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15 Best Horror Games for Android In 2023 A list of Scary Games that will scare the hell out of you.

It may seem that these Halloween games are for kids but that is not the case. As a matter of fact, few games like Dead by daylight for Android, Eyes the horror game, Momo horror game, and Evil Nun horror game should not be allowed to children without supervision. One of the best horror games with an appealing name is Granny game horror. This game has too much horror for a little one to handle.

The Best Horror Games for Android which are scary, horrifying, terrifying and chilling. 1.  Dead by Daylight

One of the most played horror games on PS4, Dead by Daylight for Android, has finally come to a small screen recently. It is a 4 vs 1 survival game that allows the player to play with various other players across the globe. You can choose from a wide variety of well-known characters. It allows players to team up and survive together while eliminating everyone else. The players can choose either to be a survivor or a killer and play accordingly. It is free for all with in-app purchases and gained more than 10000+ installs within less than a month. It cannot be played on the system below Android 7.0 and requires a seamless internet connection.

2.  Granny

Get It Here

Eyes, one of the scariest horror games, is a must-play for all the fans of scary games. The game requires players to protect the main character from being possessed by the ghosts and evil spirits. With earphones plugged into your ears, the sound effects truly make playing this game a frightful experience. The concept of the game is of course horror with fantasy and includes a lot of levels and stages. Another important feature is the presence of a mystical eye that has to be used in a specific manner to identify the tricks which the monsters, ghosts and evil spirits play on you. Eyes the horror game is free to install and update.

Get It Here

Evil Nun’s horror game is a mission play where the main character has to rescue many hostage children from their school. The only catch is that the children are trapped by a nun who is possessed by powerful evil spirits. Evil Nun can hear all the sounds made by the hero and can neutralize him easily. The only way to complete the games is to hide and run stealthily throughout the game. It also includes brain cracking puzzles which seem hard but are doable.

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Get It Here

Dead Effect 2 is one of the free and best horror games for android. Player gets to choose a character, search the dark corridors, find new weapons to defeat a lot of alienated monsters. Graphics are very good as compared to games on a small screen. The mission is simple to understand but difficult to complete. You need to complete almost 20 hours by leveling up your character and shooting everyone else.

Get It Here

Into the Dead is a pretty scary game that is quite addictive as it progresses. It requires the player to keep on surviving till the end. One of the best features of the game is you will have to consider one of the multiple choices provided in the game and the outcome would be different every time. The game has multiple endings and a huge variety of ammo and weapons. There are two versions of the game with the second one released recently. Although both the games are free, it is the first one that I seriously recommend.

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Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a zombie killing game but with a difference. Instead of the usual loading up the guns and shooting their brains out, the players are supposed to plant various types of plants that shoot at the risen-from-dead creatures and is recommended as best horror games for kids. Different types of plants have various types of pellets being shot and some even have the ability to detonate. There are many levels and you can move between two worlds – Current and Ancient Egypt where you find a mummified version of zombies. Plants vs Zombies 1 was also a popular game but with the second version, the developers have taken it to the next level.

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One of the best horror games is Slendrina. The game is better described as strategic horror as it needs the players to use all neuron cells in their brains to devise perceivable strategies to complete the mission. The sound effects are truly fascinating which adds to the horror effects of the game. The missions include entering the territory of the evil spirit Slendrina and obtaining certain items required for further missions. Each mission opens the door for future missions. The game developers have designed the entire gaming interface in a dark and doom atmosphere.

Get It Here

Zombie Hunter is a shooting and killing zombies’ game. It is one of the best horror games which requires the player to eliminate Zombie gangs to save the world. It soon gets addictive as the mission becomes quite interesting as one progresses further into the game. The game provides different types of weapons which can be updated and there are many different places to explore. The graphics are amazing as compared to a mobile Android game and the sound effects can give you chills.

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Another game with a unique concept, this game involves saving your game character form monstrous hurdles. The player will have to face a character always on the run and must tap the screen to stop in case of a hurdle. It is an arcade type game and requires the player to be extra attentive. It does have level saves and with each level, the mission gets more difficult and exciting.

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One of the few games with 3D graphics and video quality, Sinister Edge includes VR controlled modes along with the normal gameplay. It is a survival game that requires the player to search for his family in a doomed territory, filled with demons. The strategies used to master the game though unique but are easy to grab, unlike any other game. Players need to solve puzzles to unlock the door and progress further into the game. The sound effects are well-matched to keep up with the 3D graphics and the entire horrifying environment in the game is absolutely worth praise.

