t seem to end. Now, we are getting reports that Bluetooth has stopped working for some users in Windows 11. In some cases, the Bluetooth icon is missing, while other users are unable to send or receive files using Bluetooth. If you are in the same boat and Bluetooth is not working for you in Windows 11, don’t worry, as we have you covered. Follow our guide and fix all Bluetooth-related connectivity issues instantly.

Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 11 (2023)

In this tutorial, we have added 10 ways to resolve Bluetooth problems on Windows 11. Expand the table below to find the list of all solutions and check out any method you want.

1. Add Bluetooth to Action Center

Most of the time, the Bluetooth is working fine, but its icon disappears from the Action Center, and it gives us an impression that Bluetooth is not working. If that’s the case, you can easily add Bluetooth to the Action Center. Here is how to do it.

3. Here, you can add “Bluetooth” to the Action Center.

2. Turn on/off Airplane Mode

If Bluetooth is now working on your Windows 11 PC, an easy fix would be to turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off again. It will disable and then enable all the radio devices on your device, including WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Here is how to do it.

2. After a few seconds, turn it off. Then, check if Bluetooth is showing on your Windows 11 computer, and you can connect your wireless devices or not.

3. Make Sure Bluetooth is Discoverable

Now there’s a possibility that Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows 11 computer, but you are unable to connect your PC to accessories or your smartphone to set up the Your Phone app. It could be because your PC’s status is not set as “Discoverable” and other devices cannot see your PC. Other devices won’t be able to connect to your Windows 11 PC if it’s not discoverable. To fix that, follow the steps below:

4. Restart Bluetooth Services

If Bluetooth is not working in Windows 11 even after adding the toggle to the Action Center, you should restart the Bluetooth services. This will force-enable Bluetooth on your Windows 11 PC. Follow the instructions below.

1. Press “Windows + R” to open the Run prompt. Here, type chúng tôi and hit Enter to open the Services window.

2. Under the Services window, locate the three Bluetooth-related services: Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service, Bluetooth Support Service, and Bluetooth User Support Service.

If Bluetooth is still not working in Windows 11, you need to update its drivers to the latest version. Do note that you will need an internet connection to update Bluetooth drivers automatically. With that said, let’s see how you can update the Bluetooth driver:

2. In the Device Manager window, you will find a “Bluetooth” section. Now, expand it and look for the Bluetooth adapter. It should be something on the lines of Realtek, Broadcom, or Intel. If Bluetooth is not showing up on the list, move to the 6th method of this guide. You can now manually add the Bluetooth device here.

5. In case the Device Manager does not find a new update, I suggest installing a third-party driver tool in Windows 11. It will look for the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website directly and offer you a seamless way to install it.

6. Re-install Bluetooth Driver

If Bluetooth is not working even after updating to the latest driver, try uninstalling the device. Here’s how that works:

2. Next, choose “Uninstall” from the pop-up prompt.

7. Change Power Management Settings

Sometimes, Windows 11 disables some of the radio devices to save power. In such cases, we need to modify the power management settings so that Windows 11 does not put Bluetooth to sleep.

8. Fix for Bluetooth Not Showing in Device Manager

For some users, Bluetooth does not even show up in Device Manager due to some issues. If you are also facing the same issue, follow the steps below to add your Bluetooth device to the Device Manager.

2. Next, open “Action” and choose “Add legacy hardware“.

4. Now, scroll down and look for “Network adapters“.

9. Run Fsquirt.exe

Fsquirt.exe is a system program in Windows 11 that is responsible for handling the Bluetooth user interface. If nothing seems to work out, you can manually run this program and check if you can send and receive files through Bluetooth. Here is how to go about it.

10. Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter

It may seem like a general solution, but the troubleshooter in Windows 11 works well and often fixes most issues. Microsoft has put in a lot of effort to seamlessly resolve major issues arising on your PC. Here is how to use the Bluetooth troubleshooter in Windows 11.

4. It will run the Bluetooth troubleshooter, detect the issues and fix any Bluetooth-related problems you are facing on your Windows 11 PC.

Bluetooth Missing in Windows 11? Resolve It Right Now

Tv Sound Not Working? Here’s 10 Proven Ways To Fix It

If your TV sound is not working as expected, it is likely that the built-in TV speaker is damaged. Sometimes, you may get crackling or popping sounds on your TV or no sound at all.

The TV sound normally stops working due to misconfigured audio mode or faulty connection cables. In the worst case, the problem with the audio hardware on your TV may also result in this issue.

Here, We have compiled a list of 10 fixes you can apply when facing a sound problem on your TV. Let’s dive straight into them.

The first thing you must check when you don’t have sound on your TV is to change the TV channel. The TV channel may be broadcasting only the picture, and you may get confused, thinking of it as a problem with your TV sound.

Check if the sound problem exists in other channels as well. It is an issue with your TV if you don’t get sound on any channels. Else, you are good to go. Sometimes, there may be faults from the cable operator side also. Contact your cable operator and ask them to see over the problem.

After you verify that the issue is not from the TV channel side, you can restart your TV. Sometimes restarting your TV fixes the issue without much hassle. Give it a try before you move to further fix.

The next thing you must do is check the volume levels. The volume on your TV may be too low or muted, and you may be experiencing the issue. Sometimes, the volume low button on your TV panel may be stuck and automatically set the volume to a low level. If that’s the case, you can not increase the volume levels from your TV remote. So, inspect the volume control buttons as well.

Also, check the volume levels on your media devices like set-top boxes or DVD players. If you have low volume levels on those devices, even setting a high volume on your TV will not work.

