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Calendar App for Windows: 15 Best to Use in 2023




While looking for good calendar software, you need to consider features like task management and meeting scheduling.

Some of the solutions presented below are cloud-based so you will be able to access them from anywhere, on almost any device.

Windows 10 & 11 are great operating systems and they come with a pack of useful features, one of them being the Calendar app.

While the native Windows Calendar serves its purpose well, some of us may want more customization options and extra features. Others may want it simpler, perhaps with striking looks and fancy live tiles.

Whatever the case, there are a lot of calendar apps for Windows to choose from out there.

What Microsoft app is best for calendars?

However, if you really want a Microsoft calendar app, the best is the one included in the Outlook email client.

We didn’t include it in our list below because it’s so popular that everyone knows already about its features.

However, we did research the market and outlined the best ones, which come with additional options, are highly customizable, and offer various view options.

Some of these apps are available on Windows PC as well as on mobile devices, giving you all the flexibility you need in and out of the office.

In this article, we will discuss the best calendar apps for Windows 10 and 11 that give you extra options to play with.

Efficient Calendar will impress you with its intuitive interface. You will find the most important features you need in this type of tool on the left side of the dashboard.

The calendar, tasks, or events are easily accessible. You also have an assistant-like tool that pops up so you can select the dates of your planned events.

The app helps you prioritize your tasks in order to simplify the decision-making process, especially during working hours.

This calendar allows you to invite others to join your events and to manage their acceptance. You also can add documents and files to your meeting events, to have them handy at any time.

Efficient Calendar

Stay efficient and have all your meetings, files, and contact at your fingertips with this calendar app.

Check price Get it now

Time Doctor is a very efficient productivity app with CRM functionalities that can be perfect for work-from-home teams. It is primarily used as employee-racking software.

Besides the basic time-tracking capabilities, the app includes distraction alerts or offline tracking tools, to make the most of one’s working hours.

At the same time, a few basic project management features help to bring in one spot actions such as creating tasks, assigning projects, and reviewing progress for each team member.

The app is perfectly integrated with Asana, Google Calendar, Basecamp3, or Wrike, and works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems.

Overall, this might be the perfect app for rigorous businesses with stricter company rules and tight calendars.

Time Doctor

Monitor your team’s working hours, whether online or offline with this fully-featured app.

Free trial Visit website

Todoist is not a calendar as you know them. It’s a task schedule and manager but it connects to your calendars and extracts all the events.

However, the magic happens when you transform the tasks into projects and you discover that you can assign them to your team members easily.

You will also be able to organize the tasks in every way possible and create workflows that will surely make your life a lot more organized.

Add labels, set filters, send tasks by email, set dayly and weekly goals and see the list for all the completed to do lists in an instant.

And you will see the complete situation from any device, wherever you are in the world because Todoist is a web-based app.

⇒ Get Todoist

Hailed as one of the most beautiful calendar apps for Windows 10, Chronos Calendar + is stylish and comes with a ton of attractive features.

The unique synchronization between all your calendar accounts is more than welcome. You can even customize the calendar appearance to match your style.

Its clean interface invites you to experience different calendar views and even rich live tile customizations.

Additionally, you can add moon phases and zodiac calendars to the main dashboard, if you’re an astrology fan.

The smart add feature allows you to jot down quick texts when adding new events while the live tile customization allows you to change the background color, font size, as well as the content you want to be displayed.

Chronos Calendar

Get the fanciest calendar with rich live tile customization that syncs with all your other calendars.

Check price Get it now

One Calendar is a smartly dressed app that lets you pull all your calendars under one roof.

Available for Windows and mobile devices, One Calendar is highly customizable and comes with a ton of attractive features.

It offers a central place for you to view all your calendars like Google calendar, Exchange calendar, Live/Outlook calendar, as well as Facebook events.

One Calendar allows you to add, delete, and update appointments with the day, week, month, and year.

Some of its most attractive features include a lock screen, customizable support, live tile, semantic zoom, calendar themes, and an easy search that allows you to quickly search all your appointments.

However, most of these features are available with the premium version.

One Calendar supports multiple languages, and the best part is that you don’t need an Internet connection to view and manage appointments.

One Calendar

Get all your calendars under the same app and keep a great schedule of your activities.

Free Visit website

My Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Windows. The app is highly customizable and comes with a ton of useful features.

You can switch between calendar views, depending on how you prefer to organize your days. For each view, there are several beautifully designed live tiles to choose from.

My Calendar app comes in two versions; free and paid. The free version is ad-supported and comes with great features.

The pro version is ad-free and comes with additional features such as task management, an enhanced internal birthday calendar, and enhanced calendar views.

My Calendar

Organize your day with a simple calendar app that is highly customizable and has a friendly interface.

Free Download

Power planner is the Holy Grail of all calendar apps for students, featuring tools to estimate grades, plan homework hours, and track classes.

With the Power Planner online account, you can manage everything from anywhere, be it on a desktop or on a mobile device.

The calendar also comes with other attractive features such as live tile, online sync, and automatic reminders.

You can even pin a schedule tile that will show you when and where your next class takes place.

The app seamlessly integrates with Outlook calendar and is able to sync everything across different platforms and devices.

Power Planner is available for free (with limitations) but you can upgrade to unlock all the features.

But most important, it has all the features you need from a calendar app, including scheduling and sharing events.

Expert tip:

The design of the app is clean, uncluttered and the color-coding will help you separate events for different purposes like work, personal, or study.

If you have more calendars, this tool can integrate up to ten of them and get all the information in a unified dashboard.

If you’ve got a Google account, the Calendar app will be right there when you need it and it’s already integrated with your email.

Also, if you are using other Google Workspace apps, Google Calendar will fit right there, integrated with all of them.

In the Google calendar app for Windows, you can set tasks, share them with others on your list of contacts and personalize your calendar with a lot of other add-ons like Zoom, Teams, and a lot more.

Overall, the web app is great because you can use it on any browser and it’s right there on any platform.

And, best of all, it’s very simple to work with because the interface is clean and comprehensive, typical for Google apps.

⇒ Get Google Calendar

Let’s face it! One of the most important features of a calendar is to schedule appointments and most calendars don’t offer that feature or don’t do it properly.

Calendly is a web app designed exactly for that purpose and it will help you set up meetings professionally, without any problems.

The best feature of this app si that when you make a new appointment, it only offers the times and dates that are free across all your calendars because it syncs with them.

In fact, it does more than that because it offers the attendee more slots, and when they accept, the meeting is already set, without any back-and-forth communication needed.

Then, everything runs on autopilot because the app sends automatic reminders and even thank-you notes so you can keep focusing on what’s important.

The app is free for personal usage but for the Enterprise version, you will need to apply for a plan.

⇒ Get Calendly

If you’re using the Thunderbird app as your email client, you already know that it comes with the built-in Lightning Calendar.

Unfortunately, it is not available as a separate app so if you’re using a better email client, this calendar is not for you.

However, if you want to make the change, the built-in feature is great for managing multiple calendars, creating daily tasks, inviting friends to events, and subscribing to public calendars.

The user interface is very straightforward and friendly so you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

⇒ Get Lightning Calendar

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SavvyCal is not just a calendar, but a great app to access all your calendars and set up meetings easily, without any communication issues.

The web app allows the attendee to overlay their calendar on top of yours to find mutual free time for the meeting.

And if you’re a busy person, you should avoid overbooking. SavvyCal helps you with that by setting limits for how many meetings can be booked in a set time period.

