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Communicating Ideas

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“Communication is considered to be the real work of leadership” – Nitin Nohria

The following are the top ten highly effective methods of communicating ideas in a business environment. When used consistently, they will undoubtedly help achieve better communication outcomes.

1. Be an active listener

Have you felt like talking to a wall while communicating with someone at work? It is an annoying experience to not be heard, but we should avoid doing likewise with others. Keeping the communication interactive will strengthen your relationship with the person and leave a good impression on him. During the conversation, give immediate feedback by nodding or making verbal affirmations like “yes,” and be open to their feedback.

2. Avoid disruptions and negative questions

If you ask your colleague, “You don’t have the file or report?” and he responds, “Yes,” it would be confusing communication, as it can either mean that the person has the report or does not have it. Thus, one must avoid asking negative questions, as they will elicit unclear replies. Rather ask positively worded questions like, “Do you have the report I asked for?”

While communicating ideas to your customers, avoid frequent interruptions, as they can upset them. Interrupt only when you need or want to make an important clarification.

3. Avoid being excessively casual

Strictly avoid being excessively casual. Informal behavior with colleagues or subordinates may help you develop a good rapport, which may help get the job done, but drawing the lines is highly important.

4. Never rush in communicating ideas 5. Get personal

Corporate communications can be tedious when they adhere to the same standards, so why not initiate organizational conversations? Prefer dialogues over monologues. The more personal and engaging the conversation is, the more effective it will be. The axiom states, “people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” According to the Classic Business Theory, leaders must stay at arm’s length. In order to know what is going on in the minds of people, you need to develop meaningful relationships with them. Keep your ego aside and replace it with empathy. Empathetic communicators show higher transparency and authenticity, making them better communicators than others.

You can also add a personal touch to the conversation by discussing something unrelated to work but relevant to their lives. It will diminish the barriers, for example, discussing the weekend soccer match. However, there should also be limits to it, and the aim should be building trust for long-term and effective communication.

6. Follow-up after communication

Often, we think that we have successfully undertaken meaningful communication, but in reality, it may not be the case. In order to ensure accuracy, we must habitually take follow-ups, especially if the message is important. It will help avoid misunderstandings and improve communication between sender and receiver. Avoid having assumptions that the message has been understood and always confirm by following up.

7. Be determined to understand 8. Be sensitive and acknowledge technological gaps

A better way of explaining a technical concept is to use analogies. Although analogies have certain limitations, they are useful for describing any unfamiliar concept, for example, comparing the idea of a firewall to a bank teller in a bank. When visiting a bank, we do not go directly to the vault. Rather, we go to the teller window and verify our details. Once our identity is established, the teller brings the money from the vault and hands it to us on the window.

9. Avoid using phrases/words prone to misunderstanding

Misinterpretations are a common problem in communication. We may say something without ill intention, but we get misjudged by the other person. We may mispronounce something, and it may distort what we have conveyed. For instance, in the Chinese language, the typical sound of “ma” with a higher tone means “mother-in-law,” while a falling and rising tone signifies a “horse.” Avoid overusing the word “you” as it creates a feeling of threat or makes the listener feel defensive. For example, instead of saying, “you need to speak louder,” it is better to say, “I am having trouble hearing.”

10. Take feedback after communicating ideas

Finally, one last method for effective communication is to ask the people for their feedback. Spend extra time speaking with those with whom you frequently communicate. It will assist you in determining how and what aspects of your communication style can be improved. Feedback, although not always easy to ask for, is simply a suggestion that helps develop a better understanding of others.

In a nutshell, think before you speak and follow the dos and don’ts of communicating ideas to be an effective communicator amongst people. There is no one key to becoming an effective communicator. Still, by adopting the above tips, one can improve and enhance his/her communication style. You can learn effective communication styles more fruitfully by observing how others communicate. Most organizations encourage employees to share their thoughts and inputs to improve internal communication within teams, ultimately benefiting the organization.

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The Art Of Effectively Communicating With Students (And Staff!)

The simplest and quickest strategy for improving student behavior (and staff performance) is through effective communication. Communication is relatively complex and can be used to prevent behavior, start behavior, stop behavior, increase behavior(s) (performance), and decrease behavior. Even your proximity to somebody, the smallest facial expression, slightest change in tone of voice, or tiniest of gestural movements can communicate a large array of things.

