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Epic Games, the developer behind the mega-popular Fortnite Battle Royale sued Apple earlier this year. And while the judge overseeing the initial battle suggested a jury would be a worthwhile element to the ongoing proceedings, that will apparently not be the case.

CNET is reporting that United States District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has published the schedule for Apple’s and Epic Games’s legal battle, with court to resume on May 3, 2023. In pretrial motions, Judge Gonzalez Rogers has sided with both companies in one way or another. As such, both Apple and Epic Games have decided that they want the judge to determine the results of the court battle, and not a jury.

It’s an interesting, albeit not totally surprising, move by the companies. Back in September, in one of those pretrial motions, Judge Gonzalez Rogers suggested that the public’s opinion on this matter between the two giant corporations is important. The judge said it would be “worthwhile” to “hear what real people think”, and find out if the general consumer cares about the fight between the two companies.

But it looks like both companies don’t want a jury to work out the decision, and will instead rely on Judge Gonzalez Rogers’s decision.

The court battle will resume in May of next year, but there’s no way of knowing just how long it will take to come to a final resolution. This may be going on for months, if not years.

Here’s the timeline of events that brought us to today:

The timeline August 13, 2023

Epic Games updates Fortnite on the


, bypassing the App Store review process. It adds a direct payment option, breaking another rule in the process.

Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store due to Epic Games breaking the App Store rules.

Epic Games launches a media blitz, and it also sues Apple for anti-competitive behavior.

Epic launches “Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite”, a parody video of Apple’s original “1984” ad:

Google removes Fortnite from the Play Store, as Epic Games also violated the Play Store’s rules.

Epic sues Google, too.

Spotify weighs in! Unsurprisingly, it applauds Epic Games for its decision to stand up against Apple.

August 14, 2023

Facebook says Apple’s App Store fees make it impossible to help small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

August 17, 2023

Apple threatens to revoke Epic Games’ developer accounts for not only iOS, but also macOS. That cut-off is set to take place on Friday, August 28, 2023.

August 18, 2023

Apple issues an official statement on the matter in response to Epic Games.

Epic Games is revealed to have sought a coalition of “Apple critics” to help fight against Apple.

August 20, 2023

The Wall Street Journal and other news publications sign an open letter asking for Apple to reduce its App Store fees down to a standard 15%.

August 21, 2023

Epic Games promotes the #FreeFortnite Cup, or tournament, that is meant to bring even more attention against Apple, and is promoting “anti-Apple” prizes.

Epic sought special treatment for Fortnite before it declared war against Apple and the App Store’s guidelines.

August 24, 2023

Judge Gonzalez-Rogers rules that Apple does not need to reinstate Fortnite back into the App Store as the legal battle wages on. The judge also rules that Apple cannot revoke the Unreal Engine development tools, but it can still move forward with removing Epic’s developer account for iOS and macOS.

Apple says it agrees with the ruling made by Judge Gonzalez-Rogers, and is prepared to welcome Fortnite back onto iOS as soon as Epic Games is ready to follow the App Store guidelines.

August 26, 2023

Epic confirms that the new season of Fortnite, which is Marvel-themed, will not be available on iOS or Mac. Cross-platform functionality with those


is also removed.

August 28, 2023

Epic lets Fortnite players know in an email that it’s Apple’s fault they can’t


the new season of the game.

Apple revokes Epic Games’ App Store and developer accounts.

September 8, 2023

Apple countersues Epic Games in what it claims is a “breach of contract” related to its App Store practices.

September 9, 2023

Epic Games says Apple is going to disable the “Sign in with Apple” feature as soon as Friday, September 11.

Apple changes its mind regarding “Sign in with Apple”, allows existing customers to keep using it.

September 10, 2023 September 18, 2023

Epic Games shuts down Fortnite: Save the World for Mac as of September 23.

September 24, 2023

Epic Games, Spotify, Tile, and other companies create the “Coalition for App Fairness” to take on Apple’s and Google’s digital storefront policies.

September 28, 2023

U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers says the public’s opinion regarding the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games should be considered, suggests a jury should be involved.

