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This list of engaging social media post ideas will help you out the next time you need to beat that dreaded writer’s block.

Be authentic. Post Reels. Target your ideal audience. Sacrifice a goat. Maybe those things got you noticed last year but not anymore.

With almost half (46%) of Gen Z “constantly online” — and Millennial oldies like me not far off, I’d argue — social media is more crowded than ever.

It’s not enough to post regularly, master Reels transitions, join TikTok, or follow what everyone else is doing. To grow this year, brands need to be original, likable, and useful.

If you’re not any of those things, here are 17 social media content ideas to do instead. (Kidding! You’re already great, and these ideas will make you even better.)

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8 creative social media content ideas for brands 1. Use original audio in Reels

It’s been a classic Instagram growth strategy for a while: Find a trending Reels audio clip, make a Reel, get thousands of new followers, and repeat.

Those days are gone. Yes, you can still use a voiceover of Michael from The Office and yes, it may grow your Instagram a bit. But 2023 is all about original audio.

Brainstorm your own funny skits instead, or for the simplest Reel of all? You + camera = answering your customers’ questions.

Using original audio in your Reels can:

Keep people watching longer, not knowing how it will end (as they do with trending audio after seeing a few).

Showcase your creativity and, potentially, make you — gasp — go viral.

2. Create “how to” content on YouTube Shorts

How-to YouTube Shorts hook people right away with quick visuals and a specific end result. If you sell a product, show your target audience how to use it — either the “regular way” or something creative.

Service providers, share your process or steps to achieve a quick win, like your best sales email script or a software tutorial.

How-to YouTube Shorts can help you:

Attract new subscribers.

Rapidly test to find out what your audience wants to see or learn about most.

3. Start a series

You’ve heard of #ThrowbackThursday and #SundayFunday but instead of regurgitating these tired trends, create your own daily or weekly series. It’s more original, and it’ll make your content planning process easier.

Instead of having to think of three new post ideas for the upcoming week, you’ll already know the format and theme of your series and can get into creating it right away. For max efficiency, keep a running list of all your ideas then pick one to film for the week, or film and schedule them all in bulk a month or more ahead of time.

In-depth educational series work especially well on YouTube. To keep people watching, create a YouTube playlist and link to it from each video’s description.

Source: YouTube

A content series can help you:

Build momentum toward a product launch or event.

Demonstrate your expertise and earn trust.

Keep a consistent publishing schedule.

4. Invest in UGC content

UGC, or “user-generated content,” isn’t new but it’s definitely time to hop on board if you haven’t already. Like influencer marketing, UGC content is created by people instead of the brand, but — traditionally — UGC content comes from unpaid, real customers.

Why bother? Your customers are 2.4 times more likely to interact with UGC vs. brand-created content. Authenticity sells.

Create a hashtag for your customers to use and feature their photos or videos in your feed.

Don’t have a big audience yet? No worries: You can buy authenticity, too. UGC creators are big in 2023: People paid to create content that looks like organic customer content.

UGC content can help you:

Promote your products without seeming too sales-y.

Gather diverse assets to repost across your social accounts or use in other content. For example, photos of people of many different ethnicities using your products, or multiple home decor styles, like Wayfair’s example above.

5. Keep it simple

Spicy take: Some businesses are luckier than others when it comes to social media content ideas.

Exhibit A: What type of content is universally adored by everyone, regardless of language, location, culture, demographics, or interests?

Cute animal videos.

The San Diego Zoo doesn’t overthink their social content strategy. People like cute animal videos, so they give them cute animal videos. It’s really that easy sometimes.

Think of what “simple content” looks like for your business. What can you make in 5 minutes or less? Then, make a bunch all at once and bulk schedule up to 350 pieces of content at a time to automatically publish with Hootsuite. Ahh, the simple life.

Simple content can:

Allow for batched production and scheduling, cutting down content creation time.

Appeal to multiple customer types and audiences.

6. Curate content from others

Great news: Content curation is still hot. Your original content is what keeps people sticking around, but curated content can beef up your posting frequency and attract new peeps.

Set aside time each week for strategic content curation and your publishing queue will never run out.

What you share needs to be relevant to your business and in line with your usual brand voice and tone, of course. Try sharing industry news, or media features from your employees, like this article by Adobe’s Chief Product Officer.

Add getting metaverse-ready to your New Year’s Resolutions! To bring the virtual realm to the mainstream, Scott Belsky…

Posted by Adobe on Thursday, January 5, 2023

Content curation can:

Fill up your content calendar without needing to create visual assets.

Develop cross-promotional relationships with other brands and/or industry leaders.

7. Embrace memes

Humor is always in style because there’s always something to be sad about. So give your audience a lil’ giggle, eh?

Maybe run super spicy stuff through legal compliance first. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

— ReginaPublicLibrary (@OfficialRPL) August 18, 2023

Memes can help you:

Gain new followers by cashing in on new, trending memes.

Appear cooler than you are. (That’s a joke. You’re very cool. Memes will help your audience see that.)

8. Launch a challenge

Challenges are a fun way to boost engagement, potentially get some juicy UGC (user-generated content), and subtly promote yourself at the same time.

Some businesses have more obvious challenge ideas than others. Nikon hosts monthly photography and videography challenges which fits their business perfectly. You may have to hunt for an idea if you, say, manufacture paper cups.


♬ Hey It’s Me – Official Sound Studio

Challenges can help:

Educate or inspire your audience, and encourage them to take action on a goal or use your product more.

Fill up your content calendar. Share your audience’s work as part of your content curation process.

5 Social media content ideas for small businesses 1. Leverage AI for social content ideas

I’m just a writer standing in front of ChatGPT asking it not to take my job. Just kidding. AI can’t replace this kind of—

Source: OpenAI

Crap. Okay, but seriously: AI is our friend (at least until it tries to reprogram our microwaves to kill us all).

I didn’t use ChatGPT when I outlined this article, but it came up with several of the same social media post ideas. None of them are rocket science, but that’s exactly the point: Let AI do your easy tasks so you have more time to create the original elements of your content that will make you stand out.

As a small business owner, you’re probably either still doing all your own social media or relying on a small team. If coming up with ideas is stopping you from posting as much as you’d like, AI content tools get the ball rolling.

Just don’t put all your eggs in one artificial basket. Use your human brain for content ideas, too.

AI content tools can help you:

Fill up a list of content ideas so you can get creating faster.

Overcome writer’s block.

Save time on idea generation so you can focus on the real work that moves your business forward. (Spoiler alert: It’s content.)

Did you know that Hootsuite comes with OwlyWriter AI, a built-in creative AI tool that saves social media pros hours of work?

You can use OwlyWriter to:

Write a new social media caption in a specific tone, based on a prompt

Write a post based on a link (e.g. a blog post or a product page)

Generate post ideas based on a keyword or topic (and then write posts expanding on the idea you like best)

Identify and repurpose your top-performing posts

Create relevant captions for upcoming holidays

To get started with OwlyWriter, sign in to your Hootsuite account and head to the Inspiration section of the dashboard. Then, pick the type of AI magic you want to see in action.

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OwlyWriter will generate a list of post ideas related to the topic: 

And that’s it! OwlyWriter never runs out of ideas, so you can repeat this process until your social media calendar is full — and sit back to watch your engagement grow.