One of the keys to effectively influencing behavior through communication is to remember it’s not just “whatcha say”, it’s “howya say it” (and when!). Has anybody ever tried to get you to do something by using a condescending or agitated voice? How did it make you feel? Did you do what they wanted you to do? Did it strengthen your relationship with the person, or make you want to avoid them? If it was your supervisor, were you more likely to work harder for them, or just get the work done when they were looking in order to avoid being reprimanded?

The Relationship Bank

Think about every interaction you have with a person (students and staff) as being a deposit or withdrawal into a “relationship bank”. Try to make deposits in the bank with as many meaningful interactions as you can while correcting behavior in a way that only takes a small withdrawal. The goal here should be 4+ positive interactions to every one corrective chúng tôi the corrective interaction being presented in a way that respects the person’s dignity and helps them to perform better. If your interaction is coercive, it’s akin to taking a major withdrawal from the relationship bank. If you do not have enough positive invested, you will likely incur overdraft fees. In fact, you may go bankrupt! Incidentally, overdraft fees will likely result in more of the very behavior that you are trying to eliminate. Below I’ll briefly discuss strategies that are generalizable to interactions with both students and adults.

Good communication skills can help you in both your personal and professional life. While verbal and written communication skills are important, researchers continue to find that nonverbal behaviors make up a large percentage of our daily interpersonal communication. How can you improve your nonverbal communication skills? The following are some tips for nonverbal communication that will enhance your own ability to communicate effectively with your students and colleagues.

Keep it Short and Sweet

I may be overgeneralizing my own thoughts to the others, but when folks talk too long, I begin to quickly lose interest! In fact, it won’t be long before I begin looking for the quickest escape route. And if I sense that the person communicating to me is attempting in any way to be coercive or condescending, I’m probably not hearing a word they are saying as I’m surely crafting my rebuttal…which will definitely be short, but likely not sweet!

It’s been my experience that brief, meaningful interactions tend to be more effective when attempting to influence behavior, especially when the goal of the conversation is correction.

Body language is also incredibly important. It is very much like a transmitter that is constantly pumping out signals. You must be aware of these signals and understand their impact on the people around you. When my son was young he once asked “Daddy, why do you look angry?” At that moment, I looked into the nearest mirror and realized he was right. I did look angry! The problem is that I wasn’t. I was just in deep thought. I’ll never know how many times people might have thought I was mad when, in actuality, I was just thinking. Behaviors like crossing your arms and knitting your brows are commonly perceived as coercive and can quickly put students or staff on the defensive.

When it comes to correcting behavior, try relaxing your body language and addressing misbehaviors in a business-like manner. Some students (and adults, imagine that!) may actually want to get you upset. I’ve seen this occur when some couples argue, and it is very common with students labeled “defiant.” When they recognize even the tiniest behavioral cues that indicate you are getting upset, you can be sure that they will quickly “push those buttons” to evoke your reaction in the same way they push buttons on their game controllers. I love those little chúng tôi smart. Each time your body language (even the slightest change) communicates that you are on the way to Incredible Hulk mode, they are actually being rewarded for their misbehavior. Neutral and consistent is usually a good idea here. Like the teacher from Ferris Bueller’s Day off: “Bueller… Bueller…”

Incidentally, one of the most powerful interventions for preventing this is by focusing on developing meaningful relationships with your students. Relationships eliminate the reinforcement available for making you upset. In fact, when you have a good relationship, your mild disappointment has great potential to have a major impact on the student’s behavior.

Stay tuned for my next post on the superpower of eye contact and gestures for influencing behavior.

10 Creative Ios 14 Home Screen Design Ideas

Going by the looks, the euphoria surrounding iOS 14 customization has taken over the internet. While developers seem to be in a tight race to launch cool home screen widgets, creative iOS users have sort of put on a show, showcasing their beautifully crafted home screen with custom app icons and eye-catching themes. Whether you are a little late to the party or wish to amp up your customization game, these are the 10 creative iOS 14 home screen design ideas using widgets and app icons lined up for you.

