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Have you ever called someone lazy or inactive for simply working lying down, or have you been shamed yourself?

Here is something you should know. Although working while lying is frowned upon, there is nothing wrong with it.

It has been proven that working while perfectly lying down promotes a perfect body posture.

Working while lying down instead of sitting or standing reduces significant strain on the spine by naturally straightening your back and relaxing muscles. Assume face up, prone, lateral, or inclined position to make work more productive.

However, not everyone is up for a lying work position as it requires a comfortable place to rest, tools to support a laptop or computer, and a bit of practice.

Read on to learn how to improve your body position by adopting a new lying down technique.

Can You Work While Lying Down?

When we think about lying down, we naturally assume a person is resting or sleeping, which gives an impression of inactivity.

Therefore, assuming this working position may seem ridiculous at first.

However, there is no truth to it.

A recent finding has claimed that the pressure on the spine is at a minimum when lying down.

Besides resting, the sleep position is commonly used for yoga or Pilate, among the most focused activities. Hence, you can work effectively in a sleep position too.

And, it does not have to be only one lying position. Choose what works best for you; supine, lying on the stomach, or sideways.

However, do not abuse this position as it will likely induce sleep.

The sleep position is most healthy in the first 30-40 minutes. After which, your metabolism slows down to give way to sleep.

When assuming a lying position, ensure to take frequent breaks in between.

Lying Down vs. Sitting

Did you know sitting for a prolonged period affects bones, muscles, and metabolism, causing weight gain and injuries?

Although people assume that sitting is the natural position for work, it may put your body at significant risk, including wrong body postures.

A wrong sitting posture puts tension and stress on the neck and shoulder; a prolonged sitting posture prevents regular blood circulation in the lower body.

Major issues that may appear later include digestion problems, back pain, spinal dysfunction, and joint degeneration.

A Harvard Health study concluded that prolonged sitting can increase the risk of improper lung function, breathing shortness, and poor cognitive function.

On the other hand, the lying position encourages a more natural body posture to increase blood flow.

Here are a few traits of working lying down vs. sitting.

Lying downSitting

1. It promotes muscle and spine relaxation, stress relief, and a slower heartbeat.1. An upright sitting position promotes fluent breathing and improved digestion.

2. Transitioning to a lying position for 5-10 minutes after prolonged sitting posture helps with blood circulation.2. You can reach for items and access nearby sections easily while being seated.

3. A prolonged lying position may affect your health by reducing physical activities requiring frequent exercises.3. A prolonged sitting position may affect your health by reducing physical activities requiring frequent exercises.

4. Longer hours of inactivity may lead to dormancy or a tendency to doze off.4. A wrong sitting posture puts the body at risk, such as chronic back pain, stiff shoulders, neck, arched back, etc.

A 2024 study revealed that those who sat a lot and had less physical activity were at the highest risk of mortality from all causes.

Ideal Positions for Using Laptop/Computer While Lying Down 1. Facing Upwards (Supine)

Face up, or prone position, is when a person lies down facing upwards, also known as a neutral position.

In fact, it puts 8x less pressure than sitting and relaxes the muscle, relieves stress, and promotes a slower heart rate for focus.

The neutral position promotes muscle and back relaxation that prevents wrong body posture.

Many workers also assume this position to beat stress by slowing the heart rate and breathing.

However, working on a laptop may seem impossible in this position unless you have a desk or tools for support.

A Super Gorone Desk is an adjustable desk that supports any position, including supine.

Read on to learn whether your Office chair should recline.

2. Face Down (Prone)

Facedown or prone position is when your body is facing downwards.

Opposed to the supine position, many people assume this position to work, study, and even write.

The prone position promotes blood return to the right heart chamber and reduces the constriction of blood vessels in the lungs, encouraging improved blood circulation.

However, the prone position is lying on the face entirely but taking support of your wrist to lift your upper body.

Otherwise, lying on a raised bed, usually found at the dentist, may also help.

Grafeiophobia furniture is perfectly designed for workers who want to work facing down.

Read on to discover some effective tips to work from the couch and work from the floor ergonomically.

3. Sideways (Lateral)

The sideways or lateral position is usually assumed for resting, sleeping, or surgical procedures.

However, you can also use this position to work, such as writing, reading, or using a laptop.

It may also be helpful if your body does not respond well to either supine or prone positions.

Many workers assume this position to increase comfort, prevent pressure injury, and reduce deep vein thrombosis.

4. The 45° Bent Incline

Lying inclined or 45° Bent is a commonly assumed position for reading or working while seated on the bed or couch.

