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Rummaging around, you can find treasures hidden in buildings and secret locations. Else, if you’re a more hands-on person, you could find yourself some decent loot going on raids.

Here’s how you can go about finding these Wealth Locations in Oxenefordscire.

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Important Wealth Locations in Oxenefordscire AC Valhalla

Wealth locations in Oxenefordscire can help net you some really good finds like Metal ingots, silver, leather, weapons, and other useful stuff. Here’s a list of all the Wealth Locations in the region.

Nickel Ingot #1

For your first piece of Nickel Ingot, head over to the location near Perie in Oxenefordscire. Use your Odin sight to reveal a key lodged behind a boulder at this spot. Pull and remove the boulder to collect the key from its back.

Head over to a small hut on the side and you will find a firepot sitting at its entrance.

Pick this up and head over to the house that shows up as having the wealth in your Odin sight. Head down the steps once inside this house and smash the wall in the basement to find the chest which has the first Nickel Ingot.

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Nickel Ingot #2

This one’s fairly simple to obtain. Once you’ve reached this spot in Oxenefordscire, find the tent here which has the key tucked inside.

Deal with the enemies patrolling here and then use your Odin sight again to locate and open the chest.

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Nickel Ingot #3, Feign Death Ability and Enemy’s Loot

Head over to Leah Villa Garrison. This is a restricted area so we suggest either tiptoeing a bit or deal with the enemies.

Climb into the building you see here and obtain the Leah Villa library key. Unlock the library in the corner here and you’ll get the ‘Feign Death’ Ability from a book of knowledge lying inside.

Next, locate and kill the ‘Skirmisher’ enemy in this location. Doing so will give you his loot along with a piece of Nickel Ingot. Shoot the door’s lock from outside the library, through one of its windows. Then head back into the library, into the room and you’ll loot your next piece of Nickel Ingot from it.

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Nickel Ingot #4

For the next piece of Nickel Ingot, head over to the Derelict Shrine of Camulus. Use your Odin sight to locate the first key lying on top of a pillar over here.

Break into the building from its roof on the other side to find the second key. Head back to the Pillars’ location and enter into the halls below them through the crack outside. Avoid the snakes and loot the chest for some more Nickel Ingots.

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Nickel Ingot #5

After you’ve reached Hammeham, activate your Odin sight and mark both the chest and key located nearby.

Head to the smaller house on the left and move the pile of rubble on top of the key. Unlock the door inside the main house with that key and loot your final Nickel Ingot from the chest inside.

Magister’s Vambraces

Once you’ve reached Buckingham, collect the key from the stone bench.

Next, head inside the castle by unlocking the door right in front of you. Shoot down the ladder and head up to find the Magister’s Vambraces — a stellar piece of armor for your outfit.

Magister’s Robes

Head back to the Leah Villa garrison to get the Magister’s Robe.

On the far end of the garrison, there will be a way to enter into the attic from above by moving aside a shelf blocking its window. Once inside, break the lock on the door and pick up a firepot from this barn. Use this firepot to blow up the entrance of the building outside the barn and you’ll find the Magister’s Robes in a chest inside it.

Magister’s Trousers and Vengeance of Thor Ability

Once you have reached the spot near Oxeneforda, climb the tightrope towards your right, and shoot the window of the tower ahead. Inside, look up and break the wooden plank to climb upwards and into the attic.

Shoot the rope suspending the chandelier through the narrow gap above the shelf. This will allow you to then move the shelf and loot the Magister’s Trousers from the chest here. Head down after moving the second shelf below to find the ‘Crypt’ key. Break out, head towards your left to the crypt and you’ll find the ‘Vengeance of Thor’ ability once inside.

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Shishi Guard

Head back to the Cyne Belle Castle after you have finished the Saga Stone quest.

With the castle’s main doors open, head inside the main hall and you’ll find the Shishi Guard armor piece in a chest at the end of the hall.

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Man’s Best Friend Ability Upgrade

You’ll find the Man’s Best Friend ability upgrade right here at Crepelgate Fort.

Head up the wooden ramparts here by entering from below the structure. Climb up and in through the window. Go inside the basement below by moving the shelf ahead. Pick up the book of knowledge for this ability upgrade.

Remaining Enemy Locations

Use your Odin Sight once you are at Linforda, to find the ‘Cutthroat’ enemy class. Kill him to loot his wealth and then leave this restricted area.

At Evinghou Tower, right beside the haystack, you will find a tree veering off towards the right. Climb on the tree and then shoot the wooden window of the tower ahead. You will find the ‘Goliath’ enemy class once inside. Kill and loot him to receive all of his wealth.

