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Until the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the world had never seen an independent decentralized and transparent payment method.  

With an ongoing rapidly developing crypto industry, plenty of entertainment enthusiasts tried to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to provide a unique experience for their types of business. One of the most popular ones is online gambling. The world has seen hundreds or more online crypto casinos since then. Most of them went bankrupt.

Let’s look at one of the first licensed crypto online casinos that successfully went through all the challenges of time – Anonymous Casino to find out what makes them special.  


Anonymous Casino was founded in 2014 and brought the features of blockchain to the online gambling world, and it continues to be one of the longest-running cryptocurrency casinos in the industry. One of the primary achievements of using cryptocurrencies is removing all third parties and letting people fully control their funds while remaining anonymous. 

Anonymous Casino does not accept fiat currencies. They are focused on people who own cryptocurrency, invest in it, mine crypto, and other crypto-community members. Anonymous Casino provides an exciting entertainment place for them.

The simplicity of registering and the flexibility with owning an unlimited number of accounts attract scammers to the website, however, Anonymous Casino has developed and proved the efficiency of the security system which identifies money laundering, fraud, and other illegal activities.

Distinctive features

One of the benefits that players get while signing up with the platform is a welcome bonus of up to 1.5 BTC. 

One of the most important features of Anonymous Casino is its auto-registration option. Auto-registration allows players to avail of the sign-up “Welcome bonus” as many times as they wish to have it. 

Anonymous Casino claims that providing instant deposits and withdrawals has been one of their top priorities. They do not limit the size of cash-outs too!

The structure of the casino is simple and convenient. In case, players may have some concerns, for that, they have developed a highly professional and friendly support team. Unfortunately, they do not have a chatbot. They do get back to you immediately via email to resolve your concerns, however. 

They also have a VIP program for high rollers and offer higher bet limits and a 10% cashback on bets placed.

Anonymous Casino has an interesting affiliate program. They do not take any admin and other “shady” fees and commissions. Unlike other casinos, they pay the payment processors and gambling provider’s fees themselves. Because of that, the reward for the affiliates is higher than anywhere else and for the affiliates with great online traffic, Anonymous Casino has individual offers. 

It is also important to note that all the games on the website are Provably Fair and show the fairness of the casino. 


Anonymous Casino was one of the first cryptocurrency gambling casinos and remains a leader in the industry. It has been around since the rise of cryptocurrencies and because of its smooth operations; it has built its reputation as one of the best crypto-gambling platforms.

Staying true to its name, Anonymous Casino’s extensive focus on allowing its users to stay anonymous makes it convenient for any player. Multiple accounts policy makes them stand out. It is as easy to start as with a real slot machine. Adding to that the flexible welcome bonus policy and no withdrawal limit make it a favorable option among players.

Their case shows that blockchain is getting more ubiquitous and gets more curious implementations.  

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Hands On: Onlive’s Cloud Synced Revamp Is A Tricky Bet

OnLive, the cloud gaming pioneer that essentially vanished in 2012, is back—but with a new goal of enhancing online distribution services like Steam, versus competing with them.

The idea, executives said, is that gamers will be able to play games they’ve previously purchased, own a physical copy, and play them on any platform OnLive supports: phones, tablets, PCs, the OnLive console, and smart TVs that support the service. OnLive will no longer sell PlayPass games that are locked to its service, but users will be able to continue playing any games they previously purchased through OnLive; at least until their licenses expire—whenever that is.

As you might expect, there’s a catch—and an unexpected bonus. Not all games purchased through Steam and other online services will be cloud-enabled. The cloud service, known as CloudLift, will initially be available only with a few top-tier games: Batman: Arkham Origins, Saints Row IV, The Lego Movie Videogame, and Type:Rider. Support for “dozens more” games is planned, according to the company.

OnLive CloudLift is officially in beta, but it’s also what OnLive hopes will sell the new system.

