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Apple this morning has announced its first iOS App Development Center for Europe. The facility will be located in Naples, Italy and offer a place for students to learn  who to develop iOS apps. The App Development Center will feature on-site teachers and a curriculum to facilitate a strong and diverse development community.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had the following to say about the opening of the Naples App Development Center:

“Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we’re thrilled to be helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in Italy get the skills they need for success,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The phenomenal success of the App Store is one of the driving forces behind the more than 1.4 million jobs Apple has created in Europe and presents unlimited opportunities for people of all ages and businesses of all sizes across the continent.”

Apple says that it hopes to expand its App Development Center initiative to more countries as time progresses. A specific opening date for the Naples App Development Center is unclear at this time. Apple’s first press release can be read below:

Apple Opening Europe’s First iOS App Development Center in Italy Next Generation of Developers To Gain Skills, Accelerate Entrepreneurship

ROME — January 21, 2023 — Apple® today announced the creation of Europe’s first iOS App Development Center in Italy, to give students practical skills and training on developing iOS apps for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem.

The iOS App Development Center, to be located at a partner institution in Naples, will support teachers and provide a specialized curriculum preparing thousands of future developers to be part of Apple’s thriving developer community. In addition, Apple will work with partners around Italy who deliver developer training to complement this curriculum and create additional opportunities for students. Apple expects to expand this program to other countries around the world.

“Europe is home to some of the most creative developers in the world and we’re thrilled to be helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in Italy get the skills they need for success,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “The phenomenal success of the App Store is one of the driving forces behind the more than 1.4 million jobs Apple has created in Europe and presents unlimited opportunities for people of all ages and businesses of all sizes across the continent.”

Apple is a powerful engine of growth across Europe and the company’s ecosystem now supports more than 1.4 million jobs, including 1.2 million attributable to the community of app creators, software engineers and entrepreneurs building apps for iOS, as well as non-IT jobs supported directly and indirectly through the app economy.*

The unprecedented growth of the App Store® has helped developers in Europe earn over €10.2 billion from selling their apps around the world.

Roberto Macina, CEO and founder of Qurami, said: “Apple’s continued innovation inspires us to create the best mobile experiences and make our customers’ lives just a little bit easier. Apple’s app ecosystem is the anchor for our business, and developing across Apple’s operating systems has enabled us to easily and quickly bring the Qurami experience to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users.”

Thousands of companies are expanding because of their work with Apple, which supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in communities large and small across Europe. Milan-based Laboratorio Elettrofisico makes some of the most sophisticated magnetization equipment in the world and their technology enables some of the industry-leading magnetic features found in Apple products. Apple also works with Europe’s leading manufacturers of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, which create tiny components that power some of the incredible sensor and audio technologies found in iOS devices.

*Job creation estimate based on research by Dr. Michael Mandel, Progressive Policy Institute. “App Economy Jobs in Europe,” January 21, 2023.

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Apple Releases First Ios 11.3 Developer Beta For Iphone And Ipad

As promised earlier today, Apple has released the first iOS 11.3 developer beta loaded with new features for iPhone and iPad. A free public beta version will be available in the future.

Apple previewed several new features this morning including:

4 new Animoji on iPhone X: Lion, Skull, Bear, and and Dragon

ARKit 1.5 with support for vertical surfaces like walls, irregular shaped surfaces like circular tables, support for auto-focus, and 50% higher resolution

Business Chat for iMessage in beta with Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s and Wells Fargo on board

Health Records in Health app automatically updated from select partners

More prominent music video features in Apple Music

HomeKit software authentication without chip certification

Advanced Mobile Location for sending your location to emergency services when calling from iPhone

Apple has also promised new battery features on iPhones affected by performance throttling, although these won’t be in the initial beta.

A toggle to disable performance throttling on affected iPhones with older batteries will be in a future beta next month, and battery health stats will be added as well.

As always, we’ll dig in to the new beta and update with any other changes we unpack. Stay tuned.

