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As much as I enjoyed my Roku streaming media player, I’m an Apple user and always have been. I still craved the Apple TV. Everything on the Roku was great, but I really wanted to be able to utilize iTunes, something that isn’t available on the Roku. Once we finally upgraded to an HDTV, I knew my next purchase would be an Apple TV, and it was.

1. Ease of Setup

The Apple TV is just as easy to set up as the Roku. It simply plugs into the back of your TV. The only difference is that while the Roku works with both the older RCA-style cables (with the white, yellow, and red plugs) and the newer HDMI, the Apple TV only works with HDMI. The plug is not included with the unit and will need to be purchased separately.

Plugging in the Apple TV utilizes your existing WiFi Internet service. It recognizes the service on its own and asks you to put in your password. It should be noted that when first signing into the unit, it’s asking for your password or key to your Internet service, not any of the individual channels. Once the AppleTV is signed in, it presents you with a screen of all the channels that are available. While the Apple TV doesn’t have as many channels as the Roku, the ones it does have are all worthwhile. This means there are less signins and passwords to keep track of.

2. iTunes and YouTube

Both the Roku and Apple TV have Netflix, but the Apple TV also has iTunes and YouTube. Signing in with your existing iTunes account, you can rent and/or purchase movies, TV episodes and seasons and can also play the iTunes music you already have. This is what really drew me in and what I found I was missing with the Roku. I could listen to Pandora and could rent movies from Amazon, but I already have so much tied up in iTunes. I like to joke that I personally built a wing on Steve Jobs’ home just with my iTunes purchases. I felt like it was going to waste not using it on the Roku. Along with playing the content from your purchasing history, turning on Home Sharing on iTunes on your computer will pick up all the music you have in iTunes in the Computer Channel.

Additionally, the Apple TV plays YouTube videos. Many people just use YouTube as their source of music, as it allows you to make up a playlist. This is of course in addition to all the other types of videos that YouTube plays. You can search for specific videos and can also sign into your existing YouTube account to watch videos you have uploaded yourself as well as access your list of favorites.

3. AirPlay

While it was the ability to play iTunes content that drew me to the Apple TV, it was the AirPlay feature that made me fall in love with it. I knew it had that capability, but I didn’t realize the magnitude of how great it could be. AirPlay allows you to stream content from your Apple mobile device to the AppleTV. This includes just about any video. I’m a movie and TV reviewer, so I receive content from networks and studios for previewing and reviewing purposes. Having to watch it on my MacBook or iPad is a pain.

With AirPlay I can stream it directly to my TV. Opening up the content on my iPad or iPhone, it shows the AirPlay symbol, and pressing that allows me to choose whether I want the content to play on my mobile device or the Apple TV. That also meant that after I recorded videos of my daughter’s ballet rehearsal, I could show them to family.

4. PhotoStream

As can be seen, the Apple TV is really a great product if you are already an Apple person. Most of the stuff are deeply integrated and you can easily switch from one platform to another. For those who have never owned an Apple product, you can still get the Apple TV, but you won’t be able to maximize all the features that come with it.

Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site’s sponsored review program.

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Ethereum Classic: 4 Factors Why Traders Would Make This Move

While the year began with Ethereum Classic valued at less than $5 on the charts, at the time of writing, the cryptocurrency was trading at over $55, with the alt offering YTD returns of 887%.

In fact, just over two months ago, on the back of the wider market’s bull run, ETC hit an ATH of just under $170. Now, a value of $55 is way off the aforementioned ATH. However, its fundamentals and the sentiments associated with it remain as strong as ever, with the cited YTD figures providing evidence of the same.

What’s more, the optimism around Ethereum Classic can also be highlighted by the altcoin’s 24-hour volumes. According to CoinGecko, at press time, ETC’s volumes were over $3.7 billion, higher than most cryptos in the market with the exception of Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. In fact, so has been the case for most of the week too.

1.Doubling down

The most recent development in this regard was the Digital Currency Group announcing plans to purchase a total of $50 million worth of shares of the Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust. In fact, such was the effect of the development that ETC’s price hiked by over 50% over the next few days.


Then there’s the matter of Ethereum Classic’s upcoming hard fork – Magneto. Right now, Magneto is scheduled for the 21st of July and it is set to implement ECIP-1103.