⇒ Get SavvyCal

Most calendars are targeted at professionals, managers with busy schedules, and so on but students also have complicated timetables and My Study Life is dedicated to them.

So, this app comes with scheduling features to accommodate your classes but also with your free time or extracurricular work.

The best part about My Study Life is that you can access it on any device because it’s web-based and it also works offline.

⇒ Get My Study Life

Then again, with this tool, you create templates for the events you schedule regularly with availability, locations, and then control how and when you get booked.

If you’re working for a website, it’s easy to share your personal link to simplify the process of booking a meeting at a time that works for both of you.

The app has a very simple user interface, available for access on any device, thus it can be used by anyone without any training or further explanations.

If you need a simple, yet complex calendar app, Morgen can really do the trick whether you want it for personal or professional usage.

The best part is that it integrates with all your other calendars such as the one from Outlook, Google, Exchange, and even CalDAV.

Having all calendars in one place will then allow you to organize your tasks and schedules without double booking.

It’s not a web app but it works on Windows, MacOS, and even Linux to get everything synchronized on any system.

⇒ Get Morgen

These are the best calendar apps for Windows 10 and 11 in both appearance and features. They also integrate well with your other calendars, allowing you to view them all from one central console.

Some of the apps on our list don’t even need you to download anything because they are cloud-based and can be accessed on any device with a browser and Internet connection.

We hope that this article gave you an insight into the best calendar app for your Windows devices and you were able to opt for the most relevant for your needs.

And while you organize your scheduling, take a look at our list with the best cross-platform Grocery List apps to help you shopping.

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15 Best Free Sftp Server Software For Windows (2023)

What is SFTP Server?

SFTP Server is the last destination at the receiver’s end that provides secure file transfers during a message exchange over SSH (Secure Shell) to provide access to all the shell accounts on a remote SFTP server. The full form of SFTP is SSH File Transfer Protocol, a part of the SSH protocol suite.

Following is a handpicked list of Top SFTP server software with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Top Pick

SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server

Visit SolarWinds SFTP

Best SFTP Server Software for Windows (Open Source/Free & Paid)

#1 Top Pick

SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server


Concurrent transfers from multiple devices

File size: 2MB

Supported Platform: Windows

Free Trial: Download Free

Visit SolarWinds


Concurrent transfers from multiple devices

Authorization for specific or a range of IPs

Powerful, free, and easy to use

Network configuration manager

Push device OS and firmware updates

This free SFTP server for windows offers scalable with multi-user administration

Full configuration change management

Supported Operating systems: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10

File Size: 2MB

Visit SolarWinds SFTP




Cross-platform and multi-language support

File size: 21.6 MB

Supported Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Free Trial: Download Free

Visit Filezilla


Quick Connect option

Cross-platform and multi-language support

Drag-and-drop functionality

Network configuration wizard

Keep Alive command reduces timeout errors

You can easily browse the synchronized library.

It offers remote file search

Available in numerous languages.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10, macOS, and Linux

File size: 21.6 MB

Titan SFTP Server is best for High-Availability and for cloud implementations. Cloud Pay-as-You-Go options make Titan SFTP the most cost-effective, starting at less than $15/month. Titan support team has extensive experience migrating on-site SFTP servers to the cloud.


Titan FTP Server


Automated server to server transfers

Web file transfers

Supported Platform: Windows, Linux, Azure, AWS

Free Trial: 20 Days Free Trial

Visit Titan FTP Server


Clustering across multiple sites for HA and disaster recovery

Cloud implementations enable instant addition or reduction of resources, so Titan cloud customers only pay for what they use

Supports SFTP, TLS 1.3 and HTTPS

Active Directory, LDAP, Native and Hybrid Authentication

Automated server to server transfers

Web file transfers

Web-based administration

Cloud, on-site and hybrid

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Azure, AWS

IPv6 support

Visit Titan SFTP


Offers file upload/download links for customers.

Securely send fully encrypted files via Email.

Previews of files and real-time collaboration

Audit logs of file modifications

Custom data retention rules for users

API and SDK available

You can sync with other cloud providers including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dropbox, Rackspace, Backblaze, and many others.

Supported Operating systems: All platforms, cloud-based

FIle size: 5TB

5) WS_FTP Server Corporate

WS_FTP Professional is a SFTP provider that offers the easiest method to upload and download files. It is one of the best SFTP clients that provides an FTP transfer facility using encryption technology. This software is easy to use and helps you to reduce the administrative burden.


Control user access and permissions and gain real-time visibility.

It helps you to assure business-grade reliability and security.

It helps you to connect unlimited local connections simultaneously.

You can transfer files at any time.

Server to server transfer is possible.

Ad-Hoc Email Transfer.

Provides Web transfer.

Supported platforms: Windows.

6) Cerberus FTP/SFTP


Provided support for Active Directory, LDAP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, Secure SSL encryption, and two-factor authentication

Offers a glimpse of the statistics and performance instantly.

Comprehensive auditing allows users to monitor availability and performance.

It offers a web file transfer facility for a web client.

Provides email notifications

Multiple options for event support and automation

Customizable file retention policies

7) Couchdrop SFTP

Couchdrop SFTP offers a secure file upload and download portal. It offers custom domains and White-labeling. This SFTP service also offers support for Webhooks and alerting.



Hosted storage

Granular user permissions

Email upload pipeline

Webhooks and alerting

Supports Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage

8) CompleteFTP

CompleteFTP is an SFTP server that offers support and various functions for SFTP, depending on the version you choose. For example, the basic Free Edition supports FTP and FTPS file transfers, and it is available to unlimited users.


Multi-platform support

Access controls

Audit trail

Document Management

Drag-and-drop functionality

Real-time synchronization

Live support and training

Onetime cost and you need to review license frequently

Operating systems: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10

9) Tectia SSH

Tectia SSH is an enterprise SSH client/server software for secure high-speed file transfer and remote access. It is one of the best SFTP server for Linux which offers dedicated resources for continuous improvement, including compatibility, feature adds, and bug fixes.


Double speed SFTP – for on-premises and cloud file transfers

Wide platform support – the single solution for Unix, Linux, Windows server

X.509 certificate support for host and user authentication

ICON authentication for SFTP Windows server

Offers flexible XML configuration and rich set of authentication options, including authentication chains for multi-homed servers

10) /n Software

/n is a free SFTP software. This SFTP Server is a powerful File and OpenSSH Server for adding instant Secure File Transfer capabilities to any Windows Desktop or Server. It is one of the best free SFTP servers designed to easily configure an intuitive interface and rock-solid security.


Windows-based or file-based public key authentication.

This open source SFTP server runs as a Windows service or standalone desktop application.

This free SFTP server for Windows helps you to monitor connected clients.

Simple design makes hosting a snap.

This SFTP server supports all major SSH algorithms, like AES (CTR, CBC, and GCM), 3DES, Blowfish, SHA-256, ECDH, etc.

11) Rebex Tiny SFTP Server

Rebex is a free SFTP server that requires no setup or installation. You just need minimal configuration to start using this SFTP server. It is a great option when you just need a free SFTP server for Windows to unpack the files and run.


It is a multi-user SFTP/SCP server

This win based sftp serve supports SSH remote shell

Simply download, unzip, and run the .exe file as no extra installation is required.

You can configure and change it at any time to match your preferences.

It runs effectively on Windows service.

Offers support for SSH forwarding

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Windows 7 with .NET Framework 4.5.

12) Bitvise

Bitvise SSH Server provides SCP, FTP, SFTP servers, and SSH server. It is quite easy to install, configure, and use. For configuration, any setting can be changed via a command prompt script or a text file.


