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While iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are definitely some of the most desired devices for the holiday season, it can also be a great time to buy a new Mac. Whether you’re about to get your first Mac or even if you already have one, check out our list of the best accessories that will enhance your Mac experience.

Magic Trackpad

With this giant wireless trackpad, users can easily reproduce multi-touch gestures such as precise pinch-to-zoom and smooth scrolling, not to mention the pressure force sensors that enable even more features in macOS. The trackpad has a rechargeable battery, and it comes with a Lightning to USB-C cable. Although the accessory is expensive, it can be really useful for some tasks like editing pictures and videos.

Sensors underneath the trackpad surface detect subtle differences in the amount of pressure you apply, bringing more functionality to your fingertips and enabling a deeper connection to your content. It features a large edge-to-edge glass surface area, making scrolling and swiping through your favorite content more productive and comfortable than ever.

The regular price of the Magic Trackpad is $129, but you can find it at a lower price on Amazon.

Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

Despite all the problems Apple has had with MacBook keyboards in the past, the company’s Magic Keyboard offers a great balance between a compact design and a great typing experience.

This year, the Magic Keyboard has been redesigned with built-in Touch ID for the first time – which means you can securely authenticate your Mac wirelessly through the keyboard (requires a Mac with M1 chip or later). Just like Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard also has a rechargeable battery and comes with a Lightning to USB-C cable.

Magic Keyboard with Touch ID delivers a remarkably comfortable and precise typing experience. It’s also wireless and rechargeable, with an incredibly long-lasting internal battery that will power your keyboard for about a month or more between charges.¹ It pairs automatically with your Mac, so you can get to work right away. And it includes a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable that lets you pair and charge by connecting to a USB-C port on your Mac.

You can find Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for $149. However, if you don’t have a Mac with M1 chip, Apple also sells a cheaper version of the Magic Keyboard without Touch ID for just $99.

Samsung T7 Portable SSD

Sometimes you buy a Mac with less storage than you really need, and unfortunately there’s no way to upgrade the hardware in these situations. Luckily, if you need some extra storage, the Samsung T7 Portable SSD is one of the best options available.

Available in three colors and with up to 2TB of storage, this external SSD lets you store pretty much anything you want – or you can use it as a Time Machine backup. With transfer speeds of up to 1050MB/s and a USB-C cable, the Samsung T7 Portable SSD is one of those must-have accessories for Mac users.

The light, pocket-sized Portable SSD T7 delivers fast speeds with easy and reliable data storage for transfering large files. Whether you’re storing critical business documents, games, or movies, the Portable SSD T7 gives you speed and durability in a palm-sized package. Introducing the new standard in external storage, available in three capacities to suit your needs: 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB.

It costs from $79.99 to $279.99, but you can find the 1TB version for just $109.99 on Amazon for a limited time.

One of the most important things to have at home (especially if you work there) is a reliable internet connection, but internet speed is not everything – you also need to have good coverage.

Wireless equipment can be quite expensive. But if you want to enhance your Wi-Fi connection without spending a lot, the Linksys WHW0303 is one of the best options available. Linksys WHW0303 is a Wi-Fi Mesh system that creates a single strong wireless network based on multiple routers connected simultaneously.

This version supports Wi-Fi AC and even works with Apple HomeKit, which lets users manage the router through the Home app.

You can buy a kit with three Linksys WHW0303 routers for just $286.99.

Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook

Mujjo creates some of the best leather accessories for iPhone, iPad, and even Mac. And if you have a MacBook, you’ll want to protect it properly to avoid scratches or even accidents.

With Mujjo’s leather Sleeve, you can take your MacBook anywhere without worrying about damages. Besides its high-quality leather, the Mujjo Sleeve is also very sleek and it has storage compartments for documents or even cards. More importantly, it fits both the 13-inch and 14-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, as well as the 15-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

Crafted out of a unique combination of felt and vegetable-tanned leather, this sleeve has been designed to securely carry the all-new 14″ MacBook Pro, 13″ MacBook Pro, 13″ MacBook Air, iPad Pro 12.9. Praised by leading style blogs including Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, and Design Milk

You can find the Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook with prices starting at $69.95 on Amazon.

Anker USB-C Hub

While the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro have multiple ports, including HDMI and SD card reader, other MacBooks (such as the MacBook Air or previous MacBook Pro models) have only a few USB-C connections.

For those who need more than just USB-C ports, the Anker USB-C Hub brings everything you need in a single adapter. You’ll get one USB-C input, two USB 3.0, SD card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, and two HDMI ports with 4K 60Hz support. And of course, it connects to your Mac via a single high-speed USB-C cable.

Equipped with a USB-C port, 2 USB-A data ports, 2 HDMI ports, an Ethernet port, and a microSD/SD card reader, giving you an incredible range of functions—all from a single USB-C port. Measuring just 4.65 × 2.17 inches and weighing less than 4 oz, PowerExpand fits easily into your bag or pocket for effortless portability. Travel pouch included.

The regular price of the Anker USB-C Hub is $80, but you can find it on Amazon for $67.99.