Although much similar to a supine position, the lower body remains flat while the upper body arches forwards when inclined about 45°.

You can easily access your laptop screen and keyboard when seated in this position.

However, do not forget to put soft material like a pillow or cushion behind to support your back comfortably.

You can assume multiple fairly obtuse positions to resist the temptation to lift your head to get a better look at the screen.

When sitting inclined, especially on the bed or cushion, introduce more pillows strategically to keep your body more natural.

Read on to learn if you should work from home sitting on the Bean Bag.

How to Ergonomically Work Lying Down?

You should assume an ideal posture to offset the wrong body posture risks.

Here are a few things to remember.

Keep your spine, including your neck, straight. Lying supine naturally achieves a straight neck posture.

Do not scrunch your shoulders, and keep your elbows beside your torso.

Do not overstretch or bend your arm wide at the elbow to reach the mouse.

Keep your wrists straight to your body, and avoid bending them when typing.

Invest in an ergonomic workstation that facilitates working in a unique position.

Take frequent breaks every two hours and work sitting or standing.

Note: Setting up a fully ergonomic workstation may cost anywhere from $2,500 to $16,000.

Best Ergonomic Products for Working Lying Down

Here are a few recommendations to raise ergonomics at different positions.


Quickly collapses and stands to assume different lying positions.

Raise height from 9.4” to 12.6’; the angle from 0 to 36 degrees.

Full Motion Laptop DeskAdjustable laptop desk made for inclining laptop and designed to comfort your elbow when seated sideways.

INGREM Ergonomic WorkstationA zero-gravity office chair that adjusts at supine, inclined, and seated positions with customizable features.

Titlts 360-degrees.

NESTL Lazy PillowA lazying pillow perfect for sitting upright on bed or floor or when using a laptop

Read our article about working comfortably from bed with a laptop.

The Bottom Line

Lying in a working position may be adequate to promote a healthy body posture.

It may take a while to get the hang of it as most workers are not used to working completely lying down.

If it may seem complicated, switch between lying and seated positions until you find a permanent work posture.

Read on to discover helpful tips on how to work from home ergonomically without the desk.

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Vr Virtual Desktop Apps: Can You Actually Work In Vr?

Virtual reality is cropping up in the technology world’s conversations more and more these days. While a lot of attention goes to the fancy VR gaming scene or VR experiences, there’s actually a pretty good case to be made for VR as a productivity tool. The best example of this is a VR desktop application. 

We set out to answer the question “can you actually work with a VR desktop?” using two popular apps. The short answer is “yes”, but there are some serious tradeoffs involved.

Table of Contents

What Is A VR Desktop?

Before going any further. Let’s clear up exactly what a “VR desktop” is. Essentially, it’s a virtual environment that offers a projection of your own computer’s screen.

In other words, you’ll see a virtual screen displaying exactly the same information you would see on your physical screen. But instead of it being on your desk in a room or office somewhere, it’s in a virtual space.

What Do I Need To Run A VR Desktop?

You might have heard that to use virtual reality with your computer it has to have massive specifications. This is true when it comes to high-end VR video games that need mid-range or better gaming-grade components. When it comes to a VR desktop application however that’s not true at all.

So, to summarize, you need three things to run a VR desktop:

What Are The Advantages Of Using A VR Desktop?

If you use a standing-desk setup, a virtual desktop is ideal. Since you can position the virtual monitors however you like in terms of ergonomics.

Finally, it’s a fantastic privacy measure. If you switch off your monitor, then only you can see what’s currently on-screen. That’s a feature plenty of people will like.

There are surely more reasons to go the VR desktop route than this, but we think these are the three primary use cases. Now that we’ve covered the theoretical stuff, let’s look at two of the best virtual desktop applications you can get today.

Virtual Desktop (Oculus Rift – $13.99 & Oculus Quest – $20)

This is probably the best known virtual desktop app and it certainly got first dibs on the name that describes the genre! This app is only available as paid software, but it’s been around for a few years and the developers have ploughed that money back into making the program polished and stable.

Virtual desktop is very streamlined, it’s easy to move and resize screens. Virtual Desktop supports multiple physical monitors, but as far as we can tell it does not support spawning virtual monitors that you don’t actually have in the physical world.

The program is incredibly stable and polished. It was dead simple to use and it has decent integration of the Oculus Quest’s new hand-tracking feature. Which for the most part means you don’t need to use the touch controllers.

