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To succeed in the global luxury sneaker business, it pays to stay one step ahead of the competition. 

For Ailed Ruiz, a master’s degree in international business was enough to get a foot in the door five years ago at adidas—but shifting from merchandising and e-commerce to digital for Hype, referring to the company’s exclusive fashion collaborations, was a bigger challenge. That is, until she found Emeritus.

A Pivot Hastened by COVID

Ruiz, who has a background in merchandising and global sales, has spent most of her time managing the e-commerce site of Y-3, a brand partnership between adidas and the Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. Being responsible for the brand’s e-commerce platform solidified her interest in the digital space.

However, when Y-3’s online sales were brought under the adidas platform, Ruiz’s role shifted to focus on the in-store experience. And when COVID-19 shuttered stores around the world in early 2023, she found herself with a lot more time on her hands—and a strong desire to make a long-term pivot to digital.

“Aside from having daily conversations with different stakeholders, I suddenly had very little to do because almost all stores were shut down worldwide due to COVID-19. I was worried about my legacy and career,” Ruiz says. “I knew I wanted to stay at adidas, and that I really wanted to get an opportunity in the digital department, which is massively growing.”

Hands-On Campaign Experience

During lockdown in Germany, Ruiz threw herself into the three-month online course, learning how to develop customer personas, draw out customer journeys, and use targeted keywords in a marketing strategy, among many other things.

“We had daily or weekly topics, with certain tasks we were asked to do,” she says, “but we also ran simulated campaigns throughout the whole course. I ‘owned’ a fake product—a camera—and learned to make a digital campaign.”

Turning New Skills into a New Role

Just two months after the course ended, Ruiz approached a mentor at adidas about taking on a short-term assignment on the digital team. Digital was exponentially growing while physical stores were closed, and the company needed more resources in that area.

The short-term project was a success, and Ruiz officially accepted a promotion to Global Senior Manager of Digital Operations for Hype this past July. In her new role, Ruiz will serve as a bridge between adidas groups in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, and will have opportunities to collaborate with different adidas partners for its luxury business.

“It’s a big step up for me in terms of stakeholder management, responsibilities, and trust from the company,” Ruiz says, noting that this opportunity is “a move from a much smaller business to a much larger business.”

A Winning Equation

This career change is a victory for Ruiz—but also for adidas. For companies, the cost-benefit of upskilling and promoting internal talent is clear:

Cost-benefit = (increase in productivity + avoided hiring and severance cost) – (cost of reskilling + lost productivity while reskilling).

And as Ruiz continues to grow her career at adidas, that equation is sure to prove favorable to both parties.


Interested in upskilling and reskilling your employees? Reach out to the Emeritus Enterprise Team to learn more about how we can tailor courses from top universities for your industry, company, and team. 

By Rachel Hastings

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Keyword Clusters: How To Level Up Your Seo Content Strategy

Over the last few years, Google’s engineering team has directed its focus towards natural language processing and a deeper understanding of how on-page content interrelates.

Neural matching helped Google understand synonyms. BERT helped Google understand those tricky prepositions.

With every core update, Google gets more literary.

But despite Google getting smarter, many site owners still optimize their websites with only a few keywords in mind.

This is an outdated practice, especially when we know our landing pages often end up ranking for hundreds of keywords anyway.

For those of us who have been following along since the early days of Google, this feels like a brave new world for on-page SEO.

So how do we level up our on-page optimizations to match Google’s technology?

Keyword clustering is the answer.

What Are Keyword Clusters?

Keyword clusters are groups of keywords that represent searchers with similar purchase intent.

For example, “linen curtains,” “linen window curtains,” and, “white curtains linen,” are different keyword phrases, but they all represent searchers who want to buy linen curtains.

Let’s say your brand sells linen curtains. If you only try to rank for the first keyword, you end up limiting your market share.

If you instead get your web page ranking for your primary keyword and the long-tail variants and related subtopics, your page will often end up ranking for 10-20x the amount of keywords and pick up significantly more traffic.

