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Billing software helps you create professional-looking invoices, file GST or tax returns, manage expenses, inventory organization, multi-currency handling, banking support, unpaid invoice reminders, accounting services, and more. Some of the best online billing software allows for a streamlined working experience reducing the burden on you and ensuring proper account management.

Many billings software is available in India, so you’ll need to consider various factors before selecting one. Following is a handpicked list of Top Billing Software in India with the most popular features, pricing info, and website links.

Best GST Invoicing Software

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1) Zoho books – Best for Integration with a variety of financial apps & services

Zoho Books is GST-compliant billing and invoicing software that allows a smooth billing process for businesses. Its tools will enable you to create GST-compliant invoices and quickly support managing GST input credit. You can quickly see your GST billing data and calculate your GST liabilities for on-time tax fillings.


Track projects and their progress or status

Supports taking payments via SWIFT and various other payment methods.

Get scheduled reports and real-time access data for your business.

Supported platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this software best for integrating various financial apps and services?

Zoho Books is the ideal retail billing software that provides many services, including accounting and billing. It easily integrates financial apps and services like Office 365, G Suite, PayPal, Razor Pay, and more.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Automatically fetches bank transactions and uses them to manage the accounting. Lacks 24/7 customer support

Allows you to rapidly get historical data for all transactions and locate every modification made to your books.

Supports easy collaboration with team members on projects and accounting.

Provides the broadest range of billing plans for meeting the needs of all businesses

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 14 Days Free Trial

2) FreshBooks – Best for Automating daily accounting activities

FreshBooks billing and account facilities allow you to create professional invoices in no time effortlessly. It supports over 100 app integrations. This billing software also lets you easily add your branding and custom styles to your invoices.

FreshBooks accounting software has features like automated invoicing, easy payment options (like Credit Card and ACH), payment tracking, payment reminders, expense tracking, etc.

It tracks expenses and GST billing charges and arranges them in easy-to-understand reports. You can use its desktop and mobile apps to easily customize your invoice with easy-to-use tools. It has features to make team collaborations reasonably easy.


Allows sending estimates and quotations to clients

Provides a client portal to help clients see all their transactions with you

Built-in support for recurring payments

Allows configuring schedules for late fees

Supported platforms: Cloud, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: No

Why is this the best software for daily accounting activities?

FreshBooks is one of the best accounting software for financial activities, expenses, billable time tracking, financial reporting, etc.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

One of the best customer supports across all billing software in India. Lacks multi-currency support for invoices

Flexible pricing plans for meeting all customer needs

3rd party integrations can be used to create automated workflows to save your time further

Allows sharing invoices via simple links

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 30 Days

3) myBillBook – Best for Creating GST & non-GST bills

MyBillBook is a billing and invoicing software that tracks business performance through extensive data-driven reports. You can use it to send automated payment reminders to your customers, ensuring timely bill payments.

It provides tools for inventory management with support for inventory tracking and low stock reminders. One of its standout features is its ability to seamlessly manage and track your business activities with fast automatic syncing between desktop and phone. Moreover, your data automatically gets backed up whenever your device has internet access.


Works in multiple languages (Hindi, English, Tamil, Gujrati)

Allows sharing invoices via WhatsApp and SMS

Helps digitize business operations, invoicing, and accounting.

Provides tools to share quotations and estimates

Supported platforms: Cloud, Android, and Windows

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: No

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is myBillBook the best software for creating GST and non-GST bills?

myBillBook supports billing with proper taxation support and custom fields like vehicle number, E-way bill, etc. It allows users to analyze GST bills using Business reports quickly. These reports are instrumental in business decision-making.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides tools for generating GST reports, P/L statements, party ledgers, and more. Lacks support for integrations with other apps and services

Allows taking payments through UPI

24/7 customer support through WhatsApp, call and chat

Automatically takes up a backup of all data whenever the internet is available.

Key Specs:

Free trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

4) Vyapar – Best for Lifetime free of cost invoicing features

Vyapar is billing software that allows you to create customizable bills, collect payments, and efficiently manage business expenses. You can use easy integrations with your bank account to manage your transactions through the Vyapar app. It also simplifies sending money and allows for easy bank-to-bank transfers making it one of the best free invoicing software in India.

Vyapar is a free billing and invoicing software that also supports inventory management. You can use its billing tools to ensure your invoices are GST compliant. This billing and invoicing software allow easy quotations, budgeting, and invoice sharing. Its desktop app will enable you to monitor stock levels in real-time. It also allows you to generate invoices with many different themes.


Helps you to fill GST, VAT, TDS, TCS, and many other taxes

Built-in support for currency management

Allows taking data backups locally or on Google Drive

Supported platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and Windows

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this the best free invoicing software?

Vyapar provides users with a lifetime free billing software of the Vyapar app with many features. Its free plan is the best for small businesses with support for invoicing, inventory management, dashboards, tracking, and GST accounting.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Allows setting up an online store detailing your products and services No mobile app available for iOS

Provides Lifetime free billing software with a lot of features

Ensures easy inventory planning and business management to plan for the future

Supports offline billing in application

Key Specs:

Free trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

5) Tally Prime – Best for Managing multiple business functions like accounting, invoicing, and banking

Tally Prime is one of the best billing software to create invoices and manage business functions. Customizable reports allow you to evaluate the company on various parameters. It gives you very insightful data-driven reports about multiple aspects of your business.

Tally Prime accounting software helps you optimize cash flow with many features to ensure timely client payments. Its Prevention, Detection, and Correction Technology ensure that your accounts are in the best condition for tax compliance. This billing software also provides barcode and QR code integrations in the invoices.