Creative iOS 14 Home Screen Design Ideas with Widgets

When it comes to customization, a variety of tools along with the freedom to set your own rules plays a vital role. So, what sort of tools do we need to craft eye-catching iOS 14 home screen themes?

Well, we need a solid collection of wallpapers, backgrounds, and widgets. Besides, we also need app icon changers for a more personalized experience. To make your task of creating themes a tad easier, I have mentioned all the ingredients that I have used to make a specific theme.

Also, note that instead of downloading icon packs from different sources, we have selected an icon pack that lets you customize the app icons with different colors and themes. So, they will work with almost all the themes that we have mentioned. However, if you want different set of icons, we have also mentioned a list of icons packs and websites that you can use to download different sets of icons.

1. Dark Theme

To create a dark theme, I have used the Black Lite wallpaper app, App Icon Changer, and Weather Widget, WidgetBox, and Health Widget. Give it a shot and I bet you would love every bit of it.

Wallpaper: Black Lite (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Weather Widget (free), WidgetBox (free), and Health Widget (free)

2. Vibrant Theme

Times when you want your iPhone home screen to look attractive, vibrant themes come into play. So, make sure to save them for the times where you want the home screen to catch eyeballs with ease.

To create this vibrant theme, I have used Wallpaper HD & 4K Backgrounds, Widgets Go, App Icon Changer, and Color Themes & Widgets Custom. Once you have got a vibrant looking wallpaper, creating a theme that can look eye-catching isn’t a big deal, so long as you are able to craft befiting icons and widgets.

Wallpaper: Wallpapers HD & 4k Backgrounds (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Themes & Widgets (free) and Widgets Go (free)

3. Funky Theme

The funky theme never goes out of fashion. And if you are willing to raise the style quotient of your home screen, you shouldn’t fail to try it out. To decorate my home screen with the funky theme, I have used 99 Wallpaper.s of Love, Stack Widget, icon changer, and Health Widget. Oh yes, I have also brought the cool Watch Out widget into the mix.

Wallpaper: 99 Wallpaper.s of Love (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Stack Widget (built-in), WatchOut (free) and Health Widget (free)

4. Nature Theme

For more than one reason, nature theme is considered to be evergreen. One of the reasons why I make sure to pick it in my collection of special themes is that it never fails to impress.

To make this nature theme for my iOS 14 home screen, I have used the Natural Wonders wallpaper app, Clock Gallery, stock photo widget, and icons8 that boasts a huge library of icon packs. As for the tip to create an appreciable nature theme, I would recommend you to keep simplicity at the top, while ensuring noise stays away.

Wallpaper: Natural Wonders (free)

Icons: Icons8 (website)

Widgets: Clock Gallery (free) and stock photo widget

5. Abstract Theme

When you want to have complete peace of mind or wish to make the home screen appear pretty calm, an abstract theme can seamlessly fit into the scene. And that too without exhausting your design ideas.

So, if you wish to try an abstract theme, take a peek at the one that I have created using Abstract Wallpapers & Background app, App Icon Changer, Clock Face, as well as Usage: Activity & Data Widget. Be sure not to overkill as it may take away the central aspect of the theme.

Wallpaper: Abstract Wallpapers (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Clock Gallery (free) and Usage: Activity & Data Widget (free)

6. Love Theme

A love theme doesn’t need to give ample reason why it deserves a safe spot in your kitty of special themes, does it? Well, if you want your home screen to appear lovable, you would be glad to know that creating love themes for iOS 14 home screen isn’t a big ask. To get going, all you have to do is get a nice-looking wallpaper and then adorn it with hearts/flowersand of course lovely messages right on top.

Wallpaper: Love Quotes” Daily Sayings (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Color Widgets (free) and Photo Widgets (free)

7. Superhero Theme

Well, I have specifically crafted this one for the folks who never seem to get enough of superheroes. If that’s you, the superhero theme is for you. Thanks to the presence of superhero wallpaper HD and the handy icon changer, creating a theme that can showcase superheroes in their top-flight is quite straightforward. Just make sure that your icons and widgets are able to complement your superheroes.

Wallpaper: Superhero Wallpaper HD (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Clock Gallery (free) and stock photo widget

8. Winter Theme

I am a huge fan of the winter theme. What appeals to me the most in it is the cool feeling that it tends to offer. The beautiful scenery coupled with the ageless ice makes the entire sight appear fascinating.