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9To5Mac Gift Guide: Desk Accessories Picks For Any Apple User

The modern world of life is simple. People that use technology spend a lot of time at their desks. As both a developer and writer, I am in front of my MacBook Pro for tens of hours a week.

Here’s some tech picks that can complement your own desk life, and they make great gifts for others too.

Read on for a breakdown of my picks: HomePod, the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock, LIFX Z Light Strip, Fermata headphone stand and the JOBY iPhone Tripod Mount. Treat yourself (or a friend) …

I have two HomePods in stereo pairs flanking my desk setup. Simply, they sound fantastic. When I’m in the work groove, or just chilling out playing a game, it’s so nice to have music playing on endless loop in the background. Just ask Siri to ‘play some new music’, or be more specific with genres or artists, and you are off to the races.

The HomePod is also great for taking phone calls. When I’m in my home office, when my phone rings I just ask the HomePod to answer the phone. The call is then beamed over the HomePod’s speakers and it uses its six-microphone array to provide clear, high-quality, audio back to the other person. Holding your phone to your ear became a first-world problem so fast for me.

The HomePod gets a lot of flack for being both expensive and functionally lacking. I’m not going to excuse it. I do love them though. The lack of multi-user support is mitigated by the fact I put my HomePods on my desk, essentially in a room where no one else can use it. In terms of price, the base $349 is a stinger but many outlets are offering HomePods at significant discounts. A single HomePod is a great family gift and there will be somewhere it makes sense in your home, whether in your office or your living room.

Use a MacBook Pro or 2023 MacBook Air? Then a great addition to your desk could be a Thunderbolt 3 enabled dock. With the standardization of USB-C connectors on Apple’s laptops, access to legacy I/O like normal USB ports or HDMI out would naively require a whole mess of dongles and adapters.

Thunderbolt 3 docks have a bad reputation for being unreliable; I’ve had nothing but good things to say about them. I plug just one Thunderbolt 3 cable into my MacBook Pro, and my laptop not only charges but connects to my wired keyboard and mouse setup, my external display, and has access to a dozen other ports when I need them.

Aux jacks, HDMI, Thunderbolt 3 daisy-chaining, four USB-A ports, USB-C, SD card slots, and 85W charging. All available with just a single cable when I sit down at my desk with my laptop. What’s not to love about that? I use OWC, but there are many great choices:

I’ve recommended this stand multiple times in previous gift guides, but I’m going to do it again as it continues to be a permanent resident on my desk. I love AirPods, I love my HomePod, but there are still times when I want to wear proper over-ear headphones. Typically, when I’m playing the video game I’m addicted to — League of Legends — I’m wearing MW50s.

The stand offers a nice place to keep them upright, but the reason it sticks around is that it has integrated charging wires inside the base. This means I can charge my wireless headphones through the micro-USB port without needing a lot of ugly cabling. The base also includes another USB-A port that you can trail out a Lightning cable (or whatever) so you can charge your phone too. There’s also a little lip in the stand if you want to hang earbuds.

I use the TwelveSouth Fermata but there are cheaper options available. There’s a competitor on Amazon that has a $20 lower price tag, features three front-facing USB ports, and even has accessible power outlets.

Strip lights have sticky adhesive on one side and a track of LEDs on the other. This means you can stick them on the underside of your desk and provide some multi-colored ambience. I am currently using the LIFX light strip, which has HomeKit control for color and brightness in addition to a dedicated app with different themes and color palettes to cycle through.

The LIFX solution is a nice all-in option for $70. It’s a good gift item as it doesn’t need a hub to use it. If you already have a hub from other manufacturers, then obviously consider them first, like the very-similar offering from Philips Hue.

This is a bit of a wildcard pick, but I do actually keep my tripod on my desk so I’m counting it. The JOBY mount lets you use your iPhone on a tripod as a camera, enabling much more creative photography than what would normally be possible.

You simply snap your phone into the jaws of the mount. The JOBY mount offers a standard tripod connector so you can use it with pretty much everything; this compact Manfrotto tripod is a nice pairing. It’s a cool little gift for anyone with photographer aspirations.

I use the tripod to take product photography or shots of my phone on the desk, but it also comes in handy when family come over for group photos. If you just have a creative spark, you can take some incredible shots with a tripod and an iPhone, whether that is stills or video. I use the Camera Remote app on my Apple Watch to preview and take the photos, or you can use the timer that is built into the Apple Camera app.

For more last-minute gift ideas, see all 9to5Mac 2023 Gift Guides.

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The Best Chromebook Accessories You Can Buy

Buying the best Chromebook accessories

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS. It’s an operating system that revolves around the Chrome browser and its apps. These devices offer a light computing experience in comparison to traditional laptops.

As such, Chromebooks are often very limited. They can often have small screens, limited storage, weak speakers, and even below-average battery life. That’s where the accessories come in.

The best Chromebook accessories you can buy right now

Editor’s note: This list of the best Chromebook accessories will be updated regularly as new products launch.

