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With so many options, it might seem hard to figure out where to read manga online. Manga contains some of the best storylines, incredible characters, and surprising plot twists available. While these graphic novels and comics may originate in Japan, that doesn’t mean you can’t read manga online from pretty much anywhere around the world. The best part is that many websites let you read much of it for free.

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What Is Manga?

If you’ve never had the chance to try manga, think of it as the comic book/graphic novel version of anime. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an anime series to become a manga series and vice versa.

Manga features the same exaggerated features and artwork as anime. However, some of the themes tend to be more adult. When searching for manga to read online, make sure you’re using sites that have translated it into English or your desired language. All of the sites listed here are in English, outside of a few titles here and there.

1. Mangamo

Price: Free (limited) / Premium $5 per month

One of the most recent entries on this list, Mangamo only launched in 2023 but is already becoming a popular resource for manga hunters all over the world. With officially licensed publishers onboard, the selection on Mangamo is of a very high quality, and at the time of writing, contains over 400 titles. It’s nice that you don’t have to be concerned about piracy. This also means it’s a more reliable service.


Officially licensed titles only, such as Devil-Chi, Attack on Titan, and A Man With a Thousand Skills

New chapters released daily

Free users get four free chapters daily on a limited number of series

Easy to manage your collection and search for titles

Available on iOS or Android


Can’t customize reading preferences in app

Most titles are behind the paywall, but the price is reasonable for what you’re getting

2. MangaDex

Price: Free


Create your own library from numerous available titles

In-depth search filters by demographic (such as Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen etc.), publication status, theme, genre, and format

Forums for community participation


Mainly made up of scanlations, which are a hazy legal area

No apps (read in most browsers, including mobile)

Tip: whether or not you’re looking to learn something new, these intellectual websites can help give you a new perspective.


Price: Free

One of the top sites to read manga online is MANGA Plus by SHUEISA. The site’s created and controlled by the Japanese publisher SHUEISA, ensuring that artists are compensated for their work. It’s owned by the same company as the popular manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, so you’ll be able to read magazine contents on the website as soon as it’s published. With a good variety and clearly legal titles, it’s the perfect option for manga fans.


Everything’s completely free

Many titles are in English and Spanish

Create a favorites library

Wide variety of titles, such as Leach, Naruto, Blue Box, Dragon Ball, and Black Clover

Creators are compensated (all legal titles)

iOS and Android apps in addition to the website


Some titles are only available in the app

Could use better search filters

4. ComicWalker

Price: Free

In an effort to battle scanlations, manga publisher Kadokawa created ComicWalker as the free way to read manga online. While you won’t find all of Kadokawa’s manga on here, there’s ample variety to keep you entertained. No registration is required to read anything, but some titles are added and removed regularly, so if you see something you’re interested in, don’t wait too long to read it. Some titles do have expiration dates, but any title can be removed at any time.


Everything is free to use and registration is optional

Save favorites simply by signing up for free

Wide variety of titles available. (Check the release calendar to see when new titles are being added.)

Good filters to find what’s most popular, check out release dates, and limit your options to specific manga magazines


Titles may disappear randomly

No apps available

Tip: other than your desktop and mobile, did you know that you can also read comics on your Nintendo Switch?

5. Crunchyroll – Free/Premium

Price: Free / Premium plans start at $8 per month

You can’t have a list of the best sites to read manga online without mentioning Crunchyroll. Not only is there an extensive selection of manga, but you can watch anime as well. The main downside is that while there are some free titles, most are only available if you subscribe. On the other hand, it’s a reputable site that doesn’t rely on scanlations or user submissions, so you get high-quality content and new releases quickly.