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2. Run a contest

Social media contests are always a good idea because people love free stuff.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the effort of entering the contest in line with the prize value. Smaller value prize = less effort to enter, higher value prize = more effort.

For brick and mortar businesses, target local people with a fun scavenger hunt contest:

Social media contests can help you:

Rapidly grow your follower counts and audience.

Find out valuable information about your customers through surveys to inform your marketing strategy.

Gather content assets you can use for future campaigns (for photo or video submission contests).

3. Feature your customers

What’s the best way to sell your products or services on social media? Showing not telling.

Share a testimonial or transformation story from a customer. It goes much further to gain trust than talking about yourself.

This can be as easy as whipping up a testimonial quote graphic, or better yet: Film a short video interviewing your customer. Edit it into multiple versions and share them across TikTok, Reels, Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, and more.

Keep social media videos under 60 seconds for best results.

Customer stories (especially video ones!) are:

More impactful and versatile than a written testimonial.

Great selling tools: People with the same problem as your featured customer see you as the solution.

4. Partner with content creators

Creators, a.k.a. influencers (or KOLs), are often pictured working with huge brands only, but 2023 is the year small businesses take over.

Our Social Trends report found only 28% of small businesses currently work with creators whereas 42% of businesses with over 1,000 employees do. Adding influencer marketing to your strategy this year will help you stand out from your peers, and deliver cost-effective campaigns in these uncertain financial times.

You don’t need a big announcement to start partnering with creators. New research shows influencer campaigns have up to 30.5% higher ROI when they’re not for new product launches.

Creator partnerships can help you:

Gather high-quality photos or videos you can use in future campaigns, on your website, and more.

5. Get feedback from your customers

Dying to know what your customers want? Just ask them.

This doesn’t mean that because one person suggests something, it’s a good idea or that you need to do it right away. But allowing customers to choose new flavors or the next event topic brings them closer to your business and builds a sense of community.

Asking for feedback on social media can:

Deepen existing customer relationships and develop new ones.

The formula for going viral

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4 B2B social media content ideas

You can definitely use the tips above, but these social media ideas are especially effective for B2B brands:

1. Share your best case studies

Testimonials, success stories, before and afters, yada yada — same-ish, different words for one thing: Demonstrating your capabilities.

B2B buyers are looking for a result, not the hope of a result.

By how much % did your customer’s email open rate increase after using your A/B testing software? Exactly how much money did your solution save your customer?

Pull some key stats out of an existing case study and make a few graphics to post on social, or edit them into a video for a TikTok or Reel (depending which platforms you’re on).

Can’t mention your big client successes by name? Pull together general statistics into averages, like how Heyday’s AI chatbot saved clients an average of $3,000 USD per day during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Case studies can help:

Build trust. Testimonials are great, but numbers and statistics convince.

Your prospects understand your product’s key features in action.

2. Help your community

Do you regularly give money or volunteer time to local non-profits? Do you offer employees a paid day to volunteer at an organization important to them? Recently sponsored a fundraiser or event?

Show how involved you are with local and industry communities. Tap into the Instagram Reels algorithm by asking your employees to record a short clip of their volunteer day to share.

If you support an event, stitch a few clips together into a quick Reel, TikTok, or YouTube Short and let your customers know the impact of their contributions to the cause.

Community involvement can help you:

Build trust within your local area and make people feel good about shopping at your business vs. a competitor.

Network with other local businesses and indirectly, though effectively, promote yourself to attract new clients.

3. Post your research

Have a new white paper or study? Grab a few key stats and create social content linking back to the full report.

Make graphics for carousel posts and short videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. Or, offer a few pages of your report as a PDF on LinkedIn with a link to download the rest.

Use online graphic design tools to turn your statistics into animations you can post as Reels for higher visibility in the Instagram algorithm.

Sharing your research can help you:

Target and attract your ideal audience.

Build credibility within your industry, especially for new companies.

4. Share your company culture

Besides selling, recruiting top talent should also be a main goal in your B2B social media marketing plan. Sharing open jobs is part of that, but so is sharing why someone should consider you in the first place.

If you can, weigh in on a popular hashtag to further increase your reach.

Of course, this means you actually have to offer great benefits for your team members. If you don’t already, start now.

Showing your company culture can:

Keep you top of mind when a competitor’s star employee is looking for a change.

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Learning To Generate Fresh Ideas For Your Blog Posts

Anyone that has been writing for any amount of time has become familiar with writers block. Even the greatest writers in times past sometimes spent years in a creative slum, unable to find even the smallest spur of inspiration. Fortunately, we have so much information readily available that we are usually able to overcome this challenge rather quickly.

The Internet has proven to be the main source of inspiration for bloggers, as many of us spend our lives in front of the computer. With so many people staking claim in the blogosphere today, we find that much of the content out there has begun to be repeated over and over again, because many of us pull our ideas from the same group of places. The real art of writing is to create new, fresh material that has not been written before, or that adds new ideas to an already great article. This is the real challenge, anyone can rewrite what someone else has said, but to lead the pack in new thought will put you on a pedestal above the rest.

So how and where do you generate these fresh ideas? Writers are artists, and without your own creativity, I am sorry to say you will probably not go as far as you hoped. It would be virtually impossible to find a topic nobody has ever written about before, but if you take that topic and make it your own, you have done your part. For instance, lets say your surfing the web today and come across an outstanding article called “Is Facebook for Your Business?”.

Read the article and think of other ways you can use the idea, not the exact information, such as “Modeling Your Business Plan Around the Facebook Platform.”, and there you have created an entirely different article. Rather than helping someone determine whether or not their business will work with Facebook, you are now teaching them how to build a business plan that will work with Facebook. And keep in mind the first article would be a great primer for yours, so it is often a good idea to incorporate the link to that reference as an option for your readers.

Another example of recreating an idea would be finding an article like this, “Three Elements to Successful Keyword Research”.

Using this thought maybe you could write, “Why Researching Keywords is Important to You.”. Again you have built a new topic from an existing one, rather than teaching someone how to successfully research keywords, you are simply explaining to them why they should. The original article would be an excellent follow-up for yours, so at the end you can say now that you know why you should be using keyword research, check out this great article to learn how to do it successfully.

So where should you be looking for ideas? The best ideas often come from the strangest places. You should be open to ideas everywhere you go, if you are grocery shopping, using the restroom or walking your dog there are ideas around you. Lets say you write a blog about sports, take a chance and go to the game that weekend for inspiration. You should be able to walk away with tons of new articles if you have an open mind. Not only would you be able to write about the game itself, but what if at half-time you grab a hot-dog and ask the vendor, hey how many of these things do you sell a night?

However you find your ideas, keep them original and make them your own. Your readers will know your voice, and they will know a great read when they find it. Inspiration is everywhere, how you use it the challenge.

The Big List Of 480 Social Media Holidays For 2023

It’s crazy to think about how far social media has come in recent years. It has evolved from a “nice to have” marketing tactic to a “need to have” strategy for small businesses. And one core pillar of a successful social media strategy is consistently unique content. But coming up with social media post ideas can be a pain—where to start? Luckily, there’s a social media holiday just about every day of the year that can help you create unique content that will engage your audience and grow your following.

