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Not everyone chooses a product for the same reason, do they? What may be great for many may seem to be mediocre for some. So, if you aren’t impressed with Siri and are willing to explore the top third-party remotes for Apple TV, this post can serve your purpose. I have picked out both the high-end remotes and the affordable ones to deliver a reasonably good performance.

Therefore, choosing a fine one for your TV should be fine. I have also picked the one fully geared for controlling games on Apple TV. Without making much ado, let’s have a look at them!

1. Inteset

Having received four and a half stars out of over 1400 customer reviews, Inteset is one of the finest third-party remotes for Apple TV.

The LED backlighting buttons ensure you don’t have any problem in controlling your TV even in the dark.

Don’t want anyone to change the volume without your permission? Well, you have the option to lock both the channel and volume to prevent anyone from changing them.

Make the best use of label stickers to ideally customize the remote for your specific devices and buttons. Moreover, it supports not just Apple TV but also Xbox One, Roku, Media Center/Kodi and Nvidia Shield.

2. Coolux

When it comes to functionality, Coolux can live up to the task admirably. You can quickly pair it with your Apple TV to have easy control over volume and channels.

With the simple and responsive buttons, it makes it straightforward to control the Apple TV.  Due mainly to the ergonomic design, it doesn’t slide out of your hands. Besides, you can choose Coolux in multiple colors like black and silver.

3. GE 33709

Despite being priced a lot less than its rivals mentioned above, “GE 33709” can give them a long run. Featuring lightweight design with the brushed finish, it has got an impressive look.

With this handy remote control, you can effortlessly control as many as four devices simultaneously. It offers you the desired control over volume.

Using the most common buttons like Menu, Home/Guide, DVR LIST, Info, Navigation, Advanced DVR and Digital Dot, you can quickly access some of your favorite channels. Thanks to the extensive code library, it works with major brands.

4. Beyution

Last but not the least, Beyution is a simple looking remote control. It lacks the flair and functionality of the high-end remotes mentioned in this lineup. However, it can help you sail through the necessary tasks.

I find the buttons very sensitive to the press. The built-in battery is strong enough to last long. As for built-up, I think it’s up to the mark.

That’s it!

Your favorite?

Now that you have peek at the top remotes for Apple TV, let us know your pick. Besides, tell us about the one you think is worth including in the above roundup.

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Here’s Why Android Tv Is The Best Tv Operating System In 2023

While it is important to be cautious when installing apps that are not available in the Google Play Store, the ability to install third-party custom launchers is a big plus for Android TV. If you do not like the way Android TV looks, you can easily personalize it with a launcher. You can even take the leap and install Google TV. Which has a more simplified interface and personalized options compared to Android TV.

These are some reasons why Android TV is the top TV operating system in 2023

For tech enthusiasts, having Google Assistant on your television is a big plus. Not only does it allow you to control a range of devices in your home. But it also offers one of the most effective voice controls available. This is especially important as voice control becomes increasingly popular in smart homes.

Finally, any TV that has Google TV or Android TV will have Chromecast built-in. Allowing you to play content from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer on your TV. This simple and effective feature is a big plus and saves you the hassle of buying a separate Chromecast.

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Android TV main features:

User interface: Android TV features a user-friendly interface that is designed to be easily navigable with a remote control or game controller. The interface is optimized for larger screens and is based on the Android operating system. The main interface features rows of content that are organized by categories such as “Recommended for You,” “Recently Watched,” “Live TV,” and “Apps.”

Google Assistant: Android TV has built-in Google Assistant support, which allows users to control their TV with voice commands. Users can use voice search to find content, adjust settings, and control smart home devices. For example, users can say “Hey Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix” or “Hey Google, turn off the lights.”

App support: Android TV supports a wide range of apps and games, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Users can also download apps and games from the Google Play Store. The platform is based on the Android operating system, so many apps that are available on Android phones and tablets are also available on Android TV.

Chromecast built-in: Android TV has Chromecast built-in, which allows users to cast content from their phone or tablet to their TV. This makes it easy to share photos, videos, and other content with friends and family. Users can cast content from apps that support Chromecast or by using the Google Home app.

Content discovery: Android TV features a personalized content discovery experience that suggests new content based on what users have watched in the past. This makes it easy to find new shows and movies to watch. The platform also features a universal search function that allows users to search for content across multiple apps and services.

