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Icons widget helps to create an eye catching call to action panel and display any kind of information. Since there are huge icon sets available for free from various resources it is easy to showcase the needed information using a single attractive icon instead of describing with longer text. Especially font awesome icons are very good alternative to images in this context. In this article let us explore the process of creating font awesome icons widget for Weebly site.

Font Awesome Icons Widget for Weebly

Below is the widget (style 1) having 4 icons and you can add or remove the icons as you need.

Let us showcase further three more styles with variations:

Creating Icons Widget for Weebly Site

Let us take an example of creating a “Contact Us” widget with the following four options:

Send email

Call us

Chat now

Visit forum

This is a pure CSS widget where we convert simple list to an icon widget using font awesome icons. Each icons widget contains the following parts:

Panel container (this contains all 4 items)

Column – contains individual item

Article – containing an icon and a heading

Icon – font awesome icon

H2 heading which by default uses Weebly title element’s style.

Step 1 – Defining Styles for the Icons Widget

First we define the width of column as 21% so that 4 items can fit on your Weebly theme’s width. We have removed the bullets in the lists with “list-style:none” property and each list item will have some margin (bottom and left) with left floating. You can change all of these styles to suit on your layout. Note that we have used margin 20px to create space between list elements.

/* Individual Column */ .column { display:inline-block; float:left; margin:0 0 20px 20px; list-style:none; width:21%; }

Next we create panels with common background color as “lightgreen” along with styles for list elements (ul and li). We use “border-radius:10px;” for creating rounded corner for panels, remove this line if you want to show square icons.

/* Panel */ #panel { position:relative; z-index:1; } #panel ul li { text-align:center; border:1px solid; } #panel ul li *{ margin:0; padding:0; } #panel ul li .icon { margin-bottom:28px; } #panel ul li article { display:block; padding:30px 0 15px 0; } #panel ul li { color:#464646; background-color: lightgreen; border-color:#D7D7D7; border-radius: 10px; } #panel ul li a { color:inherit; } #panel ul li:hover a { color:#51C4BE; }

Next step is to define the styles for the font awesome icons as below. We have used the width and height of the icon buttons as 130px, border radius as 50% to make them circle and the size of the icon as 46px. You can remove the border radius to make the icons in square format and increase / decrease the size of the icon size by changing the font size attribute.

/* Button */ .icon { display:inline-block; } .icon i { position:relative; width:130px; height:130px; line-height:130px; z-index:1; } .icon i, .icon i::after { border-radius:50%; } .icon .fa { font-size:46px; } .icon i::after { position:absolute; top:15px; right:15px; bottom:15px; left:15px; border:1px solid; content:""; z-index:-1; } .icon i { color:#FFFFFF; background-color:#51C4BE;/* IE9 Fallback */ background:linear-gradient(to top right, #256D6A, #51C4BE); } .icon i::after { border-color:rgba(255,255,255,.5); } .icon:hover i::after { background-color:#51C4BE; } #panel ul li:hover .icon i { text-shadow:0 1px 0 #CCCCCC,0 2px 0 #333333,0 1px 0 #BBBBBB,0 4px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.1),0 0 5px rgba(0,0,0,.1),0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.3),0 3px 5px rgba(0,0,0,.2),0 5px 10px rgba(0,0,0,.25) } #panel ul li:nth-child(1):hover .icon i::after { background-color:#F9CD36; /* Yellow */ } #panel ul li:nth-child(2):hover .icon i::after { background-color:#FF7659; /* Orange */ } #panel ul li:nth-child(3):hover .icon i::after { background-color:#9771BD;/* Purple */ } #panel ul li:nth-child(4):hover .icon i::after { background-color:#F36174;/* Red */ }

Yellow, orange, purple and red colors are used for the icons hover color which can also be changed as per your need. The last step in the CSS part of the widget is to add media queries to make the widget responsive on mobile devices.

