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GIF Recorders are applications that enable you to seamlessly capture Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) files. You can use these programs to record videos, animations, and much more on your computer screen to GIF format. These tools also help you to save your time in capturing and editing snapshots.

Following is a handpicked list of Top GIF Recorders with their pros, cons, and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

BEST GIF Recorder Software

Adobe Express is application that allows you to make or edit clear, smooth, and fast animated GIFs. This tool will enable you to make GIF from images, camera, animated GIF, and screen record. The interface of this app is friendly and easy to use. You can visit the below GIF free download link to get this app.


You can transform video to GIF.

It enables you to combine more than one image to one GIF.

Allows you to record video from the camera.

The mobile screen can be recorded and convert to GIF.

Make/Edit GIF with high speed, high quality.

It helps you to crop, speed, resize, and more.

You can add stickers to GIF.

This GIF maker can be used to add handwriting text.

Supports more than 400 images.

Supported platform: Windows, macOS

Canva is gif-making software that helps you to create designs with your team. You can use it to add stickers to your picture. This tool helps you to add a transparency effect to any photo.


It helps you to make your GIF by designing from scratch to visualize your content idea.

Allows you to animate your design.

Enables you to share with your friends and family online.

It helps you to drag-and-drop elements.

Snagit is an application that enables you to capture GIFs from a video. It allows you to select the portion of clips to be appeared in the GIF. You can use this software to customize different Graphics Interchange Format files in the way you want.

Pros Cons

It can quickly capture the screen of your desktop. You have to use your email account to work with Snagit.

You can easily toggle between screen recording and webcam during the video.

It offers basic editing tools like crop, stamp, resize, etc.

Easy GIF Animator is one of the best gif market application for creating animated pictures, banners, buttons and GIF videos. You will get wide range of animation editing features, animation effects, unmatched image quality and optimization for the web.


You can easily create animated banners, buttons, cartoons, and pictures.

It helps you to modify animation frames or draw new pictures

It enables you to create animated GIF files from video file fragments.

It provides visual effects like sparkles, zoom, rotate etc.

CloudApp is one of the best online GIF creator applications that can quickly record your screen into a GIF file format. This app allows you to share your GIF file with a customer or with your team. This tool allows you to capture and save your GIF file to the cloud.

Pros Cons

This GIF recorder enables you to easily capture a screenshot. It does not allow you to set a predefined area to record GIF.

It provides good customer support.

It helps you to save your time in editing snapshots.

You can store all your GIFs on the server for a long time.

Filmora Meme Generator is an online application that enables you to make GIF with no hassle. This application also allows you to add a text caption to your GIF file. It is connected with the Wondershare suite to provide the best features to the users.

Pros Cons

This application is free. This software is leggy.

Filmora Meme Generator does not add logo to your GIF.

It is user-friendly.

You do not require registration for using it.

Icecream Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool that allows you to record any area of your computer screen to make a GIF file. This tool helps you to record video tutorials, apps and games, live streams, Skype calls, webinars, and more.

Pros Cons

It allows you to choose output quality. Audio quality is not so smooth.

You can select the area of the screen or record the full screen.

It helps you to record screen with webcam overlay.

You can add text, shapes, and arrows to your screen recording.

This application enables you to add a logo to your screen recording and GIFs.

Aiseesoft is a GIF recorder tool that helps you to capture your screen with minimal effort. You can save the recorded videos in various formats like GIF, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.

Pros Cons

You can select either full screen or customized screen size. Lack of video editing tools.

This application enables you to add text to your GIF video recording.

You can customize shortcut keys.

Supports languages: English, German, French, and Japanese.

AceThinker is one of the best free GIF recorders for PC that enables you to record and save different activities on your computer screen. It has various screen recording modes that help you to screencast specific regions around the mouse cursor or full screen.

Pros Cons

You can annotate a video. You cannot capture a screenshot while recording.

This GIF recorder Enables you to schedule recording tasks.

Numerous modes for capturing videos.

Movavi Screen Capture is a lightweight GIF recording tool that is used for video streaming, capturing video calls, etc. This GIF recorder tool allows you to capture full HD videos at 60 frames per sound.

Pros Cons

You can set frame rate and volume. This application cannot be used for Linux.

It allows you to store GIFs to Google Drive, Movavi Cloud, or YouTube.

You can record from any source, including mic, system sounds, and webcam.

11) Giphy

Pros Cons

You can trim down a specific frame. Search bar is not accurate.

It allows you to capture a GIF file up to 30 seconds long.

You can easily adjust the frame rate as per your need.

It can show a preview of the GIF file before saving.

Provides user friendly interface.

12) Gyazo

Gyazo is a tool that enables you to record your computer screen to make GIFs. It allows you to capture animation and action in less time. This GIF recorder application can be used to get replays in HD.

