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1. Editor’s Choice – SmartCards Plus Spaced Repetition

Flashcards are a student’s best friend, and this app gets them right. It is designed to help you retain information longer with lesser effort, so it’s ideal for all kinds of learners. You can easily create custom flashcards with text images and sound or import decks from other flashcard apps.

The sophisticated algorithm predicts when you are likely to forget a card and shows it to you schedules daily reviews to prevent this. The cards that you become familiar with are shown less often, and this optimizes the learning process. Keep track of your progress with eye-catching charts and statistics.

Price: Free (SmartCards+ Premium – $9.99)


2. The Calculator

No matter what you’re studying, a calculator app is handy for so many reasons. This one is super easy and reliable for all kinds of calculations, whether they are simple everyday ones or scientific ones.

Further, you can even dictate equations with your voice and save, copy, and share calculations. There are seventy themes you can choose from for a customized look.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


3. Trivia Crack

Check out this fun Apple Watch game that’s perfect for learning. There are hundreds and thousands of exciting questions, and you can create your own too. Let Willy the spinner wheel select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories.

Challenge your friends and classmates and show off how smart you are. The interface is engaging and easy to use. The cute characters, bright colors, and various unlockable achievements will ensure you have fun while increasing your knowledge.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


4. Elevate Brain Training

As the name suggests, this learning app for Apple Watch is sure to elevate your brainpower. It’s designed to improve your focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, English, and more.

Moreover, it gives you a personalized learning program that will focus precisely on the areas you want to improve in, whether it’s math, memory, vocabulary, etc. It features 35+ games that will sharpen your cognitive skills. The clean and minimalist interface only adds to the experience.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $3.99)


5. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Bulky physical dictionaries may be a relic of the past, but a digital version is still essential in any student’s arsenal. This one is America’s most popular one, with many great features and word games to make things fun.

There are quizzes to build your vocabulary, a word-of-the-day feature, audio pronunciations, an integrated thesaurus, voice search, and more. It’s a must-have for English language reference, education, and vocabulary building.

Price: Free (Remove Ads 1-year Subscription – $2.99)


6. Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

Student Life is busy, and this productivity app is excellent for staying on top of things. It makes it easy to capture and organize tasks when they come to mind, set deadlines, due dates, and reminders to manage them all.

Further, you can prioritize your tasks and sort them with boards. So, whether it’s for a school project or a personal endeavor, you can view everything from here. Assign tasks to others and collaborate with ease too.

Price: Free (Todoist Monthly Premium – $3.99)


7. Notebook

Price: Free


8. myHomework Student Planner

Here’s a must-have app for college, high school, and middle school students. It’s a homework helper that contains plenty of features to track classes, homework, tests, and assignments.

It supports time, block, and period-based schedules. Plus, it’s designed to help increase focus and reduce anxiety. It allows you to streamline your assignments and keep track of them efficiently. It has a beautiful appearance and a simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to use.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


9. Focus Time Management

Focus is one of the best time management apps for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It helps you get more work done, working in highly efficient work sessions, one task at a time.

It works on the Pomodoro technique of working in short bursts of 25 minutes, then taking a short break to relax your mind. This technique maximizes energy, stimulates creativity, and promotes a sense of achievement. So, it’s a must-try for students looking to focus better.

Price: Free (Focus Monthly – $4.99)


10. Cheatsheet Notes

Life is busy, and there are tons of little pieces of information to remember daily . This app makes that more comfortable – no more fumbling to access your notes app. Just glance at your Apple Watch to see your most-needed info like ID numbers, license plate, etc.

It boasts a simple Ui to manage your cheats and over 200 icons to help you know what you’re looking for. You can add, edit, and delete cheats right from your wrist for convenience on-the-go.

Price: Free (Cheatsheet Pro – $4.99)


11. MindMapping – MindMeister

Mind-mapping apps can be an excellent learning tool, and here’s a perfect one for your Apple Watch. Students can use it to generate, build-upon, organize and prioritize their thoughts and ideas.

With the Personal plan, you can create and edit unlimited mind maps to create visual representations for your studies and everything else. You can also add files and images to topics. It syncs and works well across your devices and with a browser-based interface.

Price: Free (Monthly Personal Subscription – $5.99)


12. iStudies Pro legendary Planner

There are icons to indicate different class types and extracurricular activities. You can also mark different courses with colored labels. From showing your day-to-day schedule to assignments and exams, this app shows it all on your wrist.