In addition to the various platforms OnLive supports, the service provides the peace of mind that comes with the ability to buy a supported game for an older PC, play it immediately, and then download it from Steam or a similar service when you buy a new PC. All that, however, costs $14.99 per month.


Player profiles get a revamp, too.

OnLive’s gaming service works by abstracting the keyboard, mouse and display from the actual compute hardware. Imagine sitting hundreds of miles from your PC, mouse and keyboard in hand; that’s the way OnLive works. As you move the mouse and tap the keyboard, those signals are passed through your broadband connection to the closest OnLive data center (these are in Virginia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas, and Luxembourg, plus new facilities in Chicago and Seattle). OnLive executives tell us each data center has been upgraded with new CPUs and GPUs to provide the best experience possible.

OnLive’s experience, therefore, will vary from user to user, which is why the company previously offered the ability to “try” each game it offered for an hour at no charge. That offer has been withdrawn, though, leaving fewer avenues for new customers to try the service. Games purchased through OnLive do come with a free CloudLift trial for 7 days.


A rather garish set of menu options replaces the older OnLive interface.

New interface is slow and laggy—games are not

I tried out the service using both my somewhat laggy office network as well as my at my home—where I’ve used OnLive to play a game or two to completion (I have participated in other trials and tests of the OnLive system since its inception).


Individual game pages tell you more about the game, as well as the option to buy a download code.

Navigating the user interface with a controller or with a mouse and keyboard felt sluggish. Fortunately, the games did not—but it took up to 45 seconds just to load one. Exiting a game, syncing a saved game with the Steam Cloud Sync service, and then going back to the UI is also a slow process.


OnLive’s short BragClips are still alive and well.

Switching back and forth between platforms also preserves saved games in the OnLive cloud, so you can pick up where you left off, no matter the platform.

OnLive representatives told me the Android tablet experience is still being fine-tuned, and that gamers should use a controller. I agree. The touch interface simply refuses to scroll through a list of games (including down to L.A. Noire, which has been remastered for a touch interface). Games are impossible to play without an existing wireless controller, anyway. Search also refused to work.

But for a player who enjoys graphically intensive, plot-driven games like the Saints Row and Batman: Arkham series, OnLive has a future. Gamers will just have to realize that they’ll be paying $14.99 per month, over time, rather than paying hundreds of dollars at a time to upgrade their PCs. And, of course, ignoring their little brothers and sisters who simply bought the game for their Xbox in the next room.

The Impact Of Ai On Sweepstakes Casino Regulation And Compliance

Over recent years, online gaming has evolved substantially. Sweepstakes casinos have seen an explosion in user engagement and gaming complexity. This surge has brought about new challenges in regulatory compliance and the maintenance of fair play, thus necessitating innovative solutions.

In this scenario, deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a transformative force, ushering in unprecedented possibilities for regulatory compliance and safeguarding the integrity of platforms like chúng tôi in the online sweepstakes casino landscape.

Regulation and Compliance

Maintaining legal compliance is a significant challenge in the world of sweepstakes casinos. These online gaming platforms follow a different set of rules compared to traditional online casinos. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems provide a practical solution to these complexities, ensuring fair gameplay while helping the casinos abide by all necessary regulations. AI can process vast information quickly, make informed decisions based on past data, and maintain an unbiased environment, creating a trustworthy and reliable gaming platform for players.

AI = Fair Play

Central to the appeal of sweepstakes casinos is the assurance of fair play. Given the high stakes involved, players must trust that the platform is unbiased. AI algorithms are deployed to create a level playing field by ensuring randomness in game outcomes. These algorithms generate outcomes based on complex calculations beyond human manipulation, enhancing trust in the system.

AI also safeguards against fraudulent activities, such as collusion or hacking attempts. Advanced machine learning models can identify unusual play patterns, which may indicate foul play. Casinos can minimize risks and maintain a secure gaming environment by detecting potential issues early.

