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Macs aren’t exactly known as the best computer gaming machines around, but everyone likes to kill time or relax with a video game now and then. Mac gaming is better than ever today with storefronts like Steam, GoG, EGS, and Origin joining the Mac App Store on the platform. 

You can also simply install games directly, the same as any application. The only thing you need to do is pay. But there are also so many excellent free Mac games. Here are ten of the best free Mac games you can download right now.

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Fortnite is a phenomenon, a free-to-play battle royale shooter that just seems to go from strength to strength. It’s available on just about every platform (except iOS) and that includes macOS! 

Hearthstone is best played on an iPad in our opinion, but if you need a fix of Blizzard’s brilliant and addictive card battler the macOS version is no less enjoyable.

Just as with classic card games such as Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone players put together decks of cards representing creatures, objects, and other bits of the Warcraft universe. Then they battle each other with said cards which can attack, defend or otherwise influence the course of play. 

It’s a game that’s easy to learn but hard to master, making for a fantastic competitive scene. If you want to play at the upper echelons and rank, you’ll need to spend money on booster packs. If you just want to play casually, the game is as free as the air.

While Dota (Defense of the Ancients) was the Warcraft III mod that launched the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre, it has since been surpassed in popularity by League of Legends. 

LoL is probably the most famous eSports title in history and you don’t need a beast of a machine or any money in your pocket to play it. What you do need is a lot of skill and patience for its learning curve

Not to be confused with the remade and upgraded Cave Story+, which is a paid title. Cave Story is a classic indie game that’s been ported to just about every platform. 

Counter-Strike in its original form was an absolute phenomenon. While CS: GO doesn’t have much in common technologically with the original Half-Life mod, it has honed the formula to a razor’s edge. 

CS: GO runs great on practically any hardware, it takes pure skill to get anywhere and the shooting is frenetic and fun. It may not be the nicest-looking shooter these days, but you won’t even notice as you desperately try not to get shot.

The original Dota mod for Warcraft 3 started the MOBA revolution, but these days League of Legends is the big dog of the genre. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Dota 2 a look if you’re a fan of these games. 

This official, professionally-developed sequel is a bit more refined and has its own character and feel. It’s not riffing off LoL at all. If you don’t have MOBA fatigue, it’s a great alternative to the market leader.

You may have heard of a little game called World of Warcraft. It was quite popular at one time. OK, WoW is still pretty popular. There are usually about a quarter of a million players online at any given time. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, you can play for free until your character hits level 20 in this classic MMORPG. 

By then you’ll either have no problem paying the monthly subscription or you’ll know it’s not for you. Don’t blame us if you get way too into it!

The Asphalt series of arcade racers are well-respected on mobile phones, but now you can take that pulse-pounding experience and shift it straight into your Mac! Thanks to Apple’s Catalyst conversion system that makes it relatively easy to convert iOS games to macOS, Asphalt looks and runs great. 

The gameplay is also pretty solid and unless you have no patience, you don’t need to pay any money. At least not right away. 

Despite Macs not having a great gaming reputation today, Apple’s computers have an excellent gaming pedigree. Some of the best classic games launched or appeared on their machines.

Then we have the Marathon Trilogy from Bungie. This is their early work long before Halo, but these games are still a blast to play. In case you didn’t know, Halo was originally going to be a Mac exclusive, now you can see what Bungie cooked up not too long before that epic game.

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The Best Free Pc Games You Can Play On Windows 10

Here Are The Best Free Games You Can Play on Windows 10 PC

Now that Windows 10 & games have been mentioned, everyone knows about the bundle of games you can get your hands on (Windows 10 Store). You name the category & it will be available in Windows 10 store with unlimited games (FREE as well as PREMIUM). Now that you have got access to these many Windows 10 games, you cannot just explore every one of those. That is why we will be talking about the top free PC games you can get your hands on in 2023.