Price: Free (Weekly Plan – $0.99)


13. Class Timetable Schedule App

Class Timetable is another excellent app for school, college, and university students. It makes it easy to keep track of classes and add events to your week’s schedule with ease.

See your timetable presented in an elegant week-view display and sync your timetable across iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Further, stay on top of homework with the built-in task list.

Price: Free (Pro Upgrade – $1.99)


14. Flashcards by NKO

Here’s a flashcards app that’s an engaging tool for students and teachers around the world. It allows you to create rich text formatted flashcards with pictures and download millions of flashcards created by experts in various subjects.

Organize cards into folders, keep track of your progress with each deck, and share your decks with friends using synchronized) folders, email, or iTunes. There are also 16 studying/testing games for a fun element.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


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15 Best News Apps For Iphone And Android To Stay Updated

Smartphones have become the hubs of information aggregation. Everything we need is present right at our fingertips. This has made it easier to keep ourselves updated with the happenings of the world more than ever before. There’s an unprecedented number of apps present today which help us to discover the news tailor-made just for us. However, sometimes having too many options can be as bad as having none at all. It becomes hard to choose from the myriad of options present and trying a ton of apps to find something which suits your specific needs is just a time-consuming hassle. But don’t worry, we have done the hard-work and selected the best news apps for you.

Universal News Apps 1. INKL

Install: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app purchases for pre-paid or subscription)

2. Google Play Newsstand

If you are looking for an app which helps you in discovering the news and is updated on a real-time basis, Google Play Newsstand is your best bet. As it is Google’s own creation, it can pull news content as soon as they are published on websites. You will find all your news in the ‘For You’ section. When you install the App, you are already subscribed to different news feeds, which you can find in the library section. There you can add or delete the subscriptions as per your preferences. To find more publishers, you can go to the explore section and search by name or scroll down the page to see different categories. The home page of the app looks really beautiful with a life weather widget at the top. This is followed by Top Stories, Highlights and so on.

However, you do not get different pages for different categories, which make getting to relevant news a little bit harder. It also focuses more on delivering region-specific news more than the world news. You will have to configure the app as per you preferences if you want to see relevant content. Also, the articles take a second or two to load fully. Even then you will find that some articles are not optimized for mobile view and just look weird. However, in spite of all its shortcomings, this still remains the best app for instant news discovery. Also, we should keep in mind that it is totally free, which is not a bad deal.

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

3. Flipboard

Flipboard is a popular news aggregator app which is highly customizable and has one of the best UI experiences delivered by any app out there.  The app is simple to use, you just select the topics you are interested in and it will deliver the content based on that. When you launch the app, you are greeted by cover stories which are basically the categories you have already selected. Tapping on the categories will lead you into the respective articles.

One thing which is unique to Flipboard is that you don’t scroll here, you flip through pages, hence the name. It brings a breath of fresh air in a world filled with scrollable apps. However, not everything is perfect here. The app is heavier than most of the apps on the list and uses more of your phone’s data and resources. Also, the article load time is on the higher side. The app is also ad supported, so there’s that. Still same as Google Play Newsstand, it’s a good deal as it is free.

4. SmartNews

Although SmartNews won the best app award in 2013 and is still an Editor’s Choice app, there are certain drawbacks which need to be mentioned here. The website mode is very slow to load the article, so much so that you won’t be using it most of the time. The app’s UI also looks very old and there is no dark mode. You cannot customise the app, as other than selecting the sources of articles, you do not get any other customisation option. Still, it is a very good app and one to be taken into account if you are looking for a simple and easy to use news app.

Technology News Apps 1. Appy Geek

Install: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

2. TechCrunch

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

RSS Reader Apps for News 1. Inoreader

Some people are very particular about their news. They know the sources they want to follow and the kind of news they are interested in. For them, a RSS news reader app is the best option, as it allows them to curate their news according to their preferences. If you do not know anything about RSS News Reader, check out our article to get a grasp on it. For those of you, who are looking for such a tool, Inoreader is your best bet. You can subscribe to any number of publishers. You can get your news feed either divided by categories or by the time of publishing. Inoreader makes it really simple to subscribe to your favourite publishers. The UI is fast and responsive and the article load time is also very fast. It also has a built-in dark mode which is always great to have.

Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app Purchases)

2. Feedly

Feedly is one of the more popular feed readers out there. Being one of the first RSS feed readers which brought the desktop level qualities to the mobile OS, it has a great UI with fast and responsive load time. It handles all the usual stuff pretty well. You can subscribe to an unlimited number of publishers, customise your feed by using tags and share articles to social media from right within the app among other things. Needless to say, it also has a great dark theme to go with it.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

Political News Apps

Disclaimer: This is a news category which is served best by region-specific news publisher apps, as they will be focusing more on the political news of your area. For example, Politico (Android, iOS) and PolitiFact (Android, iOS) are two major publications which focus on US specific political news. However, if you are more interested in the world’s politics, there are a few good apps which can serve your needs.

1. BBC News

BBC News is the best source for someone who is looking for news covering the whole world. In the side menu, the news is categorised by regions (countries). You can select a country to read the news specific to that country. The home page shows you the most relevant news from around the world. One of the best features of this app is its video section. The video section houses short news videos (<2 minutes) and is a great way to consume the content in an easy and fast manner.

You can customise the ‘My News’ section by selecting your preferred countries. The My News section is the best place to discover news from your preferred countries only. It goes without saying that BBC only publishes news which is verified and written in an impeccable manner. So, you can be sure that you will get to read the news produced following the highest of the standards. In terms of app functionality, it is fast and responsive. It can even deliver push notifications if you allow it do so. All in all, the app is as good as the content itself.

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

2. AP Mobile News

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

Sports News Apps 1. 365Scores

365Scores is one of the best sports news apps you can get, period. When you launch the app, it will ask you to select your favourite sports, leagues, and teams, in that order. You can change your preferences later in the settings menu. When you have set your preferences, the home page will show you all the recent matches with results and points table of your league. It will also show upcoming fixtures. My favourite feature is the highlights section, which shows you the highlights of all the recent matches. Apart from that, it also has a news and videos section if you want to go into the depths of a game.

Install: Android, iOS (Free, with in-app purchases)

2. Yahoo Sports

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

Financial News Apps 1. Yahoo Finance

The best part of the Yahoo Finance is that it allows you to watch a stock’s performance overt time in easy to understand graphs. You can also see the day’s best and worst performing stocks. You can set your preferred region to receive financial news tailor made just for you. The Explore tab is a very good place to discover interesting news and the industry types which are best and worst performer. This app has everything a financial news junkie will ever need. Also, it is totally free.

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

2. Bloomberg

An added benefit of using the Bloomberg app is that it delivers the news in all the formats including written content, videos, and audios. It also gives you access to all the shows produced by Bloomberg. The only drawback is that the app does not feel like a polished app. The UI feels a little dated and the load time can be longer at times. But considering it is totally free, and the quality of information it provides, the drawbacks can be easily forgiven.

Install: Android, iOS (Free)

Entertainment News Apps

E! News (Android, iOS) is also similar to TMZ and provides all the celebrity breaking news. It also has push notifications. However, the problem with using region specific apps is that they are also not available outside their specific regions. FirstLook (iOS) is the only app I have found which works almost anywhere in the world. However, this is only available for iOS devices, so there’s that.

Bonus: Local News Apps

All the apps we have covered focuses on aggregating news from all over the world. However, what if you are more interested in your local news. In this case ,we recommend you to find out the best publishers of your region and see if they have released an app. Most of the big publishers have embraced the digital era, so chances are you will find what you need. For example, The Washington Post in the USA (Android, iOS), The Guardian in the UK (Android, iOS) and The Hindu in India (Android, iOS) have all launched their respective apps. You can also look at news aggregators which focus more on your local news. For example, inShorts (Android, iOS)  is a news aggregator which focuses mainly on India-specific news.

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Stay Updated With The Best News Apps for iPhone and Android

To make right decisions in our lives, we need to stay informed. It is harmful to both an individual and a society if we start forming an opinion without getting the facts. Also, choosing your new sources is as important as reading the news itself. We have tried to cover the best possible news apps for iPhone and Android, which deliver quality content to you.

The Best Free Anatomy Apps For Mac For Medical Students

If you are studying for a career in the medical field, then human anatomy is likely in your curriculum. And while you probably have the references you need like books and online tools, sometimes an extra one can be beneficial.

These free anatomy apps are terrific tools. You can use them to study what you’ve learned, delve into an area that’s new, or as references for research or assignments. If you’re looking for an app to accompany your other learning tools, check out these anatomy apps for Mac.

Anatomy apps for Mac

We’ve listed these human anatomy apps in no particular order and highlighted features that you might find the most helpful.