To help make the most of social media for your small business, we’ll be giving you:

General tips to help you plan your 2023 social media calendar

Social media holidays for every month of the year

Examples of social media posts you can use all year long

With this post, your social media planning will be done faster than you can say “Happy Social Media Day” (which happens to fall on June 30!).

Get our guide with monthly marketing, social media, and promotion ideas to make your 2023 marketing a breeze.

2023 social media holidays table of contents


5 tips to keep in mind when planning your 2023 social media calendar

Providing fresh content is key to social media success, especially since 83% of people look for quality over quantity in social media posts. Keep your holiday social media posts as effective as possible this year by implementing these handy social media tips:

Know your social media post specs

Knowing the right image or video size is vitally important when crafting your social posts. The last thing you want is for your business’s social content to be awkwardly cropped, blurry, or unplayable.

There’s no getting around this best practice as video posts will bring you 48% more views and photo posts have a 65% higher retention rate. So, you won’t want your business to miss out on the benefits of using properly proportioned images and videos on social platforms.

Here are the recommended 2023 social media image sizes (in pixels), along with video specs, across platforms:


Profile photo: 170 x 170

Cover photo: 851 x 312

Image posts: 1200 x 630

Video posts: 1280 x 720

Facebook Ads: 1080 x 1080


Profile photo: 320 x 320

Posts: 1080 x 566 (landscape), 1080 x 1350 (portrait), 1080 x 1080 (square)

Stories or Reels: 1080 x 1920

Instagram Ads: 1080 x1920 (stories), 1080 x 566 (landscape), 1080 x 1080 (square)


Profile photo: 400 x 400

Profile header photo: 1500 x 500

Tweet with image: 1600 x 900

Twitter Ad with image: 800 x 800 (carousel or app card), 800 x 418 (website, direct message, or conversation cards)

Tweet or Twitter Ad with video: 1280 x 720 (landscape), 720 x 1280 (portrait), 720 x 720 (square)


Profile photo: 400 x 400

Profile cover photo: 1584 x 396

Company page logo image: 300 x 300

Company cover image: 1128 x 191

LinkedIn Stories: 1080 x 1920

Post or LinkedIn Ad with image: 1200 x 627

Carousel LinkedIn Ad: 1080 x 1080

Video posts: 4096 x 2304

When it comes to resizing, there are tons of free or low-cost online tools for visuals, like Canva or other social media management programs, that can help you adjust your content in a pinch.

Related: Get our guide for how to use Canva.

While we hope social media platforms will someday get together and make it easy on us with a “one-size fits all” rule, check out our handy image and video specification image below:

Don’t be afraid of hashtags…

Hashtags are a social media staple at this point since they “tag” your posts to be easily found—even by users who aren’t following you. You can step up your hashtag game by using custom hashtags to go along with the holidays below. Or, research what common hashtags are used in your industry, and start with those! (PS: Download our 2023 marketing calendar to get hashtag ideas for every season, holiday, and industry!)

…Or emojis

Not only that, but emojis help your posts catch your audience’s eye. The fun, tiny images can easily be inserted into your post text and add a festive flair when getting your point across to followers.


Leverage your current followers

You don’t have to drive engagement with new followers alone. Leverage your followers to help you curate social content all year long. For example, you could run a photo or video contest or giveaway, and have your winner be featured on your page.

Have fun with it

A lasting lesson for this year that gets too often forgotten is to have fun! Social media is a haven for people to learn, connect, and socialize. Always be thinking about what your target audience might be looking for on social media. Whether it be a creative video, an easy-to-digest infographic, or a witty caption, unique social content will set your business apart from the competition.


Related: Want to learn more about 2023 social media trends? Check out our list of 174 mind-blowing social media statistics and facts.

2023 social media holidays for your calendar planning

Social media holidays can vary from standard holidays to wacky celebrations, and they all help your business stand out by giving you inspiration for posts. Brainstorming new social media ideas is no easy task, but planning around social media holidays makes it a breeze! Use this ultimate list of social media holidays to keep your social media calendar on point all year long:

January social media holidays

In January, you may want to default to New Year-related social media posts. However, there are tons of other January social media holidays your business can address this month as well. For example, you could post a favorite recipe for National Spaghetti Day, or ask your followers whether they prefer Mac or PC on Macintosh Day.

National Braille Literacy Month

National Soup Month

National CBD Month

January 1: New Year’s Day (Get New Year’s social media post ideas here!)

January 1: National Bloody Mary Day

January 1: National Hangover Day

January 2: World Introvert Day

January 4: National Spaghetti Day

January 4: National Trivia Day

January 5: National Bird Day

January 6: National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day

January 9: Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 10: National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

January 11: International Thank-You Day

January 12: National Hot Tea Day

January 13: Make Your Dream Come True Day

January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 16: National Religious Freedom Day

January 18: Thesaurus Day

January 19: National Popcorn Day

January 19: Get to Know Your Customers Day

January 20: International Day of Acceptance

January 21: International Sweatpants Day

January 21: National Hugging Day

January 22: Chinese New Year

January 23: National Pie Day

January 24: National Compliment Day

January 24: Macintosh Day

January 25: Opposite Day

January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day

January 28: Data Privacy Day

January 31: National Hot Chocolate Day

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February social media holidays

February is, of course, all about sharing the love during Valentine’s Day. Be that as it may, there are plenty of other February social media holidays your business can use to connect with followers.

You could post about how your business is celebrating Superbowl Sunday or talk about how your business came to life on National Inventors’ Day. Either way, your audience will be hungry for more once they get a taste of your brand’s personality.

Black History Month

National Heart Health Month

National Snack Food Month

February 1: National Girls and Women in Sports Day

February 2: Groundhog Day

February 3: National Golden Retriever Day

February 3: National Wear Red Day

February 4: National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

February 5: National Weatherperson’s Day

February 6: National Frozen Yogurt Day

February 8: Propose Day

February 9: National Pizza Day

February 11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 11: National Guitar Day

February 11: National Inventors’ Day

February 12: Abraham Lincoln’s birthday

February 12: Superbowl Sunday

February 13: Galentine’s Day

February 14: Valentine’s Day (Get a full list of Valentine’s Day marketing ideas here!)

February 15: Susan B. Anthony Day

February 17: Random Act of Kindness Day

February 18: National Drink Wine Day

February 20: National Love Your Pets Day

February 20: President’s Day

February 21: National Pancake Day

February 22: National Margherita Day

February 22: World Thinking Day

February 24: World Bartender Day

February 24: International Stand Up to Bullying Day

February 25: National Clam Chowder Day

February 26: Letter to an Elder Day

February 27: International Polar Bear Day

February 28: Floral Design Day

March social media holidays

Whether you go after a vertical-specific day, like World Plumbing Day or World Oral Health Day, or you decide to give your audience a book suggestion on Read Across America Day, your March posts are sure to be a hit this year.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Endometriosis Awareness Month

International Ideas Month

March 1: National Wedding Planning Day

March 1: World Compliment Day

March 1: Zero Discrimination Day

March 2: Read Across America Day

March 3: Caregiver Appreciation Day

March 3: World Wildlife Day

March 4: Employee Appreciation Day

March 4: National Salesperson Day

March 4: National Backcountry Ski Day

March 6: National Frozen Food Day

March 6: National Dress Day

March 7: National Cereal Day

March 8: International Women’s Day

March 9: Barbie Day

March 9: National Crab Meat Day

March 9: National Picnic Day

March 10: Harriet Tubman Day

March 11: World Plumbing Day

March 12: Plant a Flower Day

March 13: National K9 Veterans Day

March 14: National Potato Chip Day

March 14: Pi Day

March 15: World Consumer Rights Day

March 16: Panda Bear Day

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day (Get St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas and social media posts here!)

