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An ancient practice that combines the art of controlling your breath, your mind and your body to establish everlasting health and harmony, yoga has become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades. With millions of practitioners across the globe, yoga is undeniably one of the most accepted forms of exercise now.

Whether you’re looking to achieve physical fitness through the art of yoga or hoping to get in touch with your spiritual self, your smartphone can help you out. We’ve compiled a list of the best yoga Android apps in the Android world, so you can try out a few and settle down with the one that you like as you undertake the journey to physical and mental peace.

10 best Android Games [March 2023]

Yoga originated in ancient India, so it can be especially rewarding to undertake daily yoga classes curated by some of the most knowledgeable Indian gurus that are well versed in the old ways. Designed for the fast-paced world, each of the practices enlisted takes just about 5 minutes to complete, and they are all categorized based on what they help you achieve (Nadi Shuddhi for peace, Nada Yoga for joy, Yoga Namaskar for wellbeing and so on).

Download: Yoga tools from Sadhguru

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

The best part about yoga is that you don’t need any specific equipment or a set place to begin your daily session. Thanks to the Down Dog app, you now get a virtual yoga instructor at your fingertips anywhere and anytime. Start off by selecting a practice sequence, then notify the app about how long you’d like the yoga session to be and your level of expertise and the app will build your regimen around your personal needs.

Download: Down Dog

Keep Yoga – Yoga & Meditation, Yoga Daily Fitness

Keep Yoga can be your app to attract physical and mental health with seven meditation courses and over 400 yoga sessions to begin with. The voice guidance to perform yoga proves to be useful while you can view the video guidance to get your postures right. The app is a decent option for beginners without giving in for a paid subscription and get a deeper level of relaxation.

Download: Keep Yoga

Yoga Workout – Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga

Yoga workout can be your app to relax, destress and remain healthy. The app offers a range of 3D videos to help you understand a posture better and perform it more effectively and that too without any professional equipment. You can begin with the basic yoga exercises and even track your workout and weight loss. You can also make use of the reminder feature to remind yourself of your daily yoga routine.

Download: Yoga Workout

Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans

Download: Daily Yoga

Yoga Workout by Sunsa. Yoga workout & fitness

To come up with your own yoga routine that helps you remain healthy, Sunsa is the app yoga performers. In this app, you will find all the essential postures and sequences to commence your yoga journey. For those who lead a busy life can opt for some quick 5 min sessions daily to make it a routine habit. The free version offers sufficient content to learn and practice yoga but you may need to upgrade to the premium version for gaining access to all the features.

Download: Yoga Workout by Sunsa

Yoga for weight loss – lose weight program at home

Why not add a physical workout routine to your life that is effective, requires no special equipment, and can be done from the comfort of your home? Yoga for weight loss is an app designed with 50+ intensive yoga-based exercises that work all of your muscle groups to get the blood flowing. From creating your own workout routines to getting professional audio and visual guidance, you get it all with this app.

Download: Yoga for weight loss – lose weight program at home

7pranayama Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Habit & Calm

Keeping those extra pounds off and trying to maintain a healthy weight can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t have the time to hit the gym every day. 7pranayama app comes with a 21-day package that includes a variety of muscle and mind focused asanas (yoga poses), along with a dincharya (schedule) for notifications, pranayama (breathing exercises) and yogasana (yoga postures) for you to learn and master.

Download: 7pranayama Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Habit & Calm

Yoga daily fitness – Yoga workout plan

An all-in-one solution for those who wish to incorporate yoga into their daily routine, yoga daily fitness app covers all the broad branches of yoga. A new user begins by learning about different yoga poses, such as Standing Back Bend, Half Moon Balance, Warrier Pose and dozens of others, and then bring them into practice with 30-day workout videos.

Download: Yoga daily fitness – Yoga workout plan

Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

There is no denying that yoga poses can help you relieve some of the most serious physical ailments. If you are suffering from muscle and vertebral issues such as lower back pain, this app will help you pull through it but also help you learn the 11 poses such as Cobra Pose, Supine Spinal Twist Pose, Wind Release Pose and others.

Download: Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga Challenge App (A Yoga game, yes!)

Yoga doesn’t always have to be a serious and sombre business, and the Yoga Challenge App is here to prove that. Designed for two players to play at a time, the app brings up poses that you can select based on your expertise, so you and your partner need to recreate the pose that you see in the picture on the app to successfully qualify.

Download: Yoga Challenge App

10 Best VPN apps for Android

Bonus apps

The app teaches you breathing techniques, which is a main part of the Yoga too BTW, with nice tunes and reminders option. A very good app, one that should be very appealing to Yoga lovers.

A habit tracker app that helps you set the target and achieve them, whether that be getting proper sleep, achieve weight goals, or — you guessed it — doing Yoga.

