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All Warehouses comprehend the interesting necessities of global customers hoping to set up Factories/Industries/Manufacturing Facilities anyplace in India.

The organization offers tweaked answers for the necessities of the customer and guarantees start to finish co-appointment and fulfillment. 

All Warehouses is India’s biggest aggregator for Warehouses in Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, and Guwahati. The organization interfaces individuals to the best distribution center limit with 100% exchange affirmation and wellbeing of arrangement.

They have over 90% of the whole market stock recorded with it, making All Warehouses the single biggest aggregator of Industrial Real Estate that incorporates Warehouses/Godowns/Sheds/Cold Storage Facilities/LAND/BTS and an all-inclusive resource for your necessities 

All Warehouses have a customer-driven approach and adhere to Standard Operating Processes that stream fastidiously through its ERP framework in the accompanying stream.

With a few seaports, for example, Chennai port, Ennore port, Kattupatti (Adani/L&T) port, and simple and fast admittance to Krishnapatnam port, Chennai is a significant center for transport through the ocean.

Chennai is otherwise called the ‘Detroit of India’, the city has significance for the car, material, and assembling businesses. These exercises predominate for the city’s mechanical and warehousing market. 

The areas overhauled by All Warehouses in Chennai include:


Koyambedu, Maduravoyal, Noombal, Poonamallee, Thirumazhisai, Mannur, Irungattukottai, Sriperumbudur, Sunguvarchatram, and Kanchipuram 


Guidy, Porur, Airport, Padappai, Oregadam, Vallam – Vadagal and Walajabad
South: Thirumudivakkam, Pallavaram, Tambaram, Vandalur, Guduvanchery, SP Koil (Singaperumal Koil), MM Nagar (Maraimalai nagar), Chingleput, Mahindra world City 


Thirumudivakkam, Pallavaram, Tambaram, Vandalur, Guduvanchery, SP Koil (Singaperumal Koil), MM Nagar (Maraimalai Nagar), Chengalpattu, and Mahindra world City 

ECR and OMR – Areas on the east coast street and old Mahabalipuram street: 

Zones on east coast street and old mahabalipuram street that incorporate Perungudi, Sholinganallur, Siruseri, Kelambakkam and Thiruporur


Ambattur, Padi, Madhavaram, Red Hills, Cholavaram, Ponneri, Tiruvallur, Gummidipoondi, Sri city, and TADA 

There are solid reasons why individuals ought to consistently pick All Warehouses in the event that they need to lease a stockroom.

These exercises play strength for the city’s modern and warehousing market. Found right at the ocean, the city is the principal significant end on the east bank of India in the Bay of Bengal.

The notable ports incorporate Chennai Port (second biggest compartment port of India) and Ennore Port, alongside other recently constructed ports like the Kattupalli Port. This framework decidedly impacts the warehousing and mechanical action in the city.

A Cold Storage implies a temperature-controlled (at low levels) stockpiling stockroom used to store new or potentially frozen transient natural products or Vegetables, prepared meat, Dairy items, flavors, Dry organic products, Jaggery, beats, frozen nourishments, synthetic compounds, and drug items. 

Refrigerated warehousing will in general be all the more expensive, countless makers select to re-appropriate their chilly stockpiling to outsider coordinations suppliers. 

The cool stockpiling area is going through significant development, with the Government zeroing in on food conservation. 30% of food that is burned-through in non-industrial nations is transient. The perishability of the item is the purpose behind high market costs which has pushed the interest for cold stockpiling.

The company claims to have uncommonly planned this to save the business products that are transient and delicate. This in fact guarantees the correct temperature support all through the excursion. We help you in giving an enormous scope of offices that help in your future extension plans. 

Spacious and Varied Size Ranges 

We manage you for distribution centers at various size runs and guarantee all the stockrooms are roomy in nature for the capacity of your ideal merchandise.

For ideal space usage, we empower Vertical stockpiling of products with a high roof. We guarantee to give you distribution centers in a molded manner with the goal that all merchandise would stin an ideal state before dispatch to the following spot. 

Safety Standards 

We mindfully confirm that the stockrooms are very much ventilated and actualized with legitimate lockout and tag-out rules.

Furthermore, we give offices to ground issue circuit interrupters and do a guaranteed hardware establishing conductor program as per the security norms of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) stockroom wellbeing rules. 