Complete Anatomy 21

A 3D model that you can rotate and zoom is an excellent learning tool and that’s what you’ll find with Complete Anatomy 21. The app boasts over 17,000 interactive structures, a dissectible human heart, and more than 20 microscopic models.

Complete Anatomy 21 notable features:

Clinical videos in cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dentistry, and fitness.

Radiological images that work with the 3D models.

An isolate mode to see a detailed model and description of specific parts of the body.

Complete Anatomy 21 offers a free trial of other features like editing tools, complete courses, recordings, and quizzes. The app is easy to use and has a lot to explore, so download it for free and browse the various sections to see if it fits your needs.

Availability: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and the web

Cost: Free with paid subscription options

Anatomy 3D Atlas

Another great 3D model app is Anatomy 3D Atlas for Mac. Select from nine anatomical models, rotate, pan, and zoom, and use filters to hide or display systems.

Anatomy 3D Atlas notable features:

Robust search that takes you to the exact part of the body you need.

Pins that you can hide or display for each anatomical part.

Multilingual with 11 languages and dual display for terms in two languages.

With clear and detailed interactive models, your choice of views, a visibility filter, and much more, you won’t be disappointed with Anatomy 3D Atlas as your Mac anatomy app.

Availability: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for upgrades

3D Organon Anatomy

To zone in on the skeleton, bones, and ligaments, take the 3D Organon Anatomy app for a spin. You can not only identify parts of the anatomy but get full details and medical conditions related to them. Rotate, pan, zoom, hide, and fade to see exactly what you need to study.

3D Organon Anatomy notable features:

Several structures include the skeletal system, ligaments, articular capsules, bursae, cartilages, and connective tissues.

Different modes for viewing the models like X-ray, single-select, and multiple-select. You can also use light or dark mode.

Helpful search if you want to find something quickly.

Availability: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows

Cost: Free with a paid version available

Essential Skeleton 4

For everything related to human bones, Essential Skeleton 4 is a solid app. With an intuitive interface, you can zoom in on any part of the human skeleton and then rotate or flip the model for the best view.

Essential Skeleton 4 notable features:

Isolate, hide, and fade what you’re viewing or the surrounding parts of the skeleton.

Built-in quizzes help reinforce what you’ve learned.

Essential Skeleton 4 is an easy-to-use app for learning about the human skeletal system. And with little extras like the ability to add pins to parts, include a note, and take a quiz are great additions for any medical student.

Availability: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows

Cost: Free

Grays Anatomy Student Edition

One last free anatomy app for Mac every medical student can benefit from is Grays Anatomy Student Edition. The 1858 book by Henry Gray was digitalized to bring you all 1,247 illustrations and text.

Grays Anatomy Student Edition notable features:

Simple navigation lets you view chapters or thumbnails or use the menu arrows to move through each item in order.

Bookmarks for frequently visited spots or quick references.

The Info button lets you easily get the text for the illustration you’re viewing.

If you’re interested in a digital version of Grays Anatomy, then definitely grab this free app for your Mac. And if you’d like the Premium Edition, you can find it on the app store for just a few bucks.

Availability: Mac and iPhone

Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

It’s always nice to have apps that assist with your learning. They give you extra tools for studying and brushing up on the subject you need most and that’s exactly what these anatomy apps for Mac can do for you.

Do you use one of these free anatomy apps or do you believe the paid apps are better and would like to recommend one? Comment below if you’d like to share your thoughts!

Best Free Onenote Templates For Students

Students tend to focus more on the likes of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But these days more students are finding that OneNote is a quality tool for notetaking, and as such, it is being used more often than before. With that being the case, it is our duty then to locate some of the best templates for OneNote in order to help students spice up their notetaking instead of sticking with the default option. Folks also do not have to put a lot of time into creating their own style as that takes up more time that could be spent on studying.

Best free OneNote Templates for Students

The information below will discuss the best OneNote templates for students anywhere around the world, so read carefully.

Simple Lecture Notes

Detailed Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes and Study Questions

Math/Science Class Notes

History Class Notes

1] Simple Lecture Notes

If you want to take simple notes during your time in class, then we suggest using the template known as Simple Lecture Notes. When it comes down to the design, it’s very simple and straight to the point. There are few distractions here so users can go straight to notetaking without a worry in the world.

2] Detailed Lecture Notes

OK, so if you want to take notes that are more detailed during class time, then your best option is to switch from Simple Lecture Notes to Detailed Lecture Notes instead. With this template, students can set a title, the topic of the day, homework, important points, and more.