Provides API to integrate with other apps and services

Enables generation of digitally signed QR codes

Allows easy access to data from anywhere via a web app

Supported platforms: Cloud, Website, Android, and iOS mobile app

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this the best software for business functions like accounting, invoicing, credit taxation, etc.?

Tally Prime accounting software has various features to improve business functions. You get multiple tools for managing payment timelines, easy stock management, optimization of improvement in cash flow, and easy tax compliance.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides 24/7 customer support to all users Lacks cloud-based software syncing support

Offers lifetime purchase payment model

Automatically sync your books with your bank statements

Simple, easy to use, yet highly customizable user interface

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 7 Days

6) QuickBooks – Best for creating, sending, and scheduling customized GST invoices

QuickBooks accounting software provides users with features like invoicing, accounting, payroll management, expense tracking, tax management, and much more. It allows quickly adding and managing customers/clients in invoicing. You can enable multi-currency transactions and integrate popular payment gateways into your bills.

You can customize professionally designed templates for your bills. This accounting software supports multi-user login access and collaborations. It allows building integrations with access to open APIs. You can access detailed analytics, business parameters, GST audits, and reports.


It maintains proper database backups for redundancy.

Provides custom invoicing with integrations of WhatsApp and email

Easily import and export data for Excel and various other platforms

Supports partial payments and recurring payments

Supported platforms: Cloud, Android, Windows, and macOS

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this the best software for sending and scheduling customized GST invoices?

QuickBooks allows the creation of unlimited, customizable professional-looking GST invoices. It also tracks pending invoices and provides scheduling bills quickly. This billing software will also remind your customers of unpaid invoices.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Simple, easy to use, and beginner-friendly UI Below-average customer support experience

Provides tax reports that make GST billing and filing very easy

Sync bank statements with business books and filings

Easy inventory management tools for all users

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 30 days

7) Cleartax – Best For Quickly filing tax returns and making/sending invoices

Cleartax is the ideal invoice billing software for small businesses that provides integrations with most ERPs and ingests data quickly. This billing software will enable you to create, print quickly, and manage your bills. It also allows you to choose from various custom templates for invoices. Cleartax uses 200+ validations to ensure your accounts are correct.


Uses 128-bit SSL encrypted security to protect user data

Provides tools to collaborate with team members easily

Aggregates financial data and tax-related information to assist customers in the buying process

Allows up to 8 years of audit trails on your financial data

Supported platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and Windows

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is it the best software for filing tax returns and making/sending bills?

Cleartax has efficient tools to speed up the filing of income tax or GST returns. Its billing and accounting software for small business houses provides built-in tax consultants for ITR/GST fillings and legal compliances.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can easily scaled to meet your business needs Very high renewal prices

SSL, 2-factor authentication, and modern storage security standards ensure the complete safety of your data

Webinars and learning resources help you learn the fundamentals of GST for invoicing

24/7 customer support with fast and valuable responses

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 30 Days


Billing software helps small and medium businesses design professional-looking invoices very quickly. The best billing and invoicing software have features to manage your taxes, create recurring payments, remind customers of unpaid invoices, and more.

It also saves your time, maintains financial records, and ensures faster gains from your clients. Some online invoicing software may support recurring payments, GST calculations, proper invoicing, and business reports/statistics.

Following is a list of the best billing software in India:

Zoho Books




Tally Prime

Today, the best billing and invoice software comes with various features. You must select the best Indian billing software based on your needed parts.

Here are some important considerations for selecting the best Billing software in India:

Tax Management: Involves financial planning to manage tax obligations and minimize the taxes paid while complying with the Income Tax Law.

Inventory Management: The process of ordering, storing, using, and selling the inventory while maintaining sufficient reserves of raw material, components, and completed product management.

Invoicing: Invoicing is the process of making an invoice sent to the buyer to collect payments. It contains costs of products, charges, and details like buyer and seller’s name, address, etc.

Expense Management is the system of processing, paying, and financial accounting for the employee-initiated expenses in a business.

Best GST Invoicing Software

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7 Best Copy Trading App, Software & Platform In Usa & India

Best Copy Trading Platform: Top Picks

AvaTrade is one of the best forex copy trading platform based in Ireland and regulated in Europe by the Central Bank of Ireland. They are one of only a few top forex brokers to offer fixed spread forex trading. Avatrade provides an extensive range of copy trading and social platforms for you to choose from.

This is one of the best copy trading platform that allows automatic real-time copying of trading operations from one trading account to another. It is available straight from the Meta-Trader 5 platform. The service principal is simple: a trader provides public access to the deals they execute on financial markets, while it also allows other users to subscribe to this signal. It automatically does the execution on subscribers’ trading accounts.


Provide free and paid signals are featured on the Signals tab of the MetaTrader platform.

Take Control From Anywhere In The World

Global Regulated best forex copy trading Broker

Trade Cryptos as CFDs and enjoy 24/7 trading

Funding methods: Bank transfer, Credit Card, and Paypal

Platforms: MT4, Mac, Mirror Trader, ZuluTrade, Web Trader, Tablet & Mobile apps

Key Specs:

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $100

A security traded: Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Indices, Bonds, ETF.


Founding Year: 2006

Customer support: Live Chat, Email, Phone

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

This broker is regulated in multiple regions and some of the most respected forex trading and finance bodies. The demo account the only limit of 21 days can be too short for many traders.

Offers negative balance protection is extended to traders. Offer high inactivity fees can discourage some casual traders with the broker.

Worldwide presence with locations globally  

Naga is a copy trading platform that automatically copies your trade. It helps you to discover other investor’s stats on the leader board and select who to copy to get the highest profit in your trade.


You will get full access to all Naga trading markets.

Messenger for sharing analysis.

Allows you to adjust your auto-copy ratio or set the specific investment amount

You can set stop loss and take profit limits to secure your trading profits and limit your losses.