Ease to Market Access

Chennai is a significant center point for market access and shopping in the city. Having a Warehouse in Chennai assists with keeping up that all appropriate customers are profited, keeping up admittance to the brand at the correct cost. All stockrooms direct for distribution center spots in Chennai that proportionately impact top deals.

Various people are considered to have various sentiments pretty much All Warehouses, and suppositions that are somewhat acceptable. Some have said the organization to be useful and have been with them all through the entire cycle.

Their help stretches out past the exchanges which are what individuals truly anticipated somebody to assist them with their present undertaking and furthermore for future tasks. Simultaneously, others have guaranteed All Warehouse to be proficient in the manner they approach and oversea customers.

Final Verdict on Warehouse Rental Services Business Storage in Chennai

Chennai, the past Madras state is recorded and found deliberately on the eastern bank of India. A top IT and assembling objective with talented work is known to try sincerely and effectively, Chennai is the modern capital of Southern India. 

As a consolidated portfolio for the Chennai area, All Warehouses deal in Warehouse for lease in Chennai, Warehouse for rent in Chennai, Cold Storage Warehouse in Chennai, Warehouse available to be purchased in Chennai, Industrial space for Rent in Chennai, and Bonded Warehouse in Chennai.

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Make Your Small Business Look Bigger With Virtual Services

While it’s always nice to have extra help–in the form of a personal assistant, an accountant, or a lawyer, say–it’s also nice to cut costs. Small and medium businesses often can’t afford to hire salaried professionals for all of those extra tasks that must be done.

If you already operate on a shoestring or need to cut costs–and perhaps water cooler chatter–read on for virtual services you can “hire,” instead of an extra employee.

Replace Your Personal Assistant or Secretary

Hiring a dedicated personal assistant or a secretary will cost you around $35,000/year ($2900/month), plus benefits. But you can easily outsource much of the work of a personal assistant to the virtual world for just a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional, especially if you know what tasks you need the most help with.

If you do a lot of traveling and entertaining, RedButler offers personal assistant and concierge services (such as making hotel reservations), and it features a special membership card that allows holders to receive discounts at hotels and restaurants. RedButler memberships start at just $36.95/month for 15 tasks (each phone call or hotel booking constitutes one task) and a membership card.

If you’re looking for more of a dedicated personal assistant, Habilis and AskSunday offer hourly membership plans. Instead of being billed per task, you can sign up for a certain number of hours per month. Habilis plans start at $350 for 40 hours, while AskSunday plans start at $150 for 10 hours. Both offer personal assistant services such as making phone calls, handling e-mails, and making reservations, and they feature 24-hour availability.

Replace Your Lawyer

While I don’t recommend completely outsourcing your legal needs to technology, free legal Websites are a valuable resource. Because lawyers charge by the hour, doing your own research, or at least finding the correct legal form, can actually save you a small chunk of change.

Replace Your Accountant

If you’d prefer not to be tied to your desktop, online accounting services are another option. QuickBooks features an online version whose cost ranges from $12.95/month to $63.16/month and has a lot of the features of the desktop version, including invoice and expense tracking, payroll support, and online banking support.

FreshBooks, whose plans range from free to $40/month, is more suited for small businesses larger than one person. FreshBooks allows you to track invoices and expenses, and to create and manage inventory, and it even creates and mails invoices for you via snail mail at a nominal additional cost.

Even if you end up hiring an accountant anyway–just as an extra pair of eyes before tax time–these services are worth it. After all, if you have your finances in relative order, it will save your accountant time–which translates to saving you money.

Replace Your Customer Support

Customer support is an essential–yet tiring and time-consuming–aspect of running a small business. Fortunately, a few online tools can make customer support a relatively easy, painless process.

Zendesk is a virtual help desk and more of an organizational tool for customer support. Instead of crowdsourcing customer support as Get Satisfaction does, Zendesk allows you to solve customer problems using helpdesk trouble tickets. You can embed Zendesk into your company’s Website, enabling customers to open a ticket when they have a problem. Zendesk helps you manage, organize, and resolve open tickets.