As the name implies, this one would get you lovely music to help you relax and meditate. Comes with a ton of useful options.

This is a great app to perform some warm-up exercises before you start Yoga.

You're reading 11 Best Yoga Android Apps You Must Have

5 Android Apps You Must Have For Your Outdoor Camping Trip

Vacationing is a great way to spend some downtime and recharge yourself. In my opinion, one of the cheapest and most fun ways to vacation is camping. Even though you may want to detach as much from your everyday world as you can, you will still bring your phone.

The number of apps geared toward the camping and outdoorsy crowd. Below is a varied list of different Android apps to help you plan, track activities and survive if something disastrous happens.

1. Camping Trip Planner

We don’t usually recommend paid Android apps here, but Camping Trip Planner is an exception. One of the hardest parts of any trip is planning it. Well worth the 99 cents. When you are just starting out or haven’t been camping in a while, you are bound to forget something important. Using the Camping Trip Planner, it gives you lists of things to consider and a check box to mark them complete. Lists like “Before leaving” have great tips such as turn off the water to your home and give handheld radio codes to friends or family in case you are lost.

2. Tiny Flashlight + LED

This a simple to use flashlight app with a few different options. Aside from the flashlight, there is a morse code signal. Type in what you want to say and the app converts it.

3. Sky Map

The stars seem so much brighter when you are out of the city. Using Sky Map, you will be able to tell what constellations you are seeing. Information about the night sky from years past is searchable in Time Travel mode. On the nights a planet is visible, you can enter in the planet or group of stars you’d like to see and Sky Map will point you in the right direction.

4. AllTrails – Hiking & Biking

Exploring nature is the whole reason for camping. Knowing where some great hiking trails are can really make or break a trip. All Trails offers locations and guides for trails near you. When you know a little more about the history and other possible activities, you can plan more of your day and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the possible fun.

5. Where’s My Droid

Outdoor activities can cause you to be a little more careless with your phone. You could drop it on a trail or a furry woodland creature could sneak up behind you and carry it off. Regardless of how you lose your Android, you need a way to find it. Where’s My Droid is one of the best options to help you find your phone. Sending your phone a text message can activate the ringer or send back a GPS location.

Final thoughts

Getting out and breathing in some of that fresh air is good for you as long as you come prepared. Other than your phone, you can leave your life behind for a few days and just enjoy being disconnected from your everyday world.

Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world’s greatest game… Soccer.

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10 Best Yoga Apps For Android To Strengthen That Core

Price: Free / $1.99 per month / $5.99 per year / $8.49

5 Minute Yoga is one of the simpler yoga apps. It focuses on short, five minute sessions of yoga. The app also features daily reminders, a timer, and slightly different exercises every day. Video tutorials would’ve been nice. However, the pictures and descriptions are perfectly fine in a pinch. Plus, it doesn’t require tons of your data to stream the video so there is a good thing about not having videos. It requires a subscription for all of the content. The subscription goes for $1.99 per month or $5.99 per year. Alternatively, a lifetime pass is available for $8.49 as a single payment. We liked that a lot.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Down Dog

Price: Free / $7.99 per month / $49.99 per year

Down Dog is a competent yoga experience. It boasts an above average experience for all levels of yoga. Additionally, it has customizable session lengths, various types of workouts, levels, and more. Some additional features include Google Fit support, beginner’s classes, offline support, and voice guidance as well as music during sessions. We liked almost everything about this app. However, it does get rather pricey with its subscriptions. A monthly subscription runs $7.99 per month with yearly subscriptions for $49.99.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Simply Yoga

Price: Free / $14.99

Simply Yoga is a, well, a simple yoga app. You can set it for 20, 40, and 60 minute workouts. The app also includes over 30 poses, three pre-defined workouts, audio instructions, video tutorials, and more. The free version contains some simple exercises while the premium version expands to more difficult routines. You also get over 60 poses, six pre-defined workouts, and some other extras if you go pro. The app is either free or $14.99. It seems expensive, but most competitors use a subscription service that adds up to much more.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Track Yoga


Price: Free / Course costs vary

Udemy was not our first guess when it came to yoga apps. However, there is actually quite a bit of yoga content here. Even a cursory search gave us dozens of results. There are courses for things like seven day yoga challenges, managing back pain, and even some hybrid yoga courses that mix yoga with more traditional exercise. The courses can get expensive. However, there is a lot of unique content here as well. Whether or not it’s right for depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to spend. If it helps, buying a course once gives you basically unlimited access to it forever.

Yoga Daily Fitness

Yoga Studio

Price: Free / $1.99 per month / $19.99 per year

Yoga Studio is a popular option for yoga apps. It features a large library of poses, over 70 yoga and meditation classes, HD video, and a lot more. The app supports sessions between ten and 60 minutes long. You can also customize them. Some other features include scheduling and tracking support, a pose search, pose blocks, Chromecast support, and more. This app was a single purchase. However, they recently transitioned to a subscription model. We’re not a fan of that. However, the subscription is cheaper than many competitors. That’s a small concession, but at least there is one.