Another one on the list is Slender Man which requires the player to rescue the hostage souls of the children trapped in an abandoned school by Slender Man. The concept of the game is different from other games due to the mysterious story that runs through the game. It also offers a lot of survival situations which makes the game more thrilling for the players. with many levels to be unlocked, the graphics and sound effects are also worth a mention.

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Man or Vampire is a game with a new concept which inculcates the main character to visit a different world and ultimately defeat the Vampire King and take his place. It also involves killing zombies with various weapons and boss battles and fight opportunities. there are many missions and small tasks to complete. the game area is very wide and will take several hours to explore. It is undoubtedly one of the coolest horror games on Android.

Get It Here

Released recently in 2023, this game is one of the best horror games which allows the users to kill several wicked beasts by the name of Momo who can track your movements once you enter the house. There are secret puzzles to solve which will help you gain more weapons. The key to passing the game is to stay calm, hide and run. It is free to play and requires your utmost concentration as the ammo quantity is limited and a miss will result in reattempting the level again.

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Playing scary games on your phone might not be everyone’s cup of tea as some games can send shivers down the spine and give you goosebumps. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t even try playing them. It may seem scary at first but once you get the knack of it, you wouldn’t realize how long you would be absorbed in playing them. Also remember, there is nothing to fear as the monsters are not going to come out of your mobile screen as the girl who crawled out of the well straight into the living room through the television set. I hope you have guessed that movie and watch it if you haven’t done yet as tonight is perfect.

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Best Horror Games For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

When you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush and some jump scares, you could always switch on the latest or your favorite horror movie. However, movies don’t let you participate in the action like horror games do. After all, when you’re an active participant, you get to experience the scares so much better!

So, for all you horror game lovers out there, I’ve curated the best horror games for iPhone and iPad. Let’s take a look!

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s AR – Editor’s choice

Five Nights at Freddy’s started as a video game franchise in 2014. Since then, there have been various installments for the consoles. The game has now made its way to the mobile gaming scene.

If the game wasn’t already horrifying enough, it now comes with Augmented Reality (AR). This means that the game adds a virtual layer to our already present surroundings. Thanks to this, the game looks even more realistic and horrifying than a basic horror game on your mobile device.

The game’s objective is to survive five spooky nights at Freddy’s, a family pizza restaurant. You’re a security guard and have to ensure that there aren’t any security breaches.

All seems well until you start to notice the animatronics come to life and attack you. With each night, your resources such as batteries and flashlight decrease, and the scares increase.

This is a freemium game and has plenty of microtransactions. Unfortunately, the in-game microtransactions are very expensive.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


2. Into the Dead 2 – More zombies, more horror and action

You don’t always have to feel powerless in horror games. Sometimes, a few games offer you a lot of freedom in taking down the night’s horrors. Into the Dead 2 is one of those games.

Apart from the story mode, many online events reward you well upon completion. With different locales, the type of zombie threat is different. So, you’ll have to evaluate and strategize your approach accordingly.

The game runs on an energy mechanic that depletes quite fast. This depletion rate can be a hindrance to gameplay. Hopefully, the developers will fix this issue in a future update.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


3. Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror – Online survival horror

While Dead by Daylight and Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror offer similar gaming experiences, the latter brings in a few changes worth mentioning.

The game’s aim is similar – kill or be killed. There are seven different survivors, each with a unique perk. For example, the basketball player can run faster than other survivors, and the police officer can catch murderers – if he isn’t killed first, that is.

You can play as one of four psychotic serial killers, such as the Butcher and Ghost. The killers have certain perks as well.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t friendly to newcomers. The learning curve is steep, and there are a few difficulty spikes.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


4. Evil Nun: Horror at School – Puzzle game with superior horror elements

When you’re being chased by a supernatural creature and have to complete a puzzle to progress, the adrenaline rush is simply unmatched. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, give this game a try.

Your character receives an invitation to a summer camp and is kidnapped by Sister Madeline of Eagle’s Junior High School. Unfortunately for you, she’s got an evil plan involving some terrifying scares and mind-bending puzzles. The only way to your freedom is to solve puzzles and escape Sister Madeline’s evil gaze.

The game has an interesting storyline and provides multiple escape routes from the school. Most puzzles are intriguing and require you to put your gray matter to use as well. If you think the normal mode is too easy, you can always amp up the difficulty setting to suit your pace.

The only caveat is that you have to backtrack plenty of times to solve puzzles. This can get very tedious and annoying.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


5. Samsara Room – Perfect for newcomers

Samsara Room isn’t your typical horror game with jump scares. This one incorporates an atmospheric ambiance with slight elements of horror to create something truly different.