How To Create Keyword & Topic Clusters

In order to harness the power of keyword clusters, it’s important to note that this strategy takes way more time and resources than a one-and-done approach to website optimization.

It requires more keyword research, more content creation, and more work for your SEO and marketing teams.

But in the end, building topic clusters on your website will make it more Google-friendly and user-friendly. The benefits of keyword clustering include:

Strong rankings for long-tail keywords.

Improved rankings for short-tail keywords.

Higher organic traffic.

Faster ranking improvements in the SERPs.

More opportunities for internal linking.

Building expertise and content authority in your industry niche.

Here’s a brief explanation for how to do keyword clustering and how to build out a content strategy around those clusters.

Step 1: Make Your Keyword List

Keyword clustering starts with keyword research. Lots of it.

Think of the primary keyword you want your website to rank for.

Then, identify all of the variations, long-tail phrases, and subtopics of that keyword that searchers are using.

To get started, look to your competitors to see what keywords they are currently ranking for.

Then use a keyword tool to find related keywords, autocompletes, subtopics, or questions that searchers are using to find products and services like yours.

These metrics will help you prioritize which keywords have the most economic value and should be the “core” keywords in your clusters.

Some SEO professionals identify thousands of keywords in their research. If you’re just getting started with this strategy though, a hundred keyword phrases are likely enough to identify several different topic clusters that you can build out on your website.

As you generate your keyword list, keep in mind the importance of relevance and search intent.

You only want to include keywords that will bring the right kinds of searchers to your website, those who are actually interested in the products or services you offer and are likely to convert.

Step 2: Segment Your Keywords Into Groups

Once you have an extensive keyword list, you will start noticing patterns in your keywords.

You may notice the same words, phrases, synonyms, or subtopics that users include in their search queries. These patterns represent the potential ways you can cluster and form keyword groups.

The below image is an example of keyword research for a software platform that helps businesses recruit, interview, and hire employees.

Here are the criteria you should use to segment these keywords into clusters.

Semantic Relevance

It’s important that the keywords in your clusters share similar search intent.

If you try to optimize a landing page for keywords that are too dissimilar, it will make the content less readable and confuse Google in regards to what your page content is really about.

Search Volume And CPC

The core keywords in your clusters should have a reasonable search volume (otherwise you optimize for nobody).

They should also have conversion potential (CPCs speak to their economic value).

Organic Difficulty

Whether you include keywords that have higher organic difficulty will depend on your site authority, backlink profile, and how established your website is.

Only include keywords in your clusters for which your site can realistically rank.

A Closer Look At Two Keyword Clusters

Once you find the core keyword for a cluster, pair it with complementary keywords.

For example, you can add some that are long-tail, lower difficulty, or lower search volume, or those that would be an easy win just by including enough information about them on the landing page.

Let’s apply these keyword clustering fundamentals to the keywords for our software platform. Here is a potential keyword cluster:

Why do these keywords make a good cluster?

Because they share semantic relevance. These searchers are all looking for a product that helps with scheduling interviews.

The core keyword, “interview scheduling software,” is the highest value, and we’ve paired it with complementary keywords of lower search volume and solid CPC.

Now, here’s a second cluster:

Semantically, these keywords imply a slightly different search intent and therefore belong in their own cluster. These searchers are more interested in a tool that helps them conduct virtual interviews.

Our core keyword is slightly more competitive to rank for, but we have filled out the cluster with keywords that have lower difficulty and strong conversion potential.

If you feel confident in your niche and understand the keyword metrics and the nuances of search intent, you can segment your keywords into groups manually (just like I illustrated above).

There are also keyword grouping tools that automate the process. They can segment your keywords into clusters for you.

As you segment, remember that not all of the keywords in your list need to end up in your clusters.

The highest-value keywords are the most important to include.

High CPCs, strong search volume, and relevant search intent are what makes a keyword valuable for your brand.

Step 3: Create & Optimize Pillar Pages For Your Keyword Clusters

Once you’ve grouped your keywords into clusters, they provide a roadmap for how to create, optimize, and organize the content on your website.

