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Testosterone is an androgenic hormone that plays a vital role in the human body’s growth, reproduction and development. In addition to increasing rbc count and helping in muscle power, Testosterone helps control and synchronise male sexual desire and arousal. Consequently, lower testosterone levels impact the sex drive and result in less stamina because of decreased bone mass and overall impact on erectile functioning and sexual performance.

Can Erotica boost low Testosterone?

Studies have shown that sexual behaviour can increase testosterone levels to a moderate extent, but in comparison, sexual desire could improve the sexual arousal of a person. The study conducted by researchers at Michigan University that evaluated the four arousal conditions of visual imagination, story, fantasy and neutral showed increased sexual arousal to all three arousal conditions as compared to the neutral condition during the process. Additionally, they observed that the visual imagination parameter in Erotica had the highest arousal. The study’s results showed that sexual desire was an important factor in sexual arousal and that visual imagination had the highest potential to improve sexual arousal in a person.

Sexual Arousal and Testosterone

Sexual arousal refers to physiological and psychological responses when exposed to sexual stimuli or, in simple words, the feeling of being turned on that plays a vital role in a person’s sexual activity. The process of arousal is crucial for engaging in sexual activity. In addition, the arousal process activates the mesocorticolimbic dopamine system and subsequent dopamine release, improving testosterone production. The impact of dopamine on regions of the limbic system like the amygdala, hippocampus and nucleus accumbens results in a testosterone-induced improvement in cognitive stimulation and, with it, the quality of sexual performance.

The overall experience or sexual interaction, in turn, increases the proliferation of the hippocampal progenitor cells, which facilitates neurogenesis and positively impacts memory regions.

A total of two sessions were conducted, and in each session, the subjects listened to an erotic or neutral priming audiotape and completed a dichotic listening task ( dichotic-listening task requires the subject to repeat a message presented to one ear while ignoring the auditory stimulus presented to the other ear) to assess selective attention for the sexual auditory stimuli presented to them.

In this case, the subjects self-reported the subjective levels of sexual arousal to the audiotape and the resulting sexual attitudes with sexual experience. This was followed by submitting their blood samples to check their testosterone levels. The results after completion of the sessions did not show a relationship between the levels of free Testosterone and the strength of the selective attention bias for sexual stimuli. Or simply put, the levels of Testosterone did not rise after listening to audible Erotica.

But the subjects distracted to a greater extent by the sexual material in the task reported higher levels of sexual arousal to erotic imagery than the men distracted to a lesser extent by the sexual material provided in the task. Additionally, the men more sexually aroused by the erotic audio tape made significantly fewer shadowing errors ( shadowing is when the person is asked to repeat the audio message he was given during the dichotic listening task) during the prime of their erotic audio stimulus than after the stimulus removal.

Despite the decreased shadowing errors in the erotic prime condition, no improvement in Testosterone levels was observed afterwards. The results of the study showed that increased sexual arousal improved the capacity of the person to decipher and repeat the audio stimulus in comparison to the deciphering ability without the stimulus. Additionally, Testosterone has the potential to improve the cognito-motivational aspect of sexual behaviour by improving the attention of the person to the sexual stimulus.

Other studies have found that visual Erotica can either increase or decrease cortisol/ stress hormone levels and impact the person’s libido.

Erotica versus Exercise for Testosterone Levels

In a clinical study conducted to evaluate the roles of either factor in testosterone production, sixteen participants ( women) were enrolled in a study involving a questionnaire and workout session. The study lasted for a total of two sessions. During the first session, the subjects filled out questionnaires about self-arousal, while in the second session, they exercised on a treadmill for twenty minutes. After completing either session, the subjects were presented with an erotic film during which their arousal levels were measured. Testosterone levels were measured through saliva samples collected at baseline, before and after the film. In addition, alpha-amylase levels, a biomarker of stress levels and CNS activity, were measured.

The results showed a significant increase in physiological sexual arousal with exercise with a significant rise in alpha-amylase levels in contrast to the other group that watched the erotic film. There were no differences in testosterone levels between the exercise and no-exercise conditions. The study proved that exercise could increase genital sexual arousal and influence testosterone by changing dopamine levels. But Testosterone does not directly increase through Erotica.


While it is true that Erotica influences the sexual arousal levels of a person and causes slight changes in dopamine levels, it cannot be considered an accurate treatment mode for low testosterone levels. The fact that men and women react differently to sexual stimuli and women are more easily aroused than men makes it even more challenging to form a conclusive opinion regarding the matter.

Sexual thoughts or erotica content in an auditory or visual manner is not enough to change the Testosterone levels or the Cortisol levels that are an indicator of stress and libido loss. Engaging in a healthy lifestyle comprising diet and exercise is essential to adequately boost testosterone levels. To improve the problem of lowered testosterone levels, you should consult a physician and take testosterone supplements/ medications appropriate for your health.

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How Technology Can Boost Your Business Productivity

Over the years, technology has disrupted our way of living. In the business world, it has revolutionized almost all industries and became a lifeline for several companies. Nowadays, businesses are always on the lookout for innovations that can enhance their efficiency. Here are some notable ways how technology can significantly affect the productivity of your business.

Connect employees

Since many employees work remotely, technology helps companies ensure that everyone remains connected. You can now hold virtual meetings through the use of video conferencing tools such as Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Cisco Webex. Messaging applications also allows your employees to efficiently communicate with one another, improving business communication and employee productivity. With the help of technology, you can efficiently expand your workforce in a more cost-effective way. Since a potential candidate’s geographical location is no longer a deciding factor in the hiring process, you can cast a wider net and find qualified individuals. 