Yoga Workout by Sunsa (by Fitness22)

Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $39.99 per year

Fitness22 has a good yoga app specifically for workouts. It is beginner friendly like most yoga apps on the list and it scales up in difficulty as you get more experienced. The workouts help users slim down, tone up, and feel better about themselves or so the app boasts. You get a decent selection of workouts, including little five minute quickies in case you want to exercise but don’t have a ton of time. Your first few exercises may be a bit rough as you need to watch and try to do the poses along with the instructors, but once you get it, it works pretty well.


Whatever yoga gear shops you like

Price: Free / Gear costs money

Eventually, yoga enthusiasts may need gear. There are plenty of options for this. Brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart, Target, etc should have the basics and they also have mobile apps. Some enthusiasts seem to like Lululemon quite a bit. Sporting goods stores often have yoga gear as well. Let’s not forget the heavy-hitting online retailers like Amazon as well. There are tons of places to get good yoga gear and most of them have mobile apps. Those apps are usually free.

Best Casino Apps: Top 11 Mobile Casino Apps In 2023 (Android & Ios)

The best casino apps are designed to make online gambling more convenient for players who are constantly on the go. 

We’ve put together a list of the top 11 casino apps for you to get started with, both for iOS and Android devices.

Our No. 1 real-money casino app is


because it offers one of the best poker experiences you can find online, combined with a well-rounded platform for mobile casino gaming. 

But based on your favorite games and mobile gambling style, other mobile casino sites might suit you better. So let’s take it slow with the full list of 11 top mobile casinos.

Best Casino Apps



– Best Casino App Overall


Regular poker tourneys with multi-million-dollar GTD

Up to $3,000 welcome package

Ignition Miles and free goods just for playing games

13 software developers

3 dozen live dealer games

Dedicated app for poker


No e-wallets among payment methods

Limited number of slot video slots

Ignition was launched in 2023 and operates under the Curacao eGaming License, which puts it under the same legal authority as many of the best casino apps in the world. This online casino stands out with an exceptional poker offering and a well-rounded selection of mobile games.

  Variety of Casino Games: 4.8/5  

Ignition is known as the Las Vegas of online poker.

From the Monthly Milly tourney to multi-million-dollar GTD exclusive events that regularly pop up, Ignition poker is exciting and beginner-friendly. It’s newbie-friendly and tournaments are completely anonymous.

Some folks have a problem with the selection of just

120 casino games available at Ignition

. While that is a relatively low count, this casino hosts over a dozen game studios, and the devs made sure to handpick only the best games.

Elsewhere on the platform, you can enjoy about 3 dozen live casino games. Ignition is one of the top live casino apps, with low-stake options as low as one dollar, or $10,000 blackjack tables if you’re in a high-roller mood.

  Bonuses and Promos: 4.9/5  

If you join Ignition as a new player, you are eligible for

a deposit bonus of up to $3,000

the first time you fund your account.

You receive a 150% match bonus of up to $1,500 for casino games. 25x wagering requirements apply, which is better than most competitors, and slot games contribute 100%.

The other half of the package is a 150% match boost, also up to $1,500, but only applying to poker games. The poker section of the welcome promo is unlocked in $1 increments through the Ignition Miles by playing games or joining tourneys.

These numbers apply to cryptocurrency players. You can still opt for fiat money, but the match rate falls down to 100%, bringing the max bonus money to $2,000.

Ignition Miles is the casino’s exclusive loyalty program that allows you to win free goodies like wagering money and free spins just for playing online games.

  Payment Methods and Payout Times: 4.5/5  

Ignition online casino supports crypto and fiat payments, but not e-wallets. Crypto players can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, while non-crypto players can use MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and vouchers.

You need to meet the minimum deposit requirement of $20. Crypto withdrawals have 0 fees attached and are processed within 24 hours.

  Mobile Casino Optimization and Customer Service: 5/5  

Whichever mobile device you use to access the online casino, the platform will operate flawlessly with no lag. You’ll have access to instant-play mobile games across the board.

Ignition has a dedicated poker app that you can check out at the Google Play Store for free.

If you need assistance, the Ignition support team is well-versed in all matters related to mobile casinos, Android apps, and more. You can reach out using live chat, email, or the Ignition Community Forum.

We’re thoroughly impressed by the dedicated on-site forum. Ignition is a wild casino and the community is top-notch.



– No.1 Casino App for Mobile Slots


7-figure progressive jackpot slots

Up to $7,500 welcome bonus package

14 software providers

Top-notch mobile casino compatibility

Supports cryptocurrency

Fast payouts under 1 hour


Limited live dealer games

No support for e-wallets was launched in 2013 and has since grown into a leading online casino boasting a generous welcome bonus package and 3 dozen progressive jackpot slots with dizzying payout sums.

