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Photos might be useful to preserve moments for the future, but adding life to them by creating GIF and sharing it with loved ones is the present. While there is a wide range of GIF-making apps in the App Store, it gets challenging to find the best one to do our task. Acknowledging the same, I thought of listing some of the best GIF maker apps for iPhone and iPad. I hope this makes it easy for you. Keep scrolling to learn about them.

1. GIF Keyboard

The Tenor’s GIF Keyboard app for iPhone is loaded with unmatched features and ease of accessibility. You can surf through the available GIFs or create one to match your expressions exactly. It offers you a similar browsing experience as any other keyboard. Some notable app features include unmatched customization capabilities, mark a GIF as a favorite to keep it handy, Single-tap copy to clipboard, compatible with all messengers, etc.

Price: Free


2. GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine

The GIPHY iOS app has an average rating of 4.8 stars submitted by over 326 thousand users. This should perhaps well-narrate the perfection with which the app is crafted. One of the best features that the app comes with is Auto-Play on/off switch to avoid low connectivity instances. It lets you search, explore, and create ‘n’ number of GIF with utmost ease and customization options.

Price: Free


3. Tumblr

This one doesn’t need any special introduction. The application has a huge fan base for its features and ease of accessibility. It comes with a host of features to share your artwork through GIFs in the most intriguing manner across major platforms. It offers your range of customization options to be yourself, including colors, fonts, layouts, etc. You’d surely fall in love with its photo, video, and GIF creator tools.

Price: Free


4. GIF Maker – ImgPlay

The GIF Maker – ImgPlay iOS app has earned quite a good reputation among the audience since its launch. This can be well-noticed looking at its average rating of 4.8 stars by over 28,000 users. It lets you create GIFs using burst photos, live videos, slide-show, and numerous partial video and GIF editing features. Also, it comes with four camera modes, namely, Hands-Free, Normal, Boomerang, and Stop-Motion. This further allows you to personalize your GIF to a more considerable extent.

Price: Free (Unlock New Features – $1.99)


5. 5SecondsApp –  Animated GIFs

The app allows you to create animated GIFs and share them as an attachment or a link with your friends and colleagues. And this can be done using your existing photos and videos or capturing a fresh from within the application. Besides, you can edit a GIF with numerous available options. Also, the app lets you upload and edit other GIFs by importing them from other sources. And all this can be done through an easy to use interface that doesn’t force you to connect your social media handle.

Price: Free (10 Second GIF Upgrade and No Ads! – $1.99)


6. Video to GIF – GIF Maker

The application comes with an inbuilt feature to convert your videos to GIF in a few simple steps. You have the option to either convert your prevailing videos to GIF or create using a fresh video. Not just this, you can also do this using a video available on YouTube. To do so, enter the video URL ending with .mp4, and the app will do the rest. You can share created GIFs with friends on all major platforms as an attachment, or even share the link.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $1.99)


7. GIF Toaster – GIF Maker

Using the GIF Toaster iOS app, you can make your photos, burst photos, videos, and live photos into exciting GIFs. The app supports all media formats, eventually giving you a broader horizon to create and edit GIFs using a simple interface and easy-to-learn controls. You can also share the created GIFs on all significant platforms, either as an attachment or a link. The app has both free and pro versions to use, with the latter giving you additional features.

Price: Free (Purchase Pro Version – $1.99)


Top GIF Creator Apps for iPhone or iPad to Make Animated GIFs

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Best Traffic Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Traffic is one of the most prevalent everyday stressors. It seems to worsen constantly, and there’s no way to avoid it. But you can use the best traffic apps on your iPhone to ease things a bit.

These keep you informed of traffic conditions and help you work out the best routes that can get you to your destination on time. Of course, they also include maps and other navigation features that add convenience to your life. So, take your pick from the list below.

1. Waze navigation & live traffic: Editor’s choice

Waze is my favorite traffic app because of the real-time traffic information provided by users. This allows you to avoid jams and adjust your route on the fly. Moreover, the data is more trustworthy because it’s from drivers rather than algorithms.

It also helps you find the cheapest gas station on your route and supports Apple CarPlay. You can even listen to music, podcasts, and more right within the Waze app to keep you company. Choose from various voices to guide you while you drive.


