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Not all smart TVs are made equally. Each TV manufacturer offers its own software, all with varying levels of user-friendliness and app compatibility. If you want to ditch the confusion and headaches, opting for an Android TV box can revolutionize how you consume streaming content on your TV. Tying together streaming apps, socials, and games, Android TV places everything at your fingertips in an easy-to-navigate and attractive UI. This makes your streaming experience seamless and much more enjoyable.

Just purchased an Android TV? Here are some of the best apps to try on your smart TV.

Aren’t All Android TV Boxes the Same?

While all of the TV boxes on this list run Android TV, their components are what sets them apart. How powerful an Android TV box is, is going to largely determine its function. For example, you may be after something inexpensive that can stream Netflix. Someone else may be looking for a box that can upscale images to 4K, whereas another person may be more interested in video game emulation. Therefore, what you want to get out of your Android TV box is going to dictate which one you go for.

Best Overall: Nvidia ShieldTV

The Shield TV from Nvidia is hands down the best Android TV box on the market. There’s only one problem: it’s pretty pricey at $142. While the cost alone is bound to scare off potential customers, it is also one that you won’t likely regret buying. Despite being released in 2023, the Shield TV still boasts one of the most powerful processors of any Android TV box with Nvidia’s Tegra X1 CPU.

Furthermore, the Shield TV has one of the best remotes out there. It has a unique triangular design, making it significantly less likely to take a tumble off your coffee table. The remote also has illuminated keys, an admittedly small touch, but you’ll be left wondering how you ever did without it the next time you’re binging with the lights off.

Easiest to Use: Chromecast With Google TV

The latest Chromecast from Google ticks many boxes – so many in fact, that if it weren’t for the more powerful Nvidia Shield, we’d probably lean toward this as the best Android TV box on the market. Despite not being the most powerful, it is very capable, boasting 4K HDR and both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The Chromecast also comes in a compact, unobtrusive design. Since it plugs directly into an HDMI port on the back of your TV, most people will never even see it, which makes it perfect for those who prefer a more minimal setup. In addition, the Chromecast is running Google TV – a new and improved version of Android TV. All of your apps will work, it’s more aesthetically pleasing and it intelligently curates content from installed apps to help you more easily find something to watch. It’s priced at $49.98.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, though. The Chromecast only has a paltry 8GB of internal storage. It’s possible to expand its capacity, but you’ll need a USB-C hub with power delivery. This increases cost and adds more unruly cables. However, since the Chromecast is probably going to be hidden behind your TV, it’s unlikely you’ll notice.

Get more apps on your Google Chromecast by learning how to sideload the ones you’re missing.

Best Affordable Android TV Box: Xiaomi Mi Box S

If the price of the Shield TV is a turnoff, but you still like the idea of a powerful box, look no further than the Xiaomi Mi Box S. Xiaomi is relatively unknown in the West, but in Asia, Xiaomi is a major player in the electronics space. One of the few devices to make it Stateside, the Mi Box S is a great alternative to the Shield TV. The CPU isn’t as powerful, but you’ll get 2GB of RAM, a built-in Chromecast, and 4K HDR support. Taken together, these features will provide an excellent Android TV experience for the price.

That being said, there is one major downside: the minuscule 8GB of internal storage, which can be problematic if you like a lot of apps. That being said, the Mi Box S has an integrated USB port on the back, so expanding the storage is as easy as popping in a flash drive. The product can be yours for $59.50.

Your TV is displaying a No Signal error? Try these fixes to get it working again.

Best Budget Box: TiVo Stream 4K

The TiVo Stream 4K is an impressive box for the price. Similar in design to the Google Chromecast, the diminutive box from TiVo plugs into the back of your TV via an HDMI port. Featuring 4K HDR compatibility and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, it’s a steal for around $29.99.

The only downside to the TiVo Stream 4K is the custom UI. For whatever reason, TiVo decided to jazz up the stock Android TV user interface with some extra bells and whistles. It’s entirely unnecessary and a little distracting if you’re familiar with the Android TV UI. Yet, it’s not a dealbreaker, as it doesn’t impact performance or app compatibility.

Best for a Shoestring Budget: Onn Android TV 4K

Walmart’s Onn brand has released some decent electronics, but the cherry on top is the Android TV box. This tiny box features one of the best performance-to-price ratios with an asking price of about $20. What do you get for so little? A powerful Amlogic S905Y2 processor, 2GB of RAM, 4K UHD, and Dolby Atmos support.