Apart from the lack of virtual monitors (and a lack of environment variety) the main drawback is that there’s no free version of the app. Nonetheless, it’s worth every penny for anyone looking for a polished, reliable personal VR work environment. It’s worth noting however that the MacOS version of the app is still in development, so this is a Windows-only option for now.

Immersed VR (Oculus Quest – Free/14.99/$29.99)

Immersed VR is a newer entrant to the virtual desktop world, but it’s already making some waves. The good news is that there is a “Free Forever” tier to this Oculus Quest and Oculus Go application. The company plans to extend to other platforms in the future.

While Immersed doesn’t feel quite as polished as Virtual Desktop, this is one to watch and since it’s free, one to try!

Can You Actually Work In VR?

We spent many hours in VR doing the normal everyday things we would do using a monitor. While there was an adjustment period, it soon became pretty natural to work in the VR space instead of the real world. The virtual monitors rendered by the Quest looked pretty good, though not as sharp as they would in real life. This is however made up for by their large apparent size and, in the case of Immersed, the ability to spawn multiple virtual monitors.

14 Effective Tips To Focus Your Mind While At Work

Are you not able to focus your mind on things? Does your mind hover around things? Is your manager speaking out about important meeting discussions, and is your mind drifting elsewhere? Don’t worry. Around 2000 was taken and studied by Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert, sampled over time for their work behavior. Around 47 percent of folk had shown this behavior of non-focusing on the task assigned. Here are ways that can help you concentrate better at work.

Start Your Free Personal Development Course

So what happens in an unstable and wandering mind?

Did you know that an empty mind is a devil’s place? Meditation has provided a good means to overcome mind wandering. Researchers have studied various modes of our brain and have come to the point of how meditation can help one stick to one thoughts and prevent hovering minds and thoughts. People practice focused attention meditation to overcome this issue and how it is becoming a serious issue for employees at work.

There are Cognitive shifts in our brains during meditation. At first, your mind might get derailed in regular instances, just like in Alice in Wonderland, but slowly you will focus on every breath of yours by sticking to your breath each day. Gradually, you will steer your attention back to the last where you left off. Some other researchers say that in regular practice, you do not hover around thoughts –thoughts slowly get less sticky now. A default mode of the brain distracts our minds when we are not doing anything and starts drifting with various ideas, engaging in activities we are not engaging in. It keeps bargaining during our meditation and concentrating minds.

Here are 8 steps to cope with such a hovering mind:

Practice Yoga, gymnastics, or something you love doing.

Keep track of what you are doing, and bring your mind back to the task where you left off.

Do one task at a time.

Read books for hours to set your mind in one place for hours.

Align your thoughts with the task you have undertaken to be done.

Concentrate on your breath. Breathe in and out regularly.

Try to stick to one thought. If your mind hovers, try to build control over it and bring it back each time.

Write one document at a time.

Defects of A Hovering Mind

More errors at work: There are more errors at work as the brain finds it difficult to do one task and often takes up multitasking at work, resulting in mistakes and poor quality of work resulting in rework and cost to the company.

Delay in task undertaken: A lot of time will be wasted doing one task, and tasks undertaken will be delayed.

Lack of thoughtfulness: As you cannot concentrate, you will not be able to stick to your thoughts, and you will keep hovering about here and there.

Lack of sleep: Sleeplessness again results from lack of concentration, which results in dark circles, weight put up, laziness, and many other side defects. So concentrate on your thoughts and avoid this sleeplessness.

Wastage of time and energy: A lot of time is wasted returning to where you stopped. Your brain keeps hovering, and you all forget where you were. This weakens the time and energy of the worker, employee, and the company.

Benefits of Building Focus your mind:

Getting into the practical implications of practicing yoga or meditation and concentrating on your breath, breathe in and breathe out exercises to focus your mind and also trains various aspects of our attention. It has shown remarkable improvement in students’ test scores and employees’ work-related performances.

While in a gym, you build your muscles. In yoga, you build upon your thoughts and concentration power. In research, it has been proved that meditation has a different level of brain activity. Neuroplasticity is a science of change in brain activity due to continued meditation practice, and different brain activity has been observed in such humans.

There is a complete deactivation of the wandering mind, i.e., the medial prefrontal cortex of the mind, by meditation. This allows them to concentrate better and for longer hours on their work.

They develop a better capacity to disengage. According to research, there is a greater connection between the distraction zone and attention-concentrating brain zones, so they connect to the work they undertake without distractions.