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Epic Games Error Code 200_001

Many users are facing Epic Games Account errors in games such as Fall Guys and Fortnite. This issue appears when the user tries launching the game from the Epic Games Store. In this post, we will resolve Epic Games Error Code 200_001 with some very simple solutions. The following is the exact error message users see.

Error Code: 200_001

Now, let us see how to resolve this issue.

Fix Epic Games Error Code 200_001

If you see Epic Games Error Code 200_001 when launching Fall Guys, Fortnite, etc, try the following suggestions to fix the issue.

Restart your computer

Check Epic Games Server

Update Windows and Network drivers

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Verify Game Files using Epic Games Launcher

Release IP, Reset Winsock, and Flush DNS

Try Google Public DNS

Let us talk about them in detail.

Fix Fall Guys or Fortnite Error Code 200_001 in Epic Games 1] Restart your computer

First of all, we need to try to restart our computer and see if that works. Rebooting the system will restart all the related services and hopefully, will resolve your issue as well. Once you have restarted your computer, open Epic Games and try connecting to the server. Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

2] Check Epic Games Server

You should also check the server status of Epic Games from the list of free down detectors. In case the server is down, wait for the engineers to resolve the issue as there is nothing you can do.

3] Update Windows and Network drivers

One of the reasons why you may see this issue is an outdated SSL Certificate. This certificate can be updated by updating your Operating System. So, first of all, install every single pending Windows Update. Then, update your Network Drivers using any of the following methods.

Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

4] Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

As you may already know, the most used programming language to create games is C++. So, in order to create an environment for those games, Microsoft includes Visual C++ Redistributable. If the feature is missing or is corrupted, there is a high chance that the game won’t launch on your computer and will give these weird error messages and codes.

Note: In case, you can not find the feature in Settings, just download and install the new version of it from the mentioned link.

Finally, launch the game using the launcher and see if the issue persists. Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

5] Verify Game Files using Epic Games Launcher

Next up, let us make sure that the issue is not because of the fact that your game files are corrupted. It is very common for game files to get corrupted time and again, especially when trying to install a new update patch or save files. So, to very the game files, follow the steps mentioned below.

Launch Epic Games Launcher

Go to Library.

After verifying the game, check if the issue persists.

6] Release IP, Reset Winsock, and Flush DNS

Another thing that can be done to resolve network glitches is restarting the computer’s network protocol. This will release your current network protocols, which may be the reason behind this error code, and set new ones. To do the same, launch Command Prompt as an administrator from the Start Menu. Now, execute the following commands one by one.

ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /registerdns netsh winsock reset

Finally, launch Epic Games and see if the issue persists.

7] Try Google Public DNS

You are assigned random DNS by your IPS. In some cases, this has been causing network glitches. Many tech companies are aware of this and have deployed public DNS that you can use to resolve these issues. In this section, we are going to use Google Public DNS. So, follow the prescribed steps to try Google Public DNS.

Launch Control Panel

Set the View by to Large icons.

Then, go to Network & Sharing Center.

Select Use the following DNS server addresses option.

Finally, set Preferred DNS server: and Alternate DNS server:

Now, close the Control Panel and try playing the game. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved this time.

How do you fix the Fall Guys fail to login in Epic Games?

If Epic Games is failing to log into Epic Games, there is some sort of network issue you are facing, so you can try the solutions mentioned in this post to resolve the issue. However, we would recommend you try our guide on how to fix Fall Guys Connection errors to get the exact solutions. Hopefully, you will resolve the issue using those solutions.

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How do I fix Epic Games error?

Read: Fix Epic Games error code LS-0003.

Most Americans Want App Store Competition, Claims Epic Games And Pals

The Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) claims that the majority of Americans want to see App Store competition, alongside other antitrust legislation.

CAF commissioned two polls which show strong support for antitrust bills, one of which would mean opening up Apple and Google app stores to third-party competitors and/or sideloading …

About CAF

CAF was formed back in 2023 by a small group of companies, led by Epic Games, Spotify, and Tile – each of which was battling with Apple at the time. The lobbying group made no secret of its nemesis.

The group has been calling for independent iOS app stores and lower commissions for developers.

Says most Americans want App Store competition

CAF says that 79% of voters support the Open App Markets Act, which, among other things, calls for an end to monopoly control of the iOS app market by Apple.