Regrettably, despite an impressive price point, the Onn Android TV 4K is not perfect. The biggest issue is the tiny 8GB of internal storage. Once the operating system is factored in, only about half of that is usable. This can result in headaches if you like to install a lot of apps.

Fortunately, you can add more storage via USB, yet that presents another problem. Since there is only one micro USB port dedicated to powering the device, you’ll need to source a micro USB splitter cable that supports OTG to connect the USB. It’s a bit of fiddling around, and the end result is a TV box with cables jutting out of it like an octopus. However, if that’s not a problem, the Onn box is the most cost-effective way to experience Android TV.

Tip: expand your game library by adding non-Steam games to the software client.

Best for Gaming: Nvidia Shield Pro

As you may have already guessed, the Nvidia Shield Pro is even more expensive than the Shield TV at $199.99, which, when compared to other boxes, was already pretty pricey. Furthermore, it’s even more so if you opt for the official Nvidia Shield controller.

That Nvidia bothered to make an official gamepad accessory should clue you in to the fact that the Nvidia Shield Pro is an extremely capable gaming device. Whether you want to play native Android games, stream games from your PC, or through Nvidia’s cloud-based gaming service GeForce Now, the Shield Pro is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions Why should I buy an Android TV box instead of a TV with Android TV built-in?

Many new televisions on the market have Android TV software built in to them. If you’re shopping for a new TV and want to cut down on the clutter, TVs with Android TV are a good option. But if you’re not looking to buy a new TV, Android TV boxes are an inexpensive way to get Android TV on your current television.

Furthermore, Android TV boxes, particularly some of the higher-end models like the Nvidia Shield, boast significantly more power than most TVs, so you’ll be able to do more with your Android TV box, such as video game emulation. Additionally, Android TV boxes are much more likely to receive software updates, so they will be more compatible with apps in the future as well as integrate newer features as they are developed.

Where are the Rokus and Fire Sticks?

Rokus and Amazon’s Fire devices are both popular options for streaming content. However, neither Roku nor Amazon Fire devices run Android TV. Instead, they rely on software unique to those devices. There are pros and cons to Roku and Fire over Android TV, but which one is best for you is going to largely depend on your individual needs. There are a number of different Roku products on the market, with each one tailored to a particular consumer. The same can be said of Amazon’s Fire devices.

What is Nvidia GeForce Now?

If you’re looking for an Android TV box for gaming, your best bet is the Nvidia Shield Pro. It allows you to play games through GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud-based gaming platform. A cloud-gaming service allows users to play games that are hosted on servers and streamed to supported devices. In the case of GeForce Now, the games are run on high-end hardware, then beamed to you, so games look fantastic regardless of the hardware on your end.

GeForce Now doesn’t have a storefront where you can buy games. Instead, it links with your existing accounts, like Steam, GOG, Epic, etc., so you’ll be able to play all of the games you already own! GeForce Now is free; however, your games are streamed from a “basic rig” for up to an hour. If you want to extend your gaming session or play your game from hardware with the latest and greatest graphics cards, you’ll have to cough up some cash.

Image credit: Jonas Leupe via Unsplash

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Best Lg Q6 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

NageBee LG Q6 case

If you’re looking for an LG Q6 case that stands out, this is the one to get. It has a gorgeous design that won’t go unnoticed. The case is made from TPU that’s tough as well as flexible, making it easy to put it on and take it off a smartphone.

It has a thin design but will nevertheless will reduce the chance of possible damage done to your smartphone if you drop it on a hard surface. The case is very affordable given its unique design: you can get it for just $8 on Amazon.

Urban Armor Gear LG Q6 case

This is a rugged case that will keep your smartphone safe from harm. It meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD-810G 516.6), so it’s designed for impact. That also means it adds a bit more bulk to your device than most of the other cases on this list, but that’s the price you have to pay for the extra protection.

It’s the most expensive of the LG Q6 cases we’ve listed, but it still won’t break the bank. You can get it from Amazon for $20 via the button below.

Anccer LG Q6 case

This LG Q6 case comes from Anccer, and it’s a slim case that’s meant to provide some, but not a lot of protection for the phone. Mainly, it’s used to keep the phone free from scratches on the back. At the same time, it’s very thin, which means it won’t cause a big bulge in your pocket. It’s available in smooth gold, smooth rose gold, smooth red, gravel green and gravel black colors for $11.99 on Amazon.