With ETC’s price consolidating somewhat on the charts over the past few days, many expect the alt to get a leg up on the back of Magneto going live later this month. Such projections are in line with those made by Etherplan’s Donald McIntyre in the past, with the proponent in the news a few months ago after claiming that Ethereum Classic will be valued at between $900 and $1,000 by the end of this market cycle.

3.Ethereum’s loss is ETC’s….

Another factor that seemingly might work in the altcoin’s favor is Ethereum’s transition to a PoS chain over the next few months and years. Now, while the network is going full steam ahead with this transition, approval hasn’t been unanimous, with many miners being among the ones to oppose proposals like EIP-1559. In fact, some have also predicted that these miners will eventually move to some other PoW chain, a chain that can better accommodate and make use of their GPU-mining rigs.

Ethereum Classic can emerge as one of these alternatives, with the Ethereum Foundation’s Tim Beiko conceding that some miners in the community have been talking to the project. Cinneamhain Ventures’ Adam Cochran reiterated the same point, adding,

— Adam Cochran (@adamscochran) April 15, 2023

4.51% no more?

Finally, there’s the question of security. Ethereum Classic was the subject of a series of 51% attacks in August 2023, attacks that had severe consequences not only for ETC’s market value, but its perception as well. Will we see more of these attacks, however? According to McIntyre, however, that is unlikely, with emergency solutions and upgrades such as NESS and ETC Hash strengthening the security of the network.

With many miners expected to jump ship to ETC when ETH transitions to 2.0, “ETC can emerge to be as secure as ETH,” he added.

On-chain metrics support this perception of Ethereum Classic too. ETC’s active addresses and 24-hour transactions, for instance, at press time were hitting levels seen back in February 2023, with both underlining how active the market has been of late.

What’s more, according to LunarCrush, most of ETC’s social metrics were leaning towards the bullish side as well, with the altcoin noting a Galaxy Score of 65 on the charts.

Ergo, it is perhaps safe to say that there is more upside to be had for Ethereum Classic. While McIntyre’s own predictions might be a little too optimistic, there’s good reason to believe that ETC will hike once again.

4 Reasons Why Live Shopping Is The Next Big Trend

It all makes sense when you look at the rise in streaming services and offline stores. Finally, we are seeing a shift in the way we shop.

The retail landscape has been forever transformed by the pandemic. It is now digital. As brick-and-mortar shops give way to eCommerce and retailers find themselves competing for customers’ attention in an ever more chaotic and crowded online marketplace,

How can you cut through the noise? Be more like streaming services.

The combination of storytelling and online shopping in “live shopping” or live streaming shopping makes for an immersive experience unlike any other. This is the ultimate combination of entertainment and utility.

Live shopping can revolutionize everything we know about sales and marketing.

Netflix meets retail — The Latest wave of excitement

Major retailers are also embracing social media platforms. TikTok has Walmart hosting live shopping events. Facebook’s live shopping Fridays feature brands ranging in price from Sephora to Abercrombie & Fitch.

Instagram’s Shopping section has a dedicated “Live” hub. It hosted a 10-day live shopping event along with Aveda and Peloton. Amazon launched Amazon Live.

Investors are also catching on. Many people now consider live shopping the next big thing in retail. raised $50 million from Kering and Goldman Sachs for NTWRK, a live-shopping video app that focuses exclusively on limited-edition merchandise.

PopShop Live raised $20 Million and $6 Million respectively. And Whatnot, a live-shopping startup, has reached a record-breaking valuation of $1.5 million.

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What does live shopping mean in practice?

It’s like a hyper-personalized QVC/HSN. Live shopping via social media and online allows brands to create highly personalized shopping events that are centered on particular interests. These events bring together brands and products from all over the globe, as well as celebrities and influencers.

It’s fun, engaging, and addictive for viewers. Live shopping, for those who grew up long before QVC became famous on cable TV, is the retail equivalent of Netflix and Twitch. Live shopping lets you tune in to an influencer, a celebrity, or just a random person and have a good time.

Live shopping is the next evolution in what it means to connect with a customer. It is a popular choice that fans return to often – not only when they are looking for information or to buy. Live shopping is a great way to build a deeper emotional connection with brands, products, and people.