Recent research conducted by OnMessage Public Strategies and Lake Research Partners found likely voters in both parties back legislation to address the anticompetitive practices of app store gatekeepers.

The surveys found that 68% of voters think Big Tech has too much power and 79% support efforts by Congress to pass the Open App Markets Act and open up the mobile app ecosystem to competition. In California, polling showed that 69% of likely California voters believe Big Tech has too much power and 75% support the Open App Markets Act […]

There is clear, overwhelming, and bipartisan support for Congress to pass the Open App Markets Act and other legislative measures. Across all states and key political demographics, likely voters believe Big Tech companies are too powerful and have not been regulated enough. Likely voters in these key political states are rejecting the arguments being made by Big Tech companies and their allies as they attempt to stave off new regulation. 

The organization claims that getting behind antitrust legislation is a good move by politicians across the aisle.

Asked about the amount of power Apple wields, 59% said that it was too much, 28% the right amount. On the regulation of Apple and Google, 65% felt there should be more, 20% that it’s about right now, and 6% felt they should be regulated less.

9to5Mac’s Take

CAF is keen to point out that one of the research firms backs the Republican party while the other supports the Democratic party, in an attempt to show lack of political bias. But anyone involved in polling will tell you that you can get any results you like by asking the right questions in the right way.

For example, when asking about regulation, the poll lumps together Apple and Google, which have very different business models.

The phrasing of the question about the Open App Markets Act – the most relevant one where App Store competition is concerned – is also strongly biased.

As you may have heard, there is [another] bill being debated in Congress, known as the Open App Markets Act, regarding the two largest mobile app stores, Apple App Store and Google Play store. Currently, Apple and Google have monopoly control over what apps are allowed in their app stores and how consumers are able to download the apps. The legislation would force Apple and Google to compete and give consumers more flexibility to download apps of their choice. With this in mind, would you support or oppose this bill?

To CAF’s credit, it does list the actual questions asked, but it knows that most media outlets are only going to cover the headline results.

Other polls show that there is majority support for antitrust legislation, but these particular polls should be taken with a very large serving of salt.

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Will Ps5 Play Ps4 And Ps3 Games?

Backwards compatibility, or the ability for a console to run game discs from the previous generation, is an important feature for a system to have. PlayStation consoles have not been consistently backwards compatible, such as with the PS4 not playing PS3 or PS2 games (unless they’ve been ported to the PS4 format). 

So, with the newest edition to the PlayStation family of consoles now available, many fans are wondering: can the PS5 play older PS4 or PS3 games? 

Table of Contents

The answer is a little bit complex depending on what you’re trying to play, but for this console backwards compatibility has certainly been a focus for Sony. 

Can the PS5 Play PS4 Games?

The good news is that the PS5 has been made backwards compatible with PS4 games, but how you play them depends on which version of the PS5 console you’ve bought. 

If you got the PS5 with the disc drive, you’ll be able to use your PS4 discs on your PS5 console. You can also play PS4 games that you may have downloaded already from the PlayStation store. They’ll automatically be connected when you log into your PS5 with your PlayStation Network account. 

If you got the PS5 Digital Edition, you can still play PS4 games, but you won’t be able to play any PS4 discs you may have. The digital PS4 games you own will be playable though. 

Can the PS5 Play PS3 Games?

Unfortunately, the PS5 can’t play PS3 game discs, but there are some PS3 games you will be able to play. PlayStation has released many PS3 games as PS4 remasters, such as Last of Us and God of War, and you can definitely play them on the PS5. 

With the PS5 you’ll also be able to use PlayStation Now, which is a streaming service that allows you to stream games from cloud-based servers. With this service, you can play select games from the PS3 as well as the PS2. PlayStation Now requires a monthly fee, but you’ll have access to any of these games you want to play. 

So, while technically the PS5 can’t play PS3 games, many of your favorites from that generation will be available for you to play on the PS5 in some way. 

How About Older PlayStation Games?

The answer to this is about the same as with PlayStation 3 games. You can’t use PS2 or PS1 discs with the PS5, however there are some PS2 and PS1 games that are available on the PlayStation store as well as remastered versions (such as MediEvill) made for the PS4. 