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Raw Materials and Raids in Oxenefordscire Valhalla

After you’ve had your fill of exploring these Wealth Locations and discovering treasure chests and weapons, it is time to kick off those raids we were talking about earlier.

Raid #1 – Evesham Abbey

To begin the raid, head over to Evesham Abbey. Once you have reached this area, sound the raid with your conch and deal with all the enemies standing in this settlement.

Having dealt with all the enemies here, loot the raw materials from the churches and monasteries. You will also find a Nickel Ingot over here.

Raid #2 – Saint Albanes Abbey

Head back to Albanes Abbey from your previously traveled locations. Initiate the raid by starting it from your abilities wheel. There are about 4 raw materials chests to be looted from here, so make sure to comb through it thoroughly after dealing with all the guards in the settlement.

All this pretty much makes up for all of the Important wealth locations and raiding spots in the region of Oxenefordscire, England. This shall help you complete your Wealth bar in the region and use it all to upgrade weapons and your settlement.

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What Are “Loot Boxes” In Games, And Why Are They Controversial?

Recently, there’s been a big spike in people talking about “loot boxes” in video games. Several countries are calling for their removal, and Belgium is currently on the road to banning them altogether.

With people throwing around words such as “gambling” and “addiction,” it can be worrying if you have younger members of the family that enjoy video games.

So what are loot boxes in games, how did they start, and why are they causing a ruckus?

What Is a Loot Box?

Before we talk about why they’re causing so much trouble, we must first understand what they are. Loot boxes follow their namesake: boxes or crates that are full of items. These items have a range of rarities, from basic common items to rare, highly sought-after items. The key is you can’t tell what’s inside the box until it’s opened. Part of the appeal of loot boxes is the mystery behind opening them. Will they contain bog-standard items, or will something extremely rare be inside?

Of course, loot boxes aren’t without their costs. Some games will offer loot boxes in their store, and you can buy them with money. Some games will give you loot boxes for free as you play, but you need to purchase a key to open them. There are some that will give free unlocked boxes as a “taster,” with the ability to buy more in the shop. Some games will be free to play, with their operating costs covered via loot box purchases. Other games will cost full price but still make additional income through loot boxes.

The types of items available also changes between games. Overwatch, for instance, offers items that change the visual look of your character, known as “cosmetic items,” which don’t affect gameplay at all. Team Fortress 2 has cosmetic items but also offers alternative weapons for each character. Some games are quite nefarious and offer strictly improved items in their boxes, forcing players to open them if they want better items.

Where Did Loot Boxes in Games Come From?

Loot boxes originated in China, in a game called ZT Online that was released in 2007. People weren’t willing to pay full price for a video game, so the company behind ZT Online, Zhengtu Network, made the game free and added loot boxes as a way to pay for in-game items. Within the first year, Zhengtu Network reported a monthly revenue of $15 million, which caused a lot of developers to take note.

Three years after the ZT Online success story, loot boxes made their way into the west. The early adopters of this model were EA with their FIFA series, and Valve with their hit game Team Fortress 2. In the case of Team Fortress 2, Valve made the game free to play for everyone, choosing to maximise profits with loot boxes instead. Since then, loot boxes have made their way into games such as Overwatch, Middle-earth: Shadow of War. and even the Twitch streaming website.

Do They Count as Gambling?

This is the million dollar question, and it’s what’s causing so much debate. As loot boxes make their way more and more into video games, people are growing concerned over their prevalence. The main topic at the moment is whether or not purchasing a box full of random items is considered “gambling,” taking into account multiple aspects of the loot box. If they are considered gambling, then they’ll come under the full laws and regulations associated with them. So, what are the arguments?

Guaranteed Items

For one, does the fact that you’re guaranteed items with a loot box stop it from being gambling? Some methods of gambling (such as slot machines) have an outcome where you’re left with nothing. Loot boxes, however, always guarantee items with every opening. These items may be duplicates of ones that you already own, but it still technically counts as a gain. Some games also have ways to exchange or craft the duplicates for more in-game items.

No Real-World Value

Secondly, most games don’t allow loot box openings to transfer into a real world gain. For instance, if you get a very rare skin from a loot box in Overwatch, you cannot officially sell the skin for real money. This element of loot boxes caused the UK Gambling Commission to announce that loot boxes aren’t gambling.

Randomised Products

However, at the end of the day, it’s still paying real money for a random percentage chance of a specific item. In some people’s eyes this element alone is enough to class loot boxes as gambling. Add to that the fact that they can be highly addictive and aggressively pushed by the developers, and you can see why people are calling for regulations.

These topics are being debated, with different regulators coming to different conclusions. As such, the future of loot boxes looks somewhat shaky as the debates move forward.