Zendesk is nicely transparent in that customers can see who is working on their ticket and when it’s expected to be resolved. Zendesk can also help users help themselves with its ticket tagging–certain tags will pull up forum and discussion suggestions that may resolve the customer’s issue. Zendesk starts at $9/month for up to three customer service agents.

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Salesforce For Financial Services: Managing Client Relationships


Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses across various industries to manage their clients’ data, improve their marketing efforts, and ultimately, increase their sales. Financial services companies, such as banks, insurance providers, and investment firms, can benefit greatly from using Salesforce to manage their client relationships.

This article will explore the many benefits of using Salesforce for financial services, including how it can help these companies manage their client relationships effectively. We will also look at how Salesforce can be used to streamline internal operations, improve communication, and increase revenue.

Why Salesforce for Financial Services?

Financial services companies often have a lot of data to manage. They have to keep track of client information, financial transactions, and regulatory compliance, all while providing excellent customer service. Salesforce can help financial services companies in many ways, including:

Improved Client Management

Salesforce provides a centralized database that allows financial services companies to store all of their client information in one place. This makes it easier to manage client relationships, track interactions, and access important information quickly. Companies can use Salesforce to create detailed profiles of their clients, including their contact information, preferences, and purchase history. This information can then be used to personalize marketing efforts, improve communication, and build stronger relationships with clients.

Streamlined Operations

Salesforce can also help financial services companies streamline their internal operations. The software allows companies to automate many of their processes, such as lead tracking, sales forecasting, and reporting. This saves time and resources, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks, such as providing excellent customer service

Improved Communication

Salesforce can also improve communication within financial services companies. The software allows employees to collaborate more effectively, share important information, and work together on projects. This can improve efficiency and productivity, leading to better outcomes for clients.

Increased Revenue

Ultimately, the use of Salesforce can lead to increased revenue for financial services companies. By providing better customer service, improving communication, and streamlining operations, companies can attract and retain more clients. This can lead to increased sales and profits, helping companies to grow and succeed in a competitive industry.

Salesforce Features for Financial Services

Salesforce offers many features that are specifically designed for financial services companies. These features include:

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Financial services companies can use Salesforce to create custom dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights into their operations. This can help companies to identify trends, track progress, and make data-driven decisions.

Lead and Opportunity Management Compliance Management

Financial services companies must comply with many regulatory requirements. Salesforce can help companies to manage these requirements more effectively by providing tools to track and report on compliance activities.

Marketing Automation Customer Service Management

Salesforce provides tools to help financial services companies manage customer service requests, track interactions, and resolve issues quickly. This can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased revenue over time.

Using Salesforce for Financial Services: Best Practices

To get the most out of Salesforce, financial services companies should follow some best practices. These include:

Customizing Salesforce to Meet Business Needs Providing Adequate Training and Support

Financial services companies should ensure that their employees receive adequate training and support when using Salesforce. This can help employees to use the software effectively, improve productivity, and reduce the risk of errors or data loss.

Integrating Salesforce with Other Systems

Financial services companies should consider integrating Salesforce with other systems, such as accounting software, HR software, or document management systems. This can help to streamline operations, reduce duplication of effort, and improve data accuracy.

Monitoring Data Quality

Financial services companies should monitor the quality of their data in Salesforce regularly. This includes performing regular data clean-ups, validating data on a regular basis, and ensuring that data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Implementing Data Security Measures

Financial services companies must take data security seriously. They should implement appropriate security measures, such as user permissions, data encryption, and two-factor authentication. This can help to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access or theft.


Salesforce is a powerful CRM software that can help financial services companies to manage their client relationships effectively. It provides a centralized database that allows companies to store all of their client information in one place, streamline their internal processes, improve communication, and increase revenue.

Financial services companies should customize Salesforce to meet their specific business needs, provide adequate training and support, integrate Salesforce with other systems, monitor data quality, and implement appropriate data security measures. By following these best practices, companies can get the most out of Salesforce and achieve their business goals.

An Introduction To Data Warehouse

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon.


1. What is a data warehouse?

2. Why is data warehousing crucial?

3. Applications & characteristics of a data warehouse

The article is suitable for anyone ranging from a database professional, database administrator, and freshers who want to understand the basic concepts of the data warehouse.

What is Data Warehouse?