Real-time route changes based on traffic, accidents, construction, etc.

App gets better at

learning your frequently used routes and destinations

Constantly updated to be accurate

Compatible with CarPlay


Price: Free


2. Google Maps: Most widely available

The world’s most popular maps app provides accurate traffic information too. Use it to find the best route with automatic re-routing based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure. You can track real-time ETAs and save time with automatic re-routing based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure.

Additionally, this app is a must-have for the wealth of information it provides about places around you. You can know what’s open, find places to eat or order from, and save places to view later. You can even get an idea about the surroundings with the innovative street view.


Accurate real-time traffic and navigation information

Automatic re-routing

Clean, intuitive user interface

Many additional features such as places, street view, etc.

Compatible with CarPlay


Sometimes it cannot tell which direction the user is going, which can be confusing.

Price: Free


3. Apple Maps: Default iOS traffic app

Apple Maps is the default maps and traffic app on your iPhone and iPad. It has plenty of good features but is quite limited to certain regions. At the moment, it only works in big cities and can give incorrect directions when you try it in less popular places.

However, since it’s a stock Apple app, it’s convenient and efficient if you live in a big city. You can get real-time info about traffic, incidents, and road closures. Further, see speed limits for the road you’re driving on and get guidance on which lane you should stay in before your next move.


Consistently updated

Integrates with Siri

Attractive iOS-style interface


Maps are limited to certain regions, mostly big cities.

Price: Free


4. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps: Great safety features  

Sygic comes with a price tag, but it’s worth it if you want the most feature-rich traffic app. To start with, it offers all the usual traffic app features you need, such as turn-by-turn directions, offline maps, and accurate, real-time traffic information from data collected from millions of global worldwide.

There are many other safety measures, too, like real-time route sharing and a Dynamic Lane Assistant that guides you into the correct lane. You can try it free for seven days and if you love the features as much as I do, go for the premium subscription.


Global availability, so it’s great for travel

Offline maps

Compatible with CarPlay

Multiple safety features


Paid app

Search functionality needs improvement

Price: $26.99 per year (7-day free trial)


5. MapQuest: Best route options

Does the name MapQuest ring a bell? It’s been around since the 90s and was used to print out directions to take along with you when driving. Of course, the world has come a long way since then, and so has MapQuest. It’s now one of the best map and traffic iOS apps.


Real-time traffic updates and alternative routes.

Live traffic camera feature shows you how many vehicles are on the road.

Handy, colored “traffic bar” at the top to show traffic flow and route progress.


Tends to drain the battery

Location data is not as accurate as Google Maps

Price: Free


6. Scout Maps: Feature-rich

Scout helps you beat traffic jams through real-time traffic and live speed updates. It’s convenient to find the quickest routes to your destination with clear, turn-by-turn directions. However, it’s much more than just a navigation app.

For instance, you can conveniently find shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc. You can also save your customized route preference and favorite map views. Further, schedule personalized departure alerts for home and work to stay on schedule.


Real-time traffic alerts

Shortcuts to your favorite places

Intuitive interface


Too many features make it complicated to use

Price: $4.99


7. TomTom GO navigation: Audio warnings

TomTom Go is the only app that has an audio warning of speed and red-light cameras. Most of the other traffic apps only offer visual alerts, but audio ones can be extra useful because you can focus on the road.


Audio warnings of speed and red light cameras

Accurate traffic info, thanks to user-reported data


dvanced lane guidance to ensure that you stay in the correct lane


Offline maps don’t function as expected

Price: $4.99 per month (30-day free trial)


8. Traffie navigation & alerts: Great interface

Traffie alerts you instantly about traffic and road situations, including delays, construction, accidents, crashes, and more. It automatically shows alternate routes and suitable parking spots near your destination for everyday convenience.

In addition to the regular map features, it also supports Siri Shortcuts, making it quicker to start navigating. Further, the Head-up Display option projects navigation onto the windshield of your car. This makes it easier to navigate when it’s dark outside, potentially reducing the risk of using the app while behind the wheel.


