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Knowing how to keep your diabetes under control is very important. That’s why having an app that can help you log all that vital information is useful. With so many options, it can be a tough job to choose a good one.

Each of the following apps has its own unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest. But they also have the basic features you would expect from a diabetes app. Hopefully, you’ll find one that’s a perfect fit for you.

1. Diabetes: M

After you specify the units of measurement, Diabetes: M will give you the tools you need to keep your diabetes under control. As soon as you open the app, it will show your glucose stats from the last time you checked it. Right below statistics, you can see daily information for things such as carbs, calories, etc.

By tapping on Log Entry followed by the human icon, you can add data such as what part of your body you injected the insulin into, your level of carbs and glucose, date, time, reminders, and can also add notes as well.

It also features a bolus calculator where you can get valuable info on all sorts of foods and drinks. For example, if you type milk into the search bar, the calculator will show you data such as calories, carbs, and proteins for every certain amount you eat/drink. You will need to register to use the app.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes has fewer features than the previously-mentioned app, but it’s still a good option. If you have vision problems, adding your glucose level will be easier thanks to the extra large numbers. Just swipe down until the number turns blue.

The app also adds the time, date, and by tapping on the three vertical dots at the top-right, you can do things such as import/export data. As long as you’re there, you can also set up some reminders, too (reminders on this app are free).

Go into the app’s settings, and you can also adjust things such as the weight unit, glucose unit, an algorithm for trend, and can even choose between the dark or light themes. If the number scroller speed is either too fast or too slow for you, you can change its sensitivity in Settings as well. There is no need to register to use this app.

3. mySugr: Blood Sugar Tracker

Besides being one very colorful app, mySugr: Diabetes Tracker Log will make funny sounds after you log in your data. This makes the app a good option for kids to keep track of their glucose level, since those sounds will surely make them laugh.

The app also allows you to connect your Bluetooth meter as well. By swiping left, you can see your log for the last seven, fourteen, thirty, and ninety days. It’s also possible to see more or fewer options. Just tap on the Customize Cells option, and tap on the eye to make them visible. To do this, tap on the blue circle, and the option will be at the bottom.

There are some options that you will need to go Pro to use. For example, you can choose an emoji-type option that will express how you are feeling at the time. You will also need to upgrade to use the reminder feature as well.

4. BeatO

BeatO is an app where you can do things such as order your medicine, buy a glucometer, consult a doctor, and keep track of calories and steps thanks to the fitness tracker. Under Explore Healthy Products, you can also go shopping for foods and products such as a Smartphone Glucometer Pouch (among other things).

The app also includes articles to read. You can choose from content such as Common Test to Diagnose Diabetic Nephropathy and Pre-diabetes and its Risk (to mention a few). To have a reading, you can insert the BeatO Glucometer into your phone, or you can manually log your blood glucose.

Slide the numbers either to the right or to the left to enter your reading. You’ll also need to select the time of your reading, whether it is post-breakfast, pre-lunch, etc. If you want to download your log, tap on the document icon at the topright, followed by the download icon.

5. Diabetes Connect

Diabetes Connect has many free options, but there are some you will need to upgrade to use. For example, if you go Premium, you can use reminders, specific timeframe, and priority support.


Keeping your diabetes under control doesn’t have to be difficult. Having an app like the ones mentioned above will help you to better inform your doctor on how you are doing. Which app do you think you’re going to try first?

Fabio Buckell

Just a simple guy that can’t enough of Technology in general and is always surrounded by at least one Android and iOS device. I’m a Pizza addict as well.

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How To Keep Your Iphone Usage Under Control With Screen Time

With Screen Time for iOS, you can get a better understanding of the amount of time you’re spending each day using apps, visiting websites, and more on your devices. Here’s a look at how to use it and why it could become beneficial in your life. 

Keep your iPhone usage under control

The Screen Time tool allows you to keep track of the amount of time you spend on your devices each day. You can also use the tool to track your kids’ time online.

To use Screen Time to track and manage your device:

1) Go into the Settings app on your iOS device and tap on the Screen Time option.

