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Repair masters at iFixit earlier this morning published their detailed teardown analysis of a larger 44mm, cellular-equipped edition of the new Apple Watch Series 4 (model A2008).

“The original Apple Watch was revolutionary upon its release, but the yearly updates have been mostly minor—until now,” they noted.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has likened Series 4 to the leap in design brought by iPhone 4, prompting iFixit to actually call it Apple Watch’s iPhone 5 moment: “a device that knows its priorities, and wants to look elegant inside and out.”

Whereas the original Apple Watch model had the “awkwardly placed internals”, Apple’s engineers have “really painted the back of the fence” in terms of the component layout for the new Series 4.

The Crown with a secret

Cellular Series 4 models no longer feature a large red dot on the Digital Crown, which many people disliked. Now you get a far more subtle red ring outline that gives it an elegant feel. The completely reengineered 4 Digital Crown on the new apple Watch Series 4 also contains an electrode for a brand-new ECG function.

Series 4 has the most elaborate Digital Crown Apple’s create to date

A stronger battery & other tidbits

Even though it has a six percent slimmer case with less volume, Apple Watch Series 4 packs in a 1.113 watt-hour battery (291.8 mAh at 3.81 V) representing a four percent capacity increase over the 1.07 watt-hour battery powering the previous Apple Watch Series 3.

If only Apple found a way to miniaturize the Taptic Engine..

The Taptic Engine is now much thinner and a bit longer than before. I suspect a longer haptic feedback mechanism is needed for that faux spinning wheel feel afforded by the redesigned Crown. “Even this smaller engine takes up a lot of room in this tiny device—room that could have gone to a bigger battery, but Apple seems to feel physical feedback is very important,” iFixit notes. And whereas Series 3 has an unsightly hole in the case for its barometric censors, Series 4 cleverly uses the grille holes.

As you know, Series 4 also rocks a thinner, about 15% larger display.

X-rays reveal optical sensor in the middle, surrounded by a new ECG electrode

According to iFixit, the 44 mm model’s display covers 977 square millimeters versus 740 square millimeters on the same-sized Series 3 model. The 40mm model of Apple Watch Series 4 spans 759 square millimeter compared to 563 square millimeters on the predecessor.

This golden ring is likely a streamlined antenna

From the conclusion:

The corners are noticeably rounder for more of that squircle look.

The side button now sits flush with the case.

Series 4 is a Lead I ECG: it only measures voltage between the right and left arms.

Battery replacements are pretty straightforward, once you’re inside.

Band replacements remain fast and simple, and are even backward-compatible with previous models.

Screen replacements are difficult but doable: it’s the first thing to come off, and detaches via simple ZIF connectors.

Like with previous Apple Watch processors, the new S4 chip is still a system-in-package solution that combines a tiny microcomputer with logic boards, microchips and other components crammed onto a single resin-protected component, a first in the smartwatch industry.

The S4 chip is secured only with screws, unlike the fiercely-glued chips of years past

iFixit notes that several component flex cables are mounted directly to the S4 package, requiring skilled micro-soldering to replace. The resin-encased housing, however, makes most board-level repairs impossible.

Series 4 repairability

“Where the first Watch was awkwardly layered together and used too much glue, the Series 4 feels much more thoughtfully laid out,” the iFixit team observed.

Series 4 has neared iPhone levels of repairability, but iFixit said that a sticky display remains a challenge. In terms of batter replacements, once you’ve actually managed to make your way inside the device, the battery is straightforward to replace.

The aforementioned architectural and engineering improvements have prompted the iFixit team to give Apple Watch Series 4 a solid 6 out of 10 on their repairability scale.

Thoughts about the teardown?

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Apple Watch Series 9: Everything We Know So Far

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Update, June 26, 2023 (11:17 AM ET): We have updated our Apple Watch 9 rumor hub to include information about a new UWB chip that could make it to the next Apple Watch.

Original article: The Apple Watch goes into 2023 as the king of smartwatches. With the refreshed Watch SE and new Ultra model, it seems that the lineup might keep that crown for a while to come. The Series 8 didn’t set the wearable world alight, playing second fiddle to these two newcomers, leaving the incoming Apple Watch Series 9 with much to do to keep pace. So, what can we expect from the next model? Read on for all the latest details.

The Apple Watch series is due for some significant changes.

Color options are a little less predictable. Apple offered Starlight, Midnight, silver, and (Product) Red colorways for those picking the aluminum chassis. Steel-bodied watches could be had in a more professional silver, graphite, or gold finish. Expect many of these shades to return. However, we’d like to see the Series 7’s green and blue options make a comeback.