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Check Out The Best Free PC Games in 2023

Please know that the list will include top FREE PC games so you won’t have to worry about buying the premium versions of those games.

1. Roblox

So, without further ado, tap on the link & download one of the best free PC games in 2023, Roblox on your Windows PC.

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2. DOTA 2

Another most popular Windows 10 game that’s making headlines because of it’s online multiplayer arena. With the concept of “One battlefield, infinite possibilities”, DOTA 2 has become one of the most played games on Steam. You can join in to the game at any given point in time & everytime, it will be a totally different experience. And please know that you have the liberty to choose from as many as hundreds of characters to go ahead in the game.

I don’t think it needs to be told that for every character & battle, you need to have a different tactic as well. Though DOTA 2 is an absolutely FREE game to be played in 2023, the developers don’t miss the continuous updates on the same. WIth those updates, they ensure a flawless, smooth, & powerful experience for players.

So download DOTA 2 & start playing this power-packed best FREE PC game on your WIndows 10 computer.

3. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

I don’t think car racing will ever become a topic of the past, especially when it comes to playing games on your PC. From Need For Speed to Asphalt, car racing has become a must if you are trying to list best games, irrespective of the platform. Same way, GT Racing 2 is another addition to the list of the best FREE PC games in 2023 that is all set to make you experience real time racing.

This goes without a doubt that GT Racing would be introducing the most prestigious cars in the world into the game. If you want to look at the statistics, there will be more than 65 licensed cars from over 30 manufacturers (including Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Ferrari, & Ford). And you will be the one who would be behind the wheel to race it the way you want to go through as many as 1400 racing events. Isn’t this amazing & exciting!!

Be ready to experience the speed & real car experience with one of the best Windows 10 games, GT Racing 2 on your PC.

4. FIFA 15: Ultimate Team

Football is undoubtedly the most played sport in the world & now imagine, you get to play this game on your Windows 10 PC. The latest update in FIFA 15 has taken things ahead where you will have the liberty to choose from almost 10000 players from approximately 500 licensed teams. & once you have narrowed down your favorite footballers or the dream squad you were planning to create, put them to the test.

Since the game’s tagline is called Ultimate team, FIFA 15 lets you use different tactics to earn & trade superstar players like Lionel Messi & have your fantasy team ready. As well as, you can put your management skills to the test with new simulations. And please know that while playing in quick simulation mode, your match results will totally depend on how effective are your management skills to keep player skills & chemistry balanced.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is one of the best FREE games in 2023 you can play on your Windows 10 PC so start downloading right away.

5. Dungeon Hunter 4

Demons, who have extinguished (this is what the world thought) a long time ago, have awakened up, stronger this time. And now you have been risen from the sleep to know that your kingdom has been decimated. Now you need to act like the last hope your people have as you have been gifted with powerful skills & magic to give those demons a fight they will always remember.

6. Pinball FX2

Another best FREE PC game in 2023 is all set to offer you brand new tables and a host of new features and improvements. Though you will be getting the default primary tables with the game, if you feel like getting new ones or just feel like spending money, spend it on Star Wars & Marvel tables. But hey, it’s an absolute FREE game for your Windows PC, so start playing, dance around, & explore another free game, Pinball FX2 to have an amazing experience.

7. Alien Swarm

Aliens have constantly been a part of our fantasy lives where we give them a shape of how we wish. Additionally, cinema has given us a base of imagination we can use to shape then the way we want. But now is the time that you need to start building your squad to give those aliens a fight that they will never forget. In an absolutely free Windows 10 game, you will be under an epic bug hunt that will feature a one-of-its-kind squad-level tactics & co-op play.

Under the Alien Swarm game, you will be forming a team of four different distinct IAF marine classes with your friends. Once formed successfully, you need to plan an attack with your team onto the wide variety of aliens. Your sole target will be to push those aliens from the icy planet surface to a lava flooded mining facility. You will have access to more than 40 weapons with countless loadout configurations that means you will have a lot on your plate you can’t complain about.