On the main Screen Time page, you’ll notice three main sections. In the first, you’ll see a chart showing the amount of time you’ve spent on your device today and how. The second section includes tools you can use to customize and restrict your device usage. The final section is where you will find monitoring tools for your kids’ devices.

Let’s take a look at each of those sections.

The Screen Time Chart

The chart on the Screen Time page offers a breakdown of how much time you’ve spent on all of your iOS device where the tool has been activated.

1) Tapping on the chart reveals further usage information, including:

The category of apps you’ve been using on your device the most, such as Gaming, Productivity, or Reading & Reference apps.

The longest amount of time you’ve spent on your device in one sitting.

The apps you’ve used the most by time or category.

The number of times you picked up your device today.

How many notifications you have received and by which apps.

Note: You can view Screen Time data for Today or for the Last 7 Days.

As you can see in the example below, iPhone usage across all devices today totaled one hour and 53 minutes. For the week,  Screen Time totaled seven hours, 38 minutes. At the bottom, you can see a breakdown of the time spent by category.

The most used categories apps or websites were Settings, Safari, and the LongScreen app.

Meanwhile, pickups totaled 16 per hour, or 194 during the day, while notifications numbered 752, or around 63 per hour. (Yes, this is a lot of iPhone usage.)

Customization and Restrictions

On the next section of the Screen Time page, you’ll see four settings: Downtime, App Limits, Always Allowed, and Content & Privacy Restrictions.


During Downtime, calls, messages, and other apps you want to allow can still be used. Everything else, including notifications, will be turned off. Ideally, think of your Downtime schedule as the time you plan on being in bed each night.

2) Once you activate Downtime, you’ll be asked to create a Start and End time.

In the example below, the Downtime is between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

App Limits

Next, you’ll see the App Limits page. From here, you can set daily time limits for apps and categories you want to manage. After the limit has been reached, your permission will be required to allow more time.

1) To get started, tap App Limits from the main Screen Time page. Next, select Add Limit.

In the example above, the Entertainment and Social Networking categories are limited to two hours of use per day.

Always Allowed

Under Always Allow, you’ll find a list of the apps that you want available even during Downtime. By default, the allowed apps are Phone, Messages, and FaceTime.

In the above example, the apps 1Blocker and Activity were added to Allowed Apps while FaceTime was deleted.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

Finally, you’ll see the Content & Privacy area. In this section, you can restrict explicit and mature content in the iTunes and App Stores, Music, and websites.

One final note

Obviously, you don’t have to use Screen Time. Nonetheless, it’s an eye-opening experience that might make you think twice before picking up your iPhone yet again today. Seeing your iPhone usage each day might be just enough of a push for you to consider cutting back. And isn’t that’s the point?

10 Best Apps To Control Windows Pc With Android And Iphone

Remote access applications, like LogMeIn and TeamViewer, let you access Windows PCs from another Windows device in a server/ client configuration. However, did you know that you can also control your Windows computers and MacBooks with Android devices and iPhones? In this article, we will show you how to control your Windows 10 PCs, MacBooks, and Linux machines just by using your Android device or iPhone. Here, we will list the best apps that you can use to remotely control your Windows PC from an iPhone or Android device.

Control Your Windows 10 PC Remotely via Android or iPhone

Using your mobile device, you can control various aspects of your desktop computer. It includes the keyboard, mouse, media playback, and more. There are several Android and iOS apps that allow you to control your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers remotely. So without further ado, let’s check out the best apps to control your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC remotely from an Android device, iPhone, or iPad. Do note that, in most cases, you might have to also install a server app on your desktop alongside the client app on your mobile device.

1. Unified Remote

The standard-bearer for the segment, Unified Remote, turns your Android device or iPhone into a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth universal remote control for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. It comes preloaded with support for more than 90 programs, including mouse & keyboard, media players, presentations, screen mirroring, power control, file manager, terminal, and more. Some of the best-known supported apps include Spotify, iTunes, Winamp, VLC, Kodi, Boxee, Plex, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, PowerPoint, Keynote, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Windows Task Manager, and more.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS (client); Windows 7+, macOS 10.9+, Linux (Debian, RPM, Portable), Raspberry Pi (ARMv6), Arduino Yún (MIPS)

Download: (Android, iOS, Server)

2. TeamViewer

Perhaps the best-known remote access app for computers and smartphones, TeamViewer allows you to remotely access another computer, smartphone, or tablet on the go. Unlike some of the other apps that use standard Wi-Fi connectivity to hook up the client and server, TeamViewer allows you to connect with devices from anywhere in the world by setting up a remote connection over the internet. You can use TeamViewer to remotely control Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices. The client-side software is available on Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.