As for sizes, the Apple Watch has traditionally offered two dial sizes with its core Series watch. For the Series 8, buyers could opt for a 41mm or 45mm face.

The Apple Watch Series is due for some significant changes.

There’s another rumor relating to the watch’s screen. Research firm Omdia claims that Apple is working on introducing MicroLED panels to its Apple Watch models, but it’s unlikely that these screens will arrive in time for the Series 9. Notably, it’s believed that the panel in question could debut on the next Ultra model, skipping the standard Series line. Mark Gurman also believes Apple may bring MicroLED tech to the Ultra series but suggests this change might only happen in 2024. If accurate, this leaves the Series 9 with AMOLED panels and likely without screen size changes.

In a Twitter post, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple could aggressively improve hardware specs across devices to make the Vision Pro fit within its interconnected ecosystem. To accomplish this, Kuo points out that Apple may upgrade its Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip and include that chip in a variety of next-gen devices, which may include the next Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 9 battery

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Some would argue that the Apple Watch’s most noticeable flaw is the battery life. While Apple regularly undersells its batteries’ capabilities, we’d still prefer a longer-lasting smartwatch.

Apple tends to adopt the software optimization approach over adding more capacity. Therefore, we don’t expect there to be any massive capacity gains with the Series 9. However, if the Apple Watch is to gain a new chipset based on the A15 Bionic, it should result in considerable efficiency gains.

In reality, the Apple Watch battery estimates are conservative at best. We could easily eke out a day of usage with the Series 8 during our review, more than the 18 hours quoted by its maker.

Will the Apple Watch Series 9 be worth it?

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

It’ll take a catastrophe to displace the Apple Watch from our best list. One of our biggest criticisms of the Series 8 was its lack of tangible improvements over the Series 7. Apple markedly improved the device’s strength and added a temperature sensor, but that leaves little reason to upgrade.

Provided Apple sticks to its $399 asking price, we think the Series 9 should be the best way for those seeking a reliable fitness tracker to join the Apple ecosystem. However, if it gets any pricier, the (potentially discounted) Series 8 starts looking even more attractive.

10 Best Apple Watch Series 7 Bands You Can Buy

Sporting a 20 percent larger display with enhanced brightness, IP6X dust resistance, faster charging, and a stronger crack-resistant front crystal, Apple Watch Series 7 has the specs to warrant attention. Add to that the handy QWERTY keyboard and much-improved watchOS 8 software experience, and the Apple Watch 7 remains unmatched in the smartwatch market. Now, if you have pre-ordered the smartwatch, you would be looking for the best Apple Watch 7 bands for a matching fit. If that’s the case, check out this roundup of the best high-quality bands and straps designed for the new Apple Watch 7. 

Best Apple Watch 7 Bands and Straps (2024)

While some users prefer classy-looking leather bands, others find sporty silicone straps and breathable nylon loops more appealing. Not to mention, stainless steel bands with a metal clasp also have a decent fan following.

When it comes to buying accessories for a wearable device like Apple Watch, you have to be picky. You have to consider not only the smartwatch but also personal preference along with specific use cases. Luckily, there are a boatload of Apple Watch 7 bands and straps on sale in the market, so getting one that can fit comfortably to your wrist isn’t a big ask.

Official Apple Watch 7 Bands

starts at $49.99

Shop on Amazon


Top-grade material

Beautifully crafted

Comfortable to wear



As always, Apple has come up with a wide variety of straps for the new Apple Watch 7. So, if you are searching for premium Apple Watch Series 7 bands, make sure to consider these official bands.

Of course, these Apple Watch 7 straps come at a higher price tag, but you can’t go wrong given the top-grade material and finish.

Fullmosa Genuine Leather Band


Shop on Amazon


High-quality cowhide leather

Neat craftsmanship

Stainless steel buckle

A variety of color variants


Less sweat-resistant

For folks who admire rich leather texture, Fullmosa’s genuine leather strap appears to be a strong contender in this roundup. Courtesy of the high-quality cowhide leather along with the neat craftsmanship, this Apple Watch 7 strap features a pro-looking design. And with the ageless leather texture, the band feels more comfortable to wear.

The stainless steel buckle and the round tail design further enrich the appearance of this band. Moreover, the strap features 9 precise cut holes so you can adjust the band to fit your wrist. Priced at $15, the Filmosa leather Apple Watch band comes in more than 10 colors to let you pick a matching pair for your wearable.