AI = a streamlined process

AI’s sophisticated computational capabilities vastly outperform traditional auditing methods in sweepstakes casinos. Traditional methods rely on human auditors who might overlook minor anomalies in vast datasets.

AI systems can scrutinize these datasets in real-time, identifying irregularities that could signify non-compliance. Automated audits with AI offer faster, more accurate results, providing a robust solution to maintaining compliance in the complex regulatory environment of sweepstakes casinos.

Do you have ID, sir?

The accuracy and speed of these AI systems make them a formidable tool in ensuring strict compliance with age restrictions in the online gambling industry.

Preventing money-laundering

The online casino industry is often prone to issues such as money laundering. Here, AI can automate the detection and prevention of such illegal activities. AI can examine player transaction patterns, identifying suspicious behavior that might signal money laundering attempts. This proactive approach allows sweepstakes casinos to comply with anti-money laundering regulations, ensuring ethical operations and enhancing their credibility.

Data Privacy and AI

In the digital information age, protecting users’ data is paramount for any online business. Sweepstakes casinos are no exception, and they are required to comply with strict data protection regulations. AI-powered security systems can encrypt user data, prevent unauthorized access, and promptly detect potential breaches. These measures are vital in safeguarding players’ sensitive information and ensuring the casinos’ compliance with data privacy regulations.

Customer Experience and AI

In addition to regulation and compliance, AI improves the overall customer experience. Personalization is a key trend in the digital world, and sweepstakes casinos are no exception. AI algorithms can analyze individual player behavior to tailor personalized experiences, from game recommendations to bespoke promotional offers. This enhanced user experience helps retain players and promotes long-term engagement.

AI systems also streamline customer service through chatbots and automated support. These AI-powered tools provide quick, accurate responses to common queries, reducing waiting times and improving customer satisfaction.

Final Words

AI has emerged as an indispensable tool in the rapidly evolving landscape of sweepstakes casinos. From ensuring fair play and preventing fraud to simplifying regulatory compliance and enhancing customer experience, AI is reshaping the online gaming industry.

How To Create An Anonymous Facebook Account

While nothing on the internet is truly private, having a public Facebook account comes with extra privacy risks. Every picture you add to your Facebook page, every friend request and event invitation you accept – all of it is monitored by the company. 

If you’re done worrying about what that information could potentially be used for, there are a few ways out aside from deleting your Facebook account for good. You could either deactivate your Facebook and switch to Messenger to keep in touch with your friends, or – if you’re not ready to stop using the Facebook app – create a new anonymous Facebook account. 

Table of Contents

Why Create an Anonymous Facebook Account

Staying anonymous on Facebook protects your privacy in more than one way. Should Facebook ever be compromised, you’ll be in the clear if you used a fake name and information when registering your account. That means you don’t have to worry about your personal data falling into the wrong hands.

Another reason to go anonymous is to avoid unwanted attention from your work colleagues or people from school. With an anonymous account, you don’t have to add acquaintances and people you barely know out of politeness and allow them to snoop on your private life on Facebook. At the same time, your friends and people that you actually want to have on your friends list will still know who you really are, so you won’t be totally disconnected from the digital world. 

Finally, you might want to create an anonymous Facebook account for professional reasons. For example, if you’re running a Facebook page for a business and want to be an admin, you’ll have to tie it to your Facebook account. 

How to Make an Anonymous Account on Facebook

When creating an anonymous Facebook account, remember to keep it simple. That’s the best strategy for when you want to blend in. Follow the steps below to set up your anonymous Facebook page.

1. Create a Burner Email or Phone Number

You’ll need an email address or a phone number to create a new Facebook account. If you use your personal email address, especially one you used to sign up for other websites, it can be tied to your data. The best course of action is to use a temporary burner email or phone instead.

To create a burner phone number, you can use a service like Google Voice or Burner app. Alternatively, make a new email account without adding any personal details. 

2. Create a Facebook Account

Now that you have a burner phone number or email address, you can use it to sign up for Facebook. 