It offers easy to use investors leaderboard.

Supported platforms: iOS and Android.

Key Specs:

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Deposit: No, there’s no minimum amount required for first-time deposits.

Security traded: Forex, CFDs, indices, shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies.

Regulations: CySEC, FCA

Founding Year: 2023

Customer support: Phone support, Live Chat, and Email support.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Low copy trading fees Withdrawal fees

Additional educational resources Overnight charges

Good customer support  

Leaderboard of traders to copy  

PrimeXBT is a copy trading platform that allows traders of all experience levels; from experienced to novices alike. It helps Professional traders to monetize their skills by allowing others to copy their strategies.


Allows margin trading of cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.

You can set a stop loss/take profit order.

Provides access to a wide range of markets and offers 100+ trading instruments all in one platform.

Key Specs:

Demo account: Yes; demo account available in the Contest module.

Minimum Deposit: No minimum deposit

Securities Traded: Forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies.

Regulations: Australian ASIC

Founding year: 2023

Customer Support: Live Chat and Email support.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

High volume and leverage Deposits via BTC, ETH, USDC or USDT only

Allows margin trade cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. Lack of educational material, for instance.

You can set stop loss/take profit order.  

BingX is a copy trading platform with over 1 million users within 100+ regions, BingX provides over 100 cryptos ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Safemoon to Solana, etc. Users can use a demo account for copy trading to reduce the risks. Using key indicators like trader’s Account Assets, Cumulative P&L, 30D Profit Rate, Max. Drawdown, etc, users can study the strategies while making profit.

With the launch of the new feed feature, traders can now post their speculations on future trends and insights, thus encouraging interactions between copy traders. BingX’s copy trading system also supports DeFi, NFT, Indices, Commodities, Forex and Layer2. In order to display trader’s performance in a more comprehensive way, BingX traders now can enrich their homepage by accessing another exchange’s API.


Social trading/Copy trading & copy trading pro

Auto-trading robot

Demo trading

Feed function to facilitate traders’ discussions

24/7 trading availability

Cryptocurriences review

Key Specs:

Platforms: Web Trader, Tablet & Mobile apps

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $0

Security traded: Crypto, Forex , commodities and indices

Regulations: Australia DCE AUSTRAC, EU CBI, MTR, FINTRAC MSB

Founding Year: 2023

Customer support: Live Chat and Email support.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Supports credit card for cryptocurrencies purchases Does not support Fiat currency withdraw

Cryptocurrency Visa Card  

Support various cryptocurrency for diverse portfolio  

Low trading fee of 0.045%  

Sign up now to enjoy exclusive rewards of $5125, Guru99 users-ONLY

ZuluTrade supports over 40 forex brokers, one of which being their integrated solution (AAAFx). It allows investors with existing brokerage accounts to link a new account via their existing broker easily.

This is one of the best copy trading platform, which helps you filter brokers based on minimum Deposit to start forex trading, mobile support, etc. ZuluTrade also allows login via Facebook, convenient for those who regularly log in to check their account.


ZuluTrade is free to join, as you just need to pay the spread on trades.

Allows investors to copy other investors’ portfolios,

Key Specs:

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Deposit: $200

Security traded: Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, Commodities.

Regulations: CFTC, NFA

Founding Year: 2007

Customer support: Live Chat, Email, Phone

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Nice platform and interface Lots of traders to copy No integrated broker

Best risk management for both experienced and inexperienced investors There are many complaints about selling phone numbers and email to brokers, copy trade errors, and poor managers’ rewards

Free full-featured demo account Trader compensation model not ideal for investors.

Low trading fee of 0.045%  

FXTM is another popular copy trading platform. This is an international ECN broker who is also very active, particularly in Asian and African markets. They offer an extensive range of account type choices.

This copy trading platform also offers the FXTM Invest service for a minimum deposit of $100.

You can start out copying top traders at FXTM with a minimum deposit as low as $100. This makes copy trading extremely accessible.


Access all your trading accounts from one place.

Trade over 250+ financial CFD instruments on the move.

Cross-device trading between desktop and phone.

View real-time prices and live price updates.

Access a variety of different order function

Multiple regulations (FCA, CySEC, FSC).

250+ financial CFD instruments.

Commission-free trading available.

Wide range of research and education.

Key Specs:

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Deposit: 10$

Security traded: Forex, Cryptos, Stocks Indices, Commodities, Metals.

Regulations: FSCM

Founding Year: 2011

Customer support: Live Chat, Email, Phone

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Offers FCA and global regulation High CFD fees

Strong education. Limited product portfolio

Digital and fast account opening  

Quick Deposit and withdrawal  

Clear fee report & No deposit fee  

Numerous account types.  

#7) Meta Trader 5

Meta Trader 5 is a powerful platform for Forex and Exchange markets. This best forex copy trade service provider uses the MQL5 language, the automated trading software that runs on your computer and trades on behalf of you. This copy trading platform allows you to open 100 currency or stock charts at a time, and the 21 timeframes enable comprehensive and detailed analysis of even minor price movements.

MetaTrader 5 offers desktop, web, and mobile versions of the platform. This one of the best social trading platforms uses the MQL5 language, the automated trading software that mostly runs on your computer and trades for you.


This copy trading in India provide best interface

Improve chart and graphics

It is one of the best copy trade platform that offers new quote on orders

Fast, easy, and flexible

Save data and manipulation of trade is simple.

Very great visual display and the color and time frame.

Key Specs:

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Deposit: NA

A security traded: Forex, Stocks, Cryptos.

Regulations: NA

Founding Year: 2000

Customer support: Phone only

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Easy-to-navigate interface Hedging for exchange markets is disabled.

Economic calendar that is provided as part of the platform Advanced tools and features may be intimidating for a beginner.