So get ready, download Alien Swarm & start pushing them towards the lava flooded mining facility.

8. Sniper Fury

Snipers have always played the most crucial & vital role whenever there is a fight you need to win. Irrespective of the weather, situation, distance, & other factors, Snipers have always fancied us. And that is why we have brought you the Sniper Fury game that collects the best snipers in the world to fight evil. An absolute FREE game for your Windows PC, Sniper Fury is all set to give you a lifetime experience.

Since you will be playing the Sniper Fury game so there won’t be any scope for remorse; shoot to kill directly. There will be more than 500 missions you will be exploring & your enemy line will include from an individual to the whole armored vehicles. Interesting!! As we mentioned above, weather wouldn’t matter for a Sniper so you will be facing atmospheric fluctuations to sharpen your skills.

Get ready to beat every one of those evil from the world with your rifle & hard-to-miss target range while playing the best FREE game in 2023, Sniper Fury.

9. Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

Zombies have always been one of the best genres of action-horror that is popular in cinema as well as games. Arising from the dead, the race always gives you chills & nightmares if you aren’t able to defeat them. Windows PC brought you one of the best FREE PC games where you can give those dead rivals a fight of lifetime. Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is a fast-paced action ride you will be riding on to fight for your survival.

In Dead Rivals, you will be exploring a vast open world & customizing your hero along with your battle arsenal. You will be visiting those wastelands to know the reason for this zombie outbreak & on the way, banding together with other players or make them rivals as well. You need to pick your class among those 3 uniquely skilled ones & customize your hero’s look.

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is an experience you will be getting on your Windows 10 PC absolutely free.

10. Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park

Since the game is called Disney Magic Kingdoms, you will see all those disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Rapunzel & so on. Additionally, you will have control over Star Wars as well as Pixar characters to build your own magic kingdom. If your kid is still engaged in other games, you can bring your inner child out & start building your own magical park with over 200 characters.

Download one of the most entertaining Windows 10 games, Disney Magic Kingdoms on your PC & give your kid a lifetime experience.

Wrapping Up

Start exploring the best FREE PC games & play everyone of those to have a lifetime experience.

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10 Best Usb Hubs You Can Buy Right Now

The race to further slim down and reduce the weight of laptops continues and all popular device makers are taking the I/O and connectivity ports to the slaughterhouse. You should expect laptop/ PC makers to only further cut down on the port selection as they are switching to USB Type-C. With this new development, every PC and Mac user now requires a good USB hub if they want to be able to connect accessories and peripherals to their laptop. With regards to it, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the 10 best USB hubs (including USB C hubs) that you can buy in 2023.

Best USB Hubs You Can Buy in 2023 1. Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

If you’re just looking to expand on the number of USB ports on your laptop, then Sabrent has this perfect little 4-port USB hub that should meet your requirements. It is fairly easy to use as it works by simply plugging into a USB-A port, preferably USB 3.0, and is not a pain to carry around because of its compact construction.

The highlight here has to be the availability of a blue LED indicator and power switch for each USB port. The USB 2.0 standard being quite an old one, all the hubs you’ll see listed here are USB 3.0 hubs and offer transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. Sabrent makes its USB 3.0 hub available at a reasonable price and is rated 4.3 on Amazon with over 10,000 reviews under its belt.

Supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps

Reverse compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices

4-port USB hub

Comes with durable 2 feet cable


Charging speed slows down when charging multiple devices

Lacks an anti-skidding bottom

Buy from Amazon ($9.98)

2. TP-Link 7-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Hub

If four ports aren’t enough for handling your daily workload, then this 7-port TP-Link USB hub suggested by one of our readers could be what you’re looking for. It can help expand the number of USB ports available on your PC, Play Station, Xbox, and other devices with all 7 offering data transfer functionality.