Picture-in-picture: Android TV supports picture-in-picture, which allows users to watch two things at once. For example, users can watch a movie while browsing the web or playing a game. This feature is useful for multitasking and can be accessed by pressing the home button on the remote control while watching a video.

Live TV integration: Android TV integrates with live TV services, including cable and satellite providers. This makes it easy to switch between streaming and live TV without changing inputs or devices. The platform features a Live Channels app that allows users to watch live TV and record shows using a compatible TV tuner.

In summary, Android TV is a powerful and versatile operating system for smart TVs and TV boxes. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that make it easy to find and enjoy content on the big screen. With built-in Google Assistant support, app and game support, Chromecast integration, and a personalized content discovery experience, Android TV is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a modern and intuitive TV experience.

The best Smart TV brand

What about the best Smart TV brand? There is no one best smart TV brand as it depends on personal preferences, budget, and the features you prioritize. However, here are some of the top smart TV brands that are highly regarded by consumers and experts:

LG: LG is known for its OLED displays and has been a leader in the smart TV market for years. Their WebOS platform is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Samsung: Samsung is a popular brand that offers a wide range of smart TVs at different price points. Their Tizen platform is highly rated for its user-friendliness and extensive app selection.

Sony: Sony’s smart TVs are known for their picture quality, and they have been incorporating Google’s Android TV platform into their models, which has received positive reviews.

TCL: TCL offers affordable smart TVs with excellent picture quality and Android TV integration, which is highly regarded for its user interface and extensive app selection.

Vizio: Vizio is another budget-friendly brand that offers good value for the price. Their smart TVs feature the SmartCast platform, which is easy to use and offers a good selection of apps.

Ultimately, it’s important to do some research and compare different brands and models based on your needs and budget to find the best smart TV for you.

The Best Apple Watch Accessories In 2023

Apple Watch is a great wearable on its own. However, there are many things that you can improve about it using the right accessories. Some accessories enhance certain features and functions of the Apple Watch, while others are there to change and improve the style and overall look of the smartwatch. 

The following gadgets are some of the best Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy) accessories out there. Whether you’re looking for a protective case or need a way to charge your Apple Watch quicker, we’ve got you covered. 

Table of Contents

Your Apple Watch is also a portable music player you wear on your wrist. To make sure you get the best possible sound out of it, you’ll need a pair of wireless earphones. While you can use any set of earbuds with the Apple Watch, if you want a seamless connection and the best sound quality, the natural choice is a pair of AirPods Pro. 

Since Apple makes the AirPods, you can pair them with all your Apple devices at once. Once your AirPods are linked up with one of your Apple gadgets, they’ll pair with every other device that’s connected to your iCloud account. That way, you can jump back and forth from listening to music on your Apple Watch to your iPhone, MacBook, and even Apple TV. 

You can also use the AirPods Pro to take calls or use Siri on your Apple Watch. Compared to other generations of AirPods, it’s worth getting the Pro version as they sound better, have a better fit, and come with active noise cancellation. 

One of the cool things about the Apple Watch is that you can change its look as often as you want. Mainly, you can get custom watch faces and multiple Apple Watch straps. The first only affects the style of your Apple Watch, but choosing the right band can bring you more benefits and extend your watch’s functionality. 

If you’re a workout enthusiast and use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker a lot, a must-have Apple Watch accessory for you is a Nike Sport band. 

While there are many sport loop bands available for the Apple Watch, the Nike Sport band seems superior. The synthetic rubber material is breathable and lightweight and will let the water and sweat get through it (unlike stainless steel or a leather strap, for example). The band itself feels smooth, light, and comfortable enough on your wrist to take you through the toughest of workout sessions. 

If using the standard magnetic charging cable to charge your Apple Watch isn’t enough for you, the next best option is to get an official Apple Watch charger – the Magnetic Charging Dock for your wearable.

Like other Apple products, it’s got a stylish and elegant look. However, it comes at a price that’s a little more than other similar options on the market. This charging dock is a simple, minimalistic device with only one purpose: to keep your Apple Watch charged at all times. You can also use it to charge your watch at night: Prop your watch on the dock sideways, and you can use it as a bedside clock. 

Belkin boost 3-in-1 charging stand with MagSafe is perfect for when you need to charge multiple iOS devices simultaneously. If you’re not just an Apple Watch owner but also a recent iPhone owner, you’ll appreciate the 15W iPhone MagSafe charging speeds, as well as the overall style and look of this watch stand by Belkin. 