This copy trading app helps eight types of pending orders and 21 timeframes  

Comprehensive suite of analytical tools  

Breadth of asset classes  

Visit Meta Trader


Yes, copy trading is legal in most countries, provided that the broker itself is properly regulated. When investing in the financial markets using a regulated-broker and legalizes your account and the traders carried within them. However, all of these completely depend on your country that you are living in.

Here is a list of the best Copy Trade software:

👍 AvaTrade






To learn about copy trading, one of the most important things to be informed about the actual process of copy trading.

Here is how it works:

In copy trading, the trader opens a trade. The investor (you) then copies that trader. This usually happens automatically and without the requirement for any manual interventions. You may profit or lose with the trader you have copied. So if their positions grow, so will yours. However, the opposite can also happen.

Here, most important point to note is that everything is proportionate. Therefore you can invest whatever amount you like depending on the broker rules.

So, by using the service of your copy trader, you will gain or lose proportionately. However, you need to remember when selecting the traders to copy, you should know your trader’s position sizes they usually open, as this can impact your investment.

Let’s take this example: Assuming that you are a trader who opens trades on multiple assets where the average profit ratio is already at +15%, you decide to invest just $100. Finally, the profit/loss moves to +20%, so you close out your position because of the trader. However, you had only earned +5% because you started copying when the trader was already at +10% profit.

Copy-trading allows copying positions of another trader, and lately, it has become more popular. There are many traders who create ‘People-Based’ portfolios to invest in other investors instead of trading themselves.

Here are some reasons worth discussing why copy trading is becoming popular:

Time-Saving:Copy-trading saves time when compared to manual trading. Therefore, a trader who doesn’t’ have time or does not have enough knowledge should go for copy trading.

Education:Copy trading is also best to approach to learn trading strategies. This platform also allows you to raise questions and read why certain trade was implemented.

Access to Global Markets:Traders have limitations, so it is impossible to become an expert in all the world markets. With the help of a copy trading platform, you don’t remain betrayed by any financial market. In the copy trading method, you will also get exposure to global markets and gain a global knowledge base.

Diversification:A diversification portfolio may have very little risk, and doing copy trading is one of the best ways to do so. This helps you to copy trades of several investors and earn a good income month after month. However, doing this without using the proper tool is impossible, and even an experienced trader recommends copying in today’s financial scenario.

Just like any other investment, you can also make money or lose money from copy trading. The idea behind copy trading is to assess each trader’s profitability before selecting which signal provider you want to follow.

Here is brief information and the main difference between all three trading platforms:

Social trading: Social trading is the easiest method for new or novice traders to learn and invest based on interacting with experienced traders using various social platforms. When in binary option social trading, you need to communicate with your preferred traders or peers, sharing strategies or technical analysis, hoping to learn and create an ideal investment method that fulfills your goal.

The biggest drawback of this trading method is that you need to constantly monitor the market’s flow and decide on individual trade trends. This is certainly a time-consuming process.

Copy-trading: Copy Trading is a software application that enables individuals in the financial markets automatically to copy positions opened and managed by another selected really. This technique allows traders to copy certain trading strategies. Copy-trading links a portion of the copying trader’s that funds to the copied investor’s account.

It’s one of the most effective trading strategy for individuals who don’t necessarily have the time to trade independently. Here, you just need to fund your account, leave it alone, and hope to see it grow, or you can monitor.

Mirrors trading: Mirror trading is mirroring the trading of a particular strategy. In these trading methods, companies combine their top traders’ strategies to produce reliable and accurate signals for their consumers. Today, it is considered an ideal method as it is much improved with big data and artificial intelligence. As a result, mirror trading is relatively accurate and predictable; they are perfect for investors who want to know all the forex trading.

The biggest drawback of this trading method is that you have to mirror everything. You can’t pick and select the signals you want to follow. Though, the whole process is fully automated.

Selecting the best copy trading platform is not as easy as you may think. You need to consider many factors while selecting your copy trading software in India , USA or other countries.

Here are some important factors that you need to remember in your section process of copy trading apps:

Regulation and security: Do top-tier institutions regulate it? Does it offer investment protection? Where is it based and operating for how long? Is it publicly listed? How is the review of their customers?

Number and quality of traders to copy: Social and copy trading derive from people. Thus, one of the most important factors is the number of users and the number of strategies/traders you can copy/follow. It increases your range of choice, the chances that you will find good traders, and a way to use the wisdom of the crowd in your favor.

Transparency in details about the traders you can copy. In general, you should understand, analyze, and assess their strategies, style, and track record: the more information, the better.

Finding Winning Traders: Most forex social trading platforms make it simple to track which traders offer the highest ROI, which takes quite a big imagination power to decide who to copy.

BEST Copy Trading Apps & Software in USA & India

Virtual Keyboard: 10 Best Software For Windows In 2023

Virtual Keyboard: 10 Best Software for Windows in 2023




If your PC has a keylogger or if your keyboard simply doesn’t work properly, then you need the best virtual keyboard software.

Below you can find a customizable keyboard and choose from several layouts and styles.

We also offer a keyboard that works on any Windows device that has a touch screen.

Another keyboard tool supports word prediction, making typing faster and easier. 

Virtual keyboards can be quite useful, especially if you have a keylogger that can steal your sensitive information such as login details.

Some users tend to use virtual keyboards because they have problems using their keyboard or because their keyboard isn’t working properly.

Windows 10 has its own virtual keyboard, but if you’re looking for a third-party solution, today we’re going to show you the best virtual keyboard software that you can download.

What is the best virtual keyboard software?

Regarding customization, there are more than 70 styles available, but you can also create your unique style if you want. In addition, there’s support for multiple languages and layouts. We also have to mention that this keyboard supports an auto-complete function that will make typing easier and faster than before.

