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At WWDC this evening, Apple officially announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards for 2023. The company gives an Apple Design Award to the applications that it feels best represent its different platforms.

Apple Design Award recipients receive a pretty hefty swag bag from Apple including:

512GB iPhone XS


12.9-inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Apple Watch Series 4

Maxed out MacBook Pro

Maxed out iMac Pro

Apple TV 4K

An all-aluminum trophy

Exposure in the App Store

Winners this year include a wide array of applications, ranging from puzzle games for the iPhone to powerful image editors for the iPad and much more. Here are all of the winners of this year’s Apple Design Awards, which the company says excel at design, technology, and innovation.

Ordia is a one-finger action game where you play as a new life form taking its first leaps into a strange and hazardous world.Jump, bounce, stick and slide your way through rich and vibrant environments. Guiding each creature to safety in a primordial world filled with various perils, challenges and surprises.

With 30 levels to complete, plus extra challenge modes, bonus levels and achievements to unlock Ordia is a unique and challenging game with hours of gameplay.

Bringing the legendary Moleskine notebook experience to iOS, Flow is an all-new way to create simple drawings, complex works of art, and beautiful notes all on your iPad and iPhone.

Flow has been built from the ground up with creators in mind, offering dozens of combinations for paper types, colors, and tools. And by pairing our custom drawing technology with Apple Pencil, Flow feels as responsive as drawing on real paper.

Best friends Arina and Frendt fall into a series of vibrant, dreamlike island gardens peppered with everyday objects from their childhood. Together they embark on an emotional journey that examines the significance of their friendship: the memories they’ve built, what must be let go, and what should never be left behind.

Asphalt 9: Legends features an extensive roster of real hypercars from renowned manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Pick your dream ride and race across spectacular locations around the world. Leave your limits in the dust and become a Legend of the Track!

Pixelmator Photo is a photo editor unlike any other. It features a collection of nondestructive, desktop-class color adjustments. A set of gorgeous presets inspired by analog photography. A magical Repair tool to remove unwanted objects. Full support for editing RAW images. Artificial intelligence that automatically improves photos like a pro photographer. And it’s designed exclusively for iPad, bringing the most native and intuitive editing experience imaginable.

A chilled out puzzle game to help you relax and find your groove. From the creators of the Apple Design Award winning Old Man’s Journey, a new musical puzzle game about feeling the rhythm to find the solution.

Butterfly iQ provides whole body ultrasound imaging with just one probe.

Scan – 18 clinical presets and familiar touch interactions for unprecedented ease of use.

Upload – Capture images or clips and upload to your HIPAA compliant Butterfly Cloud.

Review – Access your archives anywhere from mobile or desktop.

Thumper is rhythm violence: classic action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the void and confront a maniacal giant head. With this special pocket edition, you can play all nine epic levels with one hand.

Hurtle forward, master new moves, and survive terrifying boss battles. Propelled by a pounding original soundtrack, you’ll feel every crushing impact. To reach synesthetic bliss, you must conquer rhythm hell.

The Future of Basketball Training is Here.

HomeCourt is a revolutionary basketball training companion. Our proprietary mobile AI technology will track, record, and provide deep analysis of all your shots and workouts using only your iPhone’s camera.

Apple Design Awards celebrate best-in-class design for apps and games

“iOS developers keep raising the bar. This year, we are especially proud to see so many apps and games putting health, fitness, creativity and exciting gameplay at the center of their app experience,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We congratulate all the Apple Design Award winners on their incredible creativity and ingenuity.”

The nine winning apps follow a tradition of delivering groundbreaking user experiences within emerging and mature categories. Past Apple Design Award winners have transformed the way people experience the world through their Apple devices. Design excellence has helped revolutionize apps such as speech translation (iTranslate Converse), illustration (Procreate), anatomical learning (Complete Anatomy) and interactive entertainment (“Florence” and “Alto’s Odyssey”).

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Apple Officially Announces Os X Mavericks At Wwdc

“OS X Mavericks is our best version yet and features new Maps and iBooks apps, Finder Tags and Tabs, enhanced multi-display support, performance and energy saving features, and an all new Safari.”

“The Mac has consistently outpaced the PC industry and OS X continues to be the most innovative and easy to use operating system in the world,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “OS X Mavericks is our best version yet and features new Maps and iBooks apps, Finder Tags and Tabs, enhanced multi-display support, performance and energy saving features, and an all new Safari.”