Visiting an online store close to you

Live shopping is a common form of retail in China. Live shopping typically lasts around three hours. Special events can continue for up to 24 hours.

This is America’s future. The live shopping format generated $60 Billion in global sales in 2023, with China leading the charge. Only $1 billion of these transactions were made in the U.S.

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Here are four reasons why live shopping is the next big trend 1. eCommerce becomes more personal when you shop live.

Brands that lead with community, or lifestyle, – also known as mission-driven brands – must tell a story about what they sell. This will allow consumers to emotionally connect with the brand.

This is particularly important online. This is especially important online. It doesn’t have to be all about image galleries and streamlined checkout processes.

Ecommerce has a problem in that many brands use their online shops as merely purchase sites. It was thought that online shopping is merely a way to purchase products. Most eCommerce websites have been reduced to their essentials. It was designed to remove any distractions between users first visiting the site and closing their purchases.

The e-commerce pandemic has made it more difficult for retailers to do business online. Online stores should now be able to integrate and present a brand’s values and culture alongside product information. Ecommerce websites must tell compelling stories just like brand experiences.

Live shopping is the answer. Live shopping hosts, who are generally influencers, tell their stories, show their products, answer your questions, interact and take orders. A hosted demonstration of a product is shown from the host’s home or backyard. This gives you a glimpse into their lives and allows you to feel their personalities.

Trust and bonds aren’t just between the host and the consumer; they also exist between the brand being marketed and the consumer.

2. Live shopping taps into the influencer economy.

Live shopping events, based on the hosts, are an organic way for brands and influencers to tap into this megatrend. As we all know, consumers research products before purchasing them. They also seek information from third parties to ensure that they are safe. Influencer recommendations are a good way to spread word of mouth.

Live shopping allows brands to blend their objective view and personal voice transparently and efficiently. This format allows customers to shop with an expert in real-time while shopping.

Nothing is more infectious than hearing someone who loves the same things you do. It’s a connection that is instant between two enthusiasts. It’s a popular choice with consumers.

Brands can plan live shopping events easily by tapping into influencers via major social media channels. Many platforms offer live shopping. The technology and the audiences for live shopping are available on many platforms, including Facebook Pages and Instagram Live.

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3. Shopping life is addictive.

Do you remember when shopping was exciting? You could spend a whole weekend in a mall just to look around and take pictures. Online shopping in its current form is not as enjoyable.

Marcus Johnson, host and presenter of eMarketer’s Behind the Numbers podcast, stated that he has never walked into a shop and thought, “Alright, where is the black item under $50 in a medium?”

Online shopping can often feel overwhelming due to the sheer number of products available. Ecommerce is limited to static images that engage the five senses. While receiving an actual item can be fun, the journey to get there can be long and exhausting.

The difference is that retailers no longer compete with the next-door store. They are now competing with everyone and everything online – music, movies, and gaming. Retail brands are now media brands. First, is it possible to grab users’ attention?

Then, can you keep it? As Netflix pointed out when they called sleep their biggest competitor, can your audience remain awake long enough for all the great content to be consumed? Or are they simply running out of time?

Live shopping allows consumers to go deeper than just promotion. Video conversations can be free-form and cover everything from education to selling, to the mission, and back. You can combine product and brand content.

The story behind a product’s creation is revealed to the consumer. It’s possible to experience the story in real-life situations. The hosts’ focus on creating and maintaining a compelling narrative makes it easy for consumers to stay tuned to the next episode.

The lifetime value of a customer is the key to a brand’s online success. It is costly to acquire customers, so it is important to increase order size and drive repeat purchases. It is also important to build a loyal fan base for your business’s survival.

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4. Live shopping is FOMO.

Most brands aren’t in it for the products. Even the most innovative innovations are eventually copied by others and adopted by them. Live shopping events are essential for differentiation. Live shopping events are a chance to create something new and increase value.

For example, take limited-edition releases. Live shopping excels at managing scarcity. A limited number of sneakers, for example, and a short time to purchase them creates fear.

Shoppers are aware that others are watching them. This immediacy increases the likelihood of purchase regardless of its price.

Live shopping can be presented as a series, which creates the impression that it is a special opportunity for consumers to purchase. Dedicated events are a way to communicate that they demand their full attention and block out time on consumers’ calendars.