Improve collaboration

While some might argue that nothing can replace in-person brainstorming sessions, this practice may no longer be practical or economical from a business standpoint. Technology redefined how employees collaborate. If you want your employees to have a certain degree of autonomy in handling their tasks, there are several web-based project management tools that you can utilize such as Basecamp and Zoho Projects. Additionally, your managers can proficiently coordinate with their teams and oversee their tasks without the need for face-to-face meetings. 

Enhances customer service

More companies are utilizing technology to boost their customer service. Innovations

such as chatbots

and artificial intelligence can efficiently manage customer transactions, enhancing the overall customer experience. These tools are also more cost-effective in the long run. For instance, if you are running a small business, you might be relying on your staff to do several tasks, including handling customer service inquiries and complaints. With the help of these technological innovations, your employees can better focus on their primary duties, making them more productive in the process. 

Strengthens marketing

Gone are the days when companies needed to invest in traditional marketing campaigns that do not effectively generate returns. With the help of

digital marketing

, you can now reach a more comprehensive network and target a more diverse clientele. To drive more traffic to your business, you can leverage on social media, as it is a proven effective marketing tool. Aside from social media, establishing a website, utilizing search engine optimization, and using data analytics can also further boost your business productivity and yield stronger results. 

Reduce business expenditures

Since employees are working at home or remotely, companies can save on

overhead costs

. As a business owner, you have the option to move your operations and scrap the need for a physical office. Doing so can give you a lot of savings while ensuring that your employees are safe. Aside from saving money for the overhead expenses, you also don’t need to spend on expensive office furniture and equipment. By minimizing your expenditures, you can allocate your finances to other parts of your business. 

Facilitates continuous employee education

Investing in your employees’ professional development can further increase the productivity of your business. An online learning management system can enhance your staff’s knowledge and expertise, which can heighten their engagement and retention. By continuously providing skill development training to your employees, it will make them more appreciative of their work, making them productive and motivated to stay in your company. 

Simplifies planning and time management

For your employees to remain productive, especially if they are working remotely, you need to make sure they use their time wisely. Utilizing time trackers or scheduling applications can help them accomplish their tasks within their deadlines. You can also keep track of their progress, which will motivate them to be more conscious of how they manage their time. 

Easy access to data

In business, time equals money. Having instant access to information will save your company valuable time. Investing in

cloud computing

or in a database system that enables your employees to have immediate access to their business files can help increase your business productivity. Your employees can exchange and retrieve sensitive documents eliminating the need for them to waste countless hours going through manual storage. These data management platforms also have security measures that can mitigate the chances of a cyber breach. In addition, you can invest in a

single sign-on

platform so your employees can securely log in to their accounts with just one set of login credentials. It will reduce the number of passwords they have to remember, and they can seamlessly manage all their applications. 

Attention Politicians: For Every Low

American politicians are in a hullabaloo over the 500,000 Foxconn low-wage jobs in China that they claim could be stationed in the United States, but no one seems to pay attention to the booming “App Economy” that created roughly the same amount of decent jobs stateside. Both sides of the aisle have made public statements on how the Cupertino, Calif.-based Company should bring its grueling $0.31-an-hour factory occupations home.

President Barack Obama reportedly once asked the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, “What would it take to make iPhones in the United States?” at the Silicon Valley Summit last year, and Jobs allegedly responded: “Those jobs aren’t coming back.” The New York Times described why those positions are not returning last month. You can watch the Republicans, perhaps besides Ron Paul, be just as dumbfounded about the labor issue in the video above.

“Nothing illustrates the job-creating power of innovation better than the App Economy,” contended a new NetTech sponsored study (PDF) released today. “The incredibly rapid rise of smartphones, tablets, and social media, and [apps] that run on them, is perhaps the biggest economic and technological phenomenon today.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is currently unable to track App Economy employment numbers. TechNet is a “bipartisan policy and political network of technology CEOs that promotes the growth of the innovation economy,” and it enlisted Dr. Michael Mandel of South Mountain Economics to conduct analysis from The Conference Board Help-Wanted OnLine database and track accurate employment statistics.

Dr. Mandel’s conclusions illustrated that the industries housed under the App Economy’s wide umbrella are responsible for an estimated 466,000 jobs (including spillovers not depicted in the above graph) across the states…

“America’s App Economy – which had zero jobs just 5 years ago before the iPhone was introduced – demonstrates that we can quickly create economic value and jobs through cutting-edge innovation,” said President and CEO of TechNet Rey Ramsey. “Today, the App Economy is creating jobs in every part of America, employing hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers today and even more in the years to come.”

Obviously the App Economy is not just Apple, but its ecosystem pioneered the new economy and is leading the charge.

The App Economy includes “pure” and “infrastructure” careers across Apple, Google, Facebook, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Amazon, AT&T and other app-related positions at large technology companies based in America. TechNet’s study claimed the No. 1 metropolis for App Economy jobs is New York City at 9.2-percent. However, San Francisco and San Jose surpass New York City with a joint 14.8-percent total. California tops the App Economy states list at 23.9-percent with New York trailing far-behind at 6.9-percent.

Measuring the App Economy involved many metrics, including counting the number of apps in each particular app store across the various platforms, as well as how many developers published. According to the study, the Apple App store saw 529,550 active apps by Dec. 12, 2011, which 124,475 active publishers uploaded. These statistics, combined with other methodology data, estimated that the App Economy generated almost $20 billion in revenue in 2011.