/* Media Queries */ @media screen and (max-width:750px){ #panel ul li { display:inline-block; float:left; width:48.46625766871166%; margin:0 3.06748466257669% 15px 0;} #panel ul li:nth-child(even){ margin-right:0; clear:right; } } @media screen and (max-width: 450px){ #panel ul li { display: block; float: none; width: 95%; } } Step 2 – Adding CSS in Weebly Site Step 3 – Adding HTML Customizing Icons Widget

All the required styles are defined in the “icons_style.css” file which you can customize as per your need. We have added another three examples in the source download where we used inline styles to modify the required elements by keeping the “icons_style.css” as it is.

Use Icon Widget chúng tôi for different backgrounds for each panel.

Try Icon Widget chúng tôi for white background panels with different gradient color icons.

Use Icon Widget chúng tôi with social icons without panel border.

You can change the text / icons in HTML and refer the font awesome icons list for choosing the icon you need.

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Add Multicolumn Drag And Drop Footer In Free Weebly Site – Webnots

In our previous article we explained how to remove free Weebly footer and add your own links in free Weebly site which may not be sufficient to have a professional looking site. Generally the footer should be with few columns having content which should appear site wide. But multiple column footer is a Weebly Pro feature and you need to upgrade to add drag and drop elements to your footer area. In this article we explain the step by step process of how to add multicolumn drag and drop footer in free Weebly site just by modifying the CSS and page HTML.

What are the Steps Involved?

Below are the steps involved in adding elements to your footer:

Step 1 – Accessing Site’s Source HTML/CSS

Log in to your Weebly account and select “Edit” button against the site you want to remove the footer.

In Weebly editor select “Edit HTML/CSS” under “Design” tab.

In order to add a multiple column footer, you need to add the following CSS code in the “main_style.css” under “Assets” section. This code can be added anywhere in the CSS but add it with care to avoid over-lapping with another element.

/* Weebly Multi Column Drag and Drop Footer by WebNots*/ #multicolumnfooter{ width: 100%; color:#ffffff; font-size: 15px; text-align: center; padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px; margin: 10px; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: hidden; }

Customize the width, color, font, background and padding alignment to suit your site’s design. Also you can add additional styles to make the footer area more beautiful.

It should look like below after you added the code.

Step 3 – Modifying Page Layout HTML to Hide Existing Footer

Select the appropriate Page Layout as per your

page customization

under “Pages” tab.  In this example the page is customized as “Standard Page” (no header image), hence the modification needs to be done in the page layout “no-header.html”.

If you have multiple page layouts in your site then do the changes in all page layouts. Otherwise some pages will show drag and drop footer and some pages will not show.

Browse through the HTML content and locate the {footer} code.

Different themes may have different type of footer code. Some themes may have footer-wrap which you need to hide as a whole. In general all themes should have {footer} tag mandatorily and you need to hide that.

Step 4 – Adding Multi Column Footer

Now that you have hided the existing footer and its time to add custom footer.

Add the below code just above the hidden footer element.

It should look like below after you have added the code:

Save your changes.

Step 5 – Drag and Drop Elements in Footer

Now you can drag and drop elements in the footer area in site editor like a pro users. Your site will look like a Weebly Pro site with a beautiful footer divided into multiple columns.

Below is an example of three column footer on a free Weebly site.

Adjust the footer margin with spacer element if the margin / padding provided in the CSS code is not effective.

10 Weebly Tweaks For Free Users – Webnots

Weebly claims over 30 millions of users using their drag and drop platform for building websites. One of the important factors for Weebly’s success is to allow free users modify the source code. During recent days Weebly incorporated restrictions at the backend for free users. Still you can tweak your free site to take it to professional level. Here are 10 Weebly tweaks for free users to make your site professional and SEO friendly.