OS X Mavericks introduces new power user features for the ultimate Mac experience. Tags are a powerful new way to organize and find your files anywhere on your Mac or in iCloud®. You can easily tag any file in the Finder, in iCloud, or when saving a new document. Tags appear in the Finder Sidebar to enable you to view files by project or category. Finder Tabs reduce the clutter on your desktop by consolidating multiple Finder windows into one window with multiple tabs. You can customize the view for each tab, move files between tabs, and even run the Finder with multiple tabs open in full-screen. Mavericks also makes using multiple displays even easier and more powerful. The menu bar and dock are available on any display, and users can now easily run windowed or full-screen apps on whichever display they choose, with no configuration required. With Mavericks you can also use your HDTV as a second display using Apple TV® and AirPlay®.

New core technologies in OS X Mavericks improve the energy efficiency and responsiveness of your Mac. Timer Coalescing intelligently groups together low-level operations so that the CPU can spend more time in a low-power state, saving energy without affecting performance or responsiveness. App Nap reduces the power consumed by apps that you’re not using. Compressed Memory technology keeps your Mac fast and responsive. When your system’s memory begins to fill up, Compressed Memory automatically compresses inactive data. When these items are needed again, Mavericks instantly uncompresses them.

The new version of Safari delivers blazing performance, innovative features and breakthrough technologies. Safari outperforms other browsers in energy efficiency, memory efficiency and JavaScript performance. Safari’s new process-per-tab architecture makes the browser more responsive, stable and secure. Safari also introduces innovations like Shared Links, which make it easy to discover, read and share interesting new content from Twitter and LinkedIn, all in one place.

Additional features in OS X Mavericks include:

iCloud Keychain®, which safely stores your website login information, credit card numbers and Wi-Fi passwords, and pushes them to all of your devices so you don’t need to remember them. Information is always protected with AES-256 encryption when it’s stored on your Mac and when it’s pushed to your devices;

an updated Calendar, which adds integration with Maps, continuous scrolling so you can zip through weeks or months, and a new Inspector to simplify event creation and editing;

interactive Notifications, allowing you to reply to a message, respond to a FaceTime® call or even delete an email without leaving the app you’re using. Websites can now use notifications to keep you up to date on the latest news, scores and other information. While You Were Away Notifications make sure you see what happened while your Mac was asleep; and

Xcode® 5, with powerful, intuitive new tools for developers that measure every aspect of app performance and energy use, as well as app testing.

Wwdc 2023 News Hub And Blog: Live From Apple Park

Head below to keep up with all of the latest news via our news hub and live blog.

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WWDC 2023 schedule

Here’s the breakdown of the schedule for WWDC today: 

WWDC Keynote: June 5, 10 a.m. PDT

Platforms State of the Union: June 5, 2 p.m. PDT

Apple Design Awards: June 5, 5 p.m. PDT

How to watch WWDC 2023

If you’d like to tune in to stream WWDC 2023 from home, Apple has you covered. You can watch the event via Apple’s website, YouTube, the Apple TV app, and more.

Check us out on Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll be sharing pictures, videos, and more from Apple Park throughout the week. 

News hub and live blog

Commentary from Chance Miller

Apple Vision Pro will start at $3,499 and will be available “early next year.” Apple is showing off an ad.

Powered by visionOS: “The start of an entirely new platform.”

Two chips: all-new R1 chip paired with M2 chip

12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones

Display specs: micro-OLED Apple Silicon display backplane, 23 million pixels, more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye, custom three-element lens.

The battery attaches via a subtle woven cable.

Apple is working with Zeiss on custom optical inserts that magnetically attach to the lenses for people that wear glasses.

The vibe here at Apple Park is absolutely insane. Lots of cheers and gasps.

Immersive movies and TV shows, including 3D content. Also 100 Apple Arcade games at launch.

Spatial photos and videos support for reliving memories in 3D.

Controlled entirely by eyes, hands, and voice. Tap your fingers together to select, and move your fingers to scroll.

Tim Cook likens this to the introduction of the original Mac

Apple Vision Pro is official

Now it’s time for AR and VR features. Tim Cook: “It’s already been a big day, but we have one more thing.”

iOS 17, watchOS 10, macOS Sonoma, tvOS 17, iPadOS 17 are available to developers today. Public betas in July.

Vision Health features to reduce the number of people affected by myopia, which is nearsightedness caused by changes to the eyes. Risk can be reduced by getting 80-120 minutes of time in the sun. In watchOS 10 Apple Watch can measure the amount of time spent in the sun every day. Also new features for measuring screen distance.