Spigen Modern Fit Band


Shop on Amazon


Modern-looking design

High-grade stainless steel

Sturdy metal clasp


Looks a little bulky

If you are looking for a handsome-looking Apple Watch 7 band, this offering from Spigen is worth checking out. Made out of high-grade stainless steel, the Modern Fit watch band features a good-looking design. The brushed finish adds more shine to its profile. Being fully adjustable, the band offers a convenient fit.

Swhas Silicone Watch Band [14 Pack]


Shop on Amazon


Impressive sporty design

High-quality silicone material



Value for money

Swhas has come up with high-quality sporty bands for the Apple Watch 7. Made out of pretty smooth silicone material, the band features a lightweight and sophisticated design. And since it’s sweatproof, you can comfortably wear it for long hours.

The band features metal lugs that enable it to lock onto the smartwatch securely. Thanks to the adjustable holds, you can comfortably fine-tune the length to fit your wrist. On top of all, Swhas is offering the most value-for-money deal on this list. You get 14 silicone bands for the Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm for $25.99 and 45mm) in a wide range of colors for under $30.

Coobes Genuine Leather Band


Shop on Amazon


Vintage profile

Horse/ cow leather

Durable stainless steel buckle


Could scratch easily

Stitching may come loose

Featuring a vintage profile, Coobes genuine leather band is designed to give a professional look to your Apple Watch 7. Made of horse/ cow leather, this leather band looks quite durable. The visible stitching adds an aesthetic touch to its profile. Besides, the stainless steel buckle ideally complements the leather strap.

Additionally, Coobes leather band features strong lugs that allow it to lock onto the smartwatch securely. And with the precise holes, you also get the flexibility to adjust the band for a comfortable fit. Lastly, you can choose this vintage leather band for Apple Watch 7 in four colors – black, brown, green, and coffee.

Brigtlaiff Nylon Apple Watch 7 Band


Shop on Amazon


Stretchable nylon material

Skin-friendly, breathable


Color may fade away

As the strap is breathable, you can comfortably wear it for hours without any issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if you make it your go-to band during workouts. Featuring durable lugs, the band is designed to lock to the smartwatch. Even better, Brigtlaiff Apple Watch 7 stretchable nylon band is priced at $16 and comes in a plethora of colors. Hence, you can’t get a more befitting strap for your all-new Apple Watch at an affordable price point.

Witzon Elastic Solo Loop


Shop on Amazon


Breathable nylon material

Skin-friendly, comfortable



Stitching could be better

Are you searching for a reasonably good nylon band at a low price point? If yes, Witzon’s stretchable nylon band could be a safe bet at just $6. Made of fabric woven nylon material, the strap is super comfortable to wear. And with the adjustable buckle, it also offers the needed flexibility of full adjustment.

The elastic braided strap is skin-friendly and can also resist sweat. Thus, you can wear it all day long without having to face irritation issues. Furthermore, the Witzon strap features lugs on either side for secure locking. When you consider all these notable features, the $6 price tag seems low compared to other nylon bands.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro


Shop on Amazon


Shock-absorbing design

Offers protection to the screen

Durable band, precise cutouts


Looks really bulky

If ultimate protection for your Apple Watch 7 is on top of your mind, you shouldn’t miss out on the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro. This is a rugged Apple Watch 7 case that comes bundled with a durable strap. Featuring a shock-absorbing bumper, it has been designed to provide enhanced safeguard to the smartwatch against shock and accidental drops. 

Maledan Silicone Bands [6 Pack]


Shop on Amazon


Smooth silicone finish

Lightweight, skin-friendly



Colors seem faded

If you are someone who prefers to have some extra silicone bands at your disposal, Maledan’s 6-pack silicone bands at just a $14 price tag should resonate with your preference. These bands feature a lightweight design and securely pair with the Apple Watch, courtesy of the durable lugs. They are skin-friendly and can also keep sweat away to ensure irritation doesn’t bother you.

Another feature worth taking note of is a sturdy buckle with hassle-free closure. For more flexibility, it features several precise holes. And when you couple these features with several color options, Maledan silicone bands seem to be a great choice. Overall, this is definitely one of the best Apple Watch 7 straps in the market right now.

iiteeology Stainless Steel Band

starts at $16

Shop on Amazon


Made of stainless steel

Brushed finish

Sturdy adapters


Lacks better micro-adjustments in size

Last but not least, iiteeology’s modern-looking metal band could be a dashing companion for your Apple Watch 7. Made of high-grade stainless steel, the band gives an executive touch to your smartwatch. The brushed surface further enhances its appearance.