  Variety of Casino Games: 4.8/5 hosts

about 250 games from 14 game studios

. As the name of this online casino suggests, slot games are the highlight – the 35 progressive jackpot titles, to be precise.

These games boast 7-figure payouts, with total jackpot prizes easily crossing 8 figures across the board. Don’t miss Reels & Wheels, the prize pot regularly exceeds half a million dollars.

Table and live dealer games are also available on the platform.

  Bonuses and Promos: 4.75/5  

Only a few online casinos can keep it up with chúng tôi bonuses. If you opt for crypto gambling, you’ll be able to

claim up to $7,500

through the site’s 9-tier welcome package.

The first deposit you make is matched at a 300% rate, going up to $1,500. The next 8 times you fund your account, you will be matched every time at a 150% match rate up to $750.

If you decide to use fiat, a similar 9-tier offering is still on the table if you are a new customer. It’s just that the match rate drops down to 200% for the first deposit and 100% for the next 8 times you fund your account. This brings the fiat welcome deposit bonuses at chúng tôi up to $5,000 max.

The wagering requirements are 35x across the board. For more goodies, keep track of the site’s Rewards Program.

  Payment Methods and Payout Times: 4.5/5  

You can use credit cards and cryptocurrency at chúng tôi Crypto stands out with 0 fees and super-swift payout handling that only takes up to a single hour. E-wallets are not an option.

Fiat banking methods include MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX, while the crypto options are:





Bitcoin Cash

  Mobile Casino Optimization and Customer Service: 4.8/5 is optimized for any mobile device; it worked like a charm on any platform we tested it on. In case you need help, you can reach out using the live chat feature 24/7. Email support is also an option. We believe the best online casinos keep things transparent, and this is certainly a step in the right direction.


Red Dog Casino

– Top Online Casino App for High RTP Games


Exclusive 240% welcome bonus

Great selection of high RTP slots

No transaction fees on any payment method

Free play feature on all games

24/7 reload bonus

A hot spot for RTG fans


High minimum withdrawal of $150

Limited banking options

Red Dog excels as one of the top providers of RealTime Gaming casino games, boasting a 240% match welcome package exceeding $12,000. It has been in business since 2011 and operates under the Curacao gambling license.

  Variety of Casino Games: 4.2/5  

You can check out about

150 high RTP games

in the Red Dog catalog. The RTP value of each game is published on a dedicated page and you’ll find more than half of its featured titles have above-industry RTP value.

The selection is fully available in the mobile casino version with free play for every single game.

Red Dog exclusively hosts RealTime Gaming titles, which is a major plus for fans of this big software studio, but a downside for players seeking more variety.

You can still find a second game studio on the platform, Visionary iGaming, but only among live dealer games. Live casino is available to registered users only.

Red Dog has recently added a blackjack department and we recommend giving it a look.

  Bonuses and Promos: 4.5/5  

Using our exclusive promo code “


,” you are eligible for a

240% welcome bonus exceeding $12,000.

Apart from the 5-tier $12k+ package, the bonus code “ADORABLE” will grant you 40 free spins on the Spring Wilds game.

The minimum deposit requirement is $10-$30 depending on the payment method you opt for. Bets are capped at $10 when using bonus money, and the online casino won’t pay more than 30x of the deposit amount.

The wagering requirements are within the industry standard range, sitting at 35x. 

Payment Methods and Payout Times: 4.3/5  

The 8 available banking options at Red Dog cover fiat and crypto. You can use the regular credit cards, but also opt for:







The range is somewhat limited but amazingly enough, the online casino charges 0 transaction fees whichever payout method you opt for.

  Mobile Casino Optimization and Customer Service: 4.5/5  

You may or may not like the cartoon-heavy vibe and the Red Dog Mascot (personally, we love the little guy), but the mobile performance of this casino is pretty solid. Red Dog is a lag-free casino with 100% instant-play titles on every mobile device.

We like that the Contact page is highlighted in the main menu and that you can reach out via phone apart from the usual live chat and email options.



Super Slots

– Best Blackjack Games Of Any Online Casino App


$6,000 fiat welcome bonus

400% crypto bonus

A dozen blackjack variations

17 cryptocurrency banking options

Top-tier five-reel BetSoft slot games


Limited mobile casino options

The crypto promo has higher rollover requirements

Super Slots makes the list as one of the leading destinations for blackjack fans. It also offers the best live dealer games from a pair of live casinos – Red and Black.

  Variety of Casino Games: 4.4/5  

As expected, slots dominate the Super Slots

selection of over 300 games

. But there’s more to this place than slots. Before we move on, we need to recommend Betsoft and Nucleus 5-reel casino games on the site.