Head-up Display

Supports Siri Shortcuts

Beautiful graphics


Quite pricey

No offline version

Price: $5.99 per week


9. ETA – Live traffic alert: Most versatile

With an Apple Watch and Today View widget, ETA is like your personal assistant to quickly access traffic information, travel times, and driving directions. Driving times to your locations are conveniently presented on a single screen along with the traffic situation.

The interface is well-designed and easy to use. It provides you with all the info you need to navigate your city. Moreover, the app supports Shortcuts so that you can use it in a variety of different ways.

For instance, you can launch directions to your frequently visited places from the lock screen itself. Or, you can string a shortcut with the Carrot weather app to receive traffic and weather conditions at a set time each morning. Pretty nifty!


Beautiful interface

Includes Apple Watch complication

Works with Siri Shortcuts

Today View widget for info at a glance


Somewhat pricey

Price: $9.99


10. Yandex.Navi: Useful when visiting Russia, Ukraine, and other countries

Yandex is a Google competitor in Russia. Its traffic and navigation app is better able to handle Russian searches than Google, so it’s a must-have when you’re traveling to Russia. It’s also available in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and France.

You can use it to beat traffic with real-time GPS routing and find alternative routes. Further, you can easily find parking spots near you, avoid accidents and construction, and stay safe with turn-by-turn directions.


Useful for Russia and Ukraine

Easy to use



Does not work as efficiently in the United States

Does not support Apple CarPlay

Price: Free ($2.99 for Yandex Plus )


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Best Virtual Pet Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

iPhone users can experience the pros-cons of having a pet virtually. These apps are designed to reminiscence your childhood. With realistic graphics and animation, the apps give you all that you need for a growing pet. Keep yourself on the go with these apps. While the necessary download of these apps is free, you need to buy utilities from in-app purchases to upgrade.

1. My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela is pretty sweet and you will have fun-filled time while playing this game. To start things off, you have to adopt Angela who is a lovely kitty. Provide her best care so that she is able to become a star.

To ensure your pet look charming, customize her fashion, hairstyle, makeup, and home. Make sure to use lipstick, eyeshadow, blush to beautify Angela. And do check out several mini-games to showcase your skill and win a lot of rewards.

2. My Talking Tom

Rated as number one game in 135 countries, “My Talking Tom” is one of the finest pet games for iOS. To get started, you have to adopt a baby kitten and help it grow into a mature cat. Give it a nice name, feed and nurture it properly.

Don’t forget to dress your cat so that he looks attractive! Choose from a wide range of fur colors and accessories to decorate your loving pet.

There are ten funny mini-games to play. Beyond gaming, you can also record your play and share it with your friends.

3. Pet City

“Pet City” offers you the option to choose from a number of pets. Hence, you can select some of the great pets and train them to be smarter. You get the option to choose from four different environments where you can nurture your pets and play with them.

Take part in a number of mini-games with your pet. Play wisely together and don’t miss out on any opportunity to win a lot of items for the pet shop!

4. Talking Ginger 2

The one thing that can safely say upfront is that you will have a hard time dealing with Ginger–the naughty kitten. However, you will enjoy the company of the kitten and also love to celebrate his birthday.

Ginger is pretty good at conversation. I mean he will carefully listen to what you say and also repeat it. Remember, Ginger likes eating special meals. So, you will have to offer snacks and other yummy stuff more frequently.

On top of all, you can play exciting mini-games to blow out a number of birthday candles. And if you perform really well, you also get a chance to unlock tons of unique rewards.

5. My Talking Hank

Would you like to play with a smart puppy? “My Talking Hank” can enormously liven up your love for the cute puppy like never before.

He loves the yummy dish and doesn’t want to be away from you. You need to take it to the toilet, bath it, swing it to sleep. It has a huge penchant for photography and loves to snap photos of all the animals living on the island.

6. My Boo

“My Boo” is exactly what you would want to provide you endless fun. The sweet puppy likes to be lovingly taken care of. Offer it the required care so that it becomes more intelligent.

Feed it, clean it and dress it up using beautiful clothes. Give your pet a special name and help it grow rapidly. There are 20 cool mini-games to play.