This wireless charger supports charging 3 of your Apple devices simultaneously. You can use the two magnetic spots for charging your iPhone and your Apple Watch while also using the base of the stand to juice up your AirPods. 

The only downside of the Belkin 3-in-1 charging stand is its steep price. You can find cheaper alternatives on the market with magnets that you can use for iPhone wireless charging. However, they won’t have full-speed 15W MagSafe charging as this stand does. 

The TimePorter by Twelve South is a great Apple Watch accessory for any traveler. In a nutshell, it’s a 2-in-1 storage and charging case for your wearable. The TimePorter looks like your normal eyeglass case, made of synthetic leather and lined with silicone on the inside. There’s enough space inside the case for your Apple Watch, as well as some accessories, like charging cables, travel adapters, or Apple Watch bands. 

The best part about the Twelve South TimePorter is that you can use it to charge your Apple Watch on the go, which makes it a perfect travel case. However, you’ll need to use your own magnetic Apple Watch charging cable to do it. You can use this Apple Watch case to tuck the cable away while placing your watch on top when charging. If you leave the TimePorter open, you can prop up your Apple Watch and use it in Nightstand mode. 

The Airbox by Momax is the perfect charging device for those who prefer staying completely mobile. The Airbox allows you to charge your digital timepiece on the go. It comes with an impressive 10,000mAH MFI battery and can charge devices at 10W wirelessly and 20W via Type-C port (meaning it supports the latest 8th Gen iPad). 

As this is a multi-device charger, you can use it to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, iPad, and even Apple Pencil. You can also use it to store your gadgets when they’re not in use, which solves the problem of misplacing and losing smaller devices like Apple Pencil or AirPods. On top of that, the foldable design of this power bank makes it look cool and futuristic. 

The wireless charging surface is powered by the three charging coils and a separate upright wireless connection spot for your Apple Watch. The charging coils mean that you don’t have to worry about positioning your gadgets in a certain way on the surface. You can put them anywhere and the Nomad base station will still charge them. 

The Rugged Armor Pro is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). While it doesn’t have a direct screen protector, it has a raised bezel around the screen that’s supposed to absorb impacts when you hit your screen and keep it intact. The case looks rugged and tough, and will surely prolong the lifespan of your Apple Watch. 

What Apple Watch Accessories Should You Get in 2023?

These are our top picks for the best Apple Watch accessories of the upcoming year. However, there are of course other great gadgets that can enhance your user experience with Apple Watch. To name a few, the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for on-the-go charging and the Twelve South Actionsleeve for turning your Apple Watch into a superb fitness device. 

Tim Cook Discusses Apple Tv, The Maps Debacle And More In Tv Interview

Earlier this evening, Tim Cook sat down with Brian Williams on NBC’s Rock Center and gave his first TV interview since he became Apple’s CEO. The two talked about a number of things including Steve Jobs, Apple’s plans for the television, and the Maps debacle.

If you missed the show, don’t worry, iDB has you covered. We’ve got part 1 and part 2 of Cook’s interview for you after the fold. Unfortunately, NBC still insists on using Flash to post its videos, so you’ll need to be on compatible hardware in order to view them…

The discussion kicks off at an Apple Store in lower Manhattan, and Williams’ first question for Cook is a doozy: “How are you not Steve Jobs?” He responds by saying that Jobs told him on several occasions to never question what he would do, but to “just do what was right.”

Williams then moves on to iOS Maps — Apple’s in-house replacement for Google Maps. The company has taken quite a bit of heat over the premature launch, which eventually led to a public apology and possibly an executive leaving. “How big of a set back was Maps?” he asked.

“It didn’t meet our customers expectations, and our expectations of ourselves are even higher than our customers. However, I can tell you — we screwed up — we are putting the weight of the company behind correcting it.”

Cook skillfully breezes past Williams’ direct question about Forstall’s ousting and the discussion moves on to other topics like Apple’s legendary secrecy and the new Lightning dock connector. And eventually it arrives at Samsung and its latest Apple-bashing TV ad.

“We love our customers, and we’ll fight to defend them with anyone. Is it thermonuclear war? The reality is that we love competition at Apple. We think it makes us all better. But we want people to invent their own stuff.”

On to part 2:

Part 2 of the conversation also includes some interesting tidbits, and Cook talks about why Apple outsources its manufacturing. But the juiciest part comes when Williams asks “What can Apple do for television watching? What do you know that is going to change the game?”

