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10 Best Password Manager Extensions for chrome in 2023

Yes, there are various tools available that protect your sensitive information like passwords, credit & debit card details, bank account information, etc and you can get all this information with just a single master password.

In this blog, we will discuss top password manager extensions that are extremely useful to protect and save your credentials.

Best Password Manager Extensions: 1. TweakPass Password Manager

Get it Here

This is one of the best password managers that help safeguard all the sensitive information stored in your computer and browser. To protect your data, the password manager uses the world’s strongest AES encryption technology. Not only this, to use TweakPass password manager and access all the stored passwords you just need to remember a master password, This means instead of remembering multiple passwords, you can memorize just one and access all other passwords and other confidential information. Using the TweakPass Password Manager extension, you can easily save login details and auto-fills the credentials every time you visit the site for which you have saved the details. Moreover, you can add card details, social security numbers, and other details in the secure vault and access them anytime from anywhere.

It is used by all the major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera.

Features of TweakPass Password Manager:-

Generates strong and unique passwords to stay protected

Saves credentials and uses it in filling forms

AES encryption technology for protection from cyber threats

SSL secured to protect your data

Sync stored passwords across every device

 Read Full Review of TweakPass Password Manager

2. 1Password

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Trusted as the world’s most loved password manager 1Password is the easiest way to store all your passwords. It gives you an alert when you enter a weak password or a duplicate password so that you can use a unique password all the time for all sites. 1Password also has a special feature that allows you to hide your important passwords when you travel outside the country so that there is no breach in security.

What makes 1Password the favorite of all users is its zero-knowledge policy under which all your credentials are kept safe and no one can store or track your data.

Features of 1Password:-

Two-factor authentication (2FA) give a double-layer security

Password strength monitoring allows you to make strong passwords

Travel mode allows you to hide credentials when you travel

With a zero-knowledge policy, all the credentials are safe and can not be shared with anyone

It masks your card credentials when you make an online purchase

3. LastPass

Get it Here

LastPass is another great password manager that tops the list of best free password manager extensions. Once you have installed LastPass, then it will automatically fetch the data stored in the browser and will keep it safe. All these passwords are stored in a vault under the name items. You can fetch all the credentials from there whenever you need them to enter. Apart from this, you can also add a note to each password so that you remember that the password is for which particular site and where to be used.

A master password prompt is an additional security feature that allows you to remember only one password instead of all the passwords.

Features of LastPass:-

In addition to passwords, you can also store notes, bank credentials, card credentials, addresses, etc

Autofill function allows you to autofill the data on sites

You can decide the max length of a password and create a password at your convenience

Built-in password generator helps you to make a strong password

Import all the previously saved credentials on the browser

4. Dashlane

Get it Here

Similar to any other great password manager, it also comes with a  vault where you can add and manage your passwords. It allows you to import existing passwords and give them a safe room to protect them from intruders. Dashlane allows you to check your password strength in case you have not created a strong password so that the password can not be cracked by anyone.

All the major browsers support the Dashlane extension where all the credentials will be imported to Dashlane. Except for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer if you use any other browser then you will have to manually export the passwords that will be saved as CSV files to import in the tension.

Features of Dashlane:-

Dashlane includes autofill that helps fillcredentials on-site

All the credentials can be shared with any family member by using password sharing feature that sends a link to the recipient

Password generator helps you to generate a strong password that can not be compromised

You can share the passwords with an unlimited number of devices with the Pro plan.

In the free version, you can add up to 50 passwords

5. Keeper

Get it Here

Another excellent choice to keep your passwords safe and secure from any type of intrusion is Keeper. With Keeper, you can keep a track of all the passwords, bank account details, payment card credentials, address, etc, and can use them all in the autofill function to fill any form online. All the credentials are properly arranged in folders and are used automatically while filling out any online form.

The vault password can be imported to browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, making Keeper one step ahead of the other password managers.