That said, the blackjack section is top-level stuff, with a dozen variants onboard. Available options include 21 Burn Blackjack, Super 7 Blackjack, Blackjack 11, and more.

And then there’s the live casino – or two of them. There’s the Black casino and the Red casino,  both offering over 20 live dealer variants in total.

  Bonuses and Promos: 4.8/5  

The primary welcome offer at Super Slots is

a 6-tier promotion that goes up to $6,000

. For the first deposit, you can use the code


and claim a 250% match promo of up to $1,000. The following five deposits work with the promo code


which grants you a 100% match bonus of up to $1,000 each. 

The wagering requirements are 35x, and the maximum payout is $10,000. 

It also has the

best crypto slots bonus

you can get your hands on. Enter the code


and you will receive a 400% boost of up to $4,000. The crypto promo wagering requirements are 48x. 

Other bonuses on the site include the 10% weekly rebate, Sunday funday, Tuesday Top Up, Hump Day special, and more.

  Payment Methods and Payout Times: 4.8/5  

Super Slots is one of the

best bitcoin gambling sites

that includes 16 other cryptocurrencies and 8 traditional fiat methods.

We’re looking at BTC, BCH, ETH, but also Polygon, Shiba Inu, Stellar, and more. Crypto payouts are fee-free and near-instant. 

Non-crypto players can use regular credit cards, bank wire transfers, person2person, money orders, and checks.

  Mobile Casino Optimization and Customer Service: 4.5/5  

Super Slots is a mobile-friendly platform with instant-play games covering the majority – albeit not the entirety – of the catalog.

The games are neatly organized in various categories so you can find what you want without a hassle. Customer support is available 24/7 and we recommend reaching out through live chat.




– No. 1 Online Casino App for Crypto Players


Over 4,000 real-money games

5 BTC welcome bonus package

180 free spins

Provably fair games

Excellent mobile casino optimization

Payouts under 10 minutes


Live dealer games are geo-restricted

Slightly cluttered home page

Launched in 2014, Bitstarz is one of the

best crypto casinos

on the scene. It’s still going strong today, with over 4,000 games in its catalog.

  Variety of Casino Games: 4.8/5

The game selection at Bitstarz is impressive. There are

over 4,000 casino games

at your disposal. You have slots, jackpots, table games, and live dealer tables at your disposal.

Some of our favorites are Lightning Roulette, Aztec Magic Deluxe, Buffalo 50, and more.

The only downside is that the live dealer games are geo-restricted and unavailable to players from certain countries, including the US.

  Bonuses and Promos: 4.7/5

The welcome package at Bitstarz is one of the most generous in the industry. You can claim up to

5 BTC and 180 free spins

across your first four deposits.

Here’s how it works:

1st deposit – 100% match bonus up to 1 BTC + 180 free spins

2nd deposit – 50% match bonus up to 1 BTC

3rd deposit – 50% match bonus up to 2 BTC

4th deposit – 100% match bonus up to 1 BTC

The wagering requirements are set at 40x, and the maximum payout from the free spins is $200.

  Payment Methods and Payout Times: 4.5/5

In some regions, Bitstarz is exclusively a crypto casino.  You can deposit and withdraw using BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XRP. The minimum deposit is $20 or 0.002 BTC.

Crypto withdrawals are processed within 10 minutes, which is stunning. We’ve seen them handle payouts in as little as 5 minutes – wow!

Mobile Casino Optimization and Customer Service: 4.8/5

The mobile casino at Bitstarz is top-notch. The games load fast and run smoothly on all devices, from Android to iOS.

You can use the live chat for customer support, which is available 24/7. We contacted them with a few questions and they got back to us within minutes.


Best Casino Apps – Runners-Up:

How We Ranked the Best Online Casino Apps

Variety of Online Casino Games:

The first thing we looked for is the variety and quality of mobile casino games. We wanted to make sure that our readers could find a little bit of everything, from slots and table games to scratch cards and live dealer games.

We also made sure that the casinos on our list offer mobile-friendly games that run smoothly on most devices. Another important factor is the inclusion of as many software studios as possible for a guaranteed diverse game selection.

Mobile Casino Bonuses and Promos:

The best mobile casino sites on this list offer generous welcome bonuses, ongoing promos, and VIP programs to keep things interesting. We also made sure that these rewards are easy to redeem and have reasonable wagering requirements with longer validity periods.

Payment Methods and Payout Times:

Before playing casino games, you need to deposit real money into your casino account. So we checked that the casinos on our list offer a wide range of banking options, from credit/debit cards and e-wallets to crypto wallets and bank transfers.

We also looked at the average payout times to make sure you can get your winnings in a timely manner. And the lower the transaction fees, the better!