Essentially, your keyword clusters represent the core topics of your website.

These are also referred to as “pillar pages.”

In our previous example, we identified two primary keyword clusters for our software platform.

To carry our keyword clustering properly, we need to create landing pages targeting each of those keyword clusters.

One landing page should be devoted to the interview scheduling feature of the platform. The other landing page should focus on the virtual interviewing tool.

The pillar pages for your keyword clusters should incorporate on-page SEO best practices. One of my favorite strategies is to use a content optimization tool to help you optimize your content more effectively.

To improve the ranking potential of your pillar pages, prioritize the following areas:

Topical Depth: Focus on writing long-form content that explores the topic in-depth.

Information Architecture: Have a clear structure and include your keyword phrases in your h2s and h3s.

Page Experience: Add interactive on-page elements like videos, jump links, and carousels that improve the page experience for the user.

Step 4: Reinforce Your Keyword Clusters With Blog Content

To improve the ranking and content authority of your pillar pages, you can build out blog content that reinforces your primary keyword clusters.

These blogs can target longer-tail keyword phrases, subtopics, or questions related to your core keywords.

As you develop more content, those web pages will form “topic clusters” on your website.

The internal linking profile of this content will play a big role in which landing pages of your website rank in Google.

Your blog posts should link back to their appropriate pillar page to strengthen your chances of ranking for those higher-value keywords.

If your business has multiple products or areas of expertise, you will be able to build out more clusters on your website.

When mapped out, your website content will eventually look something like this:

If you only sell one core product or service, the number of keyword clusters you identify will be fewer. Still, exploring your primary topic areas with lots of useful content can help you outrank your competitors in less time.

Building out your clusters also gives more opportunities to add internal links to your website.

This not only increases the time that users spend on your website, but internal links spread around your PageRank and help Google understand which pages of your website are the most important.

Is Keyword Clustering Really Worth All of the Work?

This is because they respond to Google’s two biggest superpowers: Natural language processing and unmatched indexing.

Think about it. Google understands all of the millions of keyword phrases searchers are using across industries. It also understands the slightest differences in those queries and how they do or don’t relate to each other.

Google has invested years into training their NLP models to compute content quality signals and predict which web pages will best give the searcher the information they’re looking for.

When you execute keyword clustering with your landing pages, you show Google that your website is an authority in your industry and demonstrates strong breadth and depth of content.

You also give Google’s content signals the rich content clusters they’re trained to identify and promote in search results.

Keyword clustering requires site owners to think bigger about their content. It’s also the future of SEO.

If you want your web pages to rank for the long term, it’s time that your on-page strategy catches up to Google.

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5 Best Online Zombie Games To Pump Up Your Adrenaline

5 best online zombie games to pump up your adrenaline




Ther’s nothing more entertaining than playing some good zombie games online, and this guide will surely help you choose.

The list we compiled in this guide covers a variety of games, stories, and video graphics quality.

Check out our detailed Gaming Hub for more useful guides, tips, and tricks for your favorite games.

Bookmark our extensive Online Games section for more detailed information about this topic.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Every online zombie game guarantees its own unique experience, even if the general action scenario remains the same, and it’s not a bad idea to know what level of excitement you’re in for before you consider playing online zombie games.

From series like Dying light to Arizona sunshine, we have tested these classic zombie games to figure out which one is scariest and above all, most fun to play online. There are more than enough online zombie games to keep to get your blood pumping.

To get the most of your online gaming session, use the best game-ready browser available on the market, Opera GX.

Opera GX never fails to amaze us, by offering a wide range of very useful gaming-related features, and also some very powerful built-in online privacy tools.

Editor’s choice

Opera GX

Best gaming browser

Resource controller

Custom UI

Twitch integration

Free VPN included


Download Opera GX

Try the games mentioned below in the most powerful gaming browser that ever existed.

Dying Light brings together resource management, and crafting to develop an online zombie game that you either like or dislike. While playing Dying light you will feature as an undercover agent in an area that is heavily quarantined.