A misconfigured sound setting is another reason why your TV sound stops working. For instance, you may be using an HDMI cable to connect your soundbar to the TV but set the audio output mode to Analog or something like that. If the output mode is incompatible with your device, your TV won’t output a sound.

Some TV manufacturers like Samsung provide a sound testing feature as a part of troubleshooting tools. It will help you find if there is any kind of audio problem with your TV.

Here’s how to run a sound test on your Samsung TV:

Take your TV remote and tap Home button or Menu button.

Please be aware that this test is done to check the built-in speakers. A test sound is played while running the test. If you hear a sound playing with no issues, there is no problem with your TV speakers. You need to check external speakers for faults.

If you are using external media devices like speakers or a soundbar to boost the TV sound, the cables used to connect them to your TV may be faulty. Inspect the cables for any sort of wear and tear. Re-connect the jacks to the TV port. Loose connections may sometimes create issues. If you see any damage on the cables, consider replacing them if it is a replaceable type of cable.

Also, try removing those external speakers and try to play something with the built-in speakers. If the built-in speakers are doing well, there is probably an issue with your external speaker. You can take your sound system to another device or TV and check if it works.

Depending on your external speakers, you may connect them through either an HDMI, optical, or an RCA cable. Each of them has a separate port to connect it with your TV. The ports can collect debris and dust over time, not allowing the jacks to be properly connected. Please remove the respective cable and inspect if any dust is collected over there. You can use an earbud to clean the ports.

Many users reported that they fixed this issue once they installed the latest updates on their TV. If you have outdated software on your TV, the sound device you are using with your TV may not be compatible with that of the software version on your TV, and you may be encountering the issue. If this is the case, you should get your TV sound back after installing the latest version of TV software.

Steps to update your TV software differs depending upon the TV manufacturers. However, they are almost similar. Make sure you have an active internet connection before starting the update.

Follow these steps to install latest updates on your TV:

On your TV, open Settings.

Navigate to the Support menu from Settings.

Let your TV do the rest. Your TV will restart after completing the update.

This is the last fix you can apply if nothing else worked for you. If you messed up with audio settings on your TV and have no idea how to revert the changes, you can factory reset your TV. Factory resetting your TV will wipe out every change you made to your TV and initialize the settings as if they just came out of your TV manufacturer. You can consult our guide on how to factory reset your TV.

If you tried everything discussed in this post but are still facing the issue with your TV sound, you should seek professional assistance. There might be cases when internal audio hardware is damaged. Or, the cable connection inside your TV has become loose.

If that is the case, nothing will work except getting a replacement for that particular hardware. If something big has been damaged, you can claim the warranty if you are on the warranty period.

What To Do If Your Android Phone Won’T Connect To Wi

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Wi-Fi connection problems are pretty frustrating. Maybe it’s just me, but they always seem to happen at the worst time — like during an important Zoom meeting. You’re not alone if you have problems connecting your Android smartphone to a Wi-Fi network. In this post, we’ll look closely at a few fixes that might solve your connectivity issue and get you back online if your phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Let’s dive in.

What to do if your phone won’t connect to the internet:

Editor’s note: We’ve assembled these instructions using a Google Pixel 7 running Android 13. Remember, some of these steps may differ, depending on your device and the software running. 

Restart the phone

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

We aren’t quite sure why, but a quick smartphone restart will iron out most small software issues and hiccups. It’s always one of the first troubleshooting tips we recommend, and it’s a quick and easy fix you should try. Just press and hold on to the power button and select Restart.

How to restart an Android phone:

Press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

Hit Restart.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on Android:

Go into the Settings app.

Open Network & internet.

Tap on Internet.

Make sure Wi-Fi is toggled on.

How to turn off Airplane mode:

Go into the Settings app.

Open Network & internet.

Make sure Airplane mode is toggled off.

Update your phone

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

While software versions aren’t a common issue with data or Wi-Fi connections, these can fix system bugs your phone may encounter. Updating your phone software is worth a try, and it’s an effortless way to possibly get things back up and running.

How to update your Android phone:

Go into the Settings app.

Tap on System.

Hit System update.

Tap on Check for update.

Your phone will let you know if there is an available update. Follow the instructions to update.

Reboot your router

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

It’s possible that the router is to blame for your connection problems and not your smartphone. This happens often enough and is yet another easy fix in most cases. Just unplug the router from the power outlet and wait for at least 30 seconds before you plug it back in. Many routers also have a restart button. After that, you’ll have to wait a minute or two for the router to turn back on. Once it’s set up, try connecting to the network again to see if things work as they should.

Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect

Forgetting the network and reconnecting to it is the next solution that might solve your problem. To do this, open the Settings, tap into Network & internet, and select Internet. Under Wi-Fi, find the network you want to forget and tap on the gear icon next to it. Hit Forget. Tap on the same network and enter the credentials to reconnect.

How to forget a Wi-Fi network on Android:

Go into the Settings app.

Open Network & internet.

Select Internet.

Under Wi-Fi, find the network you want to forget and tap on the gear icon next to it.

Hit Forget.

You can tap on your network and enter the correct credentials to reconnect.

How to factory reset an Android phone:

Go into the Settings app.

Tap on System.

Select Reset options.

Hit Erase all data (factory reset).

Tap on Erase all data.

Enter your PIN.

Confirm by tapping on Erase all data.

Once the smartphone turns back on, you’ll have to go through the setup process again, just like you did when using it for the first time. After that’s done, turn on the Wi-Fi, select your network, and try to connect all over again. Hopefully, everything works now, and you can connect to the internet without a problem.

Android issues are plentiful. If you think you may have more problems, you should look at our guide to common Android problems and how to fix them.

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