Incipio DualPro LG Q6 case

The Incipio Dual Pro LG Q6 case is dual-layered with a rigid polycarbonate outer shell that is on top of a softer inner layer. Combined, the two layers will keep the phone safe from falls and spills. This case comes in two models; one is all black for that hard look, while the other has a rose gold outer shell, with a pink inner layer. You can get the Incipio Dual Pro LG Q6 case from Amazon for the price of $29.99.

SupCase LG Q6 case

This LG Q6 case from SupCase is one that’s highly rugged, and it shows.  In addition to a hard outer layer and a shock absorbing inner core, this case also comes with its own screen protector for the phone. This case also has port covers for all of the device’s port to keep water and dust out, and it has a 360-degree swiveling belt clip holster on the back. In other words, this is an LG Q6 case for the person on the go that will be spending a lot of time outside. The case is available in several colors; all black, blue with gray accents, pink with gray accents, and white with gray accents for between $19,99 and $21.99, depending on the color choice.

Qoosen wallet LG Q6 case

If you are looking for an LG Q6 case that will double as a wallet than this Qoosen case is for you. It has a protective synthetic leather cover with an inner TPU rubber case that should keep the phone safe from small falls to the ground. It also has a magnetic closure to make sure everything stays inside. Inside the inner portion of the case, there are three holders for your credit and debut cards, along with another holder for any paper money you might have. It comes in rose gold, navy blue and black colors for $13.99 on Amazon.

Feitenn LG Q6 case

Feitenn’s wallet case doesn’t offer a lot of protection due to its thin design. But it is a stunner. It has a slot for a credit card inside and can also be used as a kickstand for a more enjoyable experience when watching those funny cat videos on YouTube.

The case has a magnetic closure to keep the front part in place and comes in two stylish colors: black and gray. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, as you can get it for just $9.12 on Amazon.

10 Best Usb Hubs You Can Buy Right Now

The race to further slim down and reduce the weight of laptops continues and all popular device makers are taking the I/O and connectivity ports to the slaughterhouse. You should expect laptop/ PC makers to only further cut down on the port selection as they are switching to USB Type-C. With this new development, every PC and Mac user now requires a good USB hub if they want to be able to connect accessories and peripherals to their laptop. With regards to it, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the 10 best USB hubs (including USB C hubs) that you can buy in 2023.

Best USB Hubs You Can Buy in 2023 1. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

If you’re just looking to expand on the number of USB ports on your laptop, then Sabrent has this perfect little 4-port USB hub that should meet your requirements. It is fairly easy to use as it works by simply plugging into a USB-A port, preferably USB 3.0, and is not a pain to carry around because of its compact construction.

The highlight here has to be the availability of a blue LED indicator and power switch for each USB port. The USB 2.0 standard being quite an old one, all the hubs you’ll see listed here are USB 3.0 hubs and offer transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. Sabrent makes its USB 3.0 hub available at a reasonable price and is rated 4.3 on Amazon with over 10,000 reviews under its belt.

Supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps

Reverse compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices

4-port USB hub

Comes with durable 2 feet cable


Charging speed slows down when charging multiple devices

Lacks an anti-skidding bottom

Buy from Amazon ($9.98)

2. TP-Link 7-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Hub

If four ports aren’t enough for handling your daily workload, then this 7-port TP-Link USB hub suggested by one of our readers could be what you’re looking for. It can help expand the number of USB ports available on your PC, Play Station, Xbox, and other devices with all 7 offering data transfer functionality.


High-speed data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps

Built-in surge protection

7-port USB hub

Durable construction


Comparatively expensive

Buy from Amazon ($36.34)

3. Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub

We went from four ports to seven, and now here’s a 10-port USB hub from Anker that is going to be a Godsend if you’re someone who connects a lot of external storage devices and accessories to your laptop. This USB-C hub offers a 60W output and will also be a boon for you if you’re planning to charge a number of devices on the move.

Seven out of the ten ports here are USB 3.0 ports and are dedicated for data transferring with speeds up to 5Gbps. The remaining three are PowerIQ ports, which means they are designed to automatically detect the required power output for the connected device and render the same. The power output can be up to 2.1A per port or 10A overall, where you can connect anything from an Android or iOS phone to tablets, consoles, or cameras.