“It’s a market that we see, that has been left behind. You know, I used to watch “The Jetsons” as a kid. I love “The Jetsons.” We’re living “The Jetsons” with this [iPhone]. It’s an area of intense interest. I can’t say more than that.”

Between Cook saying that he can’t speak to Apple’s future television plans, and the coy smile on his face, you have to think that there just may be some truth to the rumors. You know, a lot of people thought that there was no way Apple would make an iPad mini, yet here we are.

For me, that was the highlight of the interview. Up until now, all we’ve heard about Apple’s purported TV strategy has come via pundits, and analysts with sketchy supply chain sources. But this, I think this proves that Apple has something up its sleeve for the living room.

What did you think?

Google’S Nest Android Tv Streaming Dongle And Remote, Plus More Tech News Today

Your tech news digest, by way of the DGiT Daily tech newsletter , for Wednesday, June 3.

1. Best look at Google’s new Nest Android TV streaming dongle

Google’s plans for a new Chromecast device have been out there for a few weeks. 9to5Google got the early drop , and Protocol later revealed it’ll likely be sold under Nest branding , with a content-centric user interface.

It looks more clear than ever that where Google played it safe with simple casting in the past, it’s now getting into the streaming device game proper, complete with a remote.

The Google Assistant button is very prominent right near the top, implying a microphone in the remote. The touch dial in the entire top third gives the remote a distinct look, and there’s likely IR capabilities too for making the remote all-in-one for the gear you already own.

Will Google include dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime that seem to be part of TV maker agreements? Maybe those are hidden in that image, given there’s also no volume controls.

It may also support Google Stadia, too, rather than relying on again juggling your phone to scroll through games: you can just do it on your TV.

If it does take Stadia into account, we can also hope the device has an Ethernet adaptor to support a wired internet both for gaming and better ping, plus faster load times of normal streaming content.


For what it’s worth, the NVIDIA Shield is probably the best of the Android TV world that I’ve seen with its beefy processor, upscaling, and gaming capabilities.

And as for smart TVs, well, many many TVs billed as smart are not smart, or fun. On the budget-end especially, they have appalling speeds and minimal processing power, with long delays when you try to do anything on most budget sets, or a terrible UI, or zero updates to support new services. There’s a lack of codecs and containers, too. I could go on!

It’s provided the Android TV platform but only sold Chromecasts without a UI.

It makes sense that Google would join in if it thinks it can do better, even if it hasn’t until now. That’s partly been because Google is a huge threat to the likes of cable companies and networks, which blocked the first iteration of Google TV back in 2010, and have worked to stop Google from rewiring television.

Google plays that game itself too, stopping Amazon’s competitor smart TV platform efforts.

2. OnePlus is making a jacket? Sure, why not (Android Authority).

3. Google pulls ‘Remove China Apps’ from Play Store, as India-China tensions continue to rise (Android Authority).

4. E3 2023 replacement schedule: How to catch the biggest game reveals of the year. Note the Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire livestream will now occur June 25th (Android Authority).

5.  Lawsuit accuses Google of tracking users in Incognito mode (Engadget).

6. Report: Fourth-generation iPad Air to switch to USB-C, iPad Mini sticking with Lightning. For now, only the iPad Pro uses USB-C (9to5Mac).

7. Study from real-world web traffic (via a *wild* opt-in research group where users sign up and share their full browser history) shows that only around a third of users changed their passwords following an announced data breach (ZDNet).

8. Apple’s iCloud service had downtime last night, worrying people that thought they’d been hacked as they couldn’t log in. It’s now working again (9to5Mac).

9. Microsoft ain’t messing around as it tries to crush Zoom and Slack in a battle for your work computer. Yesterday I was reminded Yammer still exists, which MS spent $1.2 billion on in 2012. Yammer! (WSJ, $).

10. “Why galaxies are flat? Why there are no spherical galaxies but only disc-shaped galaxies?” (r/askscience).


Fix: Apple Tv Won’t Connect To Wi

Do you get an “Unable to join the network” error message when you connect your Apple TV to a Wi-Fi network? We’ll explain some factors responsible for this error and how to get them fixed.