March 18: Global Recycling Day

March 19: National Poultry Day

March 20: World Oral Health Day

March 20: Proposal Day

March 20: International Day of Happiness

March 21: World Down Syndrome Day

March 22: World Water Day

March 22: Ramadan begins

March 23: National Puppy Day

March 23: World Meteorological Day

March 24: National Cheesesteak Day

March 24: National Cocktail Day

March 26: National Spinach Day

March 27: World Theatre Day

March 29: National Vietnam War Veterans’ Day

March 29: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

March 30: Doctors’ Day

March 31: Manatee Appreciation Day

March 31: National Clams on the Half Shell Day

April social media holidays

April is the perfect time to capitalize on social media marketing since many users are excited about welcoming the warm weather and change of seasons.

Related: Get even more April social media post ideas here.

National Autism Awareness Month

National Brunch Month

World Landscape Architecture Month

Stress Awareness Month

April 1: April Fools’ Day

April 2: World Autism Awareness Day

April 2: Ramadan

April 3: National DIY Day

April 3: World Party Day

April 4: Tell a Lie Day

April 5: National Flash Drive Day

April 6: National Student-Athlete Day

April 7: World Health Day

April 7: Walk to Work Day

April 9: Easter Sunday (Get Easter social media and marketing ideas here!)

April 10: Siblings’ Day

April 11: National Pet Day

April 12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

April 12: International Lawyers’ Day

April 13: International Plant Appreciation Day

April 13: National Scrabble Day

April 14: National Gardening Day

April 15: National Laundry Day

April 16: Husband Appreciation Day

April 16: National Librarian Day

April 17: National Cheese Ball Day

April 18: National Lineman Appreciation Day

April 18: Healthy Kids Day

April 18: Patriot’s Day

April 20: Volunteer Recognition Day

April 21: Kindergarten Day

April 21: National High Five Day

April 21: Ramadan ends

April 22: Earth Day (Get Earth Day marketing slogans here!)

April 23: World Laboratory Day

April 23: National Picnic Day

April 24: Pigs in a Blanket Day

April 25: National Mani and Pedi Day

April 25: World Penguin Day

April 26: Administrative Professionals Day

April 28: International Astronomy Day

April 28: Pay It Forward Day

April 28: Arbor Day

April 30: Independent Book Store Day

April 30: International Jazz Day

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May social media holidays

May we suggest spicing up your social media calendar this May? With these unique holidays, there’s no doubt you’ll have a blast interacting with your followers all month long. For example, you could share a sweet story on National Lemonade Day or Mother’s Day.

Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

National Photography Month

May 1: May Day

May 2: National Fitness Day

May 1-7: Small Business Week

May 4: Star Wars Day

May 5: Cinco de Mayo

May 5: World Password Day

May 6: International No Diet Day

May 6: National Space Day

May 7-13: Small Business Week

May 9: National Moscato Day

May 10: National Small Business Day

May 11: Twilight Zone Day

May 12: International Nurses Day

May 13: Fair Trade Day

May 14: Mother’s Day (Use these Mother’s Day social posts and slogans!)

May 15: International Family Day

May 17: National Graduation Tassel Day

May 17: World Baking Day

May 18: National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

May 18: Visit Your Relatives Day

May 19: Pizza Party Day

May 20: NASCAR Day

May 20: National Bike to Work Day

May 20: National Endangered Species Day

May 20: National Rescue Dog Day

May 20: Armed Forces Day

May 21: World Whiskey Day

May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity

May 22: World Goth Day

May 22: World Paloma Day

May 23: Lucky Penny Day

May 23: World Turtle Day

May 24: National Asparagus Day

May 25: National Missing Children’s Day

May 25: Tap Dance Day

May 26: National Heat Awareness Day

May 26: National Road Trip Day

May 27: National Sunscreen Day

May 28: National Brisket Day

May 28: National Hamburger Day

May 29: Memorial Day (Get Memorial Day social media posts here!)

May 30: Mint Julep Day

May 30: National Creativity Day

May 31: National Smile Day

May 31: World No Tobacco Day

May 31: National Senior Health and Fitness Day

June social media holidays

Your social media posts will be heating up in June using these holidays to celebrate the incoming summer season. Whether you’re sharing a customer success story on Insurance Awareness Day or posting a favorite breakfast recipe on National Egg Day, these June social media holidays are sure to be a hit.

Pride Month (Get Pride Month marketing tips here!)

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

African-American Music Appreciation Month

Candy Month

Effective Communications Month

June 1: Dinosaur Day

June 1: Global Day of Parents

June 1: National Nail Polish Day

June 1: National Olive Day

June 2: Leave the Office Early Day

June 2: National “I Love My Dentist” Day

June 3: National Donut Day

June 3: National Egg Day

June 3: World Bicycle Day

June 3: World Cider Day

June 4: National Cheese Day

June 4: Shopping Cart Day

June 5: National Cancer Survivors Day

June 5: World Environment Day

June 6: Higher Education Appreciation Day

June 7: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 7: National Tailors Day

June 8: National Best Friends Day

June 8: World Oceans Day

June 10: Herb and Spices Day

June 10: National Iced Tea Day

June 11: National Corn on the Cob Day

June 12: International Children’s Day

June 12: Peanut Butter Cookie Day

June 14: Flag Day

June 14: World Blood Donor Day

June 15: Global Wind Day

June 15: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 16: National Fudge Day

June 17: Nursing Assistants Day

June 17: National Flip Flop Day

June 17: Global Garbage Man Day

June 18: Go Fishing Day

June 18: International Sushi Day

June 18: Father’s Day (Get Happy Father’s Day social media post ideas here!)

June 19: Juneteenth

June 20: Ice Cream Soda Day

June 20: National American Eagle Day

June 20: World Refugee Day

June 21: Go Skate Day

June 21: International Yoga Day

June 21: National Selfie Day

June 21: World Day of Music

June 22: National HVAC Tech Day

June 23: National Hydration Day

June 23: National Pink Day

June 24: Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 25: International Day of the Seafarer

June 25: Global Beatles Day

June 26: National Beautician’s Day

June 26: National Chocolate Pudding Day

June 27: National HIV Testing Day

June 27: National PTSD Awareness Day

June 27: National Sunglasses Day

June 28: Insurance Awareness Day

June 30: Social Media Day

July social media holidays

Social media will be buzzing in July as folks take vacation days and share their Fourth of July Fun. Be sure your business is just as active as your followers during this time by posting about these hot July social media holidays.