Can transfer data up to 5Gbps

10-port USB hub

Efficient charging solution

3 ports feature  Anker-exclusive PowerIQ


A touch expensive

Buy from Amazon ($42.99)

4. Sabrent Premium 3-Port Aluminum Mini USB 3.0 Hub

The highlight of this Sabrent USB 3.0 hub will have to be its rotatable design, where you can plug into the hub and rotate it 90-degrees to make it parallel to the screen or rotate it 180-degrees to lay it flat and parallel to the keyboard depending on the space you have. It surely is a handy accessory that travelers should keep on them.


Handy rotatable design

Pretty compact

Durable aluminum construction

Universal compatibility


Less efficient charging

5. AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub (Picture)

If you’re looking for something well-built and affordable, but with a number of USB ports, then AmazonBasics has you covered with its 7-port USB 3.0 hub. This compact hub has been backed by both buspower and self-power ports, which the hub you see below can switch between based on the power required – i.e switch to the self-power mode when a larger number of devices are connected.

All seven ports here can be used for data transfer, with speeds up to 5Gbps (which is the maximum speed for USB 3.0 ports) but two of the ports (with the Fast tag next to it) can be used for charging devices with maximum current output up to 0.9A. If you are looking for a lesser number of ports, then AmazonBasics also offers you a variety of options and you can pick between them from the link below.


36W total output

Max output per port is 900MA

Compatible with USB 3.0 and backward

Supports 5Gbps speed

May not allow an external HDD to connect to MacBook

Buy from Amazon ($31.49)

6. SmartDelux Powered 13-Port USB Hub

Well, if you’re a power user (or someone in IT) who needs to have a number of external storage devices and accessories connected to their system at all times, then you need a large number of USB ports. SmartDelux is here to save the day with its 13-port USB 3.0 hub, with 10 USB 3.0 data transfer ports and 3 fast-charging ports onboard.

Backed by a self-power bus, the 10 USB 3.0 ports here can transfer data at speeds up to 5Gbps, whereas the 3 remaining ports can be used to charge devices at up to 2.4A each (12W power output). Also, each of the ports here is equipped with an LED indicator of its own, which is a great addition by SmartDelux to help you find the ports at night.

Can transfer data at speeds up to 5Gbps


LED indicator for tracking power status

3 fast-charging ports


AC power supply is below par

Ports are a bit tight

Buy from Amazon ($69.99)

7. Kokovolta USB Hub 3.0 Vertical Data Hub

If you own a gaming PC, laptop, or a console system where you require to connect more devices, then Kokovolta’s vertical hub is designed for gamers in mind. It has a standout design (unlike the bland rectangular shape of USB hubs) that’s reminiscent of Alienware CPUs with a blue LED glowing through it.


Delivers fast and efficient charging

Reliable 4 USB 3.0 ports

Lightweight form-factor

Anti-skid bottom


LED indicator is not sleep-friendly

A little too light

Buy from Amazon ($16.99)

8. EUASOO 10 in 1 Thunderbolt 3 Hub

Up until now, we have talked about USB-A hubs but with laptops ditching I/O ports for a slimmer and lighter design, we can’t forget about USB Type-C hubs. Our first suggestion would be a multi-purpose USB hub from Euasoo, that brings all of the necessary ports to your device.

It works simply via the buspower and does not require you to connect a power adapter to get 3 USB 3.0 ports, a single USB C port, 4K HDMI video output (supporting 4K @ 30GHz and 1080p @ 60GHz), RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, a VGA port, Audio/Mic 2-in-1 port, and SD/ Micro SD card reader in a slim build that fall in line with most modern laptops.

The USB hub supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, along with USB Power Delivery 2.0 to make it possible to connect high-current devices and fast-charge your laptop at the same time as well. Euasoo offers a pretty versatile USB C hub to its users.


HDMI male-to-female adapter support 4K resolution video

Offers table connection

Transfer data at high-speed

Shock-resistant aluminum construction


Sports a little bulky design

Not all the plugs work proficiently


HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB C Hub Dongle

If you own a latest-gen MacBook Pro or any of your colleagues does, then you might have heard them talk about HyperDrive. It’s one of the most popular USB C hub makers and it offers you all of the ports necessary to help you continue with your regular tasks without any hiccups. It has a sleek and trendy design that’s similar to the current-gen MacBooks.