Pros Cons

You can share GIF seamlessly with other people. It offers few editing options.

This GIF screen recorder provides good customer support.

13) Screentogif

Screentogif is an open-source screen recorder tool for creating GIFs. It allows you to use shortcut keys to start and stop video capturing. This application has a built-in editor that helps you to make changes in video clips with ease.

Pros Cons

This GIF recorder has the ability to export multiple files. Difficulty in editing the video.

You can download this application for free.

How to record a GIF?

Recording your GIF on Windows using Snagit is simple as capturing a screenshot. Here are the steps on how to record a GIF:

Step 1) Download and install Snagit software on your computer

Step 2) Opening the Capture window

Step 3) Perform the following steps to record your current computer screen:


This will record your video of the selected screen. It will also record your mouse movement.


GIF is a series of images or soundless video that can loop constantly without pressing the play button. The full form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format. If you’re interested in creating your own GIFs, you might want to check out this list of the best GIF makers available online.

Following are some of the best GIF Recorder tools:

Adobe Express



Easy GIF Animator


Filmora Meme Generator

GIF is a graphics interchange format which is basically animated by combining several images into a single file. This format supports 8 bits per pixel for all the images. GIF also supports animations and provides a separate 256 color palette.

Here are the common features of GIF Maker:

You can create funny videos with friends.

Provides various templates like cartoons, banners, previews, and more.

This application enables you to make a cycle of images.

It offers an intuitive user interface.

It helps you to edit any GIF image with ease.

You can easily drag and drop images and GIFs.

BEST GIF Recorder Software

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Best Gif Maker Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Photos might be useful to preserve moments for the future, but adding life to them by creating GIF and sharing it with loved ones is the present. While there is a wide range of GIF-making apps in the App Store, it gets challenging to find the best one to do our task. Acknowledging the same, I thought of listing some of the best GIF maker apps for iPhone and iPad. I hope this makes it easy for you. Keep scrolling to learn about them.

1. GIF Keyboard

The Tenor’s GIF Keyboard app for iPhone is loaded with unmatched features and ease of accessibility. You can surf through the available GIFs or create one to match your expressions exactly. It offers you a similar browsing experience as any other keyboard. Some notable app features include unmatched customization capabilities, mark a GIF as a favorite to keep it handy, Single-tap copy to clipboard, compatible with all messengers, etc.

Price: Free


2. GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine

The GIPHY iOS app has an average rating of 4.8 stars submitted by over 326 thousand users. This should perhaps well-narrate the perfection with which the app is crafted. One of the best features that the app comes with is Auto-Play on/off switch to avoid low connectivity instances. It lets you search, explore, and create ‘n’ number of GIF with utmost ease and customization options.

Price: Free


3. Tumblr

This one doesn’t need any special introduction. The application has a huge fan base for its features and ease of accessibility. It comes with a host of features to share your artwork through GIFs in the most intriguing manner across major platforms. It offers your range of customization options to be yourself, including colors, fonts, layouts, etc. You’d surely fall in love with its photo, video, and GIF creator tools.

Price: Free


4. GIF Maker – ImgPlay

The GIF Maker – ImgPlay iOS app has earned quite a good reputation among the audience since its launch. This can be well-noticed looking at its average rating of 4.8 stars by over 28,000 users. It lets you create GIFs using burst photos, live videos, slide-show, and numerous partial video and GIF editing features. Also, it comes with four camera modes, namely, Hands-Free, Normal, Boomerang, and Stop-Motion. This further allows you to personalize your GIF to a more considerable extent.

Price: Free (Unlock New Features – $1.99)


5. 5SecondsApp –  Animated GIFs

The app allows you to create animated GIFs and share them as an attachment or a link with your friends and colleagues. And this can be done using your existing photos and videos or capturing a fresh from within the application. Besides, you can edit a GIF with numerous available options. Also, the app lets you upload and edit other GIFs by importing them from other sources. And all this can be done through an easy to use interface that doesn’t force you to connect your social media handle.

Price: Free (10 Second GIF Upgrade and No Ads! – $1.99)


6. Video to GIF – GIF Maker

The application comes with an inbuilt feature to convert your videos to GIF in a few simple steps. You have the option to either convert your prevailing videos to GIF or create using a fresh video. Not just this, you can also do this using a video available on YouTube. To do so, enter the video URL ending with .mp4, and the app will do the rest. You can share created GIFs with friends on all major platforms as an attachment, or even share the link.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – $1.99)


7. GIF Toaster – GIF Maker

Using the GIF Toaster iOS app, you can make your photos, burst photos, videos, and live photos into exciting GIFs. The app supports all media formats, eventually giving you a broader horizon to create and edit GIFs using a simple interface and easy-to-learn controls. You can also share the created GIFs on all significant platforms, either as an attachment or a link. The app has both free and pro versions to use, with the latter giving you additional features.