Supports secure remote access through the console and GUI.

Helps you to keep a record of daily, monthly, and annual usage statistics.

It offers the fastest available speeds for file transfers, though the actual speed depends on the client’s resources.

Allows users to create virtual accounts backed by the identity of one or more Windows accounts.

It offers sophisticated techniques to render the best output.

It provides a full spectrum of a Window’s console features.

Easy to install and configure

Provides an option to restrict access to specified accounts.

No limitation on the number of users who can connect.

13) Wing FTP Server

Wing FTP Server is an easy-to-use and free SFTP server software. This SFTP tool offers admins a web interface to administrate the server from anywhere. It is one of the best SFTP server software that helps you to monitor server performance and online sessions and even receive email notifications about various events taking place on the server.


Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP/S web-based client.

Allow to use the event manager to execute Lua script to send an email notification which runs on 3rd party program.

Share files or request files with just a web link, and anyone can send files with no need to log in.

You can assign individual disk quota, ratio, and bandwidth.

This Secure FTP server software for Windows helps you to map virtual directories to physical directories

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris.

14) JScape MFT Server

JScape MFT is an SFTP server that helps you centralize file transfer processes into a single easy-to-use application. It is one of the best SFTP Clients for Windows which provides cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Dropbox.


Offers a highly-secure method for exchanging data both internally and between trading partners

Simple file transfers by unifying all services and processes into a single platform

Gain control of users and system resources and also reducing system administration overhead

Automate file transfers between trading partners

Offers a secure web-based file transfer gateway to clients without installing any software

15) Provide server

Provide server enables administrators or the entire staff to access files directly with the help of a built-in secure web-server. This SFTP tool is preferable for companies that need a dedicated, encrypted server with an easy-to-use interface.


Reliable and secure file sharing

Enable users to access files with the help of a built-in secure web interface.

It helps you keep your software up-to-date with security updates and features.

Robust file provisioning service

16) SFTPPlus

SFTPlus is a secure, Managed File Transfer software for enterprises with multi-protocol support. It offers a simple to use on-premises, cloud, or container deployed SFTP solution.


Compliant and Secure Win SFTP Server

This Windows SFTP server allows you to use secure and automated file transfers across multiple platforms

17) VanDyke VShell Server

VanDyke provides an easy-to-use, browser-based file transfer solution for staff, customers, and partners. It helps end-users to connect with VShell Enterprise Edition using HTTPS to upload and download files easily.


This online SFTP server offers strong, multi-protocol security for data in transit

Control user access to features and files

Easy to Set up and configure

Monitor and log events with automation support


It is an internet service that is designed to establish a connection to a specific FTPS server or computer. FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol.” Therefore, users can transfer Files (download) or transfer data/files to their computer or the FTPS server.

Here are some of the best SFTP server software for Windows:

SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server


Titan SFTP Server


Cerberus FTP/SFTP


Tectia SSH

SFTP (full form SSH File Transfer Protocol) is a part of the SSH protocol suite. It provides secure file transfers over SSH to provide access to all the shell accounts on a remote win SFTP server.

SSH is a protocol for secure remote access to a machine over untrusted networks. SSH is a replacement for Telnet, RSH and rlogin. SFTP verifies the identity of the client, and once a secured connection is established, the information can be exchanged.

Here are some important differences between FTP and SFTP protocols:

Parameter FTP SFTP

Founder By Abhay Bhushan in 1971 Tatu Ylönen with assistance from Sami Lehtinen in 1997

Full-Form File Transfer Protocol. Secure FTP Protocol.

Basic FTP does not offer a secure channel to transfer files between hosts. SFTP offers a secure channel for transferring the files between host and client.

Encryption FTP is accessible anonymously, and in most cases, it is not encrypted. SFTP encrypts the data before sending it to another host.

Architecture used Client-server SSH

Protocol FTP is TCP/IP protocol. SFTP protocol is a part of the SSH protocol, which is a remote login application program.

Number of channels used 2 1

Commonly used Yes NO

Transfer method Direct transfer Tunneling

Inbound Port Allows inbound connection on port 21 Allows incoming connections on port 22

Outbound Port Allows outbound connection to port 21. Allows outbound connections to port 22.

The access to the SFTP server on Windows depends on which SFTP server you choose to install. Most Windows STFP server tools are self-installing. So, if you have SFTP server software installed, all you need to do is just run the SFTP software by opening the services and Select the best SFTP server functions from the menu of your SFTP tool.

STFP on Linux has its own command and environment. There are two methods to connect to the SFTP server in Linux. The first method is useful if you want to include an SFTP session in an automated process using a script. It is ideal to set up a passwordless SFTP connection with the system.

Also Check: Best Reporting Tools

Transferring files is an important part of every business. However, it’s essential to keep those transfers secure. SFTP servers use SSH protocols to keep your information safe. It also provides concurrent file transfers and support for files up to 4GB.

Best SFTP Server Software for Windows (Open Source/Free & Paid)

15 Best Domain Registrars List In 2023

You need a domain name to start your website. There are a plethora of Domain Registrars, and choosing one can be difficult. Here is a curated list of Top Domain registrars to easily buy domains.

The 10 Best Domain Registrar To Buy Domain Name

TLD .com .org .net .info .co

1st Year ( Purchase) $9.99 $14.99 $12.99 $19.98 $40.98

2nd Year (Renewal) $9.99 $14.99 $12.99 $19.98 $40.98

Additional services that Domain offers

ICANN accreditation: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers supervised its system of domain registration.

Contract length and auto-renewal: Domain registrars offer anywhere from single-year to maximum 10-year contract timeframes.

Domain transfer: It is possible to transfer a domain from one registrar to another for whatever reason

What Domain name is missing

In case if your domain name has expired and no one else has registered it. At that time, you need to contact your registrar immediately to discuss what alternatives you have for renewing your domain name.

GoDaddy is the famous domain name registrar and the leader in the domain name industry. It is one of the best domain registrar that provides popular top-level domains, both general and country-specific domains at a reasonable price. It allows you to choose a domain name from GoDaddy and start an online business or personal website.

GoDaddy Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .org .net .info .co

1st Year (Purchase) $2.99* $11.99* $13.99* $2.99* $2.99*

2nd Year (Renewal) $17.99 $20.99 $19.99 $19.99 $34.99

**There is a specific amount of discount offered on most of the domains at GoDaddy if you purchase contract for two years or more.

Additional services that GoDaddy offers

Domain Extensions – GoDaddy offers hundreds of domain extensions you can search for by categories like education, health, or real estate.

Privacy Protection – Offers protection replaces your contact information in the public domain database with general information from GoDaddy’s partner, Domains by Proxy.

Domain Lock – GoDaddy’s domain lock blocks accidental or unauthorized domain transfers.

Domain Broker – You can hire your GoDaddy Broker which negotiate with a domain’s current owner to purchase it from them.

Personal Domains – To give a professional feel to our site or for branding or e-commerce marketing, you can purchase a domain and link with a social media platform.

Domain Value Appraisal – GoDaddy appraise any domain name for free. In this scheme, you will learn exactly how much you should pay to acquire it.

Email – Godaddy also offers email services so when you purchase a domain name and allows you to add a matching email address to it.

GoDaddy Domains Support Review

GoDaddy’s becomes a popular domain name register as it offers high-quality service and best in class support to its customers.

They have a great community with a number of forums, question answers, and tutorials with dedicated contributors. Moreover, you can contact them via phone and chat for instant support. Their support team is 24*7 available for you.