Features of Keeper:-

Two-factor authentication enables double-layer security to the credentials

Self-destruct feature erases all the data after 5 continuous failed attempts

You can store unlimited passwords in the free version but limited to one device only

Keeper BreachWatch feature scans all the sites that have been exposed by a data breach

The security audit feature helps you to create a strong password (not duplicate) every time or every site.

6. RoboForm

Get it Here

Features of RoboForm:-

Password generator allows you to create unique and strong passwords

In free version, you can store unlimited identities and passwords

Allows to share your login with other people

Audit your passwords

It is simple to use with easy navigation

7. Avira Password Manager

Get It Here 

This is another Password Manager that comes with an extension for Google chrome. It has an inbuilt password generator that helps create strong passwords and save them for future use. Avira Password Manager has all the important features of Avira that provides security to data. You can get the facility to store unlimited passwords across unlimited devices therefore you need not have to export the data. What’s more, it comes with a 30 days moneyback guarantee.

Features of Avira Password Manager:-

Biometric logins for mobile users for easy access

Password vault auditing

2FA authenticator provides double-layer security

Data breach scanning saves the data to be shared on a particular site.

Unlimited passwords can be stored

8. Sticky Password

Get it Here

It comes with a 30 days free trial and another 30 day money back guarantee.

Features of Sticky Password:-

Allow you to sync over a Wi-Fi instead of the Sticky Password sync

Portable version of Sticky Password can be saved on a USB flash drive

Two-factor authentication

Cloud and Wi-Fi syncing

9. Password Boss

Get it here

Coming in last in the list does not make Password Boss less competitive. Password Boss can generate new passwords and use themautofill forms. Also you can save new login-in credentials that are used to get easy and fast aces on desired sites. All the features like password sharing, emergency access, secure file storage are very promising and make Password Boss unique. Available for free for 30 days.

Features of Password Boss:-

Comes with two-factor authentication

Identity and payment info storage provide a safe passage to enter into any site.

Fast and easy save and fill passwords

Password generator helps you generate strong passwords.

Password Boss family edition covers up to 5 users

10. Bitwarden

Get it Here

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that saves your passwords and identities and protects them. It saves all your information, including personal and financial and adds a layer of security to them so that whenever you need then it will be present without any breach of security. Bitwarden is one of the cheapest password managers and can do the job for you.

Features of Bitwarden:-

Comes with 30 days money-back guarantee

Bitwarden Family version allow unlimited sharing and upto 5 users

Self hosting on a local server instead of cloud

Two-factor authentication

Data breach report and password strength

Are password managers worth it in comparison to Google Smart lock?

Passwords managers work at par with Google Smart Lock and in some cases, Passwords managers are ahead of the Google Smart Lock.

Password managers are great tools that give you some additional features like military-grade security and also you get the option to generate the password of your choice as well as the tool to generate complex passwords that can not be cracked. The privacy policy of Passwords managers is very stringent and can not be compromised in any scenario. Passwords managers are also of great help if any zero-day This makes the Passwords managers the first choice of the users.

Google Smart Lock provides the security feature of saving the passwords and security codes in chromebooks and chrome browsers and on android devices. Google Smart Lock has all the essential features that a user may want to protect the passwords but not all the features of Passwords managers are included in it. However, if you do not have much sensitive data and want to protect only the mobile apps’ data, then Google Smart Lock is indeed the best choice.


It is not easy to remember and memorize all the passwords by a human. Every time we log in to an app that is rarely used we tend to remember the passwords and end up entering the wrong password and later reset it. This is undoubtedly time-consuming and we might create a duplicate password also. Here comes the role of Password manager extension that saves your sensitive data and allows you to autofill the data when needed. These Password managers come with a military-grade security feature that gives you overall protection from any type of intrusion.

Password managers allow you to create a strong and unique password of your own and also suggest to you some system based passwords that are very complex and cannot be compromised. Using Password managers is a great step in ensuring privacy and security to our data and helps in developing a safe internet environment.