Zombies can easily be avoided with various gadgets that allow you to practice parkour when it is daytime. However, the case is quite different when its night time, zombies can move fast at night and are a constant threat to your survival.

The online feature offers a multiplayer mode, which can be exciting, with lots of close quarter tense conflicts. Dying Light is among the most complex open-world zombie games.

⇒ Get Dying Light on Steam

The favorite fan pic since its debut has been The cooperative zombie mode has been Call of Duty: World at War.

The game style and mission range from gaining access to new locations, unlocking new gear and weapons, and repairing structures while eliminating wide colonies of zombies.

The Black Ops 3 game stands out the most when compared to zombie modes in Call of Duty.

This Zombie Chronicles edition game comes along with map versions from Black Ops 2, and World at War that has been remastered to better fit your experience when playing this online zombie edition for the Call of Duty.

⇒ Get Call of Duty on Steam

Arizona Sunshine operates on the usual struggle survival mode, just like all other zombie game narratives before it.

The multiplayer modes and online co-op are excellent when compared to other online zombie games. You have to kill Zombies every day with little hopes of a safe haven nearby. You will fight your way through armies of the undead who want to eat your brain.

Expert tip:

The physics of the game and design of the map are well developed, and when in gameplay mode, you find yourself fully immersed in a post-apocalyptic world. 

Overall, Arizona Sunshine is one of the best zombie VR online game ever created.

⇒ Get Arizona Sunshine on Steam

 If you’re on a  look for an online zombie game that lets you prove how long you can stay alive in a zombie apocalypse.

Project Zomboid is the definitive game on the market currently, and yet it is different from these other games that clot up the online zombie games genre.

When playing project Zomboid Long term survival means maintaining farms, constructing, building urban America, and adopting defensive playstyle.

What is more fascinating is the fact that’s it’s been on Steam for about two years.  If you are gaining knowledge of this game for the first time, then I must say its worth your attention.

⇒ Get Project Zomboid on Steam

The walking dead offers a new perspective on a global level about the walkers trying to occasionally show us that there is more to them than the primal lust for human flesh, and loud noises.

In this final season of the walking dead game, the zombies continue to prove to us that they were once human before the outbreak.

The online feature for the Walking Dead gives you multiplayer options, and also updated reflexes for Clem and AJ in response to zombies.

As new ways to survive in the zombie-infested world arise, the reflexive response of killing every walker you encounter suffers changes too.

This is something you definitely have to find out for yourself while playing this wonderful online zombie game. 

⇒ Get the Walking Dead on Steam

By now you should have successfully chosen the best online zombie games that keep you engaged and entertained.

Fortunately, all the zombie games talked about in this article can be accessed from Steam, and an online link to each of the games was presented.

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Up Anganwadi Bharti 2023, 53000 Vacancy Notification, Online Form

The Uttar Pradesh Bal Vikas Seva evam Pustahar Vibhag is going to release the UP Anganwadi Recruitment 2023 for 53000 vacancies of Anganwadi Worker, Supervisor and more. All the candidates should check the UP Anganwadi Bharti 2023 details in this post and then fill the online form. As per UP Rojgar Mission, new rules for selection of candidates will be implemented this year so you must check the UP Anganwadi Worker Eligibility 2023 discussed below.

If you are eligible and are below the age of 35 Years then kindly fill the UP Anganwadi Online Form 2023 and then wait for the merit list. The selection will be done on the basis of merit and marks in exams. However, it is to inform you that UP Anganwadi Worker Notification 2023 is not released yet but it is confirmed that there will be more than 50,000 Vacancies under it. We have mentioned the official link of Anganwadi Recruitment 2023 link below for your reference.

UP Anganwadi Bharti 2023

As we are aware that there UP Health Department keeps conducting the various recruitments in which one of the major vacancies is of Anganwadi Worker and Supervisor. So we want to inform you that UP Anganwadi Bharti 2023 is coming in the next few days for 53000 Vacancies of Worker and Supervisor. There are many backlog vacant posts in the State which will be filled through this recruitment.