Large legal collection of manga

New titles and chapters added regularly

You only need the lowest cost plan to access the entire manga library

Read on desktop, iOS, and Android


Most manga is behind a paywall (a free trial is available, though)

Apps have a lot of issues, including frequent crashes and infrequent updates to address problems

6. Shonen Jump

Price: Free / Premium – $3 per month

Shonen Jump, the digital version of Weekly Shonen Jump, offers some of the latest chapters of their popular manga titles for free. While you can’t go back and start from the beginning as a free user, this is a great way to get newer chapters without paying anything. You’ll need to create a Viz (the home site of Shonen Jump) account to save favorites. The quality is nice, and it’s easy to navigate the reader on desktop and mobile.


Get the latest chapters completely free

Cheapest premium subscription for manga at just $3/month

Over 15,000 chapters available to premium users

Read on desktop, iOS, and Android


Most chapters are for premium members only

Tip: learn how to add this manga-inspired bot to your Discord server.

7. ComiXology Unlimited – Premium

Price: $6/month

ComiXology is an Amazon company that’s just for comics, graphic novels, and manga. The main site allows you to buy individual titles. However, the best deal overall is easily ComiXology Unlimited. As the name implies, you get to read all you want for one flat monthly fee. While over 2,400 manga titles are included in the subscription, some are only available for individual purchase. Despite how well the Kindle reading app works, the ComiXology app isn’t quite as user-friendly.


Access over 45,000 titles of manga, comics, and graphic novels in one plan

Access on desktop, iOS, and Android

Free 30-day trial available


Apps have issues with resolution quality, screen sizing, and navigation

Not all titles in the ComiXology store are included in the Unlimited plan

8. MangaKakalot

Price: Free

You’ll find not only popular manga series on MangaKakalot but numerous lesser-known series as well. The layout of the site makes it easy to quickly sort by genre, check out what’s most popular, find the latest releases, or even stick to completed series. The site lives in a legal gray area. Nothing is officially licensed, but so far, no artists have pursued legal action against the site. On the other hand, you never download items, so it does make the site safer to use.


Increasingly large library of new and old titles

Easily sort by title, genre, and what’s most popular

Register for free to create your own library


No officially licensed titles

Resolution quality can vary from title to title and chapter to chapter

9. MangaHere

Price: Free

MangaHere offers over 10,000 series completely free. You’ll find most any genre you could possibly want, including everything from supernatural to comedy. It’s easy to find something new to read based on what’s most popular, the genre, latest updates, new releases, and more. MangaHere states that all content on the site is licensed under a fair use license. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything on the site is technically legal. Yet, the site is easy to use, and the quality is fairly consistent.


Massive library of both new and older titles

Check out the latest manga news

Free signup to create your own library


Titles may or may not be completely legal

Apps are available, but the iOS app rarely works, and the Android app is available only on third-party sites. (If you want to try it, use our guide for installing apps from unknown sources.)

Tip: for those who prefer to watch anime instead of reading manga, check out these Android apps to stream anime on your mobile.

10. Readm

Price: Free

Readm offers a nice selection of manga to read online. It has one of the more extensive genre lists to help narrow down your search. Everything is free to read and available under a fair use clause of the Copyright Act. Even on desktop, the updates section is kind of hard to read and navigate. Otherwise, it’s a clean layout, and the resolution quality is pretty good, too, for most titles.


Large variety available

Everything is free

Read with or without signing up. (Signing up lets you save items.)


No mobile apps

Updates section is tiny and cluttered

11. Mangaowl

Price: Free

Mangaowl was created and run by manga lovers who just wanted all their favorites in one place. Staff works to translate and upload new chapters as quickly as possible, so there can be delays sometimes. While you won’t find every title here, it’s a good place to find a variety of new and old titles. You can search by genre and title, but that’s it. It’d be nice if there was an official app, but for now, there’s an Android APK only.


Variety of titles available

Staff adds new chapters regularly

Site is easy to navigate

Everything is free


No official app, and the Android app APK comes from a Google Drive account (so it’s best to probably avoid it)

Titles are stated as legal, but you are encouraged to support publishers by buying the titles from other sites. (This is all listed in the site’s Legal Disclaimer.)