This makes the game perfect for newcomers to the horror genre. For those who want a little bit of horror and still attend bathroom duties without the constant feeling of being watched by a supernatural entity, Samsara Room is the game to try.

Your character wakes up in a room with odd objects and no escape route. The only way towards freedom is to solve subtle puzzles and attain, as the game calls it, enlightenment! The game incorporates a constant claustrophobic feeling to emulate elements of horror.

While the game is unique, some players may not like its slow pacing.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


6. Death Park: Scary Horror Clown – Endless scares, multiple endings

There’s always something scary about clowns and abandoned amusement parks, right? Imagine a game that combines both to create some of the most creepy visuals you can find in a mobile game.

Death Park: Scary Horror Clown does this and does it very well. For a mobile game, it has excellent visuals, and this increases the scare factor tenfold. There are seven different locations for you to explore and an interesting plot that unravels based on your in-game choices.

While you’re exploring creepy locales, you’ll have to be aware of a horrifying clown that’s adamant about capturing you. You have to progress through the game by solving difficult puzzles and surviving intense encounters.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


7. Rest in Pieces – Infinite running

Infinite running games usually feature more arcade-style gameplay and themes. With Rest in Pieces, however, you’re constantly running from scary creatures and disturbing themes.

The game takes the concept of nightmares and uses it to produce excellent gameplay. There are multiple characters to play as, with all of them suffering individual, characteristic nightmares. Will you help Captain Jack Parrot capture the Kraken? What about helping Father Lugosi survive the trials of Count Dracula?

The only way to awake from the nightmare is to kill the bosses. Each character that you control has specific perks you can utilize. My only gripe with the game is its short length. I wish that they added more levels and characters to the game.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


8. Lifeline… – Pensive horror RPG

Lifeline is truly one of the best horror games on the iPhone. If you don’t believe it, you must try this game for yourself.

Your character crash lands on an alien moon and has to survive the rigors of space. In your journey, you will come across many life-threatening situations compelling you to make life or death decisions. No matter which decision you take, it will not be a matter of black and white – only shades of grey.

The gameplay takes place in real-time. For example, if you decide on a task requiring 30 minutes, you will have to wait 30 minutes in real-time for it to be completed. This adds a realistic touch to the game and compels you to be more invested.

While this is an immensely intriguing game mechanic, it may not be attractive for those who prefer simpler, faster gameplay.

Price: $1.99


9. Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters – Explore at your risk

The exploration mechanic in horror games has been used plenty of times. However, there aren’t too many games that have done it well. With Eyes: Horror & Scary Monsters, you get a great game worth your attention.

You break into a spooky mansion past midnight to satiate your exploration cravings. Instead of finding something interesting, you get far more than you bargained for. You’ll have to escape the mansion as soon as possible, or the terrifying monster will capture you instantly.

This game reminds me of the superhit Silent Hills Playable Teaser released in 2014. It is filled to the brim with psychological horror and jumpscares to scare you out of your wits.

Further, there are multiple levels and game modes to play as well. Fun fact – you can also customize the audio and visuals of the monster that chases you throughout the different locations.

My only issue with this game is its incompatibility with older Apple devices.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


Be scared. Be very scared!

The horror genre is an evergreen one. While the basics remain the same, there are a lot of twists and additions that can be made to keep the genre fresh. I’ve tried to incorporate diversity in this list of the best iOS horror games.

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Best Pubg Like Games For Android

Best PUBG Like Games for Android

Note: PUBG is banned in India by the government due to security concerns along with hundreds of other Chinese origin apps.

Here we will enlist games like PUBG for Android that will surely make you forget PUBG.

Best PUBG Like Games for Android:

So, without further chattering let’s look at this lineup for games like PUBG!

1. Call Of Duty: Mobile –

Developer’s Name: Activision Publishing Inc.

Rating: 4.5

Download Link- Call Of Duty:Mobile

Offers in-app purchases

When you are looking for a PUBG like game, Call Of Duty has to be counted in. It is another multiplayer game set with the  is one of the most popular battle royale games like PUBG. You get to play a mix of the Call of Duty: Black Ops and Warfare in the form of Call of Duty: Mobile. It has the best of both versions so it is one of games like PUBG for Android. The shooting mode is similar to PUBG where 100 players are dropped in to fight the other team.

Several options are available to use different types of guns and tactics while fighting other players.


Text and voice chat enabled.

Great graphics.

Multiplayer game.