  Mobile Casino Optimization and Customer Service:

We tested the mobile casino apps to make sure they offer a great gambling experience on mobile devices. This includes fast and user-friendly navigation, responsive customer support, and bug-free gameplay on Android and iOS devices. Also, that software is easy to find on Google Play and App Store.

Of course, we also contacted customer support to see how quickly they respond to queries and how helpful they are.

All About Mobile Casino Apps

Are Mobile Casino Apps Safe?

Yes, as long as you choose a reputable casino app with a valid gambling license. Make sure to check the casino’s security measures, such as data encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) technology. Our list of best mobile casinos only includes licensed and encrypted mobile apps and gambling sites.

Can I Play Mobile Casino Games for Free?

Yes, most of the casinos on our list offer demo versions of their mobile casino games. This is a great way to try out new games or hone your skills with no risk before playing real money casino games and putting your own money on the line.

Do I Need To Create a Separate Account for the Mobile Casino App?

No, you can use your existing account to log in to the mobile casino. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one directly from the app.

Can I Make Deposits and Withdrawals From Mobile Casino Apps?

Yes, all real-money gambling apps on this rundown offer a wide range of banking options, from credit/debit cards and e-wallets to crypto wallets and bank transfers.

Can I Claim Mobile Casino Bonuses?

Yes, you can claim all of the same bonuses and promotions that are available on the desktop version of the casino straight from the real-money casino apps. This includes welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, VIP programs, and more. Some online casinos even offer mobile-specific bonuses.

What Is the Best Casino App To Win Real Money?

Our top-rated mobile casino overall is


, especially if you’re looking for poker games. But based on your preference, other online casinos might suit you better.

delivers a better welcome package than other online gambling apps, while


is one of the best crypto gambling sites.

Do I Need to Download a Mobile Casino App?

No, you don’t need to download any apps to

play casino games

and the

best online slots

. Most casinos offer instant-play games that run directly in your web browser, so all you need is an internet connection.

Comparing the Top 5 Best Online Casino Apps


: The best online casino app overall. An exceptionally well-rounded platform offering the best poker games and tournaments around. You can kickstart your online gambling journey with a welcome bonus of up to $3,000 for casino games and poker.

  chúng tôi

: For all you bonus hunters, chúng tôi offers a comprehensive game catalog combined with a top-notch 9-tier welcome package of up to $7,500 for cryptocurrency users.

  Red Dog

: This online casino charges zero transaction fees for all deposits and withdrawals, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the RTG-exclusive catalog. Don’t forget to use our exclusive bonus code “ADORABLE” for a 240% match deposit bonus plus 40 free spins on the Spring Wilds slot game.

  Super Slots

: Our top pick for blackjack fanatics and fans of table games in general. Live dealer games are also available, and so is a high-quality $6,000 welcome package for new players.


: The best crypto casino app, bar none. Dive into a massive selection of over 4,000 games and enjoy under-10-minute payouts. Also, don’t miss the 5 BTC welcome package with 180 free spins.

How to Join Casino Apps & Play Mobile Casino Games

Entering the world of real-money mobile gaming won’t take more than 3-4 minutes of your time. We’ll take you through the 3-step process using the Ignition casino app as an example.

1. Registration: Create an Account at Ignition Online Casino

In the registration form that just popped up, enter your full name, date of birth, ZIP code, a valid phone number (it will be used to confirm your account, so make sure you can access it), and a valid email. Also, create a strong password.

2. Account Verification: Check Your Mobile Device

The mobile casino app will send a verification code to the phone number you entered during registration.

Enter the phone number on the

online casino site

and verify your account.

3. Bonus Activation: Fund Your Account and Claim the First-Deposit Bonus

In the Ignition cashier section, set your payment method and adjust the sum you wish to deposit.

Fund your account and claim the welcome bonus.

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So, What Is the Best Mobile Casino App?

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Windows 11 Will Support Android Apps: Here’s What You Need To Know

Windows 11 Will Support Android Apps: Here’s What You Need To Know

To run Android apps on your Windows 11 PC or laptop, you won’t need an emulator like Bluestacks or the YourPhone App (That lets you run Android apps on Windows PC provided you have a Samsung Galaxy with the right specs to go with). Why? Because these Android apps will be able to run natively.

So, does that mean Microsoft has gotten into a partnership with Google to have Google Play Store on Windows? The answer is no!

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What’s This Upgrade All About?

Soon you might want to bid adieu to your Windows 10 and say high to Windows 11. One reason being that if you are a licensed Windows 10 user, the new upgrade will be free. And, if you want to dive deeper and want to check if your current version of Windows 10 is all set for the update, do check this post. And, if your Windows 10 is eligible, you are in for a treat!

Key Points

You will be able to enjoy Android apps on Windows 11

Intel’s Bridge Technology will make it possible

You could find apps in Start Menu or even pin them to the Taskbar

You could download Android apps from Amazon Play Store

How Will Android Apps Work On Windows 11?