If you wish to adorn the home screen with a theme with a touch of winter, I would like to tell you that making a winter theme had never been so simple before. Keep in mind, winter themes demand matching icons to look at their very best. Therefore, make sure to keep the noise at bay without sacrificing the appearance of the scenery.

Wallpaper: Winter Wallpapers (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Battery Widget & Usage Monitor (free)

9. Offbeat Theme

As to how you can create an unusual looking iOS 14 home screen, pick out a suitable background, and then design it with unconventional stuff. It’s one of the smartest ways to steal attention.

Wallpaper: WOW Pixel (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: WidgetCollage (free), Widgets Go! (free), Launcher With Multiple Widgets (free)

10. Christmas Theme

When Christmas approaches, I like to decorate everything – from my phone to home screen – in line with the festival. It kind of makes the countdown more exciting. If you also belong to the same school of thought, the Christmas theme would be a great pick.

Crafting a theme that can amp up your Xmas euphoria is much easier than you think. So, if you are willing to get into the Xmas swing a bit early, either pick this ever-ready theme or craft a new one based on your own taste.

Wallpaper: Christmas Wallpaper HD (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Photo Album (free)

Bonus: Halloween Theme

As Halloween is just around the corner, I thought creating a Halloween theme would be great. So, whether you are already into the Halloween mood or preparing to give your home screen matching quotient, you would be pleased to have it at your disposal.

As for designing a Halloween theme, I have used a Halloween wallpaper and then decorated it with matching app icons and widgets.

Wallpaper: Monster Mash Mania Halloween (free)

Icons: App Icon Changer (free)

Widgets: Photo Album (free)

List of App Icon Packs for iOS 14

While we have used App Icon Changer for most of our themes as it reduces the work for users and prevents them from installing dozens of apps, getting specific icon packs for specific themes is recommended if you want to create a truly custom home screen. So here are some of our favorite icon packs that you can download.

Monochrome Icon Pack by Traf ($28)


App Icons – beige/black edition ($5.78)

Pokemon Themed iOS 14 App Icon Pack ($6.34)

Disney Icon Pack (Free)

Gray Neutral Aesthetic iPhone ($7.08)

Among Them – Among Us Style Icon Pack (£10)

Choose the Top Creative iOS 14 Home Screen Design Ideas Widgets

But before you get deep into the customization, don’t forget to share your top picks. Besides, also let us know the name of the designs that deserve to find a permanent spot in this collection. 

Low Cost Retail Marketing Ideas

Introduction to Retail Marketing

Sometimes, just by throwing up a fresh and innovative marketing program, a company can discover new ways of delivering value to its customers. So, keeping this point in mind, we will give our readers 15 main fresh, low-cost retail marketing ideas that are easy to implement and can be implemented using minimum communication skills and within budget. This may also involve offering a slight discount at some point in time, but we can guarantee that by learning and following these tactics, you would greatly benefit as a company.

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Problems that may arise whilst its implementation

So, here are they:-

1. Create a card that asks the customers to give online reviews

As a real-world example, an inquiring customer was helped by his consultant to get established on Google Places, TripAdvisor, and other related directories. Now, that client plans to introduce variations of this card to its customers. Such an easy and profitable idea!

2. Create a combo of products that offer discounts instead of buying them separately

One way of increasing the average transaction amount is to increase the overall revenue. Thus, you should offer your products in packs or combos, which would be liked by the customers and would start to be content with your brand. Hence, satisfied customers mean returning customers, and your business will flourish.

For example, McDonald’s had to introduce the Happy Meal, which worked wonders for them. Similarly, other retail and fast-food joints launched the idea of offering combos of coffee, pastry, sandwich, chips, and a beverage. Those in the women’s boutique business ensemble hats with handbags saw their fortunes slide upward. So the moral of the story is to be creative!

3. Create a photo contest for customers

This is a very efficient tactic to help showcase their talent and your products to the customers. Many of your loyal customers would take pictures of your products, which would be shared and reused on your website, stores, and marketing materials. After all, it isn’t said for nothing “a picture tells a thousand words.”