What GoDaddy Is Missing

GoDaddy’s domains are quite expensive compared to other domain registrar prices on the market, including those offered by HostGator, Bluehost, and Hover.

NameCheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name service provider company. It is one of the top domain registrars which has more than 10 million domains under management. This domain name registration company is one of the cheapest domain registrar which provides popular TLDs at a cost-effective price along with unparalleled services one needs alongside domain registration.

NameCheap Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .org .net .info .co

1st Year (Purchase) $8.88 $12.98 $12.98 $1.99* $8.48*

2nd Year (Renewal) $10.98 $14.98 $12.98 $13.88 $25.98

Namecheap also offers:

Simple checkout process

Limited upsells

Free privacy protection

24/7 live chat support and 2-hour ticket response

Allows you to find and buy a domain name in 2 minutes

NameCheap Support Review:

We can trust NameCheap for its support. You will get quick support via live chat and support ticket. Moreover, it offers fresh news and quick updates.

What NameCheap Is Missing

NameCheap doesn’t provide any email address with each domain name, free.

Dynadot provides a solid marketplace where you can do just that. You can bid on domains up for auction, browse domains for sale, list your domain for sale, or put a domain on backorder so you can snag it if it becomes available.

Pricing TLDs:

Not given

Additional features of Dynadot

Free website builder tool with mobile-responsive templates;

Affordable email and web hosting

Free domain name with website builder plans.

Dynadot support review:

Dynadot’s support wasn’t always as impressive, with live chat being offline when we checked. Moreover, the website does have a publicly available forum allowing anyone to browse common questions.

What is Dynadot missing?

It does not offer any other VPS plans or other web hosting options. Moreover, web hosting service not suitable for beginners.

5) Gandi

Gandi offers all the tool requires to create your presence on the web. It is one of the top domain registrars that provides free customer support in 6 different languages.

Pricing TLDs:

TLD .com .eu .net .info

1st Year ( Purchase) $15.50 $7.50 $18.50 $20.72 $9.00

2nd Year (Renewal) $15.50 $15.00 $18.50 $20.72 $9.00

You will find TLDs in this link:

Additional features of Gandi

Over 700 extensions: Offers largest catalogs of new TLDs, to which we add more every week

Free SSL Certificate: Domain name registration comes with a free 1-year Standard SSL certificate.

2 email mailboxes1000: alias included, forwarding addresses…

Multi-device support: Gandi allows you to manage your domain names and other products seamlessly on multiple devices.

6) Name

TLD .org .net .info .co

1st Year (Purchase) $8.99* $12.99 $10.99* $13.99 $19.99*

2nd Year (Renewal) $12.99 $12.99 $14.99 $13.99 $28.00

It lacks live chat and phone support, which are taken as the most effective means for instant support. However, it has a rich knowledge base with several questions answered. You need to create either support ticket or contact the support team via social media accounts.

Domain Restoration Fee: Varies by TLD. Please visit their site support for further pricing details.

7) Hover

Hover is ideal domain name generator for businesses that need help choosing the best domain name registrar, perhaps the domain name you wants to use might be taken. Most registrars will suggest domain options, but Hover offers the best recommendations for you.

TLD .org .net .info .co

1st Year (Purchase) $12.99 $13.99 $15.49 $13.49 $25.99

2nd Year (Renewal) $14.99 $15.99 $17.49 $15.49 $25.99

You check their complete TLDs in this link.

Additional features of Hover:

Domain Privacy – You will also get free domain privacy with each domain, which conceals your address, phone number, and email address.

Transfer Lock-It allows you to lock your domains from any unauthorized accessed.

Email – You can purchase a business email account separately.

Hover Support Review

Hover allows you to reach out them via phone, email, or live chat. However, customer support only available from 8AM-8PM Monday-Friday and 12-5PM on weekends (Saturday and

Sunday). This can be an issue if you live in a different time zone.

What Hover Is Missing

Hover does not offer 24/7 customer support like Bluehost, and some other domain registrars do. Moreover, their domain names is quite expensive compared to other Domain register companies.

8) Register

Additional features of Registers

Excellent pricing: It is one of the cheapest domain registrar that provides value for money and offers the best pricing plans.

A wide variety of options: It offers plenty of domain name options for you to register.

ICANN accredited registrar: You will get the domain name which is ICANN accredited.

Register TLDs Register support review

Register offers one of the best customer support and offers on all our services, including domain names, email, Web hosting, Website builders, etc.

What is Register missing?

Lack of price transparency is surely one thing that needs certain improvement by chúng tôi site.

9) Enom

Enom is another domain name registrar who offers top-level domains (TLDs) and new domain extensions. It is one of the best domain name registrar included in the list of best domain registrar site.

Enom Pricing for Popular TLDs (First Year and Renewal)

TLD .com .org .net .info .co

1st Year (Purchase) $13.95 $14.75 $18 $18 $32.50

2nd Year (Renewal) $13.95 $16.16 $18 $18 $32.50

Additional services offered by Enom

Professional email

SSL certificates

Website builder

Free web applications

Reliable infrastructure

E-commerce support

Enom support review:

Enom doesn’t offer any live chat support feature.

What is missing in Enom?

It does not offer any free domain services.

FXDomains is a well-known domain registrar service. It is a mid-range or lower-performing brand within its category.

Additional Features of FXDomains

Offers website security and privacy details

Offers promo codes details

Offers details about the contact information

Fxdomains TLDs

TLD .org .net .info .co

1st Year (Purchase) $8.99 $9.99 $11.99 $2.99 S9.99

Support review of Fxdomains

Fxdomain offers 24/7 support for email and chat and call.

What is missing in Fxdomain? Buydomains TLDs

Additional features:

Easy user interface

Offer simple domain name services to their clients.

What is missing in buy domains?

Not an ICANN accredited provider

Planning price is overvalued.

Poor online reputation

11) 1&1 IONOS

Pricing TLDs:

However, the $0.99 domain registration is only for the first year. After this initial period, the yearly cost of a domain renewal will jump back up to $14.99.

Additional services offered by 1&1

Domain Privacy: This feature helps you to hide personal contact information, preventing spam and identity theft, 1&1

Domain Lock: This feature ensures your domain cannot be transferred without authorization from you.

Domain Transfers: It allows you to transfer the domain name for free.

Pre-registration: If you know that a domain extension is soon to hit the market, it allows you to pre-register for a domain using that extension.

Email: 1&1 IONOS offers a free matching email address with each domain name you register.

1&1 IONOS support review

When you purchase a domain name from 1&1 IONOS, you also get access to a personal consultant who’s available 24/7 via phone, onsite chat, or email to answer any questions. These consultations include tips on how to best market your business and what products can help.

What 1&1 IONOS Is Missing

The biggest missing part of 1&1 IONOS’ is that it’s a version of a control panel is cluttered, dated, and not intuitive sharp as some other domain name registrars.

12) Buydomains

Buydomains is one of the best domain name registrar that helps you to find a relevant domain name to your business will provide you a storefront online. It allows your customers the most access to your products as possible.

13) Domains. Google

Google is one of the best domain name registrars that offers domain registration feature. It is a straightforward provider that considers speed and simplicity at the top of its priority list.

Additional features of Google Domains

Familiar and easy to use Google-style interface

Zero upsells

Excellent support

Customizable sub-domains

Easy integration with top website builders


What is Google Domain missing?

The pricing is fractionally above average, and a few TLDs aren’t supported.