“The App Economy, along with the broad communications sector, has been a leading source of hiring strength in an otherwise sluggish labor market,” said Dr. Michael Mandel.

Professions in the industry include positions for programmers, user interface designers, marketers, managers, and support staff. The analysis indicates that the App Economy is fluid and booming quickly, and the amount and site  of app-related jobs are “likely to shift greatly in the years ahead.”



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Low Cost Retail Marketing Ideas

Introduction to Retail Marketing

Sometimes, just by throwing up a fresh and innovative marketing program, a company can discover new ways of delivering value to its customers. So, keeping this point in mind, we will give our readers 15 main fresh, low-cost retail marketing ideas that are easy to implement and can be implemented using minimum communication skills and within budget. This may also involve offering a slight discount at some point in time, but we can guarantee that by learning and following these tactics, you would greatly benefit as a company.

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Problems that may arise whilst its implementation

So, here are they:-

1. Create a card that asks the customers to give online reviews

As a real-world example, an inquiring customer was helped by his consultant to get established on Google Places, TripAdvisor, and other related directories. Now, that client plans to introduce variations of this card to its customers. Such an easy and profitable idea!

2. Create a combo of products that offer discounts instead of buying them separately

One way of increasing the average transaction amount is to increase the overall revenue. Thus, you should offer your products in packs or combos, which would be liked by the customers and would start to be content with your brand. Hence, satisfied customers mean returning customers, and your business will flourish.

For example, McDonald’s had to introduce the Happy Meal, which worked wonders for them. Similarly, other retail and fast-food joints launched the idea of offering combos of coffee, pastry, sandwich, chips, and a beverage. Those in the women’s boutique business ensemble hats with handbags saw their fortunes slide upward. So the moral of the story is to be creative!

3. Create a photo contest for customers

This is a very efficient tactic to help showcase their talent and your products to the customers. Many of your loyal customers would take pictures of your products, which would be shared and reused on your website, stores, and marketing materials. After all, it isn’t said for nothing “a picture tells a thousand words.”

For example, a chain in San Francisco by the name of Pizza Orgasmic has a gallery of its customers on its website wearing the brand’s t-shirts and also hangs framed photos of some of its top customers. Another chain, George’s Music in Pennsylvania, runs a photo contest via its Facebook page and asks its fans to post their pictures with their instrument onto the wall.

4. Announce your own Group on-like offer on your Facebook page

Your Facebook fans would most likely observe the offer and will bring in non-Facebook users in a group to your store. This process of introducing new customers via existing customers is a win-win situation for everybody. For example, Tropic, a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco, offers free drinks to a customer who brings in 5 new ones. Thus, in my view, if you run a restaurant chain or a pub, you must consider implementing an offer just like that or introducing a Happy Hour scheme to get in more customers in the unoccupied hours.

5. Tweet or e-mail a special word that customers can share to cash a discount or a free gift

This is a new scheme introduced by many retail marketers, especially through social media platforms. In this, the marketer shares a specific word or phrase that a customer can see on the company’s official Twitter or Facebook page. They can then memorize or note down the word and share it at the cash counter of the company’s retail store to avail of special discounts or, in some cases, a free gift for themselves.

A conscious marketer always knows how difficult it is to draw in more and more customers and fulfill their wishes. Yes, this activity involves a lot of time and effort, and one has to overcome many challenges to be a successful marketer.

Low-Cost Retail Marketing Tips

So, we will present a few tips for the benefit of low-cost retail marketing to help our aspiring young marketers and the more experienced ones as well. Some of them are as as follows:

1. Keep track of all marketing activities

You may not have ever calculated the ROI (Return on Investment) on your most recent previous marketing activities. But this is not a good habit. You may not even know whether the last marketing campaign was a success. Were your goals measurable and specific? However, it’s very important to set specific and achievable goals and then develop a mechanism to track those objectives for each marketing effort launched, whether online or off. You must also be very clear about what exactly you are trying to achieve with your marketing efforts. Is the goal to get more visits to your site, generate more revenue by sales, or get more and more post-sales customer reviews?

Whatever your goal is, make sure to track all progress made to get a valuable understanding of how to go about in the next marketing campaign. An effective retail marketing strategy is to learn from your previous mistakes and try not to repeat them. You can also get some help with this, especially with the help of retail training software.

2. Free marketing openings

A good marketing strategy is to use the upcoming trends in social media in your business and get customers involved. Place your company’s posters and flyers on your community bulletin boards and busy places on the road. You can contact other local retail marketing companies to share your company’s marketing material and broaches so that to have them placed on their spaces at various spots. For example, you can collaborate with a partner organization similar to yours in size and domain, and you could be sold for each other! For example, your retail store dealing in grocery can partner with a fast food joint to offer a special package, a gift from your store, or a dinner for family or movie tickets for free. Such marketing innovations may cost you little in terms of printing and distribution; however, the overall benefits are large and encouraging for your business.

3. Repetition 4. Follow-up 5. Be a resource for your customers 6. Workers’ training

Workers’ training does not only consists of how to open and close, work the register or keep the items stocked. It should include another significant aspect – selling. It has been witnessed that when a company trains its employees, the art of selling its overall chances of success greatly increase. Customers automatically become more content and loyal when your employees are skilled, efficient, and knowledgeable.