For example, a chain in San Francisco by the name of Pizza Orgasmic has a gallery of its customers on its website wearing the brand’s t-shirts and also hangs framed photos of some of its top customers. Another chain, George’s Music in Pennsylvania, runs a photo contest via its Facebook page and asks its fans to post their pictures with their instrument onto the wall.

4. Announce your own Group on-like offer on your Facebook page

Your Facebook fans would most likely observe the offer and will bring in non-Facebook users in a group to your store. This process of introducing new customers via existing customers is a win-win situation for everybody. For example, Tropic, a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco, offers free drinks to a customer who brings in 5 new ones. Thus, in my view, if you run a restaurant chain or a pub, you must consider implementing an offer just like that or introducing a Happy Hour scheme to get in more customers in the unoccupied hours.

5. Tweet or e-mail a special word that customers can share to cash a discount or a free gift

This is a new scheme introduced by many retail marketers, especially through social media platforms. In this, the marketer shares a specific word or phrase that a customer can see on the company’s official Twitter or Facebook page. They can then memorize or note down the word and share it at the cash counter of the company’s retail store to avail of special discounts or, in some cases, a free gift for themselves.

A conscious marketer always knows how difficult it is to draw in more and more customers and fulfill their wishes. Yes, this activity involves a lot of time and effort, and one has to overcome many challenges to be a successful marketer.

Low-Cost Retail Marketing Tips

So, we will present a few tips for the benefit of low-cost retail marketing to help our aspiring young marketers and the more experienced ones as well. Some of them are as as follows:

1. Keep track of all marketing activities

You may not have ever calculated the ROI (Return on Investment) on your most recent previous marketing activities. But this is not a good habit. You may not even know whether the last marketing campaign was a success. Were your goals measurable and specific? However, it’s very important to set specific and achievable goals and then develop a mechanism to track those objectives for each marketing effort launched, whether online or off. You must also be very clear about what exactly you are trying to achieve with your marketing efforts. Is the goal to get more visits to your site, generate more revenue by sales, or get more and more post-sales customer reviews?

Whatever your goal is, make sure to track all progress made to get a valuable understanding of how to go about in the next marketing campaign. An effective retail marketing strategy is to learn from your previous mistakes and try not to repeat them. You can also get some help with this, especially with the help of retail training software.

2. Free marketing openings

A good marketing strategy is to use the upcoming trends in social media in your business and get customers involved. Place your company’s posters and flyers on your community bulletin boards and busy places on the road. You can contact other local retail marketing companies to share your company’s marketing material and broaches so that to have them placed on their spaces at various spots. For example, you can collaborate with a partner organization similar to yours in size and domain, and you could be sold for each other! For example, your retail store dealing in grocery can partner with a fast food joint to offer a special package, a gift from your store, or a dinner for family or movie tickets for free. Such marketing innovations may cost you little in terms of printing and distribution; however, the overall benefits are large and encouraging for your business.

3. Repetition 4. Follow-up 5. Be a resource for your customers 6. Workers’ training

Workers’ training does not only consists of how to open and close, work the register or keep the items stocked. It should include another significant aspect – selling. It has been witnessed that when a company trains its employees, the art of selling its overall chances of success greatly increase. Customers automatically become more content and loyal when your employees are skilled, efficient, and knowledgeable.

7. Test

Just like a mechanic tests for the fault before he can proceed with the actual repair process, you, as a marketer, must also test your marketing campaigns’ degree of success. You must also test your marketing materials in conjunction with one another to ascertain which is doing better. Test a segment of your mailing list for the appropriate version and send that version to the entire list after getting the result. Such a testing procedure is also very valuable for email marketing, direct mail, and landing pages.

8. Targeted Approach 9. Construct customer relationships

Getting personal can sometimes help. Yes, it’s surely true in the world of marketing. It is an effective way to tell your customers that “you care.” Marketing doesn’t always mean selling. This is proven by your effort, which helps build long-term relationships. Believe me; your customers appreciate it when you wish them on their birthdays and anniversaries or remember other important life events.