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For example, share an employee appreciation post on Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day or System Administrator Appreciation Day. Or post a list of relaxation ideas on International Self Care Day. Regardless of which holiday you choose to post about, your social media accounts are sure to have some fun in the sun.

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

American Artist Appreciation Month

French-American Heritage Month

Independent Retailer Month

National Anti-Boredom Month

July 1: International Joke Day

July 1: International Reggae Day

July 2: World UFO Day

July 4: Independence Day

July 4: National Caesar Salad Day

July 5: National Workaholics Day

July 6: International Kissing Day

July 6: National Air Traffic Control Day

July 6: National Fried Chicken Day

July 6: Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

July 7: Global Forgiveness Day

July 7: World Chocolate Day

July 8: National Video Game Day

July 9: National Pina Colada Day

July 11: 7-Eleven Day

July 11: National Swimming Pool Day

July 11: World Population Day

July 12: Pecan Pie Day

July 13: National French Fry Day

July 14: National Macaroni and Cheese Day

July 14: Shark Awareness Day

July 15: National Give Something Away Day

July 16: National Personal Chef Day

July 16: World Snake Day

July 17: National Ice Cream Day

July 17: National Lottery Day

July 17: National Tattoo Day

July 17: World Emoji Day

July 18: World Listening Day

July 20: National Moon Day

July 20: World Jump Day

July 21: National Hot Dog Day

July 21: National Junk Food Day

July 22: Mango Day

July 23: Vanilla Ice Cream Day

July 24: Amelia Earhart Day

July 24: International Self Care Day

July 24: National Tequila Day

July 25: Culinarians Day

July 25: National Hire a Veteran Day

July 25: National Wine and Cheese Day

July 26: Disability Independence Day

July 26: National Aunt and Uncle Day

July 27: National Refreshment Day

July 28: System Administrator Appreciation Day

July 29: International Tiger Day

July 29: National Lipstick Day

July 30: International Day of Friendship

July 31: National Avocado Day

July 31: National Watermelon Day

August social media holidays

August is always a bittersweet time of year as people bid farewell to summer. Brighten up your audience’s day with a silly joke on Tell a Joke Day or share de-stress tips on Relaxation Day. It doesn’t matter which August holiday you choose to highlight, as long as you maintain brand consistency through this final stretch of your social media summer.

Black Business Month

National Dog Month

August 1: Friendship Day

August 1: National Girlfriends’ Day

August 2: Ice Cream Sandwich Day

August 4: Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

August 4: International Beer Day

August 6: International Hangover Day

August 6: National Sister Day

August 7: Professional Speakers Day

August 7: Purple Heart Day

August 9: Book Lovers’ Day

August 10: National Lazy Day

August 11: Son and Daughter Day

August 14: National Creamsicle Day

August 15: Relaxation Day

August 16: Tell a Joke Day

August 17: National Nonprofit Day

August 17: National Thriftshop Day

August 18: Bad Poetry Day

August 19: National Potato Day

August 19: World Photography Day

August 20: National Radio Day

August 20: National Lemonade Day

August 20: World Mosquito Day

August 21: Senior Citizen’s Day

August 22: Tooth Fairy Day

August 24: National Waffle Day

August 26: Women’s Equality Day

August 30: National Grief Awareness Day

August 31: National Eat Outside Day

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September social media holidays

As social media users are in a flurry between back-to-school and an upcoming chilly weather season, your business can catch their attention with these creative September social media holidays. You could remind your followers of your business’s operating hours on Be Late for Something Day or highlight your community’s inspirational stories on Working Parents Day. (Speaking of late…make sure you know the best time to post to Instagram in 2023!)

Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Classical Music Month

Baby Safety Month

National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

World Alzheimer’s Disease Month

September 1: World Letter Writing Day

September 2: National Food Bank Day

September 3: Skyscraper Day

September 4: National Tailgating Day

September 4: International Bacon Day

September 4: Labor Day (Get Labor Day social media ideas and Labor Day promotion ideas here!)

September 5: Be Late for Something Day

September 5: Cheese Pizza Day

September 7: National Acorn Squash Day

September 7: International Day of Clean Air

September 7: National Beer Lovers Day

September 7: National Grateful Patient Day

September 8: International Literacy Day

September 8: World Physical Therapy Day

September 8: National 401(k) Day

September 10: National Grandparents Day

September 12: National Video Game Day

September 15: Hispanic Heritage Month begins

September 15: Online Learning Day

September 15-17: Rosh Hashana

September 16: National Guacamole Day

September 16: Working Parents Day

September 16: National Dance Day

September 17: Citizenship Day

September 17: Wife Appreciation Day

September 18: National Cheeseburger Day

September 19: National Women’s Friendship Day

September 21: International Day of Peace

September 22: Business Women’s Day

September 23: National Singles Day

September 23: First Day of Fall

September 23: National Hunting and Fishing Day

September 24-25: Yom Kippu

September 25: National Daughters Day

September 25: National Lobster Day

September 25-27: Rosh Hashana

September 26: National Family Day

September 27: National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

September 29: National Coffee Day

September 30: International Podcast Day

October social media holidays

October doesn’t have to be all spooks and scares. Record and post a goofy video to make your followers smile on World Smile Day. Alternatively, you could show off your or your customers’ favorite Halloween candies on National Chocolate Day. This month is full of goodies (literally and figuratively), so don’t miss out on the October social media holiday fun.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Women’s Small Business Month

National Cookie Month

LGTBQ+ History Month

October 1: International Coffee Day

October 1: World Vegetarian Day

October 2: National Custodial Worker Day

October 2: Name Your Car Day

October 3: Mean Girls Day (a reference to movie, Mean Girls)

October 3: National Boyfriends’ Day

October 4: PGA Golf Day

October 4: National Taco Day

October 5: National Do Something Nice Day

October 5: World Teachers’ Day

October 6: World Smile Day

October 9: Fire Prevention Day

October 9: Columbus Day

October 9: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October 10: World Mental Health Day

October 14: National Dessert Day

October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month ends

October 16: Bosses Day

October 16: World Food Day

October 17: National Pasta Day

October 21: Back to the Future Day (a reference to the movie, Back to the Future)

October 23: National Boston Cream Pie Day

October 25: International Artist Day

October 26: National Pumpkin Day

October 28: National Chocolate Day

October 29: National Frankenstein Day

October 30: National Candy Corn Day

October 31: Halloween (Get our Halloween social media ideas here!)

November social media holidays

For any business, November is an extremely busy month. Save yourself from additional stress by leveraging these November social media holidays for post ideas.

Between celebrating World Freedom Day and sharing your favorite comfort food on National Fast-Food Day, your social strength this November will be exponential—without just sticking to the run-of-the-mill Black Five-day posts.

Native American Heritage Month

Diabetes Awareness Month

Epilepsy Awareness Month

National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

National Gratitude Month

November 1: National Authors’ Day

November 3: Sandwich Day

November 9: World Freedom Day

November 10: Forget-Me-Not Day

November 11: Veteran’s Day

November 13: World Kindness Day

November 14: World Diabetes Day

November 15: America Recycles Day

November 16: National Fast-Food Day

November 16: World Philosophy Day

November 20: Universal Children’s Day

November 21: World Television Day

November 22: National Jukebox Day

November 23: Thanksgiving (Get our Thanksgiving social media ideas!)