10 Weebly Tweaks for Free Users

Remove Free Weebly Footer

Add Scroll To Top Button

Add Favicon

Modify Source Code

Adding Custom CSS / Scripts

Verify Site with Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools

Integrate Google Analytics

Add Recent Posts with Blog Feed

Enable Disqus Commenting System

Add Font Icons

The first identification of a free Weebly site is the free footer at the bottom of your site. All free users can’t afford monthly subscription just to remove the footer. You can use simple CSS or script to disable the footer and add custom footer for your free Weebly site.

Remove Weebly Footer

Check out the article on how to remove free Weebly footer and add custom links.

2. Add Scroll To Top Button

Scroll to top or back to top button is an easy way for users to reach out top of the page. This is an useful function especially when you have lengthy content. You can simply use HTML text link with href attribute as “#top” to reach the top of the page.

If you want smooth scrolling effect then check out the article on how to add scroll to top button on Weebly site.

3. Add Favicon in Free Weebly Site

The favicon is the small icon shown on the browser tab. This is generally used for branding purpose, so that users will remember your site when multiple tabs are opened in the browser.

You can use custom favicon for your free site by following the guidelines on this article. Try using PNG or JPG image for your icon instead of ICO extension as Weebly overwrites the ICO icon.

4. Modify Source Code

The “Edit HTML / CSS” option allows you to access the source code editor. You can easily upload files and modify the layouts of your theme. It is also possible to completely upload a custom third party theme to use for your site. Learn more on how to edit source code of your Weebly site.

5. Adding Custom CSS / Script

CSS makes your site beautiful. There are many reasons you might be interested in adding custom CSS to your free Weebly site. You can do that in the following three ways:

Add CSS inline using Embed Code element

Add internally at page level

Add externally at site level

Check out the article to get complete details of how to add CSS in Weebly site. Similar to CSS, custom JavaScript can be added to your free Weebly site.

Similarly add Bing and any other search engine verification codes to verify the ownership of your Weebly site.

7. Integrate Google Analytics

Warning: Remember to paste the analytics code under header section and not under footer code section as Weebly recommends. If you paste under footer code section then Google will show you an error message to paste the code under header part of your pages.

8. Add Recent Posts with Blog Feed

Most of the users do not use the feed reader element offered by Weebly. This element can be placed anywhere on your page of blog sidebar to showcase the latest posts from your blog feed. You can also easily customize the feed reader element with simple CSS.

Choose Disqus Commenting System for Weebly Blog

10. Add Font Icons

There are two easy ways to use font icons on your free Weebly site. One is to down the font and CSS files and host on your site. Second is to add CDN link of the CSS to connect to external libraries. Learn how to use font awesome icons on Weebly site and you can use any other icons in similar manner. You can create beautiful full width sections with the combination of font icons, embed code and section elements.

How To Use Siteground Site Scanner To Protect Your Site? – Webnots

Unlike other hosting companies, SiteGround offers bunch of security and performance features for their users. Though some features like SG Optimizer are free, you need to pay for other features like Site Scanner. If you worry about malware infection and want to protect your site, then Site Scanner is premium option you can choose instead of going for third-party solutions. In this article, I will explain how to purchase Site Scanner, configure the setup and scan your site.

Site Scanner Vs Other Solutions

SiteGround recommends two solutions for malware protection – Site Scanner and Sucuri. While Site Scanner also uses Sucuri services, the difference is that you can purchase it within SiteGround hosting account. Otherwise, you need to purchase Sucuri from their site outside of SiteGround hosting account. Other than that, you have many security plugins for WordPress sites and services like Cloudflare for this purpose. The good part with Site Scanner is that you can get 50% discount in the first-year price and is still cheap compared to other solutions. In addition, this is an in-house solution from SiteGround and hence you can manage all stuffs in single place. You will get the following features with Site Scanner premium plan.

URLs, files and check domain blacklist scans.

Daily automatic scan and check the status for past 30 days.

Email alert when threats are found and weekly status email.

Scan all uploaded files and quarantine infected files outside root of the domain.