7. Tiny Sheep

Ready to play the role of an adorable sheep farmer? “Tiny Sheep” is a funny virtual pet game that lets you experience the joy of playing and taking care of sheep.

You can save wool and sell it to earn money. There are more than 10 farm structures to build. Water the grass on your farm to keep it lush green. Besides, you can compete with your friends to become the owner of the most prize-winning flock.

8. My Horse

I have always loved riding horse and wished to own one. That’s probably the main reason why “My Horse” has charmed me a lot. With this game, you get the option to own a handsome horse and look after it.

Provide the needed care for your pet and groom it. There are as many as eight different breeds to collect. With a wide range of interactive 3D activities, this pet game is very addictive.

9. Pet Shop Story

Pet Shop Story allows you to create your own pet shop. You can pet dogs, chickens, kitties, birds and more. Also, can even cross breed your pets by mixing two breeds and create your unique pets. You need to complete goals to upgrade your shop and gain more customers. The app has amazing real-life-like animations and graphics that add more value to it.

10. My Newborn Kitty

“My Newborn Kitty” is full of fun. The mommy cats are pregnant and want the much-needed love as well as care from you. As they are awaiting the birth of new kitten, you have to give them an ultrasound and required medical care.

When the new kitten is born, you have to ensure it remains healthy. Change the diaper, give it a warm shower, feed it, dress it up with beautiful clothes and accessories. Also, give a grand party to celebrate the birth of the kitten.

11. Moy 5

“Moy 5” is an endearing virtual pet game. The baby pet is very affectionate and needs your enormous love and care to grow up. Provide it the needed care, feed it and play with it.

There are as many as 45 mini-games to play. You need to earn as much money as possible so that you can buy beautiful clothes and decorations for the baby pet. Select from more than 1,000,000 clothes, dresses, hats, beards and glasses to customize the look of your baby just the way you want.

12. My Derp

Keep the Derp healthy, feed him, clean him for long to bring him into adulthood. Once it has reached adulthood, you can unlock secret shapes. Play the hilarious box mini-game and earn coins to buy food, medical supplies along with other items.

That’s all!

Signing Off

Indeed, virtual pet game apps are very addictive. They may be a bit simple to play, but you would love to indulge with your favorite pet, which never seems to get enough of you. Which one of these virtual pet games has impressed you the most?

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Best Road Trip Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Smartphones have transformed our road trips. From replacing paper maps to changing the way we book a place to stay, they have made our life extremely easy.

1. Google Maps: For smooth navigation

No surprise here. Google Maps easily tops the list with industry-leading navigation and street-by-street guidance. Even though both the iPhone and iPad come with Apple Maps by default, everyone knows about Google Maps’ superior functions over Apple’s solution. 

Get approximate time for your destination, traffic details, share location with others, and use turn-by-turn navigation for a smooth ride. Google Maps also shows places to visit nearby. Use the discover menu and start exploring new places. 

Price: Free


2. Weather by Tomorrow: Best weather forecast app

This is a must-have tool for anyone planning a long road trip. ClimaCell’s (the parent company of Weather by Tomorrow) innovative ways to gather data allow the app to deliver astute weather details before the day. 

ClimaCell’s weather predictions are a step ahead as well. Planning a trip to Istanbul? ClimaCell can warn you about the possible rain in 25 minutes around the Grand Bazaar area. 

Apart from that, ClimaCell offers iOS 14 widgets, UV index, live radar map, AQI levels, and more on top of beautiful UI and animations. 

Price: Free 


3. Day One Journal: Best text editor

Want to jot down all those beautiful road trip memories? Look no further than Day One. It offers an excellent UI with all the relevant options. For starters, the text editor is rich and offers enough add-ons to create the perfect memory. 

Other functions include templates, Siri shortcuts, iOS 14 widget support, reminders, and a cool timeline view. 

Price: Free (Premium monthly subscription starts at $3.99)


4. Toshl Finance: Track your traveling expenses

You need to take care of all the expenses during the road trip. Toshl Finance allows you to register every possible expense while traveling. The app offers an innovative gesture-based UI which is a joy to use. 