It’s worth mentioning that this keyboard also supports gestures, so you can add spaces or change the case of the letters with a single gesture.

Hot Virtual Keyboard

Have a try with this fresh-looking virtual keyboard for faster and more accurate typing.

Check price Visit website

Comfort Screen Keyboard Pro is a universal on-screen keyboard created to help the users of portable PCs, tablets, or Surface devices.

With this practical virtual keyboard, you have universal support for multiple types of devices. You can utilize it on your PC with pointing devices like a mouse, touch screen, or a pen in order to type without effort.

It’s possible to fully customize the keyboard aspect with various colors and skins, change the size of keys or numbers, modify strokes positions, and more.

Using this on-screen keyboard offers multi-language support. That means you can write in multiple languages with characters that are available for most languages, without any localization settings.

In addition, this software can display Windows-specific shortcut icons on the keys to help you move faster on your device.

With Developer support, you have helpful functionalities to control the on-screen keyboard when you’re writing software code.

Comfort Screen Keyboard Pro

Write using this on-screen keyboard to have maximum productivity on all your devices.

Check price Visit website

This virtual keyboard will work on any Windows device that has a touchscreen display, so it’s perfect if you can’t adjust to your device’s physical keyboard.

The keyboard has large keys so you can easily type with your fingertips. It’s worth mentioning that this keyboard supports pointing devices, so users with mobility impairments can use it as well.

Free Virtual Keyboard is a simple tool, and it offers all the necessary features. We have to mention that a portable version is also available, so you can easily run Free Virtual Keyboard on any PC without installation.

⇒ Get Free Virtual Keyboard

This tool offers support for multiple languages and it has many languages and keyboard packs available. We have to mention that there’s a Keyboard Designer feature that allows you to make your own keyboard designs.

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard works with multiple languages and it supports multiple monitors and remote desktops. The keyboard is fully customizable and it supports an unlimited number of actions by key. In addition, it also supports Pascal scripting. The keyboard has a modern design, so it will match the look of Universal apps with ease. The keyboard can also appear whenever you select an input field, which is rather useful. This virtual keyboard is customizable and you can even design your own keyboard if you want.

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard is a great tool, and our only complaint is the size of the keyboard. Although it might be easier for some users to use the full-width keyboards on their PC, we found that the full-width version is taking too much space for our liking. Despite this minor flaw, this is still a great application and you can download and try the evaluation version for free.

⇒ Get Touch-It Virtual Keyboard

Another simple and free virtual keyboard for your PC is VirtualKeyboard. This tool has a humble user interface, and it supports self-training predictive text. Thanks to this feature you can quickly and easily enter words.

Expert tip:

VirtualKeyboard is a decent tool, but its humble user interface might turn away some users. If you want to try this tool, you can download it and use it for free.

⇒ Get VirtualKeyboard

Virtual keyboards can be useful especially if you’re concerned that your computer is infected with malware or a keylogger. Keyloggers will monitor your keyboard input and send it to malicious users without your knowledge. If you want to protect your personal information, you might want to use Neo’s SafeKeys v3.

This application allows you to enter your login information without using a physical keyboard. This is one of the safest ways to protect your login information from malicious users. The tool also has screen logger protection that will protect your sensitive information at all times.

Neo’s SafeKeys v3 is a great tool if you want to protect your login information from malicious users. This is a decent virtual keyboard, and it’s available for free. In addition to being free, this tool is also portable, and it will work on any PC without installation.

⇒ Get Neo’s SafeKeys

This tool is designed to work with any Windows device that has a touchscreen display. We have to mention that this keyboard supports Windows logon screen so you can easily log in to Windows by using this tool.

The keyboard is multi-lingual and the key layout will adapt to the current input locale. To make switching between different inputs easier, the tool has a dedicated button that allows you to switch inputs instantly.

This virtual keyboard can be resized and moved freely so you can easily adjust it. In addition to a standard keyboard, you can also use numeric keyboard and function keys.

The application supports special shortcuts such as multimedia player, web browser, etc. The tool also has a floating icon, so you can easily open the virtual keyboard at any time. EyesBoard virtual keyboard has Caps Lock and Num Lock indicators and it even supports Ctrl+Alt+Del and Win+L shortcuts.

Regarding customization, this tool supports different color schemes and several levels of transparency. If you want, you can even lock the keyboard at the bottom of your screen so that it doesn’t interfere with any open windows.

If you’re a developer, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s an API available for third-party integration, so you can expand the functionality of the keyboard even further.

EyesBoard is a decent virtual keyboard and it offers all the features that basic users will need. This application isn’t free, but you can download the evaluation version and use it for 15 days.

⇒ Get EyesBoard

My-T-Soft Virtual Keyboard comes with over 200 international layouts, so it will support almost any language. The application supports up to 2000 keystrokes on each button, and you can also group up to 15 buttons on a panel. Using this tool you can assign any of the 63 functions to any button thus allowing a great level of customization.

This virtual keyboard has its own 4-function calculator that will always remain on top of all other windows. This allows you to enter the desired input right into the open document or input field. There’s also a built-in Magnifier tool that allows you to magnify a certain part of your screen in order to see it better.

My-T-Soft Virtual Keyboard supports customization and you can change the background color or the color of the open panel. In addition, you can change the color of the button text, button face, button highlight, button shadow, and keyboard background. If you want to customize your keyboard even further, you can use the Developer Kit to do so.

This application is fully compatible with touchscreens, but it also works with trackballs, pens, or any other pointing device. The keyboard supports infinite sizing and allows you to show and hide certain keys.

In addition, there are 11 panels available, and you can also create your own panels if you want to. Just like many other virtual keyboards, this one also supports macros so you can start certain programs simply by pressing the appropriate shortcuts.