This 8-in-1 USB hub brings along the following ports in tow: 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, 1 USB C port, HDMI (supporting 1080p @60Hz and 4K @30Hz), a mini display port, RJ45 Gigabit Either port, and SD/ Micro SD card reader. The USB 3.0 ports support transfer speed up to 5Gbps whereas the USB C port allows pass-through charging on most devices including all your ultrabooks, Chromebooks, PC, and more.

However, you will have shell out a little extra for that brand factor, quality, and durability. If you are looking to get a USB C hub for a MacBook Pro or Air, then you could also check out HyperDrive’s $80 8-in-2 hub right here as well.

Can charge multiple devices at a decent speed

Supports USB-C pass-through charging

Built-in USB-C cable

Impressive portable design


Doesn’t support Apple SuperDrive

Top-tier pricing

Buy from Amazon ($98.89)

10. Anker 7-in-1 USB C Hub

Finally, if you are not willing to shell out $100 bucks on a USB hub, even though you may be inclined to spending $1000 on a new iPhone (burn!), then Anker makes the perfect compact hub that expands the connectivity options for your MacBook Pros, new iPad Pro, Chromebook or Galaxy smartphone.

Anker’s 7-in1 hub extends to you 3 standard USB 3.0 ports, 1 HDMI port (supports up to 4K@30Ghz), 2 SD card slots (SD/ Micro SD), and USB-C Power Delivery charging port all packed inside this module you see pictured above. This hub can deliver a 49W charge to your laptop on connecting a 60W adapter, which will surely come in handy when all of the other USB Type-C ports are occupied.

Stream 4K video at 30 Hz

Delivers 5 Gbps data transfer speeds consistently

Equipped to read standard SD and microSD cards

Safe charging


Pass-through charging is comparatively slow

Buy from Amazon ($39.99)

Frequently Asked Questions Q. Is a powered USB hub better?

Yes. A powered USB hub is better as it uses mains power, which helps it deliver maximum voltage to every device connected to it.

Q. Does a USB hub affect speed?

No. Most USB hubs are fully equipped to charge multiple devices at rapid speed. So, you can bank on them to power up your devices at a good speed.

Q. Can I chain USB hubs? Q. Can I charge multiple devices through a USB Hub?

Many USB hubs like the ones mentioned in this article come with multiple ports. Thus, you can charge multiple devices through a USB hub.

What are the differences between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

The real difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 lies in the transfer speed. While the USB 2.0 delivers transfer speed up to 480 Mbps, the USB 3.0 offers transfer speed up to 4.8 Gbps – a whopping 10 timers faster!

Top USB Hubs in 2023

There you go! That ends our roundup of the best-selling and functional USB hubs, which you can buy depending on your use case. If you’re someone who simply wants more ports, then we’ve got a good collection with 4 to 13 port USB hubs, But, if you want to get a bit more out of the MacBook you recently bought, then the USB C hubs towards the end of this list are for you.

17 Best Smartphones With Face Unlock You Can Buy Right Now

Whether you love the iPhone or hate it, there’s no denying the fact that it always sets the trend for upcoming smartphones. With the launch of iPhone X in 2023, the smartphone world not only adopted the notch but also a new way to unlock the phone. While face unlock has been around for the last couple of years, it was never deemed important until iPhone X brought it to the limelight. Now, most of the Android smartphones offer some kind of facial unlocking mechanism. So, if you are also enamored with this feature and are in the market for a new smartphone with face unlock, you have come to the right place. Here are the 17 best smartphones with face unlock that you can buy right now:

Best Smartphones with Face Unlock You Can Buy

Best Budget Smartphones with Face Unlock

Best Midrange Smartphones with Face Unlock

Best Budget Flagship Smartphones with Face Unlock

Best Flagship Smartphones with Face Unlock

Best Budget Smartphones with Face Unlock 1. Realme 2

If you don’t have a big budget and want an affordable smartphone with face unlock feature, Realme 2 is the phone for you. The phone not only brings a fingerprint sensor at the back but it also uses the front camera to enable face unlock on the device. The face unlock here is decently fast and you should not have any problems using it. Do note that the phone is not packing any IR sensor or 3D mapping systems, so its facial unlocking is not as secure as the one found on some of the premium smartphones on this list. That being said, if you want a cheap smartphone with face unlock, this is the smartphone you should get.