Purchasing Site Scanner in SiteGround

Follow the below steps to buy Site Scanner service:

SiteGround Site Scanner Service

Select Site in Hosting Account

This will take you to the pricing plan page. Site Scanner is available under two plans – Basic and Premium. The basic plan does not offer file quarantine, scan on upload and comprehensive scan features. If you are frequently uploading files or allowing users to upload files on your site, then go to premium plan. For the first year, basic plan will cost you $2.49 per month and premium plan will cost you $4.99 per month. As mentioned, this is a 50% discounted rate and you will be charged double the rate from second year onwards.

Site Scanner Basic and Premium Comparison

Purchase Premium Site Scanner Plan

Site Scanner Order Finished

Scanning with Site Scanner

Site Scanner will scan your site on daily basis and notify you in case of any threats detected. In addition, you can manually scan the site anytime from Site Tools.

Go to Site Tools section of the site for which you have purchased Site Scanner.

Start Scanning with Site Scanner

In case of any threats detected, you can quarantine the files (need premium plan) or delete them to clean up the site. Otherwise, you will see a success message showing scan completed and no threats are detected.

Manual Scan Completed with No Threats

Check Daily Scan Reports

Note that there are no options to set the time for daily scan schedule. This is done automatically in the background on predetermined time similar to automatic backup setup in SiteGround. You can find the time next to each report result. If it is a peak time of traffic for your site and you notice any slowdown, discuss with their support team to check whether they can change the schedule to another time.

Configuring Site Scanner

The “Manage Site Scanner” section has four sections. You can find the scan results for the past 30 days under “Reports” and enable email alert under “Notifications” sections. Go to “Quarantine” section and turn on the option if you want to quarantine the affected files. This is useful to separate the files from the root domain thus protecting your site.

Disable FTP – if you do not use FTP accounts or worry about someone remotely accessing your site then enable this option. Remember, this will disable all existing FTP accounts and you will not be able to access the site remotely through clients like FileZilla.

Disable SSH – turn on this to disable SSH and SFTP access.

Manage Site Scanner Settings

Disable PHP Upload – this will prevent uploading PHP files on your site. If you are using WordPress, make sure to disable this option. Otherwise, you will not be able to install/upload themes and plugins from admin panel as plugins/themes contain PHP files  to work properly.

Disable execution of shell commands via PHP – enabling this will prevent PHP functions to run server commands. Again, you may need to disable this for the PHP functions to work properly.

The options under “Site Protect” sections are meant for isolating your site when under attack. If you feel something is suspicious on your site, enable all these options and take your site offline for troubleshooting and fixing the issue.

Weekly Protection Email

Site Scanner will send a weekly security status to the email you have setup in “Notifications” section. It will show you the overall status along with details of URLs and files quarantined in case of infection.

Email from Site Scanner

Final Words

If you have received malware warning notification from Site Ground, you can request for a free scan without purchasing Site Scanner service. However, you can purchase premium Site Scanner plan for protecting your site permanently from infectious files. You can get a week email about the protection status and have peace of mind to focus on other protective tasks.

8 Awesome Uses For Google Maps Street View

Everyone knows how useful Google Maps can be. But to most people, Google Maps Street View can feel like nothing more than a novelty.

Table of Contents

Let’s take a look at the 8 most useful uses for Google Maps Street View.

1. Use Google Maps Street View to Explore Vacation Spots

Imagine you’re planning your family vacation to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. You know there are wonderful places to shop, hike, and go dining. But how do you find the best ones?

Sure, you could depend on Google Reviews or Local Guides, but why not visit the locations you’re interested in before you travel there?

To do this, use Google Maps to find the town you want to visit. Then switch to Satellite View and zoom into the location with all of the stores, dining areas, and other attractions. Then drag the Street View icon (the little yellow person) onto the map at the street location you want to explore.

One of the most frustrating parts of traveling is putting restaurants or attractions on your itinerary that sound great online, but once you get there the neighborhood looks terrible. Exploring your vacation spot ahead of time with Street View ensures that you’re taking your family to environments that are always exciting and fun.