The free demo is available for download, but if you want to continue using this application, you’ll need to purchase a full version.

⇒ Get My-T-Soft Virtual Keyboard

This virtual keyboard is a keyboard replacement, and it comes with smart word prediction that will allow you to enter words quickly.

A virtual keyboard memorizes your words as you enter them so the more you use it the more suggestion you’ll get while typing.

We also have to mention that the word prediction can also predict the next word that you’ll enter, thus making typing process faster and streamlined. Regarding the predictions, they are available in 23 different languages.

The tool also supports different skins and levels of transparency and it even allows you to create text macros. There are also special keys for frequently used tasks and scanning modes for 1 or 2 switches.

BeKey On-Screen Keyboard is a great tool and you can use the trial version for 30 days. If you want to continue using this tool, you’ll need to purchase a license.

⇒ Get BeKey On-Screen Keyboard

Virtual keyboard software can be quite useful, and if you’re looking for a third-party virtual keyboard, be sure to check some of these tools.

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Greeting Card Software: 6 Best We Tested In 2023

Greeting Card Software: 6 Best We Tested in 2023




Creating personalized greeting cards shows that you care more than just buying one.

Using professional software editors, you get a greeting card program to match your desired results.

Also, the selected tools below offer you suitable card-making software for your ideas, among other suggestions.

If you are looking for the best greeting card apps for your Windows tablet or desktop device, then you have arrived at the right place.

Few people still make and send physical greetings cards today, which is a real pity. Many are turning to greeting card apps, and this is true not only for iOS or Android users but also for owners of Windows 10 tablets and computers.

Canva is a popular graphics design editor suitable for both amateurs and professionals. It can be used for free, for the most part, and it suffices for basic greeting card design.

However, account creation is necessary (without the need to also provide credit card details).

The Pro account unlocks a great variety of patterns, templates, GIFs, and other perks to experiment with, for even more creative ideas.

For the winter holiday season, Canva offers a lot of templates that you can work on. You can freely personalize the existing templates with photos, images, or objects of your own choice.

When you think your card is done, download it in jpeg, pdf or other available formats and prepare it for sending.

The main feature that separates Creative Cloud Express from all the others is the almost unlimited amount of templates to choose from. This feature simplifies the process enormously, and also allows you to focus more on the design of your project, and not on technicalities.

Even more than this, Adobe Creative Cloud Express allows you to edit any template to fit your needs and provides other useful features as well.

Here are some other features offered by Adobe Creative Cloud Express :

A very easy to understand and use interface that enables fast image processing

Low system impact compared to other software options

Crisp and easy to understand design

Works great for creating a variety of greeting cards

Unlimited number of fonts and themes to choose from

Can be used free for 7 days

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Create just the most amazing holiday greeting cards to show the close ones that you care about them.

Check price Visit website

The software is well-known and widely used in the graphic design industry for the vector illustration, layout, and typography tools it includes.

Even more than this, CorelDRAW allows you to follow up on the changes you make with a new PowerTRACE™ feature, as well as collaborate with your team, family, clients, as you move forward into your graphic design projects.

Surely, when designing holiday greeting cards you might not need all those professional features, but CorelDRAW is a suite to be used in the long run.

Expert tip:

Image editing and pixel-based design program

Font exploration and management tool

RAW photo editor

7,000 clipart, digital images, and vehicle wrap templates

150 professionally designed templates

QuickStart guide, plus online tutorials


If you want some holiday greeting cards that look not just “cute”, but truly professional, use CorelDRAW graphic suite.

Free trialVisit website

If you’re looking for a simple greeting card application, you might want to consider Hallmark Card Studio 2023 Deluxe. This version has more than 19,000 Hallmark cards available, so you can easily customize them to create your own greeting cards.

In addition to cards, there are over 21,000 premium images that you can add to your cards. The application also has more than 16,000 Hallmark sentiments available to choose from.

Another useful feature of this application is a built-in photo editor that you can use to edit and customize your photos.

We have to mention that this tool isn’t limited to greeting cards, and you can create envelopes, photo projects, scrapbook pages, calendars, and all sorts of other graphics right from this tool.

Overall, Hallmark Card Studio 2023 Deluxe is a simple tool that will allow you to easily create various greeting cards with ease.

Thanks to the extensive amount of available graphics and templates, you should be able to create beautiful greeting cards without any problems.


19,000 templates to choose from

21,000 images

16,000 sentiments

Built-in photo editor

Simple to use

⇒ Get Hallmark Card Studio 2023 Deluxe

By using the Windows 10 app Greeting-Cards you will be able to make your birthdays, holidays, or other events special and easy to remember.

Among the most important features of the app, we enlist the following – upcoming events cards, 15+ occasions cards, the ability to schedule greeting cards, and even to download the latest greeting cards added from the server.

Unfortunately, the app is not free and you’ll have to invest $1.49 to get it on your Windows 10 tablet.

⇒ Get Greeting Cards

If you’re looking for yet another useful Windows 10 greeting card app, then have a look at Greeting Cards Studio, as well.

Among its most important features we find the following:

The option to  customize greeting cards by using our picture and texts

The ability to pinch and rotate gestures to adjust pictures

If you choose the buy the PRO version, then you can even import new themes and features.

⇒ Get Greeting Cards Studio

These are some of the best tools that you can use to create greeting cards, and most of them are quite simple to use, so feel free to try any of them.

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7 Best Freehosting Providers (2023)

Best Cheap chúng tôi Hosting Server Providers

1) DigitalOcean – Cheapes Node JS Hosting Provider

DigitialOcean is a hosting service with a simple and easy interface that offers control to those who prefer it. They do this through two main options:

Droplets: Essentially, the DigitalOcean Droplets are Linux-based virtual tools. They offer you total control of how you set up your infrastructure. You can use different Droplets CPU offerings and storage optimization.