7. Test

Just like a mechanic tests for the fault before he can proceed with the actual repair process, you, as a marketer, must also test your marketing campaigns’ degree of success. You must also test your marketing materials in conjunction with one another to ascertain which is doing better. Test a segment of your mailing list for the appropriate version and send that version to the entire list after getting the result. Such a testing procedure is also very valuable for email marketing, direct mail, and landing pages.

8. Targeted Approach 9. Construct customer relationships

Getting personal can sometimes help. Yes, it’s surely true in the world of marketing. It is an effective way to tell your customers that “you care.” Marketing doesn’t always mean selling. This is proven by your effort, which helps build long-term relationships. Believe me; your customers appreciate it when you wish them on their birthdays and anniversaries or remember other important life events.

10. Public Relations

Although they are different terms, marketing and public relations have a common objective; to make the customers aware of the company’s products, services, and offerings. Whenever you have made a new product, hired someone, conducted an event, or made a charitable contribution, first make a press release and send it to local newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and websites. Optimum coverage isn’t always guaranteed, but your business would definitely earn the public eye when prospects and customers see your press release through the media.

Retail Marketing Conclusion Recommended Articles

Here are some articles that will help you to get more detail about Retail Marketing Ideas & Tips, so go through the links.

9 Best Low Profile Keyboards (2023 Review)

If you’re considering getting a low profile keyboard for the first time, you’re in for a treat.

Low profile keyboards are generally more comfortable than other keyboards and reduce wrist strain when you have extended typing or gaming sessions.

The main difference between a low-profile and a standard keyboard is height.

Additionally, low-profile keyboards are smaller than standard keyboards.

When looking to switch to a low-profile keyboard, there are a few things you must consider. The main ones include keyboard type, compatibility, features, and size. In this article, we cover the best low-profile keyboards for 2023.

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Let’s review some of the best low-profile keyboards for 2023:

Logitech G915 TKL


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

See Price

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

The Logitech G915 TKL is the ultimate low-profile keyboard package. It has everything you need in a keyboard, from versatility to quality build and seamless design. Even though the primary design targets gamers, this keyboard works well for typing.

There are many features that you’ll appreciate in this keyboard. Besides being tenkeyless, it’s surprisingly thin. It’s one of the most compact mechanical low-profile keyboards available. This means it’s ideal for the minimalist setup and light enough for travel.

It also has a sturdy build that guarantees longevity. The frame is made of a brushed aluminum top that is high-quality and appealing. The keycaps are slim to go with the overall design of the keyboard. If you’re a fan of backlighting or frequently work or game at night, you’ll be happy with the vibrant RGB backlighting.

For connectivity, Logitech G915 utilizes lightspeed wireless technology that ensures minimal to zero latency. Other features that stand out on this low-profile mechanical keyboard include the two-level height adjustment feature, a foldable frame, and a USB dongle slot.

Battery life is a significant concern for anyone looking to get a low-profile wireless keyboard. Luckily, it has an excellent battery life of up to 40 hours with a 100% level of brightness. For gamers, this keyboard offers several valuable features like a programmable F key, lighting and macro profile program features, and the ability to disable specific keys.

Despite the list of features and stylish design, this keyboard is quite pricey, making it unsuitable for anyone on a budget.

Keychron K3


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

If you’re a first-time low-profile keyboard buyer, the Keychron K3 is a great option. It is compact, wireless, and light enough for minimum space and travel. Keychain K3 has two-level incline settings, so you can pick that suits you best. It is also ideal for office use because the keys are quiet. Unfortunately, the lack of mechanical keystroke sounds may not be appealing to gamers.

For the design, Keychron is thin with a reinforced chassis for durability. The keycaps are made of plastic which feels soft and easy to use. These keycaps are susceptible to shine after some time, but you’ll get good use of the keyboard before that happens.

Some unique features of the Keychron K3 include hot-swappable Gateron mechanical switches and low-profile optical switches. It also offers decent accuracy and speed when typing and approximately 99 hours of battery life without the backlight. You can get at least 34 hours with the backlight on. This average compares well to other low-profile keyboards of its standard. The wireless connectivity also works well with minimal latency. 

Unfortunately, Keychron K3 doesn’t have customizable software for keyboard functions.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

See Price

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro is a compact, low-profile keyboard optimized for durability and high performance. It’s especially appealing to gamers looking for a slim, full-size gaming keyboard with excellent ergonomic components.

Because the Deathstalker V2 Pro is an upgrade to the previous versions, it has several premium features. This includes a 2.4GHz wireless connection, optical switches with shorter actuation distance, and multiple device support for a mouse and USB dongle. If you’re a fan of neat, hustle-free keyboards, you’ll appreciate the compartment underneath that lets you tuck away the USB dongle for easy storage.

This Deathstalker V2 version doesn’t compromise on design or quality. It is slimmer than other Razer Deathstalker range of keyboards and upgraded to optical, mechanical switches from the older membrane switches. This keyboard also has dedicated media control buttons. The newly designed keycaps are made of tougher material to avoid developing a shine after regular use.

It boasts wireless connectivity that is 25% faster than the standard low-profile keyboards. This speed will match the demands of any avid gamer. Additionally, it has equally excellent power efficiency. Deathstalker ProV2 will last 4 hours with 100% brightness on the RGB backlighting.