Go to chúng tôi and select Create New Account. Use a fake first and last name, fill in your email or phone number, add a fake birthday and gender. Make sure not to use any of your real details to avoid accidentally revealing your identity. Select Sign Up to confirm. You’ll then receive a confirmation email or a text message from Facebook.

Facebook will also ask permission to access your contacts. Select No to deny access, otherwise your profile will appear in the People You May Know section of other Facebook users. 

3. Start Adding Friends

Now that your new Facebook account is confirmed, you can add a profile picture or an avatar and start adding friends. Make sure you only add people who you know personally and who are trustworthy. You don’t want your contacts to share the link to your new Facebook page with other users.

How to Keep Your Privacy on Facebook

Once you start using your private Facebook account, you’ll need to be mindful of your actions on Facebook to keep your presence on the platform anonymous. Aside from simple things like not adding a photo with your face as your profile picture, there are other mistakes that you can make that will jeopardise your anonymity on Facebook. Here are a few tips that will help you stay truly anonymous. 

Check Your Privacy Settings

One of the first things to do after you create your anonymous account is to do a privacy checkup on Facebook and adjust your privacy settings so that you’re not discovered by other users. 

In the privacy settings section, you can review who can see your Facebook posts and your friends list, as well as who can contact you on the platform. This will help you keep your activity on Facebook as private as possible. 

Never Use Your Real Name on Your New Facebook Page 

One of the first things Facebook will ask you to do is to fill in your first and last name. However, after you create the account, you can also customize it by editing your id handle (or username) and changing it from random characters to your name or nickname. It’s best to avoid using anything that can be linked back to your real identity. 

Keep Your Personal Details Off Your Bio

When you create a new account, Facebook will constantly prompt you to fill in your About section. Even if you don’t think the information you’re sharing is relevant, it’s best to keep any (real) personal details off your Facebook page to keep it anonymous. 

Don’t Interact With Other Users Publicly

To keep your private Facebook account truly private, avoid any public activity or interaction with other people and use direct messages instead. 

Stay Anonymous While on Facebook

Having an anonymous Facebook account is a great solution for anyone who’s concerned about their online privacy but also isn’t ready to quit social media. Instead of deleting your Facebook account, you get to keep it and preserve your digital social life. All without endangering your personal data. 

Spinago Casino Alternatives – Top 8 Sites To Substitute Spinago Casino In 2023

Even if you are a new chum in the gambling industry, you definitely have heard about SpinaGo. It is a piping-hot online casino that gives Aussie and American players a unique gaming experience. We, adrenaline seekers, hate monotony and set out on a search for SpinaGo alternatives. Meet the top 8 Spinago casino alternatives with a decent set of features, breathtaking bonuses, and an excellent playing experience! 

The 8 Best Spinago Casino Alternatives 👍


BitStarz casino ranks first in our list of 8 best online casinos in Aussie and the USA. If you are searching for something reliable, something time-tested, and at the same time at the forefront of modern gambling tendencies, BitStarz is at your disposal. 

Being founded in 2014, BitStarz casino paved its way to high-quality gambling thanks to the well-managed guidance of Direx N.V. Casinos. BitStarz holds a Curacao license and is fully legit. 

Thanks to fast withdrawals, an extremely wide range of games with high RTP, and super-generous bonuses, BitStarz occupies a special place in the heart of players. Over practically 10 years of unblemished performance, BitStarz has gained several awards proving this online casino’s pre-eminence.

➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

Convenient interface

Wide range of games 

Accessible from mobile devices

Instant withdrawals 

Good choice of promotions

Decent VIP program

Responsive customer support 

➡️User Experience 

The interface design used in BitStarz is beyond reproach. Developers neither unduly complicated the pages nor overwhelmed them with the superfluity of features. The navigation is absolutely intuitive, with a pleasant dark color scheme and convenient division into sections. The account organization is decent. 