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5 Best Start Pages For Chrome

5 Best Start Pages for Chrome [Custom Homepage, Extensions] Chrome’s homepage has a limited set of customizations




The best homepage for Chrome should incorporate a variety of site icons and exciting graphics.

Bored with the Google home page? Opt for these great extensions that come with awesome HD wallpapers and more.

How about having a multitude of site icons and tons of widgets right at your fingertips?

Pick your favorite Chrome start page extension and benefit from multimedia backgrounds and other exciting perks.

Try Opera One, a browser with various functionalities already built-in!

A flawless browser like Opera has most functions already under the hood.

Here’s what’s included by default:

Easy and intuitive workspace management

Ad-blocker mode integrated to load pages faster

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Customizable Ul and AI-friendly

⇒ Get Opera One

If you want to know about the best Chrome start pages, this article can help you with exciting information.

Google Chrome’s default New Tab (or start) page might be a little threadbare for some users. Sure, you can add custom wallpapers, shortcuts, and alternative background colors to it.

However, that’s about all the customization options Chrome’s New Tab page includes at the moment.

Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of Chrome start page extensions that can help you transform that browser’s New Tab page.

How do I customize my startup page in Chrome?

You can set any web pages or anything as your chrome home page. You can set any custom web address as your home page by following these instructions:

Open Google Chrome.

Type the following address in the address bar and press enter to open Chrome settings: chrome://settings/

Go to Appearance from the sidebar.

Toggle on the Show home button.

Check Enter custom web address and type your preferred web address.

In this way, you can set a custom homepage on Chrome without using third-party tools.

How to set start pages on Chrome?

You also can set a specific page as a startup page from here.

What is the most popular home page?

Right now, the Google search page is the most popular home page in the world. As Chrome is holding the majority of the browser market share, it helps to make Google the number one home page.

In past, we saw Yahoo or MSN as the most popular ones. But, it has been changed.

Even though the default home page for Chrome is simple and perfect for most users, you still may need something more powerful, elegant, and flexible. So, we have prepared a list of the best Chrome start pages. In the next section of this article, you will know about them.

Quick Tip:

If you want more freedom to organize your start page, try Opera One instead. It’s more customizable than Chrome while being very easy to use and adjust to.

You can pick your theme and wallpaper, change the language, set up startup preferences, and integrate thousands of extensions.

Opera One

Create your very own start page from design, custom search engine, extensions, and more!

Free Visit Website

Infinity New Tab is an extension that adds a start page with circular or square icon shortcut icons to Google Chrome.

It packs in more than 200 shortcut icons for a wide variety of big websites. You can add your own shortcuts to the page with customized colors and image icons.

Alternatively, you can include Bing wallpapers on the New Tab page by selecting Infinity’s Sync Bing wallpaper option.

So, this extension provides users with a huge variety of alternative HD wallpapers for the New Tab page.

⇒ Download Infinity New Tab

Speed Dial [FVD] is rightfully considered a very visually appealing Chrome start page extension. It displays your webpage shortcuts with 3D page dials.

Expert tip:

You can also sync FVD Speed Dial with the EverSync extension. EvernSync enables you to sync this extension’s speed dial shortcuts between different devices and browsers.

Then you can access all your dials from alternative devices.

⇒ Download Speed Dial

If you’re looking for the best Chrome start page Incredible StartPage then this is a perfect choice that includes features such as My Bookmarks, My Apps, and Most Visited tabs.

This extension also includes a handy notepad. With that, you can note down webpage login details, numbers, or anything other reminders for browsing.

⇒ Download Incredible StartPage

Infinite Dashboard is an extension that displays a clutter-free New Tab page with a customizable background and search bar.

The Hub includes a wide variety of Google, iCloud, messaging, and game app shortcuts that you can open directly from Infinite Dashboard. In addition, the Hub incorporates a calendar and notepad for users.