12. OverDrive

Price: Free with a library card

OverDrive is a service libraries use to provide digital books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. It’s completely free as long as you have a library card from a participating library. Manga can be checked out and returned just like any other book from a physical library, except it’s digital in this case. What’s available varies based on each individual library. Finding manga is sometimes a challenge but time is well spent to be able to read it legally for free.


Everything’s free to read

Check out books, magazines, and more in addition to manga

Read on desktop, iOS, and Android. (Depending on your library, you may require the Libby, Sora, or Kanopy app – you’ll get details and links to download on your library’s website.)


Difficult to find titles since it’s not dedicated to manga only

Not all libraries participate in OverDrive, and the titles you want may not be available at every library

Tip: If the websites you want to visit are blocked, learn how you can view blocked websites without difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions Are free manga sites legal?

It depends on the site. Free sites that have licensed content through the publishers are completely legal. For instance, MANGA Plus is free, but all content is provided through official channels, so it’s free and legal.

Most free sites aren’t technically legal, as they simply gather content but don’t pay any kind of licensing fees to the creators. Some have actually been taken down as a result, while others are still going strong. Those that don’t offer any type of download or offline reading options are less likely to be taken offline. However, don’t be surprised if any free sites that fall into a legal grey area are suddenly shut down due to a DMCA notice.

Another issue is whether the site is actually hosting the manga. A site that just provides links to other sites isn’t actually illegal. However, the sites that host or store the content are illegal. Until they’re required by law to cease operation, you can still read manga on them.

What’s the problem with scanlations?

The most common manga you’ll run across is scanlations. These are translated copies that are scanned in to be shared with readers. These are done without the copyright holder’s permission, meaning they don’t get credit or compensation.

Once again, it’s a grey area of legality. You can read them legally, but the person uploading the content could face serious fines if copyright holders decide to pursue any legal action against them. On the other hand, it’s seen as a great way for manga fans to read comics that aren’t licensed in their region of the world.

Check with online book stores like Book Walker that might offer free titles to download and keep. Consider keeping track of your manga collection (digital and physical) with a collection organizing app.

Image credit: Lisa Fotios via Pexels. All screenshots by Crystal Crowder.

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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Author Name: Scott Fox

The author of this book aims to debunk the common myths about starting a lifestyle business online and show how it is very easy and cheap to do so. He also believes that one should become their own boss and not follow the crowd. The book provides readers with a variety of strategies and solutions to improve their online business.

Book Name: New Rules of Marketing and PR Author Name: David Meerman Scott

The New Rules of Marketing & PR provides readers with an extensive guide to improving their online visibility and sales. It explains how to implement effective PR and marketing techniques to reach out to your potential customers.

This book is a must-have for anyone who is struggling to find their customer base. It is written in a comprehensive manner, and its writing is also designed for academic use. It has been translated into over 30 languages, and it is regarded as one of the most influential business books of all time. This book provides a step-by-step strategy for building a successful PR campaign.

Book Name: Hacking Growth Author Name: Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

This book is by Sean Ellis, an entrepreneur and investor who coined the term “growth hacking.” During this era, marketing was becoming very fluffy, and a lot of companies were spending their time developing branding campaigns that didn’t produce any results. In this book, he talks about how to create cross-functional teams that can quickly test and iterate through multiple iterations and strategies to achieve hyper-growth. Some of the great companies that he has talked about include IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, LinkedIn, and Uber.

Book Name: The Art of SEO Author Name: Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola

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Marketing has been divided into two categories: art and science. While the tools and delivery methods have changed, the fundamentals of the practice remain the same. The increasing number of customers who are aware of the buying process has also prompted marketers to adopt new and well-defined strategies. These 12 digital marketing books can help you identify the most effective ways to improve your sales.