2. The best keyboard for Chromebooks: Brydge C-Type Chrome OS Keyboard


While some of the most expensive Chromebooks have excellent keyboards, the truth is many of them lack in this department. A quality keyboard can be one of the best Chromebook accessories you can spend your hard-earned cash on, especially if you will be typing extensively. There are three main factors to consider when picking the right Chromebook keyboard: it needs to look good, feel even better, and it should have all the dedicated Chrome OS keys.

See also: The best keyboards you can buy

Our favorite is the Brydge C-Type Chrome OS Keyboard. It’s sleek and beautifully designed, made with one-piece aluminum construction, comfortably spaced keys, and a small profile to keep it portable. It can also connect both via USB-C or Bluetooth 4.1. The manufacturer also claims an insane six-month battery life.

3. The best monitor for Chromebooks: ASUS ZenScreen 15.6-inch


The ASUS Zenscreen 15.6-inch is one of the best monitors you can get for your Chromebook. And the best part is the 15.6-inch screen monitor is very portable, so it can be used both at home or taken wherever you need it. 

Next: The best monitors for work and play you can get

It connects to your device using a USB-C port. It has a low power consumption of 8W, so it won’t take too much out of your Chromebook’s battery life. It also comes with a stand to prop it up during usage and even has a tripod mount socket. It’s a 1080p resolution screen, which is sufficient for this screen size.

4. SD cards for Chromebooks: Plenty of choices!

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Storage is important, and Chrome OS laptops don’t often have much of it. Many have SD card slots, though! Any SD card with faster speeds should work, but the issue is there are way too many kinds of SD cards out there.

Our recommendation would be to check the standard that the SD card slot on your Chromebook supports and pick accordingly. If you really want a recommendation, we are fans of SanDisk and Samsung cards. Check out our link below to read more about them.

5. The best laptop bag for Chromebooks: Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

This 10-liter bag looks and feels top-notch. It is also very handy, as it can fit a 13-inch laptop, which means it is one of the best Chromebook accessories unless you are rocking one of the few larger Chrome OS computers.

6. The best laptop cover for Chromebooks: Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve


Maybe you already have a bag you love to use but still need some added protection. The thing with laptop bags is that there’s often some wiggle room for your laptop to move around. This can potentially lead to your Chromebook taking some damage in case of a hard bump or fall. A laptop sleeve would help in that case.

Here: These are the best Chromebook cases and covers

While our guide linked above gives you a host of Chromebook covers and case options, our recommendation would be the Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve. As the name suggests, it’s pretty basic. It gets the job done at a meager price, with no bells and whistles. It’s available in many sizes and can be purchased in a variety of color options. You can also check out our link below if you want something a little nicer!

7. The best docking hub for Chromebooks: Uni USB-C Hub


What makes this one of the best Chromebook accessories is its ability to expand your laptop experience to use other accessories. As mentioned before, if you plan on using your Chromebook at the desk or if you want more functionality on the go, a docking hub is worth the investment.

Also read: The best USB-C adapters

The Uni USB-C hub is a pretty solid pick. This little gadget can charge your USB-C device, all while adding ports your computer may lack. It includes a microSD card reader, an SD card reader, a couple of USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and an ethernet port. It’s also small and portable, which means you can take your expandability on the go.

9. The best speaker for Chromebooks: JBL Charge 5

Another department Chromebooks (or laptops in general) are usually not the top contenders in is audio. A good speaker will prove to be one of the best Chromebook accessories you can get, and the JBL Charge 5 is one of our favorites. It’s a follow-up to the excellent JBL Charge 4, which was our previous recommendation.

More: These are the best Bluetooth speakers

The Charge 5 is a great speaker for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with an IP67 rating, which means a lot of dust and water protection. While it can take on the outdoors rather well, this rating adds to the overall durability even if you’re a lighter user. It promises up to 20 hours of battery life. It’s not the lightest speaker and is the approximate shape and weight of a football. However, the balance of price, performance, and practicality is rather solid.

10. The best battery pack for Chromebooks: Krisdonia 50,000mAh Portable Charger

A good way to keep your mobile devices juiced up is by getting a portable power bank. You can’t just grab any battery pack and expect it to charge up your Chromebook laptop, though. You will need a bit more power for that, and the Krisdonia 50,000mAh Portable Charger has it. Not to mention it sports a massive 50,000mAh battery.

Buying the best Chromebooks

Now that you have a feel for the best Chromebook accessories to buy, you might want to take a look at the best Chromebooks you can buy, especially if you’re still shopping for one. Here are some of our favorite Chromebook picks:

The best Chromebook tablets you can buy

Best Chromebooks for students

The best touchscreen Chromebooks you can buy

A: Yes, you can charge a Chromebook with a power bank, provided you get one with a sufficient enough output wattage.

The Beginner’s Guide To Sms Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with businesses on their mobile devices. Better get on the SMS marketing train now.

Gone are the days of single-channel marketing. Instead, marketers now have access to multiple contact points across various channels. And customers expect businesses to use all of them to offer the best experience.