Infinite Dash incorporates good background customization options. It includes Unsplash images for you to choose from. You can also select to add a variety of Flixel video backgrounds to the New Tab page.

The best thing about Infinite Dashboard, however, is its browser sessions manager. With that, you can save a combination of page tabs open in your browser.

⇒ Download Infinite Dashboard

ProductivityTab is one of the most comprehensive and flexible New Tab extensions for Google Chrome. This extension currently provides 43 widgets for users to add to its New Tab page.

This extension also has good theme options. Aside from adding your own wallpapers, you can select from a wide variety of theme backgrounds included with it.

Some of those themes are live video ones. Alternatively, you can add website images with their URLs.

Read more about this topic

Fix: Internet Explorer is Not Downloading Chrome

How to Turn on Google Chrome Memory Saver

Chrome start page extension

Without the extension, you cannot set a customizable dynamic page as your home page. It is also safe to use start page extensions if it comes from a trustable source like Chrome Web Store.

In our above list, we have mentioned some home pages which can be installed via their official extensions. In addition to the list, you also can consider using Live Start Page – Living Wallpapers. This is an excellent extension that helps to build an elegant home or start page on Chromium-based browsers.

Those are some of the best homepage extensions for Chrome that add much more appealing and customizable New Tab pages to that browser.

You can also install the above extension on other Chromium-based browsers. That means you can add those extensions to Microsoft Edge, UR, Vivaldi, and Opera One as well!

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Review: Dashlane Is A Robust Password Manager With A Gorgeous Interface

A password manager is a must. Unless you’re using the same password for everything (not recommended) or have a truly phenomenal memory, your productivity can benefit from a place to store all your passwords and easily use them whenever necessary. There are several strong players in this field, such as LastPass and KeePass. Dashlane (free for basic version, $20/year for Premium) aims to take on both.

Dashlane is a robust password manager with additional room for your various IDs, credit cards and other payment methods, receipts, and notes. It comes with an auto-fill feature for online forms to which you can add different addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information you’re tired of typing repeatedly. There are two features that make Dashlane stand out when compared to both LastPass and KeePass: Its beautiful and easy-to-use interface, and its optional cloud syncing. The Security Dashboard analyzes your database, alerting you of weak, recurring, or breached passwords

Setting up Dashlane is exceptionally easy. LastPass and KeePass are both fairly easy to use, but they have nothing on Dashlane. The installation process takes you step by step through setting up the program, with clear instructions and smooth guidance. After choosing your master password for Dashlane–unlike LastPass, there’s no “password reminder” here, so you must remember it or lose access to your database–Dashlane will install itself on your browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer are supported), and will lead you through trying out its different features and interface elements.

If you’re already using a different password manager, you can import your database into Dashlane pretty easily. The import tool supports databases from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, LastPass, 1Password, RoboForm, PasswordWallet, KeePess, and custom CSV files, but the tool is a little finicky. For example, my KeePass CSV did not contain a filled-in URL field, as this is not mandatory in KeePass. Dashlane ignored every password that did not come with a URL, leaving me with no way to import my large password database into Dashlane. Fortunately, Dashlane can automatically add new credentials upon logging in to websites, so after using it for several days, most of my oft-used passwords were transferred to Dashlane without much effort on my part.

On every new login, Dashlane will offer to automatically save your credentials

Dashlane’s strong yet subtle browser integration makes logging in to websites a seamless operation, but doesn’t add unnecessary clutter to your browsing experience. Once a password is stored in Dashlane, it can log you in automatically every time the website is loaded, or auto-fill the credentials without logging you in. If you’re opening an account on a new website, Dashlane can generate a strong password for you right from your browser, and store it in your database in one fell swoop.

One of the most important aspects of a password manager is security, and with Dashlane, you can select your level of paranoia. Your database is encrypted with AES-256 encryption, only you know the master password to decrypt it, and you can enable Google Authenticator for extra security. Unlike LastPass, where everything is in the cloud, automatic cloud syncing and backup is a Premium feature in Dashlane, so free users don’t have to worry about it.