Buy Realme 2 from Flipkart: Starting at ₹8,990

2. Redmi 6 Pro

Buy the Redmi 6 Pro From Amazon: Starting at ₹10,999

3. Honor 9N

The Honor 9N is yet another budget smartphone with face unlock that you can buy. The phone comes with a notch that houses the front facing camera for selfies and face unlock. However, the really cool thing about face unlock on the Honor 9N is that it comes with a ‘closed-eye face unlock prevention’ so no one can unlock your phone while you’re sleeping. That’s really cool and not something you’ll find in a lot of phones out there.

4. Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

If you’re looking for a budget phone with face unlock that comes without a notch, the ZenFone Max Pro M1 is a pretty solid smartphone to go with. The face unlock here is pretty fast and accurate, and will let you unlock your phone in the blink of an eye. Plus, if you want it, there’s a fingerprint scanner too for a more secure biometric authentication if you need it.

Buy the ZenFone Max Pro M1 from Flipkart: Starting at ₹10,999

5. Redmi Note 5 Pro

If you’re looking for a bang for your buck budget smartphone with face unlock, the Redmi Note 5 Pro is a phone you should definitely check out. Similar to other budget smartphones with face unlock, the Note 5 Pro simply makes use of its front facing camera to identify your face and unlock the phone. It’s obviously not as secure as high-end smartphones, but as far as budget smartphones go, the Note 5 Pro’s face unlock is fast enough, and is pretty accurate as well.

Best Midrange Smartphones with Face Unlock 6. Poco F1

As far as midrange smartphones with face unlock go, the Poco F1 is one of the best options out there. Not only is the phone priced aggressively, but it brings IR assisted Face Unlock. Basically this means that you can use face unlock in the Poco F1 even at night without any problems. The face unlock here works incredibly fast regardless of the ambient lighting and that makes it one of the best mid range smartphones with face unlock that you can buy.

Buy the Poco F1 from Flipkart: Starting at ₹20,999

7. Honor Play

The Honor Play is also a great midrange smartphone with face unlock that you can check out. The Honor Play’s face unlock is pretty fast and accurate, however, it doesn’t come with an IR blaster so unlocking in the dark is not as good as with the Poco F1. That said, the Honor Play’s face unlock does work decently good enough even in slightly dimmer environments so that’s definitely great.

Buy the Honor Play from Amazon: ₹19,999

8. Huawei Nova 3i

Yet another midrange smartphone with face unlock that you can check out is the Huawei Nova 3i. The phone comes with dual front facing cameras and the face unlock here is fast and very reliable. To add to that, the Nova 3i also has an IR blaster up front so you can use the face unlock even in pitch dark situations which is just awesome. The face unlock on the Nova 3i is definitely one of the best in this price range of smartphones.

Buy the Nova 3i from Amazon: ₹20,990

9. Vivo V11 Pro

Buy the Vivo V11 Pro from Flipkart: ₹25,990

Best Budget Flagship Smartphones with Face Unlock 10. OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T is the latest flagship offering from OnePlus and as is usual, the phone comes with a lightning fast face unlock. In fact, the OnePlus 6T is one of the best budget flagship smartphones with face unlock you can buy. Not only is the OnePlus 6T’s face unlock extremely fast, it’s also very accurate and reliable. Unfortunately, the OnePlus 6T doesn’t come with an IR assisted face unlock, but there is an option to increase the brightness of the display in low-light situations to let the face unlock work even at night.

11. Asus ZenFone 5Z

If the price of the OnePlus 6T doesn’t appeal to you, the ZenFone 5Z from Asus is another pretty great budget flagship smartphone with face unlock that you can check out. Unlike some other smartphones like the Poco F1, the ZenFone 5Z doesn’t use an IR assisted face unlock but it still manages to perform decently in low lighting conditions. In all other situations, the face unlock system on the ZenFone 5Z works flawlessly, and is quite fast as well.

Buy the ZenFone 5Z from Flipkart: Starting at ₹29,999

12. Huawei Nova 3

Just like its cheaper brother, the Huawei Nova 3i, the Huawei Nova 3 brings dual camera set-up along with an IR blaster to enable face unlock. The face unlock on this phone is quite fast, and thanks to its IR sensor, works in all lighting conditions. I have used this phone as my daily driver for more than a week and during the entire testing period, the face unlock never gave me any trouble. It is slightly slower than the one on OnePlus 6T, however, not so slow that you won’t like using it.