Tips To Focus your mind More and Work More

Write Down Tasks

Make a to-do list to keep you updated on all the tasks you must complete on time. Write down all tasks and make sure you constantly develop this habit. This will help you keep track of work completed and work left to be done. Make a list. This will help you keep your thoughts and brain together in one place.

Put Up Pictures

Put up all pictures to motivate you and your team to track down all the yet-to-do lists of work aligned for work. This will help you focus if you can concentrate all your zeal and enthusiasm on one array of thought processes.

Shut Down Distractions

All the distractions like Facebook and social media accounts waste much of our time. Do not log on to social media while at work. Listen to music. It helps to concentrate better. This can be a good way to remove distractions out there.

Drink Water

Drinking lots of water helps to concentrate. Many times walking helps to focus. Eating a healthy breakfast also helps to concentrate better at work. A hungry stomach will never allow you to concentrate at work. So it’s important to keep up a heavy breakfast taken start for any work so that you can concentrate without distractions at work.

Eat Well

Many times we skip breakfast and meals. A hungry stomach and mind can never concentrate at work. So you must eat well and stick to a daily healthy routine to work out if possible as it will help you keep fit and healthy and concentrate well at work. Also, drink lots of water. Walk regularly to concentrate at work.

A Do Not Disturb Board

Deal with All Emails At One Go

Handling emails pinging each second and disturbing, you will be very disturbing. All you need is to set a timer to download every 1-hour interval so you do not have to stop in the middle of something and avoid any distractions each time.

Do Not Take Up Phone Calls

Try to keep all calls aside. Tell your colleagues that you are at the office and need to concentrate on the task you take up. This will help you avoid distractions in the middle of something and start it again.

Identify the Negative Thoughts

Beware of negative thoughts. You might not even realize what your thoughts are. Even if you can’t change negative thoughts, at least you can be aware of these emotions and think whether you are justified. Positive thinking courses can help you learn more positive techniques to focus your mind and use in everyday situations.

Work on Your Stress Level

Work on your stress level by practicing YOGA activities, Aerobics, and other related stress-relieving activities to help you feel refreshed and motivated to work another Monday with a fresh mind. You might not even realize that you are thinking negatively. Start to be aware of your actions, deeds, and words. Think about what would happen if you felt more positive. Even if you can’t change every negative emotion, you can try to remove every aspect of your job life. Remember that negative work can harm work and the working environment. Thus, it’s very important to be positive at work.

When people’s minds are hovering around, they are less happy, according to the research scientist Gilbert. This is due to the inclination to negative thoughts and overstress. Mindful meditation is a treatment for depression, sexual dysfunction, etc. A hovering mind and a wandering mind are not bad or a curse. It’s great that you are so creative. You can think out of the blue. You are imaginative and creative. This thought process has created many writers, poets who can imagine things out of the blue. So keep meditating and learning more about your brain activities and focus your mind much better on one thought and one work at a time.

Take Regular 5-10 Minutes of Work

Fitness routine

Stay fit, hit a gym, and get the vision to live a life, and you will feel filled with unbelievable zeal and enthusiasm to work harder each day and concentrate on all important tasks in the lot.

Prioritize tasks

Do the important tasks then the less important ones –like this, keep repeating, and this will never let you get distracted or unmotivated and feel you are engaged as a happy employee.

Set Your Monthly Target

If you set the target that you want to be the next best employee of the month, then you will have a clearly defined mission and vision, you will never get distracted, and you can concentrate better and target your pre-set goals and tasks.

Remember your goals and targets, and remember that if you get distracted this way, you will not be able to go a long way –you might not even reach halfway around. Thus keep the focus on your mind and desires and see how you will be targeted at work, and you will never get distracted at work. Practice being patient. It’s being patient which counts .

Believe in yourself, and over time you can do it . You have your goals to achieve in line –then why get distracted –you’ll get delayed by downright behaviors and spelling mistakes –, which will only lead to rework and time wastage. You cannot afford to do this if you want a promotion next month or if you want to be successful in your career . Follow this positive thought process and see that you will never get distracted . You will have control over your mind and thoughts and be positive. Wake up early morning, take a walk, and enjoy life. A happy person is not a distracted person.

So keep focusing your mind, practice yoga, and meditate on your thoughts. Remember, everything is in your control, and you are the one who can make a change in your ideas and activities.

Salesflare Makes Crm Work For You

Most small businesses we talk to are having these exact same issues. While CRM companies promised them huge benefits that would come from using their software, these benefits have almost never been realized. “If only the sales team would use and keep using the CRM properly,” it would all come true — but we all know by now that this will never happen.