Even if you’re a paid customer, however, you can easily opt out of cloud syncs, meaning your password database is only stored locally, just like with KeePass. Unlike KeePass, though, Dashlane’s free mobile apps can be managed as separate databases, so you can access your passwords on the go without worrying about constant cloud syncs. When enabled, Dashlane syncs happen every 5 minutes, and there’s no way to control or reduce this frequency. The Premium version also includes Web access to your data from any browser, anywhere

Dashlane is an impressive password manager with some excellent features and a beautiful interface. It does require a certain amount of trust in the company, especially when using its syncing options, and for $20/year, its Premium version is expensive when compared to the alternatives. Nevertheless, it is the perfect password manager for the less tech-savvy, and even the experienced are sure to enjoy it, if only for the merits of its interface. It’s available in Android, iOS, and Mac editions, in addition to the PC edition I reviewed.

7 Best Browsers For Chromebook (Chrome Alternative)

Like Android, Google’s Chrome OS supports downloading apps from the Play Store. And hence, most of the Chrome alternatives we discuss here can be installed for free directly from the Play Store on your Chromebook. For those that are not, you can always sideload the APK from the web. Read on.


More customization options.

Enhanced privacy settings.

Robust performance.



Updates can cause issues.


Fast and battery-efficient browser.

Privacy-centric features.

Brave Rewards.


Less mainstream user base.

Unpolished privacy features.

Opera is a multipurpose web browser that combines speed, performance, and a plethora of features. Opera provides an all-in-one solution for a flawless browsing experience with its built-in ad blocker, VPN, and battery-saving mode.

Additionally, Opera’s one-of-a-kind sidebar allows you to access popular chat apps, social networking sites, and other helpful tools without leaving your browser. Opera is an excellent companion for your Chromebook, whether you’re working, streaming, or simply browsing the web.


Has a variety of in-built features.

Excellent performance.

Convenient sidebar.

My Flow feature allows you to communicate with your mobile.


Fewer extensions are available.

Limited user base.


Integration with Microsoft services.

Allows users to use Bing AI.

Summarize web pages and PDF files with AI.

Built-in security features.


Limited cross-platform availability.

Vivaldi is a fantastic option for Chromebook users who want total control over their surfing experience because it was created for power users and those looking for maximum customization.

You can personalize Vivaldi’s UI, organize tabs into stacks for easier access, take notes right on web pages, and even change color palettes to suit your mood. This feature-rich browser is a favorite choice for Chromebook enthusiasts since it allows you to customize every aspect of your browsing.


Variety of customizations.

Advanced features for power users.

Excellent performance.


May have issues with some websites.

If you’re concerned about your privacy and security when surfing the web, Ghostery is the browser for you. The browser is concerned with securing your data and keeping you safe when you visit the internet. You can use the browser to limit who sees your data, disable all trackers, and do a lot more.

The browser also contains sophisticated ad-blocking, which improves everything for you. However, some of the capabilities are only available in the browser’s premium edition. The free edition is limited in terms of access and features.


Enhanced Security Features.

Transparency and the Open-Source Foundation.

Intelligent Ad-Blocking.

Advanced tracker blocking capabilities.


Limited Free Version Features.

Compatibility Issues.

Dolphin is one of the Chrome alternatives for Chromebook. It provides fresh and distinctive features that are unavailable in other browsers. The browser has customization options and allows users to utilize it as they see fit.

The browser’s capabilities include device synchronization, browsing via many tabs at once, and much more. Although the browser has many beneficial features, it does not provide a private and secure browsing environment.


User-Friendly Interface.

Extensive customization options.

Robust add-ons or extensions.


Limited cross-platform support.

Privacy Concerns.

Less frequent updates.