SMS marketing can be an effective complement to social marketing, allowing you to reach customers—and potential customers—in real-time with targeted and effective messaging.

Let’s look at what SMS marketing is and how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Bonus: Get a free, easy-to-use Customer Service Report Template that helps you track and calculate your monthly customer service efforts all in one place.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the practice of sending marketing messages by text message.

It’s a form of opt-in marketing that requires contacts to subscribe. This differentiates it from social marketing, where the marketer posts public content that people can choose to like or follow.

Common types of SMS marketing examples include:

personalized promotions

offers or discounts



Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable interacting with businesses on their mobile devices. In many cases, they expect to be able to reach businesses by messaging or text.

So it’s no surprise that even back in January 2023, before COVID-19 upended the ways in which businesses interact with customers, more than half of U.S. retailers planned to increase their digital marketing investment in messaging and SMS.

By June 2023, that number had increased to 56%, outranking any other area for potential investment.

Source: eMarketer

What is SMS customer service?

SMS customer service is the practice of serving customers through SMS messages, allowing them to “talk” to customer service agents via text.

Juniper Research found that global mobile business messaging increased by 10% in 2023, reaching 2.7 trillion messages. SMS accounted for 98% of that messaging traffic, and the retail sector accounted for 408 billion of those messages.

Juniper found that retailers primarily used messaging for:

order confirmations

dispatch notifications

tracking information

delivery updates

All of these functions fall under the larger umbrella of SMS customer service.

And Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of customer service organizations will be using SMS and messaging, rather than native apps.

Customers perceive these service SMS messages to be the most valuable ones sent by businesses. Appointment reminders, delivery updates, and booking confirmations all rank above product or service discounts in terms of perceived value.

Source: eMarketer

That means if you’re planning to incorporate text message marketing, it’s a good idea to also include SMS customer service. Customers are more likely to stay subscribed to SMS messages when they see real value in the messages you send.

Of course, SMS customer service is not just about these automated confirmations or reminders. It also involves allowing customers to chat directly with customer service reps using one-to-one text messaging.

SMS marketing best practices

Don’t send without a clear opt-in

You probably already collect phone numbers from your customers. That does not mean you should start mass texting them. Much like email marketing, SMS text marketing requires a clear opt-in.

You can ask customers to opt in to text messages on your website or other online channels. But, before you start sending, you should get a text confirmation that they really do want to subscribe.

One way to do this is to send one SMS (and one only) thanking them for subscribing and asking them to confirm their opt-in with a simple Yes or No. If they don’t respond, don’t text them again. And, obviously, if they text No, don’t text them again either.

Source: Knix

Source: Knix

Include instructions to opt out

This is a best practice (and often a legal requirement) for all marketing communications. But it’s especially important for a more intrusive method like SMS. Repeatedly texting people who don’t want to hear from you is more likely to lose customers than lead to sales.

You should include unsubscribe information even for transactional messages like shipping updates or appointment reminders. Not everyone wants to get these kinds of details by text.

Since open rates for SMS messages are consistently much higher than those for email, your unsubscribe rates will be higher, too. Don’t panic if you see a spike in unsubscribes after a message goes out.

But do analyze your unsubscribe rates over time. Once you’ve fully implemented your SMS marketing program, you can establish an unsubscribe baseline. Check all future messages against that baseline, and look for any outlying results. If unsubscribes are unusually high or low, analyze the message to see if you can identify what led to the change in result.

Identify yourself

You can’t assume your customers have you in their SMS contacts. That means your message will appear from a number they don’t recognize, with no inherent identifying information. If you want them to get past the first couple of words, you need to identify yourself right away.

A simple way to do this is to put your brand name right at the start of the message, followed by a colon, like Victoria Emerson does here:

Source: Victoria Emerson

And here’s an example of what not to do. Yes, I can tell by the content of the message that it must have come from my cell service provider. But they never identify themselves, and the recipient shouldn’t have to play a guessing game.

Send at the right time

Choosing the best time is important for any marketing message. But for SMS, it’s critical. That’s because people are more likely to have alerts turned on for text. And while some people put their phones on Do Not Disturb at times they don’t want to be interrupted, you can’t count on this.

@RoyalMailHelp Thank you so so much for waking me up by texting at 7am on a Saturday morning to tell me my parcel will be delivered on Monday! Why can’t you text at a reasonable time? 😡

— maria (@mjen30) June 26, 2023

The last thing you want to do is wake your customer up in the middle of the night with a marketing offer. Your customers probably don’t want to receive messages that would interrupt their dinner, either.

The good news is that area codes make it relatively easy to identify your target audience’s time zones. Rather than sending a blast message to everyone at once, choose an appropriate time and send it out in stages by time zone.

If you have an in-person business, another great option is to send SMS messages right after an appointment. You’re already on the customer’s mind and you know they’re up and about. For example, my dentist sent this message right after a recent appointment.

Source: Atlantis Dental

It’s a good idea to do some testing to see what times get the best response and the lowest unsubscribe rate.