The aluminum-alloy plate will ensure you get years of prolonged use from this keyboard. With its quality, features, and design qualities, this keyboard is one of the best low-profile keyboards of 2023.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

If you can’t choose between a wired or wireless keyboard, go for one that does both, like the Redragon K618 low-profile mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is full-size but still thin enough for a tight workspace. It has two adjustable incline settings using the tiny feet underneath the keyboard. The top face is made of a black aluminum chassis, and the back and sides are plastic. This speaks to the quality and durability of this keyboard.

For connectivity, Redragon K618 offers a wireless Bluetooth connection or wired connection through the 2.4GHz USB dongle. It has USB-C and USB-A ports which makes wired connectivity convenient. Bluetooth mode may have minimal latency depending on the task, but the USB-C toggle is incredibly fast and will work best for any tasks that require speed, like gaming.

The Redragon K618 has dedicated software that’s pretty straightforward to use. It offers a variety of lighting effects and control options for speed and brightness. You can also use the software to set the lighting profile from one of the three available. The RGB backlight is vibrant and stable and will comfortably serve your night typing or gaming needs.

The Redragon K618 mechanical switches offer decent speed and accuracy. They have a 12mm height with a 1.2mm actuation distance which is better than other low-profile keyboards within their price point. Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t have other mechanical switches and doesn’t support third-party switches.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

Suppose you’re hoping to make an investment that will outlive many low-profile keyboards and offer value for money, get the Corsair K70. It’s the ultimate package, from striking design to high-quality components and excellent responsiveness. As expected, this keyboard costs a pretty penny, reflecting its value.

For the design, the Corsair K70 is made of an aluminum plate that is durable and attractive. The keyboard is full-size but slim enough for small spaces. The keycaps also have a comfortable distance between them to avoid looking crowded and tacky. It features discrete media control buttons that align with the keyboard design, a volume wheel, and other game control buttons for brightness and profiles.

The Corsair K70 uses the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software, known for its versatile features. Examples include extensive backlighting options, setting up profiles for specific games, recording macro keys, and reprogramming any key. The best thing about the CUE software is that you can customize your backlighting to beautiful and vibrant colors.

Besides the software, Corsair K70 has comfortable, springy, and responsive keycaps that make typing a breeze. The caps are also durable, so you don’t have to worry about developing a shine after prolonged use. Overall, this beautiful low-profile keyboard has everything to offer and its user-experience matches its steep price.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

The Cooler Master SK622 is a sleek and portable tenkeyless low-profile mechanical keyboard. Like other keyboards of its caliber, its top plate is made of aluminum to ensure sturdy and durable quality. It comes with ABS plastic keycap sets, instead of the premium ABT. This means that the keys might develop a shine after some chúng tôi uses the TTC Low Profile switches that offer a 1.22mm actuation point and a 3.22mm key travel distance. Meaning Cooler Master will deliver comfortable typing speed with precision and accuracy.

For connectivity, the Cooler Master SK622 has wired and wireless options. You can use wireless Bluetooth mode and connect up to three devices by switching the keyboard side button and pressing and holding Fn +Z/X/C for about three seconds. The USB connection also works well and has negligible latency. It might be an ideal connection for gamers.

If you’re looking for a solid low-profile keyboard option that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and performance and is attractive, the Cooler Master SK622 should be on your list.

Havit Mechanical Keyboard


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

The Havit Mechanical Keyboard is excellent for users looking to try out a low-profile keyboard for the first time. In addition to the affordable price, this keyboard has a thin frame, a sleek design, and a nice blend of features and functionality. It also has stabilizers to aid in comfort for gaming marathons and long typing hours.

The most significant feature of this keyboard is its lightweight, compact design. At 530 grams, it weighs far less than any traditional mechanical gaming keyboard. Even though this mechanical keyboard is ideal for gamers, it’s also perfect for typing. It features 6 mm keycaps with a 3mm key travel distance. Keys are also responsive and comfortable to use.

For connectivity, the Havit HV has a detachable plug-and-play USB cable. It also has 87 N-key rollover keys, customizable RGB backlighting and functional keys, savings settings, and presetting modes. You’ll need a driver from the official HAVIT website and a Windows system to customize the keys. This keyboard is compatible with various platforms, including Linux, Mac, Windows, and others.

Tecware Phantom L


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

Tecware Phantom L uses Outemu’s low-profile switches that correspond to Cherry MX Switches in color. You can choose from red,blue or brown switches. This keyboard’s backlight has 18 modes. You can use the Tecware software to further customize it. It comes with a detachable, braided type C cable, with comfortable length for ease of use.

Overall, Tecware Phantom L may not be as low-profile as other keyboards on this list. But, there’s hardly any keyboard within its price range with features like per-key RGB backlighting, customizable software and comfortable ergonomics.

EagleTec KG061


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

See Price

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

As stated earlier, price doesn’t always reflect quality. The EagleTec KG061 solidifies this saying with its excellent features for only a fraction of the price of typical low-profile gaming keyboards. You might be tempted to think that the manufacturers compromised the quality for that price, but the build is surprisingly sturdy and durable. It has thick molded keycaps and an attractive silver lining around the edge of the keyboard.

While the quality and design are up to standard, the blue backlighting is intense and distracting. You’ll need to reduce the brightness or turn it off completely. The typing speed isn’t as great as other low-profile keyboards, still adequate for this keyboard’s price.

There are hundreds of different low-profile keyboards available today, which can be confusing for a first-time buyer. Remember that selecting a low-profile keyboard that suits your needs is essential.

Next, we explore essential features to consider when choosing a low-profile keyboard.

Keyboard type refers to the size.

There are various low-profile keyboards, including full-size keyboards, 60% keyboards, and portable and keypad keyboards with a number pad.