Buy the Huawei Nova 3 from Amazon: ₹34,999

13. LG G7+ ThinQ

The LG G7+ ThinQ is another great budget flagship smartphone with face unlock. The phone, much like many other smartphones in this price range, uses only the front camera to recognise your face and unlock the phone. Since there’s no IR assist here, unlocking in the dark is a little hit or miss, but otherwise the face unlock on the LG G7+ ThinQ is fast and accurate, and you shouldn’t have any problems using it.

Buy the LG G7+ ThinQ from Flipkart: Starting at ₹39,990

Best Flagship Smartphones with Face Unlock 14. iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

Buy the iPhone XS Max from Flipkart: starts at Rs. 1,09,900

Buy the iPhone XR from Amazon: starts at Rs. 76,900

15. Oppo Find X

Buy the Oppo Find X from Flipkart: ₹59,990

16. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Another one of the best flagship smartphones with face unlock that you can get is the Galaxy Note 9. This premium smartphone comes with a decently fast face unlock mechanism, and Samsung even has an Intelligent Scan feature which uses both face unlock and iris scanning to make the system even more secure. The face unlock on the Note 9 is not very fast, but it won’t feel too slow either. However, there are issues with consistency here, so that’s something you’ll have to consider.

If you don’t want the huge Note 9, you can also consider the Galaxy S9 Plus which brings the same Intelligent Scan as the Note 9 for Rs. 59,949.

Buy the Galaxy Note 9 from Amazon: Starting at ₹67,900

17. Huawei P20 Pro

Buy the Huawei P20 Pro from Amazon: ₹64,999

Use These Smartphones With Face Unlock and Forget About Passwords

Top 10 Android Auto Apps In The Market Right Now

The list includes a variety of apps that serve the different needs of drivers, such as navigation, content streaming, and entertainment. These apps have been selected based on their compatibility with Android Auto and their usefulness to drivers.

The best Android Auto apps Amazon Music

One of the best streaming services that are compatible with Android Auto is Amazon Music. If you are an Amazon ecosystem user, you can easily use this service to listen to your favorite music and playlists while driving. The app comes with well-adapted controls that allow you to use it easily from the car screen.

Apple Music


Google Maps

Google Maps is an essential app for navigation and is the default browser for Android Auto. However, if you don’t have it on your phone, you can easily download it from the Play Store. Google Maps is a very versatile navigation app, and it’s very useful for driving. It allows you to design trips with several stops, view points of interest, and receive traffic alerts.

Google Play Books & Audiobooks

If you have purchased books and audiobooks from the official Google Store, you can use the Google Play Books & Audiobooks app to listen to them while driving. The app is compatible with Android Auto and comes pre-installed on most Android phones. If you have removed it, you can easily reinstall it from the Play Store.

Google Podcasts

Google has a podcast service known as Google Podcasts, which allows users to centralize their podcast listening experience. By using the Google service, users can listen to their saved podcasts via Android Auto. The application can be downloaded or accessed through Android Auto, but only saved podcasts will be available without installation.

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Here we go

An excellent alternative to Google Maps is available that offers the convenience of downloading maps for offline navigation, making it possible to navigate without an internet connection or when traveling abroad. This feature is especially useful for situations when network coverage is unavailable.


Android Auto provides support for messaging applications, in addition to the built-in SMS feature in Android. This feature is particularly useful while driving when you may need to know when someone has sent you an important message. With messaging apps integrated into Android Auto, you can quickly decide to call the person or respond to their message using voice dictation, without being distracted from the road.


For those who prioritize privacy, Signal is a messaging application that offers a secure alternative to WhatsApp. As a privacy-focused messaging app, it is an excellent option for those who value data protection. Additionally, Signal has been optimized for use in Android Auto, so you can stay connected to your contacts securely while driving.


While driving, Spotify provides you with an immersive experience with its full-screen display and easy-to-use controls that enable you to manage playback without any significant distractions. Moreover, Spotify has an extensive catalog of music and podcasts that you can access while on the road.

Bonus: Youtube Music

We now come to another streaming service, and it seems like there are already quite a few in the market. YouTube Music is Google’s music service that comes with a YouTube Premium subscription, and it offers access to an extensive collection of songs.