2. Fortnite-

Developer’s Name: Epic Games

Rating: 4.3

File Size: 109MB + 7.4 GB

Download Link- Fortnite

Offers in-app purchases

Fortnite, a true rival of PUBG and is one of the best  among games like PUBG for android. This battle royale game is very challenging, you need to be quick in every possible way to stay alive. To stay ahead in this game, find the best squad possible in this game. Furthermore, you need to gather weapons and ammo to kill their enemies, build shields to stay protected from the enemies.

Playing Fortnite is fun as new updates are frequently released and with every new update different lethal weapons, gears, and new modes are added.


Amazing visuals.

On screen customization.

Various login options.

Great gameplay.

Multiplayer game.

Note: Fortnite is not available on the Google Play store, but you can download it from Epic’s website.

3. Battlelands Royale

Developer’s Name: Futureplay

Rating: 4.0

File Size: 111 MB

Download Link- NA

Offers in-app purchases

Battlelands Royale is a multiplayer game which is a great PUBG alternative. It has a different approach with its characters in the battleground games. You get to play different battle events where a total of 32 players are active.

Keep winning and climb up the global leaderboard to get more rewards. Choose guns from the sniper, shotgun, rifle and pistol plus the special weapons like bazookas and miniguns. Cross the hurdles like shrinking battlegrounds and storms while fighting others.


Simple to understand games.

Duos to join other players.

Parachute landing controls.

4. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Developer’s Name: Garera International I private Limited

Rating: 4.1

File Size: 580 MB

Download Link-  Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Offers in-app purchases

Garera Free Fire is a great alternative when you are looking for games like PUBG. It is a survival shooter game with a fight against 49 people. With the 10 minute short games you are placed on a different setup on an island.

Play the game in different strategies with your four man squad. Choose the starting point with their parachute landings. Hide, drive vehicles, be invisible, ambush and survive to win the game. New characters and features are added constantly to keep the game fresh and players interested.


Allows Voice chat.

4v4 game.

Smooth Graphics.

5. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Developer’s Name: Kefir!

Rating: 4.3

File Size: 397 MB

Download Link- Last Day on Earth: Survival

Offers in-app purchases

Last Day on Earth Survival is a game like PUBG for Android but with the Zombie in the play. It is an interesting approach to survival games where you fight different creatures. Set in 2027, the players are supposed to feed the character as well as fight the intruders.

It is one of the Best Games like PUBG for Android in 2023. The fighting also includes hunting and looting which is required to survive. The vehicles to drive and crafting weapons is another task to be enjoyed by players.


Characters upgrades available.

Build houses to protect yourself.

Kill Zombies in groups.

6. Sniper Games: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game

Developer’s Name: Top 1 Sniper Game – Fun game For Free

Rating: 4.2

File Size: 59.28 MB

Download Link- Sniper Games: Bullet Strike – Free Shooting Game

Offers in-app purchases

Fan of a sniper? Then Bullet Strike is the right choice for you. It is one of the most exciting FPS games on the Play Store. With a large collection of snipers and different attachments, you will surely get the dose of the excitement playing this sniper game.

You can get different ammunition that you can choose and kill your enemies.

Moreover, you can play with enemies or can try your skills with other players around the world. You have to carefully make strategy because different players around the world are waiting for your one mistake and will leave no chance to eliminate you out of the game.


Constantly releases new features.

More realistic guns.

Two game modes.

Weapon upgrade system is very good.

7. Black Survival-

Developer’s Name: Archbears, Nimble Neuron

Rating: 4.1

File Size: 76.87 MB

Download Link- Black Survival

Offers in-app purchases

Black Survival lets you play against other 9 players on a deserted island with no rules. It is an all-out war between 10 different players.

The island on which players fight is divided into 22 different areas such as forest, beach, school, temple and more. Players have to find a safe place and eliminate other players. To eliminate enemies, players can use 7 different weapons which is a bit low for PVP battles, however, you can craft different weapons with the help of different hidden items.

Black Survival provides you with the choice of 35 different characters like police, hackers, doctor and more.


Good game for a short time period.

Different characters to choose from.

Craft your own weapons.

8. Hopeless Land: Fight for survival

Developer’s Name: HK Hero Entertainment Co. Limited

Rating: 3.9

File Size: 346 MB

Offers in-app purchases

If you want to play games like PUBG then Hopeless Land: Fight for survival game is a must choice for you. This game gives you the exact feels of PUBG as it has similar graphics. Players are left in a hopeless island and players then have to survive and kill other players exactly like PUBG.

You have to fight with more than 100 players to survive in this battle royale game. Play solo or can gang up with your friends to win the game.

To kill the enemies, you will get different powerful weapons and for the weapons you will get required ammunition.  The last man standing in this PUBG like the game is the winner.


Voice communication with players.