The App Platform: On the other hand, DigitalOcean’s App Platform does the hard work for you. It fully manages your infrastructure and app runtime so you can get to work on your code faster.

It takes care of the building, scaling, and deploying of the apps. All you need to do is to provide a container image and let the platform do its job.


Keeps your costs predictable and in check as your scale your apps

Automatic HTTPS

Quickly build and scale apps

Detects and clocks DDoS attacks

Spam and malware detection tools

Expert technical support is available 24/7

Preinstalled stack, including Memcached, Nginx, and Apache

A comprehensive products portfolio to help you manage your app

High-performance computing

Provides CMS support.

Database support, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more

Performance and usage tracking

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Excellent customer care Inadequate documentation

Flexibility and scalability

Very user-friendly

Great product ecosystem

Pricing Plans:

DigitalOcean’s offers a $200 free credit that you can use to purchase various plans. The first plan offers one gigabyte of RAM, 25 GB of disk space, and a terabyte of bandwidth. It also comes with free backup but doesn’t contain a free domain. It starts at around $4.00 for the Droplets virtual machines.

Key Specs:

Uptime: 99.99%.

2) Heroku – Best Beginner friendly Hosting


Custom domains available

Automated OS patching

Smart containers with orchestration, load balancing, logging, and more

A clean, user-friendly interface with a straightforward dashboard to manage your applications.

Integrates GitHub and powerful add-ons to enhance your workflow.

Simple horizontal and vertical scalability

Supports multiple open-source languages like PHP, Node, Ruby, Java, Scala, and Python

Automated distribution of HTTP traffic to your Node Applications

Easy Compatibility testing

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Quick to deploy Poor documentation

Simple scalability

Great support

Allows users to focus on innovations instead of configuration

Pricing Plan:

As of Nov 2023, Heroku’s have stopped their Free plans. The cheapest node js hosting Eco and Basic plan starts at $5 a month. It offers around 1 GB of disk space and 510 MB RAM. You’ll also get daily automatic updates, custom domains, and chúng tôi hosting.

Key Specs:

Uptime: 99.95% uptime guaranteed

3) A2 Hosting – Best secure chúng tôi hosting provider

A2 Hosting is a leading provider in the world of fast and secure cloud hosting. They have speedy optimized servers that can handle nine times more traffic than usual. It is also has a developer-friendly platform that includes many options like chúng tôi PHP8.2, and MySQL 8.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about hacking or security issues. A2 Hostings offers a wide variety of security features, like HackScan Protection.


Unlimited email addresses

Offers Shared Hosting and Virtual private server hosting.

Free account migration

Up to 40% faster CPU performance

2x TTFB speeds

20x faster turbo servers

Easy File management

WordPress site management tools

Bandwidth allowance

Free SSL certificate

E-commerce integration

Web framework support

Supports Apache Tomat, Ubuntu Server, PHPNG, IOncube, and Nginx

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Unlimited bandwidth Domain name isn’t free

Attracta SEO Tools The turbo server is only available with the more expensive plans


cPanel Interface

Pricing Plan:

A2 Hosting’s startup plan offers you 100 GB SSD storage, 500 MB RAM, and unlimited data transfer for only $5.99 a month.

Key Specs:

Uptime: 99.95% uptime guaranteed offers a fast, easy way to build and host applications on the cloud. It gives you automated deployment and stable environments, so you can focus on your apps rather than their underlying infrastructure.

It also offers great flexibility to its users as you can choose the languages and frameworks you’re most comfortable with.


Built for microservices.

Flexible and works with multiple languages.

Creates instant clone for every Git branch.

Free SSL certificate

Built-in GitHub and Bitbucket integrations

Multi-Cloud, global regions

Automated deployments

Stable environments

Dedicated account manager

Works with various languages and work frames

Adjustable micro-container architecture

Support for POP3 and IMAP email systems

Speedy and stable infrastructure

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Unmatched flexibility No direct raw SSH access

Great security Steep learning curve

Automated updates

Pricing Plans:

The Professional Plan is essentially the most basic plan of the chúng tôi plans. It offers 5 GB storage and 0.65 GB RAM during the first month.

Key Specs:

Uptime: 99.95% uptime guaranteed

5) EvenNode – Unlimited number of custom domains

EvenNode is dedicated to managing your chúng tôi app, allowing you to deploy and scale your project quickly. It lets you pick your favorite deployment method, whether it’s FTP upload or Git deployment.

One key feature that sets EvenNode apart is that it offers free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates from Let’s Encrypt for your domains. SSL virtual certificates basically authenticate your website’s identity and enable encrypted connections.


A free MongoDB database with every plan

Node.js apps benefit from multiple processes

Automatically routes traffic across all running processes.

Uses logs to catch bugs and troubleshoot problems with your project.

Out-of-the-box support for WebSockets

A free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

CPU and memory monitoring from web console

An unlimited number of custom domains

Dedicated MongoDB Service

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

FTP access Customer Support is Lacking

Custom domains

Great layout

Pricing Plans:

EvenNode offers users a free trial with 1 GB of storage and 512 MB RAM. The free trial is a great way to start, but sadly, it doesn’t provide the SSL certificate.

Key Specs:

Uptime: 99.95% uptime guaranteed

6) Hostinger – Best Value For Money

Hostinger is one of the world’s fastest-growing VPS providers. Their mission is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to start their Node JS sites or applications.

They offer fully managed servers with powerful Intel Xeon processors that can be set up in less than a minute. Moreover, their data centers are secured and guarded with constant surveillance. It is one of the best web hosting providers that allows users full root access so that they can customize their VPS and build it exactly how they want it to be.


Easily Run NodeJS applications

Full Root Access

Dedicated IP addreess

Drag-and-drop website builder.