High-speed data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps

Built-in surge protection

7-port USB hub

Durable construction


Comparatively expensive

Buy from Amazon ($36.34)

3. Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub

We went from four ports to seven, and now here’s a 10-port USB hub from Anker that is going to be a Godsend if you’re someone who connects a lot of external storage devices and accessories to your laptop. This USB-C hub offers a 60W output and will also be a boon for you if you’re planning to charge a number of devices on the move.

Seven out of the ten ports here are USB 3.0 ports and are dedicated for data transferring with speeds up to 5Gbps. The remaining three are PowerIQ ports, which means they are designed to automatically detect the required power output for the connected device and render the same. The power output can be up to 2.1A per port or 10A overall, where you can connect anything from an Android or iOS phone to tablets, consoles, or cameras.


Can transfer data up to 5Gbps

10-port USB hub

Efficient charging solution

3 ports feature  Anker-exclusive PowerIQ


A touch expensive

Buy from Amazon ($42.99)

4. Sabrent Premium 3-Port Aluminum Mini USB 3.0 Hub

The highlight of this Sabrent USB 3.0 hub will have to be its rotatable design, where you can plug into the hub and rotate it 90-degrees to make it parallel to the screen or rotate it 180-degrees to lay it flat and parallel to the keyboard depending on the space you have. It surely is a handy accessory that travelers should keep on them.


Handy rotatable design

Pretty compact

Durable aluminum construction

Universal compatibility


Less efficient charging

5. AmazonBasics 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub (Picture)

If you’re looking for something well-built and affordable, but with a number of USB ports, then AmazonBasics has you covered with its 7-port USB 3.0 hub. This compact hub has been backed by both buspower and self-power ports, which the hub you see below can switch between based on the power required – i.e switch to the self-power mode when a larger number of devices are connected.

All seven ports here can be used for data transfer, with speeds up to 5Gbps (which is the maximum speed for USB 3.0 ports) but two of the ports (with the Fast tag next to it) can be used for charging devices with maximum current output up to 0.9A. If you are looking for a lesser number of ports, then AmazonBasics also offers you a variety of options and you can pick between them from the link below.


36W total output

Max output per port is 900MA

Compatible with USB 3.0 and backward

Supports 5Gbps speed

May not allow an external HDD to connect to MacBook

Buy from Amazon ($31.49)

6. SmartDelux Powered 13-Port USB Hub

Well, if you’re a power user (or someone in IT) who needs to have a number of external storage devices and accessories connected to their system at all times, then you need a large number of USB ports. SmartDelux is here to save the day with its 13-port USB 3.0 hub, with 10 USB 3.0 data transfer ports and 3 fast-charging ports onboard.

Backed by a self-power bus, the 10 USB 3.0 ports here can transfer data at speeds up to 5Gbps, whereas the 3 remaining ports can be used to charge devices at up to 2.4A each (12W power output). Also, each of the ports here is equipped with an LED indicator of its own, which is a great addition by SmartDelux to help you find the ports at night.

Can transfer data at speeds up to 5Gbps


LED indicator for tracking power status

3 fast-charging ports


AC power supply is below par

Ports are a bit tight

Buy from Amazon ($69.99)

7. Kokovolta USB Hub 3.0 Vertical Data Hub

If you own a gaming PC, laptop, or a console system where you require to connect more devices, then Kokovolta’s vertical hub is designed for gamers in mind. It has a standout design (unlike the bland rectangular shape of USB hubs) that’s reminiscent of Alienware CPUs with a blue LED glowing through it.


Delivers fast and efficient charging

Reliable 4 USB 3.0 ports

Lightweight form-factor

Anti-skid bottom


LED indicator is not sleep-friendly

A little too light

Buy from Amazon ($16.99)

8. EUASOO 10 in 1 Thunderbolt 3 Hub

Up until now, we have talked about USB-A hubs but with laptops ditching I/O ports for a slimmer and lighter design, we can’t forget about USB Type-C hubs. Our first suggestion would be a multi-purpose USB hub from Euasoo, that brings all of the necessary ports to your device.