A Data Warehouse (DW) is a repository of large amounts of organized data. The data can be consolidated from multiple sources. DWs are relational databases designed for analytical reporting and on-time decision-making in organizations. The data used for this purpose is isolated and optimized from the source transaction data, so it won’t affect the main business. When an organization introduces any business change, then DW is used to analyse the effects of that change, thus DW can also be used to monitor non-decision making processes.

Data Warehouses are mainly read-only systems since operational data is kept separate from the data warehouses. This provides a good query writing environment for retrieving the highest volume of data. Therefore, DW will act as the backend engine for Business Intelligence tools that display reports and dashboards to business users. It is widely used in banking, financial, retail sectors, etc.

                    Figure 1: The data marts are subsets of the data warehouse’s data.

Why is Data Warehousing Crucial?

The main reasons why data warehousing is crucial is as follows:

Data warehouses combine all operational data from several heterogeneous sources of “different formats” and through the process of extract, transform, and load (ETL), they load the data into DW in a “standardized dimensional format” across an organization.

A data warehouse maintains both current and historical data for analytical reporting and fact-based decision making.

Improve your business decisions. Successful business leaders develop data-driven strategies and rarely make decisions without considering the facts. Data warehousing makes it easier for corporate decision-makers to access different data sets faster and more efficiently, and to derive insights that will guide their business and marketing strategies.

Data warehouse platforms enable business leaders to access their organization’s historical activities and evaluate initiatives that have been successful or unsuccessful in the past. It enables executives to see where they can reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and increase sales to boost profit.

Characteristics of a Data Warehouse

1) Subject Oriented: We can call a data warehouse subject-oriented if we can analyse data in a particular area rather than by applying wise data. As a result, decision making becomes simpler. Within an education system, the subject areas could be students, subjects, marks, teachers, etc.

2) Integrated: The data in the data warehouse is integrated from different sources, such as other relational databases, flat files, etc. An immense amount of data is fetched for effective data analysis. However, different sources of data may be in different formats, which may cause data conflicts. All this data is brought together in a consistent format across the whole system in the data warehouse.

3) Non-volatile: Once the data is loaded into the data warehouse, it cannot be changed. In a logical sense, this is acceptable, as a frequent change of data prevents analysis. It is possible to load the operational database on a scheduled basis into a data warehouse. During this process, new data is added, but earlier data is not discarded and remains as historical data.

4) Time-Variant: All the historical data along with the recent data in the data warehouse are crucial to retrieve data of any duration. In order to compare it with the previous years and analyse the trends, all the old data that is 6 months old, 1-year-old, or even older will be required for reports, graphs, etc.

             Figure 2:Characteristics of data warehouse

Data Warehouse Applications

Data warehouse applications fall under three categories: information processing, analytical processing, and data mining.

Information Processing: A data warehouse makes it possible to process the information it stores. Data can be processed through querying, basic statistical analysis, and reporting.

Analytical Processing: The information stored in a data warehouse can be processed analytically. With the help of basic OLAP(Online Analytic Processing Server) operations, such as slice-and-dice operations, drill down and drill up, and pivoting, the data can be analysed.

Data Mining: Through data mining, knowledge can be discovered by finding hidden patterns and associations, constructing analytical models, and performing classification and prediction. Results from data mining can be presented visually.

1. Information Processing: This is a type of application where the data warehouse enables direct, one-on-one contact with the data it stores. Using direct queries on the data with basic statistical analysis of the data.

The tools which DW supports for information processing are:

1.1) Query Tools: By using query tools, the user can explore the data and generates reports or graphics in accordance with the business requirements.

1.2) Reporting Tools: Reporting tools are used when the business wants to see the results in a certain format on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. This type of report can be saved and retrieved at any time.

1.3) Statistics Tools: To generate these results, statistics tools will be used if the business wants to examine data from a broader perspective. By understanding these strategic results, businesses can make predictions and conclusions.

2. Analytical Processing: This is an application that allows the analysis of data stored in a data warehouse. Slice-and-Dice, Drill Down, Roll Up, and Pivoting are some of the operations that can be used to evaluate the data.

2.1)  Slice-and-Dice: A data warehouse enables slice-and-dice operations to evaluate data from several levels and from a variety of perspectives. Internally, the drill-down mechanism is used for the slice-and-dice action. Slicing is a technique for manipulating dimensional data.