Health app adding new mental health and mood tracking features. Mindfulness app will let you track your momentary and daily mood information. You can also identify what’s making you feel a certain way. You can add more details by writing in the Health app.

Hiking updates: compass will now generate cellular connectivity waypoint and a waypoint for where you can go to make a call to emergency services. New altimeter features and Maps design.

New features for Cycling: new data types and training information. Apple Watch can now connect to Bluetooth-enabled bike sensors. Cycling workouts from Apple Watch can now show up as a Live Activity on your iPhone.

New watch faces including Pallete and Snoopy and Woodstock

Apps across watchOS 10 have been redesigned: world clock, activity app with new corner icons and full-screen views for rings, and more. New design details are also available to third-party apps.

Moving on to watchOS 10 now: turn the digital crown from any watch face to see widgets. Smart stacks that use machine learning to show you relevant information throughout the day.

tvOS 17: redesigned Control Center, ability to find a lost Siri Remote via your iPhone, and FaceTime app that uses Continuity Camera. Apps like Zoom and WebEx coming to Apple TV as well.

Apple Music adds SharePlay support in the CarPlay to let everyone in the car collaborate on what’s playing.

AirPlay improvements: on-device intelligence to learn how and when you listen to certain content. Ask Siri to start an AirPlay session. AirPlay will be available “in select hotels” before the end of the year.

Improvements to automatic device switching.

Personalized Volume that will dynamically make set music and podcasts to the most ideal volume level.

Now we’re talking AirPods. New Adaptive Audio that dynamically blends transparency and active noise cancellation.

Safari in macOS Sonoma now lets you save web apps to your macOS dock.

Profiles in Safari for keeping things separate, such as one profile for work and another for personal.

Support for sharing passwords and passkeys.

Safari: “Private Browsing Mode” locks the browser window, blocks trackers from loading, and removes URL trackers.

Updates to video conferencing: “presenter overlay,” new effects for video: FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and more.

Death Standing Director’s Cut coming to macOS later this year thanks to Apple Silicon and Metal 3.

“Game Porting Toolkit” to make it possible for game developers to bring their games to Mac in just days.

New “Game mode” in macOS Sonoma that ensures gaming gets full access to Mac’s power to reduce lag.

macOS 14 Sonoma supports adding iPhone widgets to your Mac’s desktop. Your iPhone just needs to be near your Mac.

macOS Sonoma includes support for adding widgets to your desktop.

Now it’s time for macOS, which is called Sonoma this year. New screensavers are similar to the Apple TV screensavers.

iPadOS 17 also includes the same features as iOS 17 like Messages, autocorrect, and FaceTime improvements.

Updates to Stage Manager as part of iPadOS 17: more flexibility for adjusting window location and size.

Updates to PDF support on iPadOS 17: It will now automatically recognize text fields. PDF support in Notes app has also been expanded. Real-time collaboration: “Live Collaboration.”

Health app is also coming to iPad as part of iPadOS 17.

iPadOS 17 also adds support for interactive widgets, so you can control widgets without having to jump into the dedicated app.

iPadOS 17 adds support for Lock Screen customization, including Live Activities. The widgets on the iPadOS 17 Lock Screen are located along the side.

Siri revamped to drop the “Hey,” so now you just say “Siri” to trigger the smart assistant. Siri also now supports back-to-back commands so you don’t have to say the trigger multiple times.

New “Standby” feature that works when your iPhone is connected to power and placed in landscape orientation. Support for widgets and other ways to few quick glanceable info. Standby also includes support for Live Activities.

The Journal app is official: it will make suggestions on moments and memories to capture. You can write details along with those memories.

Updates to the keyboard with support for improved autocorrect that also will give grammar suggestions for sentences. Also, Craig says: “When you just want to type a ducking word, it’ll learn.”

AirDrop is getting updated with a new NameDrop feature that lets you share your contact info by tapping phones together. You can also now start an AirDrop transfer by tapping phones. SharePlay support also coming to this new tap-to-phone system.

Updates to iMessage apps. Revamped support for stickers and “Live Stickers.” You can use stickers and all emoji via Tapback in the Messages app.

Check-in: a new way to be reassured that someone made it home or to their final destination.

Messages app: Catchup arrow for jumping to the start of a group message. Improved search with support for filters. Automatic transcripts for voice messages. You can now swipe on a message to start a threaded reply, instead of long-pressing.

FaceTime updates: Support for leaving voicemails. Finally!