At just 2.0mm thickness, the band sports a slim profile and provides a secure fit with a sturdy new built-in connector. Moreover, you have the option to choose from among 10 colorways, including space gray, yellow gold, jet black, and more.

Choose From These Amazing Apple Watch 7 Bands

Apple Watch Blood Sugar Measurement Coming In Series 7, Claims Report

A Korean report claims that an Apple Watch blood sugar sensor will be included in the Series 7 device, when it is launched later this year.

With health applications a major selling point of the Apple Watch, it has long been expected that the Cupertino company would want to expand its medical capabilities …


When Apple first launched the Apple Watch, the company primarily marketed it as a convenient way to view and respond to notifications. It fairly quickly became apparent, however, that it was the health and fitness features which were driving sales, and Apple adapted its messaging and product development focus accordingly.

CEO Tim Cook had initially suggested that the company would be cautious in adding medical capabilities to the watch, as it feared that the need for FDA approval could hold back innovation.

We don’t want to put the watch through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process. I wouldn’t mind putting something adjacent to the watch through it, but not the watch, because it would hold us back from innovating too much, the cycles are too long. But you can begin to envision other things that might be adjacent to it — maybe an app, maybe something else.

Responding to customer demand, however, Cook changed his mind. The company added ECG functionality to the Watch in 2023, including Afib detection – and last year saw blood oxygen saturation added to the capabilities of the Series 6.

Apple Watch blood sugar sensor

A blood sugar sensor would be an obvious next step. The American Diabetes Association estimates that more than 10% of Americans have diabetes, and that over 26 million of them are undiagnosed. Adding a blood sugar sensor to the Apple Watch could play a hugely valuable role in prompting formal testing, diagnosis and treatment.

An ET News reports claims that both the Apple Watch Series 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be able to measure blood sugar when each is released later this year.

Samsung Electronics will be equipped with a blood glucose measurement function in the new smart watch ‘Galaxy Watch 4’ (tentative name) to be introduced in the second half of this year. It is a no-blood sampling method that detects the level of glucose in the blood without blood collection using an optical sensor, and is expected to contribute to the health management of the general public as well as diabetics […]

Not only Samsung Electronics, but also Apple is applying the blood glucose measurement function to the Apple Watch 7 to be introduced this year. With the related patent technology secured, it is focusing on ensuring reliability and stability prior to making the technology available.

It’s not clear at this stage whether the existing infrared sensor will be able to act as a blood glucose detector too. You can already buy affordable home test devices that sync to your iPhone and Apple Watch, but these rely on small pin-pricks. The current focus is on non-invasive detection, and this can be achieved via infrared sensors.

The heartrate sensor in all Apple Watches is capable of acting as an O2 sensor, but Apple reserved this feature for the Series 6. Even if it turns out that the same sensor could measure blood sugar too, the company may take the same approach and make it a Series 7 exclusive feature for marketing reasons.

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Apple Watch Series 7 May Come In Larger 41Mm And 45Mm Sizes

In the near future, Apple is more than likely going to host an early September media event to show off a range of new devices. While most of the attention will obviously be put on the new iPhone lineup, that’s not all we’re going to see if the rumors pan out. For instance, we’re probably going to get a new Apple Watch –the oft-rumored Apple Watch Series 7— and Apple may welcome brand new sizes to the lineup.

That’s according to a new rumor propped up by a user on the Chinese social media platform Weibo that goes by the name UnclePan. This account has shared some accurate information in the past, as noted today by MacRumors, so we shouldn’t discount this latest rumor by default. That being said, nothing is official quite yet. And even if Apple has plans to change the Apple Watch’s case size at some point in the future, plans could change. That means this latest rumor might not pan out, either — at least not this year.

That being said! According to UnclePan’s post, Apple is going to change things up this year a little bit more than just a new case design. The poster says Apple is going to adopt two larger sizes this year, bumping things up from 40mm to 41mm and from 44mm to 45mm. So, not a huge change by any means, and some people might not even notice at all. However, with so many rumors swirling around that Apple is going to change the design of the Apple Watch this year, the change in size certainly seems possible.

The size options for the Apple Watch haven’t changed significantly over the years. For several years, Apple offered the smartwatch in either 38mm or 42mm sizes. With the Apple Watch Series 4, which welcomed a larger screen size, the company welcomed 41mm and 44mm case sizes. So we’ve seen bigger changes in the past, but this year’s is probably noteworthy insofar that it will come along with a more significant case redesign.