Games you buy on the PS4 through the PlayStation store, as previously mentioned, are automatically connected to your PSN (PlayStation Network) account. This goes for any digital game, no matter what generation they are from. When you log into your PS5 with your PSN account, all your digital games from your PS4 should be available to you. 

So, this means that digital versions of older PlayStation games will be available for you to play on the PS5. If you don’t want to buy any digital versions of these games, like with PS3 games there’s also the option of using PlayStation Now. 

This service offers not only PS3 games, but also older PS2 games. This makes it easy to play any game you want without having to buy it if you don’t want to. Playing PS1 games may be harder to achieve, as there isn’t really a library of them on PlayStation Now, but for some games you can find remastered versions for the PS4. 

Why Can’t Older Games Be Played on the PS5?

There’s a reason why backwards compatibility for PS3 games on newer consoles is so difficult: the inner makeup of the PS3 system is wildly different from that of the PS5. This makes it a waste of time to make PS3 games playable on the newest console.

The PS3 ran on a unique processing system, making it extremely difficult to replicate and emulate. The PS4, in comparison, is more compatible with the PS5. And, since there are already many ways to play PS3 games on the latest consoles, Sony hasn’t felt it imperative to take up such a difficult task. 

As for even older consoles, their systems are even further removed from the PS5, so Sony opts instead to change and remaster the individual games themselves instead of making a difficult change to the console as a whole. 

More Choices With Remastered Games

As time goes on you’ll likely see more and more remastered versions of your favorite classic games, so don’t feel too discouraged if some of the ones you love aren’t available for you to play on the PS5 yet. 

So, tell us which are remakes and remastered games you want to see on the PlayStation 5?

This Week In Games: Call Of Duty’s Battle Royale Is Free

This week, the spring release season begins in earnest. “But Hayden, didn’t we just finish up the holiday release season?” Yeah, tell me about it. But the Resident Evil 2 remake next Friday kicks off about a month and a half of non-stop games, from Total War: Three Kingdoms to Far Cry: New Dawn to The Division 2 and Anthem and more. So many more—and you’ll find a few pertinent trailers below, as the marketing machines proceed apace as well.

This is gaming news for January 14 to 18.

Breakout hit

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the first Call of Duty to surprise me in recent years, mostly because its “Blackout” battle royale mode is really damn good. “PUBG without the jank,” I’ve said multiple times now, and I stand by it.

Going rogue

The Division had one standout idea: The Dark Zone, where players were encouraged to team up to score high-level loot while most of the server tried to gun them down. It was a pretty thrilling multiplayer setup, and no surprise to hear it’s returning for The Division 2—this time, in triplicate.

There will be three Dark Zones in Washington D.C., each with a unique look. “Rogue Agents” are a bit more granular this time as well. You can be classified as both violent or non-violent, depending on whether you shoot another player in the head or just steal their fancy vest and run off with it. And hey, there are turrets at the entrance now to cut down on griefing. That’s pretty cool.

Cold wars

As for the current tally, EA’s had the Star Wars license for almost six years now and released two mediocre Battlefront games. That’s it. I can’t imagine Disney renews this partnership, though who knows? Respawn’s got a Star Wars game releasing this fall. Maybe it’ll wow us—provided it’s not canceled between now and then.

Band of strangers

Now here’s hoping Anthem’s fun enough that you’ll want to stick around. There’s eight minutes of “Freeplay Expeditions” below, courtesy of IGN, if you haven’t gotten sick of watching Anthem videos yet.

Lightning Strikes

Raiden’s rage

Did somebody mention lightning? Mortal Kombat 11 got the full reveal treatment this week, courtesy of an event in Los Angeles. There’s a lot to watch, but I’ve gone ahead and embedded the best trailer below, which is to say “The one where angry Raiden decapitates a demi-god.” You might also get a kick out of this Fatalities-centric trailer though, or the one focused on Geras, a new character who a) manipulates time and b) punches people’s faces off.

It’s my money!

A short note here, but the Epic Games Store updated its refund policy this week—and wouldn’t you know it, it looks a lot like Steam’s. You can now refund a game on the Epic Games Store for any reason, so long as you put in the request within 14 days of purchase and have played less than two hours.