Best Folio Cases For Iphone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, And 12 Pro Max

While there are many cases for your iPhone 12, a folio-style case is an ideal option for all-round protection. These have a flip cover that guards the screen when not in use. On the inside, there are usually card slots or a pocket to store some cash or receipts. This makes it a convenient multipurpose option. So without wasting any time, let’s explore our round-up of best folio cases for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

1. Twelve South BookBook Vol. 2 – Best Folio Case

Here’s is one of the most stylish leather cases for your iPhone 12. It’s made of premium material and has It’s got a magnetic closure for better phone and wallet protection, a magnetic leather shell for easy separation of wallet and phone.

Further, the inside of the flap has plenty of space for some cards and cash. The case can also double up as a kickstand to view your device hands-free. So it’s a great all-in-one option.


Stylish look

Detachable inner shell




A bit pricey

Just two colors

Buy it from Twelvesouth

2. Otterbox Strada Series Case – Genuine Leather Folio

Here’s another genuine leather folio case that’s slim, sleek, and pocket friendly. It features a slim profile with a vertical interior slot for cash or an essential card.

The dual-materials provide maximum protection against drops, bumps, scratches, and scrapes so that you can be out-and-about without worry. It also comes with the OtterBox limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured about quality issues.


Slim profile

Dual-layer protection



Only two colors

A bit pricey

3. CASEZA Vegan Book Folio Cover

Protective, functional, thin, and elegant – this iPhone 12 folio case ticks all the boxes to make a perfect everyday use option. It’s made of carefully selected vegan leather that gives it a high-class look & feel.

You can comfortably watch videos using the integrated kickstand function. An extra card pocket allows you to leave your wallet at home at times. Lastly, the soft silicone inside cover provides soft all-around protection for your device.


Slim and sleek

Soft silicone inner

Premium look


Limited color options

4. TUCCH Flip Case – 360° Protection

Enjoy a blend of style and convenience with this folio that’s beautifully crafted with a classic low profile design. It feels great in hand and is engineered to emphasize thinness without compromising protection.

The durable soft TPU full-body inner case comes with a cushioned shockproof edge and ensures your phone against drops and bumps. Further, it’s got three credit card slots and one pocket for cash.


Protective yet stylish

Attractive color options

Lifetime warranty


Can feel a bit bulky

5. FYY Leather Flip Cover with RFID Blocking

Here’s a case that’s made of genuine cowhide leather, and it resists the bacteria and germs that tend to build upon your device. It will also keep scratches and scuffs at bay.

It has three card slots for holding your credit cards, ID card, driver license, and business cards perfectly. There’s also an additional pocket for dollar bills or receipts.


Health-friendly material

Secure magnetic closure

Kickstand function

Spacious card slots


No color options

6. SHIELDON Genuine Leather Case – Enhanced Protection

This folio has a durable soft TPU full-body inner case that comes with a cushioned edge that absorbs impact and defends your phone against drops and bumps. It provides excellent dual-layer protection for your smartphone.

It boasts four card slots and a side pocket to help you store ID card, driving license, credit cards, and some cash. The magnetic closure keeps everything secure. Moreover, it boasts RFID blocking technology that prevents unauthorized scanners from accessing your card info.


RFID blocking technology

Premium genuine leather

Kickstand functionality

Seven color options


Somewhat bulky

Clumsy to open and close

7. Arae Folio Wallet Case – Stylish Exquisite

Keep your device snug and protected with this wallet case that’s got soft TPU cushioning and a plush exterior. The flip cover boasts four card slots and a magnetic closure.

The stand feature will bring you more convenience for watching videos at multi-viewing angles or hanging out with friends on FaceTime. The accurate cutouts keep all the features of your phone fully accessible.


Layered protection

Affordable price

Wrist strap

Several color options


Attracts fingerprints easily

8. UAG Flip Folio Case – Rugged protection

This rugged case combines a drop-tested armor shell with a premium supple Italian leather folio cover for sophisticated protection. The leather will patina with age, enhancing the natural beauty and unique look of the case.


Military-grade protection

Compatible with Wireless Charging and Apple Pay



No magnetic closure


9. Snakehive Vintage Case – Drop & Scratch Protection

Encase your premium iPhone 12 device in European Nubuck leather that has a soft, suede-like finish. It matures with time, developing an elegant patina that’s unique to every case.