Staying Safe from Loot Boxes

When you’re worried about your children becoming addicted to loot boxes, remember that buying them requires an online purchase. If they’re quite young, they’ll have no means of buying loot boxes without your aid, allowing you to investigate when they ask for a purchase and take control of their spending.

If they’re old enough for a credit/debit card or PayPal account, it’s tricky to know if they’re buying loot boxes without demanding their bank account information. Keep tabs on the games they play and check if they have loot boxes. If they do, be sure to warn them of the effects and symptoms of addiction.

Loot Box Lows

With loot boxes becoming an integral part of video gaming, people are debating whether or not they’re gambling. Now you know what they are, how they work, and some arguments for and against them being classed as gambling.

What do you think? Are loot boxes in games considered gambling, or should they be treated like regular products? Let us know below!

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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How To Watch The Naruto And Boruto Anime In Order (Guide)

Naruto is undoubtedly a magnum opus anime series that everyone should watch at least once in their life. This anime series is considered to be the epitome of inspiration, motivation, and much more. Moreover, it has helped many people during their darkest times, and as a result, the anime is recommended to everyone by anime fans. Naruto is an extremely popular anime and includes a large number of seasons, episodes, specials, and even movies. So, if you are planning to binge-watch the Naruto series and want to know how to watch Naruto and Boruto in the correct order or how to watch Naruto in order without fillers we have you covered. Continue reading to start your ninja journey and learn about all of Naruto’s story arcs.

Note: Anything apart from the canon story, including all the extras such as fillers, movies, and more, are marked as Fillers/ Filler Arcs, Movie, and such in the lists below for your reference. So you can easily know how to watch Naruto and Boruto in the correct order without fillers.

Naruto (2002-2007) Watching Order

Important Note: We have marked the fillers and movies respectively in the table below. However, if you want to watch any entertaining filler episodes or movies, we suggest going through our dedicated guides, including the Naruto filler list, Naruto Shippuden filler list, and all the Naruto Movies in order. You can use them wisely to elevate your fun time.

Episodes or Arcs TitleEpisode NumbersManga ChaptersCanon/ Filler/ MovieLand of Waves Arc 1-191-33CanonChūnin Exams Arc20-6734-115CanonRecap of first 25 episodes26–FillerKonoha Crush Arc68-80116-138CanonSearch for Tsunade Arc81-100139-171CanonKidnapped! Naruto’s Hot Spring Adventure! 97–FillerGotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-Sensei’s True Face!101–FillerNaruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow––MovieLand of Tea Escort Mission102-106–FillerSasuke Recovery Mission Arc107-135172-238CanonLand of Rice Fields Investigation Mission136-141–FillerMizuki Tracking Mission142-147–FillerBikōchū Search Mission148-151–FillerKurosuki Family Removal Mission152-157–FillerFollow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge158–FillerGosunkugi Capture Mission159,160–FillerNaruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel––MovieThe Appearance of Strange Visitors161–FillerCursed Warrior Extermination Mission162-167–FillerMix it, Stretch it, and Boil it Up! Burn Copper Pot, Burn!168–FillerKaima Capture Mission169-173–FillerImpossible! Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Style Jutsu! 174–FillerBuried Gold Excavation Mission175,176–FillerPlease, Mr. Postman!177–FillerStar Guard Mission178-183–FillerKiba, Naruto, and Shino One-Off 184-186–FillerPeddlers Escort Mission187-191–FillerIno, Rock Lee, and Daimyo’s Wife Search Mission One-Off Episodes192-194–FillerThird Great Beast Arc195-196–FillerNaruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom––MovieKonoha Plans Recapture Mission197-201–FillerRecap of the Top 5 Ninja Battles202FillerYakumo Kurama Rescue Mission203-207–FillerThe Weight of the Prized Artefact!208–FillerGantetsu Escort Mission209-212–FillerMenma Memory Search Mission213-215FillerSunagakure Support Mission216-220FillerTotal Episodes220

Naruto Shippuden (2007-2023) Watching Order

As we did for the classic Naruto anime above, we have summarized all of the information about Naruto Shippuden (2007-2023) in the table below. Here is the watch order for Naruto Shippuden including all its seasons:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (2023 – ) Watching Order

Note: If you want to know about the entertaining fillers in Boruto. Check out our Boruto Filler List to learn about them.