It works simply via the buspower and does not require you to connect a power adapter to get 3 USB 3.0 ports, a single USB C port, 4K HDMI video output (supporting 4K @ 30GHz and 1080p @ 60GHz), RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, a VGA port, Audio/Mic 2-in-1 port, and SD/ Micro SD card reader in a slim build that fall in line with most modern laptops.

The USB hub supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, along with USB Power Delivery 2.0 to make it possible to connect high-current devices and fast-charge your laptop at the same time as well. Euasoo offers a pretty versatile USB C hub to its users.


HDMI male-to-female adapter support 4K resolution video

Offers table connection

Transfer data at high-speed

Shock-resistant aluminum construction


Sports a little bulky design

Not all the plugs work proficiently


HyperDrive 8-in-1 USB C Hub Dongle

If you own a latest-gen MacBook Pro or any of your colleagues does, then you might have heard them talk about HyperDrive. It’s one of the most popular USB C hub makers and it offers you all of the ports necessary to help you continue with your regular tasks without any hiccups. It has a sleek and trendy design that’s similar to the current-gen MacBooks.

This 8-in-1 USB hub brings along the following ports in tow: 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, 1 USB C port, HDMI (supporting 1080p @60Hz and 4K @30Hz), a mini display port, RJ45 Gigabit Either port, and SD/ Micro SD card reader. The USB 3.0 ports support transfer speed up to 5Gbps whereas the USB C port allows pass-through charging on most devices including all your ultrabooks, Chromebooks, PC, and more.

However, you will have shell out a little extra for that brand factor, quality, and durability. If you are looking to get a USB C hub for a MacBook Pro or Air, then you could also check out HyperDrive’s $80 8-in-2 hub right here as well.

Can charge multiple devices at a decent speed

Supports USB-C pass-through charging

Built-in USB-C cable

Impressive portable design


Doesn’t support Apple SuperDrive

Top-tier pricing

Buy from Amazon ($98.89)

10. Anker 7-in-1 USB C Hub

Finally, if you are not willing to shell out $100 bucks on a USB hub, even though you may be inclined to spending $1000 on a new iPhone (burn!), then Anker makes the perfect compact hub that expands the connectivity options for your MacBook Pros, new iPad Pro, Chromebook or Galaxy smartphone.

Anker’s 7-in1 hub extends to you 3 standard USB 3.0 ports, 1 HDMI port (supports up to 4K@30Ghz), 2 SD card slots (SD/ Micro SD), and USB-C Power Delivery charging port all packed inside this module you see pictured above. This hub can deliver a 49W charge to your laptop on connecting a 60W adapter, which will surely come in handy when all of the other USB Type-C ports are occupied.

Stream 4K video at 30 Hz

Delivers 5 Gbps data transfer speeds consistently

Equipped to read standard SD and microSD cards

Safe charging


Pass-through charging is comparatively slow

Buy from Amazon ($39.99)

Frequently Asked Questions Q. Is a powered USB hub better?

Yes. A powered USB hub is better as it uses mains power, which helps it deliver maximum voltage to every device connected to it.

Q. Does a USB hub affect speed?

No. Most USB hubs are fully equipped to charge multiple devices at rapid speed. So, you can bank on them to power up your devices at a good speed.

Q. Can I chain USB hubs? Q. Can I charge multiple devices through a USB Hub?

Many USB hubs like the ones mentioned in this article come with multiple ports. Thus, you can charge multiple devices through a USB hub.

What are the differences between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

The real difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 lies in the transfer speed. While the USB 2.0 delivers transfer speed up to 480 Mbps, the USB 3.0 offers transfer speed up to 4.8 Gbps – a whopping 10 timers faster!