Price: Free (Purchase Pro Version – $1.99)


Top GIF Creator Apps for iPhone or iPad to Make Animated GIFs

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9 Best Public Speaking Apps For Android & Ios

9 Best Public Speaking Apps for Android & iOS

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9 Best Public Speaking Apps for Android and iOS

Public speaking apps for Android and iOS prove to be the most beneficial tools to boost your confidence. It provides a great platform to practice for your speeches and improve conversation skills.

1. Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Price – Free

Android Compatibility – 5.0 and above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 10.0 or above

One of the quickest ways to improve public speaking is to transcribe a verbatim voice recording. This means,  by recording your voice and speech, you can know where you are going wrong and what modifications you can make to improve yourself. And, that’s exactly where Rev Audio & Voice Recorder helps. Once you record your voice with Rev Voice Recorder, you’ll have an exact human transcription of it delivered directly to your mailbox. The app will help you quickly enhance your public speaking.

Key Features:

High-quality recording and playback engine that ensures crystal clear recording.

Simple and easy-to-understand user interface

Get automated transcription with 90%+ accuracy using industry leading AI.

One-tap process for transcribing

Download Rev Audio & Voice Recorder on Android

Download Rev Audio & Voice Recorder on iOS

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2. Orai

Price – Free

Vendor – Orai App

Android Compatibility – 6.0 and above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Orai is another widely popular app that will help you to improve public speaking skills with confidence. Majority of people can’t afford a professional public speaking coach. But Orai’s voice recognition technology can be just as useful. It offers  lessons  to improve your speech pace, clarity, confidence, facial expressions, filler words , conciseness, and more!

Key Features:

Script mode to help you practice a prepared speech.

Freestyle mode to practice speeches anytime and anywhere.

Share your recording and transcript as and when they are needed with friends and colleagues.

Audio recording with playback and clear vocal clarity.

Detailed performance tracking and micro-lessons on public speaking.

Download Orai for Android

Download Orai for iOS

3. Metronome Beats

Price – Free

Vendor – Stonekick

Android Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 13.0 or above

Maintaining pace while speaking has a vital importance in delivering an effective public speech. And,Metronome App provides the most efficient ways to train yourself for it. . It’s a free interactive public speaking app that allows you to speed-train yourself with a drum machine designed by musicians. It will also help you to maintain an active pace while giving a speech. You can improve conversation skills with a  specific tempo on Metronome Beats.

Key Features:

Drum machine beats for speed and pace training.

Adaptive layout for larger devices.

Varying tempo beats for effective training.

Timer that allows you to stop the metronome after a certain number of bars.

Download Metronome Beats for Android

Download Metronome Beats for iOS


Price – Free

Vendor – ELSA Speak

Android Compatibility – Android 5.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Although some of us don’t have trouble speaking English, fluency and pronunciation can occasionally be a challenge. It can significantly affect your speech and overall session. That’s exactly where ELSA helps a lot. It assists you in getting your pronunciation and fluency right with AI equipped with exclusive voice recognition features. It is voted as Top 5 apps to practice conversation skills in the World.

Key Features:

Real-time speech recognition to give feedback on pronunciation and fluency.

3000+ lessons of English conversation.

Easy-to-use tool to improve your English-speaking skills.

Bite-sized lessons to improve an accent.

Download ELSA for Android

Download ELSA for iOS

5. Voice Analyst

Price – ‎$14.99

Vendor – ESpeechtools Ltd

Android Compatibility – Android 4.1 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Apart from maintaining a pace, pitch is another vital component that affects your speech. You can easily control it by analyzing your voice with the Voice Analyst app. The app has cutting-edge features that enable you to test pitch identification, which examines your volume with the in-built pitch recognition algorithms between 60Hz and 2kHz.

Key Features:

Voice recording in real-time.

Analyze your voice for minimum, maximum, average, and range for pitch and volume.

Enables you to set minimum and maximum targets for pitch and volume.

Share your recordings and statistics via message, email, AirDrop, and more/

Analyze every recording in detail by zooming.

Download Voice Analyst for Android

Download Voice Analyst for iOS

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6. Activate Your Voice

Price – ‎$0.99

Vendor – Elaine Clark

Android Compatibility – Android 5.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 8.0 or above

Activate Your Voice is a perfect tool to improve your speaking skills. It’s a professional speech warm-up app, which is fast, effective, and useful. The app helps you exercise for your upcoming speech, strengthen your speaking voice, improve enunciation, and enhance breath support. It aims to help you deliver a public speaking session with more authority, clarity, confidence, and conviction. You can use it anytime and anywhere to practice conversation skills.

Key Features:

Easy to use & interactive UI.