Key features include screen sharing, touch gestures, bi-directional file transfer, computers & contacts management, chat, real-time sound and HD video transmission, and more. TeamViewer is the most-used remote connectivity tool on PCs and smartphones. Enterprise users prefer it for troubleshooting purposes. TeamViewer is free for personal use, allowing computer geeks to provide tech support to their family and friends.

Download: (Android, iOS, Server)

3. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer comes from the makers of one of the best desktop sharing systems and lets you access the screen of your Windows PC on your mobile device. It is one of the most popular Android apps for accessing Windows computers. And last year, its usage shot up exponentially during the pandemic-induced work-from-home regimen. The app turns your phone into a remote desktop, giving you instant access to your Mac, Windows, and Linux computers from anywhere. You can view your computer’s desktop remotely and control its mouse and keyboard as though you were sitting down in front of it.

The server-side app, called VNC Server, is available on a whole host of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Largely used by corporations and enterprises, it is easy to deploy and administer, offering multi-factor authentication and up to 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. It offers attended and unattended access via Cloud or offline (direct) connections. It also offers responsive screen sharing and lets you control, support, administer, monitor, train or work remotely with the VNC Connect network (Viewer + Server). The software comes with a 30-day trial period, with premium subscriptions starting at $3.39 per remote computer per month.

Download: (Android, iOS, Server)

4. PC Remote

Another massively popular app, PC Remote, lets you use your Android device to control computers over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth locally or remotely. The software mirrors the screen and camera of your computer to your phone in real-time and vice versa. It also lets you transfer files between the two connected devices using the industry-standard 256-bit AES Session Encoding on a remote network. Moreover, you can even use the free app to play more than 30 classic console games on the desktop using the in-app game controller. It uses onboard sensors and purpose-designed, customizable button layouts.

Download: (Android, iOS, Server)

5. InfiniMote

Download: (Android, Server)

6. Remote Link

Remote Link comes from Taiwanese tech firm Asus but is compatible with third-party devices as well. The app turns your Android phone or tablet into a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth remote control for your Windows PC. It lets you use your smartphone as a touchpad remote, a keyboard remote, a presentation remote, a media remote, and more. While the touchpad remote turns your Android device into a wireless touchpad for your PC, the media remote lets you control the media player on your PC remotely.

Download: (Android, Server)

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is yet another Android app that lets you securely control your Windows PC from your Android device, iPhone, or any other computer remotely. On the server-side, you need to install a Chrome extension to allow access to your remote device. Chrome Remote Desktop supports live screen-sharing and can also turn your Android device into a mouse or touchpad. Do note that you need to have a Google account to use the remote sharing features. You can then access your PC on a short-term basis for ad hoc remote support or longer duration for remote access to apps and files.

Chrome Remote Desktop lets you access Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from virtually any other desktop or mobile platform, including Android, iOS, and even Chromebooks. Unlike the other apps on this list, the server-side Remote Desktop software is available as a cross-platform Chrome extension for connecting to Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. Also, it is only a companion extension for the Chrome Remote Desktop website that lets you share your screen or access your computer from a browser window.

Download: (Android, iOS, Server)

8. Remote Desktop 8

Remote Desktop 8 comes from Microsoft, which makes it a first-party utility to remotely control a Windows PC using an Android smartphone. The client software can run on almost any device, including on your smartphone, giving you the same powers you would have if you had physical access to the PC’s keyboard. It lets you operate the apps installed on the PC, access the files and network resources of the computer, and even leaves the apps open when you exit the application.