Consumers aren’t actively searching for better deals because there are no distractions or other retailers in the live shopping event mode. Instead, shoppers listen intently to the messages being broadcast.

In fact, by securing a time slot in your customers’ busy schedules, you can take that time away from streamers like Paramount Plus and games like Fortnite. Many other things consume consumers’ brain space today.

Live shopping events allow brands to explore new topics and product ideas in a more flexible and risk-free way. The format also allows them to interact with engaged audiences. Live shopping gives customers real-time feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

The internet’s globality means that even niche products can be made a bestseller by live shopping.

Live shopping is more than just shopping. You can find entertainment that will enchant, delight, and inform. There’s also the convenience of being able to tune in at will, access the storylines and influencers that interest them, they have their product shipped out to their doorstep in just a few days. It’s impossible to beat that.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Mechanical Keyboard

There you are, sitting on your office chair. Feeling comfortable and good about yourself. Let me tell you something. You are lost. You are a nobody. Why? Because you don’t have a mechanical keyboard in your life! Like some evangelical preacher, I have an idea I need to sell you. That is the glory of the mechanical keyboard. If you accept the mechanical keyboard into your life, you could be experiencing increased comfort, improved productivity, and glory! It will change the way you type forever! Don’t just ask me, there are plenty of fanatics that have forever converted from using cheap, rubber-dome keyboards to high-quality mechanicals. I have made a short list of five reasons why you should switch to a mechanical keyboard. I have faith that you will see the light.

The second reason why you need to switch to a mechanical keyboard is ergonomics. Mechanical keyboards generally have higher quality keycaps which are rounded to let your fingers rest on them more comfortably. Traditional laptop keys, with the exception of Lenovo’s, are flat. Flat keys are good for space-saving designs but you not only lose precision, but also comfort. I find flat keys uncomfortable to type on for long periods because I have to hit them “head on” in order not to make an error. Also, it is very easy to hit these keycaps on the corners which will cause your fingers to slip and mis-type. If you hit the corner of a keycap on a mechanical keyboard, you still have a good chance of registering the input. The longer “throw” of mechanical keyboards are also more comfortable for long typing sessions compared to the short engagement point of chicklet-style keyboards. For a long time, I thought the main attribute of an ergonomic keyboard is shape. After using the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard for 2-3 years and using my Leopold Tenkeyless for about 5 months, I realize that it’s not about the shape. The main reason mechanical keyboards are better is the key switches.

The third benefit is reduced strain. I realize this is closely related to comfort but I felt that this deserved its own section simply because of RSI(Repetitive Strain Injury). We use our computers for hours and some of us do not take RSI seriously. I take good care of my hands. And so should you. For most people, their hands are their livelihood. Hand health is very important if you are a musician, laborer, or athlete. One thing I’ve notice after spending a few months with my mechanical keyboard compared to keyboards of my past is finger pain. I use to get finger pain after prolonged typing on the rubber dome keys. They were all I knew so I didn’t question. It wasn’t until I was in the market for a better keyboard where I found out about mechanical key switches. Subsequently, it wasn’t until I was typing on them for hours until I realized my finger pain was mainly caused by the cheap rubber-dome keyboards. If you are on the computer for hours, or if your profession involves extensive amounts of typing, consider investing on a mechanical keyboard for this very reason. These key switches will reduce finger strain. Your hands will thank you.

The fourth benefit of using a mechanical keyboard is improved speed. A more precise, comfortable keyboard means improved typing speed. I was never a speed typist. Barely being able to type 25 WPM, after a few months of serious training, I can now type 60-70 WPM. Your mileage may vary but you will improve your speed. If not in burst typing, definitely in endurance typing. That’s typing long essays or reports. Wiki has the average typing speed rated at 33 WPM. If you are over this, you are doing very well.