Helps you exercise and improve diction, breath support, projection, and pitch.

Provides clear and simple instructions that help you at every step.

5-minute exercise to improve your speaking skills.

Download Activate Your Voice for Android.

Download Activate Your Voice for iOS

7. Promptsmart Pro

Price – ‎Free

Vendor – PromptSmart

Android Compatibility – Android 4.4 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or above

PromptSmart is another public speaking way that offers a great way to improve communication skills. It is designed with a VoiceTrack speech recognition feature that automatically follows a speaker’s voice in real time. This helps in making media broadcasting and video production more efficient. To improve conversation skills, the app is designed with cutting-edge features like video recording, mirroring, and the Remote-Control Android app. It also features the iCast web editing platform that is significantly useful for remote working and collaboration among teams.

Key Features:

VoiceTrack that follows your voice as you speak.

Works with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox to import scripts in bulk.

Side-Margin Adjustment that center-aligns your text in the presentation screen.

Split-Screen Multitasking.

Video and audio recording (upgrade required).

Supports docx, .rtf, .txt, or Google doc files.

Download PromptSmart for Android

Download PromptSmart for iOS

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8. Speeko

Price – $11.99 per month After trial

Vendor – SPEEKO Tech, LLC

Android Compatibility – In-launch

iOS Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or above

Key Features:

Cutting-edge feature that tells if your speech is inclusive or exclusive.

Help you learn core speaking techniques.

Voice recorder to practice speech.

Personalized feedback for improvement.

Record and practice for upcoming presentation, meeting, interview or random speaking sessions.

Download Speeko for Android

Download Speeko for iOS

9. Speakometer- Accent Training

Price – Free

Vendor – Datawide

Android Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 13.0 or above

Clear pronunciation is necessary for delivering fluent English dialogues. The app grades your speaking and provides recommendations on how to improve it using a state-of-the-art AI algorithm. You will learn spellings and comparisons to other sounds. It allows you to practice conversation skills and master pronunciation with this accent training app.

Key Features:

AI Language learning app.

English pronunciation practices.

Reduce accent and correct mispronunciations.

English IPA chart to improve your English pronunciation.

Download Speakometer- Accent Training for Android

Download Speakometer- Accent Training for IOS

Final Takeaways,

Public speaking is a relatively difficult but indeed an important skill to develop for your personal and professional life. As terrifying as it is, it can still be mastered like any other skill. All thanks to the variety of public speaking apps for iOS and Android that are available on official app stores. All the aforementioned apps are easy to use, effective, and help you master public speaking skills with ease and confidence.

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9 Best Resume Maker Apps For Android & Iphone

9 Best Resume Maker Apps For Android & iPhone Best Resume Builder Apps To Make A Good First Impression (2023)

Stand out from the competition by building a quality CV that focuses on your strengths & accomplishments.

1. LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder

Download for Android & iPhone

LinkedIn is one of the best resume maker apps to create an excellent CV for your next job application. Besides this, it also facilitates networking. The “business” social network keeps you updated with like-minded people in the industry. You can create a virtual resume, build a network, receive recommendations, and look for intriguing jobs. Like Facebook, LinkedIn provides a feed that shows the latest updates and news from the individuals in your network. You can also view which prospective employers saw your profile. You can also join numerous LinkedIn groups to stay abreast of recent news and job vacancies.

2. CV Engineer

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Download for Android & iPhone

The CV Engineer app provides a quick and accessible method for creating a resume on a mobile. With the help of several resume samples, templates, and expert tips, you can create the perfect CV to amaze your employers. It is comparable to the most excellent resume-building websites. You only need to choose a style and fill in your information. The samples offered in each step simplify the process of constructing a CV. After making your PDF resume, one can store it via Google Drive or email. This CV creator also provides relevant interview questions with instant answers to assist you in the journey of preparing for interviews.

3. Resume Star: Pro CV Maker

Price: Free (Standard Purchase – $5.99)

Download for Android & iPhone

4. Microsoft Word

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Download for Android & iPhone

Microsoft Word is the ideal option if you are seeking a familiar application to create your resume. A variety of Word templates are available to assist you in building a professional-looking CV, that will help you land your dream job. It features rich formatting and layout options to express your achievements in the best possible manner. Once you’re done, the resume can be exported in multiple forms, notably PDF, which is ideal for sharing. You can also construct a resume from scratch tailored to your experience & style.

5. Resume Builder by Nobody

Price: Free (Standard Purchase – $5.99)

Download for iPhone

This resume maker app eradicates the hassle of building CVs from scratch. You can easily format the data and text using predefined styles. The Resume Builder app enables you to construct a professional CV quickly with over 50 CV layouts accessible in 15 colors. The selection is vivid, so it can be challenging for you to select the ideal one. The app also contains Live Preview, AR Preview, Customizable Editor, & PDF Export among other beautiful features. With Cloud Storage capability, you can edit your resume on your iPad/iPhone & Android according to your whim.