These were the seven best web browsers or Chrome alternatives for Chromebook. You can choose the one that suits your needs. I hope you find this guide useful and if you have any queries related to the article, then do reach out to us. Stay tuned to BrowserToUse for more tips, tricks, articles, guides, and how-tos.


9 Best Hard Disk Partition Manager Tools For Mac

9 Best Hard Disk Partition Manager Tools For Mac To Use In 2023 Reviewing 9 Best Paid & Free Mac Partition Manager With Their Features, Pros, Cons & Pricing Models! But, Then What’s The Need For A Third-Party macOS Partition Manager?

Disk utility offers limited functionality when managing different file systems such as APFS and HFS+

You might not be able to manage partitions for separate operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Windows

There are partition issues where Disk Utility might not be helpful

Can’t resize the boot camp partition to free up your Mac’s disk space

When the need arises to restore a lost partition

Here Are The 9 Best Partition Managers for Mac 2023

The list contains the top 9 partition management tools that are highly compatible with the latest and older macOS versions.

1.  Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later (Intel only)

Pricing Model: $39.95

Trial Period: Not Available

Latest Version: 1.3.873

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac is a renowned Mac partition software that doesn’t just help you manage the various partitions on your Mac but even provides you recovery features. This way in all circumstances your data is secured. Its powerful security mechanisms certainly make it one of the best partition manager tools for Mac to use in 2023.


Redistribute unused space

Resize partitions easily

Recover accidentally deleted or lost partitions

Easily convert between MBR, GPT, or MBR+GPT in a non-destructive format

Perform several other functions such as set partition to inactive or active, mount/ unmount the partition, or change identifier

The estimated time for calculating cloning a hard drive is not shown properly

2.  Partition Magic Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.06 or later

Pricing Model: Free

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 8.0


Create, modify, resize and merge partitions. To do all this, you needn’t format partition

Preview partitioned hard drive with this hard disk partition manager for Mac.

Recover deleted partitions

Effectively separate storage spaces on your hard drive without causing any harm to the data

Automate your partitioning tasks. The tool converts one file system in the partition to another with no data loss

Easily specify the name and size of the volume you want to create


A beginner user might take some time to get frequented with the interface

Some operations are time-consuming.

Download Partition Magic Mac

3.  GParted (GNOME Partition Editor)

Compatibility: OS X 10.06 or later

Pricing Model: Free

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 8.0

It is an open-source and free partition tool for Mac. It helps in creating partitions on your Mac in a manner that has no data loss. With this partition manager for Mac, you can create, label, check and delete partitions with utmost ease. It also supports formatting to lots of different file systems and more.


Free of cost open-source hard disk partition manager for Mac.

Set new UUID

Resize partitions or even move them

Repair damaged partition types

Manipulate file systems such as NTFS, XFS, HFS/ HFS+, FAT16/ FAT32, exFAT, and many others


Dated interface

Can only be used from a bootable USB

Download GParted (GNOME Partition Editor)

4.  Disk Drill for Mac

Compatibility: macOS 10.11.6 or later (Universal Binary)

Pricing Model: Free, $89 for Pro Version, $499 for Enterprise

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 4.6.380

One of the aspects of managing partitions on Mac is dealing with partitions that may have become corrupted or have disappeared altogether. In such a scenario, it also becomes a big task to recover files on that partition. Disk Drill is one of the leading partitioning tools for Mac & it excels in recovering deleted partitions as well.


Best-in-class interface

Preview files lost from partitions

Recovers partitions lost during OS update, partitioning error, wrong operation, power outage, malware, or any other reason

You can even recover partitions that have no file system


Disk Drill is focused more on partition recovery.

cannot merge, create, edit or do other partition management functions.