Too much work, too little gain

All the CRM software we tried seemed to come with the built-in expectation that we would input every single bit of data we encountered and document our every move while interacting with customers. An expectation we didn’t feel we could keep up with.

We also noticed that most of the data we had to track in the CRM was already available, spread out across other systems: There were contacts and emails in our mailboxes, email signatures with contact data, publicly available info on social media, company info in company databases, meetings in our calendars, calls on our phones. Copying all that info over manually seemed like a huge waste of time.

That was the spark for Salesflare.

How Salesflare works to automate CRM

Salesflare is the only CRM we know of that is built from the ground up to be an automated CRM that fills out itself.

And if you’re using a Samsung phone as well, you’re in for a treat: Unlike most other CRMs, who offer a simplified version of their software on the phone, our mobile app brings 100 percent of the functionality to your Samsung phone. It can even synchronize your call history into the CRM automatically!

Some of its other most popular features are the visual drag-and-drop pipelines, automated follow-up reminders, business card scanner, out-of-the-box (yet customizable) dashboards and relationship insights.

Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to keep using

According to reviewers on G2, the world’s leading B2B software review site, Salesflare is the No. 1 easiest-to-implement and No. 2 easiest-to-use CRM software of the 670+ listed.

On average, it takes teams three days to go live with Salesflare, compared to almost two months with competing CRMs.

This is a direct result of the fact that the team has not only worked to build the world’s most automated CRM, but that they have also invested a lot of time and effort to make sure everybody can easily use and keep using it.

Power your business with chúng tôi Advantage

White Paper

Get exclusive discounts, financing and other deals on Samsung business solutions. Download Now

People using Salesflare tell us they better follow up their customers (with less effort), build better customer relationships and make significantly more sales. Teams also report higher levels of transparency, accountability and collaboration.

Getting started with Salesflare

To start using Salesflare, simply connect your mailbox and start tracking customers.

If you need any assistance with setting up sales pipelines, adding custom fields, integrating Salesflare with other tools or importing data, the team is always there to help.

Salesflare offers live chat and email support, live demos and assistance via Zoom, regular live webinars, an extensive knowledge base, a comprehensive set of tutorial videos, as well as an interactive setup guide.

This easy and automated CRM with stellar support might very well be the first one not to hold you back from achieving your business goals.

Steve Baltodano of Grupo Obvio concurs: “It’s the first time my sales team said ‘I love the CRM’ — something I had never heard before. I now have a CRM that does not add more work to my plate. This is what every other CRM should aspire to be. Adoption and ease of use are through the roof. Everyone was fully using it within a day and no longer than 20 minutes of training was needed.”

Discover more essential apps to empower your growing business — and explore exclusive business pricing, financing and trade-in options and other deals on everything from phones and tablets to monitors and memory.

Is Zoom Still Down? All You Need To Know

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps in 2023 since the pandemic started. It offers you the ability to connect with up to 100 people on a free account which is unmatched by any competitor on the market. You also get the ability to add virtual backgrounds to your video feed — an option first introduced by Zoom among all the popular video calling apps we have today.

Due to the huge number of users, Zoom often encounters server issues which can cause interruption of services. If you have been unable to use Zoom lately, then it is likely that the service is down. Let’s take a look at the current status of Zoom.

Is Zoom still down?

No, Zoom was facing technical difficulties on 24th August 2023,  but their software team has now fixed the issues. Zoom servers are functioning normally currently including the Zoom Chat, Conference Room, Web client, Phone client, and desktop client.

If you are still facing connectivity errors during your meetings then we recommend you check your connection. If you are able to access the internet but not attend meetings in Zoom then check your firewall. If your firewall is blocking Zoom then you will need to unblock it to use Zoom properly.

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How can I check the status of Zoom?

Zoom has a support page that is regularly updated with all the operational clients offered by Zoom. If any of the services features/variants are down then this page will intimate you. You can keep a track of the status page in case you are facing issues to see if Zoom is currently down and unavailable. Visit the link below to check the status of Zoom.

► Check Live Zoom Status Here

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Unable to use Zoom? Try these Fixes

If the Zoom status page shows that the service is currently operational but you are still unable to connect to Zoom servers then here are a few general fixes that you can try to fix the problem. If not fix the problem, they will surely help you identify what is causing the issue. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Check your network connection

The first thing you should do is to check your network connection. It is likely that your internet is currently not available which is why you are unable to access Zoom.