Episodes or Arcs TitleEpisode NumbersManga Chapter NumbersCanon/Filler/MovieAcademy Entrance Arc1-15–Anime CanonSarada Filler Episodes16-17–FillerNaruto Becomes Hokage18–Anime CanonNaruto Gaiden Arc19-24–Anime CanonSchool Field Trip Arc25-32–Anime CanonEpisode About Inojin33–FillerGraduation Exam Arc34-38–Anime CanonMitsuki’s Past390Manga CanonGenin Mission Arc40-42–FillerByakuya Gang Arc43-47–Anime CanonVarious One-Off Fillers48-50–FillersChunin Exam Arc51-661-10Manga CanonCho-cho Arc67-69–FillerMetal and Rock Lee70–FillerMitsuki Disappearance Arc71-92–Anime CanonParent and Child Day Arc93-95–Anime CanonVarious One-Off Fillers96-97–FillerJuugo Arc98-103–Anime CanonMitsuki Filler Episodes104-105–FillerSteam Ninja Scrolls Arc106-111–Anime CanonVarious One-Off Fillers112-115–FillerKonohamaru and Remon Arc116-119–FillerOne Tail Escort Mission Arc120-126–Anime CanonTime Slip Arc127-136–Anime CanonVarious One-Off Fillers137-140–FillerMujina Bandits Arc – Prologue141-14711-15Manga CanonMujina Bandits Arc148-15111-15Manga CanonVarious One-Off Fillers152-156–FillerKara Actuation Arc157-175–Anime CanonKonoha Safety System176&177–Anime CanonVessel Arc178-18716-23Manga CanonKawaki Arc188-22024-55Manga CanonChūnin Re-Examination Arc221-227–Anime CanonVarious Ninja Duties228-230–Anime CanonTsubaki and Team 15 Filler231–FillerGreat Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc232-255–Anime CanonVarious One-Off Fillers256-260–FillerKawaki & Himawari Academy Arc261-273–FillerLabyrinth Game Arc274-281–Anime CanonSasuke Retsuden Arc282-286–Anime CanonCode Assault Arc287-56-Manga CanonTotal Episodes293 & counting

What episodes to skip in Naruto?

You can easily skip all the episodes marked as fillers in our Naruto-watching order guide. But if you want to watch some entertaining fillers, we have marked them in the dedicated filler list that we have curated carefully. Thus you can follow our way if you are wondering how to watch Naruto in order without fillers

Are you supposed to watch Naruto or Naruto Shippuden first?

You should first start by watching Naruto(2002-2007), which focuses on the early childhood of the protagonist, and then watch the Naruto Shippuden (2007-2023) anime series, which focuses on his teen years and has more seasons than the former. Naruto Shippuden is the sequel to Naruto.

Can I skip straight to Naruto Shippuden?

No! If you skip the classic Naruto anime, you won’t be able to understand the characters, their goals, and their backstories, among a host of other things. So, you must watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden to witness the journey of a young ninja boy, as he is met with various struggles, how he gains the respect of the villagers, and becomes the Hokage (leader) in the best possible way.

How To Find Hidden Files And Folders On Windows

When you open a folder in Windows File Explorer, you expect to see the full contents — all the files, all the sub-folders. That isn’t necessarily true, however. If the folder you’re looking in contains hidden files or folders, Windows won’t show them unless you’ve enabled hidden file view in File Explorer. 

If you want to know how to find hidden folders on Windows 10 and any hidden files contained within, you’ll need to use some of the methods we’ve listed below. This includes using secret search tools in File Explorer and Windows PowerShell to locate them, as well as using third-party alternatives like FreeCommander.

Table of Contents

How to Find Find Hidden Files and Folders on Windows 10 Using File Explorer

In the new File Explorer window, open the folder (or drive) that you’re looking to search. Using the search bar in the top right, type attributes:H and select the enter key to begin the search. This searches for all files and folders within that folder that have the hidden file attribute applied to them in the Properties menu. 

If you want to customize the search further, you can add a file or folder name (or partial name) to the search. To do this, type the file or folder name before or after the attributes:H parameter in the search bar (eg. file attributes:H). If you want to search for partial match, you can use a wildcard (eg. fil* attributes:H) to do so.

Searching for Hidden Files and Folders Using Windows Powershell

While the File Explorer method above offers the easiest way to find hidden files and folders on Windows 10, it isn’t necessarily the quickest. If you want to quickly search through your PC for any files you’ve missed, a good alternative is to use the Windows PowerShell to do so.

You can also use the newer Windows Terminal, but PowerShell remains the default option for Windows 10 users. The commands below are PowerShell specific and won’t work with the older Command Line.

In the new PowerShell window, move to the folder or drive you wish to search. For instance, typing cd C: will move you to the root (first) folder on the main system drive, allowing you to search the entire drive. 

Typing cd C:Program Files means that the search you perform will only work through any files and sub-folders contained in the Program Files folder. Once you’ve moved folders, type ls -Force to view a list of files and folders contained within (including any hidden files or folders).