First off, Apple TV doesn’t work with captive networks—i.e., Wi-Fi networks with a secondary login page. This means the streaming device may fail to connect to Wi-Fi networks in hotels, apartment complexes, school dorms, and other public locations. Instead, connect your Apple TV to a private network or contact the (public) network admin to grant your Apple TV direct access to the Wi-Fi network.

Table of Contents

Try the fixes below if your Apple TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi and displays the “Unable to join the network” error for private networks.

1. Restart and Reposition Your Wi-Fi Router

Rebooting your router will clean out its cache memory and resolve connectivity issues. But before you restart the router, make sure it’s close to your Apple TV. The closer your wireless router and Apple TV, the better the connection strength and performance. In fact, Apple recommends having your Apple TV and Wi-Fi router in the same room. Or at least not too far from the router.

You should also ensure that your Apple TV has a clear line of sight from the router. Walls, kitchen microwaves, mirrors, baby monitors, and devices emitting radio signals can block network signals. Adjust the router’s external antenna and remove any appliance that could cause signal interference.

We highlight ways to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal in this article. Go through it for more network troubleshooting tips. If nothing works, shut down the router or unplug it from its power source. Turn it back on after a minute or two and try connecting your Apple TV to the network again.

2. Forget Other Network(s)

Do this if your Apple TV won’t connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network. Or if the device keeps joining an undesired network with no internet connection. Forget the problematic network and connect to your preferred network.

Open the Settings app, select Network, select Wi-Fi, select the tricky network and select Forget Network.

If your Apple TV still doesn’t join the Wi-Fi connection, there are probably too many devices on the network. It’s also possible that the network admin has blocked your Apple TV from joining the network. Contact the network admin or check the next section to learn how to unblock your Apple TV in your router’s settings menu.

3. Check Your Router Settings

Many wireless routers have security measures that block devices from using wireless internet connections. For example, your Apple TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi if it’s under a MAC Address Restriction or Filter.

If you have access to the router’s admin panel, head to the device management section, and check if your Apple TV has permission to access the network. Whitelist your Apple TV or remove it from any restriction. 

It’s a good idea to have your Apple TV’s MAC address handy in case your router indexes devices by their MAC address.

This guide on whitelisting specific devices on your home network has detailed instructions. Better yet, refer to the router’s instruction manual or visit the manufacturer’s website.

4. Restart Your Apple TV

Power-cycling the streaming device can resolve temporary system glitches preventing it from connecting or staying connected to Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks. Unplug your Apple TV from the power outlet and plug it back in.

5. Reset Your Wi-Fi Router

If no device can join the network, resetting your router’s settings to factory default is the next best thing to do. Read our guide on resetting wireless routers or refer to your router’s instruction manual for device-specific instructions.

6. Update Your Apple TV

Your Apple TV may drop Wi-Fi connections or fail to join wireless networks if its operating system is outdated or contains bugs. Of course, installing tvOS updates requires an internet connection. But since your Apple TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi, you have two alternatives: use an Ethernet connection or perform a computer-based factory reset.

If you don’t have an Ethernet connection, you can remotely update the Apple TV using your Mac or Windows computer by performing a factory reset. That will remove your accounts and delete all settings, configurations, and third-party apps. But on the positive side, the operation will download and install the latest tvOS version on your Apple TV. Likewise, it’ll remove bugs and software conflicts stopping your Apple TV from establishing a Wi-Fi connection.

After trying all the troubleshooting steps listed above, you should only perform a factory reset if your Apple TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Note: If your Apple TV lacks a USB port, contact Apple TV Support or visit a nearby Genius Bar to have your device fixed or restored to factory default.

Disconnect the power and HDMI cables from your Apple TV. Connect each end of the micro-USB or USB-C port to your computer and your Apple TV.

If you’re using a Mac, launch Finder and select your Apple TV in the sidebar, and select Restore in the device menu.

On a Windows PC, launch the iTunes app, select your Apple TV in the upper-left corner (next to the Music drop-down menu), and select Restore Apple TV.

Wait for Finder or iTunes to download and install the tvOS update and disconnect your Apple TV only when you get the “Your Apple TV has been restored to factory settings” success message.

Connect a power and HDMI cable, hook the device to your TV, and set up the Apple TV from scratch.

7. Reset Your Apple TV Settings

This option restores your Apple TV settings to factory default without updating the device.

Wait until the reset is complete (it takes a couple of minutes), set up the Apple TV, and try connecting it to a Wi-Fi network.   

Contact Apple TV Support

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