Download: (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Server)

9. BleK – Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

BleK is another notable app that lets you use your Android device as a remote keyboard and mouse for your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Android TV. The app turns your smartphone into a touchpad with scrolling support. You can also use it to type text on the remote device using virtually any keyboard app on your phone. What’s more, you can also use the app to control media playback on your computer, including volume, navigation, and more. The app supports 32 different keyboard language layouts and can be used to turn your phone into a movement-based air mouse as well. It also lets you use speech input and send copied text to connected devices.

Do note that the multimedia controls, air-mouse gestures, voice support, and copied text transfer are only available in the premium version that costs $4.49 in the US and Rs. 170 in India. The best part about the app is that it does not require you to install a server app on your Windows PC in order for it to work. Supported receiver devices only need to have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher as long as they run Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9 or higher, Windows 8 or higher, or Chrome OS.

Download: (Android)

10. KiwiMote

Unlike some of the other apps that are available on both Android and iOS, KiwiMote is only available on the Google Play Store and not the App Store. However, the server version of the app supports Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. It means you will be able to control your desktop using this app irrespective of the platform of choice. The best part is that the server software is portable and comes in a ZIP file. You only need to extract the file and get to work. No installation is required.

Download: (Android, Server)

Remotely Access Your Windows PC or MacBook From an iPhone or Android Device

So these are the best apps on the Play Store to control your desktop and laptop computers (Windows PC and Mac) remotely from your iPhone or Android device without having to carry additional wireless gadgets. As we’ve mentioned already, most of them come for free, but some offer premium options with added bells and whistles. So go ahead, give the free versions a try, and subscribe to them if you believe you will get your money’s worth. Once you use them, let us know which app you liked the most and if you’re planning to invest in the premium version.

5 Best Android Apps For Replacing Your Broken Home Button

Plenty of Android devices ship without physical home buttons, but Samsung’s devices (among others) still do, and as the best-selling Android manufacturer, that means millions of these buttons are still getting into the hands of users.

Whether physical or virtual buttons are better is a debate I’m not going to dive into, but what do you do if your home button happens to break somewhere down the line?

In the long run, probably replace your phone, but in the meantime, here are several Android apps that you can use to replace a broken home button.

1. Navigation Bar

If your home button has let you down, and you’ve always been intrigued by those minimal icons that most Android phones use for navigation, then Navigation Bar is for you.

This app gives you the Material Design Back, Home and Recents buttons across the bottom of your screen, just like the official ones. What makes these better is that you can tweak them all you like, decide how long they stay on the screen before the disappear (or lock them if you like), change the icons’ size and even the background color behind the icons.

2. Home Button

From the same developer as Navigation Bar, Home Button gives the bottom of your screen a glowing colored hue, which you can then tap or long-tap to act as a home button. It has plenty of customization options, too, such as changing the size and color of the tasteful glowing light at the bottom of your screen.

You can actually decide what tapping and long-tapping this light does, so you can program all kinds of functions to it such as Back, Home, Recents, WiFi toggle and so on. That means that even if you do have a functioning physical home button, this app could still be worth looking into.

3. Multi-Action Home Button

Multi-Action Home Button is designed specifically for phones that don’t have virtual home buttons. It was originally created for the HTC One, but it works with Samsung phones just as well. All users have to do is tap the bottom-center of the screen to activate the home button or perform other actions. Unfortunately, the app inserts an item in the notification drawer that does nothing other than serve as a reminder that it’s running, so users still have to put up with a little extra visual clutter.

4. Easy Touch

Like Home Button, Easy Touch (no longer available) adds an icon that floats on top of your other apps. Unlike that app, it comes with far more functionality. Whenever you tap the floating icon, you not only have the option to return to the home screen, you can lock the phone, toggle the settings, or access favorite apps.

5. Button Savior

Button Savior offers possibly the most comprehensive solution to the whole ordeal, but it does come with a major caveat – some of the functionality requires root. Fortunately, returning to the homescreen is not one of those features, and it works out of the box just fine.

Button Savior works by sticking a little dock on the side of the screen that disappears behind a small transparent toggle when not in use. Tapping that arrow pulls the dock back out, displaying icons for performing various tasks. The app is very customizable, so you can change the icons on the dock, which side of the screen everything resides on, and the order everything appears in.