November 24: Black Friday

November 25: Small Business Saturday

November 27: Cyber Monday

November 28: Giving Tuesday

December social media holidays

December social media holidays are in abundance, so finish your year off strong by letting these special occasions spark your post inspiration. For example, you could post a picture of you and your team on ugly sweater day or offer free shipping on free shipping day.


Learn a Foreign Language Month

National Car Donation Month

National Drunk Driving Prevention Month

National Write a Business Plan Month

December 1: Rosa Parks Day

December 4: National Cookie Day

December 4: National Santa’s List Day

December 5: International Volunteer Day

December 5: Repeal Day (remembering the end of prohibition)

December 7-15: Hanukkah

December 10: Human Rights Day

December 10: Nobel Prize Day

December 12: Poinsettia Day

December 13: National Cocoa Day

December 15: Bill of Rights Day

December 16: Ugly Sweater Day

December 17: National Maple Syrup Day

December 18: Free Shipping Day

December 21: Bah Humbug Day

December 21: Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year)

December 23: Festivus (a Seinfeld reference)

December 24: Christmas Eve

December 25: Christmas (Check out our Christmas social media ideas!)

December 26: Boxing Day

December 26: Kwanzaa Day 1 (lasts through January 1)

December 28: Call a Friend Day

Start your 2023 social media holiday planning now

With these countless social media ideas, there’s no reason not to incorporate this marketing channel into your 2023 plans.

If overseeing your brand’s content continuously feels like a daunting task, try using online social scheduling tools to help you get ahead, or work with us for social media marketing to do the heavy lifting for you. Either way, preplanning your 2023 social media calendar around holidays will save you headaches later while keeping your social marketing both fun and fruitful.

Susie Marino

Susie is a senior content marketing specialist at LocaliQ where she uses her experience as a PPC consultant to share tips, tactics, and best practices. Outside of work, Susie loves to get outside for some snowboarding or (once the cold weather melts away) hiking!

Other posts by Susie Marino

134 Social Media Statistics You Need To Know For 2023

There’s no denying it: Social media has become an integral part of our lives.

Whether for business or pleasure, many of us use social media in some regard every day.

But with the rise of so many social platforms and the constant stream of new features, it can be hard to keep track of the social media industry and the various trends.

So, without further ado, here are 134 social media statistics you should know in 2023.

General Social Media Statistics Social Media Statistics Worldwide

1. There are 4.8 billion social media users worldwide, representing 59.9% of the global population and 92.7% of all internet users.

2. There were 150 million new social media users between April 2023 and April 2023 – a 3.2% increase year-over-year. If we break those numbers down, it equals approximately 410,000 new social users every day – and 4.7 every second.

3. People use an average of 6.6 different social networks each month.

4. The average time spent on social media daily is 2 hours and 24 minutes.

5. If we add it all together, the world collectively spends 11.5 billion hours on social media platforms daily.

6. TikTok is the most popular social platform in terms of time spent. On average, global users with an Android device spend 31 hours and 32 minutes on TikTok monthly.

7. As of April 2023, the top most used social media platforms, ranked by global active users, were Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat.


Social Media By Age Group Statistics

8. 54% of teenagers in the U.S. say it would be hard to give up social media.

9. In terms of usage, social media is most popular with users between the ages of 18 and 29.

10. Across all age groups, social media users cite “friends & family” as their primary reason for using social media.

Source. Source.

Social Media Statistics For Business

12. 44% of internet users aged 16 to 64 use social media as a primary source of information when they’re researching brands.

18. 81% of organizations use social media to raise brand awareness.

19. 71% of B2C organizations will engage in influencer marketing in 2023.

20. 33.64% of organizations have a social listening program.

21. 62% of organizations with social listening programs use them to understand their audiences better.

22. TikTok’s usage among businesses has increased 46.98% year-over-year, making it the fastest-growing channel among businesses.

23. 42.62% of organizations plan to increase their social media budget in 2023.

24. On average, 32% of the total marketing budget will be invested in social media this year.

25. 72.8% of internet users use social media for brand research.

Source. Source. Source. Source.

Social Media And Mental Health Statistics

26. Around 32% of teenagers in the U.S. say social media has had a negative impact on people their age – though only 9% believe this applies to themselves.

27. However, most teenagers say social media has had neither a positive nor negative effect on themselves (59%) or others (45%).


Instagram Statistics Instagram Usage Statistics

28. Instagram has 2 billion monthly active users.

29. The number of Instagram users is predicted to grow by 4.7% in 2023.

31. The average Android user spends 12 hours and 30 minutes in the Instagram app per month.

Source. Source. Source. Source.

Instagram Demographics Statistics

32. 49.4% of global Instagram users are female, and 50.6% are male.

Ranking Country Number of active users (in millions) 1 India 326.6M+ 2 U.S. 168.6M+ 3 Brazil  132.6M+ 4 Indonesia 106.0M+ 5 Turkey 56.4M+ 6 Japan 54.7M+ 7 Mexico 43.8M+ 8 Germany  33.8M+ 9 UK 33.5M+ 10 Italy 30.3M+


Instagram Business Statistics

34. Advertisers can reach 1.628 billion users on Instagram in 2023.

36. The average engagement rate for business accounts is 0.71%.


Instagram Engagement Statistics

37. The engagement rate by account followers on Instagram is 0.6% across all industries.

38. Reels perform better than any other content type on Instagram, with 2X the average engagement rate of other formats at 0.93%.


Facebook Statistics Facebook Usage Statistics

39. There are 2.989 billion monthly active Facebook users, representing 57.2% of all internet users.

40. A total of 2.037 billion people use Facebook every day – that’s 68% of all monthly active users (MAUs).

41. In the past 12 months, the number of Facebook users has grown by 53 million people.

43. The average Android user spends 18 hours and 17 minutes in the Facebook app each month.

Source. Source. Source.

Facebook Demographics Statistics

44. 43.2% of Facebook’s global users are female.

45. 56.8% of Facebook’s global users are male.

Ranking Country Number of active users (in millions) 1 India 369.9M+ 2 U.S. 186.4M+ 3 Indonesia 135.1M+ 4 Brazil 114.2M+ 5 Mexico 93.3M+ 6 Philippines 91.9M+ 7 Vietnam 75.6M+ 8 Bangladesh 54.2M+ 9 Thailand 51.6M+ 10 Egypt 47.0M+


Facebook Business Statistics

49. The global average revenue per user (ARPU) on Facebook reached $9.62 USD in April 2023.

50. In the past year, reported Facebook ad reach has grown by 5.0% or 108 million users.

Source. Source.

Facebook Engagement Statistics

51. The engagement rate by account followers on Facebook is 0.15% across all industries.

52. Video post types are the most engaging on Facebook, with an average engagement rate of 0.17%


Twitter Statistics Twitter Usage Statistics

53. Twitter has 353.9 million monthly active users (MAUs) in 2023.

54. Advertising data from Twitter suggests that approximately 4.6% of the global population uses Twitter.

55. The average Android user spends 4 hours and 48 minutes in the Twitter app each month.

Source. Source. Source. Source.

Twitter Demographics Statistics

57. Female users account for 35.7% of global Twitter users.

58. 64.3% of Twitter users worldwide are male.