10. Public Relations

Although they are different terms, marketing and public relations have a common objective; to make the customers aware of the company’s products, services, and offerings. Whenever you have made a new product, hired someone, conducted an event, or made a charitable contribution, first make a press release and send it to local newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and websites. Optimum coverage isn’t always guaranteed, but your business would definitely earn the public eye when prospects and customers see your press release through the media.

Retail Marketing Conclusion Recommended Articles

Here are some articles that will help you to get more detail about Retail Marketing Ideas & Tips, so go through the links.

5 Simple Steps To Manage Stakeholder Effectively (Types)

Stakeholder Management

Who are the stakeholders? What and who does this term stakeholder refer to? Are they simply the internal members of the company? Are they supporters of the company? Yes, we understand each question on your mind regarding stakeholder management, and we are going to help you get an answer to these questions. Many people believe that stakeholders are only the company’s investors or profit makers; however, this is not the care in terms of stakeholders. Let us know and understand the meaning of stakeholder and stakeholder management, and then finally, see how you can effectively manage stakeholders. To get an answer to your questions, refer to the notes below, as they will guide you through.

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Who is a Stakeholder, or What is a stakeholder?

Let’s see the types of stakeholders and how the company benefits them


The company helps a location grow; this, in turn, helps the government pay taxes to the government, pays VAT, follows legislation, creates employment opportunities, reports truthfully to the state government, etc.


The company employees earn their bread and butter from the company. The company rates their wages or salaries, gives them job security, and compensates them for their jobs and loyalties, giving the employees respect and a fair communication opportunity.


The company’s customers earn value for their money when they buy the organization’s goods and services; they spend for the quality of the products they want; the company also gives them good service and ethical products. So yes, even customers are part of the stakeholders of the company.


Suppliers are people or smaller companies who provide raw materials to the company. The result of these raw materials is the finished goods that they supply to the customers. The company provides business opportunities to these suppliers, which creates employment for the suppliers and their people.


The company benefits creditors with their credit scores, new contracts, and liquidity.


For a community, a company or an organization provides job opportunities, involvement, protection of the environment, sharing of the company listed or not listed, and truthful communication.

Trade Unions

The concern of a trade union is providing a qualitative work atmosphere, protection for workers, and job opportunities for people.


The company owners are concerned with the profit-making ratios of the company, the longevity of the company, its market share and position, its succession planning, capital raising, its social goals, and the company’s growth.


The investors put in their money; hence they will only be concerned with the returns they receive on their investments and how much they earn through their investments.

Types of stakeholders

Now the above list is divided into two types of stakeholders

Primary stakeholders or internal stakeholders

The secondary stakeholders or the external stakeholders

These stakeholders are people who do not directly engage in the economic transaction of the organization; however, they are either affected by the actions of the company, or they can affect the actions of the company, for example, the community, the general public, the media, activist groups, communist and also business support groups.

What is Stakeholder Management?

Stakeholders are critical and sensitive to an organization as they directly impact its operations. No company can exist without the support of stakeholders. Developing and controlling relationships with stakeholders is a crucial part of project management, as they play a vital role in the organization’s success. Studies show that businesses often fail due to a lack of involvement from key stakeholders. Improving relationships with stakeholders can enhance their involvement, leading to better business and project outcomes. Stakeholder support and contribution include executive support, sponsorship, emotional maturity, and effective utilization of the organization’s ecosystem, such as infrastructure, procurement, facilities, and legal support.

Why Manage Stakeholders?

Efficient stakeholder management is crucial as stakeholders have different roles, allegiances, powers, interests, and importance throughout the company’s life cycle. Managing stakeholders effectively is important as they can block or support your business. Stakeholders’ interest varies, and it’s essential to prioritize and manage them based on their significance to the business. For example, you are into a project in which your boss will be extremely interested. So will your family; however, an outsider not directly related to you will not be as interested. Similarly, in a business, the owner and the employees will be very interested; however, the community and the media will not.

Effective Stakeholder Management Steps

With the help of 5 simple steps, we can help you manage stakeholders effectively.

Identify and Acknowledge your Stakeholders

The very 1st part of managing your stakeholders is to know them. You need first to know the stakeholders and their concerns, for example, people who can affect your business, like people from all around the organization, and people who can be affected by your business, like the community, the suppliers, etc., as an organization, you will have a huge list of stakeholder hence you have to prioritize every interested stakeholder; however efficiently. Priorities are given below.