Top USB Hubs in 2023

There you go! That ends our roundup of the best-selling and functional USB hubs, which you can buy depending on your use case. If you’re someone who simply wants more ports, then we’ve got a good collection with 4 to 13 port USB hubs, But, if you want to get a bit more out of the MacBook you recently bought, then the USB C hubs towards the end of this list are for you.

Best Websites To Download Old Pc Games For Free

In this post, we list the best websites where gamers can download old PC games for free (full version). PC gaming on Windows 11/10 is very important to Microsoft, and that’s because the Windows operating system has long been the best place to play. Now, gaming is not just about getting involved with modern titles, but older ones as well. Millions of people around the world enjoy playing older PC games for more reasons than one.

Best websites to download old PC games for free

The games from these websites are some of the best and worst of the past, so dig in and you are certain to find a few gems that are playable for many years to come.

Abandonware DOS

My Abandonware


Games Nostalgia

RGB Classic Games

The Internet Archive

1] Abandonware DOS

If you want to play old DOS games, we suggest visiting Abandonware DOS. Here you will find hundreds of older games along with several titles designed for Windows. The newest game we could find on the website was released back in 2002, so you are certain to never locate a single drop of modern.

Now, one of the reasons why we like Abandonware DOS is because it comes with a public rating system where any visitor can leave a review. This makes it much easier for folks to decide which game to download and which to avoid.

Visit the Abandonware DOS website.

2] My Abandonware

If you want to search through over 15,000 video games, then My Abandonware is the perfect website to visit. Some of the titles found here are from the deep web, and as such, quite rate. The platform is actively maintained by a small team; therefore, you can trust it’ll be around for a long time to come.

When it comes down to search, My Abandonware does a great job in this regard. You can search for a game by using names, the year of publication, the game platform, the genre, the theme of the game, the publisher, and even search by the name of your favorite developer.

Visit the My Abandonware website.

3] Abandonia

OK, so this website was founded back in 1999, and since then, it has become one of the leading websites for downloading old games. Right now, Abandonia features around 1,400 games and nearly one million members, which is an impressive feat if you ask us.

The great thing about this website is that it gives each game a comprehensive review, something not found on other websites that provides similar content. Now, since the website focuses more on DOS games than anything else, you won’t find other types of abandonware here, so keep that in mind.

Visit the Abandonia website.

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4] Games Nostalgia

Our next favorite place to find old titles is Games Nostalgia. This website is home to hundreds of great games that have been released between 1985 and 1995. If you want earlier games released after the date mentioned, then you’re in the wrong place.

Interestingly enough, there is no need to download an emulator to play these games because Games Nostalgia has decided to package each title with its emulator. So, as it stands, there are no additional steps for players to take. The idea here is to just download, install, and play for a stress-free experience.

Visit the Games Nostalgia website.

TIP: Play MS DOS games online at these top 5 sites

5] RGB Classic Games

Love older DOS games, but also want to play a few modern ones to boot? Then RGB Classic Games should be atop of your list. The dedication of this website is to preserve classic games from now-dead operating systems such as DOS, CP/M-86, OS/2, Win16, and Win9x.

In terms of searching for your favorite games, RGB Classic Games makes it possible to search via the operating system, year released, legal status, and more.

Visit the RGB Classic Games website.

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6] The Internet Archive

The final website on this list is The Internet Archive, a non-profit organization that deals in the safeguarding of core principles of the internet. Now, it is not possible to download games via the website, but it does offer users the ability to play many titles from within the web browser.

So far, The Internet Archive has preserved more than 2,300 classic DOS games, so chances are, you will find what you’re looking for.

Visit The Internet Archive website.

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Can you still buy old PC games?

Yes, it is still possible to buy old PC games, but it all depends on the game. Some titles are available via various online gaming platforms, while others are available either on eBay, or brick and mortar stores.

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What is a DOS game PC?

You might be wondering, what is a DOS game. Well, it is a game based on MS-DOS or PC DOS rather than Microsoft Windows. Folks born in 1985 or earlier are more likely to have played these games when compared to the modern generation of gamers.