Motion capture.

Simple operation for mobile users.

9. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS-

Developer’s Name: GameSpire Ltd.

Rating: 4.0

File Size: 149 MB

Download Link- Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Offers in-app purchases

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is a battle royale game where players are pixelated blocks. Characters in this pixelated game look like Lego and you will surely love this pixelated battle royale game.

If you are looking for games like PUBG for Android then this pixelated game is the best choice for you. You will get to play with crazy characters looking as blocks. Players will also get different skins to change the appearance of your avatar.

Pixelated characters in this game are loaded with deadly weapons like rifles, SMG, shotguns, and more.


Block Characters are fun.

Online multiplayer game.

Hide mode for players.

10. Pixel’S Unknown Battle Ground

Developer’s Name: Azur Interactive Games Limited

Rating: 4.0

File Size: 106 MB

Download Link- Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

Offers in-app purchases

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is another most loved game for Android users. The game takes place on an island and players can enjoy the huge map. Although the fun is in the ever changing and shrinking battleground where all the players fight to survive.

You get to play the pixelated characters with guns which is another interesting fact about it. The different graphics mode the game helps the Android users with older devices to still play the game. This can be a great replacement when looking for games like PUBG for android.


Multiple options for skins.

In game vehicles.

Easy controls.


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10 Best Nfl Football Games For Android

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Baseball is America’s pastime, but football is its most popular sport. The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events in the country. You can find fans everywhere. Unfortunately, mobile football games aren’t as great as their console counterparts. There are a few good ones, but the most popular games in the segment are free to play with aggressive in-app purchase strategies. Additionally, most of them are arcade or simulation games without a lot of actual football action. In short, you get the best football gaming experience on a gaming console by a long shot. However, those who still want to try it out can check out the best football games for Android here.

The best NFL football games for Android

Price: Free to play

BIG WIN Football is a football simulator. You play as the general manager and you put together a competitive team on the field. Players then face off against other players for dominance. It’s a mostly online competitive experience, but the central premise is quite common. You collect players of varying abilities and skills. The team improves as you find better players. There are also things like boost cards to give you a bit of an edge during games. It’s fun at first, but like most free-to-play titles, the game has more grind than fun much later on.

CBS Franchise Football

Price: Free to play

CBS Franchise Football is an NFL simulator for CBS. That means it’s mostly a free-to-play cash grab. However, there are some redeeming qualities of the app. It’s addictive, generally fun, and the grind isn’t too bad if you’re patient with it. It features a ton of actual NFL players, all of the teams, and simple, hands-off mechanics. It’s a great way to kill some time that should last longer than a few hours. It gets tedious eventually, but that could mean a few hours or a few months. It’s all about what you like.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

Read more: The best NFL apps and football apps for Android

Fanatical Football

Price: Free

Fanatical Football is an unofficial football game with actual football mechanics. You play as fictional teams, run plays, score touchdowns, and stuff like that. The mechanics are a bit clunky and the graphics are second-rate. The game also has some bugs. However, it’s still one of the better pure football games on the Play Store. The game also features two play modes, player upgrades, power-ups, and more. It’s a free-to-play game and that’s not great. It could be much, much worse, though.

Football Dash

Try some other sports games!


Try some other sports games!


Madden NFL 22 Mobile Football

Read next: The best sports games for Android

NFL Rush Gameday

Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

Price: Free to play

Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football is a surprisingly good mobile football game. Your goal is to return kicks for touchdowns. You guide the player with simple one-handed controls. The game also features player upgrades, tournaments, and you get points for getting within field goal range. That means it’s not just a pass or fail kind of thing. It’s simple but satisfying. There are free-to-play elements, but they don’t pervade every little corner of the game like most others. It’s really not bad.

Touchdown Football

Yahoo Fantasy Football

12 Best Building Games For Iphone And Android

As a playful kid, I loved creating the metropolis of dreams. Though becoming a real estate tycoon was not my wish, I enjoyed creating amazing buildings and defending them against invaders. While those times have flown away and I no longer play building games as passionately as I used to, my romance with them has continued to flourish. So, I’m glad to share some of the best building games for iPhone and Android, which I have always relished playing. If building a beautiful city and becoming a billionaire (in reel life) is also your penchant, give these games a shot. And, I bet you would love every bit of them.

Best Building Games for iPhone and Android Devices

Not all building games are the same. While some games are all about creating awesome skyscrapers and developing infrastructure, others are more dramatic thanks to the mix of epic battles. Not to mention, some city building games have added some killer humor under-the-hood so that you can drive your Monday blues away or bust stress with ease. That all being said, let’s get into the action!