A classy leather outer & flexible plastic inner keeps your phone both safe & stylish throughout your day. It includes three card slots, a money pocket, a magnetic closure, and a landscape kickstand. It also offers full access to all the ports and functions.


Beautiful vintage look


Unique colors


Attracts dust easily

Summing Up

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Author Profile


Mehak has a master’s degree in communication and over ten years of writing experience. Her passion for technology and Apple products led her to iGeeksBlog, where she specializes in writing product roundups and app recommendations for fellow Apple users. When not typing away on her MacBook Pro, she loves being lost in a book or out exploring the world.

Best Websites To Download Old Pc Games For Free

In this post, we list the best websites where gamers can download old PC games for free (full version). PC gaming on Windows 11/10 is very important to Microsoft, and that’s because the Windows operating system has long been the best place to play. Now, gaming is not just about getting involved with modern titles, but older ones as well. Millions of people around the world enjoy playing older PC games for more reasons than one.

Best websites to download old PC games for free

The games from these websites are some of the best and worst of the past, so dig in and you are certain to find a few gems that are playable for many years to come.

Abandonware DOS

My Abandonware


Games Nostalgia

RGB Classic Games

The Internet Archive

1] Abandonware DOS

If you want to play old DOS games, we suggest visiting Abandonware DOS. Here you will find hundreds of older games along with several titles designed for Windows. The newest game we could find on the website was released back in 2002, so you are certain to never locate a single drop of modern.

Now, one of the reasons why we like Abandonware DOS is because it comes with a public rating system where any visitor can leave a review. This makes it much easier for folks to decide which game to download and which to avoid.

Visit the Abandonware DOS website.

2] My Abandonware

If you want to search through over 15,000 video games, then My Abandonware is the perfect website to visit. Some of the titles found here are from the deep web, and as such, quite rate. The platform is actively maintained by a small team; therefore, you can trust it’ll be around for a long time to come.

When it comes down to search, My Abandonware does a great job in this regard. You can search for a game by using names, the year of publication, the game platform, the genre, the theme of the game, the publisher, and even search by the name of your favorite developer.

Visit the My Abandonware website.

3] Abandonia

OK, so this website was founded back in 1999, and since then, it has become one of the leading websites for downloading old games. Right now, Abandonia features around 1,400 games and nearly one million members, which is an impressive feat if you ask us.

The great thing about this website is that it gives each game a comprehensive review, something not found on other websites that provides similar content. Now, since the website focuses more on DOS games than anything else, you won’t find other types of abandonware here, so keep that in mind.

Visit the Abandonia website.

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4] Games Nostalgia

Our next favorite place to find old titles is Games Nostalgia. This website is home to hundreds of great games that have been released between 1985 and 1995. If you want earlier games released after the date mentioned, then you’re in the wrong place.

Interestingly enough, there is no need to download an emulator to play these games because Games Nostalgia has decided to package each title with its emulator. So, as it stands, there are no additional steps for players to take. The idea here is to just download, install, and play for a stress-free experience.

Visit the Games Nostalgia website.

TIP: Play MS DOS games online at these top 5 sites

5] RGB Classic Games

Love older DOS games, but also want to play a few modern ones to boot? Then RGB Classic Games should be atop of your list. The dedication of this website is to preserve classic games from now-dead operating systems such as DOS, CP/M-86, OS/2, Win16, and Win9x.

In terms of searching for your favorite games, RGB Classic Games makes it possible to search via the operating system, year released, legal status, and more.

Visit the RGB Classic Games website.

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6] The Internet Archive

The final website on this list is The Internet Archive, a non-profit organization that deals in the safeguarding of core principles of the internet. Now, it is not possible to download games via the website, but it does offer users the ability to play many titles from within the web browser.

So far, The Internet Archive has preserved more than 2,300 classic DOS games, so chances are, you will find what you’re looking for.

Visit The Internet Archive website.