This will search for all hidden files and sub-folders in your current folder position and list them in the PowerShell window.

If you’d prefer to list a folder directory to begin the search, add -Path location to your command after Get-ChildItem, replacing location with a suitable file path. 

If PowerShell locates a large number of hidden files and folders, the PowerShell terminal output will scroll through the entries rapidly, making it difficult to analyze. To make this easier, you can save the output of the Get-ChildItem command to a text file, allowing you to search through and review at your leisure. 

If you’ve created a log file, you can view the contents in the PowerShell window directly by typing cat chúng tôi (replacing chúng tôi with the correct file path and file name). You can also open the file as normal using File Explorer and Notepad.

Locating Hidden Files and Folders Using Third-Party Apps

The best methods for finding hidden files and folders on Windows are to use File Explorer or Windows PowerShell as explained above. If these methods are too slow or don’t offer the complex search criteria that you need, you can use third-party apps to search your PC for hidden files as an alternative.

While various tools exist that support this, one good option is to use the freeware FreeCommander tool. This File Explorer replacement includes a powerful search tool that allows you to locate hidden files and folders on your PC.

In the Search files/folders window, enter the search criteria for file or folder names in the File name box, located in the Location tab. You can use full file names or find partial matches using a wildcard (eg. file or fil*).

Select the Timestamp/Size/Attr tab next and make sure to select the Hidden attribute checkbox so that a tick is visible. Leave all other checkboxes with a solid black check (ensuring that they’re included) or select them twice to uncheck them and remove any files containing those attributes from your search.

Select any other search criteria that you require in all the available search tabs. When you’re ready to begin your search, select Find to begin.

Managing Your Files on Windows 10

Knowing how to find hidden files on Windows 10 is easy — once you know where to look. Whether you use File Explorer, Windows PowerShell, or third-party apps like FileCommander to get the job done, the steps above should help you locate your previously hidden files and folders.

10 Franchise Marketing Strategies For Roi Across Locations

Who doesn’t like a bit of a challenge? While it’s always rewarding to take on new marketing endeavors, certain businesses, like franchises, feel the heat more than others.

Whether you’re a food and beverage franchise, a multi-location dealership, a national real estate group, an enterprise bank, or anything in between, you know that managing marketing efforts across the board can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Let us help you from losing sleep over your franchise marketing!

In this guide, we’ll help you address common franchise marketing speedbumps multi-location business encounters by covering:

What is franchise marketing

Why franchise marketing is important

10 franchise marketing strategies and tips to help your multilocation brand grow

How to use these franchise marketing tips to make your locations shine

By the end of this post, you’ll have a list of 10 ideas for all your franchise marketing needs. Plus, you’ll have an overall clearer picture of how to manage locations, channels, and partners all under the same marketing umbrella.

What is franchise marketing?

Franchise marketing means promoting your business across all your franchised locations. Essentially, any effort you’re putting into growing your franchise is considered franchise marketing. This can mean marketing efforts at a top branding level all the way down to marketing for specific locations.

Here are a few reasons franchise marketing is so important:

A new franchise location opens every eight minutes during the course of any given business day.

42% of franchise marketing professionals and multilocation businesses owners feel traditional marketing channels, like TV placements and PR, are no longer worth the investment.

55% of multilocation businesses believe that social media is the leading franchise marketing channel that they rely on.

Clearly, there is plenty of competition as well as opportunity within the franchise and multilocation industries, meaning franchise marketing is crucial to stand out and grow.

However, keeping up with your franchise marketing is easier said than done. Let’s resolve some franchise marketing pain points next.

10 franchise marketing strategies

Managing your franchise marketing can be a juggling act. As the classic saying goes “no pain, no gain!” Let’s dive right into how you can turn 10 major franchise marketing pains into marketing gains:

1. Maintain brand consistency throughout your franchise marketing

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges franchise marketers face is location managers or franchisees that go rogue—especially when it comes to branding and brand consistency. But until a teleportation or cloning device gets invented, you’re unfortunately unable to be at all your locations to guide them through their marketing (despite how much you wish you could). This makes maintaining brand consistency across all locations a difficult task.

But brand consistency is extremely important for the success of your marketing. We know that 71% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product or service from a brand they recognize. Plus, we can’t forget about the age-old marketing “rule of seven” which states that people need to see information about a business at least seven times before they become a customer.

So brand consistency isn’t just a “nice-to-have” element in your franchise marketing plan, it’s a need-to-have!

How to approach it: The first thing you should do is create a brand style guide. Once you have your style guide in place you can use it across locations for years to come. So this is worth putting time towards now to save you time later. If you already have one in place, now is the time to revisit! The more thorough your brand guidelines the better.