14) Network solutions

Network Solutions is a flexible domain registrar and hosting provider. It is one of the best place to buy domain name that can mix and match hosting and domain solutions which is suitable according to your needs.

Network solutions support review:

They provide 24/7 and is extremely tech-savvy. They will able to solve your most pressing issues.

What Network solutions is missing

The interface is quite complex, which is hard to understand. So it is a little difficult to figure out.

FAQ ❓ What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an address where Internet users able to access their website.

🚀 Which are the Best Domain Registrars?

Below are some of the Best Domain Registrars:









❗ Why do you need a Domain Name?

Your registered domain name helps you to protect copyrights and trademarks, increase brand awareness, and improves search engine positioning of your website.

👉 Can you change a Domain name once you register it?

Yes, you can change the domain name of your website.

⚡ What is a TLD?

TLD refers to the Top-level domain (TLD) refers to the last segment of a domain name or the part which follows immediately after “dot” symbol. TLDs are classified into two categories: generic TLDs and country-specific TLDs.

❓ What does registrar suspension mean?

It means a registrar’s ability to sponsor new domain names or initiate inbound transfers is temporarily suspended by your domain name registration website.

🏅 Who should register a domain name?

Individual or a firm who wants to create his or her presence on the Internet should register a domain name.

🚀 How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar?

In order to choose the best Domain Registrar, we need to consider the following factors:



Number of Domains included

Domain Name and Extension

Privacy and Security

Domain Transfer Policy

Domain Management

Extra services on offer

Domain registrar’s reviews

💻 My site is not ready, can I still register my domain name?

Yes, you can and use it when your site is ready.

How to Register To a Domain

Step 1) Go to Domain Registrar.

Go to chúng tôi and enter the domain name you want to register.

Tip: Use this Domain Name Generator tools to come up with a create a name for your site.

Step 2) Check Domain availability

Step 3) Select the domain

Step 4) Review your order.

WhoisGaurd is free in all major registrars these days

Step 5) Payment

Create an account or login into an existing account. Make the payment, and the domain is yours!

15 Best Horror Games For Android For Halloween 2023

15 Best Horror Games for Android In 2023 A list of Scary Games that will scare the hell out of you.

It may seem that these Halloween games are for kids but that is not the case. As a matter of fact, few games like Dead by daylight for Android, Eyes the horror game, Momo horror game, and Evil Nun horror game should not be allowed to children without supervision. One of the best horror games with an appealing name is Granny game horror. This game has too much horror for a little one to handle.

The Best Horror Games for Android which are scary, horrifying, terrifying and chilling. 1.  Dead by Daylight

One of the most played horror games on PS4, Dead by Daylight for Android, has finally come to a small screen recently. It is a 4 vs 1 survival game that allows the player to play with various other players across the globe. You can choose from a wide variety of well-known characters. It allows players to team up and survive together while eliminating everyone else. The players can choose either to be a survivor or a killer and play accordingly. It is free for all with in-app purchases and gained more than 10000+ installs within less than a month. It cannot be played on the system below Android 7.0 and requires a seamless internet connection.

2.  Granny

Get It Here

Eyes, one of the scariest horror games, is a must-play for all the fans of scary games. The game requires players to protect the main character from being possessed by the ghosts and evil spirits. With earphones plugged into your ears, the sound effects truly make playing this game a frightful experience. The concept of the game is of course horror with fantasy and includes a lot of levels and stages. Another important feature is the presence of a mystical eye that has to be used in a specific manner to identify the tricks which the monsters, ghosts and evil spirits play on you. Eyes the horror game is free to install and update.

Get It Here

Evil Nun’s horror game is a mission play where the main character has to rescue many hostage children from their school. The only catch is that the children are trapped by a nun who is possessed by powerful evil spirits. Evil Nun can hear all the sounds made by the hero and can neutralize him easily. The only way to complete the games is to hide and run stealthily throughout the game. It also includes brain cracking puzzles which seem hard but are doable.

Get It Here

Get It Here

Dead Effect 2 is one of the free and best horror games for android. Player gets to choose a character, search the dark corridors, find new weapons to defeat a lot of alienated monsters. Graphics are very good as compared to games on a small screen. The mission is simple to understand but difficult to complete. You need to complete almost 20 hours by leveling up your character and shooting everyone else.

Get It Here

Into the Dead is a pretty scary game that is quite addictive as it progresses. It requires the player to keep on surviving till the end. One of the best features of the game is you will have to consider one of the multiple choices provided in the game and the outcome would be different every time. The game has multiple endings and a huge variety of ammo and weapons. There are two versions of the game with the second one released recently. Although both the games are free, it is the first one that I seriously recommend.

Get It Here

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a zombie killing game but with a difference. Instead of the usual loading up the guns and shooting their brains out, the players are supposed to plant various types of plants that shoot at the risen-from-dead creatures and is recommended as best horror games for kids. Different types of plants have various types of pellets being shot and some even have the ability to detonate. There are many levels and you can move between two worlds – Current and Ancient Egypt where you find a mummified version of zombies. Plants vs Zombies 1 was also a popular game but with the second version, the developers have taken it to the next level.

Get It Here

One of the best horror games is Slendrina. The game is better described as strategic horror as it needs the players to use all neuron cells in their brains to devise perceivable strategies to complete the mission. The sound effects are truly fascinating which adds to the horror effects of the game. The missions include entering the territory of the evil spirit Slendrina and obtaining certain items required for further missions. Each mission opens the door for future missions. The game developers have designed the entire gaming interface in a dark and doom atmosphere.

Get It Here

Zombie Hunter is a shooting and killing zombies’ game. It is one of the best horror games which requires the player to eliminate Zombie gangs to save the world. It soon gets addictive as the mission becomes quite interesting as one progresses further into the game. The game provides different types of weapons which can be updated and there are many different places to explore. The graphics are amazing as compared to a mobile Android game and the sound effects can give you chills.

Get It Here

Another game with a unique concept, this game involves saving your game character form monstrous hurdles. The player will have to face a character always on the run and must tap the screen to stop in case of a hurdle. It is an arcade type game and requires the player to be extra attentive. It does have level saves and with each level, the mission gets more difficult and exciting.

Get It Here

One of the few games with 3D graphics and video quality, Sinister Edge includes VR controlled modes along with the normal gameplay. It is a survival game that requires the player to search for his family in a doomed territory, filled with demons. The strategies used to master the game though unique but are easy to grab, unlike any other game. Players need to solve puzzles to unlock the door and progress further into the game. The sound effects are well-matched to keep up with the 3D graphics and the entire horrifying environment in the game is absolutely worth praise.

Another one on the list is Slender Man which requires the player to rescue the hostage souls of the children trapped in an abandoned school by Slender Man. The concept of the game is different from other games due to the mysterious story that runs through the game. It also offers a lot of survival situations which makes the game more thrilling for the players. with many levels to be unlocked, the graphics and sound effects are also worth a mention.

Get It Here

Man or Vampire is a game with a new concept which inculcates the main character to visit a different world and ultimately defeat the Vampire King and take his place. It also involves killing zombies with various weapons and boss battles and fight opportunities. there are many missions and small tasks to complete. the game area is very wide and will take several hours to explore. It is undoubtedly one of the coolest horror games on Android.

Get It Here

Released recently in 2023, this game is one of the best horror games which allows the users to kill several wicked beasts by the name of Momo who can track your movements once you enter the house. There are secret puzzles to solve which will help you gain more weapons. The key to passing the game is to stay calm, hide and run. It is free to play and requires your utmost concentration as the ammo quantity is limited and a miss will result in reattempting the level again.