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Can you still buy old PC games?

Yes, it is still possible to buy old PC games, but it all depends on the game. Some titles are available via various online gaming platforms, while others are available either on eBay, or brick and mortar stores.

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What is a DOS game PC?

You might be wondering, what is a DOS game. Well, it is a game based on MS-DOS or PC DOS rather than Microsoft Windows. Folks born in 1985 or earlier are more likely to have played these games when compared to the modern generation of gamers.

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The 12 Best Uc Browser Alternatives For Android

Are you a UC browser fan? Its user-friendly app is one of the best you can download on your Android device. And in terms of usage statistics, the Alibaba-owned browser is easily the most popular in the Android market after Google Chrome. In the last few years, though, there have been numerous privacy concerns with the UC browser app. If you’re looking to make a change, or if the app is been banned in your country, check out this list of UC browser alternatives.

Why the UC Browser Is Popular

There are many reasons UC Browser has remained popular with mobile users worldwide: Fast page-loading speeds, lightweight applications, and a unique customized experience. You get a bird’s eye view of your system resources, such as RAM and CPU. The app was notably the first to gather essential tasks, such as WhatsApp messaging and document conversion into the browser window. A neat download section imports all your stuff from social media feeds while sorting it based on images, videos, and documents.

1. Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini is one of the most well-known mobile browsers with rich functionalities for power users. It syncs well with your Opera account and delivers high speeds through a seamless network of Opera data centers around the world. You can choose from light, dark, and auto themes and go for a normal or very private browsing that leaves all trackers behind. This app is the original version of Opera in the Play Store, but there are a few more from the Opera family you should check out as well.


With over 500 million installations, Opera Mini is one of the closest substitutes to the UC Browser in terms of scale.

it has super-fast surfing with data-saving features.

Covers a full spectrum of browsing features, such as offline reading, ad blocking, and a download video tab.


The news content on Opera can feel annoying and is difficult to disable.

The application may freeze when multiple tabs are open.

2. Samsung Internet Browser Pros

Privacy and security features, such as protected browsing, content blockers and anti-tracking.

Functional battery and data-saving functions, just like UC Browser.

Compatible with the entire Samsung Galaxy multiverse.


Too many navigation buttons can be intrusive on a small phone screen.

Features don’t work that well with non-Samsung Android phones.

3. DuckDuckGo Browser

DuckDuckGo is one of the best Web search engines for genuine anonymity and privacy. Its Android browser does not disappoint, either. The app blocks trackers and operates only secure connections with HTTPS everywhere. Each site you visit gets a Privacy Grade (A-F) so that you can verify how secure you are. We know how unsafe it can be when your personal data keeps building up on your browser. DuckDuckGo offers a handy “fire” option, which instantly clears your tabs and browsing history.


Interface is minimal and uncluttered.

A “fireproofed” websites option for frequently-visited site does not delete cookies once you clear everything.


The browsing interface can feel outdated at times and can’t handle Web3 content very well.

For all the claims of privacy, DuckDuckGo can’t open Onion links.

4. Brave Browser Pros

A full-fledged web browser with no compromises in features.

Visible saving of data and battery.

Personalized private search, script blocking, and third-party cookie blocking.


5. Puffin Web Browser

If all you need is super-fast web browsing, then Puffin is the way to go. It claims to be “wicked fast,” which is more than just a cute tagline. Compared to all the other browsers in this list, Puffin seems to load web pages really very fast, thanks to its in-house compression algorithms. The workload is shifted from the user device to the cloud servers. This way, the resource-hungry web pages can load really fast on your phone.


Claims to save up to 90 percent of your bandwidth on your browsing activities using cloud access.

True incognito mode blocks all permissions, including camera and mic, and autocleans all browsing activity.

All connections are auto-encrypted to protect users in public Wi-Fi networks.

Is the only Android browser with a built-in gamepad.

Only web browser that still supports Flash content with its

own collection of Flash games



When there are multiple tabs open, Puffin eats up a lot of memory.