Live Voicemail: When someone calls you and leaves a message, you’ll see a live transcription in real-time. You can then pick up the call if you want to.

You can now customize what appears when you call someone via what Apple is calling “posters.”

Now we’re back to Craig Federighi who is introducing iOS 17. Big updates to Phone, FaceTime, and Messages.

Surprise! The Apple Silicon-powered Mac Book is also here. It’s powered by the M2 Ultra. It will be available to order today starting at $6999: Apple announces new Mac Pro powered by M2 Ultra: PCI expansion, starts at $6999

New Mac Studio with M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips

The M2 13-inch MacBook Air is also getting a price drop to $1099.

The 15-inch MacBook Air is now official. Powered by M2 chip, It will be available to order today for $1299: Apple unveils 15-inch MacBook Air, available to order today for $1299

John Ternus is now talking about the benefits of Apple silicon

Tim is touting the “magic” of using Apple products and the value that developers provide to platforms.

After a short opening video highlighting the developer ecosystem, we’re officially watching a pre-recorded video.

Craig is cracking some jokes about how he becomes a meme every year…says that won’t happen this year. We’ll see about that!

Craig Federighi is also on stage: “Boy do we have a lot to share today.”

Tim Cook is on stage introducing WWDC week, “the most exciting yet.”

Spotted wandering around and mingling: Apple Fellow Phil Schiller and marketing VP Greg Joswiak.

I am seated and ready to go for WWDC 2023. The shaded area is certainly nice…but I am still right in the middle of the sun.

Apple is using the iconic rainbow-colored stage as the center point for the keynote, just like last year.

We’re expecting Apple’s in-person event for WWDC 2023 to be quite similar to last year’s. We’ll be watching the keynote video from inside the Apple Park ring along with developers and Swift Student Challenge winners.

We arrived in Cupertino on Saturday, and there’s been a buzz in the air the entire time. There were big crowds full of eager Apple developers, employees, and fans at the Apple Park Visitor Center all weekend.

Apple adds Wallet to Business Register site ahead of iOS 17 announcement

And we’re here! Just over an hour before the keynote kicks off.

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Who Won At The 2024 Us Search Awards?

For the last week, about half of the SEJ Team has been in Vegas for Pubcon 2024. It was a fantastic experience filled with learning, networking, and events. This is honestly my favorite event of Pubcon week. Everyone gets a little (or a lot) dressed up and just has a good time.

This year’s event was held a Caesar’s Palace, right on the Las Vegas Strip. The event included a cocktail hour with open bar, followed by dinner, which was delicious, the awards ceremony, and then more networking.

The Photo Booth (Yes, Really)

Dinner is tasty, the open bar is amazing, the ice sculpture vodka luge is always impressive, but my favorite part of the evening is getting in the photo booth with the SEJ team.

SEJ is a fully remote team, so I truly believe this opportunity to get to know each other and be a little silly is an important part of developing a strong team dynamic.


Each year, this event is paired with Pubcon in Las Vegas, which means attendees of the US Search Awards include some of the top influencers in our industry. Before and after the event I had a great time networking and meeting people I only work with online. I also managed to score a new Marketing Nerds podcast guest, which was one of my goals for the week!

I have to admit; networking doesn’t come particularly natural to me. Luckily, last week’s podcast was on just that. Listening to Kelsey, Debbie, and Amanda’s episode on the flight over was super helpful. If you struggle to network, I highly recommend their episode titled “How to Network Like a Boss”.

Your browser does not support the audio element.

2024 US Search Awards Winners

There are dozens of categories from PPC to search to content marketing. Here is a rundown of a few of the winners.

Point It & Microsoft Store – Surprise Product Launch

Catalyst & HSBC – Driving Deposit Growth Through Search

Best Local Campaign

Wordstream & Firstline Locksmiths – Locking Up The Local Serp

Wordstream & Insightcuba – Setting Sail For New Travel Markets

Best SEO Software Suite


Best Low Budget Campaign

Bmc Software – Itil Guide SEO Campaign

Best PPC Campaign

Nebo – Nebos Gsma Mobile World Congress 2024 Paid Media Campaign

Best SEO Campaign

Go Fish Digital – Mining For Seo Wins Against The Biggest Jewelry Companies On Earth

Best Use Of Content Marketing

Go Fish Digital & 1776 – Innovation That Matters 2024 Data Campaign

Best In-house Team

Milliporesigma Digital Acquisition Marketing Team

Best Small PPC Agency

Salesx, Inc

Best Large PPC Agency

Point It

Best Small SEO Agency

Go Fish Digital

Best Large SEO Agency

Stone Temple Consulting

Young Search Professional

Erika Schmidt, Digital Strategist & PPC Warrior, Intuitive Digital

Mitch Larson, Ad Operations Analyst, Aimclear

US Search Personality

Eric Enge, President, Stone Temple Consulting

Lifetime Achievement Award

Brett Tabke

Join Us Next Time

I can’t wait for next years event. I hope you will join us if you are in Vegas for Pubcon 2023. If you have the opportunity, I would also highly recommend the UK Search Awards on November 30th. It is sure to be an awesome event!