The Android apps will run natively on Windows 11, thanks to Intel’s Bridge Technology which is a run time post compiler that allows non-native applications to run natively on x86 processors. Intel also confirmed that not only will Intel bridge support the x86 platform, it will also support AMD and ARM platforms as well. That means Android apps will work on Intel 10th and 11th generation processors as well as AMD processors.

Here’s how you will be able to get and run Android apps on Windows 11 – you will need to install the Amazon app store, a strong alternative to Google Play Store. You will be able to find the app store integrated into the new Microsoft Store. There is no denying the fact that despite being strong alternatives to Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and  Amazon’s Fire Tablet (That run on a modified Android) both have holes, yet, this merger will surely bring them benefits. And, Microsoft has already promised that it will make it easier for developers to get their apps in the Microsoft Store.

The Downside

Not every Android app or game in the Amazon Appstore will run on Windows 11 at least for a moment. So, how would a user quench the thirst for an app that’s not there on Amazon Play Store? Will it be possible to get third-party Android packages, which are more popularly known as APKs? And, if yes (and as many executives believe it to be), won’t that jeopardize your Windows computer and your Android’s safety.  There are many such questions on which clarity is still to be attained.

Wrapping Up:

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About the author

Sarang Bhargava

Best Windows 11 Customization Apps

The latest Windows 11 comes with a beautifully designed user interface and some customization options to make it more personalized. But these options aren’t enough to customize the user interface as we want to. For instance, we can’t make many changes to our Windows 11 PC’s taskbar. We also can’t set live wallpaper on our desktop and more.

The only way to accomplish these things is by using third-party applications. Thus, here in this article, we’ve discussed some of the best Windows 11 customization apps in detail that’ll allow you to make your PC’s UI more appealing and intriguing. So, move ahead and try the apps.

Best Windows 11 Customization Apps

So, here are the best customization apps for Windows 11 that you can try.

The first app on our list is ThisIsWin11, which lets you customize all integral components of your Windows 11 PC’s UI. For instance, you can customize the Taskbar, Action Center, Start Menu, File Explorer, Settings app, etc. It comes with five tools: Presenter, PumpedApp, Kickassbloat, Packages, and PowerUI.

Presenter and PumpedApp tools let you make changes to your system’s user interface.Whereas, Kickassbloat enables you to delete bloatware and pre-installed apps from your system. On the other hand, the Packages tool lets you manage current programs on your Windows system.

The most highlighting part of ThisIsWin11 is its PowerUI tool which lets you automate tasks using Windows PowerShell. You can use it to automatically update apps, clean Windows storage, reinstall built-in apps, and more.

Another app on our list is Start11, and we also talked about this app in our 60 best Windows 11 apps guide. It’s a customization app that lets you customize your system’s taskbar and Start Menu. You can use it to give your system’s Start Menu and taskbar a refreshing look.

For instance, you can add or remove sections in your system’s Start chúng tôi can also change the Start Menu’s background color, animations, background texture, and much more. What we liked the most about Start11 is that it comes with four pre-designed Start Menu styles: Windows 7 Style, Modern Style, Windows 11 Style, and Windows 10 Style.

Not only this, but you can also customize your Windows 11 PC’s taskbar. You can change its color, transparency, blur capacity, and more. It’s a great customization app that lets you play with your system’s Start Menu and taskbar UI.

3. RoundedTB

RoundedTB is one of the best Windows 11 customization apps that let you make your Windows 11 PC’s taskbar rounded from the corners and add margins to it to make it look floating.

You can also use RoundedTB to split the taskbar into different segments, which hardly any app lets you do. Last but not least, it’s also compatible with TranslucentTB, which we’re going to talk about next.

One of our favorite customization apps on this list is TranslucentTB. TranslucentTB is a lightweight Windows personalization app that lets you make your system’s taskbar translucent. Once you install TranslucentTB on your Windows 11 computer, it makes the taskbar transparent or translucent.

But TranslucentTB isn’t limited to this only. You can also change the color of the taskbar and keep it whatever you want. TranslucentTB also lets you set conditions for the taskbar’s color. You can set a different color for each condition. As soon as it meets the condition, the color will change in seconds.

No doubt, Windows 11 lets us set a custom picture as wallpaper. But it doesn’t let us set live wallpapers on our desktops. Thus, the next program on our best customization apps for Windows 11 list is Lively Wallpaper.

Lively Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app that comes with many pre-added live wallpapers. It lets us choose a live wallpaper from the given collection and set it as a live wallpaper on our desktop. One of the most interesting parts about Lively Wallpaper is that it lets you set a YouTube video as a live wallpaper.