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6. Resume Builder – CV Designer

Price: Free (Stop Ads – $1.99)

Download for iPhone

It is a simple and precise tool that allows you to design a CV on the go. There is a prepared template with areas such as Experience, Skills, Objectives, and similar headers that you need to fill in with your information. Additionally, you can construct your divisions manually, as per your needs and requirements. You can also include an events page to record notable events chronologically. Once complete, the CV can be emailed or printed directly from the app. Overall, it’s an excellent application for quickly making attractive documents!

7. Resume Builder, Resume Creator

Price: Free (Standard Purchase – $5.99)

Download for iPhone

The application “Resume Builder” is a top-notch choice, enabling you to produce an eye-catching CV with little effort. Choose from a wide range of pre-defined templates available to you, so your resume can win the competition. Depending on the particular requirements, you might add new parts or rearrange the ones you already have. After you have generated your resume, you will be allowed to preview your CV to check that it matches the current industry standards.

8. Quick Resume

Price: Free (Stop Ads – $1.99)

Download for Android & iPhone

The “Quick Resume” app makes writing a CV an effortless process. It provides all of the required information and will generate a CV that has been tried and tested. You have the total freedom to rearrange the sections & add your module in any way that best suits your requirements. You can convert your curriculum vitae (CV) into the appropriate PDF file with the help of seven different PDF resume styles. The user experience is improved because of the intuitive user interface and support for 3D Touch.

9. Resume Builder+ Professional

Price: Free (Resume Three-Pack – $1.99)

Download for iPhone


We anticipate hearing your thoughts on them. Please let us know if you know of any other CV maker apps that deserve to be included in this list!


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9 Best Hard Disk Partition Manager Tools For Mac

9 Best Hard Disk Partition Manager Tools For Mac To Use In 2023 Reviewing 9 Best Paid & Free Mac Partition Manager With Their Features, Pros, Cons & Pricing Models! But, Then What’s The Need For A Third-Party macOS Partition Manager?

Disk utility offers limited functionality when managing different file systems such as APFS and HFS+

You might not be able to manage partitions for separate operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Windows

There are partition issues where Disk Utility might not be helpful

Can’t resize the boot camp partition to free up your Mac’s disk space

When the need arises to restore a lost partition

Here Are The 9 Best Partition Managers for Mac 2023

The list contains the top 9 partition management tools that are highly compatible with the latest and older macOS versions.

1.  Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later (Intel only)

Pricing Model: $39.95

Trial Period: Not Available

Latest Version: 1.3.873

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac is a renowned Mac partition software that doesn’t just help you manage the various partitions on your Mac but even provides you recovery features. This way in all circumstances your data is secured. Its powerful security mechanisms certainly make it one of the best partition manager tools for Mac to use in 2023.


Redistribute unused space

Resize partitions easily

Recover accidentally deleted or lost partitions

Easily convert between MBR, GPT, or MBR+GPT in a non-destructive format

Perform several other functions such as set partition to inactive or active, mount/ unmount the partition, or change identifier

The estimated time for calculating cloning a hard drive is not shown properly

2.  Partition Magic Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.06 or later

Pricing Model: Free

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 8.0


Create, modify, resize and merge partitions. To do all this, you needn’t format partition

Preview partitioned hard drive with this hard disk partition manager for Mac.

Recover deleted partitions

Effectively separate storage spaces on your hard drive without causing any harm to the data

Automate your partitioning tasks. The tool converts one file system in the partition to another with no data loss

Easily specify the name and size of the volume you want to create


A beginner user might take some time to get frequented with the interface

Some operations are time-consuming.

Download Partition Magic Mac

3.  GParted (GNOME Partition Editor)

Compatibility: OS X 10.06 or later

Pricing Model: Free

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 8.0

It is an open-source and free partition tool for Mac. It helps in creating partitions on your Mac in a manner that has no data loss. With this partition manager for Mac, you can create, label, check and delete partitions with utmost ease. It also supports formatting to lots of different file systems and more.


Free of cost open-source hard disk partition manager for Mac.

Set new UUID

Resize partitions or even move them

Repair damaged partition types

Manipulate file systems such as NTFS, XFS, HFS/ HFS+, FAT16/ FAT32, exFAT, and many others


Dated interface

Can only be used from a bootable USB

Download GParted (GNOME Partition Editor)

4.  Disk Drill for Mac

Compatibility: macOS 10.11.6 or later (Universal Binary)

Pricing Model: Free, $89 for Pro Version, $499 for Enterprise

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 4.6.380

One of the aspects of managing partitions on Mac is dealing with partitions that may have become corrupted or have disappeared altogether. In such a scenario, it also becomes a big task to recover files on that partition. Disk Drill is one of the leading partitioning tools for Mac & it excels in recovering deleted partitions as well.