Also Read: Best Cooking Games on Android and iOS

Playing scary games on your phone might not be everyone’s cup of tea as some games can send shivers down the spine and give you goosebumps. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t even try playing them. It may seem scary at first but once you get the knack of it, you wouldn’t realize how long you would be absorbed in playing them. Also remember, there is nothing to fear as the monsters are not going to come out of your mobile screen as the girl who crawled out of the well straight into the living room through the television set. I hope you have guessed that movie and watch it if you haven’t done yet as tonight is perfect.

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Label Maker Software For Pc: 8 Best To Use In 2023

Label Maker Software for PC: 8 Best to Use in 2023




A good label maker software makes a lot of difference and it’s understandable if you are looking for just the perfect one to use and stand out in your industry.

The primary purpose of a trademark is to attract the attention of potential customers while also building your brand identity.

There are several tools available to assist you in creating labels fast and effortlessly, and others require time and some experience to get the perfect design. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’re a fan of burning DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays you probably label all of your music, movies, photo albums, and hard-copy archives with stickers or with a marker.

Perhaps you wish to find the most appropriate tool for designing product labels, such as packaging or stickers.

Whatever the reason, we are here to assist you in determining a suitable approach to design and print your labels.

There are label-making instruments that are ideal for designing easy items as names and office inventories, but they are only suitable for generating text labels.

Other software, on the other hand, can combine elements of photo editing and printing programs such as Adobe, Avery, and Canva to create personalized products and professional labels.

How can a label maker software help you?

A label’s power is that it can convey everything about your goods in a blink of an eye. Within seconds of capturing the customer’s attention, it establishes its pricing point, defines its contents, and builds enthusiasm.

Given the number of moving parts, label design may be intimidating; unlike logo design, which concentrates on a single feature, label design combines a variety of visual components and precision.

To further add some complexity, some of these design components are typically provided by other designers, while others must be created from scratch.

While dealing with this design challenge, visual comfort may be difficult to accomplish, this is where a specialized tool comes in handy.

We prepared a list of amazing label-making software tools that you can rely on, so keep reading.

Adobe is a professional business printing software that brings together a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud is often used by digital artists or those who use design software on a regular basis – mostly because of its cost, but also because of its depth.

It provides access to Spark, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and other fantastic tools for creation.

Adobe Spark and Illustrator

You can duplicate and resize designs to ensure uniformity across numerous materials. It’s free and easy to develop, store, and express your thoughts quickly, and you may add teammates, get permission, and publish your unique label.

Adobe Illustrator enables you to create and edit high-quality vector images that do not pixelate when resized. This ensures that your labels will be absolutely clear when printed.

The cloud features various pre-designed templates to best suit all kinds of business needs, and it supports all the popular paper stocks, including Avery papers.

Note that the software overall provides a quick cut, a copy/paste option that lets you copy images from other apps and paste them to its temples.

It boasts a vast palette of ready-made templates, and it allows you to add your clip’s art and logos. You can also create a background of your own and use one of its many supplied backgrounds.

You are in full control of the color blend so do not hesitate to create a professional-looking label with this tool.

You will benefit from the following best features:

Full suite with over 20 desktop and mobile apps

Extensive graphics tools

Dedicated templates for labels

Easy to include your brand elements

Seamless integration between all Adobe products

Adobe Creative Cloud

With Adobe Creative Cloud, you can create and design with a plethora of high-quality programs, as well as a growing variety of online services and handy mobile apps.

Free trial Visit website

Struggling to get your labels printed? Label LIVE gives you the ease of use with flexible design and data import. 

A good label can help your brand stand out from the crowd. Using the best label maker software for PC and Mac will save you time and help draw attention to your products.

Go ahead, delete the software that came with your printer. You likely won’t need it after using Label LIVE.

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest Label LIVE features:

Label LIVE for Windows and Mac

Get the best label maker software that works with popular label sheets and label rolls!

Free trial Download Now

With a software license to Canva, you’ll get access to Design Cloud which features various extra clipart templates and backgrounds for labels.

The tool has a very modern interface, thousands of graphics, photo-editing tools, and all these features make it one of the best software for CD and DVD labeling.

There’s a label design for every requirement, from wedding invitations labels to wine labels and price tags. Alternatively, you may always select the specific custom proportions needed and create from scratch.

Simply upload your brand assets into the editor and drag them into your design to add components like existing logos or photos to your label, and moreover, you can print your labels directly from Canva.

Printing with Canva also gives you the option of printing your creations quickly in the comfort of your own home.

All of your adjustments are immediately saved when you use Canva’s label maker, so feel free to go back and make as many changes as you need, anytime.

Canva offers you a tracklist manager for mix CDs and also access to its online media base – the Design Cloud.

The graphics are SVGs or scalable vector graphics. This means that they won’t pixelate or warp during resizing or editing.

Let’s review some of its core features:

Scalable vector graphics

Over 50,000 templates to use

CD and DVD labeling

Easily accessible cloud-based platform

Dedicated label maker tools


You must do one thing using Canva, and that is brainstorm. Bring your unique ideas and demonstrate your ingenuity while designing a label.

Free trial Visit website

This is one of the best and most easy-to-use label maker software, and it features lots of wizards to help you make complex labels for all of your projects.

Note that you can create professional style labels in just a couple of minutes. This tool is created to help novice label creators to create professional-looking labels.

You just have to pick a wizard and then all you have to do is add logos, graphics, text messages, cartoon images, and so on. You’ll be able to customize it and get it printed via any laser or inkjet printer.

The key features of the tool include more than 50,000 clip art images, support for 13 barcode formats, over 600 exclusive label fonts, and more.

These capabilities include contrast adjustment, color balance, 3D, Transformation, rotation, Graphical Lines. You can add more effects to pictures, such as borders, and work with many layers and numerous pages.

Overall, CorelDraw has evolved into a versatile vector editing application, particularly for its drawing and layout creation capabilities, which are both simple and powerful.

Vectors are scalable, which implies that whatever you produce with vectors may be resized to a billboard scale if necessary, so more in-depth control over designing a label.

Take a look at some of its most important features:

Over 50,000 clip art images

Support for 13 barcode formats

More than 600 label fonts

Add effects, borders, elements and more

Multi-layer design features


CorelDRAW is a vector-based program that is frequently used in branding and packaging design, thus it might be an excellent choice for label creation.

Free trial Visit website

Expert tip:

Draw spirals, radials, arcs, and text of varying sizes. Change the font, size, color, style, shadow rotation, and blending parameters. For rich text on your label, combine text fonts, styles, and colors within a single text object.

Text can also be shown as a bar code, an auto-increment counter, or the current date and/or time.

You may print an unlimited number of labels beginning at any point on the page or specify particular places to print.

The interface is impeccable and clean, and it can offer you the opportunity to create great labels for your business.

Some of its most interesting features include the design wizard which allows you to create a custom-looking label from a vast range of templates in just a few minutes.

Up next, link your label to any of the built-in databases such as SQL, Access, Text, CSV, Dbase, and any other external database. You’ll benefit from top-quality customer support every time you need it.

Let’s see some of its core features:

Database link access

Auto-incremented counter

Very well organized UI

Quick label customization

Dedicated fonts, styles and colors

⇒ Get Label Designer Plus Deluxe

With the Label Design Studio, you can create more than just a label; you’ll be able to create your very own customized label in a few minutes, and you’ll have a vast palette of options of well-designed templates to choose from.