You simply need to get the link to the YouTube video and paste it into the program. But it also plays the sound of the video along with the video, which can be irritating while working. To avoid this, you can download the YouTube video without the sound and upload it in the app to set it as wallpaper.

Besides this, it also lets you choose whether you want to set the wallpaper across all connected displays or just the selected display. This will be useful for people who use multiple screens with their Windows PC.

One thing that makes it different is its dual pane support. You can easily open and view two files at the same time in one tab. This can be helpful for people who work with documents a lot. Along with this, it also comes with tab support to open files and folders in different tabs, just like a web browser.

What we liked the most about the Shrestha Files app was its Bookmarks feature. You can use the Bookmark feature to mark a particular location and save it for later purposes for easy and quick access.

Notably, it also has an amazing feature called Progress Viewer which shows all the current progress and tasks in one place. Last but not least, it also comes with an integrated Zip tool to zip and unzip files, just like Windows 11’s integrated File Explorer.

The next app on our best Windows 11 customization apps list is BeWidgets. BeWidgets is a popular Windows personalization app that lets you create custom widgets to make your work easier. You can create different widgets for different purposes, such as checking the weather, time & date, and more.

To sum up, BeWidgets is a great Windows app for those who like to access the same thing multiple times while working.

Earlier in this guide, we already shared a live wallpaper app called Lively Wallpaper with you. The next app on the list is a WPA called WallpaperHub. It’s a wallpaper app that has a ton of wallpapers for Windows 11.

The best part is that each wallpaper has multiple variations to give you more room to customize your Windows 11 PC. You can download the wallpapers in the highest resolution.

If you’re an Android user or iPhone user, you must have noticed that your phone keeps showing a Quick Center menu at the edge to perform some actions quickly, such as opening an app or game, boosting the phone’s storage, etc. This is what Apps Wheel does on Windows 11.

After doing so, you can use Alt + tilde (`) shortcut to access App Wheel and open your favorite app or game. The widget also features a Search option to quickly search for the app or game you want to open.

Another thing we liked about Apps Wheel is that it automatically hides after executing the task, which doesn’t distract you while working or hinder your workflow. We found Apps Wheel super useful, and it can be useful for you too.

ElevenClock is a Windows 11 customization app that lets you personalize clocks in your system’s taskbar. Once you install ElevenClock, it lets you choose from two time formats: Internet and Local Time. If you choose the Internet, it’ll fetch the time from the internet and display it in the taskbar. Else, it’ll display time as Windows normally shows in the system’s taskbar.

Other than this, you can use ElevenClock to change the position and size of the clock. For instance, you can keep the clock on the left, middle, top, or bottom of the screen with ease. The best part about ElevenClock is that it also allows you to adjust the height and width of the system’s clock.

Also, it enables you to customize the appearance of the clock. You can even change the clock’s font, size, color, background, and more. Last but not least, it also allows you to switch the date and time format.

The last app on our best customization apps for Windows 11 is Auto Dark Mode. Auto Dark Mode automatically enables/disables the Dark Mode in your Windows PC at your specified time. In addition, it also automatically disables or enables the system’s Dark Mode as the sun sets and rises.

Moving ahead, Auto Dark Mode also lets you set conditions on the enabling and disabling of Dark Mode. For example, you can specify whether the Dark Mode should be turned on or off while playing games. You can also keep it disabled while charging your Windows 11 laptop.

It also notifies you before switching the theme so that you can quickly change the theme before enabling it. One thing we liked about it is that it lets you set different themes for different apps. For instance, you decide whether to use Office 365 in dark or light mode, regardless of your system’s current theme. Lastly, it also lets you create custom Windows themes.


How Do I Customize Windows 11 To Look Cool?

If you want to make your Windows 11 PC look cool, you can try some Windows 11 customization apps, such as Start11, Lively Wallpaper, ThisIsWin11, and more.

What Is the Best Way To Customize Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes with integrated customization options. But they don’t let you make significant changes to the user interface. Due to this, the best way to customize Windows 11 is by using third-party customization apps.

How Do I Make Windows 11 Look Like Mac?

To make your Windows 11 PC look like a Mac, you need to use customization apps like MyDockFinder, TaskbarXI, etc.

Does Rainmeter Work on Windows 11?

Yes, Rainmeter works on Windows 11 and even with its older editions, as it uses a few hardware resources.

Is Eleven Clock Safe?

ElevenClock is a Windows taskbar’s clock customization app, which is completely safe as it’s an open-source app.

Final Note

No doubt, Windows 11 has enough customization options to make our system’s appearance cooler. But sometimes, these options feel limited, as they don’t let us personalize the interface in detail. In that case, third-party Windows customization apps come in handy.

Thus, in this guide, we talked about the best Windows 11 customization apps that’ll let you personalize all possible elements of your Windows 11 PC’s UI, such as the taskbar, Start Menu, and more, as per your preferences.

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