Here’s our list of what should go into your brand guidelines:

Company logo in various sizes and color options (black and white, thumbnail size, banner size etc.)

Your business’s colors in hex codes

Your selected fonts in regular, bold, and italics

Your chosen grammar, mechanics, and style preferences (including punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviation)

Blog post title preferences

Image styles and sizes for digital and print materials

Your business’s boilerplate and mission statement

Preferred tone and voice

Social media best practices by platform

Not only will this keep your brand consistent, but it will empower your location owners to create their own marketing collateral while knowing they have a cheat sheet to help them along the way.

An example of brand guidelines

If you’re crunched for time, bringing on a marketing partner to create a new style guide or edit your current style guide is also a stress-free and efficient option! Plus, they can take care of facilitating training on that guide to your location owners. Whatever route you choose, a brand style guide is a must-have for a consistent brand identity no matter how many locations you have!

2. Identify your customer base across locations

Let’s face it—your local customers’ interests at your Boston location will be different from those in your Houston location which differs from those in your San Diego location, and so on!

If you generalize your target audience without consideration for how their lifestyles differ by location, not only does that lack of inclusivity limit your reach, but it also gives your customers a less personalized marketing experience.

However, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. So identifying your target audience across locations now to deliver a personalized experience at each location later is a marketing tactic you won’t want to miss out on.

How to approach it:  Taking time to identify your target audience across all locations when your plate is already full is easier said than done. A more efficient way to execute this is to look at your target audience from a birds’ eye view and zoom in from there.

Once you identify what makes up your target audience at a high level you can take it down to the regional level. From there, you can use free online tools like Google Trends to understand the interest of topics by location to see how your messaging may slightly differ between regions.

Another workaround would be to create marketing collateral that’s diverse enough to speak to all customers regardless of lifestyle. A healthy mix of both, however, will give your customers that localized experience while saving you as much time and resources as possible.

3. Know your solution options (+which ones your brand needs)

There’s an infinite amount of value your franchise has to offer its customers. Add that on top of your many convenient locations, a diverse range of employees, and audience segments, you’ll find it can be challenging to know how to best deliver all this information to your potential customers.

With so many potential marketing channels to choose from, how do you know which strategies will be most effective? And how can you communicate your chosen strategies’ effectiveness to your franchise managers?

How to approach it: We’ve broken down the top marketing channels for franchise businesses into a few core pillars. Introduce your franchisees to the following and encourage them to try it for their own benefit:

Search engine optimization


Video marketing on YouTube or via OTT (over-the-top) streaming allows for your franchise or multi-location business to create engaging content to exclusively targeted audiences. Even though you may be juggling various locations and customer bases, you can segment your video marketing in hyper-specific ways to ensure each location gets a piece of the pie.



The beauty of social media marketing is that you can get results regardless of whether you decide to go the free or paid route. So if you’re struggling to get all your franchisees on board with one marketing strategy, social media marketing is an accommodating solution with endless options that can fit any locations’ budget (or lack thereof).

Of course, there are additional marketing channels you should consider as part of your strategy. Take a look at all the basics of local marketing to find out what would work for you.

4. Get all locations on board with the right strategy

Speaking of budgets, with multiple franchises, it can be tough to get them on the same page with the marketing spend and strategy that you encourage. Each location has its own needs and budget which you want to accommodate within your recommended marketing plan.

It gets trickier when you want to save yourself time by creating an easily transferrable franchise marketing strategy that can apply store to store but also is flexible enough to not have one set budget applied.

How to approach it: The first thing you’ll want to look at is all the free and low-cost marketing options available. Small businesses have been doing this for years, but for a larger enterprise, this feels counterintuitive. However, the kicker of franchise marketing is it’s the same concept as local marketing—just multiplied.

When you present your location owners with low-cost or free options, they’ll have no reason to not want to implement them. Some examples could be setting them up with a social media account for regular posts or facilitating online workshops to foster their SEO expertise.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that marketing budgets don’t have to be huge. It doesn’t always take a lot of money to make a big impact, but a little can go a long way!

5. Evaluate your options for franchise marketing execution

While some franchises are fine with individual locations running their marketing strategies themselves, others opt to streamline marketing from one central team or group for all locations.

Both options present their own sets of challenges. If you’re managing the marketing strategies for all locations, you have a big job—you must not only execute a successful multi-channel marketing strategy that includes optimizing campaigns, writing ad copy, and deploying offers, but you have to do that for different areas and audiences.

If you allow franchisees to run their marketing themselves, you have to worry about brand consistency, optimized spend, and a lack of control around results.