These apps can help you continue to use a phone with a broken physical home button. Even if your device is in complete working order, this can help you give that button a rest or make up for the lack of a virtual button that you may wish you had. Alternatively, these apps can prevent you from having to reach all the way to the bottom of a large phone just to return home.

Robert Zak

Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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The Best Drone Apps For Android — Enhance Your Flight

Effective September 16, 2023, drone Remote ID requirements are in effect to fly within the United States. All new drones must now include Remote ID hardware, you must keep Remote ID active if available on your craft, and you have until Sept. 16, 2023, to retrofit your older airframes. Before you fly, please make sure you know the drone laws in your area

The best drone apps

Google Earth is a fantastic app to find a place to fly.

Airmap is a leading app for airspace authorization.

B4UFly is the FAA’s official app, loaded with valuable information.

DroneDeploy is an alternative app to many manufacturer flight apps.

UAV Forecast combines weather info with GPS and solar interference stats. 

Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) attempts to be the only app you need for flight tracking and maps.

Sun Surveyor is a fun photography app that can help you decide what time of day to fly.

Verifly is a simple source of flight insurance. Protect your livelihood.

Litchi for DJI drones is a fun alternative to DJI’s Go 4 app platform.

Google OpenSky is a simple LAANC authorization tool.

First, some theory. What is it you are hoping to accomplish before or with your flight? Perhaps you are trying to keep it legal, making sure you can fly in a specific location, there’s an app for that. Maybe you are looking for a logging service to help track your flights, there are tools for that as well, or maybe you just want a weather report. Your needs will differ depending on your drone as well — a camera drone has different needs than a racing drone, for example.

Go ahead and run down the list to get an idea of what functions a non-manufacturer app can serve for you. We hope to help you find something new and helpful.

1. Google Earth

Price: Free

As you well know, the first thing you’re going to need to do with any drone (after registering it,) is figure out a place to fly it. Truth is, there are some drone-dedicated mapping apps on our list today, they are great at showing where it is safe to fly. Safe places to fly is one thing, but before you get to that point, why not scour Google Earth to find exceptional places to fly. Google Earth is free for your mobile device and available on the web as well.


Familiar and robust app

Detail location data for the entire globe


It’s just a map

Price: Free

Airmap is one of those tools that does so much more than just map a potential flight location or help you keep a log of your flight. With backing from companies like Microsoft and Qualcomm, not to mention drone players like Yuneec, Airmap is rapidly becoming the de-facto tool for commercial drone flight. Don’t let their drone mapping, geo-fencing, and flight logging commercial tools scare you off, utilizing the real-time traffic alerts in their mobile app is valuable enough. Check out Airmap for your basic needs, or for your commercial piloting business.


Made for hobby and commercial pilots

Maps, legal info, flight restrictions, and more

Enables LAANC authorization for airspace approval

The source for most other drone mapping tools


Feels overwhelming for new pilots

Price: Free

Let’s keep this super simple: the FAA is the entity that enforces drone laws in the United States, and this is their app that tells you where and when you can fly. I could stop at that, but I feel you should know that B4UFly is a little bit overbearing sometimes, telling you that you can’t fly in some places that you can. That said, the app provides one of the most detailed airport listings around, displaying the 5-mile radius of each. What it boils down to, if in doubt, the B4UFly app is how you go to the source for legal info on drone flights in the United States.


The official FAA resource for drone pilots


Can be hard to understand

If your drone weighs 0.55lbs or more, you must register with the FAA and affix your registration number to the craft. The process is simple, but it will cost you $5 and you must be at least 13 years old. This registration will expose you to the FAA rules for drone flight, which we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with. Drone Rush can help too:

If you are flying for pay, or any other form of compensation, you must operate under a different set of rules and possess a commercial drone license. We call it the Part 107, it’s not too hard to get, but it will take some time to learn all the rules. We want to help you learn the rules and get your commercial license, check out our drone pilot training material.