🚨 Ah! Messages in the Cloud is available in beta! 🚨

New privacy page during setup (photo incoming) and a new Privacy icon in Settings (gray becomes blue)

Splash screen for Messages in the Cloud, backup can be disabled in Settings

iBooks is now just Books

App Store lists version number and update size on Updates screen

App Store following text size

Hello, Feedback app…

Apple TV shows up in Home app with tvOS 11.3, doesn’t work as hub for automation and remote access without tvOS 11.3 on iOS 11.3, AirPlay 2 also working 

New ‘Confirm with Side Button’ prompt for purchases on iPhone X:

Notes and Known Issues 3rd Party Apps

New Issues

Skype may crash on launch or after sign-in. (36501124)


Resolved Issues

Continuing from a breakpoint while debugging an ARSession no longer results in VIO breaking. Visual objects placed in the world/anchor are now visible. (31561202)


Known Issues

Clients of NSURLSessionStreamTask that use a non-secure connection fail to connect when an error occurs during PAC file evaluation and the system is configured for either Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD) or Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC). A PAC evaluation failure can occur when the PAC file contains invalid JavaScript or the HTTP host serving the PAC file is unreachable. (33609198)

Workaround: Use startSecureConnection to establish a secure connection. Health

New Issues

In beta 1, Health Record accounts and data are not synced to Health in iCloud. This results in data from the device not syncing to other devices. (35431094)

Workaround: Remove and then add the iCloud account on the upgraded device to restore Health data.


New Issues

Maps may crash when tapping the “Destinations” UI while connected to CarPlay. (34862998)

Workaround: Either use Siri voice input to start navigation or start navigation on the device before connecting to CarPlay.


New Issues

The start Item property of MPMusicPlayerMediaItemQueueDescriptorAPI is ignored resulting in the first song in a list being played for any request. (33567879)


New Issues

Mobile Device Management

New Features

Added new configuration settings for device management. For details of the new settings, see the Configuration Profile Reference and the MDM Protocol Reference.

Delay the ability to see and install iOS updates for up to 90 days.

Disable USB Restricted Mode.

Enable and disable Bluetooth if the Bluetooth settings are not restricted.

Find information for an installed app including update availability, if it is assigned to the device or the user, and if the source of the app is the App Store, an Enterprise app, or a beta.

Arrange WebClips to the Home Screen Layout payload.

Skip the Proximity Setup screen on first reboot after using the EraseDevice command.

Skip the Privacy screen during setup.

Require teacher permission for a student to leave an unmanaged class in Classroom.

Restrict the Apple TVs the Remote app can connect to.

Reinstall deleted system apps with the InstallApplication command.


Resolved Issues

WebApps saved to the home screen and webpages in SafariViewController can now use the camera to capture images. (35542231)

Single Sign On

Resolved Issues

Background tasks now correctly authenticate in an app that uses Kerberos for single sign- on. (36301557)


New Issues

Siri control of AirPlay 2 isn’t enabled in iOS 11.3 beta 1. (36551796)


Known Issues


Known Issues

Debugging a disabled Messages extension may cause Messages to crash. (33657938)

Workaround: Before starting the debug session, enable the extension by tapping the More (…) button to show the list of apps, then tapping the Edit button, and then tapping the switch to turn on the extension.

After a simulated iOS device starts up, it’s not possible to pull down the Lock screen. (33274699)

Workaround: Lock and unlock the simulated device and then reopen Home screen.

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Budget Planning Checklist For Your App Development

When it comes to large-scale expenditures like mobile app development, money is typically one of the most crucial determining factors in whether or not a project gets the “green light.” Nevertheless, mobile app development, like many large-scale expenditures, is extremely customized, so there is no one-size-fits-all pricing. It all relies on the features and functions you want your app to provide. A budget is frequently necessary when organizations are recruiting suppliers for an app development project in order to get realistic vendor quotes. The cost of mobile app development is influenced by two major variables, much like any other business: material expenses (function and features) and labor costs. At this point, the cost of labor is determined by your chosen development company’s claims of competent developers and designers, as well as the quantity of experts required to accomplish your project on schedule. The more features you desire, the more skill and resources you’ll require. So, how do you go about making that budget? Moreover, how can you ensure that your consumers have a great mobile experience if you have a restricted budget? This article will go over what elements are important to consider when creating a budget, where you may save money, and how to do it efficiently so that you don’t compromise your success. Before you build a budget for your possible app, you’ll need to settle on its feature set, project timeframes, and the services you’ll need. Setting specific goals is the best approach to go about it.  

Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself to help you set goals:

Who do you want to reach out to? Who are you expecting to utilize your app?

Who are your main rivals?

What are the benefits of having your consumers download and utilize your app? What is your mobile app’s unique selling proposition?

With your mobile app, what problem are you attempting to solve?

What specific functions should your mobile app have?

What are your goals for the short term (roughly a week) and the long term (3-6 months)?

You should learn the following things from that checklist:

A target audience, as well as your competitors, were polled.

A list of your app’s must-have features and functions

A well-thought-out monetization plan

What’s the difference between design and discovery?

Set aside extra funds to cover unanticipated expenses.

Generally, developer hours are more expensive than designer and QA hours. It’s crucial to know how many hours will go into each stage of development before you create a budget. To obtain a precise picture of your budget, set aside a budget for development, deployment, publishing, integration, testing, and quality control. It’s usually a good idea to leave a little room for error when working with numbers.  

Selection Of Features And Functions

Each new function or feature you introduce to your app will have an impact on the final price. Sticking to your budget will be easier if you keep the number of features to a minimum while yet providing excellent functionality to your consumers. It’s critical to prioritize each feature depending on customer requirements. A video platform, for example, requires an app like Netflix to have a live-streaming function. Although it is a costly feature to provide, it is critical to the consumers’ functioning. Gateway connections take a lot of coding and money, but if you’re building e-commerce software, you can’t afford to skip this step.  

Pick A Platform

With iOS and Android accounting for 97 percent of the worldwide mobile market, developing and releasing apps for both platforms is the best strategy. However, you may not be able to build for two OSs at the same time due to restrictions such as time, budget, and resources. Instead, you could want to explore releasing on one platform first, then adding a second platform later. Companies in this position should collect target audience research data to understand which platform the majority of their consumers utilize when determining a budget for their mobile app development project. You can simply pick which platform to pursue first once you have this information. React.js has also gained popularity among software developers, resulting in an increase in its global community. It is now the second most popular web framework, according to a recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

How To Customize Control Center On Apple Watch

The Control Center on your Apple Watch provides quick access to some of the most frequently used features, such as turning on Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode, checking the battery level of your watch, using the flashlight, and more. You can customize the Apple Watch control center to arrange or hide icons in the order you prefer. Further, the latest watchOS 7 lets you add and remove toggles too. So let’s learn more.

What Are The Icons in Apple Watch Control Center?

Before we proceed, here is a list of all the different icons visible in the Control Center and what they mean:

Cellular: toggles on or off the cellular connection on Apple Watches that support it

WiFi: connects or disconnects the WiFi network

Ping your iPhone: Makes your paired iPhone beep loudly to help find it if misplaced

Battery Percentage: Shows the battery level on your Apple Watch

Silent Mode: toggles on or off silent mode on your Apple Watch

Lock: Locks your Apple Watch so that you have to enter the passcode to unlock it

Do Not Disturb: Toggles on or off DND mode on your Apple Watch

Walkie Talkie: Enables or disables walkie talkie availability

Theater Mode: Turns on or off theater mode in which your Apple Watch will not light up with notifications

Water Lock: Enables the water lock to prevent the watch from responding to accidental touches from water when swimming. Only available on Apple Watch Series 2 and later

Flashlight: Turns on or off the flashlight on your Apple Watch

Airplane Mode: Toggle on or off flight mode

AirPlay: Allows you to choose the audio output to use with your Apple Watch

Sleep tracking: Allows you to set up and use Sleep Tracking. Only on watchOS 7

How to Open and Close the Control Centre on Apple Watch

You can’t open Control Center from the Home screen on your Apple Watch. Instead, press the Digital Crown to go to the watch face or open an app. Then, to open Control Center:

From the watch face, swipe up.