If you have also passed 10th or 12th Class from State or Central board then kindly fill the online form after the notification is released. Moreover, you should know that Age Limit is increased this year for Anganwadi Recruitment at 18-35 Years. Detailed Eligibility and qualification requirements for the Bharti are discussed in this post for your reference. Candidates who are interested have to fill the Online Form, prepare for the Document Verification and enhance their skills. You must ensure that all the documents are with you such as 10th Certificate, 12th Certificate and Caste Certificate is applicable. 

UP Anganwadi Recruitment 2023 @

The Uttar Pradesh Government has announced the 53000 Vacancies of Anganwadi Worker and Supervisor in the State.

All the aspirants who were waiting for the announcement of UP Anganwadi Recruitment 2023 should get ready now.

Official Notification for the recruitment of candidates will be available soon on the official website @

12th Pass or 10th Pass Candidates are eligible for the Anganwadi Recruitment 2023 in Uttar Pradesh.

You have to fill the Online Form after the recruitment notice is released and then you will be selected on the basis of merit. Anganwadi Vacancy 2023

RecruitmentUP Anganwadi Bharti 2023Supervising AuthorityUttar Pradesh Bal Vikas Seva evam Pustahar Vibhag (ICDS, UP)Post NameAnganwadi Worker and SupervisorUP Anganwadi Vacancy 202353000+ PostsOfficial NotificationTo be Released (July 2023)Educational Qualification Required10th Pass or 12th PassAge Limit18-35 YearsUP Anganwadi Online Form Start DateJuly 2023Last DateJuly 2023Selection ProcessMerit BasedUP Anganwadi pay scaleRs 10000/- per monthArticle CategoryRecruitmentUP Anganwadi

All the candidates who are waiting for the Anganwadi Bharti in Uttar Pradesh should get ready because bumper vacancies are coming under this recruitment. You can check the overall details of Anganwadi Vacancy 2023 in this section above. You must be aware that no recruitment for Anganwadi Worker has been conducted since 2012 and there are many vacant posts in the State. Now the department has decided to fill these posts by conducting the recruitment. As per our analysis, notification for the same will be available in the coming days.

UP Anganwadi Bharti Notification 2023 PDF

The UP Anganwadi Bharti Notification 2023 PDF will be available soon on the official website.

As per our expectations, notification for 53000 Vacancies of Anganwadi Worker and Supervisor will be out in July 2023.

Online Form Link will be activated on the same day when notification is released and then further process will start.

All the qualified candidates have to ensure that they fill the online application form in order to register themselves.

Mention your marks in 10th Class and 12th Class because selection will be done on the merit basis.

Uttar Pradesh Anganwadi Worker Eligibility 2023 at

Kindly check the following points to know about the UP Anganwadi Worker Eligibility 2023.

First of all, you must know that the educational qualification required for the Anganwadi Recruitment is 10th or 12th Pass.

Earlier only 10th Pass candidates were allowed to register but as per new rules, you must have passed 12th Class.

Age Limit as prescribed under the New Rules has been increased and now it is fixed from 18 Years to 35 Years.

Other Requirements will be mentioned on the official notification after it is released online.

Guidelines to Fill UP Anganwadi Online Form 2023

First of all, candidates who are interested have to open chúng tôi from the Internet Device.

Secondly, you need to tap on the Recruitment button and then further select the Anganwadi Recruitment.

Download the notification and read the complete details mentioned on it.

Now proceed for the Application Form and register yourself with an Email ID or Mobile Number.

Fill the application form with basic details such as Name, Mother Name, Qualification, Address and more.

Submit the Application Form and then take a print out for further reference.

Using these guidelines, all of you can fill UP Anganwadi Online Form 2023.

UP Anganwadi Bharti 2023 Selection Process

All the applicants who register must check the UP Anganwadi Bharti 2023 Selection Process.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of their marks in 12th Class and Merit List will be prepared.