Relationship affiliation: SEJ was a media partner of the US Search Awards, and I was asked to give my honest opinion of the event, which I have to the best of my ability.

All images besides photo booth shots were taken by the author and are used with permission. 

Apple Announces First Ios App Development Center Coming To Europe

Apple this morning has announced its first iOS App Development Center for Europe. The facility will be located in Naples, Italy and offer a place for students to learn  who to develop iOS apps. The App Development Center will feature on-site teachers and a curriculum to facilitate a strong and diverse development community.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had the following to say about the opening of the Naples App Development Center:

“Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we’re thrilled to be helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in Italy get the skills they need for success,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The phenomenal success of the App Store is one of the driving forces behind the more than 1.4 million jobs Apple has created in Europe and presents unlimited opportunities for people of all ages and businesses of all sizes across the continent.”

Apple says that it hopes to expand its App Development Center initiative to more countries as time progresses. A specific opening date for the Naples App Development Center is unclear at this time. Apple’s first press release can be read below:

Apple Opening Europe’s First iOS App Development Center in Italy Next Generation of Developers To Gain Skills, Accelerate Entrepreneurship

ROME — January 21, 2024 — Apple® today announced the creation of Europe’s first iOS App Development Center in Italy, to give students practical skills and training on developing iOS apps for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem.

The iOS App Development Center, to be located at a partner institution in Naples, will support teachers and provide a specialized curriculum preparing thousands of future developers to be part of Apple’s thriving developer community. In addition, Apple will work with partners around Italy who deliver developer training to complement this curriculum and create additional opportunities for students. Apple expects to expand this program to other countries around the world.

“Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we’re thrilled to be helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in Italy get the skills they need for success,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The phenomenal success of the App Store is one of the driving forces behind the more than 1.4 million jobs Apple has created in Europe and presents unlimited opportunities for people of all ages and businesses of all sizes across the continent.”

Apple is a powerful engine of growth across Europe and the company’s ecosystem now supports more than 1.4 million jobs, including 1.2 million attributable to the community of app creators, software engineers and entrepreneurs building apps for iOS, as well as non-IT jobs supported directly and indirectly through the app economy.*

The unprecedented growth of the App Store® has helped developers in Europe earn over €10.2 billion from selling their apps around the world.

Roberto Macina, CEO and founder of Qurami, said: “Apple’s continued innovation inspires us to create the best mobile experiences and make our customers’ lives just a little bit easier. Apple’s app ecosystem is the anchor for our business, and developing across Apple’s operating systems has enabled us to easily and quickly bring the Qurami experience to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users.”

Thousands of companies are expanding because of their work with Apple, which supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in communities large and small across Europe. Milan-based Laboratorio Elettrofisico makes some of the most sophisticated magnetization equipment in the world and their technology enables some of the industry-leading magnetic features found in Apple products. Apple also works with Europe’s leading manufacturers of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, which create tiny components that power some of the incredible sensor and audio technologies found in iOS devices.

*Job creation estimate based on research by Dr. Michael Mandel, Progressive Policy Institute. “App Economy Jobs in Europe,” January 21, 2024.

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The Best Apple Watch Accessories In 2023

Apple Watch is a great wearable on its own. However, there are many things that you can improve about it using the right accessories. Some accessories enhance certain features and functions of the Apple Watch, while others are there to change and improve the style and overall look of the smartwatch. 

The following gadgets are some of the best Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy) accessories out there. Whether you’re looking for a protective case or need a way to charge your Apple Watch quicker, we’ve got you covered. 

Table of Contents

Your Apple Watch is also a portable music player you wear on your wrist. To make sure you get the best possible sound out of it, you’ll need a pair of wireless earphones. While you can use any set of earbuds with the Apple Watch, if you want a seamless connection and the best sound quality, the natural choice is a pair of AirPods Pro. 