Best-in-class interface

Preview files lost from partitions

Recovers partitions lost during OS update, partitioning error, wrong operation, power outage, malware, or any other reason

You can even recover partitions that have no file system


Disk Drill is focused more on partition recovery.

cannot merge, create, edit or do other partition management functions.

Download Disk Drill for Mac

5.  iPartition for Mac

Compatibility: macOS 10.11.6 or later (Universal Binary)

Pricing Model: Free, $89 for Pro Version, $499 for Enterprise

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 4.6.380


Supports both internal and external Mac hard disks and file systems such as HFS, FAT HFS+, and NTFS

Partitioning with iPartition is as simple as selecting a partition, grabbing the resize handle, and dragging to increase or decrease the size of the partition

Have several operations pertaining to partition management? You can queue them up

Edit partition type directly with this hard disk partition manager for Mac.

You can move partitions accurately anywhere on the disk


APFS file system might not be supported

Can pose issues with the latest macOS versions

Download iPartition for Mac

6. Stellar Partition Manager

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (PPC & Intel)

Pricing Model: $39.00

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version:

As a Mac partition tool, Stellar Partition Manager does a pretty decent job. This Mac partition software can resize, create, format, and even hide partitions on Mac. It comprises several features such as creating a new partition, resizing an existing one, hiding, deleting, mounting partitions, etc. All these robust functionalities make it a top-notch partition manager for Mac to use in 2023.


This Partition Manager Tool for Mac comes with a modern & easy to use interface.

Resizing boot camp partition is made simple with Stellar Partition Manager

If you are sharing a Mac with other users, you can hide partitions. This way you can prevent others from accessing it or accidentally deleting data

Ability to create a bootable media with Stellar Partition Manager

You can partition all kinds of macOS drives, internal, external, and even SSDs


May have issues functioning with some latest versions of Mac

Download Stellar Partition Manager

7.  Disk Utility

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 & later

Pricing Model: Free Partition Management Tool

Trial Period: –

Disk Utility is Mac’s  inbuilt hard disk manager for Mac, packed with lots of useful functionalities such as Partitioning, Formatting, Shrinking, Extending, Deleting, Hiding partitions, Changing disk’s name and more. Observing its excellent functionalities, it would not be wrong to say that it certainly eliminates the need to have another macOS partition manager. Using this hard disk partition manager tool for Mac, you can quickly fix all the potential disk-related issues and enjoy tons of other capabilities.


Free to use, comes in-built into your macOS

Adding, deleting, and resizing normal hard drive partitions won’t pose any issues

Comprehensive pie-chart graphical interpretation of how much space is consumed

Comes with a S.M.A.R.T status check capability that can help you monitor the health of your hard drive.


Resizing boot camp partition is not possible

Selectively partitioning the problematic area on an external hard disk

Download Disk Utility

8. VolumeWorks 

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 & later

Pricing Model: Free Partition Manager

Trial Period: –

Latest Version: 2.2.5


Ability to shift partitions accordingly.

Solid customer support.

Easy-to-use dashboard and navigation experience.

Receives frequent updates.

For newbies, it’s a perfect partition manager for Mac.


Consumes a significant number of resources.

Download VolumeWorks

9. Parted Magic

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel Only)

Pricing Model: Free

Trial Period: –

Latest Versions: 2.1.1

Last but not least in consideration, Parted Magic for Mac is a fantastic software that efficiently manages partitions on Mac hard drives without causing any data loss. The application can assign a considerable amount of space to a volume or increase the partition hard drive for Mac so that you can easily store & manage personal & professional assets.


Known for safely creating a new partition of any type on Mac.

Allows you to rescue files from devices with disk read errors.

Capable of efficient disk cloning.

Comes with easy-to-use solutions for conventional overwrite.


Requires frequent updates to enhance user

Download Parted Magic

Wrapping Up Our List Of Best Hard Disk Partition Manager Tool For Mac (2023)

Since you’re here, would you mind taking out a moment and checking out our YouTube channel? We cover trending tech-related topics, tips, tricks, hacks, news updates, and more.


How Do I Manage Partitions On Mac?

Well, you can take the help of reliable Mac partition manager tools like Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Partition Magic Mac to easily create, copy, move, delete, resize, backup, and more.


Does Mac Have Disk Management?

Yes, Mac includes built-in disk management and partition manager tool – Disk Utility that provides a powerful set of functionalities to easily wipe, repair, restore, and copy drives without any hassles.


How Do You Switch Between Partitions On Mac?