The last and most important reason why you need a mechanical keyboard? They’re fun! That may sound silly to say but after getting one, I now enjoy typing. I like the sound of these Cherry MX browns. Some people like the blues. You can’t go wrong either way. They’re great to type on. Mechanical keyboards have their own unique personalities. From the simple Leopold Tenkeyless to the highly sought after HHKB Pro 2. Typing shouldn’t be a chore. Most people probably won’t be competing on typeracer for leisure, but mechanical keyboards will make you smile. It’s like buying a luxury car. Sure, you don’t NEED leather heated seat with power everything but if you can afford it, why not treat yourself? Especially a tool that you will spend years using. Once you punch the keys, you will see the light

What Would Apple Do With An Arm

Apple is up to something, and as usual it’s the skills and press releases of other companies that shine the best light on Apple’s new direction.

Predicting the future is never easy, and with Apple it’s a special challenge. Apple always delivers far more, or far less, than people expect. They are experts at evolutionary change, like the new Macbooks. However, they are also experts at revolutionary change. The iPhone stands as a shining example.

Recently, Apple’s moves in acquiring PA Semi bought them a great deal of expertise in embedded systems, low power processing, and more generally in the area of SoC semiconductor design. As recently discussed, Apple possesses a lot of ARM design capability for a company that isn’t an ARM licensee. So, it is a reasonable assumption that they are.

The reasons to believe this are compelling. With the upcoming ARM Cortex processors in dual and quad-core configurations, ARM is going to be pushing out of the top end of their traditional performance envelope, and challenging Intel’s Atom for the netbook performance crown. More interestingly, ARM already thrashes the Atom on MIPS/Watt performance, and we know this is so important to Apple that Steve Jobs spent several minutes discussing it during his 2005 WWDC keynote – it was their primary reason for switching to Intel processors.

Now we have a new datapoint: Apple has taken a financial stake in Imagination Technologies. This is interesting for many reasons. Imagination has expertise in high performance graphics processing on small power budgets – something Apple desperately needs if they intend to bring high performance graphics to an ARM device for netbook or embedded use. The iPhone is passable, but it doesn’t have the performance to be a mainstay game platform, to do much with 1080p HD, or make for a pleasant OS X desktop experience.

Imagination Technologies is also a member of the Khronos Group, yes, the same people who recently finalized the OpenCL specification that is a big part of Snow Leopard.

From this we can start to draw reasonably safe conclusions about the device Apple would be designing, and its capabilities would betray its possible usage in future Apple products. What can we conclude?

Apple seems to be designing a high performance, power efficient, ARM-based SoC. It likely has high performance graphics, and an exceptional power envelope. It likely has the performance to support OS X natively, with comparable performance to current dual core Intel-based laptops.

This device seems almost overpowered for iPhone use. It would be a nice fit for a proposed netbook, where it would provide good performance, long battery life (days not hours), and an amazingly small thermal and physical footprint. It would also be very comfortable in the AppleTV, where it could reduce manufacturing cost and product complexity, and increase the AppleTV’s capabilities.

The greatest new product potential I see, when looking at the direction Apple has taken their core business over the last few years, is in selling devices that are tied to revenue streams that Apple controls. I’m referring, of course, to iTunes and the App store.

An AppleTV and a Wii have basically identical hardware requirements, and their functions support each other amazingly well. This new, proposed device would enable such a system to be built for less than $200. If you’ve used an iPhone, an AppleTV, a Wii and a DVR, you could see how these things coming together would be a Good Thing™.

The buzz, though, is about an Apple netbook. What does this proposed chip allow? If we take both design paths, the options are a giant iPhone with a touch-screen or proper keyboard, or the thinnest, lightest and ‘funnest netbook ever!’

What do you think?

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

Oneplus 6T: 9 Reasons To Not Buy This Great Device!

OnePlus 6T was announced yesterday, a day ahead of its original launch date, and it comes with a host of new features and improvements over its predecessor, the OnePlus 6. Probably the biggest addition to OnePlus 6T is the in-display fingerprint sensor that’s yet to become mainstream in the world market.

OnePlus also increased the price to $549 from OnePlus 6’s $529 asking price but the 6T is still a great device that delivers on the performance and camera very well.

But the addition of new features and a revamped display has increased the asking price a bit too, which was already under pressure given the recent releases like Honor Play, Poco F1, and the ZenFone 5Z from Asus, which is their best phone.

Here, in this post, we will discuss why OnePlus 6T may not really be worth buying after careful deliberation of all its pros and cons. Because there are some points that one must know before jumping the OnePlus bandwagon.