Know your character count

SMS messages max out at 160 characters. That’s not a lot to work with when you’ve got to identify yourself and provide an opt-out option. You’ll need to know exactly what you want to say and not waste any characters.

Get to the point quickly, and use links (and link shorteners) to fill out the details of your message.

SMS marketing software

SMS marketing and SMS customer service require more than a simple messaging app on your phone. Here are some SMS marketing platforms to help you incorporate SMS into your marketing and customer service strategies.

Sparkcentral brings all your customer service messaging—from SMS, social media, WhatsApp, and apps—into one inbox. Since customers may reach out across multiple platforms, this is a key way to make sure your SMS customer service response is part of a unified customer care approach.

Sparkcentral also allows you to incorporate chatbots. Routine care requests can be handled automatically, without overwhelming your customer care team. When it’s time for an agent to step in on SMS, they’ll have access to data from your CRM and the existing chat. They’ll be well equipped to delight your customers with the most helpful response possible.

You can connect Sparkcentral to CRM systems such as Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Salesforce CRM.

Source: Sparkcentral

EZ Texting allows you to send a broadcast SMS campaign to your opt-in list. Your SMS marketing campaign can involve contests, coupons, and promo codes, as well as transactional messages like appointment reminders.

They also offer a built-in web form that helps you convert email subscribers and website visitors to SMS subscribers.

Omnisend has pre-built SMS templates and workflows for cart abandonment and birthday offers, as well as order and shipping confirmations. They also provide SMS opt-in tools like pop-ups and landing pages.

Omnisend also supports MMS, so you can send GIFs and images with your text messages.

Attentive is an enterprise-level SMS marketing platform used by brands such as TGI Fridays, Pura Vida, and CB2. With a focus on compliance, it helps you create personalized, targeted text messages that directly lead to revenue.

Use Sparkcentral by Hootsuite to engage with your customers and respond to messages across SMS, email, live chat and social media — all from one dashboard. Deliver a seamless cross-platform customer service experience with chatbot and CRM integrations.

Get Started

Manage every customer inquiry on a single platform with Sparkcentral. Never miss a message, improve customer satisfaction, and save time. See it in action.

Best Travel Accessories For Iphone In 2023

These travel accessories for iPhone allow you to keep your phone charged throughout, take better pictures, store cash or credit cards, and even provide better audio experiences. Let’s take a look at a few items I believe are excellent additions and travel buddies to your powerhouse of a phone!

Universal travel adapters for frequent travelers

If you travel between continents, such as Europe, Asia, and the United States quite frequently, a universal travel adapter will be your best friend. Moreover, considering the fact that most countries use different socket designs and protocols for electronic appliances, a universal travel adapter saves you the hassle of buying new adapters for each country you visit.

1. EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter – Multiple USB support

If you see yourself traveling between Europe and the US on a frequent basis, the EPICKA Universal travel adapter is a handy accessory to have. This particular travel adapter supports Type C, Type C2, Type E, Type E&F, Type J, and Type L for European countries. For Australia, you’ll find Type I support. If you’re visiting the US, you’ll have no issues with the Type A and Type B support.

Finally, for the UK, the universal adapter provides Type G support. Basically, the adapter is compatible enough to be used in over 150 countries around the world. Furthermore, the adapter itself is replete with 4 USB + Type C ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time (up to six).

This product also comes with a few safety nets, such as 8A Overload Dual Fuse, Safety Shutters, and a Plug Lock System. Overall, for the price, there are very few better products available in the market.

The only major con of this device is that you won’t be able to use it in African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries.


Can charge up to six devices at the same time

Comes with a slew of safety measures

4 USB + Type C ports provided


Can’t be used in certain African, Asian, and Middle-Eastern countries

Check out on Amazon

2. NEWVANGA Travel Adapter – Can be used in over 150 countries

For my second pick of the best iPhone travel accessories, check out the NEWVANGA travel adapter. This device is compatible with sockets in over 150 countries, including Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Canada, and Australia.

The travel adapter comes in a small, detachable design that includes five unique input plugs. These plugs are all tightly connected into one single adapter, providing an unprecedented level of portability. You won’t have to worry about safety either, as the adapter comes with FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications.

Unfortunately, the device does not come with a USB-C port. This could severely limit its usage later on. For now, however, it’s a decent and affordable option.


Compatible with sockets used in over 150 countries

Compact and detachable design

FCC, CE, RoHS certification provided


Does not come with a USB-C port

Check out on Amazon

Selfie Sticks

The iPhone tends to have the best camera system in its segment. Even some of the older iPhones perform better than other competitor products. However, even having the best camera system won’t save you from some atrocious selfies or vlogs if you can’t get the angle right. Selfie sticks can be a decent addition to your traveling kit for such situations.

3. Bluehorn Selfie Stick – Extends up to 40 inches

If you’re looking for one of the best selfie sticks for iPhone, look no further. The selfie stick can be extended up to 40 inches and is made of aluminum alloy to provide the ultimate durability. You’ll also be able to extend the stick’s legs to form a tripod whenever required.