From other screens, touch and hold the bottom of the screen, then swipe up

To close, swipe down from the top of your Watch screen or just press the Digital Crown. 

How to Customize Control Center in Apple Watch

You can rearrange the Control Center icons in the way you prefer. Here’s how to go about it.

Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch and tap on Edit.

Drag the icons around to arrange them as you like

Once you’re satisfied, tap Done.

How to Hide Control Center Tiles in watchOS 7

By default, all toggles are enabled on your Apple Watch. But if you want to keep things organized, you can remove the control center toggles that you don’t use. Just follow the steps below.

Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch and tap on Edit

To remove a toggle, tap the ‘Minus’ sign that appears on it. Some toggles cannot be removed, such as WiFi and Airplane Mode

Once you’re satisfied, scroll down and tap on Done.

How to Add Control Center tiles in watchOS 7

If you want to add control center toggles back after removing them, just follow the steps below.

Open the Control Center and tap on Edit

To add a toggle, scroll down to the ‘More’ section. Tap the ‘Plus’ sign next to the icons that you want to add back

Once you’re satisfied, scroll down and tap on Done.

Signing off

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Google Wifi App Shutdown Is Coming: Here’S What To Do

Google Wifi app shutdown is coming: Here’s what to do

Google is warning Google Wifi users that it’ll be axing the app they use to control and monitor the mesh networking system, part of a push to condense smart home and IoT control into a single place. The current Google Wifi app will be deprecated, Google confirmed today in an email to users, with its role taken over by the Google Home app instead.

It doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, mind. When Google launched the Nest Wifi system in 2023 – the successor to Google Wifi – it was configured through the Google Home app much in the same way that Nest smart displays and smart speakers are configured.

However, only a subset of the more basic features that the multi-node WiFi system supported could actually be controlled and adjusted within that app. For anything more complex, users would need to switch over to the Google Wifi app. In the intervening period, however, Google has been refining just what can be done in its core software.

“In the past year, we’ve focused on addressing real customer requests for Wi-Fi at home,” Google said in its email today. “When you migrate, you’ll get features like improved video conferencing on Google Meet and Zoom. Better insights on your network, whether it’s a notification when a new device joins your network or detailed insights for troubleshooting a slow/bad internet connection.”

In addition, there’ll also be support for using the Google Assistant to control WiFi connections – such as pausing them – as well as to run tests such as speed tests.

From May 25, 2023, users of Google Wifi will only be able to add new devices, or modify, expand, or create networks via the Google Home app, the company says. The Google Wifi app will continue to work for viewing the current status of the network, and any devices connected to it. However, from June, Google says, “we’ll ask all new Google Wifi customers to use the Google Home app exclusively” and that “the Wifi app will no longer be in app stores or supported at that point.”

The migration process itself should be relatively straightforward, and can be done from today:

1. Open the Google Home app.

2. Tap the plus icon in the top left, tap Import Google Wifi network, and tap Next.

3. Choose a home and tap Next.

4. Confirm your Wi-Fi network, then tap Next.

5. Follow the in-app instructions to finish adding your network.

There are some caveats to bear in mind, however. The most significant is probably around Google Wifi managers – users who have effectively been given admin privileges over the mesh WiFi network – with those not being carried over to Google Home. Instead, they’ll need to be added again as Google Home app home members.

“Keep in mind that home members in the Google Home app will have the same level of control and access to your home devices and settings that you do,” Google warns. “This includes the ability to change your Wi-Fi password, toggle Wi-Fi access on and off for specific devices, and add or remove other home members. Only invite people you trust to become home members.”

If, for some reason, you have both a Google Wifi and a Nest Wifi network running independently, it’ll be possible to merge them into a single network. Google has instructions for that on its support pages.