Excellent security with guarded data centers.

Instant scalability (vertical or horizontal)

Low total cost of ownership.

Deploys most popular applications in seconds.

Choose between CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian Operating System.

Supports multiple applications like Cpanel, Docker, Ansible, and ClockHouse

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Offers NFS support Inconsistent performance

Servers are equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors

IPV4 & IPV6 Support

Pricing Plans:

Hostinger’s lowest plan is $3.49 per month and offers 20 GB of SSD storage with 1 GB of RAM and 1 TB of bandwidth.

Key Specs:

Uptime: 99.99% uptime guaranteed


Node.js is an open-source platform that you can use to create scalable websites. Many businesses use it because it’s easy to learn and allows for more efficient development. It saves you a lot of time by letting you focus on just one primary programming language—JavaScript.

So, chúng tôi hosting is essentially putting your projects up online for anyone to access them.

When choosing the best chúng tôi server hosting service, you should consider the following aspects:

To start, we look for the programming language the host supports, as well as its hosting environment.

You should pick ones that are developer-friendly and easy enough to use.

They should also have affordable pricing, great customer support, and good uptime.

Most importantly, we look for services that support all versions of Node.js.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it: seven different sites where you can host your chúng tôi projects. Almost all the hosts covered in this guide offer great web services and a generous free tier, and they can help you build a robust website.

Our top recommendation would be Kamatera, DigitalOcean, or A2 Hosting.

Lastly, it all comes down to what kind of experience you need. So, we hope this guide on free chúng tôi hosting services has helped!

Best Smartphones With Infinity Display In India

The smartphone industry is ever evolving with something new every now and then. From improvements in performance to camera and design, everything keeps changing with every new launch. If we talk about design only, sleek designs, metal bodies, and the bezel-less displays have become the latest fad this year. Especially the bezel-less display, it seems like the trend in the market that everybody is loving. More phones with minimum bezels are coming every other day.

Owing to a bezel-less display the fragility of the device increases which is why it is still not a mainstream feature and also a premium one. Still, we see new phones having bezel-less displays very often now. The devices starting at as low as below Rs. 10,000 and going as high as Rs. 60,000 can be found in this category. here, we have compiled a list of some the best bezel-less phones available in India.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are this year’s flagships from the South Korean giant. The phones do not need any introduction as they are the true definition of an infinity display. These are currently one of the best Android phones that you can buy today. The company has been touting the curved ‘Edge to Edge’ display with the flagship and they may have perfected it. The S8 and S8+ look amazing with the infinity display.


Display: S8 – 5.8-inch, S8+ – 6.2-inch, Quad HD+ 2960 x 1440 pixels

Processor: Octa-core Exynos 8895

RAM: 4GB (S8), 4GB/6GB (S8+)

Storage: 64GB (S8), 64GB/128GB (S8+)

Rear Camera: 12MP

Front Camera: 8MP

Battery: 3,000mAh

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries, Samsung has made a successful comeback in its Note series with the Galaxy Note 8 this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with minimal bezels on top and bottom and follows the Infinity Edge design. Despite a big display of 6.3-inch, the device is true bezel-less and also easy to hold.


Display: 6.3-inch, Quad HD+ 2960 x 1440 pixels

Processor: Octa-core Exynos 8895


Storage: 64GB

Rear Camera: Dual 12MP

Front Camera: 8MP

Battery: 3300mAh


Just like Samsung, another South Korean giant, LG is also using a full view display with 18:9 aspect ratio on its latest flagship LG G6. However, LG’s design approach is completely different as it does not offer a curved display like Samsung. The LG G6, with its ultra-thin bezels, offers one of the sleekest and unique designs on a flagship this year.


Display: 5.7-inch, 2880 x 1440 pixels

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821


Storage: 64GB

Rear Camera: Dual 13MP

Front Camera: 5MP

Battery: 3300 mAh

Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi has launched the successor of the Mi Mix, the Mix 2 which is another bezel-less device. The Mi Mix 2 was launched earlier this month in India. The latest edition in bezel-less displays, the Mi Mix 2 comes with a 5.99 inch full HD+ IPS LCD display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. The phone offers a screen-to-body ratio of 80.8% and an aspect ratio of 18:9 which makes it truly an infinity display device.


Display: 5.9-inch, 1080x2160pixels

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835


Storage: 128GB

Rear Camera: 12MP

Front Camera: 5MP

Battery: 3400 mAh

Vivo V7 Plus

The Chinese smartphone maker Vivo also didn’t lag in the race of infinity displays. The company launched Vivo V7 Plus back in August in India. The V7+ features a 5.99 inch HD+ (1440 x 720 pixels) IPS display with 18:9 FullView display and 2.5D curved glass. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The device has not been priced as aggressively as its competitors.


Display: 5.9-inch, 720 x 1440 pixels

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450


Storage: 64GB

Rear Camera: 16MP

Front Camera: 24MP

Battery: 3225 mAh

Huawei Honor 9i

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor launched it infinity display device dubbed as Honor 9i just last week in India. The phone offers quite good specifications along with infinity display for you in almost all the departments. The recently launched Honor 9i has brought the bezel-less technology to the mid-range devices. The Honor 9i price in India is just Rs 17,999. Another highlight of the device is that it comes with four cameras.


Display: 5.9-inch, 1080 x 2160 pixels

Processor: Huawei’s Kirin 659


Storage: 64GB

Rear Camera: Dual 16MP+2MP

Front Camera: Dual 13MP+2MP

Battery: 3340 mAh

Apart from Honor 9i, if we look more into budget category there are some others as well that can make it to this list of infinity displays. The devices like LG Q6 and Micromax Canvas Infinity are also some of the Infinity display phones, that come in the budget segment.

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