After that, the Document Verification Round will begin in which all the original documents will be checked.

Finally, Allotment Letter will be given to the candidates using which they can join the department. Anganwadi Recruitment 2023 Link

UP Anganwadi Bharti Notification 2023View Here (To be Released)UP Anganwadi Bharti Form 2023View Here 

FAQs on UP Anganwadi Worker Bharti 2023

When is the UP Anganwadi Recruitment 2023 Notification coming?

UP Anganwadi Notification will be out in the last week of July 2023.

What is the Educational Qualification required for Anganwadi Worker?

All the 10th Pass and 12th Pass Candidates are eligible for Anganwadi Bharti 2023.

How many vacancies are there under the UP Anganwadi Recruitment 2023?

There will be 53000 Vacancies of Anganwadi Worker and Supervisor under this recruitment.

What Is Reserve Battery Level? How Does It Differ From Critical Battery Level?

On a Windows 10 laptop, you must have seen battery level warnings. These notifications ask Windows users to save the work and shut down the computer or connect the laptop to a power source or change the battery. There are two types of warnings – Reserve Battery and Critical Battery. In this post, we will understand what they mean and the difference between them.

Reserve Battery Level vs. Critical Battery Level

There are 3 Battery levels – Low battery, Reserve battery, and Crtical battery.

When the charge gets low, the battery icon in the notification area indicates a low-battery level. The default value is 10%. When your Battery charge is low, Windows 10 triggers the Battery Saver Mode.

When your battery charge reaches the reserve level, Windows notifies you that you’re running on reserve power. The default value is 7% (Or 9% depending on your make). At that point, you need to save your work, and then find an alternate power source or stop using the computer.

When your battery is almost out of power, the battery icon indicates a critical-battery level, and then your laptop goes into Hibernation. The default value is 5% (Or 3% depending on your make).

We will take a look at the following topics in this post:

What is Reserve Battery Level in Windows laptops?

What is Critical Battery Level?

Difference between Reserve Battery Level & Critical Battery Level

How to change the Reserve Battery Level in Windows 10?

1] What is Reserve Battery Level in Windows Laptops?

Windows 10 OS marks a certain percentage of battery capacity as Reserve. When it reaches that level, it asks the end-user to start saving their work. It also kickstarts essential services to preserve the state of the computer. Low battery warning or Reserve Battery prompts the user to begin saving their work and switch to an additional power source.

2] What is Critical Battery Level?

Critical Battery Level is where Windows 10 initiates a normal action like Sleep, Hibernate, or Shutdown depending on the settings. When the battery hits a certain percentage, it will not wait for the user, but instantly initiate one of the actions to safeguard any abrupt shutdown and data loss.

3] Difference between Reserve Battery Level & Critical Battery Level

I am going to draw an analogy here. Imagine your computer as a car and battery as your petrol tank.  Reserve battery level is nothing but the reserve in your gas tank. You can use the gas in reserve to drive the car for some time, but not for long. Critical Battery level is when your gas tank is almost dry, and the vehicle shuts down the engine to safeguard it from damage.

4] How to change the Reserve Battery Level in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to change the battery level percentage and what the laptop does then for both. The default percentage for Reserve Battery Level is 9%. If you have a laptop with higher battery storage capacity, then 9% means that you can use it longer compared to other laptops which have lesser battery capacity. E.g., 9% of 5000 mAh is greater than 9% of 3000 mAh capacity.

How to increase or decrease reserve battery to power options in Windows 10

Scroll down and expand the Battery section.

Locate the Reserve battery level and change the percentage to what you want.

Similarly, you can change the percentage for the Critical Battery Level

If you set the percentage to 0 or 1, you might not have enough time before the battery hits Critical Level which will shut down the computer or take appropriate action—Hibernate, Shut down, Sleep. Hibernation is the best option as it will be a lot faster, save your work and save battery for a longer duration.

Now that you have a clear understanding of both levels adjust it accordingly, make sure to save work, and shut down the computer timely. It’s not a good idea to drain the battery below 10% every time nor you should keep plugged in all the time.