2. See How Places Have Changed with History View

Google has been sending their camera-topped vehicles around the world for many years. That means that Google has stockpiled an impressive collection of historical photos of many places.

In Street View, you can select the small timer icon just under the location address. You’ll see a slider bar under past photos. Slide the bar back to the year you’d like to see and then select the photo to zoom in. 

For local historians, this is a fantastic way to see how places have changed over time. For town administrators and politicians, it’s an insightful way to see how local town investments have changed the community (for better or worse).

For environmentalists, History View lets you examine how clearcutting or other commercial interests have negatively impacted the natural landscape over time.

Keep in mind, however, that you can’t predict what season Google has captured its photos. So comparing things like the natural landscape can be more difficult if the seasons between two photos are different.

3. Explore Your Future Apartment’s Neighborhood

Apartment hunting is hard. You need to make sure apartment features include things that matter to you. The cost needs to be right. And the schools and local economy are also important.

But one thing you can’t see in an apartment listing is what the community around that apartment looks like. 

This is where Google Maps Street View can help. 

Type in the address of your potential apartment, and then drag the Street View icon onto the map.

Exploring the neighborhood using Street View gives you lots of insights you normally can’t get from an apartment listing.

Are the neighborhood streets and sidewalks kept in good condition?

Do you see older cars or garbage outside local homes?

What do residents walking along the streets look like? Does the neighborhood look dangerous?

Is the outside of the apartment building or home in good repair?

You’d be amazed how much insight Google Maps Street View can offer into your future rental choice.

4. Relax to Scenic Views Without Using Gas

There are some breathtaking views all around the world, just waiting to be enjoyed. Sure, you could invest in airfare, a hotel, and a rental car just to see those views. Or, you could type in the location and explore those views in all their grandeur while sitting on your couch.

This isn’t the way one would always want to travel, but after a long and stressful day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to use Street View to take a drive along the famous Kancamagus Highway in the New Hampshire White Mountains? Or explore the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California?

Or if the ocean is your thing, you could take a virtual scenic drive along the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway.

Watch the seagulls soaring, the waves rippling, and the sun shining as you coast along with Google Maps Street View.

The only thing missing is the ocean scent blowing in through your open windows.

5. Explore Abandoned Places with Google Maps Street View

If exploration is your thing, then you may want to turn to exploring abandoned places with Google Maps Street View.

Across the world, there are historic towns that are lost under the sands of time. You can see old brick and stone banks or jailhouses visited only by the ghosts of the past in abandoned towns like Thurmond, West Virginia. 

Or head overseas and check out the ruins of the Eilean Donan castle in Loch Duich, Scotland. 

You can catch glimpses of abandoned theme parks, castles, asylums, prisons, and much more.

This kind of exploration with Street View requires a bit of sleuthing, as often the exact locations of abandoned places are not always publicly available.

But if you can track down the location, you can call up Google Maps Street View to drive by and catch a glimpse. If you’re lucky, other people have visited the location in person and left actual photography in Google Maps for you to get an even closer look.

In most cases, you’ll find many trailhead locations (where you’ll usually find a parking lot) located right on Google Maps itself.

Other times, especially for less popular trails, you’ll need to switch to Google Maps Street View and explore the area until you find the trail.

Street View lets you “drive around” virtually to find the location long before you waste your time searching for it the morning of your hike.

Save the location to your Favorite Places list so you can access it from your phone when you’re on the road.

7. See Augmented Reality Walking Directions With Live View

While it isn’t exactly “Street View”, when you’re walking around a town or city, you can get a similar view on your phone with directions to get where you need to go.

This is called “Live View”, and it’s a real-time augmented reality alternative to Street View.

To access this feature, just open the Google Maps app and select the three lines to open the Menu. Scroll down to Settings and select Navigational Settings. At the bottom of the menu you’ll see Walking Directions. Turn on Detailed Voice Guidance.