Try a different network

If your network is working properly then we recommend you try connecting to a different network. Different network configurations and router-based firewalls can sometimes block Zoom. If Zoom works on a different network then it is likely that the previous one was blocking your Zoom connection.

Check your firewall

If your networks are working fine then it is time to check your device’s firewall. See if your firewall is blocking the connection to Zoom and unblock Zoom if that is the case. If you use a VPN then try whitelisting Zoom to see if that fixes the issue for you. If this fixes the issue, then you can later try to get Zoom working on a VPN through a router configuration instead.

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Uninstall and Reinstall Zoom

If nothing seems to work, try to reinstall Zoom. This should fix any bugs that might be preventing you from accessing the Zoom servers. If you are on a mobile device, then you can also try clearing the app data as that might fix the issue for you as well.

Use a different browser if using the WebClient

If you are using a desktop browser to access the Zoom WebClient then maybe try a different browser. New updates for your browser might have broken the functionality of Zoom’s web client. Another browser will help you connect to Zoom while you wait for a compatibility fix for your other browser from Zoom.

Log out and log in again

If nothing seems to work for you then go to your Zoom account settings and log out of all connected devices and browsers. Now log back in again to your desired Zoom client. If a faulty login was the cause of your issue, this should fix Zoom for you. This will help you if you have recently changed your Zoom accounts settings like username, membership plan, password, and more.

Lastly, if you are unable to connect to the Zoom servers and nothing seems to be working for you then you can try contacting the Zoom support team. They offer prompt help and solutions for almost every issue faced by the user. If an underlying bug is the cause of your connectivity error then the support team will be able to inform the developers and reproduce the error which will help the development team release the appropriate fix at the earliest.

14 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

You may have heard of a fat berg. It’s what happens when wet wipes, condoms, and chicken fat congeal into a glistening mass ready to choke sewer systems around the world.

2024’s Whitechapel fatberg, the pride of London’s sewer system, at one point measured 850 feet long and weighed 130 tons. That’s roughly the size of 89 Priuses. I’m joking about it being the “pride” of anything—it is, in fact, a horror show of our own making—but it is true that a chunk of the fatberg lives at the Museum of London, where it has reportedly changed color and started sweating.

Fatbergs have also forced raw sewage to bubble up in New Jersey basements, contaminated waterways in Baltimore, and wrought havoc in our institutions of higher learning. The latest behemoth on our radar has been doing its oily mischief in a popular English vacation spot. A 51-year-old sewer worker in Sidmouth discovered the 210-foot-long mass under the esplanade—the esplanade! He said it smelled like rotting meat.

Suffice it to say that these masses of cooking oil, diapers, and E. coli bacteria are not good for our health, our sewer systems, or our cities’ sanitation budgets. Want to do your part to avoid contributing to the problem? A good place to start, according to officials in New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, is remember the four Ps: poop, pee, puke, and (toilet) paper are fine for your plumbing. As for the rest: here are 14 things you should not send down the toilet, the kitchen sink, or any other pipe.

1. Flushable wipes 2. Floss

A good rule of thumb is “if it doesn’t come out of you, it doesn’t belong in the loo,” Elardo says. However there are a lot of exceptions to this rule, like…

3. Hair

“It’s not desired,” says Elardo. “It wraps around and binds up the grease and the wipes. What’s so hard about putting that stuff in the garbage?”

3. Blood

“If you’re bleeding profusely, you should go to the hospital,” Elardo says. “Menstrual blood, though, is fine.”

4. Tampons 5. Condoms

See notes above.

6. Nail clippings

“We’re not going to see their impact like we do flushable wipes,” Elardo says. “But I would just like to encourage people to use their trash cans.”

7. Cat litter

Don’t flush it—not even the “flushable” kind. The DEP tested 28 “flushable” products. The only one that works in their system is toilet paper. Even the ultra thick, heavy-duty toilet paper breaks down in NYC’s system. “It’s designed to degrade,” Elardo says. “It’s a beautiful product.”

8. Soup or food stuffs 9. Contacts

Tiny plastics do not belong in our water system.


11. Paper towels

“Those paper towels that, like, pick up children in the commercials often have plastic fibers that we can’t break down,” Elardo says.

12. Diapers

Even if you have a toilet powerful enough to take on the mighty diaper, plastics in disposable nappies do not break down in sewer systems.

13. Makeup remover wipes

Put them in the garbage, even if they say they’re flushable.

14. Cooking grease

This is what makes fatbergs fatbergs. To dispose of your cooking fat, pour it into a tin can, wait for it to harden, and then toss it in the trash.

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