Stakeholders with high power and high interested

You need to make sure that you keep this lot of people happy, they must be completely engaged, and you must put in all your efforts to keep them satisfied or content.

Stakeholders with high power and less interest

You need to keep even this lot happy and content, and hence you need to put in a good amount of effort in this lot of people; however, make sure that you limit your efforts somewhere, or else they will be bored or irritated by your messages.

Stakeholders with low power and high interest

To keep these people happy is also important. Keep this lot well informed and keep talking to them to make sure that no issues are cropping up. Besides, this lot can be very useful as they offer helpful details for your business.

Stakeholders with low power and less interest

The Purpose of Management needs to be Defined

Obviously, before you execute a job, you need to know its purpose. A key purpose will help you engage stakeholders effectively as it gives meaning to your management. The purpose you want to achieve with your stakeholder engagement will vary with the sector or the industry and, of course, with your organization. However, the common purposes for a public sector organization will include the following.

Development of policies

Planning of shared services

Planning travel

Initiative toward the environment

Development and encouragement of curriculum

Arranging campaigns for healthcare

Risk protection

The purpose of a retail sector organization will include

Development of the product

Refining the line of product

Issuing special offers

Working on pricing strategy

Planning new retail outlets

Working on the improvement of service levels

Working on the store interiors and its interiors

These purposes can help you use the list of these stakeholders and manage their involvement in the venture in the best possible way. Making them work together, showing how considerate they are, and keeping them informed or satisfied depends on how interested, active, and influential the stakeholders are.

Choose the Right Tool to Communicate with them

Now that you know your stakeholders and how interested they are, and your purpose for their involvement, you must also know how to communicate with them. You need the right tool here. In this digital era, you must choose the right digital tool to communicate with your stakeholders. To engage with each stakeholder group, we recommend you create a map. Create a map with 4 blocks of stakeholders according to their priorities. And on the map, jot down the types of engagement and communication you would want to use to inform or engage the stakeholder. Remember, for every lot, according to their priorities, you will choose the right way to communicate with them. Also, the level of engagement will be different for each group.  

Create a Plan of Action and also Activate the Plan

Once the stakeholder analyses are done, you need to focus on the key personnel associated with them; besides knowing the key people, you also need to know their level of interest and importance. This is the best way to interact effectively with the stakeholders, especially in planning proactive communication. In your action plan, you will also identify the obstacles you might face while executing business and communication plans. Your next step will be to serve and eliminate or minimize the cropping up of these obstacles. Identifying problems is not easy; you need to practice it to identify and remove them. These problems can be: 

Missing knowledge and information

Planning and decision-making with less engagement

Not informed to participate

Not available due to other responsibilities

Unavailable due to location and duration

Does not agree with the changes and the proposition

Inefficient skills

Conflicts with the other stakeholders

External provider with no formal agreement in place

Potential doubts of the stakeholder

Based on the stakeholder’s position on the map, you can communicate with them. Now that you know the obstacles you can face, you need to get the right information and solution. You can now activate your plan by

Communicating with them about their matter of interest

Gaining information relevant to the project

Managing the expectations of the stakeholders again according to their priorities.

Involving them in the all-important decision.

Managing the Plan and Monitoring it

Once you set any plan managing it and monitoring it is extremely important. You can assess each stakeholder’s position, check their requirements, and determine if the process needs any action. Check their determination and commitments and if you require adding a management plan. Check on how well the stakeholders are managed. Focus on front and performance management to understand what amendments and adjustments need. Take feedback from stakeholders; it will help you understand the situation and the additions and subtractions you must make. Once all the processes are in place and all the stakeholders have been allotted their jobs and duties, you must continue to monitor the processes, if important, and apply the management process all over again.

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20 Great Gift Ideas Under $20

Looking for a white elephant gift, stocking stuffer or just trying to keep costs down? We have you covered. It can be tough sometimes to find a good gift under $20, but we feel we’ve found 20 of them that anyone would be happy to receive.

100 Things To Do Bucket List Scratch Poster

Buy for $15

Anker Nano 20W iPhone Charger

The perfect gift for anyone who just purchased a new iPhone, or a wireless charging pad, or basically anyone who plans to purchase a future smartphone or electronic. The Nano is small, powerful and works with most USB-C devices.