While it may not have the best sound quality (which isn’t necessarily essential when you’re in a car), it is still a great option to consider, especially if you are already part of the Google ecosystem or pay for YouTube. With YouTube Music, you can enjoy all your favorite tunes on the road.


In conclusion, these are some of the best apps for Android Auto that you should consider installing. They are all easy to use and come with well-adapted controls that make it safe to use while driving. With these apps, you can enjoy a more comfortable and convenient driving experience. Whether you’re navigating through traffic or just enjoying your favorite tunes.

Here’s Why Android Tv Is The Best Tv Operating System In 2023

While it is important to be cautious when installing apps that are not available in the Google Play Store, the ability to install third-party custom launchers is a big plus for Android TV. If you do not like the way Android TV looks, you can easily personalize it with a launcher. You can even take the leap and install Google TV. Which has a more simplified interface and personalized options compared to Android TV.

These are some reasons why Android TV is the top TV operating system in 2023

For tech enthusiasts, having Google Assistant on your television is a big plus. Not only does it allow you to control a range of devices in your home. But it also offers one of the most effective voice controls available. This is especially important as voice control becomes increasingly popular in smart homes.

Finally, any TV that has Google TV or Android TV will have Chromecast built-in. Allowing you to play content from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer on your TV. This simple and effective feature is a big plus and saves you the hassle of buying a separate Chromecast.

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Android TV main features:

User interface: Android TV features a user-friendly interface that is designed to be easily navigable with a remote control or game controller. The interface is optimized for larger screens and is based on the Android operating system. The main interface features rows of content that are organized by categories such as “Recommended for You,” “Recently Watched,” “Live TV,” and “Apps.”

Google Assistant: Android TV has built-in Google Assistant support, which allows users to control their TV with voice commands. Users can use voice search to find content, adjust settings, and control smart home devices. For example, users can say “Hey Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix” or “Hey Google, turn off the lights.”

App support: Android TV supports a wide range of apps and games, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Users can also download apps and games from the Google Play Store. The platform is based on the Android operating system, so many apps that are available on Android phones and tablets are also available on Android TV.

Chromecast built-in: Android TV has Chromecast built-in, which allows users to cast content from their phone or tablet to their TV. This makes it easy to share photos, videos, and other content with friends and family. Users can cast content from apps that support Chromecast or by using the Google Home app.

Content discovery: Android TV features a personalized content discovery experience that suggests new content based on what users have watched in the past. This makes it easy to find new shows and movies to watch. The platform also features a universal search function that allows users to search for content across multiple apps and services.

Picture-in-picture: Android TV supports picture-in-picture, which allows users to watch two things at once. For example, users can watch a movie while browsing the web or playing a game. This feature is useful for multitasking and can be accessed by pressing the home button on the remote control while watching a video.

Live TV integration: Android TV integrates with live TV services, including cable and satellite providers. This makes it easy to switch between streaming and live TV without changing inputs or devices. The platform features a Live Channels app that allows users to watch live TV and record shows using a compatible TV tuner.

In summary, Android TV is a powerful and versatile operating system for smart TVs and TV boxes. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that make it easy to find and enjoy content on the big screen. With built-in Google Assistant support, app and game support, Chromecast integration, and a personalized content discovery experience, Android TV is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a modern and intuitive TV experience.

The best Smart TV brand

What about the best Smart TV brand? There is no one best smart TV brand as it depends on personal preferences, budget, and the features you prioritize. However, here are some of the top smart TV brands that are highly regarded by consumers and experts:

LG: LG is known for its OLED displays and has been a leader in the smart TV market for years. Their WebOS platform is highly intuitive and easy to use.

Samsung: Samsung is a popular brand that offers a wide range of smart TVs at different price points. Their Tizen platform is highly rated for its user-friendliness and extensive app selection.

Sony: Sony’s smart TVs are known for their picture quality, and they have been incorporating Google’s Android TV platform into their models, which has received positive reviews.

TCL: TCL offers affordable smart TVs with excellent picture quality and Android TV integration, which is highly regarded for its user interface and extensive app selection.

Vizio: Vizio is another budget-friendly brand that offers good value for the price. Their smart TVs feature the SmartCast platform, which is easy to use and offers a good selection of apps.

Ultimately, it’s important to do some research and compare different brands and models based on your needs and budget to find the best smart TV for you.

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