Now, when you’re in Google Maps and select walking as your mode of transportation instead of driving, Live View will launch and a voice will give you turn by turn directions on how to walk there.

8. Travel Internationally On a $0 Budget

Have you ever wanted to see the Beaches at Normandy, the Louvre in Paris, or The Great Pyramid of Giza?

Google Maps Street View gives you access to all of these amazing places, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a plane ticket to get there.

Just follow the same procedure as above. Type the location into Google Maps, and then place the Live View icon as close as you can to that location. Then press and hold the mouse to look and explore in every direction.

You will be amazed at the breathtaking places around the world that you can explore. And even when you think you won’t be able to get close enough to get a good look, you’ll discover that tourists who visited that location before have left some amazing photos tagged to that Google Maps location.

Change Default Search Engine In Safari Iphone And Use Custom Site – Webnots

Safari is the default browser app comes as part of all Apple products. It automatically blocks trackers from websites profiling your activities and protect your privacy. Apple sets Google as the default search engine in Safari iPhone, though it may be different on certain countries. For example, Baidu may be the search engine when you purchase iPhone in China. However, you can change it as per your convenient and also use site specific search with custom search engine shortcuts. Here is how you can do that in iPhone.

Default Search Engine in iPhone Change Default Search Engine in Safari iPhone

Follow the below steps in iOS.

Tap on “Settings” app and open “Safari” option.

Open Safari Settings in iPhone

Scroll down and check “Search Engine” under “Search” section.

Tap on Search Engine Option

Tap that “Search Engine” option and select the service provider you want to use.

Select Default Search Engine in Safari

Note: Changing Safari search engine will NOT change the search engine used by Siri. It will be based on your country decided by Apply like Google in USA or Baidu in China. There are no settings available in iOS to change the Siri search engine.

Using Custom Website Searches

The list of available search engines depends on the country you purchase your iPhone. In the above screenshot, you can see the list includes Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Sogou, 360 Search, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia. But what if you want to use a different website for searches other than the listed items? Safari automatically will recognize the built-in search engines from the websites when you open. You can make use of this feature to do direct searches within website (without using default search engine). Let us say, you want to use chúng tôi and search for iPhone topics. Follow the below instructions for that:

When you are in the Safari Settings page, tap on “Quick Website Search” option.

Enable Quick Website Search in Safari iPhone

This option should be enabled by default, otherwise turn the switch to on position to enable it.

Check under “Websites Shortcuts” to see whether Safari recognized any search engines. As you see, chúng tôi is not in the “Website Shortcuts” list.

Check Website Shortcuts in Safari

What you need is to simply open the site one time and do a search using the site’s search box.

Search in Site to Add Search Engine in Safari

Since you used the search function in the site, Safari will automatically add it in “Website Shortcuts” list in settings page.

Custom Search Engine Added in Safari iPhone

Once the site is added in the list, type chúng tôi iphone in Safari Smart Search Field.

You will see list of suggestions and tap “Search chúng tôi for “iphone”” option showing on the top.

This will directly show the search results from chúng tôi for the query “iPhone” instead of opening the results with your default search engine.

Search on Specific Site in Safari iPhone

This will be useful when you frequently search in forum sites like Reddit, Stack Exchange, Quora, etc. Remember, your default search engine will still work from the Smart Search Field. Adding “Website Shortcut” is an additional way to get the results from specific sites.

Also, this option allows you to search the entire site for the typed query. You do not need the above steps for simply searching within the page you are viewing. Check this article on how to search and find words within webpages in Safari iPhone.

Deleting Custom Search Engine Shortcuts

If you do not want to use the custom site’s search engine function from Smart Search Field, you can delete it anytime.

Swipe left on the site that you want to remove under “Website Shortcuts” section.

Select “Delete” to remove the custom search engine.

Delete Custom Website Shortcut in Safari

Update the detailed information about 4 Font Awesome Icons Widget For Weebly Site – Webnots on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!