The tool is very versatile, and you really don’t need to be very experienced in order to learn to use it and to create fantastic labels.

It enables you to easily print labels from your home computer. If you need to print a large number of labels, the program has tiling options that allow you to put several labels on a single sheet of paper.

Labels may be saved as pictures and submitted to a professional printing location for commercial printing.

The tool boasts a broad range of label templates for all kinds of purposes, which come in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

It allows you to insert data from an Excel or an Access file and then it will get automatically inserted on your label.

This label creation toolkit will generate your labels with the imported data automatically. There will be no need for manual tasks, saving you time off work in the long term.

You can export more image file types including TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and more. You have the option of adding various shapes such as squares, diamonds, and more.

Take a glance at a couple of its core features below:

Large database of templates available

Export your creation in multiple formats like TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPG and more

Allows you to include data from Excel or Access files

Simple, friendly user interface

Imports data automatically

⇒ Get Label Design Studio

This label maker software offers various options to customize the labels, and it’s also very easy to use.

You’ll be able to create fabulous labels for CDs and DVDs, return address labels, folder labels, mailing address labels, and more.

For more visual effects, you can insert BMP, JPG, GIF, JPEG, EMF, and WMF files, as well as clipart. Add counter numbers that increase with each label printed – perfect for serial numbers.

This tool allows you to design a wide range of labels in any font, color, or orientation by using text, images, boxes, ovals, lines, counters, and patterns.

Visual Labels comes with a large collection of Avery label templates. Text may be created in circles or half circles. Just specify how many degrees the CircleText includes, its initial angle, whether it is inclined or mirrored, and its color.

You may use its many text and font options for creating original labels and to design them in any shape you want to and also in any colors, gradient looks, and line thicknesses.

After you created the label, you’ll get an instant print preview.

There is no limit to how many times you may print your design, although it is meant to print one or more sheets with copies of the same label, such as series of copies for tea bag labels.

Remember that Visual Labels is intended to operate with sheet-fed printers such as LaserJet, DeskJet, inkjets, and so on, but not with continuous feed dot-matrix printers.

Take a look at some of its best features:

⇒ Get Visual Labels

Avery Design & Print makes it easy to create minimalistic labels by providing online access that allows you to immediately design a ready-to-use label with no complicated features.

Simply select a template, personalize your item, and print it yourself. Even better, you can do it from any device, at any time, and from any location.

With over 3000+ label variations to select from, you may purchase preformed Avery labels in the precise number you want, with no minimum orders.

Custom sheet labels may be ordered online and are ideal for smaller projects or young enterprises just getting started that need to have printed their brand on the products.

Using the free templates and design tools, you can easily modify and purchase your labels by the sheet in minutes.

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s there: tiny labels, large labels, decorative labels, Avery logo stickers, Avery big labels, blank sticker labels, printable label stickers.

You may purchase custom roll labels online in a number of quality forms, sizes, and materials if you require a label on a rolling tape.

Online, you may easily design your roll labels using free templates and have them printed in high-quality materials, at WePrint.

It also provides premium features and finishes to help you get the most out of your trademark’s appearance, such as waterproof films and Ultrahold shipping labels for labeling products that may be exposed outdoors.

Then just print your labels by yourself or have Avery WePrint professionally print them for you. Check out the WePrint template galleries to find labels that you can personalize for your small company items and packaging.

Here are its most important features:

3000+ label templates to select from

Cloud-based usage

Purchase label rolls straight from the app

Printing service available

Professional grade quality prints

⇒ Get Avery Design & Print

Whether you simply burn discs or run a small business, excellent label-making software will definitely add a personal touch to your projects.

After you finish browsing through these label-making tools, all you have to do is choose the one(s) that best suit your label-making needs.

And now that you know how to make the labels, you should also go through our list with the best label printing software to create stunning designs.

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15 Best Hotjar Alternatives You Should Use

In a very short period, Hotjar has become a favorite of website owners for their web analytics needs. What gives it a clear edge over other web analytics platforms is the versatility that not only offers more flexibility but also makes analyzing the online behavior of users hassle-free. That all being said, the website analytics tool does have some shortcomings like the inability to provide in-depth analytics and less organized video recordings. Not to mention, it also seems to add plenty of load time to websites – which is nothing but a nightmare, to say the least. If these downsides have forced you to look beyond, let’s jump right in to explore the best Hotjar alternatives of 2023!

Best Hotjar Alternatives You Should Try (2023) 1. Smartlook

When it comes to providing accurate analytics for websites and mobile apps, “Smartlook” has long been a trusted name. But unlike many other website analytics platforms, it’s more cost-effective despite being feature-rich. So, if you find Hotjar a bit too expensive for your budget, do not fail to try it out.

Smartlook is quite similar to Hotjar. It works pretty well in offering a vivid insight into the behavior of visitors and also allows you to get to the bottom of each reason.

Taking everything into account, Smartlook is a highly-rated cost-effective, and free alternative to Hotjar in the market right now.


Vivid insight into the behavior of visitors

Heatmaps provide UX insights

The powerful event tracking feature


Heatmap is a bit slow

2. Mouseflow

In terms of features, Mouseflow is very similar to Hotjar’s noted offerings like form analytics, session replay, heatmaps, and funnels. Though they can’t compete with the latter’s offerings as far as efficiency is concerned, they can prove to be more than a handful. Besides, it also offers integrations with several popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Shopify which provide more flexibility.

If Hotjar claims to have many filtering options, Mouseflow doesn’t look too far behind. For instance, you use filters and segments to quickly segment your visitors by the operating system, traffic source, location, and more. Even better, it also lets you save a separate filter to analyze later.

Overall, Mouseflow is a fully equipped alternative to Hotjar, thanks to its ability to offer in-depth analysis.


Integrations with several popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Google Analytics

Filters and segments

Clean interface 

Lacks powerful analytics tools

3. Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a Hotjar alternative for free. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft offers access to Clarity to users for free. As you might have guessed already, there is a catch. Microsoft will process anonymous data of Clarity users to understand user behavior-related insights and to improve its machine learning models. Honestly, for what you’re getting here, it’s a fair trade-off if you ask me.


Free forever

Google Analytics integration

ML-powered insights

Heatmaps and session recordings

Processes your anonymized data

4. FullStory

Though there is a lot to like in FullStory, I would talk about the notable features that make it an excellent alternative to Hotjar. First and foremost, the web analytics platform is designed for multitasking. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to keep a close watch on user trends or get the session replays, it comes with all the tools to keep you in the loop.

As compared to Hotjar, FullStory provides an extensive analysis of digital interaction. But what sets it apart from the rest is the intuitive way to present detailed insight. From comprehensive quantitative analysis to pivotal qualitative research, it ensures you have access to all the vital info on a clutter-free dashboard.

Even better, this web analytics platform also offers a freemium variant with basic features like 1, 000 sessions/month, user trends, event funnels, and heatmaps. However, its premium version starts at a staggering price of $849. If you are looking for a basic tool without spending any bucks, the free version could be a fine alternative.


Provides extensive analysis of digital interaction

Comprehensive quantitative analysis

An intuitive way to present detailed insight


The premium version is priced very high

5. Crazy Egg

Should you think of getting a website analytics tool that can offer plenty of customization, look no further than “Crazy Egg”. Apart from providing more customization than Hotjar, it also comes with many notable features that can give its more popular rival a run for its money. And that too, without costing an arm and a leg!

Moreover, its recordings look a bit more organized than those of Hotjar’s. Another area where this cost-effective alternative looks pretty good is the ability to create and modify content thanks to the handy editor that’s quite easy to use. So, even if you aren’t a pro developer, you can modify some basic things without any hiccups.