Power Bi – Uses In Finance

Power BI – Uses in Finance

A Microsoft-owned business analytics service that offers a wide range of data visualization and data warehousing services

Written by

CFI Team

Published April 27, 2023

Updated July 7, 2023

What is Power BI?

The tagline for Power BI, “Bring Your Data to Life,” very clearly demonstrates the purpose of the Microsoft-owned business analytics tool. Power BI is an assortment of several data analytics-based services and systems that primarily focuses on visualizing business data and making it more interactive for organizations.

Created by Microsoft, Power BI is a cloud-based service provider offering data visualization and data warehouse services aimed at making data more interactive for the user. The application includes a wide range of data analytics services such as data preparation, custom visualization, data discovery, data warehousing, data reporting, interactive data sharing, data organization, and many others.

Owing to its substantial popularity, Power BI is available across different usage platforms. Power BI Desktop is used to access the analytics tool using a Windows-based desktop. It can also be accessed online using Power BI online SaaS, which is the application’s online software service. In addition, it can also be accessed using Android and iOS devices using the Power BI applications developed for the purpose.

Key Highlights

Power BI is an assortment of several data analytics-based services and systems that primarily focuses on visualizing business data and making it more interactive for organizations.

Power BI is a cloud-based service provider offering data visualization and data warehouse services. The services include data preparation, custom visualization, data discovery, data warehousing, data reporting, interactive data sharing, data organization, and many others.

Owing to its substantial popularity, Power BI is available across several different platforms.

How is Power BI used in finance? 1. Easy consolidation of large to very large data sets

Power BI is a very efficient tool for business data organization. There are generally different kinds of limitations regarding the volume, nature, and complexity of data, and its reporting and organization across various data management mediums. However, this application offers exceptional financial data management services, with absolutely no limitations on the reporting of financial data, no matter how large the company is or how complex its data.

2. Excellent projections mechanisms

Power BI offers exceptional data projection systems. Financial projections are an integral part of a business’ operations, and several vital decisions are drawn essentially from financial projections. Hence, it is an integral part of any organization’s data management processes.

The application offers a data projections function called “what-if parameters” that create interactive data projections and are very efficient for comparison. It is a vital tool to draw up projection statements of any number and kind of assumptions.

3. Data trends and patterns

Power BI comes with a built-in time intelligence feature. It also provides the ability to arrange data in accordance with different data dimensions and parameters. Using such features, it is very easy to spot data trends or data patterns over several years or across the market competition. They are very useful in drawing important conclusions about business operations and making important financial decisions about profitability, budgeting, business expenses, etc.

4. Quick Insights feature

Power BI runs on powerful data analysis algorithms, which fuels the efficient working of the Quick Insights feature of the software. The tool provides data implications and draws various facts and conclusions from the dataset provided by the user. It is a very useful tool for a financial planner who would want some insight or draw conclusions from the financial statements for the year, and so on.

5. Power View

Power View is an essential feature of Power BI that allows generating interactive charts, graphs, and data maps. It helps generate visually interactive charts and graphs from the financial dataset and consolidating that information to draw conclusions and make important financial decisions.

6. Collaboration

Power BI is a collaborative platform, i.e., it is easily shareable and accessible across different users, while, at the same time, offering high security and protective measures. Hence, the finance department of the business or financial management teams of projects can collaborate. They can work together in sharing financial datasets, publishing financial reports and dashboards, exchanging vital data conclusions, and working collaboratively and efficiently.


The aforementioned uses of Power BI serve the purpose of financial data management and analysis exceptionally well. However, Power BI is not limited to just such uses; it offers a wide array of services for data management. It is considered an integral tool of financial management for large businesses and corporations, where financial data is in large numbers and is much higher in complexity.

To learn more about the dashboarding tool, check out CFI’s Power BI Fundamentals course! Learn more about telling meaningful stories with data, organizing and manipulating large and complex datasets, and creating powerful dashboards.

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