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Best Lg Q6 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

NageBee LG Q6 case

If you’re looking for an LG Q6 case that stands out, this is the one to get. It has a gorgeous design that won’t go unnoticed. The case is made from TPU that’s tough as well as flexible, making it easy to put it on and take it off a smartphone.

It has a thin design but will nevertheless will reduce the chance of possible damage done to your smartphone if you drop it on a hard surface. The case is very affordable given its unique design: you can get it for just $8 on Amazon.

Urban Armor Gear LG Q6 case

This is a rugged case that will keep your smartphone safe from harm. It meets military drop-test standards (MIL-STD-810G 516.6), so it’s designed for impact. That also means it adds a bit more bulk to your device than most of the other cases on this list, but that’s the price you have to pay for the extra protection.

It’s the most expensive of the LG Q6 cases we’ve listed, but it still won’t break the bank. You can get it from Amazon for $20 via the button below.

Anccer LG Q6 case

This LG Q6 case comes from Anccer, and it’s a slim case that’s meant to provide some, but not a lot of protection for the phone. Mainly, it’s used to keep the phone free from scratches on the back. At the same time, it’s very thin, which means it won’t cause a big bulge in your pocket. It’s available in smooth gold, smooth rose gold, smooth red, gravel green and gravel black colors for $11.99 on Amazon.

Incipio DualPro LG Q6 case

The Incipio Dual Pro LG Q6 case is dual-layered with a rigid polycarbonate outer shell that is on top of a softer inner layer. Combined, the two layers will keep the phone safe from falls and spills. This case comes in two models; one is all black for that hard look, while the other has a rose gold outer shell, with a pink inner layer. You can get the Incipio Dual Pro LG Q6 case from Amazon for the price of $29.99.

SupCase LG Q6 case

This LG Q6 case from SupCase is one that’s highly rugged, and it shows.  In addition to a hard outer layer and a shock absorbing inner core, this case also comes with its own screen protector for the phone. This case also has port covers for all of the device’s port to keep water and dust out, and it has a 360-degree swiveling belt clip holster on the back. In other words, this is an LG Q6 case for the person on the go that will be spending a lot of time outside. The case is available in several colors; all black, blue with gray accents, pink with gray accents, and white with gray accents for between $19,99 and $21.99, depending on the color choice.

Qoosen wallet LG Q6 case

If you are looking for an LG Q6 case that will double as a wallet than this Qoosen case is for you. It has a protective synthetic leather cover with an inner TPU rubber case that should keep the phone safe from small falls to the ground. It also has a magnetic closure to make sure everything stays inside. Inside the inner portion of the case, there are three holders for your credit and debut cards, along with another holder for any paper money you might have. It comes in rose gold, navy blue and black colors for $13.99 on Amazon.

Feitenn LG Q6 case

Feitenn’s wallet case doesn’t offer a lot of protection due to its thin design. But it is a stunner. It has a slot for a credit card inside and can also be used as a kickstand for a more enjoyable experience when watching those funny cat videos on YouTube.

The case has a magnetic closure to keep the front part in place and comes in two stylish colors: black and gray. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, as you can get it for just $9.12 on Amazon.

Best Mmorpgs For Mac You Can Play In 2023

With challenging quests, gripping graphics, and edge-of-the-seat battles, MMORPGs for Mac keep you captivated for hours. As the name indicates, massively multiplayer online role-playing games are all about escaping to other worlds where you can connect with thousands of players live across the globe. I love that community aspect and what’s even better is that many are free to play. So, if you’re in the mood to escape to some fantastic virtual worlds, try these best MMORPGs for Mac.

1. World of Warcraft

This is the most successful online multiplayer game ever, and for a good reason too. It has a gripping storyline set in the world of Azeroth, and you can explore it in first or third person views. I love teaming up with other players to complete quests and battling it out in PvP combat. At the same time, you have the option to play solo without interacting with others.