Wait, how much? Hack and slash

It’s been nearly four years since I first played Katana Zero, and at some point last year I actually wondered what happened to it. It just…disappeared for a while, perhaps because it was changing hands behind-the-scenes. Back in 2023 it was being published by Adult Swim. Now it’s apparently jumped ship to Devolver, though it’s kept the same “ Mark of the Ninja x Hotline Miami” vibe. It’s stylish as hell, is what I’m saying—and due out in March, at long last.


Total War: Three Kingdoms is out in early March, and I hope it’s solid. After years spent pining for another historical Total War game, last year’s Thrones of Britannia met with tepid response. The series could use a winner that’s not subtitled Warhammer. You can get a look at some espionage in the new developer diary below—provided you have the patience to watch an eight-minute, slow-moving video about diplomacy and tech trees. (A very beautiful tech tree, I might add.)

IO 2

Lest you think IO’s recent independence means it’s condemned to forever churn out Game-of-the-Year nominated Hitman games, the developer announced this week the existence of a new IOI Malmo, saying “This will expand our muscles for creating brand-new and exciting endeavors, new universes, new franchises.” So no, don’t get your hopes up for a Kane & Lynch sequel, weirdos.

Can’t dance if you wanna

The dance wars have begun. Following the news that Fortnite was being sued by multiple artists for the inclusion of various dances, including the Floss and the Carlton, Forza Horizon 4 has now yanked its own version of both emotes from the game. No longer can you Floss on top of the UK’s beautiful landmarks. Let’s take a moment to mourn the loss, shall we?

RTX ready?

Lastly, a pretty fun video courtesy of YouTube channel UFD Tech. Armed with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, UFD Tech set out to answer the question “Can you even tell the difference?” And by that they mean, can you tell whether ray-tracing is active or not? Short answer: Sort-of! If you really pay attention! Maybe we should throw my good friend and graphics snob Gordon Ung into one of these challenges, eh?

Apple Watch Series 7 May Come In Larger 41Mm And 45Mm Sizes

In the near future, Apple is more than likely going to host an early September media event to show off a range of new devices. While most of the attention will obviously be put on the new iPhone lineup, that’s not all we’re going to see if the rumors pan out. For instance, we’re probably going to get a new Apple Watch –the oft-rumored Apple Watch Series 7— and Apple may welcome brand new sizes to the lineup.

That’s according to a new rumor propped up by a user on the Chinese social media platform Weibo that goes by the name UnclePan. This account has shared some accurate information in the past, as noted today by MacRumors, so we shouldn’t discount this latest rumor by default. That being said, nothing is official quite yet. And even if Apple has plans to change the Apple Watch’s case size at some point in the future, plans could change. That means this latest rumor might not pan out, either — at least not this year.

That being said! According to UnclePan’s post, Apple is going to change things up this year a little bit more than just a new case design. The poster says Apple is going to adopt two larger sizes this year, bumping things up from 40mm to 41mm and from 44mm to 45mm. So, not a huge change by any means, and some people might not even notice at all. However, with so many rumors swirling around that Apple is going to change the design of the Apple Watch this year, the change in size certainly seems possible.

The size options for the Apple Watch haven’t changed significantly over the years. For several years, Apple offered the smartwatch in either 38mm or 42mm sizes. With the Apple Watch Series 4, which welcomed a larger screen size, the company welcomed 41mm and 44mm case sizes. So we’ve seen bigger changes in the past, but this year’s is probably noteworthy insofar that it will come along with a more significant case redesign.

The question remains: will existing Apple Watch bands work with the new case sizes? Apple has done a pretty admirable job making sure the old watch straps work with the newer case sizes, so one has to hope that remains the case this year, too.

As for the new Apple Watch Series 7, the new smartwatch is expected to welcome a new case design compared to the previous models. That starts with the sides, which are expected to be flatter than the current model. (Think in line with the current iPhone 12 series as a reference point.) From there, the new smartwatch is said to have smaller bezels, too. Apple will also reportedly adopt a new green color into the lineup as well. We recently saw CAD-based renders of what the new Apple Watch may look like, and it’s certainly an eye-catching design. It will be fun to see how it looks on stage, and then, ultimately, in the real world. The new smartwatch is expected to welcome a slightly larger battery, too.

Are you planning to upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7?

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