Download Disk Drill for Mac

5.  iPartition for Mac

Compatibility: macOS 10.11.6 or later (Universal Binary)

Pricing Model: Free, $89 for Pro Version, $499 for Enterprise

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version: 4.6.380


Supports both internal and external Mac hard disks and file systems such as HFS, FAT HFS+, and NTFS

Partitioning with iPartition is as simple as selecting a partition, grabbing the resize handle, and dragging to increase or decrease the size of the partition

Have several operations pertaining to partition management? You can queue them up

Edit partition type directly with this hard disk partition manager for Mac.

You can move partitions accurately anywhere on the disk


APFS file system might not be supported

Can pose issues with the latest macOS versions

Download iPartition for Mac

6. Stellar Partition Manager

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (PPC & Intel)

Pricing Model: $39.00

Trial Period: Available

Latest Version:

As a Mac partition tool, Stellar Partition Manager does a pretty decent job. This Mac partition software can resize, create, format, and even hide partitions on Mac. It comprises several features such as creating a new partition, resizing an existing one, hiding, deleting, mounting partitions, etc. All these robust functionalities make it a top-notch partition manager for Mac to use in 2023.


This Partition Manager Tool for Mac comes with a modern & easy to use interface.

Resizing boot camp partition is made simple with Stellar Partition Manager

If you are sharing a Mac with other users, you can hide partitions. This way you can prevent others from accessing it or accidentally deleting data

Ability to create a bootable media with Stellar Partition Manager

You can partition all kinds of macOS drives, internal, external, and even SSDs


May have issues functioning with some latest versions of Mac

Download Stellar Partition Manager

7.  Disk Utility

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 & later

Pricing Model: Free Partition Management Tool

Trial Period: –

Disk Utility is Mac’s  inbuilt hard disk manager for Mac, packed with lots of useful functionalities such as Partitioning, Formatting, Shrinking, Extending, Deleting, Hiding partitions, Changing disk’s name and more. Observing its excellent functionalities, it would not be wrong to say that it certainly eliminates the need to have another macOS partition manager. Using this hard disk partition manager tool for Mac, you can quickly fix all the potential disk-related issues and enjoy tons of other capabilities.


Free to use, comes in-built into your macOS

Adding, deleting, and resizing normal hard drive partitions won’t pose any issues

Comprehensive pie-chart graphical interpretation of how much space is consumed

Comes with a S.M.A.R.T status check capability that can help you monitor the health of your hard drive.


Resizing boot camp partition is not possible

Selectively partitioning the problematic area on an external hard disk

Download Disk Utility

8. VolumeWorks 

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 & later

Pricing Model: Free Partition Manager

Trial Period: –

Latest Version: 2.2.5


Ability to shift partitions accordingly.

Solid customer support.

Easy-to-use dashboard and navigation experience.

Receives frequent updates.

For newbies, it’s a perfect partition manager for Mac.


Consumes a significant number of resources.

Download VolumeWorks

9. Parted Magic

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel Only)

Pricing Model: Free

Trial Period: –

Latest Versions: 2.1.1

Last but not least in consideration, Parted Magic for Mac is a fantastic software that efficiently manages partitions on Mac hard drives without causing any data loss. The application can assign a considerable amount of space to a volume or increase the partition hard drive for Mac so that you can easily store & manage personal & professional assets.


Known for safely creating a new partition of any type on Mac.

Allows you to rescue files from devices with disk read errors.

Capable of efficient disk cloning.

Comes with easy-to-use solutions for conventional overwrite.


Requires frequent updates to enhance user

Download Parted Magic

Wrapping Up Our List Of Best Hard Disk Partition Manager Tool For Mac (2023)

Since you’re here, would you mind taking out a moment and checking out our YouTube channel? We cover trending tech-related topics, tips, tricks, hacks, news updates, and more.


How Do I Manage Partitions On Mac?

Well, you can take the help of reliable Mac partition manager tools like Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Partition Magic Mac to easily create, copy, move, delete, resize, backup, and more.


Does Mac Have Disk Management?

Yes, Mac includes built-in disk management and partition manager tool – Disk Utility that provides a powerful set of functionalities to easily wipe, repair, restore, and copy drives without any hassles.