I appreciate how the focus is on growing your character by earning experience points. What makes the game so successful is how every expansion pack brings significant improvements and reinventions that keep players hooked. The latest eighth expansion pack is Shadowlands, and it boasts engaging missions, amazing graphics, and countless fun things to explore.

Price: Free trial up to level 20 and then $14.99 per month.


2. League of Legends

In this free multiplayer role-playing game, two teams of five players battle in PvP combat to defend their half of the map. Each player gets to control a character with distinct abilities, and the objective is to collect experience points to defeat the opponents.

What I love about this game is the realistic graphics and the multiple skills that each character has. There’s an immense amount of attention to detail, which adds complexity to the gameplay and keeps you at the edge of your seat. It’s one of the oldest and most popular PC games that is equally good on Mac.

Price: Free (In-game purchases)


3. Dota 2

Check out this multiplayer online battle arena game in which two teams, each of five players, have to defend a large structure they own while aiming to destroy the enemies. The ten players control one of the game’s 120 heroes.

There’s always something new to explore in Dota, no matter if it’s your 10th hour of play or 1000th. It is frequently updated to ensure a steady stream of new features and exciting gameplay. This game has gained much popularity in the esports arena, too, with teams worldwide playing in regular professional leagues and tournaments.

Price: Free


4. Runescape

The world is divided into various kingdoms, regions, and cities, which you can travel across by several methods such as walking, magical spells, ships, and more. Along the way, you’ll meet unique monsters and complete quests to progress in the game.

Price: Free ($9.49 monthly subscription)


5. Final Fantasy XIV

Welcome to the land of Eorzea. Do you have what it takes to save it from invasion by the Garlean Empire and other threats? You can play as one of five races that each have their unique features. You can take your pick from over 15 combat classes and 10 professions.

The storyline is enticing and profound, designed to keep you exploring for hours. Although it takes some time to really get into the interesting bits, you’ll be glad that you stuck with it. Once you get good at it, the game has ‘savage’ and ‘ultimate’ difficulty raids to challenge you.

Price: $19.99 for the base game


6. Dungeons and Dragons

Another classic, this one’s among the first online games I played, and even after all these years, it still holds up in the thrills quotient. The game witnessed a rise in popularity after featuring in the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things.’ (Fun fact: This game was also featured plenty of times in The Big Bang Theory).

I enjoy how it differs from other MMORPGs by letting you create your own character instead of a military formation. Further, the dungeon master serves as a storyteller and referee, which keeps things interesting. There are plenty of challenges to solve and battles to win in this immersive game.

Price: Free


7. Second Life

This one is much more than a game but rather, as the name suggests, a whole different virtual existence. You can live out your dream life in this massively multiplayer online phenomenon that’s been around since 2003 but still offers something unique.

I love Second Life because there is no conflict as such or a specific mission to accomplish. Instead, you can explore your creativity and imagination by building up your character and pursuing whatever you find interesting. This includes things like playing mini-games within the Second Life universe, enjoying live music, setting up a business and earning real-life cash, connecting with interesting people from across the globe, and much more.

Price: Free


8. War Thunder

Check out this thrilling combat game that’s all about World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fascinating fleets. It offers a massive selection of planes, tanks, and even navy vessels from various countries, including the U.S, Germany, Soviet Union, Japan, and more.

If you enjoy war games, I’m sure you’ll get immersed in the raw and real mid-20th-century combat. There are full-scale PvP battles, numerous solo missions, and cooperative multiplayer modes that are all worth trying out. It scores big on realistic graphics and fast-paced action.

Price: Free (premium accounts starting at $7.49 for 20 days)


9. Trove

I love how you can craft anything you want to use in the game, including entire worlds. You can do this solo or join hands with friends for that community vibe.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


Enjoy the top MMORPG for Mac!

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