The low-profile full-size keyboard can work for you if you have sufficient space.

But if you have limited working space and are looking for a low-profile keyboard to fit your setup, consider getting a 60% low-profile keyboard.

Suppose you’re struggling with a low response when gaming or speed and accuracy when typing. In that case, you can choose a 60% keyboard. It will help relax your wrists, and the shorter actuation distance makes for better response and faster typing speed.

If you spend hours gaming or typing, ergonomics should be a priority when selecting a low-profile keyboard. Ergonomic refers to how well the keyboard design fits the user. Is it too high or too low that you must strain when typing? Low-profile keyboards are designed with user experience in mind. They are shorter, so you don’t have to raise your wrist while typing.

Ergonomics can also take different forms, which include shape, size, and overall design. If you game or work at night, selecting a low-profile keyboard with a proper backlighting feature is best.

It’s essential to consider if you work best with a wired or wireless keyboard. Both have their limitations, and your selection depends on your preference. A low-profile wireless keyboard is an excellent choice if you like to game while lounging on the couch without worrying about a distracting cord.

If, on the other hand, you find charging tiresome and consider response a huge factor in user experience, then go the wired route. If you choose a low-profile wireless laptop, ensure your computer has built-in Bluetooth technology. You’ll require a Bluetooth adapter to pair them if it doesn’t.

Connectivity also depends on the primary use of the keyboard. If your keyboard is for recreational use, then ease of use and comfort should be the priority. If the keyboard is for work, output and accuracy should be the most significant consideration.

Another critical factor in selecting a low-profile keyboard is the key technology. There are two main types of low-profile keyboards: membrane and mechanical.

Membrane keyboards are made of lighter, plastic material and respond by forcing the rubber layer beneath to register a keystroke.

Like connectivity, the choice of membrane or mechanical goes down to preference. Overall, membrane low-profile keyboards may be cheaper because of the material. They are also ideal for those who prefer to type silently and fast.

Any keyboard can perform as a bare minimum input device, but only the best quality keyboards can offer an excellent user experience without compromising on speed and accuracy.

While many people attach quality to the price, it’s not always the case. It may be true that high-quality low-profile keyboards will cost higher than the average keyboard, but several affordable keyboards are equally high quality.

Good quality comes down to build and longevity. The better the materials, the longer your keyboard will last.

Additionally, a high-quality keyboard should have replaceable parts. This allows you to fix the broken parts, for example, keys, instead of replacing them with new ones.

Finally, consider a low-profile keyboard that is within your budget. As stated earlier, the price of a keyboard doesn’t always reflect the quality. Several affordable options will last long and offer decent speed and accuracy.

If your budget is flexible, consider the type, connectivity, and key technology.

Also, ensure that the keyboard fits your setup. If you’re going for a minimalist look, a 60% low-profile keyboard would be ideal. You have even more options to consider if space isn’t a factor.

The list above covers the best low-profile keyboards for this year. The list above has something for everyone, from a newbie looking for a first-time low-profile keyboard experience to the seasoned user looking to upgrade. Remember that the choice of keyboard depends on preference and budget. For first-time users, check whether the keyboard is compatible with your PC and if it fits your setup and budget. For those looking to upgrade, evaluate customizable features, durability, and comfort to ensure the keyboard suits you.

Low-profile keyboards are shorter than the typical keyboard. They mimic the actuation and comfort of a laptop keypad. They are also slimmer for better user experience and ease of travel.

There are several things to consider when buying a low-profile keyboard. The first is the build. Ensure it’s made of durable material that can withstand long hours of use. Another essential consideration is the size. Consider whether your setup allows for a full-size, 75 or 60% keyboard. Finally, ensure you check connection options and select a keyboard within your budget.

Holy Grail Seo: High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

Are There Any High Volume, Low Competition Keywords Left?

If you’ve done SEO in a competitive industry you know how hard it can be to find topics to rank for that no one else has covered or that don’t require extensive amounts of link building.

You’re smart enough to know that the good old-fashioned “publish and pray” approach to ranking content just doesn’t work.

This is why SEO pros must leverage low competition keywords into their overall strategies so that they can get their sites to compete with the big boys.

Why Are Low Competition Keywords Important?

As SEO pros, if we are starting out with a client who is:

A startup.

Has a new website.

Has little to no domain rating.

In an industry that is super competitive.

A combination of the above.

…then we are plagued to try and get results, fast.

Beyond the standard optimizations of the website, building our product or service pages, and trying to convince our clients they need a bigger budget for PPC or social promotion, we need to use our SEO expertise to make sure our clients stick around (or our bosses don’t fire us!).

While every client agrees that they understand SEO takes “six to eight” months, come month three with no sales generated they get squeamish.

And this is exactly why we need to use low competition keywords in our SEO and content marketing strategies. Low competition keywords are those that can rank with little to no link building and little to no domain authority.

Performed properly, merely publishing a blog based on a target of low competition keywords can provide (relatively) quick traffic and long-tail rankings.

Better yet, it provides us a solid foundation in which to write more competitive topics and go after more difficult, and often more volume-rich, topics.

Who Should Be Going After Low Competition Keywords vs. High Competition Keywords?

We’ve all reverse-engineered competitor websites in an effort to determine why they outrank ours.

We think, my topic is more in-depth, we have better graphics, better references, more social shares, and my blog is more-up-to-date, so why doesn’t it rank better?

More often than not this is because or competitors have a higher domain rating than us.