If you want to easily switch between partitions on a MacBook, all you need to do is press the Option key while it’s on the blank white boot screen. In a fraction of seconds, your MacBook should display two partitions on the screen. Further, you can use the arrow keys to choose a partition and simply hit the Enter button to boot to it.

If you want to easily switch between partitions on a MacBook, all you need to do is press the Option key while it’s on the blank white boot screen. In a fraction of seconds, your MacBook should display two partitions on the screen. Further, you can use the arrow keys to choose a partition and simply hit the Enter button to boot to it.

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9 Best Selfie Sticks For Your Iphone In 2023

The selfie stick is a polarizing tool in the modern world. Some people love the functionality they offer. Others are unsure about their utility. Regardless, using selfie sticks for photography can provide extra benefits. If you need one, I’ve curated a list of the best selfie sticks for iPhone that suits your requirements!

Let’s take a look at the entries.

1. Bluehorn aluminum alloy selfie stick – Editor’s choice

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 6 and later

Height: 8.1″ – 40″

Weight: 10.4oz

If you’re looking for a selfie stick with range, durability, and stability, this selfie stick for iPhone by Bluehorn is exactly what you need. It allows you to use the selfie stick as an iPhone tripod, unfolding the legs and setting it up on a flat surface. If you want to use it as a selfie stick, you can fold back the legs and extend the stick up to 40 inches!

The ball head at the top of the stick works as a pivot to set your phone. Thanks to the swiveling movement, you can move your phone’s camera in whichever direction you please. This is particularly useful if you’re a photographer, as you can take more creative shots.

The selfie stick also comes with a Bluetooth remote, meaning you don’t always have to be near your phone to operate its camera. However, extending the column will reduce the stability, negating the tripod form completely. In fact, mounting the phone in an extended form can make it unstable.



Extends up to 40 inches

Good Bluetooth remote operation

Swiveling ball head mount provides more flexibility


Might be unstable with heavier phones

Check out on Amazon

2. Fugetek professional selfie stick + tripod – Decent build quality

Compatible iPhones: All iPhones

Height: 19″ – 51″

Weight: 16.1oz

When buying a selfie stick for iPhone, build quality becomes an important aspect. After all, you need the stick to last through the possible bumps and drops it might be subjected to.

With Fugetek’s selfie stick, you get a sturdy aluminum frame that doesn’t add too much bulk to the stick either. This combines to provide a durable yet lightweight selfie stick that won’t give way easily under pressure.

Additionally, you can extend the range of the selfie stick up to 51 inches, ensuring that you get those ultra-wide and panoramic shots with immaculate ease. Besides, you can also set up the selfie stick as a tripod for excellent static shots or time-lapses. There’s also the provision to use a Bluetooth remote.

However, the remote’s quality isn’t all that great. The remote’s plastic construction makes it feel a bit on the cheaper side.


Extends up to 51 inches

Excellent construction


Works as a tripod


Remote control’s build quality could’ve been better


Check out on Amazon

3. ATUMTEK 3-in-1 selfie stick – Portability champion

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 6 and above (except for iPhone 13 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max)

Height: 7.7″ – 31.3″

Weight: 4.9oz

Not all selfie sticks for iPhone are made equal. Usually, when you’re getting a selfie stick that’s durable or has plenty of features, you often have to compromise on portability. However, you don’t have to make that compromise with this selfie stick from ATUMTEK.

The selfie stick’s folded length comes in at 7.7 inches, and you can extend it up to 31.3 inches. Moreover, the extension is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy to ensure good build quality. You can also unfold the legs at the bottom of the selfie stick to turn it into a short tripod for maximum stability.

Furthermore, the selfie stick comes with a universal Bluetooth remote with a rechargeable battery. The selfie stick is also compatible with many iPhone models, starting from iPhone 6. Unfortunately, the swiveling mount at the top of the selfie stick seems fragile.


Small form factor for easier carrying

Decent design

Aviation-grade aluminum alloy lends durability


Swiveling mount has a subpar build quality

Doesn’t support (iPhone 12 and 13) Pro Max models

Check out on Amazon

4. BZE selfie stick – Versatile

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 6 and above with widths up to 4.13″

Height: 8.07″ – 40″

Weight: 8.28oz

This selfie stick from BZE provides a few usage options. It can function as a selfie stick, a stand-alone tripod, and a Phone Tripod mode.

There’s also a wireless remote control that you can use for hands-free selfies and photography. The manufacturers have also ensured you get decent build quality with high-grade aluminum alloy and lightweight ABS materials. This makes the selfie stick lightweight without compromising on quality.

Lastly, the phone holder is 360° rotatable, making it perfect for broadcasting. The only major gripe is that the tripod mode isn’t stable when used on slightly uneven surfaces.