How to approach it: It doesn’t have to feel like a lose-lose situation when you choose which route out of the two you want to take. As mentioned above, both managing marketing for your locations versus letting them manage it comes with pros and cons.

To identify what’s best for your brand, we recommend doing a self-evaluation with the following questions:

How much extra time do I have to oversee my locations’ marketing strategies?

How much time do my location owners have to put into marketing?

Would implementing marketing at the location level require any training?

What types of marketing channels do I need to have running at each franchise location? Can each location handle those themselves?

Has my company struggled with brand consistency in the past?

How would I measure the success if I ran the marketing for all franchise locations? How would those locations measure and report on their own success?

How frequently would I expect to change up the marketing strategy?

Is it easy for me to consistently communicate with all of my locations?

Depending on your answers, you’ll end up leaning towards one over the other. However, if you’re still unsure then that’s totally fine! Another option would be to involve a marketing partner to help oversee your franchise marketing strategies along with you. That way you won’t have all the locations’ marketing on your shoulders, and you can leverage a resource that has every marketing tool needed at its fingertips.

Whatever you decide, finding the right tool to track your marketing across locations and channels will be crucial for measuring success. (We’ll talk more about this in a minute!)

LOCALiQ Client Center pulls in marketing from all your channels so you can track how it all works together. 

6. Create a strong local SEO strategy

You need to focus on SEO that is both national and local. National often comes naturally to many franchise businesses at this point, but without a strong local SEO approach, you won’t be able to show up for searches when and where it counts.

Additionally, try to position your brand as a partner to each of your locations by creating local-friendly blog content. Brainstorm a blog topic that’s specific to each one of your locations, and you’ll save time on your editorial calendar planning while also staying consistent with local content!

You can also quickly research other local businesses to link to for resources within your content to build trust with your local audiences. That said, maintain a friendly presence in your local communities by encouraging location managers to participate in local events to trigger brand awareness for searches later.

This multi-location business has Google Business Profile listings for each store location to fit local SEO needs. 

7. Be sure to stand out from the competition (including your own franchisees!)

Franchises have a unique competitor set in that while you compete with other local businesses and large brands, you might also compete with your own locations. For example, you might have two locations down the block from each other that own two completely different territories but could be competing for the same customers. One major hurdle every franchise must jump over is how to run marketing at each location without stepping on one another’s toes—all while stepping on the competition’s toes!

How to approach it: We can’t stress enough how important geo-targeting is to your multi-location or franchise marketing. Geo-targeting is a way to ensure that one location’s marketing collateral doesn’t slip onto the screens of consumers in another location’s territory. When you run ad campaigns with geotargeting you’re maximizing the overall growth of your business by handing out a fair, even slice of the cake (or in this case, audience) to each store.

As for standing out from the competition, geotargeting can also help here if you want to identify and target their locations too. Otherwise, bidding on competitors’ branded keywords will help to ensure your brand shows when folks are looking for your competition. That way you can sweep the competition’s customers away and bring them to your locations.

8. Solidify reporting for all locations, solutions, AND channels

Let’s get this straight: your business has multiple locations, offering multiple products or services, overseen by multiple managers, marketing to multiple different audiences, through multiple different channels. What a handful!

You don’t have time to loop in hundreds of data points into one performance tracking sheet. You need some way to ensure that all your franchise marketing efforts maintain a growth track with proven KPIs.

Do you want your location managers to have access?

What performance metrics matter most to your multi-location business?

What does a positive performance look like for you at the national level? At the local level?

What channels need to be tracked? How will they be tracked consistently across locations?

What timeframes will you be looking to run reports on?

What types of downloadable or sharable files, if any, will you want for your reports?

9. Educate your franchisees on franchise marketing

You and your franchisees are busy running a national brand at the local level—you all don’t have time for in-person pieces of training on all your marketing technology and best practices! Never mind the fact that gathering the resources to help location owners understand your brand’s marketing plan is a feat in and of itself.

How to approach it: Have fun with it and get creative with your training! You can hold training online after hours to make it easy for all your branch managers to attend.

Another way to make marketing education more accessible across locations is to create various training materials. For example, you can shoot or share quick “how-to” YouTube videos for visual learners. For busy location owners short on time, you can write and email training articles that they can read in bits throughout the day.

The more training material, the better. If your schedule is so jam-packed you can’t even begin to think about running training or creating training materials, leveraging a marketing partner to facilitate training for you is another great option.

10. Communicate with your marketing partners

You may have one agency helping with social that has a totally different approach than your in-house team managing paid search. Or each location might be working with their own team or consultant. How do you keep multiple teams and marketing partners aligned?