Price: Free


Effective resource for commercial pilots

3D mapping and more


Free app, but paid service


Local weather

GPS position tracking

Solar interference reference

Powerful “is it safe to fly?” tool


Limited free data points, paid subscription for more

Price: Free

Let’s see, we’ve covered apps that check the weather, apps that have maps with no-fly zone listings, maps with active air traffic information, apps that keep flight logs and help you track your drones, now for one app that does all of the above. Kittyhawk: Drone Operations is a robust app and platform, including everything from pre-flight checks to post-flight analysis. Kittyhawk is an ambitious app and platform ready to get you in the air and make the most of your time in the sky.


Flight logs, checklists and more

Can control some drones

Weather check


Can be overwhelming for hobby pilots

Price: $7.99

If you’ve ever been outside… I’ll just stop that right there. Outdoor photography is almost entirely a matter of managing sunlight, this is never more true than with drone photography, as there is no shade up there. Instead of guessing where the sun and moon will be, why not know for certain, Sun Surveyor does this, with great accuracy. The perfect sun or moon position is but an app away. Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) is $7.99 for Android.


Fun tool for sun and moon tracking

Accurate photography tool


Paid app

Not specifically designed for drone photography 

Price: Free

Insurance. Love it or hate it, insurance is an important part of modern-day living. Unlike your car or house insurance, which you pay a premium each month, Verifly is doing something different, insurance on demand. The idea is simple, your flights, particularly commercial operations, are either too few or too spread out and unpredictable to commit to full-time insurance coverage. Verifly allows you to log your start time and finish time, then just pay for what you use. It starts at around $10/hr. Hit the download buttons below to see more details on the actual coverage. Policies are underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc.


On-demand options

Protect yourself and your equipment 


Prices vary based on equipment and flight details

Price: $24.99

We all know that you need the official DJI GO, DJI GO 4, and DJI Fly apps to fly your favorite DJI drones, right? Wrong! There are a few alternative apps out there that can take control of your DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Spark, DJI Phantom series drone and more, the best of these apps that we’ve tried to date Litchi. The full app name is long, but explains most of what it does, Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark is a robust app that maintains the same feel as the DJI apps, but it does things a little differently.

Basically, if you will, if you are looking for the best of the DJI application, plus a few new treats, Litchi is well worth your consideration. The waypoint flights and VR/FPV functionality built-in are the key factors that attracted me to Litchi. Rich features and functions like these are at your fingertips through the going price of $24.99 for the app, which may be beyond what many might consider.


Powerful alternative to manufacturer control apps


Pricey app


Relatively simple access to LAANC authorization


A simple app for airspace approval and little more

Best Free Android Apps And Games Of The Week

If you’ve missed the previous edition of our weekly column, then we highly recommend checking it out.

Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week #1 Routinery: Ritual/Routine


If you’ve been looking for a powerful routine app that can get you started the day, then we have something interesting for you. Recently, we came across this app called Routinery that helps you create a ritual or routine and motivates you to stick with it. The developer claims that they use behavioral science. It also promotes the user to focus on the surrounding environment.

Manage habits and routines

Powerful routine timer

Stats and feedback on the routines

Apple Watch and dark mode support

Seamless backup and synchronization between devices


App page: Download the Routinery: Ritual/Routine app on your Android device from Google Play Store

#2 Who touched my phone?


As the name suggests, Who touched my phone? is an Android application that basically answers the very question which is in its name. The app uses your front camera in the background to take images of the user who is trying to unlock your smartphone. Apart from just taking images, the app also lets you know about the when and what. Basically, telling you the time along with a report consisting of the activities.

This is not the first app that brings something like this to the table. In fact, we’ve previously come across numerous such apps. The thing that separates this app from most out there is the user experience. If someone tries to enter the wrong pin or pattern, then the app will automatically take an image. On the other hand, if someone manages to go inside, then the app will also show you the apps opened in the session.


Automatically takes an image of the user trying to get in

Showcase activity log along with the time

Ability to sync all the logs and data to the cloud

Requires Device Administrator permission

Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

App page: Download Who touched my phone? on your Android device from Google Play Store

#3 Selection – send selected text to notifications


The Selection app might not do some crazy or impressive thing but it still manages to be a useful application. The app allows you to send a selected text to a notification from anywhere. Selection comes in handy when you just want to remind yourself of something later. You can simply push that thing to the notification and can look at it whenever you’re free.