If we focus on a single area as part of the business requirement, slicing evaluates the dimensions of that specific region according to the criteria and returns the findings. Dicing is a program that performs analytic processes. Dicing provides a variety of viewpoints by zooming in on a select set of properties across all dimensions. One or more successive slices are used to calculate the dimensions. 

2.2)  Drill Down: Drill down is an operation for traversing down a summary number to minor detailed levels if the business wishes to get to a more detailed level of any summary number. This gives a good indication of what’s going on and where the company should concentrate its efforts.

3. Data Mining: This is a type of application in which the data warehouse facilitates data knowledge discovery and the findings are visualized using visualization tools. It’s difficult to query and drill down the data warehouse to acquire all potential insights into data as the amount of data grows in various industries. Then data mining enters the scene to help with knowledge discovery.

This enters the data with all of the previous associations, results, and so on, and forecasts the future. Hidden patterns, correlations, classification and predictions can be found in the data.

                                                                          Figure 3: Applications of data warehouses


Business Intelligence Enhancement

System and query performance improvement.

Multiple Sources of Business Intelligence

Data Access in Real-Time

Intelligence from the past

Exceptional Return on Investment

Despite the fact that it is a very successful system, it is useful to be aware of some of its flaws:

Creating a Data Warehouse is an extremely time-consuming and difficult task.

The cost of maintenance is high because the system requires constant improvements.

Developers, testers, and users should have adequate training in order to comprehend the DW system.

It is possible that sensitive data won’t be able to be fed into DW for decision-making.

Any business process source system restructuring has a significant impact on DW.


The way we store, organize, and analyse data has shifted dramatically in recent years. Cloud-based data warehouses offer improved methods for extracting and analysing information from data. They make data warehousing accessible and effective for small and medium organizations as well as large and well-funded corporations. Instead of investing months and millions of dollars on a monolithic Enterprise Data Warehouse, a cloud-based data warehouse can now be set up in days, with managed services and cloud-based storage starting at a few hundred dollars per month.

I hope I was able to provide a brief background of data warehousing, in the article we covered the definition, types, characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of Data Warehousing.


The media shown in this article is not owned by Analytics Vidhya and is used at the Author’s discretion.


Digitizing Forklift Operations In Your Warehouse

According to Grand View Research, warehouse management will be an $8.1 billion industry by 2028 — and for good reason. Warehouses are the central hubs of today’s high-speed commerce. Forklift operators form a critical arm of warehouse management, as they oversee the thousands of touchpoints of daily shipping transactions, both incoming and outgoing.

Forklift operators receive incoming shipments on pallets and have to accurately document the bill of goods, noting any damage or missing units. They need to decide how and where to store the pallets using a complicated system of fixed and floating slots for stock-keeping units. Warehouse forklifts also handle order picking and shipping, record actual time of departure (ATD) and determine active and surplus stock amounts as necessary.

While efficient warehouse management is critical to business operations, forklift-mounted solutions aren’t just about receiving and shipping goods. They’re also about forecasting supply and demand and adjusting stock accordingly. Forklift operators have the potential to play an essential role in inventory management and asset tracking, which are both critical aspects of warehouse operations.

Inventory management for forklift operators

Forklifts in warehousing are critical to the movement of goods, but operators who continue to rely on manual methods of documentation risk process inefficiencies. Pen-and-paper clipboard solutions to warehouse management are problematic for a variety of reasons.

For one thing, manual record-keeping is labor-intensive. Forklift operators have to record incoming freight on a paper clipboard before transferring it to the warehouse management system, requiring unnecessarily repeated labor. A two-step process might become more complex depending how many times a single pallet is handled. That extra labor is expensive and time-consuming.

Altogether, manual processes make inventory management more challenging than it needs to be. A forklift operator must find an appropriate slot for each pallet. Floating and fixed slots and cross-docked merchandise must all be reconciled efficiently — and quickly — before a domino effect wreaks havoc on inventory counts. Manual systems make these processes harder to implement.

How mobile devices help

Mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 and Tab Active Pro help forklift operators by digitizing everyday warehouse management processes at the point of use. These tablets are rugged enough for the rigors of the warehouse environment and can be fixed on forklift mounts, such as those from ProClip or RAM Mounts.