1. The Simpsons

Being one of the funniest city building games, The Simpsons deserves a shot at the top. The game offers plenty of tools to create a wonderful living. But keep in mind, you will need to wipe out the mess and build everything from scratch. To get going, collect your favorite characters and reunite the residents with their loved ones. You can also dress your favorite characters so that they can look their very best.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 


“Townsmen” is the sort of building games that never seem to lose their charm. Probably the best part about this game is the opportunity to develop a small village to an amazing medieval empire. Beautifully set in medieval times, the city-building gameplay is quite intriguing. Keep in mind, apart from having a huge responsibility to build a great empire, you also have to tackle a complex economy and deep-rooted production chains.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

3.City Mania: Town Building Game

For the folks who are hunting for a bit light-hearted building games, “City Mania” promises to be a fantastic bet. Aside from letting you build and expand amazing buildings, the app also offers a ton of customization. Whether you want to beautify cinema halls or add renowned landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Space Needle or the Colosseum, you have plenty of unique stuff to give your dream buildings a special look so that they can look stand out.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

4. Forge of Empires

If the time is ripe to embrace epic civilization-building games, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative to “Forge of Empires. The game is all bout building an empire and journey through different ages. Do bear in mind, this game warrants a killer strategy to succeed. So, if your moves fail to cut the ice, you won’t go ahead beyond a certain level.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

5.SimCity BuildIt

It’s been several years since I first put my hands on “SimCity Buildlt.” And I must that the building game looks as fascinating to me today as ever. The most interesting thing about it is the gameplay where you have to bring all of your creativity to the fore to build an incredible metropolis. As the real estate tycoon, every decision is yours, so there is no question of any restrictions.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

6. Clash of Clans

Unless you are living in the rock, you would be unaware of Clash of Clans. While Clash of Clans may not be a usual building game, this Supercell’s offering has got everything to liven up your gaming. The game is about building a village, raising a huge clan and then competing in heart-wrenching clan wars. It demands you to excel in not just building a marvelous empire but also defending it. Bear in mind, you are up against the Goblin King so you have to hatch your strategies like a true warrior.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 


Should you want to indulge in a building game that also offers a chance to get into a serious battle with rivals, try out “DomiNations.” In this exciting game, your challenges lie in creating an empire and commanding nations to win battles against enemies. As you grow your small village from a modern metropolis, you will have to face several unexpected roadblocks. In the gameplay, you can choose from one of the most famous civilizations from history including Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, and battle as a proud nation. On top of all, create a war strategy and execute it to perfection to triumph the world war. Needless to say, DomiNations is for die-hard warmongers who love epic battles!

Install: iOS and Android 

8. City Island

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

9.Village City Island Simulation

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

10.Idle City Empire

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

11. Megapolis

With a good mix of strategy and building games, Megapolis has got all the ingredients to offer hours of fun to you. The most interesting thing about this game is that it’s based on the rules of the market. So, you have to play smartly while creating the metropolis of your dreams. Aside from offering you the opportunities to create huge buildings, the game provides chances to upgrade infrastructure. For instance, you can create railways, airports, ships, and more. Moreover, you can also develop your own state and take part in contests to win great awards. And if joining arms race is your thing, you will enjoy developing destructive weapons and showcasing the might of your military.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

12. Designer City

Should you want your favorite building game to have a lot of creative elements, give serious consideration. In Designer City, you have to put your best foot forward to create top-notch houses and skyscrapers so that people can find them worth buying. Besides, you also have to create big community buildings, attractive parks, and eye-catching decorations to keep residents happy. Not just that, you also need to ensure people have a better job and are happy in their lives. As the gameplay doesn’t have any limitations, you have absolute freedom to design your city as elegantly as you want.

Install: iOS and Android 

Choose the Best Building Games for iPhone and Android Devices

15 Best Custom Roms For Android You Can Install

The Android developer community is huge, with their biggest feat being the ability to develop custom ROMs or custom Android builds. A custom ROM is an aftermarket firmware production based on the Android source code provided by Google. So if you are someone who wants to install a custom ROM on your device but are confused about which one to go with, read on as we bring the 15 best custom ROMs for Android in 2023.

The main reason why people prefer custom ROMs is that almost every company drops support for their devices after 2-3 years of their launch. A custom ROM, on the other hand, helps keep your device alive and updated with the latest version of Android. Another reason why people seek custom ROMs is because of the extra features they offer. They also reduce bloatware that comes as a part of many manufacturer skins. While there are many custom ROMs out there, not all of them are stable enough to be used as your daily driver.