How to approach it: If you’re struggling to keep track of all your marketing solutions, then it may be worth it to find a marketing partner that can bundle all your needs into one. When you leverage a marketing partner that can house all your channels and reports under one roof it’s easier to maintain consistency and performance tracking.

In the meantime, though, communication is key! Be sure to hold regular meetings with your in-house team, your location managers, and your agencies to maintain consistent cohesion across channels.

This is also another opportunity to distribute your style guide to all marketing partners so that there’s no confusion across agencies, marketing associates, or consultants on what your brand’s voice is.

Solve these franchise marketing puzzles today to decode a brighter tomorrow

If there’s one thing we can take away from all 10 of these franchise marketing tips is that the more you can plan ahead and communicate with your locations, the easier your job will be later. Plus, no matter your goals, channels, or audiences, there’s a solution out there that can work for your franchise.

With a bit of creativity and finesse, you can make your franchise marketing strategy do the heavy lifting for you. Putting in the time to square away your challenges now is worth the time it will save you later.

To recap, here are the top franchise marketing tips we talked about:

Prioritize brand consistency throughout your franchise marketing

Get to know your customers across locations

Consider all your franchise marketing channel options

Get all your locations on board with your overall franchise marketing strategy

Evaluate your options for franchise marketing execution

Ensure your local and national SEO strategies align

Try to stand out from your franchise marketing competition

Be sure to have clear reporting in place

Train your locations on your franchise marketing efforts

Consistently communicate with your marketing partners

Susie Marino

Susie is a senior content marketing specialist at LocaliQ where she uses her experience as a PPC consultant to share tips, tactics, and best practices. Outside of work, Susie loves to get outside for some snowboarding or (once the cold weather melts away) hiking!

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What Is Apple Music Replay And How To Find It

Do you ever wonder which songs or albums you listen to the most? If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can find out with Apple Music Replay.

Like Spotify Wrapped, you can see a recap of which songs, albums, and artists you play the most each year. In addition, you can add your Replay as a playlist, share it with others, and access it on the web and on your Apple devices.

Table of Contents

How Apple Music Replay Is Assembled

Apple uses your listening habits and history in the Music app to determine which songs comprise your Apple Music Replay. 

It includes songs that you play on your Apple devices where you’re signed into Apple Music with your Apple ID, songs available in the Apple Music catalog, and synced with your Apple Music subscription. 

It does not include music you listen to on devices where you have Use Listening History disabled. 

You can view an Apple Music Replay for each year you are an Apple Music subscriber. If you don’t see a Replay, turn on the history feature to see future Apple Music Replays.

Turn On Apple Music Listening History

On iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, open your Settings and select Music. Turn on the toggle for Use Listening History.

On Apple TV, open Settings and select Apps. Choose Music and pick Use Listening History to turn it on. It will then display as On.

Access Apple Music Replay on the Web

If you don’t have an Apple device handy, you can get your Apple Music Replay online in any browser.

Visit the Apple Music Replay website at chúng tôi Sign In on the top right to enter your Apple ID username and password.

You’ll then see the most recent Apple Music Replay available. Select Get Your Replay Mix to view it. 

You can then see the top songs and albums you listened to that year. You’ll also see how many times you played each song on the right side.

To listen to your Replay, select the Play button at the top of the page or on the album artwork.

To view Replays for previous years, scroll to the bottom and select one.

Access Apple Music Replay on Your Apple Device

If you prefer to access your Apple Music Replay on your Apple device, it’s just as easy. 

Open the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or Apple TV. 

Head to the Listen Now tab. 

Scroll to the bottom to view your available Replays below Replay: Your Top Songs by Year. (On Apple Watch, tap Replay: Your Top Songs by Year).

If you select a Replay, you’ll see the list of songs and artists, and can select Play at the top to listen.

You currently won’t see the number of plays per song like on the website, but you can view the total number of songs and hours for the mix at the bottom.

To see your Replays for previous years, select the arrow on the top left to go back and scroll to the bottom of the Listen Now tab.

Add Your Replay as a Playlist

If you enjoy going back in time with your Apple Music Replay, you can save the entire mix as a playlist in your Music Library.

Select Add at the top of the Replay page on the website or Mac. 

On iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, tap the plus sign at the top.

On Apple Watch, tap the three dots and choose Add to Library.

Share Your Apple Music Replay

You can also share your Apple Music Replay with others like you share a playlist in the Music app. 

On iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or the website, use the three dots at the top of the Replay detail page to pick Share Playlist or Share. Then, choose a sharing option such as social media, Mail, or Messages, depending on your device.

You cannot share an Apple Music Replay on Apple TV.

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