Ranking Country Number of active users (in millions) 1 U.S.  64.9M+ 2 Japan 51.8M+ 3 Brazil 16.6M+ 4 UK 16.1M+ 5 India 15.0M+ 6 Indonesia 14.8M+ 7 Turkey  13.8M+ 8 Mexico  11.8M+ 9 Saudi Arabia 11.4M+ 10 France 9.5M+


Twitter Business Statistics

60. Advertisers can reach a potential of 372.9 million people on Twitter – or 7.2% of total internet users.

61. In the past year, reported ad reach on Twitter has decreased by 19.8% or 92 million fewer users.

62. The arts & crafts industry is the most engaging business type on Twitter.

Source. Source.

Twitter Engagement Statistics

63. The engagement rate by account followers on Twitter is 0.05% across all industries.

64. The engagement rate for videos on Twitter is 0.17%.


YouTube Statistics YouTube Usage Statistics

65. YouTube has at least 2.5 billion monthly active users (MAUs) in 2023.

66. More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

67. YouTube viewers watch over 1 billion hours of video each day.

68. The average Android user spends 27 hours and 19 minutes on the YouTube app each month.

69. 70% of viewers become aware of new brands because of YouTube.

70. Viewers are twice as likely to buy something because they saw it on YouTube.

Source. Source. Source. Source. Source.

YouTube Demographic Statistics

71. YouTube is used by 95% of teenagers.

72. Women represent 45.6% of YouTube’s global user base.

73. Men account for 54.4% of global YouTube users.

Ranking Country Number of active users (in millions) 1 India 467.0M+ 2 U.S. 246.0M+ 3 Brazil 142.0M+ 4 Indonesia 139.0M+ 5 Mexico 81.8M+ 6 Japan 78.4M+ 7 Pakistan 71.7M+ 8 Germany 70.9M+ 9 Vietnam 63.0M+ 10 Turkey  57.9M+

Source. Source.

YouTube Business Statistics

75. Advertisers can reach a potential 2.53 billion people on YouTube, representing 48.8% of total internet users.

76. In the past year, reported ad reach on YouTube has decreased by 1.4%, meaning marketers can now reach 35 million fewer people on the platform.


YouTube Engagement Statistics

77. In 2023, the average engagement rate for a YouTube video is 0.36%.


Pinterest Statistics Pinterest Usage Statistics

78. Pinterest has 463 million monthly active users (MAUs) in April 2023.

79. In the months leading up to April 2023, the number of people using Pinterest each month increased by about 13 million.

80. In the past year, Pinterest’s user base has grown by 30 million people – a 6.9% increase.


Pinterest Demographics

81. 79.5% of Pinterest’s user base is female.

82. Males account for 17.6% of Pinterest users.

83. 2.9% of Pinterest users are of “unspecified” gender.

84. 81.9 million Pinterest users are between the ages of 25 and 34, making it the most heavily represented age bracket.

85. 45% of people in the U.S. with a household income exceeding $100,000 per year use Pinterest.

86. 85% of Pinterest users say they go to Pinterest to start a new project.

Ranking Country Number of active users (in millions) 1 U.S. 90.1M+ 2 Brazil 34.2M+ 3 Mexico 23.6M+ 4 Germany 16.8M+ 5 France 12.7M+ 6 UK 10.1M+ 7 Canada 9.7M+ 8 Italy 9.5M+ 9 Spain 8.1M+ 10 Colombia  7.4M+

Source. Source.

Pinterest Business Statistics

88. Pinterest offers 2.3X more efficient cost per conversion and 2X higher returns for retail brands on ad spend.

89. 55% of Pinterest users see the platform as a place to make purchases.

90. Advertisers can reach a potential 282.5 million people on Pinterest, representing 5.5% of total internet users.

91. In the past year, Pinterest has seen a 20.2% increase in reported ad reach – or an additional 48 million people.

92. 80% of weekly users say they’ve discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.

Source. Source. Source. Source.

LinkedIn Statistics LinkedIn Usage Statistics

93. LinkedIn has more than 930 million members in over 200 countries, with more than 224 million in the U.S. alone.

94. 117 job applications are submitted per second, and eight people are hired every minute on LinkedIn.

95. 61 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs every week.

96. Over 63 million companies are listed on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Demographics

97. Women make up 43.2% of LinkedIn’s global user base.

98. Men comprise 56.8% of LinkedIn’s global user base.

99. 520 million LinkedIn users are between the ages of 25 and 34, making it the largest age group on the platform.

Ranking Country Number of registered “members” (in millions) 1 U.S. 200.0M+ 2 India 100.0M+ 3 Brazil 62.0M+ 4 China 60.0M+ 5 UK 36.0M+ 6 France 27.0M+ 7 Indonesia 23.0M+ 8 Canada 22.0M+ 9 Mexico 20.0M+ 10 Italy 18.0M+


LinkedIn Business Statistics

101. LinkedIn has seen an 8% increase in revenue year-over-year.

102. Marketers can reach a potential 922.3 million people on LinkedIn, representing 17.8% of total internet users.

103. LinkedIn’s reported ad reach in the past year has grown by 11.4% or 94 million people.

Source. Source.

LinkedIn Engagement Statistics

106. Video has the highest engagement rate on LinkedIn, at 5.11%.


Snapchat Statistics Snapchat Usage Statistics

107. Snapchat has 750 million monthly active users (MAUs).

108. In Q1 of 2023, the daily active users (DAUs) of Snapchat had grown to 383 million – a 2.1% increase month-over-month.

109. The average Android user spends 3 hours and 17 minutes using the Snapchat app each month.

110. The number of Snapchat users is predicted to grow by 6.4% in 2023.

111. Over 2 million users have subscribed to Snapchat+.

Source. Source. Source. Source. Source.

Snapchat Demographic Statistics

112. 50.6% of all Snapchat users are female.

113. 48.7% of all Snapchat users are male.

Ranking Country Number of active users (in millions) 1 India 182.4M+ 2 U.S. 108.8M+ 3 Pakistan 26.4M+ 4 France  25.9M+ 5 UK  23.2M+ 6 Saudi Arabia 21.8M+ 7 Germany 18.7M+ 8 Mexico  17.2M+ 9 Iraq 16.8M+ 10 Egypt 15.7M+


Snapchat Business Statistics

115. Snapchat earned $4.6 billion in revenue in 2023, an increase of 12%.

116. In Q4, 17 content partners reached over 50 million users globally.

117. Advertisers can reach a potential 654.4 million people on Snapchat, representing 12.6% of total internet users.

118. In the past year, Snapchat saw an 11% increase in reported ad reach – or an increase of 65 million people.

Source. Source.

TikTok Statistics TikTok Usage Statistics

119. TikTok has over 1.6 billion global active users.

121. TikTok users are predicted to grow by 11.6% in 2023.

Source. Source. Source.

TikTok Demographic Statistics

122. About 67% of teenagers say they use TikTok – and 16% say they use it constantly.

123. 53.4% of TikTok’s global user base is female.

124. 46.6% of TikTok’s global users are male.

125. 419.9 million TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 24, making it the largest age group among TikTok’s audience.