Since Apple makes the AirPods, you can pair them with all your Apple devices at once. Once your AirPods are linked up with one of your Apple gadgets, they’ll pair with every other device that’s connected to your iCloud account. That way, you can jump back and forth from listening to music on your Apple Watch to your iPhone, MacBook, and even Apple TV. 

You can also use the AirPods Pro to take calls or use Siri on your Apple Watch. Compared to other generations of AirPods, it’s worth getting the Pro version as they sound better, have a better fit, and come with active noise cancellation. 

One of the cool things about the Apple Watch is that you can change its look as often as you want. Mainly, you can get custom watch faces and multiple Apple Watch straps. The first only affects the style of your Apple Watch, but choosing the right band can bring you more benefits and extend your watch’s functionality. 

If you’re a workout enthusiast and use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker a lot, a must-have Apple Watch accessory for you is a Nike Sport band. 

While there are many sport loop bands available for the Apple Watch, the Nike Sport band seems superior. The synthetic rubber material is breathable and lightweight and will let the water and sweat get through it (unlike stainless steel or a leather strap, for example). The band itself feels smooth, light, and comfortable enough on your wrist to take you through the toughest of workout sessions. 

If using the standard magnetic charging cable to charge your Apple Watch isn’t enough for you, the next best option is to get an official Apple Watch charger – the Magnetic Charging Dock for your wearable.

Like other Apple products, it’s got a stylish and elegant look. However, it comes at a price that’s a little more than other similar options on the market. This charging dock is a simple, minimalistic device with only one purpose: to keep your Apple Watch charged at all times. You can also use it to charge your watch at night: Prop your watch on the dock sideways, and you can use it as a bedside clock. 

Belkin boost 3-in-1 charging stand with MagSafe is perfect for when you need to charge multiple iOS devices simultaneously. If you’re not just an Apple Watch owner but also a recent iPhone owner, you’ll appreciate the 15W iPhone MagSafe charging speeds, as well as the overall style and look of this watch stand by Belkin. 

This wireless charger supports charging 3 of your Apple devices simultaneously. You can use the two magnetic spots for charging your iPhone and your Apple Watch while also using the base of the stand to juice up your AirPods. 

The only downside of the Belkin 3-in-1 charging stand is its steep price. You can find cheaper alternatives on the market with magnets that you can use for iPhone wireless charging. However, they won’t have full-speed 15W MagSafe charging as this stand does. 

The TimePorter by Twelve South is a great Apple Watch accessory for any traveler. In a nutshell, it’s a 2-in-1 storage and charging case for your wearable. The TimePorter looks like your normal eyeglass case, made of synthetic leather and lined with silicone on the inside. There’s enough space inside the case for your Apple Watch, as well as some accessories, like charging cables, travel adapters, or Apple Watch bands. 

The best part about the Twelve South TimePorter is that you can use it to charge your Apple Watch on the go, which makes it a perfect travel case. However, you’ll need to use your own magnetic Apple Watch charging cable to do it. You can use this Apple Watch case to tuck the cable away while placing your watch on top when charging. If you leave the TimePorter open, you can prop up your Apple Watch and use it in Nightstand mode. 

The Airbox by Momax is the perfect charging device for those who prefer staying completely mobile. The Airbox allows you to charge your digital timepiece on the go. It comes with an impressive 10,000mAH MFI battery and can charge devices at 10W wirelessly and 20W via Type-C port (meaning it supports the latest 8th Gen iPad). 

As this is a multi-device charger, you can use it to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, iPad, and even Apple Pencil. You can also use it to store your gadgets when they’re not in use, which solves the problem of misplacing and losing smaller devices like Apple Pencil or AirPods. On top of that, the foldable design of this power bank makes it look cool and futuristic. 

The wireless charging surface is powered by the three charging coils and a separate upright wireless connection spot for your Apple Watch. The charging coils mean that you don’t have to worry about positioning your gadgets in a certain way on the surface. You can put them anywhere and the Nomad base station will still charge them. 

The Rugged Armor Pro is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). While it doesn’t have a direct screen protector, it has a raised bezel around the screen that’s supposed to absorb impacts when you hit your screen and keep it intact. The case looks rugged and tough, and will surely prolong the lifespan of your Apple Watch. 

What Apple Watch Accessories Should You Get in 2023?

These are our top picks for the best Apple Watch accessories of the upcoming year. However, there are of course other great gadgets that can enhance your user experience with Apple Watch. To name a few, the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for on-the-go charging and the Twelve South Actionsleeve for turning your Apple Watch into a superb fitness device. 

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