What’s more? With Toshl Finance, you can connect with up to 13,000 banks around the world. The app also supports over 200 crypto-currency, in case you plan to pay with Bitcoin on the go. 

Toshl Finance is full of export options. You can simply select the date range and export the expense report in PDF, Excel, or OFX format. 

Price: Free (Premium monthly subscription starts at $4.99)


5. GasBuddy: Find and pay for the gas

Let me get this clear. GasBuddy is only available in the US and Canada. It gives you more ways and more places to save on gas than any other app. 

First, you need to link your bank account to the app. GasBuddy will offer you a free GasBuddy card that you can swipe at any station in the country and save up to 25¢/gal. 

Other functions include tips for driving, the ability to find nearby gas stations and restrooms, view live gas prices, gas rewards, and more. 

Price: Free


6. Airbnb: Find a budget place to stay

Available in more than 200 countries, Airbnb allows people to rent out their space for travelers and tourists. For hosts, participating in Airbnb is a way to earn some income from their property. 

For guests, it offers a relatively cheaper way to enjoy the vacation. The cost is usually less than the hotel on Airbnb.

What’s more? Users can narrow down the search on the Airbnb database—not only by date and location, but by price, type of property, amenities, and the language of the host.

I have been using Airbnb for quite some time and can personally vouch for the positive experience with the service. 

Price: Free


7. Groupon: Get the best coupons

Groupon is a US-based e-commerce company that offers virtual coupons for popular digital services, hotel chains, and more. Simply download the app, give relevant location permission, and start exploring mouth-watering deals around you. 

Coupons are neatly divided into categories like electronics, toys, entertainment, fashion, pet supplies, and more, as well as by companies like Amazon, Apple, chúng tôi Target, Vistaprint, Nike, Marriot, Walmart, and BestBuy.

Groupon also delivers notifications when you are around a store where it can help you save some bucks. You can use the virtual voucher to save some money before shopping. 

Price: Free


8. Spotify: Your perfect music companion

A road trip is incomplete without music. There are plenty of music streaming services in the market, but our pick narrows down to Spotify for obvious reasons. 

The app boasts a beautiful gradient-style interface with top-notch music recommendations for the road trip and offers an ideal way to keep the mood and tempo in check while driving.

Spotify also bundles a capable Podcast section to get you through long traffic routes. Go ahead, download the app, and save some music for offline use. 

Price: Free ($9.99 per month)


9. Adobe Scan: Best mobile PDF scanner

On every road trip, you need to keep essential documents such as a driving license, personal identification document, car insurance paper, hotel receipts, and more. Creating a physical file to store all the documents is not sufficient today. 

Instead, you can use Adobe Scan and scan every necessary document for the road trip and save it on Adobe cloud or device storage. The end results are flawless, with spot-on border detection for a clear scan process. 

Price: Free


10. Google Translate: Best translator

A must-have app for anyone visiting a place that speaks or uses a non-native language. Once again, the default Apple Translate app might work for you, but Google Translate is leagues ahead with more language support. 

Google Translate also offers a handy hand-writing tool and camera add-on that captures signboards along your way and translates the warnings on the go. 

Conversation mode is another useful feature that helps you communicate with others who don’t speak or understand your language. 

Price: Free


11. TickTick: Best task management app

TickTick is the best task management app out there. Before planning any road trip, you can create a checklist or list in the TickTick app and make sure everything is in place before you hit the road. 

The functionalities don’t end here. TickTick also offers Pomodoro, a habit tracker, and Google Calendar support. My favorite part of the app is theming engine. It’s not limited to boring black and white only. TickTick offers multiple theming options based on the popular cities around the world. 

In short, TickTick is the Swiss Knife Army of productivity apps that deserves a place on your home screen. 

Price: Free ($27.99 per year for premium functions)


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9 Best Resume Maker Apps For Android & Iphone

9 Best Resume Maker Apps For Android & iPhone Best Resume Builder Apps To Make A Good First Impression (2023)

Stand out from the competition by building a quality CV that focuses on your strengths & accomplishments.

1. LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder

Download for Android & iPhone

LinkedIn is one of the best resume maker apps to create an excellent CV for your next job application. Besides this, it also facilitates networking. The “business” social network keeps you updated with like-minded people in the industry. You can create a virtual resume, build a network, receive recommendations, and look for intriguing jobs. Like Facebook, LinkedIn provides a feed that shows the latest updates and news from the individuals in your network. You can also view which prospective employers saw your profile. You can also join numerous LinkedIn groups to stay abreast of recent news and job vacancies.

2. CV Engineer

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Download for Android & iPhone

The CV Engineer app provides a quick and accessible method for creating a resume on a mobile. With the help of several resume samples, templates, and expert tips, you can create the perfect CV to amaze your employers. It is comparable to the most excellent resume-building websites. You only need to choose a style and fill in your information. The samples offered in each step simplify the process of constructing a CV. After making your PDF resume, one can store it via Google Drive or email. This CV creator also provides relevant interview questions with instant answers to assist you in the journey of preparing for interviews.

3. Resume Star: Pro CV Maker

Price: Free (Standard Purchase – $5.99)

Download for Android & iPhone

4. Microsoft Word

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Download for Android & iPhone

Microsoft Word is the ideal option if you are seeking a familiar application to create your resume. A variety of Word templates are available to assist you in building a professional-looking CV, that will help you land your dream job. It features rich formatting and layout options to express your achievements in the best possible manner. Once you’re done, the resume can be exported in multiple forms, notably PDF, which is ideal for sharing. You can also construct a resume from scratch tailored to your experience & style.

5. Resume Builder by Nobody

Price: Free (Standard Purchase – $5.99)

Download for iPhone

This resume maker app eradicates the hassle of building CVs from scratch. You can easily format the data and text using predefined styles. The Resume Builder app enables you to construct a professional CV quickly with over 50 CV layouts accessible in 15 colors. The selection is vivid, so it can be challenging for you to select the ideal one. The app also contains Live Preview, AR Preview, Customizable Editor, & PDF Export among other beautiful features. With Cloud Storage capability, you can edit your resume on your iPad/iPhone & Android according to your whim.

Must Read: Here Are The Best PDF Editor Apps For Android And iPhone

6. Resume Builder – CV Designer

Price: Free (Stop Ads – $1.99)

Download for iPhone

It is a simple and precise tool that allows you to design a CV on the go. There is a prepared template with areas such as Experience, Skills, Objectives, and similar headers that you need to fill in with your information. Additionally, you can construct your divisions manually, as per your needs and requirements. You can also include an events page to record notable events chronologically. Once complete, the CV can be emailed or printed directly from the app. Overall, it’s an excellent application for quickly making attractive documents!

7. Resume Builder, Resume Creator

Price: Free (Standard Purchase – $5.99)

Download for iPhone

The application “Resume Builder” is a top-notch choice, enabling you to produce an eye-catching CV with little effort. Choose from a wide range of pre-defined templates available to you, so your resume can win the competition. Depending on the particular requirements, you might add new parts or rearrange the ones you already have. After you have generated your resume, you will be allowed to preview your CV to check that it matches the current industry standards.

8. Quick Resume

Price: Free (Stop Ads – $1.99)

Download for Android & iPhone

The “Quick Resume” app makes writing a CV an effortless process. It provides all of the required information and will generate a CV that has been tried and tested. You have the total freedom to rearrange the sections & add your module in any way that best suits your requirements. You can convert your curriculum vitae (CV) into the appropriate PDF file with the help of seven different PDF resume styles. The user experience is improved because of the intuitive user interface and support for 3D Touch.

9. Resume Builder+ Professional

Price: Free (Resume Three-Pack – $1.99)

Download for iPhone


We anticipate hearing your thoughts on them. Please let us know if you know of any other CV maker apps that deserve to be included in this list!


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Mansi Vijay

Best Word Games For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Word Games are an excellent way to improve vocabulary and spelling while having fun. There are many different kinds out there that can be played alone or with friends. While some are super easy, others give your brain a workout. From anagrams to word searches and scrabble games, there’s something for every logophile out there. Take your pick from these best word games for iPhone and iPad.

1. Word Collect – Editor’s Choice

Immerse yourself in 2500+ levels of word puzzles that start of easy but get increasingly more challenging. You have to swipe to select letters in any direction to form the word matches!