Apple Announces Winners Of The 2023 Apple Design Awards At Wwdc

Image via David Yang

At WWDC this evening, Apple officially announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards for 2023. The company gives an Apple Design Award to the applications that it feels best represent its different platforms.

Apple Design Award recipients receive a pretty hefty swag bag from Apple including:

512GB iPhone XS


12.9-inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Apple Watch Series 4

Maxed out MacBook Pro

Maxed out iMac Pro

Apple TV 4K

An all-aluminum trophy

Exposure in the App Store

Winners this year include a wide array of applications, ranging from puzzle games for the iPhone to powerful image editors for the iPad and much more. Here are all of the winners of this year’s Apple Design Awards, which the company says excel at design, technology, and innovation.

Ordia is a one-finger action game where you play as a new life form taking its first leaps into a strange and hazardous world.Jump, bounce, stick and slide your way through rich and vibrant environments. Guiding each creature to safety in a primordial world filled with various perils, challenges and surprises.

With 30 levels to complete, plus extra challenge modes, bonus levels and achievements to unlock Ordia is a unique and challenging game with hours of gameplay.

Bringing the legendary Moleskine notebook experience to iOS, Flow is an all-new way to create simple drawings, complex works of art, and beautiful notes all on your iPad and iPhone.

Flow has been built from the ground up with creators in mind, offering dozens of combinations for paper types, colors, and tools. And by pairing our custom drawing technology with Apple Pencil, Flow feels as responsive as drawing on real paper.

Best friends Arina and Frendt fall into a series of vibrant, dreamlike island gardens peppered with everyday objects from their childhood. Together they embark on an emotional journey that examines the significance of their friendship: the memories they’ve built, what must be let go, and what should never be left behind.

Asphalt 9: Legends features an extensive roster of real hypercars from renowned manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Pick your dream ride and race across spectacular locations around the world. Leave your limits in the dust and become a Legend of the Track!

Pixelmator Photo is a photo editor unlike any other. It features a collection of nondestructive, desktop-class color adjustments. A set of gorgeous presets inspired by analog photography. A magical Repair tool to remove unwanted objects. Full support for editing RAW images. Artificial intelligence that automatically improves photos like a pro photographer. And it’s designed exclusively for iPad, bringing the most native and intuitive editing experience imaginable.

A chilled out puzzle game to help you relax and find your groove. From the creators of the Apple Design Award winning Old Man’s Journey, a new musical puzzle game about feeling the rhythm to find the solution.

Butterfly iQ provides whole body ultrasound imaging with just one probe.

Scan – 18 clinical presets and familiar touch interactions for unprecedented ease of use.

Upload – Capture images or clips and upload to your HIPAA compliant Butterfly Cloud.

Review – Access your archives anywhere from mobile or desktop.

Thumper is rhythm violence: classic action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the void and confront a maniacal giant head. With this special pocket edition, you can play all nine epic levels with one hand.

Hurtle forward, master new moves, and survive terrifying boss battles. Propelled by a pounding original soundtrack, you’ll feel every crushing impact. To reach synesthetic bliss, you must conquer rhythm hell.

The Future of Basketball Training is Here.

HomeCourt is a revolutionary basketball training companion. Our proprietary mobile AI technology will track, record, and provide deep analysis of all your shots and workouts using only your iPhone’s camera.

Apple Design Awards celebrate best-in-class design for apps and games

“iOS developers keep raising the bar. This year, we are especially proud to see so many apps and games putting health, fitness, creativity and exciting gameplay at the center of their app experience,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We congratulate all the Apple Design Award winners on their incredible creativity and ingenuity.”

The nine winning apps follow a tradition of delivering groundbreaking user experiences within emerging and mature categories. Past Apple Design Award winners have transformed the way people experience the world through their Apple devices. Design excellence has helped revolutionize apps such as speech translation (iTranslate Converse), illustration (Procreate), anatomical learning (Complete Anatomy) and interactive entertainment (“Florence” and “Alto’s Odyssey”).

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