Of course, Bluehorn has also added wireless connectivity to the selfie stick, ensuring that your group moments are impeccably easy to capture. With 10 meters of wireless connectivity, your vlogging and photography sessions can be expanded to include new horizons and ideas!

However, one major issue with the selfie stick is that extending it can destabilize the entire ensemble, especially if you use a large phone. So, extending the selfie stick to its full length is recommended only if you’re using a smaller phone.


Can extend up to 40 inches

Made of aluminum alloy to provide durability

Provides 10 meters of wireless connectivity


Tripod legs aren’t very stable

Check out on Amazon

4. ATUMTEK Selfie stick and tripod – Premium design and durability

Up next, we have one of the most premium and portable selfie sticks you can purchase today. The ATUMTEK selfie stick is constructed with aviation-grade aluminum alloy and treated with anodic oxidation processes to ensure durability and stability.

Unfortunately, using the phone holder’s clamp the first few times can be difficult. The springs used in the clamp are quite strong and may require a fair bit of strength to pry open.


When folded, measures only 7.7 inches

The phone holder can rotate 270 degrees

Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy


The phone holder clamp can be rather tight

Check out on Amazon

Power Banks

While the latest iPhones have excellent battery consumption optimization, it’s no guarantee that your phone will get through the full workday, especially if you’re using it for long periods of time. Moreover, traveling can be pretty difficult if your phone is low on battery. After all, from checking restaurants near you to translating the local language, we use our iPhones for quite a few purposes.

5. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – Perfect for iPhones

Moreover, the design ensures that the electromagnetism of the power bank doesn’t interfere with your key fobs or credit cards. In fact, you don’t even have to switch the power bank on or off. With a Lightning Cable, you’ll be able to utilize 15W of wireless charging for your phone. However, I recommend you use a 20W power adapter for better (and faster) results!

While this Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is the best option for iPhone users, it is quite expensive for the features it provides.


Total compatibility with Apple products

Provides up to 20W of charging output with a power adapter

Compact and minimalist design


Quite expensive

Check out on Amazon

6. Anker PowerCore 20100mAh – Affordable and compatible with many products

If the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack isn’t what you’re looking for, but you still want an excellent value-for-money power bank, check out the Anker PowerCore 20100mAh power bank. Just considering the brand value and the battery capacity together, this is one of the best iPhone power banks in the market today.

Coming to the product itself, Anker states that it is “lighter than a can of soup”, despite its high capacity. Moreover, Anker has included its signature PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies to ensure high-speed charging. It’s also quite durable and can be used with a wide range of iPhones.

However, while you’re getting quite a few fantastic features with the product, there’s one drawback. The power bank will take a few hours to charge completely, and charging your iPhone can take a couple of hours or more.


Massive 20100mAh capacity

High-speed charging capabilities

Durable build and design


The power bank can take a while to be charged fully

Check out on Amazon

Smart Travel Wallets

Smart travel wallets are an efficient (and smart) way to carry all your credit cards. Of course, you’ll also be able to put in some notes of money into the wallets, should you ever require them in a state of emergency. These wallets don’t add much weight to your iPhone or your overall baggage. This makes them some of the best iPhone travel accessories you can use today!

7. eLusefor Stick-On Phone Wallet – For a minimalist addition

While most stick-on travel wallets can be rather bulky, this product by eLusefor makes for a perfect addition to your travels. The stick-on wallet is installed at the back of your phone and is quite thin. In fact, even when it’s full, it only adds 0.5-inch to the overall thickness of your iPhone!

Despite the addition, you’ll find no discomfort in carrying this around at the back of your phone for the entire day. The company also claims that the wallet’s design and durability are top-notch, even protecting itself (to an extent) from spills.

However, since the fit is quite tight, you might have to work a tad harder to get your cards out of the wallet!


Very thin and doesn’t add too much weight to your phone

Made of durable materials


Could be a tight fit

Check out on Amazon

8. nuoKu MagSafe Wallet – For full iPhone compatibility

What’s better than a thin leather stick-on wallet for your iPhone? Why, a thin leather stick-on wallet that works via MagSafe, of course! This particular smart travel wallet from nuoKu looks gorgeous, thanks to its faux leather lining and PU leather material. Moreover, thanks to 17 strong magnets, it’s surprisingly sturdy. The wallet is compatible with all the latest iPhones as well!

In terms of design, you’ll find that this folding wallet has 6 card slots, which should be more than enough for daily use. Apart from this, the micro zipper and magnetic buckles allow you to hold a few coins, as well as add to the unique trifold design. Furthermore, the wallet uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) material, which prevents your personal information from being stolen.


MagSafe compatibility provided

Decent design and build quality

Made of RFID material to prevent loss of personal information


Difficult to stuff cash into the wallet

Check out on Amazon

Noise-canceling earbuds/headphones

Long flights and similar travel situations are often the best to sit back, put on your earbuds or headphones, and listen to your favorite music. However, not all audiophile accessories are made the same. I prefer earbuds or headphones with noise-canceling properties to ensure that my music goes uninterrupted.