There is limited functionality, as speed is the sole focus of the app.

The browser is blocked in many countries, such as China, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

6. Dolphin Web Browser Pros

Streamlined interface with well-placed navigation buttons allows for a smooth surfing experience.

Very intuitive, tabbed browsing with fast loading sites.

Battery and data-saving capabilities.


Many users have reported frequent crashes when keeping multiple tabs open in Dolphin.

Updates can be messy, but Dolphin developers are doing their best to patch them right away.

7. Firefox Focus Pros

All your browsing history is completely erased when you exit the browser.

Additionally, the app won’t let you or other apps take screenshots and hides the browsing page when switching between apps.

Blazing fast browser with zero crashes and bloat.


8. Via Browser Pros

Feature-packed browser with a minimal interface; the best combination you can find.

No crashes or bloat.

There is an image-blocking feature to save mobile data costs.


9. Opera Touch

Another brilliant browser from the Opera family, Opera Touch has a futuristic design which may work well for future versions of the Internet, such as Web3. It has one of the most beautiful user interfaces with a Fast Action Button that gives direct access to instant search. You can connect Opera Touch to your computer with an Opera browser, which is a superb way to transfer data from your phone to your computer. If you’re looking for a modern browser with all the latest features, Opera Touch touches on all the criteria.


Best browser for sharing data across desktop and mobile devices: minimal yet feature-rich.


Switching between tabs can be a bit annoying due to very limited visibility from a different tab.

10. Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has made a name for itself among the best desktop browsers and is the second most popular browser in that segment today. Its mobile version recreates many of those capabilities to bring a high speed and secure and privacy-centric experience. The browser works well with all Microsoft apps, such as Office, Skype, and Bing, and has been optimized for Android. One of its best features is text scaling, which none of the other browsers in this list have: you can zoom in to make text more readable, causing less strain on the eye.


A clean, clutter-free mobile browser.

Option to not associate your Microsoft account with the browser.

Search privacy function with InPrivate search in Bing.

Ad blockers and Microsoft Rewards points are offered to those who want to benefit from them.

Fast and crash-free experience that works best with multiple tabs open.


Android user interface isn’t nearly as feature-rich as its Windows desktop version.

Doesn’t sync very well with Google’s app ecosystem.

11. Opera Crypto Browser

Here’s something truly great for Bitcoin and Ethereum traders. If you’re looking for a dedicated crypto browser that understands your Web3 experience needs, Opera has brought one for you. As it belongs to the Opera family, it’s a really secure browser for cryptocurrency mining protection, preventing your transaction screenshots from being saved. You can view all your non-fungible tokens (NFTs), portfolio balance, assets, and, of course, send and receive them through dedicated menu options.


Complete cryptocurrency-oriented browser with all essential trading features supported.

Comes with Opera browser standard security, such as pop-up blockers, tracker and analytics blockers, and more.

Futuristic interface that is comfortable to the eye.


Annoying news updates at every turn that will only be enjoyed by those who are addicted to learning about cryptocurrency trends.

The app is still a work in progress, with many future updates possible.

12. Tor Browser Alpha

Most regular browsers cannot help you access dark web content, as you need to open Onion links in the browser window. Tor is the only browser that gets you past this restriction. There are quite a few Tor browser apps in Google Play, but Tor Browser Alpha is really the best among them. It has a full set of Tor features, such as Bridge enabling, configuration bridges, and changing nodes. Apart from Onion links, you can also view normal browser content.


Completely official Tor browser for the Android marketplace, optimized for Android devices.

Highly secure and private; can help you get past local ISP restrictions.

Works without crashing or freezes.


Font rendering could be better.

Difficult to change Tor relay servers.

Final Thoughts

The above-stated Android apps are some of the best UC Browser alternatives you can currently find on Google Play. Having said that, for those who would prefer sticking to the original UC Browser, it’s still a great choice for low-end mobile devices and slow Internet speeds but downloading it is a bit risky. However, there are many tools to protect your Android device from security and privacy breaches. To discourage hackers, try your hands at self-penetration testing.

Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio @ Pexels

Sayak Boral

Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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6 Best Ways To Read News On An Android Device

The journalism industry is in a unique position right now. People are reading and consuming news more often than ever before, but they’re paying less to do so. People expect to consume news on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Most people expect this news to come for free. While content producers have to wrestle with how they want to distribute news, consumers also have to determine how they prefer to consume it. Here are six ways to consume news on Android devices.

1. Dedicated Apps

Downloading a dedicated app is perhaps the easiet method of news consumption to grasp. Just fire up Google Play and search for your news provider of choice. You should easily be able to find the Associated Press and Reuters . There’s also cable news such as CNN and broadcast content available from ABC. Don’t live in America? There’s the BBC, the Times of India, and the Japan Daily Press. Not all news organizations have produced an app, especially local providers, but it’s worth a look. This is a great option for casual users who may be fine with getting their news from only a handful of sources.

2. Curated News

Some people don’t want all of their news to come from the same place. It’s a smart habit to get into, as each organization brings its biases and way of reporting that can potentially distort a person’s view of the world. Curated apps provide a highly visual means of pulling content from a wide variety of places. There are many options to choose from these days. Flipboard is perhaps the most well-known option out there. It presents stories in magazine-style pages that flip whenever you change from one page to another. Google Currents isn’t quite as animated as Flipboard, but the concept is largely the same. Pulse is another highly-visual and popular option. Curated apps are good for people who like getting their news from diverse sources without having to sift through vast amounts of headlines.

3. RSS Feeds

Curated apps are nice, but they aren’t cut out for dealing with large volumes of content. That is a job for RSS feed readers. Google Reader may have gone the way of the dodo, but there continue to be alternatives out there. Feedly has gained a large following in the wake of Reader’s decline, and it’s arguably as attractive as the curated apps. There’s also Feed+, RssDemon and gReader. Feed readers have been around for a long time now, and people who rely on them have pretty specific needs. Look around, and hopefully an option will strike your fancy.

4. Social Networks

Okay, I know we’ve all already signed up for one social network or another and have used them to keep up with friends, family, and acquaintances. That said, their usefulness has grown extensively over the years. Now most major news organizations have fan pages on Facebook, Twitter accounts, and perhaps a page on Google+. They typically post either all of their stories or narrow things down to just those they consider important. If you combine Twitter with an app like Slices Pro, you can filter tweets into specific categories and only see tweets about the topics you’re interested in or from the people you’re curious about. There’s also Reddit, a different type of social network that exists to get interesting stories out in front of people and let users determine what is or isn’t important. Reddit News and reddit is fun are some of the options available for accessing the site on a mobile device.

5. Home Screen Launchers

One of Android’s greatest strengths is its ability to trade out the default launcher for alternatives, effectively changing the entire look and feel of a phone or tablet. Many of the dedicated news apps come with widgets that can be installed on most of these launchers. The same is true of curated apps, RSS feed readers, and social networks as well. Some alternative launchers, such as Chameleon Launcher, can insert news feeds directly onto your home screen. HTC Sense 5 also comes with BlinkFeed, which is essentially a curated news app that consumes one of your home screens at all times.

6. Digital Magazines

This last option isn’t the cheapest, but it offers a traditional experience that the others cannot match. If you love the look of a magazine and hate having to sacrifice the images and diagrams when reading the same stories online, you may want to sign up for a digital subscription. Zinio is a cross-platform option available with a large selection of magazines. Google Play offers a growing selection that may not be comprehensive, but they sync nicely across numerous Android devices and web browsers.


Our smartphones/tablets now connect us with the rest of the world, and we can find out what’s going on nearly anywhere with just a few taps. This can be overwhelming, but with the right apps, we can all consume the news in the manner that we like best. This is important, because how we choose to acquire information will determine how it is distributed in the future. What method do you like best?

Bertel King, Jr.

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