Top-of-the-line games are undeniably the strong points of this platform. Though the upper side of the lobby presents mostly games for novice players, there are a lot of titles that can interest seasoned players, e.g., Aztec Magic Deluxe, Dragon Wealth, and Midas Fortune. 

Novice players are lucky – top games played by high rollers are in front of you inches away. 

Regarding the game selection, it is crucial to highlight that BitStarz issues original games in different categories: Plinko, blackjack, video slots, dice, crash, limbo, and even wheel. There is a devil’s playground for both gambling experts and new players. Play video slots, table games, bet along streamers, and play with fiat money or crypto courses if you want to. BitStarz will have it all covered and for that you can check for best alternatives to it by YAHOO NEWS. 

For those who want to get huge winnings, there is a sophisticated VIP program that will come to your liking. Get better bonuses, a dedicated VIP account manager, unrestricted fast withdrawal of cash, a customized bonus plan, and access to all new games nobody has played yet! Quite tempting, isn’t it? 

➡️Top Games 

Book of Dead 

Pirate’s Map 

1001 Spins

Elvis Frog in Vegas 

Wolf Gold


Welcome bonus of $500

or 5 BTC coupled with 180 free spins

50% Monday Reload Bonus (available after 4 deposits) 

Wednesday Free Spins (available after 4 deposits) 

Slot Wars 

Table Wars 

Welcome Freeroll 


CasinoRocket is one of the newly launched casinos that was developed in 2023. The platform holds a Curacao license and is operated by Holycorn N.V. It offers a decent choice of pokies that exceed 3000 titles. The list of software providers is also decent – over 40 companies. 

➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

Instant payouts 

Mobile adaptive design 

Live casino games 

➡️User Experience  ➡️Top Games 

Black Wolf 

GG Coin

9 Lions 

Mega Ball 

Three Card Poker 


Welcome bonus:

100% up to $500 + 50 free spins for the 1st deposit

; 50% up to $1,000 + 100 free spins for the 2nd deposit  


Finally, RickyCasino – a newly opened platform that has been operating since 2023. It holds a Curacao license and is owned and operated by Dama N.V. The game collection includes over 3,000 titles issued by over 35 gambling software providers. Among the game categories covered by RickyCasino are online pokies, live games, table games, baccarat, roulette, and lotteries. 

➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

Daily tournaments 

Mobile Experience 

Rich game collection 


➡️User Experience 

Developers decided to prioritize simplicity of interface and ease of use, that’s why this platform is a good fit for novice players. All casino functions are clearly laid out and accessible on the go. The account is very convenient to use; the massive game library is easy to navigate. 

➡️Top Games 

Book of Kemet 


Super Stars 

Space XY 


Welcome bonus of

100% up to 200 EUR

➡️Overview  ➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

Above-average withdrawal allowance 

Multiple banking options 

Good wagering requirements 

Bright design on the interface 

Generous welcome package 

Excellent mobile experience 

➡️User Experience 

Since OzWin is a new online casino, it can’t boast a rich game gallery. Though the company collaborates only with RealTime Gaming, it can be proud of the game selection and its quality. Among the game categories provided at OzWin, there are pokies, various table games, video poker, craps, bingo, specialties, and progressives – everything you need for big wins! One feature that might be surprisingly interesting is the accessibility to new games. OzWin regularly adds new titles, so you can easily find them and be among the first to test them.

➡️Top Games

Spirit of the Inca 

Rudolph’s Revenge 


Shopping Spree 2

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe 


Welcome bonus of 400%

up to $4,000 plus 100 free spins

(2 treats per 200% up to $2,000 and 50 free spins) 

Special deposit bonus for newbies: 100% cashback on the first deposit

Friday Bonus that equals 3 bonuses for 3 deposits 

Cashback of 25%-50% 



WooCasino is also one of the fresh gambling establishments founded in 2023. It is regulated by Curacao legislation and has different banking options that cover various deposit methods, including Neteller. 