The question remains: will existing Apple Watch bands work with the new case sizes? Apple has done a pretty admirable job making sure the old watch straps work with the newer case sizes, so one has to hope that remains the case this year, too.

As for the new Apple Watch Series 7, the new smartwatch is expected to welcome a new case design compared to the previous models. That starts with the sides, which are expected to be flatter than the current model. (Think in line with the current iPhone 12 series as a reference point.) From there, the new smartwatch is said to have smaller bezels, too. Apple will also reportedly adopt a new green color into the lineup as well. We recently saw CAD-based renders of what the new Apple Watch may look like, and it’s certainly an eye-catching design. It will be fun to see how it looks on stage, and then, ultimately, in the real world. The new smartwatch is expected to welcome a slightly larger battery, too.

Are you planning to upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7?

Thursday’s Best Deals: Apple Watch Series 7 $120 Off, Latest Ipad Air $539, More

All of today’s deals are headlined by Apple Watch Series 7 cellular models at $120 off. That’s alongside the best price of the holiday season on 10.9-inch iPad Air and these Satechi USB-C hubs from $60. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Start 2023 by saving $120 on Apple Watch Series 7 cellular models

Amazon is currently offering the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular 45mm for $629. Normally fetching $749, you’re looking at a new all-time low of $120 off as well as the first discount on this configuration. Additional models are on sale from $369 as well. 

Headlined by the noticeably larger screen that makes a debut this time around, Apple Watch Series 7 arrives with other notable features. Alongside all of the usual fitness tracking stats, there’s heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, ability to take ECG readings, and more. Its added IP6X dust-resistant design lets it tag along on even more intense workouts, and the new fast charging mode supplements all-day battery life with the ability to deliver enough charge to wear overnight in just eight minutes. Here’s how it compares to the previous generation models, then head below for more.

Apple’s latest iPad Air returns to best price of the holiday season

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 7, Amazon is now offering Apple’s latest 10.9-inch iPad Air Wi-Fi 64GB for $539. Normally fetching $599, you’re looking at a match of the best price this holiday season at $60 off. For those who want to bring home one of the more recent iPadOS experiences, but don’t need the power of the M1 Pro models, going with the latest iPad Air instead is worth a look. 

It delivers much of the same form factor, just centered around 10.9-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with support for Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. Powered by the new A14 Bionic processor, there’s also the grand return of Touch ID in the power button alongside USB-C charging and 10-hour battery life. Get a closer look at all the features in our launch coverage. Head below for more.

Save on Satechi USB-C hubs from $60

Satechi’s official Amazon storefront is now discounting a selection of its USB-C hubs for Mac, iPad, and more headlined by the all-new Multiport MX Adapter at $160. Normally fetching $180, you’re looking at the first discount since launching in December with $20 in savings attached. Delivering about every port you could want to your Apple M1 workstation, Satechi’s latest is also its most capable yet.

Packed within the bus-powered design you’ll find dual 4K HDMI outputs as well as a pair of USB-C slots with 100W power passthrough. Rounding up the total number of ports to nine, you’ll find two USB-A, Gigabit Ethernet, and micro/SD card readers. All that of course comes in a fitting aluminum house fit for Apple’s latest Macs. Shop additional Satechi USB-C deals from $60.

Belkin’s popular 15W MagSafe 3-in-1 Charger sees rare discount

Belkin is currently offering its popular 3-in-1 MagSafe 15W Charging Station for $127. Normally fetching $150, this is the first discount we’ve seen since back in November, not to mention a rare chance to score this charger in stock at any price.

This 3-in-1 charging station from Belkin arrives with a built-in 15W MagSafe pad for wirelessly refueling your iPhone 12 or 13. Perfect for tidying up the desk or nightstand, it arrives with an integrated Apple Watch charging puck and a secondary 5W Qi pad on the base for powering up AirPods and the like. You can get a closer look in our hands-on review. I’ve also been personally using this one for a few months and can highly recommend it.

eufyCam 2C Pro system with HomeKit Secure Video hits $240

The official Anker eufy Amazon storefront is now offering its eufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit for $240. Saving you $80 from the usual $320 price tag, you’re looking at a match of the all-time low set once before all the way back in March of 2023. This is also $30 under our previous mention. If 2023 is finally the year you invest in some added smart home security, this eufyCam system is up to the task. Each of the 2C Pro cameras pack 1080p recording and weather-resistant designs for setting up outside. On top of 180-day battery life, you’re also looking at the notable inclusion of HomeKit Secure Video support for integrating with the rest of your Siri setup. You can check out our hands-on review for a more in-depth look

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