The definitive guide to warehouse efficiency

White Paper

Get your free guide to increasing warehouse efficiencies and cutting costs with mobile processes. Download Now

A ready-to-use rugged tablet can also integrate with dedicated scanning solutions, such as those from ProGlove and Koamtac. Alternatively, Samsung devices can be equipped with Knox Capture, which transforms your tablet into an enterprise-grade scanner. Tablets can also integrate with legacy warehouse management systems using frameworks such as Ivanti Wavelink.

Here are five ways rugged mobile devices support warehouse forklift solutions:

Fulfill orders faster: Digitizing forklift operations with mobile tablets speeds up transactions and makes shipping, handling and receiving more efficient. Automating manual warehouse transactions saves time that used to be spent reconciling, locating and fulfilling shipments.

Increase accuracies in shipping and receiving: More accurate records of back orders, active stock and floating and fixed slots help forklift operators pick and pull orders for more accurate fulfillment. About 30 percent of online orders are returned, and 23 percent of returns are not the items customers ordered, according to Invesp. Companies need to do everything they can to increase their fulfillment accuracy and efficiency. Mobile devices make the job easier.

Extend inventory management capabilities: Since mobile devices deliver forklift warehousing solutions that scan inventory at the point of handling, companies get a speedier picture of current inventory and where goods are in transit. With more efficient inventory management, you downstream processes, such as forecasts, are also more reliable, because they’re based on accurate, real-time data.

Reconcile damaged goods claims more efficiently: When a customer receives a damaged product, it’s vital to rectify the situation with excellent customer service. To aid in the process, a mobile device’s camera can capture photos of damaged goods quickly and effectively. Workers can also better document the details by annotating pictures with digital notes.

In a busy warehouse environment, forklift operators’ pain points can decrease efficiency and productivity. Tablet-based forklift solutions digitize everyday operations and help forklift operators do their jobs more efficiently — and effectively.

As you plan a rugged mobile rollout for your warehouse, you can take the opportunity to accelerate your entire smart factory journey with the mobile technologies outlined in this free guide. Or, discover how you can make your supply chain more efficient and effective than ever with Samsung’s other innovative transportation and fleet management technologies.

Best Google Drive Alternatives To Try For Storage Space

Best Google Drive Alternatives To Try for Storage Space Best Google Drive Alternatives 2023

1. Acronis Cloud Backup

Acronis Cloud Backup is a cloud backup solution that also arms you with an antivirus. Plus, it even lets you create a backup of your operating system. Whether you risk losing your data to all sorts of operating system failures or whether you risk losing your data to cyberattacks, Acronis Cloud Backup has got your back. The free version offers 1 TB of Acronis cloud space.

Easy to use and easy to manage

Schedule backups as and when you want

Choose to create full or incremental backups

Advanced antimalware protection protects you from cyberattacks

Create restore points and restore system

Web filtering doesn’t let miscreants access your data


No cross-platform functionality

Set up is time taking

Backup speed can be improved

2. IceDrive

Ice Drive is one of the best free alternatives to Google Drive. Soon after signing up for an account, you get 10 GB of free storage space. This cloud storage medium suits the needs of people from all walks of life. It offers spectacular cross-platform functionality, in that you can sync data seamlessly between your computer and smartphones. Again, in terms of security, Ice Drive moves mountains.


Two fish, zero-knowledge and client-side encryption

A virtual drive is created on your desktop just like the native drives

Intelligent cache-control fastens the application even more

Edit, delete, upload and open files with utmost ease

Built-in media player that can read all popular formats


Absence of selective sync

You may encounter a few bugs and glitches when working with it since the Ice Drive is relatively new

Two-factor authentication is not available

Download IceDrive


High privacy compliance

Easy file storing and sharing options

Zero-knowledge encryption

Fast file upload speed

Easy data accessibility

Prompt customer support


Annual payments may make it a slightly pricier option

Syncing can at times be slow

Download Sync.Com

4. Dropbox

If you are looking for a free Google Drive alternative, you can’t ignore Dropbox. It offers you 2 GB of free storage, and you can subsequently increase the free storage through referrals. It has been around for quite a while now and is used both by individuals as well as business organizations. Dropbox is powered by LAN and block-level file sync that makes uploading of especially the larger files much faster in comparison to Google Drive. It integrates well with Google Workspace and Office 365 apps.