If you want to obtain big winnings, you can use crypto coins as a payment method – currently, there are 4 supported cryptocurrencies. Also, WooCasino has a decent VIP program – get a mind-blowing deposit bonus of $100,000! 

➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

High level of compatibility with devices 

Excellent mobile experience 

Impressive minimum deposits and maximum withdrawals 

A decent choice of payment options 

Responsive customer support 

➡️User Experience 

What we noted first is the high level of compatibility with all devices and an outstanding mobile experience. You can play via Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Mac – WooCasino will operate smoothly. 

➡️Top Games 

Royal Pairs

Super 7

Texas Hold’em 

Live Baccarat 


Welcome bonus of 100%

up to $200 plus 200 free spins

Weekend Reload: 50% up to $100 + 60 free spins 


7BitCasino ranks high in the list of the best crypto poker sites for AU players according to YAHOO. The online casino was founded in 2014 and is regulated by Curacao authorities. Despite being around for a long period, 7Bit remains a reputable platform with a good choice of online casino features. The casino has a fine set of different game categories, including video poker, which is relished by all players. 

➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

Exclusive video poker games 

Convenient mobile version 

Elaborated VIP system 

Regular cashback 

➡️User Experience 

7Bit is a retro-themed online casino with excellent design. As you pass its threshold, you get to the digital Las Vegas. Bright banners, illumination – everything needed for you to feel like you are visiting a real casino. Even if you are a new player and see an online casino for the first time, you’ll never get lost here. The layout is excellent and customized for gamblers. 

➡️Top Games

Elven Princesses 

Barbarian Fury 

20 Super Stars 

Golden Lemon Deluxe 

Demi Gods 3 15 Lines Series 


Welcome bonus of 200 free spins

Weekend Cashback 

Daily Cashback 5%-15%

Monday Bonus of 25%

Wednesday Bonus – free spins 


NationalCasino was launched in 2023 and has become a massive success after several years of unblemished performance. It was founded by TechSolutions Group Limited and is registered in Cyprus. NationalCasino can boast an extensive choice of slots, table games, and progressive jackpots. 

➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

over 400 live dealer games 

Mobile app 

➡️User Experience 

Gold lettering on a dark background creates a mysterious atmosphere and aesthetically pleases users. The navigation is highly intuitive, and all new titles are within the hand’s reach. The interface functions smoothly, so it does not distract from gaming. 

➡️Top Games 

Majestic King 

Felix Gaming 

Book of Demi Gods 2

Royal Seven XXL


Welcome bonus of 100%

up to $500 and 100 free spins

Friday Reload bonus of 50% up to AUD 250 and 100 free spins 


HellSpins has been online since 2023 and has become extremely popular with Aussie players. It has one of the richest game collections exceeding 4,500 titles. Also, it offers several exciting deposit bonuses and great gambling opportunities to play for real money. Licensed by Curacao, it works with leading software providers like NetEnt and Playtech. 

➡️Why is it better than Spinago? 

Over 4,500 game titles 

Mobile Experience 

The splendid choice of promotions 

Generous welcome bonuses

➡️User Experience 

The interface is extremely simple to navigate. The theme HellSpin used for their design is quite memorable. The pages are created for a completely user-friendly experience – they look really attractive, and the account is very handy. The VIP system is rather appealing. It contains 12 tiers and offers great prizes for the most devoted players. It can give up to 10,000 EUR every 15 days. 

➡️Top Games 

Aloha King Elvis 

Wild Walker 

Book of the Fallen 

Gold Party 


Welcome offer of $400 + 150 free spins

First deposit bonus of 100% up to $100 +100 free spins 

Bonus for existing players: 50% up to $300 + 50 free spins 

Reload Bonus: 50% up to $600 + 100 free spins 

HellSpin casino free spins 

Weekly and Monthly bonuses 

Deposit bonus codes and coupons 

High Roller bonus 

Wheel of fortune 

✅ Tips for Finding the Best Spinago Casino Alternatives

Advanced 128-bit



Availability of license

Convenient banking methods 

Customizable account 

Availability of money course 



and big jackpots 

Friendly customer support 

Wide selection of game categories and titles 

Reputable software providers 

Generous bonuses 

What is SSL? 