Sidenote: I say domain rating (DR), Ahrefs definition of the strength of a website’s backlink profile on a logarithmic scale of 0 to 100, with the latter being the strongest. Domain authority (DA) can also be used interchangeably.

Domain rating is why sites like Forbes can publish articles, do zero outreach, and generate a fraction of the backlinks as the rest of and still outrank us.

Sites with high domain rating are usually trusted resources and can publish content and rank for it while the rest of us have to work a lot harder at it.

Therefore, if you have a site you are trying to rank a blog for, chances are you’ll be going up against a media site or some very-well established juggernaut in your vertical.

This is also why you should be spending more of your time finding and developing content around high volume, low competition keywords, and topics.

Bottom line: high DR sites can go after high keyword difficulty topics and will usually rank for them; low DR sites, well, can’t.

So how do we define a high DR site?

High DR sites are measured generally, from the 0 to 100 scale, but can also be measured on the industry level which can also mean a high DR is industry-related.

For example, a site like Forbes is a general site that covers a broad range of topics and has a DR of 93. Forbes may or may not be going after keywords that you are.

In that case, you may not have to compete with general high DR sites like Forbes (you lucky dog).

If you don’t you are probably competing with other industry sites with a higher DR than yours, meaning you still have to be deliberate with your keyword research and topic creation.

Then again, there are industry sites that have huge DR.

For example, if you’re in the real estate space, there’s a good chance you’ll be going up against chúng tôi (DR90) or Zillow (DR91). In many cases, we’re up against industry sites and general sites for the same keywords/topics.

That’s OK though, we can still compete with these sites!

Where to Find High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

Now that we have an understanding of why low competition keywords are so important to so many of us, let’s take a look at three great ways I like to find high volume, low competition keywords.

Note: The definition of high volume keywords can be subjective. During your research you may find that you are targeting topics that have thousans of searches every month while other times you may be targeting those that have hundreds. Either way, keep in mind that the target keyword and topic may generate lots of long-tail traffic, which is why we will dive into using this research to piece together complete topics.

Method 1: Using Google SERPs to Reverse Engineer Results

Sometimes with keyword research, you can have a direct topic in mind to begin your research and other times you just visit competitors sites to find ideas. This first approach has to do with the former.

For example, my financial planning client Castle Wealth Management does a lot of wealth management for clients that are high net worth and thus wanted to create a blog on the topic of trusts.

So, before diving into a specific topic just because they wanted to cover it, as an SEO and content marketing agency, we push our clients to be more intentional about what we cover.

Being in the finance industry, I knew we’d be up against huge juggernauts like Forbes (DR 93), Nerd Wallet (DR 86), and Kiplinger (DR 84).

Taking to the Google SERPs and using the Ahrefs Chrome extension for its data on DR, Referring Domains, and Keywords a URL ranks for, we quickly found that generic posts on trusts such as “What is a trust?” were indeed dominated by the likes of huge brands like Bankrate.

Further, the topic had a Keyword Difficulty (KD) of 29, the top post had 40 referring domains (RD), and the top site, a domain rating of 89. Since the goal is to generally get within the top three rankings, we decided to move on from this topic.

After a handful of searches we discovered the long-tail topic “why would you put your house in a trust?” was opportune for the picking. Below we see this exact keyword gets 200 searches per month.

Now, 200 is not really a pot of gold by any means in terms of volume, but you’ll see that sometimes you have to look beyond the primary keyword volume and keep an eye on long-tail traffic.

When researching this topic we found that a site (Darrow Wealth Management) with a similar DR (31 to our client’s 27) was ranking #1.

Further, their post on the topic only had 7 referring domains and was ranking in the top 100 for over 1,600 keywords, many of which were in the top 10. Long-tail goldmine? Perhaps…

Inside Ahrefs, you are able to take a look at all the keywords, their volume, their keyword difficulty, position, and more to get an idea of how your competition stacks up.

As you can see, Darrow Wealth Management ranks within the top 5 for a ton of searches related to “why would you put your house in a trust.”

With this knowledge in the bank, we can now take an even closer look at our primary keyword to see what kind of backlink profile we need to build if we want to rank on Page 1.

According to Ahrefs, the keyword difficulty of 3 means we’ll need links from about 4 websites to rank in the top 10 for this keyword. I’ve found this metric to not always be true as we were able to rank #2 for this search with only one backlink.

Fast forward about three months post blog production, and you’ll see our high volume, low competition strategy worked.

Check out how our client’s site now ranks for related keywords:

While the site is not in Position 1 for the target keyword, we only actively built one backlink to the page and have benefited tremendously from our strategy. The blog ranks for a ton of long-tail searches, over 500, and grew organically over the next eight months:

This is all but one strategy to find keywords and topics to write about. You can also let software do all the work for you.

Oh, and if you’re saying “well there really isn’t any competition for that at all what a joke this strategy is” just check out the high DR sites that are also going for this keyword that our strategy has beat out.

Our strategy put our client in the second spot and beat out sites like SFGate (DR90), CNN (DR92), and Pocket Sense (DR70) all with one referring domain.

Method 2: Using Keyword Software to Target Specific Topics

Another method that is really good for finding high volume, low competition keywords is by using software to help you filter through data. Using the Ahrefs Content explorer, we can utilize some great filters to find low hanging fruit content.

Start with a generic keyword search. For example, “garment bag.”

Now, you’ll see a bunch of pages in the index that mention your target keyword. In this case, there are over 14,000 pages in the index so I want to filter them out.