How Do You Switch Between Partitions On Mac?

If you want to easily switch between partitions on a MacBook, all you need to do is press the Option key while it’s on the blank white boot screen. In a fraction of seconds, your MacBook should display two partitions on the screen. Further, you can use the arrow keys to choose a partition and simply hit the Enter button to boot to it.

If you want to easily switch between partitions on a MacBook, all you need to do is press the Option key while it’s on the blank white boot screen. In a fraction of seconds, your MacBook should display two partitions on the screen. Further, you can use the arrow keys to choose a partition and simply hit the Enter button to boot to it.

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One Commander Is A Free Alternate File Manager For Windows 11/10

Windows File Explorer offers elementary functions, and to get things rather quickly is difficult. Most of the time is wasted navigating between folders and finding them. This calls the need for alternate software for Explorer, and today we are talking about One Commander.

Microsoft has designed File Explorer in Windows 11. Windows 11 File Explorer has a lot of new features. The tabbed feature in Windows 11 File Explorer has made it easier to manage files. Now, you can open multiple tabs in the same window instead of opening multiple instances of File Explorer. However, if you need some more features, you can install One Commander.

One Commander alternate File Manager for Windows

Instead of just being a dual window file manager, One Commander offers both double window view, and multi-column view. You can choose that when you launch it for the first time. Along with this, you can choose between white, dark and light theme.

One Commander Layout

While it’s rather simple to use, the layout needs a bit of understanding. So when you select dual pane or columns mode, it looks like four windows. Each of the panes has two parts. The top part shows folders and drives only, while the bottom section displays files as well.

The left section gives you quick access to drives, favorites, and options to connect to a network computer, map network drives, and also connect to secure network drives.

The top controls offer to switch pane modes, configuration, and open enhances file operations which will talk about in a bit.

If you see colors around in the interface, that’s something to love, they refer to the size of the folder, files and drives, and also the modification date as well.

One Commander File Operations

The file operation is also built between the panes which reveal when you select any of the files. You can quickly copy files between them, open Command Prompt, rename, and so on.

File Processor Feature

In the primary mode, which is entirely free to use, you can choose to bulk rename, run scripts, and convert images to JPG. It supports file renaming rules, turns # into a sequence number, and replace invalid characters from the file names. You can add multiple rules.

If you love the software, you can always upgrade to Pro mode to access other features which in my opinion are worth.

One Commander Configuration offers you to 

Change the look and feel

Metadata preview details

Enable the option to keep files at the original location when copying files.

And more.

Overall it’s a great Windows Explorer alternative and those who love UI and require added functionalities; it offers some excellent operations. And when you need, you can also open the Windows Explorer context menu right being in the software.

One Commander File Automator

The File Commander lets you define presets for your files. Using it, you can also carry out the file conversion process. It has multiple options to convert one file into another, like Convert to PDF, Convert to JPG, etc.

Other Features of One Commander

File Age/Relative File Dates (hours/days from modification time)

File Preview


Organize Favorites into project groups

Quick Filtering of Current Folder

ToDo Tasks and Notes in Any Folder

Drop List/Smarter Clipboard

Easy sorting to multiple destinations

Image/Audio/Video/Document metadata

Picture Preview with Metadata and GPS photo location

Monitoring folders for changes

Add an image called chúng tôi or chúng tôi and it will become folder background image.

Lastly, it can unpack the archive files including  AR, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DMG, EXT, FAT, GPT, HFS, IHEX, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, QCOW2, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, UEFI, VDI, VHD, VMDK, WIM, XAR and Z.

What is the difference between One Commander free and pro? What is free alternative to Total Commander?

Total Commander is File Manager software for Windows 11/10 computers. There are many free Fie Managers alternatives to Total Commander, like FileVoyager, Multi-Commander, Ureal Commander, One Commander, Tabaculus, etc.

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