Please, before you make a deposit and start playing with real money, take into consideration the following. It will help you to save cash while playing games.  

bonus terms, 

wagering requirements, 

bonus amount, 

minimum deposit,

maximum withdrawal 

max bet.

Final Words 🔔

We have listed the 10 best Spinago casino alternatives that have a place to be. Each of them has unique features that make them stand out from all the online casinos. So, read the Spinago casino alternatives review and decide which casino fits you most. Go ahead and win real money!  

Disclaimer ⚡

Note that all online casinos are strictly 18+. Some gambling platforms may be blocked in your country or region. Make sure you have studied the local laws regarding online gambling before you start playing. 

If you feel like having a gambling problem or think someone you know suffers from it, please call the National Problem Gambling specialists via number 1-800-522-4700. We strongly encourage you to take gambling seriously and avoid uncontrolled gaming. Here are free resources that can be useful for those who face problems with excessive gambling: 

Analysis: Nokia’S Huge Bet On Windows Phone 7 Is All Or Nothing

Analysis: Nokia’s Huge Bet On Windows Phone 7 is All or Nothing

I was getting a sense earlier in the week from contacts of mine close to both Nokia and Microsoft that Nokia was going to pick Windows Phone 7 as their smart phone platform of choice. Initially I thought this was crazy given that all the momentum is with Android, it appeared as though picking any other smart phone platforms was suicide. However the more I thought about what this partnership means the more I think it makes chúng tôi is an incredibly bold decision by Nokia. There isn’t a shred of evidence that Windows Phone 7 is gaining any momentum in the marketplace. Not with consumers, not with developers and not with handset manufactures. For Nokia to have chosen to go with Microsoft’s mobile platform their executive team must believe that they can single handedly inject new life into the platform.They Must Attract Developers

This may be blatantly obvious however it is still an important point. As it is developers have to split resources and strategically choose which platform to support and develop for. Right now iOS and Android have the majority of developer mindshare. RIM is still there to a degree, webOS with HP’s help is going to attempt to attract developers and Windows Phone 7 has been there to a small degree as well.

For this to be successful, Nokia will need to use whatever market forces they have behind them to get Windows Phone 7 toward the top of the list of developer mindshare. Perhaps the sheer volume of handsets Nokia makes and ships globally will help this. If Nokia can convince developers that not only can they make good money on their platform but also attract them with a large TAM (total addressable market) then perhaps developers may take them seriously.

That, of course, will not be easy, especially since Apple and Google are not taking the proverbial foot off the gas.

Nokia Must Differentiate

One observation about Microsoft’s giving into Nokia’s demand for customization. What about other vendors like HTC or Samsung or others who may want to do some customization as well? HTC, for example, would love to put their Sense UI on devices they make running Windows Phone 7; Microsoft up to now has not allowed it.

The short answer is if Microsoft does not treat each vendor equally they will lose a lot of potential licensing deals. If they tell other handset vendors that they can’t have the freedoms that they are giving Nokia they better be prepared to lose a lot of vendors as partners. If that is the case it becomes Nokia and Microsoft against everybody else.

Will This Partnership Work?

Interestingly, it may work better in parts of the world where Nokia has a strong presence before it works in the US. Given that global smartphone growth is increasing incredibly fast as well, I doubt either company considers this a downside. Microsoft has a decent presence on PCs in many other parts of the world and I can see their mobile platform becoming attractive in many of those global locations with Nokia’s help.

As Stephen Elop said, they are up against a monumental challenge. If this decision does not pay off for Nokia it may be too late for them to do anything else. I keep saying we are living in interesting times. Things just got even more interesting.

What do you think, is this a good or bad decision?

Update the detailed information about Anonymous Casino: Bet On Winning on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!