There are a lot of considerations and filters that can be applied, but part of the fun is playing around with the tool.

First and foremost, however, you’ll want to filter out any pages that are not ranking for anything. I’ll set the organic traffic filter to “From: 500” for starters so we only see pages that rank for over 500 keywords. You can be more aggressive or less aggressive depending on the results.

In this case, the filter leaves me with 173 pages which is pretty good considering where it started.

Because I want sites that have a low, or relatively modest domain rating, I’ll also filter sites that are above a DR30.

I do this because I will know my chances of finding a topic that a low DR site ranks for means my site can probably do the same. 

This is not always the case, however. Sometimes high DR sites can be goldmines for low competition, high volume topics. But in this example, we’ll stick to low DR sites that have low competition, high traffic blogs we can steal from.

With our new filter set, we now see there are 10 pages to evaluate based on our “garment bags” topic:

Now, all we have to do is open up the organic traffic tabs on the various sites to see if we can find some keyword opportunities that fit the Holy Grail bill.

Voila! Holy Grail SEO goldmine!

The first blog has a bunch of topics and the metrics tell me it is a good option to cover.

First off, the referring domains to the site are at one, the site has almost 1,200 keywords in the index, the keywords I see showing up are all really low keyword difficulty, and the volume of the keywords collectively and of a few isolated ones are great (ex. “Garment bag carry on” 1,600 volume, KD1; “garment duffel bag” 500 volume, KD1).

I can repeat the same process of investigation on the other sites that showed up in the list and jot down the other keywords I want to hit in my blog.

This approach is great, but the other approach can often find topics even faster. And that is using competitors to find high volume, low competition Holy Grail content.

Method 3: Looking at Competitors to Find HV/LCK Keywords

One of my favorite Holy Grail SEO techniques is to mine competitors sites for keywords and blog topics.

Even sites with high DR can be goldmines for high volume, low competition keywords.

And as we’ve seen in the Castle Wealth Management example, you can beat out sites with high DR with a well-written low competition keyword target.

For example, let’s stick to our finance example. This is an extremely competitive industry with competition in niche sites, industry sites, and general news sites like CNN.

I bring the site into Ahrefs Site Explorer to dissect it. Inside this tool, we can sort topics by the Top pages – pages that the software tells me ranks for a ton of keywords – as well as set a filter for Keyword Difficulty.

In this case, I set the KD filter to 10 (although you could probably go a lot lower to see what you find).

Take a look at the filtered settings to see if there are contextually relevant topics that you think your audience would enjoy.

To investigate further, I open the Organic Keyword report for each and look at the Volume and Keyword Difficulty of the results.

The Position is also worth noting as well as this shows that solid rankings here can likely be duplicated with a similar blog.

Looking at these two side by side, we see that the “Best time to buy a TV” topic has a slightly higher keyword difficulty. Most of the keywords sit around 8 while the “How to fill out a money order” sits around 6.

Further, there seems to be a lot more keyword volume for the money order primary keyword – 23,000 versus 11,000.

Ultimately you may decide to cover both topics but if you were to choose one over the other, you’d want to go with the easier of the two.

Digging a little further still, you’ll want to see how many backlinks you may need for each. You’ll need about 7 and 9 links, for the money order and TV blogs, respectively.

Putting Your Keyword Competition Data Together to Create Complete Topics

I’ll be the first to admit that good keyword research is only the beginning. You’ll still need to implement it properly if you want the research to help drive traffic.

Here are some more tips on bringing the grail home.

Keyword Research Still Needs to Be Complemented with Great Writing

Yes, good keyword research does not mean you can get away with writing crappy blogs. This may be an obvious point, but let’s get that out of the way. Here are some resources to help you with that:

Beyond good writing, one tip I have for you is to be exhaustive with a topic. Being exhaustive with a topic is part research and part logic and I find often involves a lot of keyword rich sub-topics.

For example, let’s take a look at our keyword data for the aforementioned “garment bags” research:

From here, we know we have keyword data and volume but that alone doesn’t make the blog come to life.

What we want to do is then use some logic to determine what would make good talking points in our post while also being intentional about the keyword opportunities. So, let’s say you decide on a general post of “15 Best Garment Bags of 2023” as your topic.

You can then use this keyword data to break down some good sub-topics that obviously have some volume behind them.

Note: For the sub-topic portion I don’t always focus on topics with low keyword difficulty. This can be helpful to do but if a sub-topic is appropriate for your post, don’t be afraid to cover it if you find it is a competitive keyword.

Perhaps in this post, I’ll have my writer cover the following as sub-topics:

Best roll up garment bags

Best carry on garment bags

Best garment bags with wheels

Garment bag carry on rules

When to get a tri fold garment bag

In this case, my keyword research is dictating my sub-topics, making it a win for the overall topic but also for the implementation of my keyword research.

Also, check out Google SERPs for even more ideas that Google is telling you people are also interested in within the “People also ask” and “Searches related to” sections in the SERPs.

The Quest for Holy Grail SEO Never Ends

The ability to drive traffic to sites that are high volume and low competition is very real. It is a great strategy for startups, new websites, sites with little to no domain rating, and sites that just want to build more traffic.

The research is actually quite simple and with a little practice can be implemented in just a few minutes. While we never rule out link building as a deliverable, it is nice to show gains in traffic without having to spend a bunch of time and resources building links.

Give Holy Grail SEO a try for yourself and I promise, done right, it will work wonders for your content marketing strategy.

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