3-in-1 operation

Lightweight design

360° rotatable phone holder


Tripod mode isn’t meant for uneven surfaces

Check out on Amazon

5. Yoozon selfie stick and tripod – Lightweight and compact

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 8 and above

Height: 7.05″ – 25.2″

Weight: 4oz

When you’re a content creator, you need your selfie stick to be versatile enough for multiple attachments. This selfie stick for iPhone from Yoozon ensures that you get a cold shoe that can hold varying attachments, based on the requirements.

It’s a small selfie stick, coming in at 7.05 inches, making it easy to fit into a medium-sized purse. Additionally, the cold shoe design allows attachments such as fill lights and microphones. This makes it ideal for blogging as well.

You can also change the phone’s orientation based on your needs, thanks to the 360° rotatable mount. For more convenience, this selfie stick comes with a remote control that works from up to 10m. Of course, you can also turn it into a tripod phone holder!

There’s a caveat, though. The stick doesn’t operate well when holding large phones.


Can hold many attachments


360° rotatable mount

Can turn into a tripod phone holder

Extremely lightweight


Doesn’t function well with large phones

Check out on Amazon

6. Vproof selfie stick – Resistant to scratches and oxidation

Compatible iPhones: iPhone XS and later

Height: 6.5″ – 26″

Weight: 4.16oz

Heavy selfie sticks for iPhone can be problematic, especially if you’re planning on using them extensively. For a lightweight option, try this selfie stick from Vproof.

The stick is comparatively lightweight, coming in at 4.16oz (0.26 pounds). Moreover, it can extend from 6.5 inches to 26 inches for ultra-wide shots.

Another reason to buy this selfie stick would be its build quality. The stick is made from top-notch aluminum alloy treated with an anode surface technology to make it anti-oxidation and resistant to scratches.

However, the product faces some issues when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity.



Aluminum alloy construction for decent build quality

Resistant to scratches and oxidation


Bluetooth connectivity isn’t the best

Check out on Amazon

7. TEXLAR iPhone selfie stick- Excellent tripod

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 7 and above

Height: 8″ – 48″

Weight: 8.5oz

With the TEXLAR iPhone selfie stick, you get a good product that functions even better when it’s turned into a tripod.

Make no mistake – the selfie stick still performs its functions well. However, the strong base and the foldable legs provide a better tripod mode. This doesn’t imply that you can’t use it as a natural selfie stick. In fact, it extends from 8 inches to a total of 48 inches!

The stick is constructed with aluminum and ABS materials and features a 360° handle, increasing the number of shot types you can capture with your phone. Additionally, there’s a Bluetooth remote control attached to the selfie stick for operating it from a distance.

Unfortunately, the selfie stick isn’t great for people with large hands as the handle is shorter.


Works great as a tripod

Good extension range

High-quality materials


Handle length is surprisingly short

Check out on Amazon

8. SelfieShow selfie stick – Good for casual photography

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 8 Plus and later

Height: 7.6″ – 40″

Weight: 5.29oz

If you don’t want a professional-level selfie stick loaded with features, but one that performs the fundamentals well, check out this product from SelfieShow.

The selfie stick has a rotating head that can move up to 245° for some acute-angled and detailed photography. Additionally, it comes with a tripod base and wireless remote for hands-free photography. The selfie stick is lengthy, too, extending up to 40 inches from a base height of 7.6 inches.

Overall, this makes it perfect for someone who wants to dabble in casual photography. Its fundamentals are well-defined without burdening the user with too many details. However, the build quality isn’t the best for its price.


Performs the basics well

Tripod base provided

Comes with a Bluetooth remote


Subpar build quality

Check out on Amazon

9. Tupwoon selfie stick + tripod with fill light – Best for tight budgets

Compatible iPhones: iPhone XS and later

Height: 7.6″ – 42.1″

Weight: 5.92oz

What if you’re a newbie who wants a selfie stick to try for the first time? Well, the Tupwoon selfie stick for iPhone will be your best friend.

The selfie stick has all the base features you’d expect in a decent product, with a 360-degree rotatable head, a good length of 42.1 inches, a detachable remote control with rechargeable batteries, and even a fill light that can be charged via USB.

The product weighs 0.37 pounds, making it easier to carry around, especially if you’re vacationing. The one caveat of this selfie stick is the fill light, however. It’s not as bright as you’d expect, even at full charge.


Reasonably priced

Easily portable

Comes with a fill light


Fill light has average brightness levels

Check out on Amazon


Q. Do selfie sticks work with iPhones?

Yes, plenty of selfie sticks work with iPhones. Many selfie sticks support a wide range of iPhone models, from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, there isn’t a compatible selfie stick for iPhones older than iPhone 6.

Q. What can I use instead of a selfie stick?

There are various options for taking pictures and selfies without a selfie stick. You can buy Bluetooth-based cameras that connect to your phone. There are various apps available that are meant purely for selfies as well.

Summing up…

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