The color scheme is similar to that of Simple Lecture Notes, and that’s fine by us.

3] Lecture Notes and Study Questions

Another template many students will likely fall in love with is no other but Lecture Notes and Study Questions. This right here is the perfect template for anyone who wants to jot down study notes during or after class. It’s basically an all-in-one when compared to the previous two because you can also add lecture notes, then summarize all you’ve written down after class.

4] Math/Science Class Notes

When it comes down to taking notes in math and science classes, you may want to take a look at Math/Science Class Notes. With this template, you can type down the theorems and formulas covered during class. Furthermore, the option is there to write down homework if given, the lecture topic, and an overall summary of the class.

5] History Class Notes

The final OneNote template on this list is one known as History Class Notes. You can use it to jot down the important names and dates, but also the typical things such as topics and a summary of the lecture. Now, in terms of the design, this template has a flaw where parts of the white-colored text are invisible due to drifting into the section with the white background. Your best option here is to change the color of the text.

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How do I create a template in OneNote? Does OneNote come with a planner?

It does come with a planner, but it is a template called the Weekly Planner. This template allows the user to write out daily priorities, manage weekly tasks, and much more. Additionally, there is also a goal tracker and even a rainy-day task tracker.

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The Best Apple Watch Accessories In 2023

Apple Watch is a great wearable on its own. However, there are many things that you can improve about it using the right accessories. Some accessories enhance certain features and functions of the Apple Watch, while others are there to change and improve the style and overall look of the smartwatch. 

The following gadgets are some of the best Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy) accessories out there. Whether you’re looking for a protective case or need a way to charge your Apple Watch quicker, we’ve got you covered. 

Table of Contents

Your Apple Watch is also a portable music player you wear on your wrist. To make sure you get the best possible sound out of it, you’ll need a pair of wireless earphones. While you can use any set of earbuds with the Apple Watch, if you want a seamless connection and the best sound quality, the natural choice is a pair of AirPods Pro. 

Since Apple makes the AirPods, you can pair them with all your Apple devices at once. Once your AirPods are linked up with one of your Apple gadgets, they’ll pair with every other device that’s connected to your iCloud account. That way, you can jump back and forth from listening to music on your Apple Watch to your iPhone, MacBook, and even Apple TV. 

You can also use the AirPods Pro to take calls or use Siri on your Apple Watch. Compared to other generations of AirPods, it’s worth getting the Pro version as they sound better, have a better fit, and come with active noise cancellation. 

One of the cool things about the Apple Watch is that you can change its look as often as you want. Mainly, you can get custom watch faces and multiple Apple Watch straps. The first only affects the style of your Apple Watch, but choosing the right band can bring you more benefits and extend your watch’s functionality. 

If you’re a workout enthusiast and use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker a lot, a must-have Apple Watch accessory for you is a Nike Sport band. 

While there are many sport loop bands available for the Apple Watch, the Nike Sport band seems superior. The synthetic rubber material is breathable and lightweight and will let the water and sweat get through it (unlike stainless steel or a leather strap, for example). The band itself feels smooth, light, and comfortable enough on your wrist to take you through the toughest of workout sessions. 

If using the standard magnetic charging cable to charge your Apple Watch isn’t enough for you, the next best option is to get an official Apple Watch charger – the Magnetic Charging Dock for your wearable.

Like other Apple products, it’s got a stylish and elegant look. However, it comes at a price that’s a little more than other similar options on the market. This charging dock is a simple, minimalistic device with only one purpose: to keep your Apple Watch charged at all times. You can also use it to charge your watch at night: Prop your watch on the dock sideways, and you can use it as a bedside clock. 

Belkin boost 3-in-1 charging stand with MagSafe is perfect for when you need to charge multiple iOS devices simultaneously. If you’re not just an Apple Watch owner but also a recent iPhone owner, you’ll appreciate the 15W iPhone MagSafe charging speeds, as well as the overall style and look of this watch stand by Belkin. 

This wireless charger supports charging 3 of your Apple devices simultaneously. You can use the two magnetic spots for charging your iPhone and your Apple Watch while also using the base of the stand to juice up your AirPods. 

The only downside of the Belkin 3-in-1 charging stand is its steep price. You can find cheaper alternatives on the market with magnets that you can use for iPhone wireless charging. However, they won’t have full-speed 15W MagSafe charging as this stand does. 