Installing a custom ROM requires you to unlock the bootloader first, and have a custom recovery like TWRP (website) installed. Make sure to always create a backup of your Android device before proceeding. While the download link for officially supported devices is mentioned below, some of these ROMs may have an unofficial port available for other devices as well.

Also, on some ROMs, you may have to flash a GApps package such as OpenGapps (website) or NikGApps (website). I have personally tested almost all the ROMs listed below on my Redmi K20 Pro, Poco F1, and Mi A1. Also, if you like the custom ROM, consider donating the developer behind the work.

1. Pixel Experience

Third, it has amazing stability among all the ROMs that I have tested for years. The main developer, Henrique Pereira, is not in a tearing hurry to port new Android versions to all the devices.

Instead, the developer picks a popular and developer-centric device and creates a base. After that, he publishes all the changes to GitHub for other maintainers to work upon. Not to mention, Pixel Experience has maintainers around the world who work round the clock to quell bugs in a timely manner.

So to put it straight, if you want stability and new features right from Pixel devices then Pixel Experience is the best custom ROM on Android, bar none. Keep in mind, you won’t get the latest Android build immediately, but you will have a stable and hassle-free experience for sure.


2. LineageOS

Built on top of Google’s AOSP code and adding their own custom code to it, LineageOS works as a standalone ROM as well as the source code for many other custom ROMs out there. It has the most extensive developer team under its name and officially supports over 190 devices. The ROM includes basic but useful features that include but are not limited to customizing the status bar, changing the overall theme, editing the navbar, and much more.

While Google’s AOSP is barebones, LineageOS gives it a sense of customizability while maintaining stability. Apart from that, if you want top-notch privacy and security on a custom ROM then I would highly recommend LineageOS. Not to mention, the development team has worked really fast on bringing Android 13 this time and it’s available for several devices.


3. Paranoid Android

After a few years of break, Paranoid Android is back again. In case you don’t know, Paranoid Android was considered one of the most acclaimed custom ROMs of all time. The development team focused on bringing a polished and refined experience while using minimum resources. While it may not boast of the plethora of features and customization features that other ROMs offer, Paranoid Android or PA, does promise a soothing user experience overall.

At this point, Paranoid Android has added support for a long list of smartphones including Xiaomi, OnePlus, realme, Nothing, Google, and more. It also introduced Topaz, which is based on Android 13 and is available for a host of Android devices. So if you own phones from one of these OEMs, I would highly recommend Paranoid Android to any other ROM on this list.


4. Evolution X

If I were to describe Evolution X, I would say it is the stable version of Resurrection Remix from yesteryear. This is because of the plethora of customization features it offers, and it does so without any loss in the stability of the ROM. Evolution X merges various code snippets into one main project to bring a long list of features for many devices. While this does mean that updates come a little slower, they are still able to deliver regular updates.

Also, Evolution X has its own customization bar from where you can make any system-level changes. It also comes with the Android gesture navigation system out of the box. Lately, the development team behind Evolution X decided to remove certain features from the ROM as those features were not that useful and were slowing down the system. As a result, the latest versions are more stable than ever and go easier on the system’s resources.

5. Xtended

Another ROM that is based on the AOSP Gerrit but has its own custom mods is the Xtended. Initially known as MSM Xtended, this project came into existence around the time of the Android Pie launch. However, despite being a relatively new project, the ROM has quickly evolved into becoming a very stable and reliable ROM and gives plenty of other competitors a run for their money.

The ROM is very similar to OxygenOS and brings a lot of customizability options to the point that you might feel overwhelmed. The ROM recently updated its source code for Android 13. Among the custom ROMs, Xtended is one of the few to have support for a long list of devices. Personally, I feel Xtended has too many features and if you like feature-packed ROMs then you can definitely give it a try.


6. Project Elixir

If you are looking for the best Android 13 custom ROM, go ahead and check out Project Elixir. It’s a beautiful AOSP ROM that is very close to stock Android with Pixel features and customization options. It features WAIFUCLOCK which is based on the Substratum theme and delivers an elegant lock screen experience that you won’t find on any other ROM. The best part is that it also offers timely updates and bugs are fixed routinely. As for device support, from Xiaomi to OnePlus, Nokia, and Nothing, almost all the OEMs are supported. Simply put, Project Elixir is one of the best Android 13 custom ROMs in town right now and you should not miss it.

7. PixelOS

PixelOS is another retake on stock Android which brings a Pixel-like user interface with added enhancements and stability. It does not go overboard with features but keeps essential utilities that can be helpful to users. The ROM is based on AOSP so the overall stability is quite good and I like the fact that it has released Android 13 builds for almost all the supported devices.