9. Apple AirPods 2nd Gen – The best in-ear musical experience

It’s no secret that while the first generation of Apple AirPods polarized consumers due to the pricing and design, people have grown to love this accessory. With the Apple AirPods 2nd Gen, you’ve got better design, innovative technologies, and possibly the in-ear music experience yet.

The AirPods are equipped with Apple’s H2 processing chip, providing excellent sound clarity. This results in rich high notes and deep bass, regardless of the genre of music you love listening to. Moreover, with next-generation technologies powering Noise Cancellation, the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen even edges out the AirPods Max!

Apple has also included better battery life, a redesigned case with an in-built speaker, and a Precision Finding mechanism. Of course, the Personalized Spatial Audio feature is the best of the lot, with dynamic head tracking to ensure the perfect sound tuning.


Excellent audio processing due to the Apple H2 chip

Superior Noise Cancellation properties

Personalized Spatial Audio feature for a customized listening experience


Still quite expensive

Check out on Amazon

10. Soundcore Anker Life Q20 – Budget Noise Cancellation

The Soundcore brand comes from the house of Anker, which is already a renowned brand, known for producing some of the best iPhone travel accessories. With the Soundcore Anker Life Q20, you’re provided with superb 40mm dynamic drivers that catch higher frequencies of up to 40kHz, resulting in an excellent listening experience.

Moreover, the four built-in ANC microphones ensure that ambient noises are reduced by a significant margin of 90 percent. This ensures that your listening experience isn’t interrupted by any outside noise whatsoever. Furthermore, with Soundcore’s patented BassUp technology, you’ll get stronger bass, which is perfect for genres such as EDM and Hip Hop.

Finally, the headphones come with a 40-Hour non-stop playtime and up to 60 hours on Standard Music mode. It also supports fast charging, providing 4 hours of playback time with just 5 minutes of charge!

Unfortunately, Soundcore hasn’t added anything extraordinary in terms of design. The headphones look quite generic for the price!


Decent noise Cancellation properties on a budget

Up to 60 hours of playback time

Compatible with fast chargers


Quite a generic design

Check out on Amazon

Anti-Theft Backpacks

Security is of utmost importance when you’re traveling. Whether you’re using your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you need to ensure that all your valuable items are kept safe and secure at all times. What better way to ensure security than to have anti-theft backpacks?

11. MARK RYDEN Anti-theft Backpack – The Ultimate iPhone travel accessory

If you’re looking for an anti-theft backpack and don’t mind splurging slightly, you should check out the anti-theft backpack by MARK RYDEN. This backpack comes with a TSA-approved smart, secure lock, which is crafted with high-strength zinc alloy to ensure durability.

Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about space in the backpack either. The backpack’s laptop compartment is large enough to fit a laptop with a 15.6-inch screen. Moreover, the main compartment can fit a significant amount of clothing and peripherals. There are also a few hidden compartments to keep your smaller, valuable items, such as Apple AirPods.

The backpack will also be able to charge your iPhone, thanks to a charging port and cable inside that you can connect to your iPhone whenever required. Lastly, the backpack is waterproof thanks to the Oxford and polyester fabric construction and the high-density nylon lining!

The only major issue with the backpack is the top pocket’s design, which can be slightly cumbersome during use.


TSA-approved smart lock made with zinc alloy

Excellent all-round durability

Plenty of space provided


The top pocket’s design isn’t the best

Check out on Amazon

12. oscaurt Anti-theft backpack – For travel security on a budget

If you can’t afford to spend on the MARK RYDEN backpack, don’t worry. The oscaurt anti-theft backpack provides plenty of similar features and is nearly half the price. This backpack provides a decent amount of durability due to its fabric-based construction, which ensures scratch and water resistance.

Moreover, you’ll find a built-in charging cable inside the backpack for charging your iPhone. There’s a USB port on the outside for charging the backpack itself. You won’t have to worry about space either, as it can easily fit a 15.6-inch laptop with plenty of room to spare for clothing.

However, the charging cable inside the backpack is rather short. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it can be a bit annoying.


Decent design and durability for the price

Enough space to fit in clothing and a 15.6-inch laptop


The built-in charging cable’s length is a bit short

Check out on Amazon

Recovery items

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve lost some item or the other during traveling. It’s a rather frustrating scene, especially if you cannot remember where you misplaced the item. However, one item on this list can be quite helpful in terms of recovery!

13. Apple AirTag – For keeping track of items

The Apple AirTag is one of the best items you can buy to keep track of all your important items. This device uses Ultrawide Band Technology for the Precision Finding system, leading you directly to your item with the AirTag.

There’s also a built-in speaker, which adds an audio element for easier tracking. It’s simple enough to use, is compatible with Siri, and instantly connects with your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, all the information sent on the Find My network is encrypted, thereby keeping your information private and safe at all times.

Unfortunately, this device is only compatible with Apple products and isn’t always 100 percent accurate. However, it will get the job done!