The TimePorter by Twelve South is a great Apple Watch accessory for any traveler. In a nutshell, it’s a 2-in-1 storage and charging case for your wearable. The TimePorter looks like your normal eyeglass case, made of synthetic leather and lined with silicone on the inside. There’s enough space inside the case for your Apple Watch, as well as some accessories, like charging cables, travel adapters, or Apple Watch bands. 

The best part about the Twelve South TimePorter is that you can use it to charge your Apple Watch on the go, which makes it a perfect travel case. However, you’ll need to use your own magnetic Apple Watch charging cable to do it. You can use this Apple Watch case to tuck the cable away while placing your watch on top when charging. If you leave the TimePorter open, you can prop up your Apple Watch and use it in Nightstand mode. 

The Airbox by Momax is the perfect charging device for those who prefer staying completely mobile. The Airbox allows you to charge your digital timepiece on the go. It comes with an impressive 10,000mAH MFI battery and can charge devices at 10W wirelessly and 20W via Type-C port (meaning it supports the latest 8th Gen iPad). 

As this is a multi-device charger, you can use it to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, iPad, and even Apple Pencil. You can also use it to store your gadgets when they’re not in use, which solves the problem of misplacing and losing smaller devices like Apple Pencil or AirPods. On top of that, the foldable design of this power bank makes it look cool and futuristic. 

The wireless charging surface is powered by the three charging coils and a separate upright wireless connection spot for your Apple Watch. The charging coils mean that you don’t have to worry about positioning your gadgets in a certain way on the surface. You can put them anywhere and the Nomad base station will still charge them. 

The Rugged Armor Pro is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). While it doesn’t have a direct screen protector, it has a raised bezel around the screen that’s supposed to absorb impacts when you hit your screen and keep it intact. The case looks rugged and tough, and will surely prolong the lifespan of your Apple Watch. 

What Apple Watch Accessories Should You Get in 2023?

These are our top picks for the best Apple Watch accessories of the upcoming year. However, there are of course other great gadgets that can enhance your user experience with Apple Watch. To name a few, the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for on-the-go charging and the Twelve South Actionsleeve for turning your Apple Watch into a superb fitness device. 

7 Of The Best Android Applications For Students

It has become the norm for students to possess smartphones and tablets, but how many are using them to enhance productivity at school or college? Here are seven superb Android applications that can make learning significantly easier and fun.

1. WolFram Alpha

If you don’t have Wolfram Alpha, you’re definitely missing out. It’s an app that can solve difficult math problems and even show you how to work out the answer for yourself. You also get access to expert knowledge on a wide range of topics such as Statistics, Engineering, Science, Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry.

Price: $2.99

2. Timetable

Timetable is a fully-featured app for organizing your school or university life. As the name implies, you can save your timetable and get notifications for lessons. You can also add other tasks such as homework and exams and have them synchronized across all your devices automatically. Also, the app mutes your phone during lessons so you don’t get distracted by a call or text.

Price: Free

3. Real-Calc Scientific Calculator

Price: Free ($3.10 for premium version)

4. My Study Life

My Study Life is available as a cross-platform planner designed to make your school life a lot easier to manage. It allows you to save your assignments, classes and exams in the cloud and synchronizes them across all your devices so you can access them wherever you are. My Study Life also allows teachers to create and share their timetables securely with students in the same school, although this feature is still in beta. All in all, My Study Life is an awesome app to keep your student life organized and perhaps even more exciting.

Price: Free

5. MyHomework

MyHomework is another very useful application for students of all levels which could help increase your study habits significantly. What it does is keeps track of your outstanding assignments and keeps you up to date with what needs to be done. You can also enter your class schedule so you never miss a class, and with a free MyHomework account, you can synchronize your reminders across all your devices.

Price: Free (Pro Version: $4.99)

6. Chegg

Chegg is a very useful application for instant study or homework assistance as well as buying or renting eTextbooks on the go. With Chegg you can access a plethora of textbook solutions for your course, and in the event your problem is not found in any of those, you can simply submit a picture of it to get answers from community experts or simply search for an online tutor who can help out.

Price: Free

7. Mathway

Experience the power of Mathway on your Android device and get solutions to your math problems without needing a network connection. Mathway supports solutions for Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry and more. Receiving answers to problems on the app is free, but you need to subscribe to get step-by-step workings and explanations.

Price: Free

Ayo Isaiah

Ayo Isaiah is a freelance writer from Lagos who loves everything technology with a particular interest in open-source software. Follow him on Twitter.

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