Long story short, Crazy Egg is a notable replacement for Hotjar for the folks who want to have more customization at their disposal.


Plenty of customization

Recordings look a bit more organized

Impressive heatmaps


Doesn’t offer in-depth analysis 

Doesn’t offer a straightforward way to create white-label reports

6. Contentsquare

Contentsquare is the elder sibling of Hotjar. In September of 2023, Contentsquare acquired Hotjar to streamline its operations. While Hotjar is aimed at entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and mid-market companies, Contentsquare caters to enterprises.

Contentsquare offers a variety of features including customer journey analysis, zone-based heatmaps, session replays, form analysis, and even merchandising analysis. Ideal for enterprises, Contentsquare’s features are beneficial for digital marketing, analytics, e-commerce, design & UX, operations & IT, and product teams.


Advanced features

Variety of data insights

Clean interface


Expensive for SMBs

7. Browsee


Detailed heatmaps

Priority session recordings

Free tier has generous feature limits


Insights are limited

8. Matomo

Matomo” may not be a popular name but when it comes to offering reliable web analytics, it’s at par with the best in the business. Moreover, it comes at a relatively low price of $20/month which makes it an excellent budget-friendly alternative to Hotjar.

Beyond the price, the web analytics platform comes with all the essential features like heatmaps, session recordings, A/B testing, funnels, goals, and form analytics so that you can analyze visitors’ behavior with the desired flexibility.

But unlike Hotjar, Matomo goes a bit deeper into the detail providing several vital info like media analytics, content interactions, transitions, and row evolution. So, if the former isn’t able to offer the needed analytical data about visitors, it can prove to be very helpful in driving the growth rate and also diagnosing the Achilles heels.

Another feature that makes Matomo a fine substitute for Hotjar is “Visitor Profiles” which allows you to evaluate every action of a visitor and compile a complete historical profile. You can use this handy profile to check out the entire journey of an active user in just a few seconds.


Provide several vital info like media analytics, content interactions, and transitions

Visitor Profiles



Feels sluggish at times 

Comparatively, the interface doesn’t offer much customization 

9. VWO

For an in-depth analysis and much better insight into the behavior of visitors, you can’t go wrong with VWO (Visual Website Optimizer). In terms of accuracy and the ability to deliver detailed analysis, I put this platform a few notches above Hotjar. Combining heatmaps, on-page surveys, and session recordings, VWO enables you to easily spot the problematic areas.

Just like Hotjar, it also offers form analytics which allows you to figure out visitors’ interactions and the reasons why they drop off the form analytics. Furthermore, you can even find out the thing that caused the most confusion or took more time. If you want to go even further into the detail, you can also choose to watch the recordings of the visitors who either didn’t submit the form or got stuck.

Price-wise, VWO is on the expensive ($199/month vs $89/month) side of the spectrum. But if you can walk some extra miles in favor of detailed analysis and exceptionally helpful insight, VWO would be a top-notch alternative to Hotjar.


In-depth analysis

much better insight into the behavior of visitors

super handy segmentation


High price 

10. WalkMe

With features like business process funnels, auto-event tracking, and visual session playback provide you the much-required convenience to track a variety of info. Thanks to intelligent automation, it also accelerates the whole process, which could prove to be a boon for your productivity.

Notably, WalkMe offers a basic variant for free. With features like 3 walk-through’s, up to 5 steps per walk-through, 300 assists /month, and basic online support, the freemium model is good for normal usage, which makes it a viable free substitute for Hotjar.


Business process funnels

Auto-event tracking

Visual session playback

Top-notch campaign designer


Feels a tad clunky 

Steep learning curve 

The premium version is expensive 

11. Zoho PageSense

If you have set your sight on enhancing conversion optimization, give a chance to Zoho PageSense to help you understand your visitors’ online behavior and offer them a fully personalized experience for much-improved conversions.

Thanks to the session recordings, you can get the video playback of visitor interaction to have a better understanding of the behavior. With the detailed data at your disposal, it will become a tad easier for you to fine-tune your website in accordance with the demand of your visitors.



The interface could be more refined

Requires some learning curve initially

12. Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer also comes with a visual editor to help you edit web pages. Being quite simple to use, you can change text, images, and many other elements with ease. Comparatively, Freshmarketer’s visual editor looks a touch more intuitive than that of Hotjar.

As for conducting polls, it offers you plenty of flexibility to customize the poll widget using a nice color palette. Notably, Freshmarketer also offers a decent freemium plan with basic features like contact and list management, web form tracking, email builder, and limited conversion optimization feature. As for the premium variant, it starts at $19/month, which is a solid deal considering the wide range of tools it offers.


Smart conversion optimization

Dynamic heatmaps

A super handy visual editor

Customize poll widget

Requires plenty of learning curve 

13. Mopinion

Looking for a Hotjar alternative that can deliver the most helpful feedback analytics? “Mopinion” promises to be the right answer to your needs. What has caught my eye in this web analytics platform is the event-driven feedback system which enables you to fine-tune feedback forms for specific groups of online visitors. Thus, you have more chances of getting the desired response from visitors.

Another area where Mopinion seems to have an edge over Hotjar is the ability to provide comprehensive text analytics reports. And with the fully customizable dashboard, you can get rid of the clutter to make it show only the info that you need. Furthermore, it also provides email sharing and real-time alerts to keep the entire team in sync.

The only department where Mopinion seems to have missed the mark as compared to Hotjar is the price point. At $229/month, the latter seems way too expensive. However, if you want to have comprehensive feedback analytics, it’s worth checking out.

Event-driven feedback system

Provides comprehensive text analytics reports

Fully customizable dashboard


Lacks in-depth analysis tools

14. Lucky Orange

Last but not least, I have saved “Lucky Orange” specifically for the folks who want to get one of the cheapest Hotjar alternatives without compromising much on quality. This web analytics platform works pretty much like its more famed counterpart.

For starters, it has a clutter-free interface that makes sure everything you want to view is just a glance away. As the dashboard is fully customizable, tracking the important data and keeping the unwanted info at bay is never a big deal.

Overall, Lucky Orange is what you need to analyze the online behavior of users efficiently without spending much money. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best affordable Hotjar alternatives that tick off most essential boxes.


Clutter-free interface

Creates an automatic recording of every visitor

Efficient heatmaps 

Segment recordings


A bit complex to group and view multiple recordings and maps

15. Ptengine

Notably, Ptengine has a striking similarity with Google Analytics. With the ability to show data in real time, it keeps you in the loop about what’s happening. Thus, you can take the needed action before it gets too late.

Like Hotjar, it also offers a solid heatmap that provides a detailed graphical representation of data. Thanks to the neat color coding, keeping an eye on specific data becomes a painless exercise.

One of my favorite features of Ptengine is the ability to visualize each user’s requirements, which plays a vital role in finding out what could be the ideal shape of your website. Hence, giving the desired shape to your website becomes a little straightforward.

Just like Hotjar, Ptengine offers a pretty good freemium model with basic features like 3, 000 page views, and 1 heat map. Talking about the premium plan, Ptengine starts at $39/month (same as Hotjar’s starting price). Putting everything into the right perspective, Ptengine could be a smart asset for detailed website analytics and customer engagement.

More efficient for website analytics and customer engagement

Offer in-depth marketing

Comprehensive graphical representation of data

Ability to visualize each user’s requirements


Doesn’t offer a freemium model

Comparatively expensive pricing

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