Here is the list of reasons why OnePlus 6T may not be bought:


1. It’s a bit pricey now

The primary reason consumers queued up to buy a OnePlus phone was that it provided value for money smartphones that challenged big-shot OEMs flagships. Now even pricier at $549 for the base version, it begs questions like whether it’s worth the money anymore or are there better alternatives available?

The answer is actually Yes to both the questions. it is worth the money for what it offers, but the even better part of it is, even greater alternatives are actually available in the market.

To start with, look no further than the Asus Zenfone 5Z, which is a great premium alternative to OnePlus 6T as it offers very similar specs minus the in-display fingerprint scanner at a $100 less. It even looks better with the glass back.


Another great alternative is Xiaomi Poco F1 that has identical specs but comes at a much cheaper price of $300 (starting price, OnePlus 6-like hardware config could be about $400). Sure, its build quality is questionable given the polycarbonate back it features, but it still remains the best mid-range phone for the price sensitive. It also comes with face-recognition that the latest OnePlus offering lacks.

2. Imperfect in-display fingerprint scanner

It is worth noting that during a hands-on review, the in-display fingerprint scanner, OnePlus 6T’s USP, wasn’t found to be very accurate or fast. It seems like OnePlus was in a hurry to roll out this feature in the world market to garner attention without perfecting the technology first. The absence of face-recognition further exacerbates OnePlus 6T’s accessibility issues.

3. No protection from water or dust

At this price-point, it was expected that OnePlus 6T will feature IP68 certification for dust and water-resistance, which is now increasingly becoming a norm. However, the phone is bereft of such protection and it feels like such a bummer to not be able to take your phone out or use it in rainy or dusty conditions.


4. Not a small phone if you wanted one

Even if you account for the great screen-to-body ratio made possible through the use of teardrop notch, the OnePlus 6T is still a phablet. If you were in the market for a smaller phone that easily fits in your hand and is comfortable to use, while still boasting a great performance and hardware, you must look at the Pixel 3, although that costs a lot than this.

5. Teardrop notch is still a notch!

The phone comes with a huge 6.41″ inch screen that accommodates itself with the help of a teardrop notch. If you’re not a fan of notches, you may not like the minimalist tear-drop notch either. Sure, you may choose to hide the notch from the settings option, but it’s not a 100% solution. You may want to buy a different phone altogether, like the Pixel 3 or Samsung Galaxy S9, which are much smaller and don’t even feature a notch.

6. Sub-par loudspeaker

Another significant criticism about the OnePlus 6T is that its loudspeaker is not at all loud. You would need to be in a small and enclosed quiet room to be able to properly listen to music via loudspeakers on full volume.

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7. No dedicated audio jack

Audiophiles would also not appreciate the absence of a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack, especially considering the loudspeaker is no good.

8. No wireless charging

While the phone comes with a commendable 3700mAh battery that is sure to last through a day and even more of intensive use, the option to wirelessly charge your phone is sorely missing. Frequent travelers love a battery case that can charge your phone on the go. Moreover, music enthusiasts also appreciate wireless charging since it means they can listen to music simultaneously as the phone charges in the absence of a 3.5mm jack.


9. Unchanged camera

The OnePlus 6T ships with the same camera hardware that we saw in OnePlus 6. New software additions and tweaks like Nightscape mode fail to impress, meaning you’re left with a very mediocre photography experience compared to what competitors like Google and even Huawei are offering.

If cost isn’t a factor but quality photography is, you may consider going for Pixel 3 instead that offers the best smartphone photography experience in the market right now. While, in the same range, the ZenFone 5Z has a pretty good camera too, and Poco F1’s cam doesn’t disappoint either.


OnePlus 6T sees some improvements over its predecessor in the form of a larger battery, the addition of in-display fingerprint scanner that is currently buggy, latest Android version, and a smaller notch that us beautiful in our eyes. However, it comes at a much higher price, and these small additions may seem a little bit pricey given the alternatives available today since the OnePlus 6 was launched.

If you’re inclined on buying a OnePlus phone but aren’t very keen on the new teardrop design and extra battery, it’s better to buy a refurbished OnePlus 6 and wait for the next release which in OnePlus 7, which hopefully will resolve all the issues mentioned above.

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