Ultrawide Band Technology for Precision Finding system

Built-in speaker to locate the AirTag easily

All information sent on Find My network is encrypted


Only compatible with Apple products

May not be 100 percent accurate at all times

Check out on Amazon

The takeaway!

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Best Mmorpgs For Mac You Can Play In 2023

With challenging quests, gripping graphics, and edge-of-the-seat battles, MMORPGs for Mac keep you captivated for hours. As the name indicates, massively multiplayer online role-playing games are all about escaping to other worlds where you can connect with thousands of players live across the globe. I love that community aspect and what’s even better is that many are free to play. So, if you’re in the mood to escape to some fantastic virtual worlds, try these best MMORPGs for Mac.

1. World of Warcraft

This is the most successful online multiplayer game ever, and for a good reason too. It has a gripping storyline set in the world of Azeroth, and you can explore it in first or third person views. I love teaming up with other players to complete quests and battling it out in PvP combat. At the same time, you have the option to play solo without interacting with others.

I appreciate how the focus is on growing your character by earning experience points. What makes the game so successful is how every expansion pack brings significant improvements and reinventions that keep players hooked. The latest eighth expansion pack is Shadowlands, and it boasts engaging missions, amazing graphics, and countless fun things to explore.

Price: Free trial up to level 20 and then $14.99 per month.


2. League of Legends

In this free multiplayer role-playing game, two teams of five players battle in PvP combat to defend their half of the map. Each player gets to control a character with distinct abilities, and the objective is to collect experience points to defeat the opponents.

What I love about this game is the realistic graphics and the multiple skills that each character has. There’s an immense amount of attention to detail, which adds complexity to the gameplay and keeps you at the edge of your seat. It’s one of the oldest and most popular PC games that is equally good on Mac.

Price: Free (In-game purchases)


3. Dota 2

Check out this multiplayer online battle arena game in which two teams, each of five players, have to defend a large structure they own while aiming to destroy the enemies. The ten players control one of the game’s 120 heroes.

There’s always something new to explore in Dota, no matter if it’s your 10th hour of play or 1000th. It is frequently updated to ensure a steady stream of new features and exciting gameplay. This game has gained much popularity in the esports arena, too, with teams worldwide playing in regular professional leagues and tournaments.

Price: Free


4. Runescape

The world is divided into various kingdoms, regions, and cities, which you can travel across by several methods such as walking, magical spells, ships, and more. Along the way, you’ll meet unique monsters and complete quests to progress in the game.

Price: Free ($9.49 monthly subscription)


5. Final Fantasy XIV

Welcome to the land of Eorzea. Do you have what it takes to save it from invasion by the Garlean Empire and other threats? You can play as one of five races that each have their unique features. You can take your pick from over 15 combat classes and 10 professions.

The storyline is enticing and profound, designed to keep you exploring for hours. Although it takes some time to really get into the interesting bits, you’ll be glad that you stuck with it. Once you get good at it, the game has ‘savage’ and ‘ultimate’ difficulty raids to challenge you.

Price: $19.99 for the base game


6. Dungeons and Dragons

Another classic, this one’s among the first online games I played, and even after all these years, it still holds up in the thrills quotient. The game witnessed a rise in popularity after featuring in the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things.’ (Fun fact: This game was also featured plenty of times in The Big Bang Theory).

I enjoy how it differs from other MMORPGs by letting you create your own character instead of a military formation. Further, the dungeon master serves as a storyteller and referee, which keeps things interesting. There are plenty of challenges to solve and battles to win in this immersive game.

Price: Free


7. Second Life

This one is much more than a game but rather, as the name suggests, a whole different virtual existence. You can live out your dream life in this massively multiplayer online phenomenon that’s been around since 2003 but still offers something unique.

I love Second Life because there is no conflict as such or a specific mission to accomplish. Instead, you can explore your creativity and imagination by building up your character and pursuing whatever you find interesting. This includes things like playing mini-games within the Second Life universe, enjoying live music, setting up a business and earning real-life cash, connecting with interesting people from across the globe, and much more.

Price: Free


8. War Thunder

Check out this thrilling combat game that’s all about World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fascinating fleets. It offers a massive selection of planes, tanks, and even navy vessels from various countries, including the U.S, Germany, Soviet Union, Japan, and more.

If you enjoy war games, I’m sure you’ll get immersed in the raw and real mid-20th-century combat. There are full-scale PvP battles, numerous solo missions, and cooperative multiplayer modes that are all worth trying out. It scores big on realistic graphics and fast-paced action.

Price: Free (premium accounts starting at $7.49 for 20 days)


9. Trove

I love how you can craft anything you want to use in the game, including entire worlds. You can do this solo or join hands with friends for that community vibe.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


Enjoy the top MMORPG for Mac!

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Mehak has a master’s degree in communication and over ten years of writing experience. Her passion for technology and Apple products led her to iGeeksBlog, where she specializes in writing product roundups and app recommendations for fellow Apple users. When not typing away on her MacBook Pro, she loves being lost in a book or out exploring the world.

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