What’s interesting, it supports a number of devices from Realme, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung, Asus, and more. The team is also quite up-to-date and regularly pushes new builds with features and security patches. Overall, PixelOS is quite impressive in terms of design and those who are looking to flash Android 13, must give it a try. Apart from that, you can also take a look at PixelPlusUI and PixysOS which are pretty similar and have their own feature set.


8. Arrow OS

If minimalism is what you’re looking for then Arrow OS is right up your alley. Possibly the lightest and most functional custom ROM out there, the Arrow OS project is based on the AOSP code while adding useful tweaks. It’s very similar to the Pixel Experience ROM but brings additional features to the barebone feature list.

The customizable panel has a gesture replacement and that’s the 3-button navbar which is highly useful for users who want the old navigation system back. Other Arrow OS features include a custom dialer, custom Quick Settings tiles, lock screen shortcuts, Privacy Guard from LineageOS, and more. The Arrow OS project offers simple and minimalistic features that end up resulting in a clean and neat interface, that can further be customized if the user wants to.


9. crDroid

Imagine being on your device’s stock ROM, but with slight tweaks here and there that allow you to customize your device without losing out on the Stock stability. Well, that’s crDroid for you. crDroid has been around for some time and it has gained huge popularity among stock Android enthusiasts. Similar to AOSP Extended, crDroid has an active development team and supports some of the old devices like Redmi Note 5 Pro, Poco F1, and more.

It offers the same AOSP experience that’s exclusive to Google’s lineup, along with truly tested features. Since crDroid is based on LineageOS at its base, the performance and battery life are phenomenal.


10. Havoc-OS

Defining Havoc-OS would take up more than a couple of words. In your first run of this ROM, you’d find it similar to just about any other custom ROM out there. Use it for a couple of days, and you literally start experiencing the true beauty of Havoc-OS. One of the first ROMs to successfully implement a truckload of features. It will definitely remind you of Resurrection Remix and Paranoid Android from the past.

The added functionalities of Havoc-OS include tons of mods for the Status bar, buttons, lights, gestures, and other various configurations. While at times, it lacks stability, I can surely say that it has the maximum customizability features. So if you want something like Resurrection Remix but with the latest Android version then Havoc-OS will take you right home.


11. Bliss ROM

While many users might not like this new way of system navigation, one cannot deny the fact that we need different kinds of skins to reshape the boundary of user interface design in custom ROMs.

Apart from including certain tweaks to the customizability and functionality, Bliss ROM vastly enhances the overall visual look of your device. It has a separate settings panel called Blissify from where you can change almost everything. Right from themes to animation and lock screen interface. I would say if you want to try something different, do give it a shot.


12. OmniROM

OmniROM is one of the oldest custom ROMs on this list. The project was started way back in 2013 when CyanogenMod was all hype, and it still continues to push new builds even today. It does nothing radical but brings a clean, AOSP-based ROM with rock-solid stability and a long list of device support. The team has also worked on Android 13 and released updates for ROG Phone, Google Pixel, Redmi Note series, and more. In terms of updates, it’s not the fastest one, but for good performance and day-to-day tasks, you can definitely rely on OmniROM.



14. Syberia OS

For people who love stock Android, but want additional features on top, Syberia OS is another Android custom ROM to consider. Built on top of AOSP/CAF, Syberia OS offers almost everything you’d want from your Android phone.

Even with all the features that Syberia OS packs, it’s a very stable ROM and offers smooth and lag-free performance. You also get the flexibility to customize pretty much everything in the ROM. Syberia OS also supports OTA updates, so when new versions are released for your phone you will receive the updates seamlessly.

15. Potato Project

The Potato Open Sauce Project is brought to you by a team of Indian developers who have adopted the quintessential potato as their choice of name. Even the different versions of the ROM are titled ‘baked potato’, ‘dumaloo’ etc.

The ROM boasts a clean and minimal UI, along with feature improvements. You can expect better notch handling, a new and improved volume control system, and yes, over-the-air updates of course. The ROM is completely open source, so if you have the skill for it, you can fork the project and make your own custom ROM out of it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the best Android custom ROM?

Q. Which custom ROM is most stable?

In terms of rock-solid stability, LineageOS would take the crown for the most stable custom ROM.

Q. Which mobile is best for custom ROM?

Xiaomi devices are generally well-supported by developers as unlocking the bootloader does not violate the warranty. Besides that, you can check out OnePlus, Motorola, Nothing, Realme, and Asus devices for good custom ROM support.

Make More Out of Your Device With the Best Custom ROMs For Android in 2023

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