Buy for $17

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

Everyone should have a coffee press, even if they never use it. This one from Bodum looks sharp and according to reviews, makes coffee that tastes as good as presses 10x its price. Plus it also makes tea.

Buy for $18

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Coffee Grounds

Even if you don’t get them the above press, consider getting them some Death Wish coffee. Billed as ‘the world’s strongest coffee,’ it makes for a fun gift, even it ends up just sitting on the self forever.

Buy for $20

Wyze Cam 1080p Smart Security Camera

I honestly can’t believe this thing is $20. It streams in full HD, has 2-way audio and night vision, stores clips in the cloud for free, and it works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Buy for $20

Stanley Classic Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Thermos

Yeti who? This Stanley thermos is capable of keeping your beverage or soup of choice, hot or cold for up to 24 hours. I also like that it’s super durable, leak proof, and the lid doubles as an 8-ounce cup.

Buy for $20

POWERUP 2.0 Electric Motor for Paper Planes

Attach this DIY electric motor to your paper airplane and watch it fly. This is one of those gifts where you probably shouldn’t count on it working 100% on the first try, but hey if it does—fun!

Buy for $20

Victorinox Swiss Army Recruit Pocket Knife

The thing about pocket knives as gifts is the receiver is either going to toss it in a drawer, never to be seen again, or they’re going to carry it every day and eventually pass it down to the next generation. I like those range of outcomes.

Buy for $17

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote

This is another one of those things that I can’t believe is under $20. Adds support for virtually every streaming service to any TV, including Apple TV+ and free services like Pluto TV and Tubi.

Buy for $18

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Can filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine or other chemicals and doesn’t require batteries. It’s 2023 ya’ll, everyone needs to be prepared for everything.

Buy for $13

OXO Steel Single Wall Cocktail Shaker

Oh man, I really like this as a gift idea. OXO is known for its high-quality bar and kitchen utensils, and this leakproof shaker opens up a world of drink-making possibilities. And if nothing else, it makes a great display piece.

Buy for $20

Godlinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses

These are the types of glasses you break out when an old friend visits, or a major life event occurs, or just when you want to feel like Don Draper from Mad Men. These are real crystal people, and make an incredible gift.

Buy for $19

Kasa Smart Multicolored LED Wi-Fi Light Bulb

Pop this thing in your favorite lamp or light fixture, and all of a sudden you can control the mood of the entire room with a single tap or voice command. Works with Alexa and Google Home, and there’s no need for a separate hub.

Buy for $17

GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight

I’m of the belief that you can never have enough flashlights. And this one is a good one: it’s super bright at 1200 lumens, has multiple modes including zoom, and it’s weather-resistant.

Buy for $19

LEGO Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Kit

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, LEGO kits (sub 500-piece, much more than that gets too tedious) make surprisingly good gifts. They offer a little challenge, entertainment, and once completed they look great on a desk or shelf.

Buy for $15

Ultimate Catch Phrase Party Game

I’ve never not had a good time playing this game.

Buy for $12

Amazon Echo Flex Mini Smart Speaker

So this tiny little thing has the Alexa assistant built-in, and a USB port that you can use to charge your phone, or plug in accessories such as a night light.

Buy for $10

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

We all know what a Tile is by now, right? And if not the image should give you some context clues.

Buy for $18

Rubik’s Cube 3×3 Puzzle Game

I got one of these as a gift a few years back, and it has become a mainstay on my desk. I use it as more of a fidget spinner than a puzzle I’m actually trying to solve, but every once in a while I Google ‘how to solve a Rubik’s Cube’ and give it the old college try.

Buy for $8

Carhartt Knit Cuffed Beanie

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point Carhartt went from a symbol of rugged outer wear to a fashion icon. Anyway it says these are ‘mens’ beanies but pretty sure any one would dig one of these knit beanies.

Buy for $17

Anker PowerWave QI Wireless Charging Stand

I really wanted to avoid the typical cliche ‘tech’ gift guide items, but let’s face it, no one is going to hate getting a wireless charging stand. Especially a highly-rated one like this one.

Buy for $14

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