Ranking Country Number of active users (in millions) 1 U.S. 116.5M+ 2 Indonesia 113.0M+ 3 Brazil 84.1M+ 4 Mexico 62.4M+ 5 The Russian Federation 51.2M+ 6 Vietnam 50.6M+ 7 Philippines 41.4M+ 8 Thailand 41.1M+ 9 Turkey 31.0M+ 10 Saudi Arabia 28.4M+

Source. Source.

TikTok Business Statistics

127. Ads that are highly entertaining result in 15% higher purchase intent.

128. 41% of TikTok users are likelier to purchase if TikTok ad content lifts their spirits.

129. 65% of TikTok users rely on TikTok content creators and online reviewers to make purchasing decisions.

130. Advertisers can reach a potential audience of 1.09 billion people on TikTok, representing 21.1% of total internet users.

131. In the past year, TikTok has seen a 12.6% increase in reported ad reach – equal to about 122 million people.

Source. Source.

TikTok Engagement Statistics

132. The engagement rate by account followers on TikTok is 4.25% across all industries.

133. 92% of TikTok users have taken off-platform action due to TikTok content eliciting a positive emotion.

Source. Source.

More Resources: 

Top Social Media Monitoring Vendors For Business

Today, you can not imagine your business without an active presence on social media. Yes, from sharing personal pics to business info, social media is everywhere.

Social media has vast importance on business. But social media is not only about sharing information and communicating with followers; there is much more. You have to stay connected with the ongoing trends.

But how do you find the relevant trend for your business? Here social media monitoring comes to the rescue and allows you to identify trends, monitor online reputation, identify sales opportunities, and improve customer experience. Thus, we can say that social media monitoring acts as an early warning signal for future crises.

Irrespective of business size and type, brands are using social media to engage with their potential and prospective customers. Well-known social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter let brands communicate with their customers in real-time.

Social media monitoring allows marketers to do perform certain tasks such as,

Gather consumer data

Based on the collected data, craft social media strategy to drive ROI

Potential to make informed decisions

Now, the question is, what is social media monitoring.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the process of identifying and determining prevailing trends about your business through different social media and online channels. For instance, you might want to know beneath things about your brand,

Brand mentions

Hashtag trends

General trends that apply to your business niche

Social media monitoring also allows you to gather important information about customers; you can utilize this data to measure social media metrics, and it helps you craft future social media strategies. Food delivery companies have integrated uber eats app clone solutions for their business using these social media tools as it allows them to collect user data and about their preferences. Later, they can craft a personalized marketing strategy for their users.

Top Social Media Monitoring Vendors

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# Keyhole

Keyhole is one of the premium and best social media monitoring tools available to help brands monitor their Twitter and Instagram accounts. From finding competitive data to most-used keywords to hashtags- Keyhole offers all. You can see past information that will help you plan your social media strategy along with the real-time data.

Basically, Keyhole is the real-time hashtag tracker tool for Instagram and Facebook. Its powerful dashboard displays the heat location of conversations. Keyhole focuses on gathering data from top social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram. However, if you have bought the paid plan, you will also get data from Facebook and YouTube.

Pricing: There are five plans; let’s see pricing for each of them. Professional plan is $199/mo, Team plan is $349/mo, Agency plan is $999/mo, Corporate plan is $599/mo, and pricing for the enterprise plan is available on-demand.

Platform Offers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

# Awario

Awario is the second most used social media monitoring tool that allows brands to maintain a reputation on social media sites. It offers all the modern features at an affordable price.

All you need to set the parameters such as platform, location, and language, and Awario is set to fetch information about your brand. As we have said earlier, Awario comes with excellent features such as sentiment analysis, the share of voice, mention maps, and top influencers.

The in-built Boolean search feature allows you to get the most relevant results.

Pricing: Awario offers a 14-day free trial, and then different plans start from $29/mo.

Platform Offers: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit

# Brandwatch

Brandwatch helps the brands listen to their audience and understand their trends as it comes with superlative features and offers something interesting like,

Detailed audience insights

Powerful analytics

Real-time data visualization

With the help of Brandwatch, brands can explore topics and trends their customers most engage with, as well as to measure overall content performance. Brandwatch’s demographic data includes gender, occupation, preferences, and location of your target and potential audience. Moreover, the tool is highly customizable and offers access to an API with various integrations.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $800/month; however, it offers custom plans based on the data access.

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# Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most-used and popular social media monitoring tools marketers use to analyze and identify trends. It gives you accurate analytics that helps you increase social media engagement. Unlike other social media monitoring tools, Sprout Social enables you to schedule and publish posts from the dashboard.

Sprout Social’s powerful dashboard facilitates better collaboration with your marketing team. It offers the most intuitive and friendly user experience; this is why it is a highly recommended social media tool in the industry. When you enter Sprout Social, its highly interactive and powerful dashboard helps you plan what you should do next to engage people.

Pricing: Offers a 30-day free trial to new users. After that, the subscription plan starts at $99/mo to $249/mo per user.

Platform Offers: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Web

# Hootsuite

Usually, for brands posting regular content across all social media platforms can get tiresome and time-consuming. If you are running a business, there is so much piled up on your table, and you may forget to post on social media. But social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite help you automate the entire process, so you never miss an opportunity to post again.

Hootsuite is one of the popular social media tools that have a robust set of premium features. Along with scheduling posts, it also allows brands to track activity across the most popular social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Foursquare.

With Hootsuite’s help, you can also track the audience’s sentiment by location, gender, and language.

Pricing: Hootsuite offers a free version and also has different premium plans. It starts from $29/mo to $599/mo.

In Conclusion

Social media monitoring tools mentioned above have the potential to bring value in multiple scenarios- from posting and scheduling content to social media management to lead generation. Before getting started, choose a tool tailored specifically to your brand’s requirements. Usage of different tools will help you stay ahead in the social media game and become a valuable part of your social community.

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Choosing The Right Social Media For Your Brand

Although Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are considered as the most popular social media site nowadays, it doesn’t guarantee that it could help promote your business on the Internet. These networks were designed to connect with other people and to create brand awareness, but it all depends on its features and whether it addresses your business’ marketing needs.

Before you hop in to social media marketing, there are factors that you need to consider in choosing which platform might work for your brand.

Where Potential Customers Usually Hangout

It’s not surprising that social networking sites enable a business to connect with a wider range of audience. However, it depends on the site’s culture and the type of users that it caters. If you want to reach out to professionals, LinkedIn is an ideal platform. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are ideal for those who want to target the casual netizens from various demographics.

The Contents You Want to Share

Various social media has their own way of letting share your content. Thus, each networking sites were not created equal. YouTube is best for video marketing, while Etsy is ideal for those who use the power of photographs to attract customers. If you’re more into text and links, Facebook and Twitter can be an appropriate platform. If you want to attract customers by addressing their issues, a Q&A type of social network like Quora can be useful.

Flexible Features and Marketing Platforms Customer Engagement

Many businesses make the mistake of treating social media as the end to their means. What they didn’t know is that it should be regarded as a tool to leverage marketing efforts. The word “social” in social media simply refers to interacting with other people. Therefore, choose a network that won’t just aid you to reach your market, but will also help you engage them to stay

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