Unlikes notes or reminders that offer the same feature, Selection allows you to push the text from anywhere. The word ‘anywhere‘ is the key term here. The free version of the app offers 15 selections meaning you can push 15 things at most. For more, you’ll need to shell out a couple of bucks. Of course, the limit should be more than enough for most users out there.  Selection app acts as a nifty tool for your smartphone which is why decided to add it to our best free Android apps.


Add text from anywhere to the notification

Clean and minimal user interface

Option to dismiss the text from the notification

Choose between light and dark mode

Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

App page: Download Selection on your Android device from Google Play Store

Gizchina News of the week

Join GizChina on Telegram

#4 Balance: Meditation & Sleep


When it comes to apps under the Early Access tag, we rarely come across ones that offer an experience more than worthy of a stable rollout phase. Balance is one such application that, even though is in a development phase, offers quite a stable experience. If you’re looking for an app that can help you improve your sleep and reduce stress, then you might have been looking for this one.

Balance offers a personalized meditation program that, at the time of writing this, is free for a year. The app basically acts as your personal meditation coach guiding you to throughout your meditation. The app will ask you some questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences each day. It will then assemble a daily meditation routine for you. The app designs a 10-day plan that will teach you fundamental meditation skills.

You can also choose between multiple options such as Happiness, Sleep, Foundations, Focus, and more. There’s a dedicated Sleep tab that brings you before bed and fall asleep-related options. All in all, the app will help you develop 9 concrete meditation skills making it perfect for newcomers.


Personalized meditation routines designed to your mood, goals, experience, and more

10-day plans to develop your meditation skills

Research-backed activities and routines allowing you to get the most out of the app

Completely free for the year 2023

Price: Free

App page: Download Balance: Meditation & Sleep on your Android device from Google Play Store

#5 WallCandy

WallCandy is yet another wallpaper application that you might want to give a go. The app offers unique handpicked wallpapers covering a wide range of categories. From abstract to AMOLED, you can find almost every type of wallpaper right in the app. You can use the category tab to explore wallpapers related to certain categories such as anime, 4K, sports, and more.

There is a dedicated notch wallpapers option in the side menu which you can use if your smartphone has a notch on the front. Sadly, there’s no option to filter the wallpaper on the basis of notch placement. This means that you’ll have to spend some time finding the right one for you. There’s a wallpaper history tab as well that will showcase all the wallpapers that you have applied. Lastly, we’re looking at the Auto Wallpaper feature that will set a unique wallpaper for you every day.

Price: Free

App page: Download WallCandy on your Android device from Google Play Store

#6 Whicons – White Icon Pack


When it comes to free icon packs, Whicons is one of the best Android apps out there. This app offers quite a unique touch to your Android setup. The app also covers a wide range of apps which is always impressive to see in free offerings. If you’re using dark wallpapers, then you should definitely give this app a try as it might refresh your home screen altogether.

Apart from offering a super extensive library of icons, the app also brings suitable wallpapers to the table. There is a request tool as well through which you can ask for any missed icons (which is going to happen rarely). The app supports all the popular launchers out there such as ADW, Holo, Lawnchair, Nova, OnePlus, Square Home, and more.

Here is a quick look at what you’ll be getting with this free icon pack:

a whopping 6929 icons

Suitable wallpapers

Covers more than 29700 apps

Multi launcher support

Frequent updates

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

App page: Download Whicons White Icon Pack on your Android device from Google Play Store

#7 Sad But Ded

As fun as it sounds, Sad But Ded manages to live up to our expectations from a 2D puzzle platformer. The idea behind the game is to keep the controls themselves to a limited resource. Each level will bring you some unique mechanics making it fun and complex for you at the same time. The new game mechanics will force you to think at each level.

A fun 2D puzzle platformer

Minimalistic pixel graphic

50 levels with unique mechanics

Speedrun mode and 3 different levels

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

App page: Download Sad But Ded on your Android device from Google Play Store

With that, we will now be concluding our 5th edition of the best free Android apps and games. For the next edition, we’re planning to add some more games to our column. Make sure to stay tuned as we will keep on digging Play Store to find out useful and fun Android apps and games.

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