The more words you find, the faster you’ll level up and earn bonus rewards. But if you get stuck, you can use your coins to get hints. It’s a great way to pass the time and improve your word skills anytime. Also, a great word game to play offline.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


2. Word Connect

Here’s another word game that’s all about swiping to form words. You can play different modes like normal mode, crossword mode, and the daily challenge. Solve puzzles to climb up the levels.

The wooden block graphics have a vintage vibe and will bring back memories of childhood playtime. There are eleven cool themes you can choose too. As you play, it will train your brain and help improve your vocabulary.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


3. Wordscapes

Challenge your brain to tons of word searches, anagrams, and crosswords. The beautiful backgrounds will help you relax while you learn. Show the power of your vocabulary and discover all the hidden words.

While the puzzles start easy enough, they ramp up fast and get steadily more challenging. It’s great for passing the time wherever you are and progressing at your own pace.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


4. Words with Friends

Indulge in a plethora of word games and word puzzles that are best played with friends. Train your brain and show off your spelling bee skills while having a blast. There’s also a Smart Match feature that helps you find your perfect word puzzle opponent.

The objective is to find the highest scoring words on the board and crack the crossword-style puzzles. There are plenty of different kinds of challenges, and you can even set monthly goals to enhance your spelling and word skills.

If you need help with games like Word with Friends, try a word unscrambler. You can enter in letters, and they’ll unscramble them to form words you can use in the game. You can also learn strategic words that will help with your game play.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


5. Word Search Pro

If you love the old-school word search puzzles, then this game is a must-have. It is both engaging and relaxing to play as you swipe to find the words in the jumble of letters. The pleasing colors enhance the experience.

There are three difficulty levels from easy to hard. And when you want the ultimate challenge, the Blitz and Marathon modes add time constraints to make things interesting.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


6. Word Crossy – A crossword game

Enjoy over 4,600 levels and thousands of words in this crossword-style puzzle that ranges from simple to complex. The daily challenges and super tournaments will keep you challenged and always learning something new.

There’s a built-in dictionary to help you build your word skills. And the best part is that the gameplay is leisurely without any pressures of time limits. You can play to your heart’s content with beautiful backgrounds and tranquil tunes that will make you feel relaxed.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


7. Word Cookies!

Get the best of all the word puzzles that you love in this addictive words game. You have to swipe the alphabet cookies to form words and fill up the cookie jar. There are over 2000 levels to keep you engaged.

The exciting challenges will get you obsessed with testing your spelling and vocabulary to form as many words as you can. You can go at your own pace and even get hints when you need them.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


8. WordBrain: Challenging puzzles

Here’s another puzzle game for all the word whizzes out there. Find hidden words and slide your finger over them to watch the letters collapse. Keep clearing the grids to get better and amp your skills.

WordBrain is available in 15 languages and boasts 1660 levels per each language. This will ensure that you stay challenged with an endless amount of puzzles.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


9. Alphabear: Words Across Tim

This game is all about spelling words by selecting letters from a grid. Given the name, bears appear when you use letters that are adjacent to each other. So spell cleverly to earn more points.

Further, the words you spell will appear in funny cartoons. There are also fun templates and a wide variety of backgrounds and amusing props. Lastly, a smart dictionary and other helpful features make this a great way to improve your English while having fun.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $4.99)


10. Sticky Terms

If you’re a fan of words and foreign languages, you will love this puzzle game. The goal is to organize the jumbled parts into legible words. Once they line up, you’ll get to know the meaning of fascinating words from around the world.

Form the Indonesian term for when someone tells a joke that’s not funny, to the Hawaiian word for forgetting someone’s name – there’s so much to learn from this best word game. It’s an ideal blend of challenging, creative, and educational.

Price: Free


11. Typochondria

Strive to become the world’s best (and possibly most annoying) editor with this game that challenges you to be a book editor who can find and fix all the typos in poorly written manuscripts.

There’s an endless Zen mode that can help you relax and a challenge mode for those times when you want to test your mettle. You can even choose the categories to edit, such as Crime, Romance, Non-Fiction, and more.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


Summing Up

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