Fast uploading of files whether on a laptop, desktop, or smartphone

Synchronization of files is one of the best in the industry

Action history is shown

Dropbox vault lets you secure files using a PIN

Fast and easy setup

Dropbox offers full-text search with the help of which you can search files by extension, file name, and keywords within a file


Drag and copying of files is at times glitchy

Link sharing at times acts up

Download Dropbox

5. pCloud

Although pCloud might be one of the newest Google Drive alternatives, it is one of the best on the block. It has an easy-to-use interface and one of the best cross-platform functionality. It offers you better control over files, so much so that you can well collaborate with friends on single files. If you are heading for the free version, pCloud offers up to 10 GB of free storage.


The selective sync feature helps you select specific folders so that not all information is synced

pCloud offers pCloud Crypto that encrypts the files before they are sent to storage

It has built-in document viewers and media players so that media and other files can be accessed directly from within the application

One of the best cloud storage mediums for storing music

It offers client-side encryption


Offers up to 2 TB storage which can prove to be less for bigger organizations

Zero-knowledge encryption is a payable feature

Download pCloud

6. NordLocker

Nord is renowned in the world of VPNs. But, what’s lesser-known is the fact that it also has a pretty decent cloud storage medium, something that can give GoogleDrive and the likes a run for the money. It is one of those Google Drive alternatives that offers Zero-knowledge security. As for the free version, you get 3 GB free.


No restrictions on file size

Files can be uploaded and shared seamlessly

Automatic data backup functionality

Great integration with Google Drive and Dropbox

Simple drag and drop to encrypt files

Stringent high-end encryption

encrypted cloud helps prevent piracy of shared files


Available only for Windows and Mac

Pricing options can be costlier

Download NordLocker

7. OneDrive

OneDrive is one of the leading cloud storage mediums out there and comes from the house of Microsoft which makes it a trustworthy Google Drive Alternative. Being a Microsoft product, it abides with Microsoft 365 products very well. It offers 5 GB of free storage space and also gives you an opportunity to earn extra free space as well. It is used by several Fortune 500 companies.


Windows users especially will find it easier to work with OneDrive and a host of other Microsoft products

Great collaboration features

File syncing and sharing is seamless across devices

Comes preinstalled with Windows

At an organizational level, you can create directories as per department


Uploading and opening large files may be time-consuming

Syncing big files may be a problem

Download OneDrive

8. Koofr

Another Google Drive alternative that you can look at is Koofr which offers 2 GB worth of free storage space. Moreover, with referrals, you can get 2 GB worth of free storage space. It offers remarkable security and great file uploading, sharing, and syncing services. It also lets you connect with multiple cloud accounts i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can look for all your devices and clouds right from within 1 app.


Transfer secured using SSL and TLS encryption

Each of your files is secured at 3 physically separate locations

No restriction on file size limits

Unified search engine

Ability to choose folders that you want to sync


Free storage available is very less as compared to many competitors

Zero-knowledge encryption not available

Download Koofr

9. Box Drive

Box Drive is a smart and efficient way to work with your cloud files and that too right from your Windows desktop or Mac. You can edit them just like any file that you would have stored on your Mac or Windows locally. Plus, you can make collaborative workspaces out of your folders and invite team members as well. The free version for individual users offers up to 10 GB worth of free storage space and a 250 MB file upload limit.


Clean and simple interface

Invite team members to work on folders

Two-factor authentication

Highly secured file sharing

Integration with G Suite and Office 365

Prompt customer support


1 file version is supported with the free version

Pricing can be better

10. Carbonite

Carbonite has carved a niche in the world of online backup services and is a potential contender as a Google Drive alternative. There is no free forever version as many of its counterparts, but, Carbonite lets you try the service for 15 days where you can upload as many files as you want. And, even with the free version, Carbonite provides you with a prompt customer service.


Encrypted and secure cloud storage

Automatic backup facility available

Unlimited backup

Paid versions also offer antivirus protection and external hard drive backup

When the continuous facility is chosen, Carbonite continuously updates your backup


The cloud storage service is a bit at the costlier end and there is no forever free storage

Restrained version history

Bandwidth allocation cannot be controlled

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